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PECO needed to do some work up the street from my house so they shut the power off. They finished in a few hours and turned the power back on. When it came on a power surge blew out my refrigerator, upright freezer, and my microwave. I was told by PECO to fill out a claim report and send it back. I did just that. The other day I got a letter back from the guy that makes the decision to pay the claim or not. He denied my claim. His reason was because nobody else called with a problem.

I explained that we had a repairman come out to look at the appliances and they said that we were lucky that our house didn't burn down. He said he isn't going to cover it. I asked who makes that decision and he flat out said that he is the one that decided that PECO would not cover the damages done by the power surge. He was very rude about it too, which made it even worse. We have had to replace the refrigerator, freezer, and the microwave because of their mistake.

Peco is still pathetic. After a PUC complaint Peco is still doing the same thing as usual. Last year my central ac unit was broken and not used. This year with it running, I only used 300 KWH more than the same billing period last year. Wow a 5 ton central ac unit only uses 300 KWH a month. Oh wait that's not possible nor reality. Complaining to PUC is useless because they always side with Peco.

The current bill was for 2744 KWH but yet I had the central ac completely disconnected for half of the billing cycle just to see what the usage would be. Apparently using less electricity means you use more with Peco. 27 emails requesting information and they refuse to provide it. I called Exelon and explained the whole situation to her and the moron's idea was to have someone from Peco contact me. The best was they shut my power off before the due date but yet the kwh on the meter was going higher every hour. Definitely nothing wrong with their meter.

I have a PECO bill that was originally 900.00 dollars. I had complaints about of how high it was. The electric was already turned on in a house I moved into. I do not know how long the electric was on before I moved in. But I quickly got electric changed into my name. Somehow I was stuck with high electric bill that included the times I never lived in this rented house. They told me they will check into it. As time went on I was charged for a solar system that was put on the house. At the time I was renting not owning the house. After moving out the house I had the electric cut off. I was charge 1,888.00 for electric illegally put in the house.

After receiving a bill of 3,995.00 I quickly called them and told them I do not live there anymore. I been had my electric cut off. PECO told me I was responsible for everything including all late fees. I thought paying 900.00 in the first two month of living at this house was ridiculous but to come up with 3,995.00 is hideous and PECO has done nothing but demand I pay this ridiculous amount. Not only did they sent it to collection agency called TSI TransWorld agency messed up my credit. I cannot move anywhere that needs electric because I cannot afford to get it cut on.

All of this mess took place 12/2008. I lived there until 2/2010. Now I'm told I have to complain to the collection agency. PECO have nothing to do with situation anymore. The collection saying they really do not know what went on or what took place. They just want their money. Do anyone have any idea what I should do to clear this matter? I refuse to pay this ridiculous price. For electric. And gas didn't use.

I recently had a home energy audit done at my house due to my electric bill being extremely high. PECO sent a company out to replace my heater, outside unit, thermostat, and seal all the windows, pipes, and doors, as well as a new insulation of the basement. Since my home has been made "energy efficient" my electric usage has actually risen and as expected my bill has gone even higher. I spoke with PECO and was told they do not handle that. Why should I pay more money because of something their company did?? I am on budget billing and currently pay $243 a month with the CAP program. I have a sick husband and a sick daughter and I am the main source of income for the family. How can they expect us to pay such a high amount for electricity especially since there is no way of knowing if the usage is accurate? We certainly can't take their word for it.

I have friends and family with houses 2 times the size of mine running electricity all day every day who do not have PECO and top out at $150 during high peak summer and winter. It's disgraceful someone hasn't looked into the practices of PECO ripping off hard working people for all of their money. I am now going to be talking to a lawyer to see what can be done about my electric spike since the audit. More money spent on PECO. Good luck to everyone dealing with this disgusting company.

I have been a PECO customer for years upon years - probably 25 years total, with no problems ever with making my payments. I would personally rate myself as an excellent customer. When financial problems hit my husband and I due to illness, they were so ignorant and totally unaccommodating about credit arrangements. Also next to impossible to get a live adviser to speak with through Customer "Service"...service being the optimum word here.

The problem is not being able to pay my budget billing, I CAN PAY (!) and always have, and on time. It is needing to change my payment date by 1 week. It is 'cash flow' problem as being on a tight budget now, I must wait for paychecks to come in to pay the bills. We are living from hand to mouth, and paycheck to paycheck, like so many others.They refused to change my payment date by one week. ONE WEEK (!!!) which would totally alleviate the problem, which I explained to them to no avail - was denied a change in payment date.

Then on top of that, they do not want to give me the extra week any more than two times in 6 months. They are indicative of the service (or better said lack of service) that goes on everywhere in this country. Wow, have things changed for the worst with PECO ENERGY CO!?!?! What has happen to CUSTOMER SERVICE?? Three words: GREEDY BIG CORPORATIONS! I think it is beyond ridiculous that an excellent customer with 25 years of on-time payments that they cannot accommodate me on one simple request, a change in payment date. They are horrible...and I am very disappointed!

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I did an informal complaint about PECO to PUC because there's no way I was using almost the same amount of electric as the previous year when my central air broke which is also the source of heat. I also had to pay a deposit because they never switched me to paper like I requested for 4 months prior. I recorded the call requesting it and when they verified the date I requested paper billing, I said "send me a letter stating that" and she asked why; I said "because I'm taking it to an attorney." No letter came and I called again and they verified the original date. And I asked again for the letter and again said it was for an attorney - no letter. And called again, now they said there's no record that I requested it.

Due to the informal complaint, they came and checked the meter and when the moron had me turn on the basement sub-panel, he said something in the basement is drawling 800 kWh a month but the problem is I didn't turn the sub-panel on because I wanted to see what he said. I guess he thought I was only holding my phone in my hand for no reason, not because I was recording the whole test he was doing. He also reported that I had more electronic equipment in my house than I do and that there's more rooms in my house than there is. According to PUC, my house should be using the amount of electric I'm being charged for. A 1 person 1271 SQ-FT house using slightly less in electric than houses 3 times the size with a full family living in them. PECO can do whatever they want because PUC will not find them wrong.

I find it stunning that as a Public utility, PECO does not answer their phone and in fact hangs up on callers. How is it possible that people be mandated to pay deposits that exceed any electric bill or outstanding balance that ever existed on an account or shut off your service. How is this possible when payments have been late due to their failure to cancel request to discontinue online payments? How is it possible that there is no mediation process? Most significantly how is possible to switch utilities to a new provider, receive an account from a new provider and still continue to receive bills from PECO? Clearly it is time to investigate PECO and their practices or this whole initiative to create competition is just lip service.

I felt like I was being pushed up against the wall by mobsters. Single disabled mom with a disabled kid in forced. Pay my entire electric bill during the summer months before Liheap help, it's like they say what you got, pay it now to restore services plus the $1700 for the reconnect fee. I'm not working, had a bad accident so I'm sending everything to the mobsters to keep our electric on. We still gotta eat and it's about to be winter. Thank God for Liheap, I called them and said I paid $200 and Liheap paid some. Thank God. Peco knows how to stress people out. They need more programs and it's just disgustingly high. You stuck between rent, electric, and gas. They know we need these resources but we need more competition so prices can be lowered and solar powered devices plus other devices to help give electric and gas asap.

I have talked to PECO several times to get off the budget plan. They said I had to pay the deferred balance off before I can stop the budget. They wouldn't even give me payment arrangements to pay back the deferred. My bill is 90$ and budget is 225$. I am the only income and I can't afford those payments. I contacted the PUC and waiting to hear back. My bill is now 800$ and I don't know how I can pay that. I paid my usage amount. They just don't want to work with their customers.

I received the papers from PECO energy audit, filled it out, and same day called the landlord and explained what they would do once they got the papers back. But, the landlord received them and forgot about them. About a month's time, I called PECO to schedule the audit as I was worried as I hadn't heard from them. They never received them. They have resent them to me no less than four (4) times but I have yet to receive any. My electric for 4 rooms, even now that I got rid of the idiot refusing to leave is higher than people better off than I with entire houses, central air, etc., while I have 4 rooms, no air, and am there less than 1/2 time. Please help. They're trying to shut me off.

So yesterday on 9/21 I was ironing my clothes getting ready for work when all of the sudden the power goes out. I hear a truck outside of my window in the cherry picker noise going back down. I look out of my window and sure enough it was a PECO truck. I open my door and before I could even say anything he yells from the truck “Call PECO you should have been cut off.” I replied “Excuse me? What should have been cut off?” He said “Your electric.” So I said “Um ok. Give me the paper so I can call and try to resolve this matter at the same time.” I also asked “Why no one knocked on the door to inform me you were cutting me off?” He said very nasty “That's not my job to inform you that you’re getting cut off. Take it up with the office.” handed me the paper and walked away. When I looked at the paper to call in the description on why I was cut off it states that my power was illegally turned back on.

In an outrage I call PECO and asked them “What the hell is going on?” The representative goes on telling me that they sent someone out a month prior to turn off my service for missing a payment plan payment and that now I had to pay the full amount of 800.00 dollars and that there was nothing else she can do for me. I told her I was low income and didn't have that kind of money just laying around. “Are you sure there's nothing you can do?” She said “No sir there's nothing I can do. Call us back when you have the money if you really want your service turned back on” and hung up. At this point I'm pissed and Google different places that can help me with my bill. I call my mother in law upset. She said “Just go to PECO in the morning. Explain your low income on welfare and they should be able to help you in person.” So I do that.

It's now 9/22. I get ready to head to the PECO office. Before I do I call them again to see what time they’re open and where exactly do I need to go in my area and to get the correct dollar amount. One more time put in all my information and it says I owe 2,000 dollars to get my services to Turned back on. I was like WTF. Again I speak to someone. She said “Oh I'm sorry our automated system is messed up. Let me check your account.” She come back and says “No it's 800.00 dollars but if you don't mind let me put you on hold. I have to update my system.” So I wait. She come back 5 mins later and says “Oh I'm so sorry. Yes you have to pay 2,000 dollars if you want your service back on.” I asked “Why when yesterday is was 800.00 and you just confirmed it was 800.00 and now you’re telling me 2,000?” She says “Well sir it shows that you had someone illegally turn your service because our system shows it was cut off a month ago.”

If my services were cut off a month ago don't you think I would have called you then? My service was NEVER CUT off to begin with. Someone at PECO ** up and now I have to pay for their mistake. I don’t think so. They’re rude, out of control and corrupted stealing people's money and of course they don't admit to any wrongdoing. I want something done about this. PECO has not heard the last of me.

I was moving, planning to go to Berks County (IDT MetEd), cancelled PECO. Last minute, landlord offers an amazing home, in Royersford. Obviously I took it, unfortunately I didn't talk to PECO about their requirements. To initiate service, I needed to provide the first and last page of my lease, 2 forms of ID (one picture). DONE - yay, electric will be on. HAHA, NO... I had to have a different lease with a "start" and "stop" date on it! I always thought SIGNING was the start and telling your landlord you're leaving was the stop (apparently not according to PECO). Once this is received (to their specifications) on the THIRD business day you'll get a call telling you IF you're approved! WHAT???

I'm currently on day 9 of no electric or running water because my home has a well. Calling PECO and begging doesn't help, asking for a supervisor doesn't help. I'm currently waiting on the supervisor's supervisor to call me... within 24 to 48 hours. I am what is considered a medical patient. I am on medication that needs refrigeration. I'm heat intolerant, stress will send me into a tailspin that could potentially land me in the hospital. I advised the representative of this and was told, "it doesn't matter." What they mean is, "YOU DO NOT MATTER." Sadly, PECO is it for me, I'd love to call MetEd up and say, "how about electric?" I've called Exelon corporate in Illinois, still waiting for THAT call too. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone with the house by the highway with no fenced yard, just to have electricity. My warning, beware.

August 13th we received a 10 day shut off notice... fair enough. We called and PECO informed us that we were off of our payment plan, but if we paid them $634.00 they would reinstate the payment plan, and they would be satisfied. We paid $640.00 and got the confirmation #. All seemed well, and never heard from them again from mid August to mid September.... no mail, no phone calls. September 16th as I cooked breakfast they shut off our electric. When asked why, as we upheld our end of the agreement and made the payment we were told to make, which they do have record of.... get ready for it.... BECAUSE WE DID NOT CALL THEM BACK AND TELL THEM WE MADE THE PAYMENT! Unreal.

The things they are allowed to do to people shouldn't even be legal, especially if you made the payment. We are currently without electric as they won't cooperate at all, and want an ungodly amount of $$ to turn it back on. They are scam artists of the highest sort! We have filed a complaint with the Public Utility Commission however they say it could take a couple of weeks to get to our case... and remember... WE PAID!!! This isn't right at all!

** PECO! I use direct monthly payments electronically from my bank account. A bank routing issue prevented $127 from posting. PECO shut off service for 24 hrs (without notice) even after I resolved the problem... freezer and fridge are finished! ** PECO!!! But In the city of Philadelphia MFN abandoned homes run electric for months without payment, even years and you MFs never shut them off.

I think Peco can do so much more to help people, you have people living with no gas and lights cause they messed up on too many payments arrangements, you never know why they messed up so much. And now we need help and can't get it even when we have a job with no working lights or gas. YOU should be out of business and ashamed and y'all make people give stars when they should. Why should I have to give you a star when you don't deserve it.

We paid our bill by the due date. Matrix, their online billing company, admitted to adding our payment to another account and also explained this to PECO. However, this was not enough for them to restore our service after knowing what happened. Now we had to pay the bill AGAIN, while the unknown customer got the credit! Oh, and it takes a whole 30 days to investigate! All this, after knowing exactly what happened to our payment. They could have restored power in the meantime. Disgusting!

My family (small kids included) moved into our home two months ago. I signed up online for Peco and was told services would start in two to three business days. The tenants previous had an outstanding bill of over 2000 dollars but it was still running. I signed up for paper mailing when I had applied. Not once did I receive mail from Peco and then all of a sudden our service was turned off. Called a million times just to be rudely handled and tossed around not given a single straight answer. All my food went bad that I had just bought and my family had to stay at a hotel. Finally we figured out after even confirming our address a million and one times the dumbass employees over at Peco had the wrong address. The most simple minded, unskillful, and unhelpful group of people I've ever had to deal with. There has got to be zero training or qualifications to work in their offices.

Two times, I tried to pay my PECO bill on August 4. The first time was by phone & after that failed, I attempted to do so online. After the online message told me stated that a "technical error has occurred," I called PECO @ 1-877-432-9384. Again, I tried to pay my bill (balance of $381.94) & I could not, for reason unknown. The message on the phone allowed me to pay this amount by Aug. 17th. To end my frustration, I chose this option.

Today is Sat., August 14. Four times I tried to pay my PECO bill, to no avail. The first attempt was online. This did not work. I tried again. This was the second attempt. On the third attempt to pay the bill, I dialed 1-800-494-4000. I entered all of my information & was told that my "card was not accepted". The 4th time I called another # on the bill (sorry - I now forget the #) & was told, "Your account has been blocked." Why can't I pay my bill? Usually, my husband has been in charge of bills. I took this responsibility over because he is recovering from heart surgery. Please help. Thank you!

I called and set up service for my apartment. I spent a week without power all my food went bad in the fridge, no ac 103 degrees in Philly for days, no wifi without power, no lights. I call they say "we'll send someone out today." 3 days later still no power. Terrible customer service. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST TURN THE METER ON? IT TAKES 10 GODDAMN SECONDS JUST SEND SOMEONE OUT WTF? How am I supposed to live in a house without power for a week????? Don't do business with PECO. Just rig the meter because they won't turn it on no matter what. Trust me. So pissed right now.

On 7/17/15 PECO's trucks were at a block across the street. At about 7:20 power went out. In only OUR block. Every other home in our complex has power except ours consisting of about 75 people, with many older tenants. I ask PECO's guy what was up. He very rudely replied "electric underground line problem. Power will be on in an hour". Ok fine. Then call PECO not an hour more like 4. Not fine, esp when PECO was here at the end of the bldg yesterday knowing a possible problem, any other time we get phone recording a little before so we are prepared. Def NOT a crisis or the Damn guys would be here visible and working on problem and nobody here for last 2hrs.

What if a person had a medical problem and depended on power; without it they could die? Power goes off no warning and not prepared, or how about devices that when not properly shut off could possibly totally wreck that device? This is not acceptable in any way. I have such a device and it Damn sure better work when power back. Like I said WARNING OR INFORMING customers is very important. When a storm comes in I'm ready for an outage so I shut down my ps4 so I don't have a potential problem with wrecking or damaging hard drive, candles ready, etc. Or someone's Grandmom who is on a machine can prepare. I'm pissed!

I complained last year about their meter not being accurate and nothing was done. I complained again this year because my central air is broken and I won't fix it until PECO fixes their meter but yet I'm using a lot more electric than last year with the central air running, clearly their meter is reading correctly. Their response was their meter is reporting correctly and has been for the past 2 year. The newest bill is slightly higher than last years bill was with the ac running but I don't have the ac running because it's broken, so how can that be? Somehow with the main being removed I was still using electric their response to that was "you can still use the power. For example, the main can be bypassed." If a 12/3 wire was wired directly to the main power it would start a fire. Yup, PECO has very knowledgeable people working there.

Yesterday 7/8 PECO came and terminated my gas service. 3 months ago they turned off my electric service. I have made numerous phone calls and have received no satisfaction from anyone I have spoken to in December of last year. I had a hearing with the Pennsylvania PUC regarding my problem with PECO. Their lawyer sent the judge out of the room and made all kinds of promises. They were going to give me a new account. They were going to set me up on cap program and I would receive all the information in 5 days. Regarding this needless to say it never happened. Calls to her office never returned. Now I'm sitting in a place with no way of feeding my grandchildren. No hot water and at my wit's end I called the PUC again. They told me to file bankruptcy.

Last month Peco received my payment 6/1/15 and disconnected my services on 6/4/15. I paid my whole bill after going through it with them about first acting like they didn't know I made the payment, then asking did I call to let them know, which I did. They ran out of excuses and placed me on hold for half hour then the phone disconnected. I called back and was told I had to just pay. I did. There was a balance left of $68.08 and the new billing of $72 - $75. I was on a budget billing that was never really explained to me until the day my services was shut off. I allegedly spoke to a "Supervisor" by the name Rya ** who explained to me very detailed about the budget billing. It was a complete rip-off and it was making me pay an extra $107 towards my bill that I thought would go towards what I owed. It didn't and I asked where was my money going and wtf was it budgeting. At that time, I told her to take me off of it and I didn't need it.

When my bill came out due July 9, 2015, today, it stated I owed something higher than it was. They sent me a disconnect notice due July 2 for a past due balance for my current balance that was due today 7/9/15. I couldn't understand why my services was shut-off on 7/8/15 and they could not give me an answer. At this point I am speaking to an attorney to possibly file a civil suit against PECO for my billing and illegally disconnecting my services. I will file a formal complaint with the PUC as well. I feel they are playing with my services by a click of a button at the office with the smart meter I was never informed I received until 6/4/15 when speaking with Rya **. Now, I am told my current balance is $13.63 with a $6... credit. Really.

I am very concerned with the practice of PECO being the only major energy supplier in the area. I feel they are unfairly charging customers especially in the colder winter months, extreme amounts of money because they can, $700 in January!

I have lived in PA my entire life and always paid my bills. On June 17, 2015 my electric was shut off by PECO without warning and while I have been making regular payments. They never sent the required written notice nor could I get anyone on the phone. I was kept on hold for an hour and a half waiting to speak with someone. Then when the time reached 7 PM I was left waiting on the phone after the office was closed. I called back several times and was refused assistance. Claiming I would just have to wait until my power came on. They did their part and couldn't help it if there was no power. No help of any kind was offered even though they were in the wrong. They treated me like a criminal. I explained that it was health issue where medicine needed to be kept cool. They laughed and said "You should have paid your bill." I don't know who these lackeys think they are to comment on situations they do not have complete information on.

I asked for a supervisor and was hung up on several times. It’s amazing how easy it is to turn power on yet how it take 3 days to restore! These reprobates need to be put out of business. I wish there was any other company we could use as our supplier. At this point we have seriously considered moving to another town where we would be safe from tyranny of PECO! I will seek out any means from which to free myself from this oppressive overlord. As it seems based on the thousands of other complaints listed here, I am not alone!

A gentleman rang our doorbell around 1:30pm on Tuesday saying he was from PECO. I then responded with what can I do for you, he then said he was here to shut off the electric. I immediately called my roommate who assured we were caught up except for this bill due at end of month. I then repeated this to the gentleman who then responded we are being shut off for a past due of $182. I was shocked and repeated that amount back to the gentleman and asked why would anyone get shut off for only $182 that's practically the amount of one bill in the summer.

He then went to "call" his supervisor, came back with a document stating our electric was shut off and to call this number. We are still trying to get in touch with someone on said number to pay the bill because we have the money ready for over an hour now and no luck. It's absurd and a scam. They're going to tack on restoration fees most likely, all because they wouldn't let us pay the $182 before shutting it off.

My bill from PECO was 312$ this month. I live in a small apt, about 1100 sq ft and am gone for the large portion of the day. I get home and spend a couple of hours watching TV/cooking etc and then go to bed. I'm not using anything that is electrical or gas intensive that would justify this charge. I've lived in other apartments before and run AC all the time and have never come close to these payments. I have friends and families in homes that are 3x the square footage running central air all day and they pay less!

This is absolutely ridiculous. What's worse is that I've gone away for literally 2 weeks out of the month and have shut off all electricity and gas usage and saw, literally, no change in my bill. How is that??? I'm convinced that what PECO is charging is not directly linked to what's being used. There is simply no way I can be paying this much for a small apartment without some kind of error on their part.

We had the same issue with PECO. We call PECO to change our service under our name and they stated that old tenant had unpaid balance. They ask for lease, two forms of ID after three days they finally received our document. Then they had to verify with landlord. It took one week for them to contact our landlord and every time we call them they will say something different and now, they want us to pay 900 dollars from the previous tenant in order to get light. This is the worst company and the WORST customer service ever. I still can't believe we have to pay other people’s account in order to get service. They are lucky they’re only company in our township that provide electricity. I think that’s why they take advantage of their customer. WORST COMPANY EVER!!!

PECO is rogue renegade company that use tactics such as bullying and threats. Like most who have made complaints here mine is no different, my services was also disconnected due to a balance of $313.00. Prior to services being shut off I made several attempts to get on a payment plan to get back on track, and with no avail, Peco will not work with you unless you can provide proof of income and it's all or nothing. Now here is the catch that joke of a PUC, I called them to file a complaint and see if I could get on a payment 3 weeks down the line, and with no electricity, I'm still want to get approval to PAY OFF MY BALANCE.

Now $313.00 doesn't seem like a lot, that was even fair and I wanted to pay that, but then they tacked on a $75.00 + 50.00 that was due the following month making what I owe over $400.00. My suspicion is that the PUC is corrupt and is get paid under the table by this ruthless utility company that sees nothing but $. I'm from NY where if you're behind on your Utility you can call your utility company and arrange a payment plan. With all the hassle with PECO it's as if you are applying for a credit card and you have to be APPROVED to pay off your bill. As a consumer in PA it seems as though you have rights especially since this company is a monopoly - the government should regulate this company to the fullest extent.

So...after PECO removed the electric meter from the wall last year for a period of over 2 1/2 months, and were continuing to charge between $400-$500 a month while the meter was off the wall, a settlement agreement was reached, and after $639.00 was credited to the account, (3) bills came in a 3 day period of time, which started adding back onto the bill, the amount that was credited...this was last July, 2014. PECO has yet to resolve this matter.

Here is what they did do. The bill was in the person who is 96 years old, who had difficulty hearing on the phone because of her two hearing aids. So in February 2015, the account was finally put into her daughter's name. For the first time in 44 years, the bill was then put into a different name at the same address. While her daughter was trying to fix the problem(s) with PECO telling her mother when she closed the account not to pay off the disputed amount, or she would never be able to recover said amount, a customer relations "Business Analyst" from PECO writes a letter to the new account holder, the daughter, and in this letter, literally states that the daughter has lived there from 1984 (not true, by the way), states that she has profited from the electric, and this is what he says he is going to do.

He stated in a March 5, 2015 letter that he transferred $1,299.00 from the mother's account to the new account, making the amount now at a balance of $1,542.00. Here is the thing, it is awkward. Don't you think that PECO cashed a check on May 18 for $340? The budget amount given....they cashed the $340 check in April, and they cashed the $500 and some check in March. But today they sent a "Notice" stating that on June 4, 2015, they are cutting off the electric, because without permission, or authority, they violated the law, and transferred money from one individuals account to a completely separate account without permission to do so, knowing that they will be cutting off a 96 year old's electric, and a disabled individual! Good going PECO! Wow, to think she is a stockholder in Exelon too! You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

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PECO provides utility service for the Philadelphia-region and southeastern Pennsylvania. They have served Pennsylvania for over 130 years.

  • Assistance programs: PECO has options for low income customers who struggle to pay their energy bills every month. Customers can apply for assistance, whether they have low income or are experiencing temporary financial hardship.
  • Gift electricity: Friends, family members and neighbors can gift electricity to someone in need. Pay any amount you want towards a loved one’s energy bill.
  • Outage alerts: Sign up to receive outage alerts on your mobile device, so you always know when power is down in your area. Check the status of your power outage from PECO’s website, which is available on mobile devices as well as desktops.
  • Multi-family incentives: Receive a free energy assessment and installation of energy-saving devices and products when you own a property with four or more units. Multi-family property owners can also enjoy incentives when they install or upgrade their current appliances and equipment to high-efficiency, energy-saving equipment.
  • Online energy audits: Perform an energy audit on your home or business from PECO’s website. This can help you understand how you currently use energy so you can alter your usage to save money and conserve energy.
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