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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Spent Thanksgiving at Wilderness in the Smokies for my daughter's birthday 2015. We checked in on the hotel side. The rep sent us to a lady at a desk by the stairs to get our coupon book full of savings. We walked over and started talking to her. She said it was her birthday too. Really? What a coincidence. She then said that we could get a free breakfast buffet and a week's free vacation to anywhere in the world we wanted to go for my husband and I and our two kids for free just for listening to a 60-minute presentation. Well who doesn't like a free breakfast and a free vacation? Especially when you have kids. The catch was we had to hold our spot for our free breakfast with a credit card charge of $20. Sounded fishy to me but she assured us we would get it back after the presentation.

So we scheduled the breakfast for the Friday after Thanksgiving. We show up at our assigned time of 8 am. We check in and wait for someone to come get us. A sweet lady named Karen comes and takes all 4 of us back to breakfast. The buffet consists of scrambled eggs and biscuits and bacon. So we get our food and cram ourselves on to the smallest table to eat. She is rushing us to eat saying another group is coming at 10 and we have to hurry. So she asks my kids if they like crafts and coloring. They say yes so she then asks us if she can take them to the coloring room. We say ok. It's only supposed to be for an hour anyway. She returns and begins her pitch. Asking about our vacation habits and spending and whatnot. She makes everything sound like we would have amazing vacations for the rest of our lives. She shows us the model condos, which are beautiful. She then brings some packages of points.

She tells us that since it is Black Friday they have great deals for anyone that signs up today. We end up buying the smallest amount of points we could afford. She threw in two "free" weeks of vacation and over 200,000 bonus points and VIP status for 2 years. We were excited since we were already planning to go to Disney World the next summer. She made it sound like we could do the hotel and tickets with nothing but points. Nope. We get home and forget about the points until January 2016. I start looking at places in Orlando to book our trip. Well turns out the free weeks have insane blackout dates and require $250 to use. Was able to book one of the nicer condos but it cost us all of our bonus points plus some of the regular. Tickets had to come out of pocket. No biggie.

Fast forward to the vacation time. June 2016. We arrive and check in. The check-in lady says that we, as VIP members, have been selected to attend a special presentation, only 1 hour of our vacation, and we get a free breakfast and a $100 Visa gift card. But it will require a $20 hold on our credit card. My husband, only seeing the $100 reward, signs us up. We pick a morning when it is supposed to rain. We show up for our free breakfast and VIP only meeting. What a joke. Breakfast was a muffin and watered down juice. They again took my kids to the daycare but left my nephew that was with us because he was 13 and too old for the daycare. We were assigned to Maria. A lady of Spanish descent which I think is because my husband, although is Filipino, is always mistaken for being Hispanic.

After the presentation, Maria takes us to her office. She says that she has looked over our contract and she can get us a better interest rate if we refinance today. So I am thinking, better interest rate means we will save money. "Ok," I say, "let's see what you can do." She leaves and returns with another sheet of paper. She says she can get us 200,000 more points for something like $690 a month. I say "no thank you, our budget is set in stone right now and we are not adjusting it." She looks at me like I was speaking a foreign language. She gets up and walks away. She returns a short time later with another offer. This one is $650 a month for 150,000 points. If we take this one we lose our 84,000 that we are paying $200 a month for. I again say "no thank you. Our budget is set. We cannot afford this payment." She has the nerve to ask why. She said we make enough money and should be able to pay it. I politely tell her that my income is not her business.

She gets up again and walks away only to return with yet another offer. This one is $500 something a month for points to only use every other year. I again tell her, more firmly this time, "no. We do not want to change our payments or points." She gets very angry with me and says that this is the best offer I will get and that "next time they will make you buy 400,000 points." I get just as angry and tell her "no one will ever MAKE me buy anything I do not want or cannot afford." She stares at me like I have just slapped her. I didn't but wanted to at this point. She gets up and walks away without so much as a "thank you for your time." About 5 min later another gentleman brings us our checkout paper and walks us to the door. We finished our vacation and when I returned home I wrote a complaint to Wyndham. All they did was tell me I was not required to attend the meetings.

So now it is almost August and we have 76,000 points to use or lose before March 2017. Because of our work schedules it is near impossible to take time off at Christmas or New Year's so we were trying to take a few days in September. How about everywhere I look is booked that weekend we want. And I do mean EVERYWHERE. I even tried a few random places. I tried Niagara Falls. Booked. Wisconsin. Booked. Any and every resort I looked at for the weekend in September is booked. I feel like maybe Maria flagged my account somehow to make it harder for me. Can't prove it but I would not put it past her. This company is crooked and I wish I had not fallen for their deception. If you are thinking of joining, don't. Just put aside $200-$300 a month for your vacations. It is so much easier.

I wanted to share our most recent experience with Club Wyndham with you. Background: We have been customers of the Wyndham timeshare family since 2005. During a member's update session in July 2014 (which really was a high pressure sales pitch to buy more points), they presented a 200,000 discovery package as an alternative to upgrade our membership so we could experience additional resorts and freeze the price on upgrading our existing timeshare in the future. When we said the additional points is a lot to use in a two year expiry period, in addition to the current points we own, the salesperson said it could be extended with no problem. So we bought the discovery package.

On June 21, 2016, I called the Member Services department and tried to book a reservation for the December time frame. I was told that our points were expiring in July and we would not be able to book the vacation. I requested an extension of our points so that we could use them in the December time frame. I spoke to Nadia and she told me that she would call me back to confirm the request.

No one from Wyndham ever called me back; I called again a several days later and spoke to someone else and they saw the notes from the previous call but did not have any answer for me but they promised they would get back to me. Again no one called me back. I also reached out to Claudia ** from the Bonnet Creek resort where we purchased the discovery package. I never received a response from her either. As of now, our points have expired and we lost 97,000 of the 200,000 points and our account is closed. Needless to say, we will not be upgrading our membership, buying any other packages, or attending any more "member update" sessions. I can't tell you the number of times that we've been disappointed with Wyndham: customer service, housekeeping fees, maintenance fee increases and spotty resort quality.

I am utterly disappointed with the service provided by Wyndham Australia in relation to a deal which they emailed to me. After purchasing the deal, I received a phone call from a representative who stated that "the dates which I wanted was NOT available". The deal I purchased was for 5 nights, 2 bedroom, 6 adults. The deal which was available was for 1 bedroom 3/2 nights, 2 adults. Clearly this is would cost us more! And even more clearly, one could see how Wyndham deals are made to entice consumers at the first place then mislead them to an expensive deal. This is false advertising.

I was informed by the consultant that the deals are specifically the promotional seminar and when I said that I wasn't interested in purchasing a timeshare with them, I was told that this deal won’t apply to me. At no time did I say that I will not attend the seminar. But a restraint of trade was applied to me. Hello, this is Australia. And to top it, Wyndham did not have anyone from the resolutions team to chat with me. This is a joke. Moving forward, I will seek further legal avenues Wyndham's action. Although, I will never promote Wyndham to anyone, I strongly suggest people NOT to get caught in this trap as you will be very disappointed. I am going to lodge a complaint with ACCC, Fair Trading in regards to the false advertisement.

Myrtle Beach SC - Ocean Blue Condos. I am writing this email to express my disappointment with the rental property we occupied this past week. I was appalled at the fact this unit was advertised as a Luxury Condo. It cost us over 5k to rent for the week. While I expect that every Ocean front property has some defects, the amount of issues we found with this unit was totally unacceptable. I have traveled to the beach every year for the last 40+ years in just about every state on the east coast. I have been to Myrtle Beach several times over the past 10 years and experienced excellent accommodations until this year when I decided to use Wyndham.

I decided to share my MB experiences with some friends who had never been to South Carolina. I was not only disappointed, I was embarrassed and ashamed of my choice of accommodations. If I had to rate this 5 bedroom Condo on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst), I would give it a 1 only because of the awesome view off the deck. This place was not only a wreck, it was unsafe for all of our children. Although they did make an attempt to correct some of the issues, that attempt was not nearly enough. Below is list of all the deficiencies found. At least these are the ones we can remember. I took pictures of most of these issues and will sent them to no avail.

Upon arrival there was another car in our space in the garage. Several hours later it was removed. Plastic light fixture had burn hole from light bulb. It kept falling out and needed to be put back in place. Ceiling Water stain around bathroom light fixture. Garbage Disposal jammed a penny found inside which my wife removed. Three broken patio chairs that were extremely unsafe/dangerous. Hole in back of closet door. Dust on tables so thick you could draw in it. Stickers on table in living room. Lights out in 4 rooms. Door knobs missing on 2 closet doors with pointed screws sticking out. (Extremely unsafe). Several toilets clogged. Several drains clogged. Chair broken in living room. AC dirty filters removed and left in closet. Neither unit had any filters installed. Unit covered in dirt extremely unhealthy. Carpet extremely worn and carpet nails sticking up through carpet catching on people's feet.

All closets had mirrors laying on the floor and holes in wall where they had fallen off. Hall Closet full of broken items. Not one single TV remote worked. Some were missing batteries and others taped shut with Band-Aids. New remotes and batteries were delivered by maintenance and left for us to program. Really? Blower in one of the freezers hummed loudly all week. One of the ice makers in the fridge on the right side (facing/looking into kitchen) did not work. Spot lights from Garage shined in my guests room all week. Forcing them to cover windows with blankets and towels. They got little sleep all week. Overhead light in guest room was burnt out and full of bugs as our guests were forced to change their own light bulbs after maintenance dropped them off. Mold was present in the shower.

All beds were horrible to sleep in. Springs popping all night. You would literally roll off the bed if you were not in the middle. Bed was detached from head board. Coffee Pot had dried coffee grinds in the bottom of the pot. Guest bathroom had wallpaper ripped at closet opening. Air diffuser in hallway was hanging down and only held on by one screw. Air vent on clothes drier wasn't connected at all. Maintenance was able to fix on 2nd day.

As you can see, this did not make for a very pleasant vacation or first time experience for our friends. I highly suggested they make some of these repairs before someone gets badly injured. I also requested a full refund for cleaning. Their cleaning staff needs to be coached on the term clean. I highly recommended they replace the staff with some competent individuals.

On August 5, 2010 we were at the Bally's casino in Las Vegas. We were approached by a Wyndham representative offering us several freebies, such as show tickets and dining coupons, if we would attend a 90-minute presentation at their local resort. We agreed. We arrived at the location where there was a crowd of people all there for the same reason. We met with the representative, who asked us about our vacation and travel experiences. Since we had traveled quite a bit, she asked us how much we spent on our vacations. We estimated we spent about $3,000 to $5,000 per vacation, which we took every couple of years. The representative set about to convince us that we could get the same kind of vacations for less money through club Wyndham.

We were shown a huge catalog of resorts all around the world. All these would be available to us to use whenever we wanted. And that we would be able to use our points towards airfare as well. The representative explained their points system, and the cost. It seemed reasonable, so we bought the lowest amount of points. We figured we could pool them and take advantage of the fabulous resorts every couple of years. Upon agreeing to buy into the club, we were handed page upon page of information we were supposed to sign and initial. All their rules, exceptions, policies, etc. all of which we were to read, understand, and sign in less than two hours. It was overwhelming, to say the least. We didn't know enough to ask the right questions, let alone understand the documents we had before us. Truthfully, buying our house was less complicated.

Our first use of our points included bonus points we were awarded for buying into the program. So we were able to go to a very nice and new resort in National Harbor, MD. That's when sales a representative started pressuring us to buy more points so we could continue to use such lovely resorts as the one we were in. Reality hit us at that point. The number of points we bought, for a hefty price of $22,100, was not enough to go to many of those resorts. Buried in the mountain of paperwork we were rushed through to sign. When we signed up for the program in 2010, there was a provision that if we didn't use our points within our Usage Year, the points would expire. We found that out the hard way at the end of 2015 when Wyndham notified us we were about to lose our 2015 points. The only way we would not lose the points was to roll them over into their RCI affiliate.

We had intended to pool the points to use for a trip in 2016, when we'd have 110,000 points at our disposal. Not possible unless we used our 2017 points along with our 2016 points. Of course, should we not be able to travel 2016, we'd be out 110,000 points. This certainly rendered their promise of vacationing anywhere at any time untrue. Each time we used the benefits, we were pressured into buying more points so that we could travel every year, even though we don't want to be locked into their program, or to have to travel every year. We are not interested in buying more points, and we are very angry that Wyndham took 105,000 points away from us. Also, due to my newly diagnosed health issues, planning a trip a year ahead of time so that we can be sure to use the points and not lose them, is no longer an option.

Finally, the $230.68/month, ($2,768.16/year) plus the $57.22/month ($686.84/year) for maintenance we are paying for our 105,000 points is not a good value. We have researched travel agencies and discovered that we can get very good deals on both hotel and airfare for far less than $3454.00, and we can save what we are able to save and travel when we've saved enough money to travel. In summary, this program is a financial drain on us, forces us to plan too far ahead for trips we may not be able to take, takes back points we have paid for, and doesn't provide the value they claim.

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My husband travels a lot for work. His employer gives him a max of $70 per night so he always bundles his flight and hotel for cheaper rates. Super 8 motel is generally the most common motel that pops up for him. He stayed last night at a Super 8 Motel in Camp Springs MD, Room 175. Last night he got bed bugs. I wish I could say this is the first time he has experienced this however, this will be the SECOND Super 8 motel he has stayed at that has given him BED BUGS!!!

I contacted the front desk to complain about this since I know my husband is trying to get his stuff cleaned and buy new clothes, etc all while trying to go to meetings with clients. The front desk guy was a jerk his name was GENE! He proceeded to tell me he wasn't management therefore couldn't do anything. I advised him that since he is front desk he should have better customer service and I was warning him that other guest may contract these disgusting bugs. He said to contact Wyndham hotels for all complaints. I told him I would but would appreciate something to be done about this immediately. He told me he was too busy and hung up on me.

After reading other reviews about this disgusting place I could see others did not have any better of an experience. I tried contacting Wyndham every number, every option leads you on a 20+ min hold or longer after 30 mins I would give up. You do however have an option to leave a voicemail. I never trust those messaging systems. Give me a live person. They need to do something about their business asap!

My husband and I stayed at Microtel Inn/Suites by Wyndham June 16-19, 2016. Upon checkout there was no mention of damaged towels. When I arrived back in my home state I checked my account and had a negative balance. I immediately called the hotel and was told that I was billed for damaged towels (4 washcloths, 2 towels and a hand towel). The housekeeping supervisor would be in tomorrow (Monday). I called back Monday morning and spoke with Amy ** the General Manager, she said she was investigating that she just got in when I called. She stated that the large towels were being washed and that she did not know what the damage was. I made a complaint to the customer care department for Wyndham and that was a waste of time. I found out today that I had to deal with the GM and she stated that she contacted me which was a lie.

I left two voice messages requesting a call back also requesting the pictures, documentation and invoice that shows the cost to replace the towels. I used Caress body wash on the wash cloths and I don't know how I damaged the towels and hand towels they were used to dry our bodies off and a Caress representative said the body wash is water soluble and that it washes out. I was at the hotel from the 16th through the19th and they should have addressed this issue with me before I left. How do I know what I'm responsible for. I am on a fixed income recovering from a stem cell transplant and this stress does not help. This has probably been one of the worst experiences that I have had. I'm still waiting to hear from the GM. I would not recommend that anyone stay at any of the WYNDHAM chains.

We were in Panama City Beach, Florida on vacation at the Wyndham in August 2015. We have 2 timeshares that we book through RCI, which has been purchased by Wyndham. They always pressure you to go to a presentation to see what changes have been made. We told them no. Later they called our room and asked again. We said OK and went to the meeting. The only thing they are trying to do is sell you a timeshare. We told them we were not interested but then they bring someone else to sell to you. This is where the lies started.

We told them we already owned two timeshares and where they were located. We also told them we booked through RCI and had paid to be in the points system. They told us we could buy the minimum number of points with Wyndham. For $17,200.00 we would get 105,000 points. They would pick the points we were getting with RCI and we would be Silver and have 413,000 points. So we made the worst mistake of our lives, we purchased.

They told us we needed to use up any points we had with RCI in 2015 before we faxed the paperwork. They gave us to RCI after January 1st, 2016 and RCI would transfer our 2016 points to Wyndham. We did what they told us to do. When I called Wyndham on June 8, 2016 to book our vacation I was told we only had 105,000 points and to have my other timeshares picked I would have to pay $89.00 for each. I told her we weren't told it would cost anything and I thought the picks were already done, that we had faxed the paperwork Wyndham gave us the first of the year like they told us to do.

She called RCI and told him what we wanted. I was told we only had one timeshare that we got in April from other timeshare company where we had purchased the other two from. Because we had cancel the others we didn't have but one and did I want to give it to Wyndham. Of course I said no. They told us other things to get us to purchase that I now have doubts about also. I would tell anyone who asks me about Wyndham Vacation resorts to avoid them like the plague. I don't understand why with so many people being scammed by these people how they are getting by with it and are still in business.

My wife and I are current members of Wyndham Vacation Resorts. We continue to be solicited by Wyndham to increase our membership using deceptive and unfair sales practices. If you have experienced the same and would like to join a class action suit against Wyndham please reply.

I was very disappointed with my stay at the Wyndham Daytona Beach. This is NOT a $250.00 per night room. Room 801 A. They are seriously dated, unclean, in poor repair. In addition employees talk down to customers and more than one of them is just plain rude. Loose door handles, paint peeling, doors laminating, glass tables broken and not replaced, plumbing fixtures damaged, AC didn't work properly, entry door stop missing rubber softener, rooms just filthy. Poor maintenance, poor maid service. I usually stay at the Hawaiian Inn but thought it would be a nice treat for the family to upgrade this year. Man was I disappointed. I could get a nicer room at the Hawaiian for less than half of what I paid at the Wyndham.

It is ashamed that staying at some very nice properties (we have been at nearly 20) is totally ruined by a very dishonest company - and I do not use the word "dishonest" lightly - Wyndham has earned it over and over again. Best advice to anyone not in Wyndham - DON'T START!! This is mainly directed at Wyndham Vacation Resorts but could easily include Wyndham Rewards, which although not dishonest, is another very misleading operation.

Riding on an elevator at a Wyndham Resort with another owner is a revealing experience as almost everyone has the same negative experience and if they are carrying the telltale (I just spent more money) bag stuffed with useless information, they are torn between mad, and emotionally trained from what they have been through. I repeat, DON'T START! If you want to stay at these resorts, pay the price and forget the "ownership". We are embarrassed that we got into this and will do anything we can to help others avoid the same.

Condo had many issues. Broken dining room chairs, non-working ice machine, taped shelves in refrigerator, lack of wine glasses, old torn leather couches, no batteries in TV remotes, old washing machine and old dish washer. Also condo was being sold which we were not told. I sent a letter to Wyndham Vacation Rentals and received no response. Positive value was great ocean view and location.

Wasted 2 full days last week listening to the reps tell me about something I did not want to hear and it had NOTHING to do with the reason I was there. I wanted points converted to maintenance fees. They kept trying to sell me into the New York City site. Not interesting as we didn't lose anything there. Went back on the second day thinking I would get what I wanted done on that day. Are you kidding, it did not happen! I noticed one contract number was missing a digit but was informed it would be corrected before the papers were finalized.

In the Quality Assurance room, I came "unglued" when I noticed the contract number was still wrong and told them that they couldn't do one little thing correctly. I came for one thing and it still wasn't done. I am leaving and the contract is not going to be signed! I would love to see the video recording of me and my actions! Bet they won't want to hear my name AGAIN. Also discovered that some of our points are not usable, they don't explain things WELL at all. PS: Never received an email from your firm before I wrote this review. Better check on your people while you are at it!!!

I purchased a vacation getaway in New York and what was included was: 3 days and 2 nights in a Hotel in NY rated 3 stars or higher Plus a gift of a $75 American Express Card - which I never got. When checking in to the New Yorker I was told they didn't have a welcome package for me and as far as everyone there - no one worked for Wyndham. Had no idea what I was talking about. The hotel room was extremely small for me and my sister and you could hardly turn around in the bathroom. Had one queen size bed. Had to travel all across town to the Wyndham presentation (by cab) - could have had the presentation at the New Yorker to make it more convenient for people attending the sales presentation. (Although the presentor, Shauna, did a great job). I am pretty pissed about not receiving the promised gift card and I noted it on the questionnaire Shauna had me complete.

Our experience with Wyndham has been a nightmare from the beginning. The presentations are anything but brief, the sales agents engage in high-pressure tactics to sell, and their customer service is practically non-existent, despite all of their claims to the contrary. The presentation was to include a "large breakfast". However, the Wyndham agent kept saying things were running late. We wanted to leave, but he kept assuring us that the transport vehicle to take us to the resort would be here soon. It did not show up until noon. We were assured there would be a big lunch. It was a small piece of chicken and a few string beans. We were told the presentation would be brief. It was, in fact, over three hours long.

The sales agent was pressuring us to buy a timeshare. We repeatedly said we could not afford it (100,000 dollars American). He left and came back with two other gentlemen. I asked him why he had brought over two managers... the managers told us they were meeting everyone. I mentioned I had not seen them go over and greet anyone else. I told them I was very uncomfortable and that I had no intention of purchasing a timeshare. One manager invited us into his office. I again explained that we did not want to buy a timeshare for that amount of money. He suggested a Discovery Vacation, where for a small amount we could stay for a brief time at a timeshare. We agreed. When we arrived home from our vacation, we received a notice that our bill was overdue. I tried calling several times... and could never reach an agent by phone.

I decided to use the Wyndham website and emailed for more information. NO one ever responded to my emails. I left phone messages... my calls were never returned. I paid using my credit card, and received confirmation numbers that I had paid, but received another letter stating the payment was overdue. I finally reached an agent by phone, several months later. She informed me that I was not permitted to make credit card payments by phone for Discovery Vacations. I told her I had received confirmation numbers for my payments and she again said this was not permitted. The paperwork we have says we have until July 17, 2017 to use the Discovery Vacation. However, our account on the Wyndham website says we had until March of 2016. I have since been trying to reach Wyndham once again for information but my calls go unanswered. I would never recommend this company and I will never do business with them again.

We were on vacation for our 6th anniversary. We were in the Smoky Mountains staying in Pigeon Forge, TN. My wife and I saw a booth for all the shows they had going on. We stopped and told the lady we wanted to get tickets to the Dixie Stampede. She told us about a deal where we could get free tickets to go if we just took a tour of the Jimmy Buffet's Hotel at The Island. Ah but one of the qualifiers was that you had to make 60 grand a year. We make just under that. So she throws in another show at half the cost if we go. We accept. It was supposed to be a 2 hour tour. So we show up next morning. Bill the salesman meets with us and takes us upstairs. Already the lies and b.s. start. Oh we are not obligated to buy anything. No sales pressure. Blah blah blah. He goes over who Wyndham is and how big they are and how the program works. We go over to the hotel and see the presidential suite. Gorgeous room I must say.

He goes on with his presentation in the room. He starts repeating himself on stuff. Over and over and over. "We don't want pressure you. Wyndham doesn't want you to buy something you don't want." When we finally got back where we started and he brings a corporate guy in to talk with us. He shows us the proposal. I look at the numbers and see there is no way we are going to afford this. He shows a second proposal. Same thing. I tell them no. They start in on how great it is. How much we are saving, etc., etc. I said not interested. They were not going to take no for an answer. My wife gets upset and starts crying. Corporate guy leaves. I get angry and said "I thought you said you were not going to pressure us?" He said, "We're not trying to pressure you." I told my wife "Let's just go".

My wife told Bill that we do not even make the minimum they requested. Then their tune changed. They got apologetic and asked for all the information we had on the lady who got us into this crap. Then they send us to the closer guy. One last ditch effort to rope is in. He gave his proposal and I refused. He was not pushy. He just let us leave with what we needed to get our gifts. Two hours turned into 3. I wish I would have researched this company and read these reviews before wasting my time with them. I just cannot understand how someone could enjoy their job by ripping people off like these Wyndham people are doing! Have you no conscience? Have you no compassion for your fellow man? We were just lucky we did not qualify in the first place. I was so ecstatic when we were finally free of these con artists. Never ever will I do business with Wyndham again.

We recently stayed at the Wyndham Nashville property in a 2 BR condo and it was an amazing trip. The resort staff was over the top friendly. The sales staff was very nice and we had planned on upgrading to Platinum and decided to do it in this trip. We have been owners for 8 years and love our vacations. We have been very happy with Wyndham.

This is such a scam operation. They prey on we seniors through the hours and hours of presentation after presentation. There is always another individual that you need to talk to no matter how many times you say no. There will always be somebody else they want you to talk with and sweeten the deal. When it's all over you end up with a payment that you can't afford and that you're stuck with for years and years. Please save your money and learn from our mistake. If I could give a zero review I would so definitely do that.

We were told that the price would be much lower than it really is and now we get additional billing of $125 per month for "Club Wyndham Plus" which I never heard of? We were kept in one of their Interrogation rooms for over 3 hours of telling them that we were not interested. They kept "sweetening" the deal. I told them that we're seniors on a fixed income. I told them that I just couldn't afford it. I said "my credit score wouldn't stand this charge". They came up with a credit card through Barclay's Bank that would accept my wife on the account. With much frustration we said "OK".

A few weeks went by and a bill comes in for more than discussed. I called the salesperson that sold the program telling him that we could not afford this and he said "give another week and we can see what we can do". I called back in a week and could not reach him. I sent five "registered letters" confirming our conversation. No answer after weeks of this. Now it's about six months with this SCAM. I called Wyndham Corporate and they said there was nothing they could do. I said "we can't afford it". The person said we would have to prove our assets to get out of it. I told him that I would call an attorney. He said "go ahead".

We have never used any of the initial resort gift stays and will never use any of this. It's called Social Security, and my grown daughter, husband and children are being supported by us. Note that this was sold as a low cost "Wonderful Opportunity Vacation Plan". I'm not a dummy and can understand English very well, but what we got is not what we thought we were getting. I note all the other folks with similar complaints. If you could sell it maybe that would be a way out, but you can not sell them. I've stayed at many Wyndham Hotels, but never again and this will be on Facebook soon.

My husband and I were given a trip to a Wyndham resort for my birthday. When we got there they had a jar with marbles in it for the guests to guess and the winner would get a gift card for $100. My husband went to guess and he told the lady standing there it was my birthday, and she told him the answer and that we had to go to the information seminar to hear the winner. We went and guess what, we won the gift card and they even had balloons on my chair for my birthday. We Sat there for a while and then saw a movie presentation and took a tour of the hotel penthouse suite. We were there for about 4 hours and after, my husband asked numerous times about the cost saying we can only afford $250 a month.

We were reassured many different times that the monthly price would not exceed the $250 we could afford we signed up. We told them we have 4 kids and this is really all we can afford. We also were given multiple other gift cards for signing up. We got home had a great vacation and were excited. We started receiving our bills, there were 4 different bills for this purchase totaling over $500!! We were outraged and called asking what we could do to get out of our contract, and were told nothing, we had to pay our dues. Well needless to say these are the last bills on my mind every month. I have still yet to find a way out, I dont even want to use any of the points we signed up for. I just want to get rid of it all together. Can anyone help me get out???

I reserved a tour with Wyndham Hotels for a 7/8 stay with one year to use. I contacted the greeter. He gave me to someone else. This person told me that previous greeter was no longer with Wyndham. He was fired and Wyndham will not honor the contract that he sold me and there is no refund. I advise everyone to never buy anything from Wyndham Hotels or even stay at their hotels. Rip me off once. Shame on you. Not a chance to get a second chance. They also make you enter a star you rate them at. I chose no stars but they would not let me. VERY VERY DISSATISFIED with WYNDHAM!!!

On 4/18/16 attended a WOW presentation and during follow up was told if I do not buy additional points I would lose my entitlements and my monthly fees would double. When I called the corporate office to report this I was given a complaint number and told to contact Consumer Affairs. No follow up done by Wyndham.

I bought in at silver level and every time I try to use it I'm told I need to buy more shares. I've spent hours with representatives that only try to sell me more and not explain how to use what I have. I can never get the days I want and am told I need to pick less popular days. They have had twice the amount taken out of my checking account for over a year and keep saying that they will fix it. I was told I could sell back (at a reduced price of course) at any time but no one will respond. When I email they say someone will contact me but no one ever does. In three years I've been able to use 10 days! At over 450 dollars a month I could have traveled all over the world. Save your money and avoid this company at all costs. Total rip off, they should be closed down.

I am an owner of a Wyndham Vacation Resort. I purchased it back in 2013 and upgraded it to silver level in 2014 upon salesperson's sweet lie. When you check in, the front desk customer service rep always keeps asking to attend their sales meeting for obtaining an updated information of Wyndham. They bribe you with the bunch of coupon/restaurant coupons and gift cards to attend the meeting. When you check in the room, they persistently call you whether you will attend the meeting. Oh my god, they are so annoying. Most people want to enjoy their time with the family however they always want to bother you with the sales pitch. They manipulate to purchase their timeshare with the highest interest rates. They have no integrity whatsoever. Some of sales reps are not even sales rep so we call "Rookie". Probably the word of ROOKIE is even fancier. The term is not even close of my expression.

I have told one of the sales rep at Myrtle Beach, SC that I will consider purchasing it when I go back home. You know what he says? "Oh most of people will say no to me when they get back home." I did really wanted to say "Yes! Of course because you DID NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK TO PITCH TO ME AND YOU SHOULD FIND ANOTHER JOB!" Basically he wanted to make an easy sale which will not going to happen at all. What a funny sales guy he is. Of course, sales require number game and they need to work so hard to make sales. Their sales training is something wrong. Sometimes they want to hold you for 4 hours to make sales. Please please avoid to attend the sales meeting and purchase it from them. It is not worth of your time!

This has been the worst investment ever. They rope you in and then find ways to just take your money every month. There is even a problem paying early. If you are looking at this - just say NO to these crooks.

My husband and I are very frustrated and disappointed with Wyndham Vacation Club. It is not at all what we were lead to believe we were purchasing. Our first frustration is the inability to view resort availability online based on our membership type. We are required to call a reservation specialist and let them look up each resort we are interested in for availability.

The second frustration is because of the above mentioned limitation we are unable to easily compare airline prices to coordinate with the resort availability. In order to do so, the reservation specialist has to sit on hold while I go to another travel site to look up flights. Back and forth, back and forth. It is just not very 2016 - more like 2002 at best. This leads to the third frustration in that we have to then coordinate the above two limitations with our own work schedule. I don't know about other companies but we can't just take off any dates we like. Time off requests have to be submitted and approved in advance of purchasing potentially non-refundable airline tickets.

If all of the above were not enough, the fourth frustration is their very limited availability in any of the locations we are interested in. Sorry, but Branson Missouri or the Wisconsin Dells are not our style. We were told we would need to book our time 2-3 months in advance our last call to a reservation specialist and we are 6 months out before we can book a full week at a resort of our choosing.

I have combed through the Discovery membership property directory we were provided which lists the Club Wyndham Plus resorts available to us and it would be an understatement to say the majority of these properties are substandard 2 star accommodations at best. Most look like apartment complexes from the 1970s with dated furnishings and surroundings. Everyone knows only the best pictures are put in brochures, so it scares me to think of what the actual property looks like if the brochure images are not appealing. Trying to view the properties on the Wyndham Vacation website is no better with postage stamp size images which cannot be enlarged. To view better images I have to search/view yet another site.

Maybe our expectations were set too high. After all, the properties we were shown in the initial presentation were beautiful 4 and 5 star beachside resorts; yet even the Club Wyndham Plus resorts in Hawaii are not all beachside, with some many miles away from the closest beach - we're talking about an island surrounded by water right?

We spent over four hours at the presentation/sales pitch and after saying "no", "no", "no" we were finally convinced to purchase the Discovery Membership to "try it out" before we considered a larger financial commitment. Shame on us for not innately knowing the extreme limitations we were to experience in our Discovery membership. At no time did the presenter or sales representative redirect us to any limitations mentioned in any small print nor were we offered to "view" images of the actual properties that would be available to us - nice bait and switch by the way. I'm sure we were not the first to expect honesty and integrity from a company such as Wyndham. I've never been known to be naive or gullible, but this is one time I was taken for a fool. The only thing we discovered in our new Discovery membership was we were scammed.

My partner & I bought the timeshare off my sister but kept her on the scheme. This has lead to a multitude of problems, we always need all 3 of us to sign anything. My sister has never used the scheme so we thought we would remove her from the scheme. We all completed the transfer papers just over 2 year ago & sent them in only to find out that we also need another to be signed by a JP, my sister had then moved to Wellington - too hard to arrange. We tried again recently. My sister came up for a visit so I arranged the paperwork & set up an appointment with a JP. As we were all together the JP just signed once as she had witnessed us all signing. This was not good enough for Wyndham, they wanted 3 of the JP's signatures... I could understand if the JP signature was under each our signatures & not at the bottom of the page altogether.

I have had my ownership for about seven years now and in seven years, I have never been happy with this company. The reviews of how they hook you are just the beginning. Billing has been an issue since day one. My biggest frustrations with them are that I send in can send a mortgage payment or a maintenance fee payment with it written in the memo area what the payment is for and they will apply it to whatever they want.

In addition, I have another family member who has an ownership and our ownerships are linked. Therefore, they have also taken my money to pay her maintenance fees whenever they wanted. When I called to get it straightened out, I spoke with an ignorant man who stated that the transaction was processed and they would not change it. It took me skipping a payment to get someone to respond and then they claimed I had skipped three payments (one of which supposedly happened two years before). Funny how I was able to track the fact that that was a lie.

The latest is that they called to claim that we are $400+ dollars behind on our maintenance. How on earth can we possibly be 400 in arrears? It is April and the monthly fee is about 120 per month. We've made two payments totaling $300+ dollars. Of course when challenged with those facts, as usual the customer service rep, has no clue. In a few months I will be done with the mortgage, end of this crap. I think when that happens I'll sell it to lowest bidder. For all the grief and unprofessionalism they have provided me, I will introduce them to some people who will redefine "grief and crap". And on the salespeople's lack of professionalism... that doesn't go away even after you buy. They will keep hounding you to upgrade and get nasty when you refuse.

When I signed up for a vacation promotion the sales rep, on a recorded call, promised one year to get my money back if we ended up not going in for the promotional stay. When I tried to cancel and get my money back after several months Wyndham refused, saying that the fine print in the written agreement that they sent after I signed up on the phone stated there's only a 30 day money back period and that even though they still have the recording, the written agreement trumps anything the sales rep promised. In other words, they won't even stand by what their sales rep promised, even though they could review the tape to prove that the promise was made. Currently disputing the charges with my credit card company. Of course, I wouldn't trust Wyndham Vacations at all.

I have got in touch with Wyndham resorts vacation ownership team in the Surfers Paradise beach of Australia's Gold Coast. They offered me a much discounted tickets to a theme park in Gold Coast. All I need to do for that is to attend one of their seminars on their resorts, which sounds no harm. Attending a one and a half hour seminar on a resort isn't a big deal - at least until we reach there. When me and my wife reached there, for our utmost surprise, it was not even a seminar or a slide show. It was a big damn one on one marketing of a vacation rental property. The salesman of Indian origin had quickly made rapport with us by using our own Indian heritage. Getting a brief from us about our usual vacation plan and the cost involved in it, he came up with his plan and budgeting for us and our savings while we use their plan for at least next 30 years.

While the supposed be 1.5 hrs meeting already went into 2 hrs but he was yet he get into the financial side of it, means what the amount of $$ involved in it.. He took our whole time to convince us that "this is product to be" for us. And finally he went into the financials. We were in an impression that we could not afford to make a commitment then. Their weird rule is "WE HAVE TO TAKE A DECISION AND MAKE A PAYMENT IN THE SAME SITTING." They not allowed you to go home and do a research before you buy the product.

And good lord, the pressure from that salesman was absolutely horrible. I never ever seen anyone putting pressure on you to buy a product like that - that too for an on going commitment of about $35,000, or an EMI of about $125 per week with their 13.5% of interest. Even after you said a straightforward NO, he won't let you go. He wanted to know the reason for your NO and he wanted to fix it, regardless the NO is because of your personal, financial or family matters. They are basically saying, even without saying it, "you are here to buy our product, not to get a cheap ticket to get into the theme park." This is absolutely rude. I really was in an impression that I would pay the full damn price of the theme park ticket 100 times rather than going through this grilling and humiliating selling drama.

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Wyndham Vacation Resorts is one of the world's most popular timeshare companies. The company is a member of the Wyndham Worldwide family of companies, and currently works with more than 900,000 owners.

  • Available Properties: Wyndham Vacation Resorts has a huge selection of vacation ownership units and resorts for potential buyers to choose from. The company also has more than 13,800 units and 80 resorts available to customers.
  • Worldwide: Customers who choose Wyndham Vacation Resorts have the ability to choose from hotels and properties across the world, from North America to the South Pacific.
  • Video Experience: The company has created several videos to help potential owners envision what the buying and owning experience will be like, helping make their decision easier and clearer.
  • Curated Excursions: The company can help customers plan specific or special getaways when they use their timeshare, including adventure excursions or entertainment events in big cities like New York.
  • Dedicated travel agents: The company can has dedicated travel agents that will discuss vacation schedules with timeshare guests, then help them plan their vacations and transportation by scheduling excursions, booking transportation to and from the airport, and arranging tickets to entertainment events.
  • Best for Large families, people who want a luxury vacation property, travelers with a favorite vacation destination and young professionals with some disposable income.

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