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Vida Vacations

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Last updated: Oct. 14, 2017

124 Vida Vacations Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Oct. 14, 2017

After more than 8 hours at my 1 hour presentation at Vida Vacations and saying "no" about 30 times, they presented me with one more opportunity. It's name is Private Reserve Vacation Collection. Whatever you do, do not fall for this one. They had me take out a new credit card and promptly charged $7,200 to it. Being hungry and tired, they finally wore me down and I bought into the scam that promised me 50 weeks of weekly rentals all over the world for $299.00 in nice hotels. I was also promised a free cruise (oh, but you have to pay $575 per person to register). That doesn't sound free to me. The charge was for $4,800. But the funny thing is, they had to make that initial charge of $7,200 and then give me a refund to make it $4,800. That sounds fishy doesn't it?

I asked if I had a period to cancel and they said this was not that kind of a deal. Well, come to find out I had 5 days to cancel. 3 weeks later at home I get the brochure about the $299 rentals, only they aren't $299. I go online to their website and searched for hours and found only 2 and they were 1 1/2 stars! Plus, the terms of use at the website, tell you that the prices can change and they take no responsibility if they are inaccurate. Oh, and the savings, well about $50.00. Let's see at 4,800 I will have to take 96 weeks of vacation to break even. Oh, and then I have to pay $99.00 a year to renew. So that will be 2 more a year. This is a total scam.

I can get better accommodations used Interval and RCI. And I would never stay in a 1 1/2 star hotel for a week. They pressured me all day, lied to me, and hurried me through the paperwork. The next day I find a representative from the timeshare I am staying in outside telling people not to go to Vida Vacations. I thought it was because the initial thing they try to do is have you sign over your timeshares to them and charge you extra money. I thought he was worried we would trade our timeshare. Now I know he was there to warn you against buying anything Vida Vacations offers you.

I wish I had encountered him before I made this giant mistake. Oh, by the way, the people who sold me this scam said they didn't work with vida vacations and even said disparaging remarks about the salesmen. Well, my credit card charge is for Vida Vacations! Lies, upon lies. Whatever you do, do not take these reviews lightly, we are all regretting we ever encountered the people who signed us up to waste a day and be scammed.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

Much is offered, but little received. They start with a very high price then offer to come down by sending additional sales persons and managers to sweet talk you into buying and/ upgrading. You think you are getting one thing and it’s like smoke and mirrors. Day and night of what you really get. I have been a member for two years and can't believe the lies and exaggerations perpetrated by this company and their sales representatives. I upgraded to a property and was promised all kind of benefits, perks and Vida Dollars that are only exchangeable through their Vida catalog and are virtually worthless. They say you can use the Vida $ on Amazon. I saw no indication that Amazon had any obligation to accept Vida $ (which are virtually worthless). You think you can use them $ for $. Not. The resort is beautiful and the staff great. But the sales personnel are vultures.

I paid in full $20,278 on my 2 credit cards American Express and Bank of America. I am in the process of first contacting Vida to give them an opportunity to refund my money and cancel my contract before I file a dispute with my credit card companies and the United States Department of State requesting they (Department of State) issue a warning regarding the mass fraud and deception taking place at this company. The State Department should warn all United States citizens to steer clear of these predators.

They lie and sweet talk U S and Canadian citizens out of millions of dollars a year and really offer no real value for your money. They say you don't have to pay an annual fee, but you have to pay at least $1,050 or $1,080 each visit. What is the $20,000 for. Membership in an exclusive club? This is a luxury I hardly can afford. They tell you they are going to pay your SFX, RCI and Registry exchange for a certain period, 1 years. Also, hidden annual fees after a period of time. Read the 40 page contract before you sign anything. The entire staff from the owner, lawyer on down are in on this scam and laugh all the way to Banco of Mexico.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

    My husband and I have been Vidanta Owners for 15 years. We originally bought into the Mayan Palace and upgraded every few years to the Grand Bliss. Based on lies and manipulations, we upgraded to the Luxxe and canceled twice before. On our last trip, they again wore us down after 8 hours, lied about benefits, omitted information about changes, and rushed us through paperwork to lock in a deal.

    We've been trying for more 5 months to get some resolution, and the most recent e-mail said: "you have read and fully understood the contract which you acquired. Your signature on these legal documents confirms that you are in accordance to the above and any further clauses of the contract in its entirety." Trouble is that they misrepresent what is being signed, don't give you enough time to actually read the 25 pages you are signing, and then leave you hanging when you complain or try to cancel. The properties are amazing, and we always have a great time except for the presentations. I would recommend that people rent weeks from eBay or another timeshare rental, but absolutely avoid the presentations.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

    I just got back from Cabo San Lucas and wasted two morning there purchasing and cancelling a ownership of Vida Vacations Partial Fractional Ownership. First, let me tell you that they paid me $400.00 to come to the presentation. That is the most that I have ever received for going on a tour. I went with my wife and the resort looked great even though it was under construction. I already own a Hilton Grand Vacation Club membership and a Fiesta Americana Vacation Club. I am not really thrilled with the Hilton properties; but at least I know how it works. When Vida offered to buy my two memberships I considered it. I really was not happy giving up FAVC, but it was the only way I could afford this new offer.

    So, let me tell you about the offer they made me. Their purchase price started at $68,000.00 for a two bedroom unit 5 times a year for the next ten years. After ten years it drops down to four weeks per year. There is no annual maintenance; you just pay $1,050.00 each time you use one of their resorts. Sounds like a lot of money, but they give you 10 - $300.00 donation vouchers that you send to their recommended charity or your own; and when they use your voucher as a gift for a charity event, you get the credit. So it is possible to have $3,000.00 banked to go towards your $1,050.00 usage fee. Confused; so were we, but our salesperson said the vouchers are always used and you get another 10 once the first ten are gobbled up. Still not sure; that $68,000.00 still is too much money for me to spend.

    So here comes the trade-ins on what I own. They offer me full value for my two properties; more than what I originally paid for them. Too good to be true; right. With some fancy math the price of my new purchase now only be $21,000.00. They show me that in the next ten years I will be paying that same amount for my ownership fees at my properties that I already own. So would I like to still pay the fees that I have or do I want to start with something new. Remember, no maintenance fees at Vida. So, I buy it and set up automatic withdrawals of $209.00 per month for 10 years after putting down $5,000.00 on my VISA card.

    We get back to FAVC where our adult children are waiting for us. They are upset that we were gone for so many hours and had shut off our phones while we were out. I tell them what we have done and my son is really upset. I already set up a tour for him to see what I purchased, but he has no interest. He goes on Consumer Affairs and brings up all the terrible reviews. Now I know I have to get out of this deal that was too good to be true. I write Vida and call them to set up an appointment to cancel with them. My children will go with me for this.

    We get there and after sitting down with several people, we are out of the deal. But wait; there is one more person that grabs us on the way out. Are you ready for this? He offers me everything that I purchased at $21,000.00 for $7,000.00. 2/3 off what I thought was a great deal originally. What the hell is this place really worth? Now I am concerned about what I already own and its value and I will never go on another sales presentation again.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

    Vidanta is beyond the worst scam company out there. They will offer you deals, etc to try to get you to participate in their timeshare "ish" programs. You can google online to see the horrible reviews yourself (1 star out of 5). They will wine and dine you for breakfast to try to get you comfortable, but after that they will scam the hell out of you. This is a typical Mexican scam business. They told us all sorts of numbers of how they run the business. Their success rate is 65%. They know what they are doing. It is a full business practically. Anyways, I have been to many timeshare presentations. Compared to others, these guys are pretty aggressive. They even told us the more we don't stay at the property, the better, so they can try to up sale (aka… con) more people into this stuff. Another thing they said is if you want out of the deal, you can trade if for Mexican real estate, but nothing else. What a ** joke.

    If you don't believe me, go google reviews for this place and their business. You will find a 1 out of 5 stars and see scam over scam consistently. I hope to god you don't get sucked into this. Somehow they disclosed how their operations work due to the salesman opening his mouth too much. The owner takes 50% of all proceeds to his pockets. They have roughly 2500 employees on staff. I can only imagine they get paid next to nothing while the head guy takes all the money. It doesn't help their story at all. Please stay away from any offer this resort tries to offer or it will waste half a day. They say it will take 1 hour, but it WILL be at least 3+ hours. I will never come back to this place and would ever recommend this place to any friends and family. Horrible Horrible horrible. SCAM beyond SCAM.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

    On the phone at 7 am. Waited 2 minutes to be told all units are booked. Asked for a supervisor who tells me there are 100 operators working for all Grand Mayan reservations while there are 150 rooms in Cabo. This is a useless time share to own. Now have been on hold for 40 minutes to speak to customer service.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 30, 2017

    I was Approached by a woman while getting my rental. To was told that I could receive a "free" tour for me and my entire family to Chicha-Itza and a "free" breakfast. All I had to do is to visit Vidanta. I agree to meet her the following day, she took us to Vidanta. At the beginning everything was excellent everyone was smiling. They gave me a little tour then to breakfast, the pushy salesperson wanted us to hurry up and eat so he could finish his tour. He took us around, I guess he noticed that we had no interest in the property. He turned and said to me and my wife, "my time is important if you don't give me your full attention." He proceeds with his sales pitch. I kept asking how much? He would reply with a, "once we get inside I will explain everything."

    We went inside and begun to show me pictures and kept repeating how they were number one blah blah blah. But he would never get to the point, I finally got fed up and told him to stop beating around the bush and get to the point. He got upset and asked me if I had somewhere to be, I told "no", That I didn't came to Mexico to listen to some bs sales pitch. He told me if you don't finish my presentation you are not getting the Price. I said "ok." He immediately called his supervisor and told him that we were done.

    The manager begun with his pitch but he was not getting to me. I told "Not interested." He went from $1060 per year for a week for 10 years to $600 per year. I told him that I was just interested. He kept on pushing, until I finally got angry and screamed at him "I NOT INTERESTED." And walked out. After that they got very hostile. This is Totally a scam. Don't fall for it.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 25, 2017

    Please! Don't go to any presentations by the Vidanta Group at any of their properties in Mexico. Unfortunately, I'm now a victim of the new "Club Membership" program for Millenniums. The one time fee of $1,500 and $99 dollars annual fee for the rest of my life. It is for a "life time membership of 100% SCAM." I wished I had internet access when I was with the sales person because I would had "Googled" or "ConsumerAffairs" searched them.

    The media needs to have a full report warning US Citizens about these type of frauds happening down in Mexico. Daniel Chavez Moran karma will get you because you're taking advantage of innocent people who "think" that they're dealing with a reputable company. No wonder the premises are spectacular. They robbing people from left to right and from all parts of the world. The new Cirque du Soleil is going to be the new avenue for more SCAMS! Stay away!!! The free food, cheap tequila, blankets and airfares is not worth your precious vacation time! I hope Citibank helps me! If not, I will pay the price for my ignorance but I hope I can save you from falling in their trap from hell!

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    Original review: July 22, 2017

    Vidanta Group is scamming tourist. All what Vidanta Group wants is your money in US currency at front before you even get to experience their so called Vida Vacations Membership with is another name for "Timeshare." In the summer of 2015, I was in Puerto Vallarta and was constantly hit by the network of people paid by the Vidanta Group to get you to go and see their sales presentation "with no obligation to buy" and get big incentives such as Car rental reimbursement, free local tours, free breakfast etc. I decided to sign in with a mindset that I was not buying any of their services regardless. The good: Nice front end resort, clean, environmentally friendly features, good food, and friendly staff.

    The bad: They had a pool of specially train sales rep waiting for us. They split people (one groups) one sales rep per family with the goal of signing up "68%" of the group. I was shocked to see older Americans & Canadians families sign up for Vida Vacations Membership contracts for $80,000.00, 70,000.00, 60,000.00, 40,000.00 etc. So I listened to the sales rep assigned to me. She covered all her material and it boiled down to a Vida Vacations Membership sales. They had 3 different levels. 1 being the very basic ($500k-30k USD), 2 the mid range ($70k-60k USD) and 3 the most expensive ($100k-80k USD). Lady from Florida hit me starting with vacations memberships (1 and 2 bedroom suites) ranging from over $100k USD to $50k USD. Notice, for some reason, they don't like to work with Mexican pesos.

    Anyhow, they were taking one whole day out of my vacation and I was not happy, so I politely and respectfully told the 1st sales rep, No thank you. She got up and send a manager, pushing the sale. I told him that I was not after going down on the price. They started at $110k USD, and we were at the $20k and kept on asking how much I was willing to pay for the entry level Vedanta membership, so I kept on saying none (nada) not interested, but keep posing and adding all kinds of incentives ($1,000.00 Vidanta Dollars, Exchange membership, RCI membership etc).

    Me and my wife were the only ones left with the sharks and keep switching sales rep on us. I finally told the 4th sales rep, We will pay $10k for their mid range ($70k-$60k) Vacation membership in payments or cash for the 100 years membership and the 5 days cancellation agreement. I was shocked, they accepted the $10k with a $3,500.00 down and give me the 5 days to cancel.

    On Monday May 2nd, 2016 at 8am, I called Vidanta customer service to cancel my contract with 2 days from the 5 days cancellation policy. They took all my info and told me that it had been canceled and that they had not charged my credit card as of that AM and that I will not be charged. We went back to the US and check my credit card statement and notice that they did process the charge late on May 2nd, 2016, so I called Vidanta customer service and was told that my contract was not canceled and everyone I talk to, refused to cancel my contract and kept referring me to others and others play phone tags with me and finally, a lady left me a message telling me that my contract was cancelled, but they will not credit my $3,500.00 for breach of contract. So I call back and informed her that I was going to dispute the charge and so I did, but my Bank (JP Chase) was not able to do it.

    Bottom line, Vidanta Group took $3,500.00 from a hard working family without providing any type of services and that not right. My advice to other families, stay away from Vidanta Group "Vida Vacations Membership." They show you nice resorts, but they are after your hard earned money. They want you to deposit a monthly payment for a timeshare and still charge you market price for staying in any of their resorts in the form of "maintenance and usage fees." We hope this post help other families avoid Vidanta Group deceiving business practice. We use an email alias to post this message, but will read the emails from time to time. Be safe.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 7, 2017

    My husband and I were scammed into buying into a contract with Mayan Palace after a breakfast presentation in 2009. We experience many of the nightmares that were stated in the other complaints. Well to make a long story short, we paid off for the timeshare maybe 3 years later. Well it's now 8 years later and my husband and I never used the timeshare again, because of my husband's health condition. See, he had several brain surgeries due to a brain tumor and became paralyzed in addition to many more complications. I received a renovation fee bill for nearly $800 that was never explained to us during the presentation. I called their customer service and explained our medical situation and the fact that we were unable to travel. They really did not care about our condition, since the contract is the only language that they know.

    I was transferred to accounting and was told that they could only remove the late fee of $36. I spoke to three people that day and I realized that they were going to do nothing about the renovation fee for this timeshare that we don't and won't use. It's unfortunate that we lost over $10,000 for a timeshare that we used once. We pray that people see these stories and avoid vida vacation. Vida Vacations staff are not human and worship money. Our other timeshare company was courteous enough to at least remove the renovation fees, but vida vacations are sticking to the contract that was deceivingly presented. I am going to be sure to spread the news about this timeshare and have others do so as well. There are other ways to fight back when you have been wronged. We are going to send special prayers against these money-sucking demons who work for vida vacations.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 20, 2017

    I contacted Vida to inform them that I felt I was not getting the value I was promised and was thinking at cancelling my membership. A supervisor asked me to give them another opportunity and I did. Weeks went by without me getting contacted with the details I requested and, when I just checked in to see what was happening, I discovered that they cancelled my membership and of course are keeping my money as there is no refund after 10 days even if they do not perform as per their representation. I feel very foolish more than anything to have fallen for this obvious scam.

    Original review: June 19, 2017

    I was on vacation on Mexico Cancun. We sign up for Vida Vacation, and we have decide to cancel the membership. It will not allow to cancel it because it has been 5 business. I spoke to Wendy, and she says "that I cannot cancel it." She gives us 1 option to void the contract. I am responsibility to pay my credit card back, and the company corporate do not have money to refund. This is like a scam. I would not recommend anybody to go for Vida Vacation to anymore. Next time, we go to Vida Vacation. I will not get involve with Vida Vacation.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 29, 2017

    Beware going to Vidanta. It smells like a scam, some kind of pyramid scheme. They promise a lot and write a lot of numbers but it's all smoke and mirrors. They gave us $100 and a breakfast for a "90" minute presentation that lasted 3 hours. They would not let us out of the meeting and pressured us to stay and threatened to take our $100 from us. If I had not gotten angry and started making a scene we might still be there!. The manager finally came and then a consumer rep both still tried to sell us shares. Beware the guy name Fransisco or Franchesco, a sales rep, very nice until you say "no" and then he starts to criticize and stall. It's not worth a $100. Why waste good vacation time.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 24, 2017

    I own a timeshare and I'm very familiar with how they work. My husband was interested in Vida to supplement what we already have as or travel has increased. I remained hesitant but agreed. After 8 hours, 8:30am was our pickup time and after breakfast, seeing the property, and speaking to 7 different sales people it was almost 5pm. My husband continued to show interest so they continued to be persistent. As soon as I agreed they charged my card for the total amount.

    When Claudia, the "lawyer", came back with the contract I informed her I had changed my mind. The sale had already been processed. I was assured that it was voided. That was two weeks ago, still no refund. I've spoken with them several times, no progress. This morning they advised me to keep waiting because it was refunded and just unsettled with the banks. I let them know I was going to dispute the charge and was told they would reject it because they processed the refund 2 weeks ago. I hung up and proceeded with my dispute through the credit card company. Pure foolishness, please don't waste your time.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 19, 2017

    I recently complained to Vida and The Registry Collection giving them a chance to rectify the situation. A few days after sending the letter below The Registry Collection called me and explained that it was out of their hands. To this day - Vida has not contacted me with a response. I even attended an "owner update" when I vacationed in Nuevo Vallarta and asked for an explanation. The response was remarkable in them giving me the attitude of they didn't understand why I had a problem with being charged more for my deposits and them being worth less. Less to the point that I cannot stay at properties that I have stayed at for nearly 10 years. What's more, they couldn't understand why I would not spend more money with them for the timeshare deal they were presenting during the owner update.

    The following letter is what I sent to Vida and The Registry collection. Beware of buying with them, apparently to them it is okay to change the deal we have with them at any point without notice... "I am a very dissatisfied customer and have several issues that require your immediate attention. My wife and I are owners at the Grand Bliss through Vida - we have been customers since 2004. Initially we bought into the Grand Maya and then upgraded to a "no maintenance fee unless we use it" benefit in 2008 and ultimately to Grand Luxxe in 2012. Eventually we downgraded to the Grand Bliss. These upgrades were substantial expenses that we incurred but we did so with full faith that we were working with an ethical and honest corporation."

    "The downgrade was soon after the Grand Luxxe upgrade - this was due to the first of numerous disappointments and unpleasant encounters. We attempted to deposit a week with The Registry Collection - I was informed at that time that as an owner with Luxxe we no longer had access to the properties through Registry Collection. This was NOT told to me and I was misled in this upgrade. I lodged a formal complaint publicly and through a resolution process I was downgraded to the Bliss so that I could once again have access to The Registry Collection. This was a very unpleasant experience and challenged my trust. Several months ago another incident caused me to lose faith in this arrangement altogether."

    "In October 2016 we deposited our weeks from Grand Bliss with The Registry Collection. When I did, I split my weeks into a 1 BR and studio and was unexpectedly charged $500.00 more than I have been previously charged. When I questioned this increase I was informed it was due to my unit splitting. I have been able to split units all of these prior years without any such exorbitant fee and I have not been formally notified of any such change to my agreement. This is certainly not the rules in which I had been operating for the last several years. I feel I was pushed into a corner so that I did not lose my time requests and reluctantly paid this fee that had not been adequately explained to me."

    "Once the weeks were with The Registry Collection, I called in to try and book a week at the Franz Klammer where we enjoy staying. I was told that the values of my Grand Bliss units were not enough to secure the Franz Klammer. I asked for an explanation and was told that the 5 points and the 4 points were not enough to get the Klammer that now required 17 points total. Nor could I combine three Bliss units as Registry only allows a max of two units to be combined. I have certainly never had this problem before and told the Registry employee this and they did say that the Klammer used to require only 9 points. I asked the question "so under this scenario I can never stay at the Klammer in this method" and the person agreed that this was the case."

    "During the conversation it was agree that I could use three of my units to stay at the Klammer in this one instance so I again reluctantly agreed because I had no other option. I asked why this changed and the Registry person told me that Vida directed them to change the point values. I expressed my concern that this was not the agreement that I had been working under for the last several years and had to ask - "why had the rules changed?" After the conversation it occurred to me that even with three units that had a 5 and a 4 value respectively I still could not get to the 17. This would also be the case at the Montecristo in Cabo San Lucas where we have enjoy staying in the past."

    "On December 23, 2016 I called Vida to discuss my experiences and spoke with Juan **. He informed me that Vida did not assign property values which I can appreciate however my initial investments and ongoing maintenance fees were paid to Vida as well as the fact we were assigned to The Registry Collection by Vida, I felt Vida had some ownership in this situation and needed to assist in its resolution. Juan ** agreed to facilitate a three way phone call between Juan **, a Registry Collection representative (Cindy) and myself. For a large part of this conversation I was listening to the other two politely argue as to who set the values each pointing to the other. Once again I was caught in the middle between Vida and Registry Collection."

    "The fact remains that we agreed to a set of rules and changes are being made at your will with no input from your patrons and certainly with no regard for our allegiance and loyalty to you - this loyalty is obviously one sided. We are not newcomers - we are loyal owners for over a decade. We deserve better communication and certainly more communication and interaction when such substantial modifications are being made to agreements we signed over a decade ago. We have made investments with you in good faith and expect to be treated in a fair manner."

    "Attempting to schedule a vacation through our investment has become a miserable experience. I certainly accept that times change and situations have to be adjusted for incoming new customers but I fully expected that the annual 5% maintenance fee escalator along with new customers you bring in would handle these adjustments. I feel I have been taken advantage of and would sincerely appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible regarding a resolution."

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 15, 2017

    Never ever agree to a free breakfast, or any other freebie. The timeshare sales team got us IMMEDIATELY AFTER check in. We were not allowed to go to our room until we agreed to their breakfast sales pitch. We were told it would take 90 minutes. Our meeting time was 8:30 am and we returned to our room at 2:50 pm! We got up to leave several times, but they always came up with something new/better.

    We were paired up with Leanne, supposedly also a Canadian. She is very good at being deceitful. She hooked us with the trade-in, trade-up scam. Her comment was that "if I say that we take over your timeshare and you have no more fees to pay". We told her that our property was a fractional ownership and she said it was still a timeshare. Not totally true especially when it comes to disposing of the property. When questioned how this would be taken care of, she said our resort would take the property back using Right of first refusal rule. She also said that she would take care of booking our 2018 summer vacation at our home resort.

    After we returned home we had a phone call from Alex at Timeshare Resale Marketing (TRM). He offered to buy out the equity of $65,000.00 that Vida Vacations had put on our property for $12,495.00 USD. We said no. Then all of a sudden he had a promotion and could do it for $8495.00 USD and he said they would sell our property for us and keep 20% of the proceeds. We said no. The other option was to pay $1879.00 USD upfront for legal fees to dispose of the property and they keep the proceeds. We said no to paying fees upfront. We called Norma at the Grand Mayan, Riviera Maya, and she said she had the power to change the upfront fees to be paid later. We said that their deceitful sales tactics do more harm than good to Vida Vacations. She said "no, no, business is good."

    We then called our home resort in Canada only to find out that no contract had been made for selling the property and no 2018 vacation had been booked by Leanne. Also the Right of first refusal would not happen as Leanne so unjustly had assured us that it would. Our contract was terminated at this point as it was very obvious that a "Viking Ship contract" was in the making (Google it) and our property would never be disposed of.

    It was made clear to us by legal authority that the Trade in/Trade up Equity Agreement is totally deceitful and full of suggestive issues and therefore worthless. Furthermore, the information presented to us by Leanne was misleading, confusing, imprecise and false. And yes, Norma, our contract has been cancelled and we also request a full refund of our money based on the above information.

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    Original review: May 9, 2017

    Worse day ever. Do not waste your time. They promise everything and give you nothing. They say 90 minutes starts after you have a complimentary breakfast but they hold you hostage for 4 to 6 hours. Pressure beyond believe even when you tell them, "No you're not interested". You go through 4 to 5 personnel trying to get the numbers down low. By the time you finally get to out toward your "GIFT" receipt you get pressured again. No thank you is not in their vocabulary. They pressure us constantly even though we stood up in Argie to leave they still were not just let us go.

    The Vida dollars are not even usable. Tried multiple times to activate them and you have to be a fight a member which means you sold and bought into their timeshare at thousands of dollars. Definitely not worth the time and effort when someone is on vacation. Would not recommend to anybody to put themselves through the hassle of persecution, the pressure, the demand they put you in. As far as I am concerned Vidanta is just a pressure pushing, money grabbing, monopolizing company.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 3, 2017

    My wife and I went to Cozumel for vacation at the beginning of the month. While we're there we were given some cash back incentives for our trip in exchange for going to some seminar. We went to the seminar at the Riviera Maya at Playa Del Carmen. We then found out it was for a timeshare for Vidanta resorts and Destinations. We spoke with one of the sales rep David. Everything sounded good as far as what they were offering so we decided to purchase a small package. This was on 04/04/2017. It cost $2,260. After we purchased, later on that day my wife decided to research the company and found a lot of negative reviews. At that point we decided to cancel. The contract states that we have five days to cancel our membership and upon cancellation we would be given a refund. We then made an appointment for 04/06/2017, well within the five days, to speak with a representative about cancelling.

    On the 6th we had a meeting with a verification officer named Maria ** aka Rosario ** in the Riviera Maya office. We told her we wanted to cancel. She tried to convince us not to but we told her no. She then said she would start the cancellation process and issue us a refund. She then had us meet with another sales rep whose name I cannot remember. He said he represented the owner of the resort. He also tried to convince us not to cancel, and we told him no we wanted to cancel. He then brought over another rep named Tania. We told her the same. Then he brought some boss sales rep named Victor and we strongly told him no we wanted to cancel. Victor then brought over a letter of cancellation with refund. My wife and I both signed it and we received a copy. The letter states that our contract was cancelled and that we would receive a refund within 15 days.

    After we got back from Cozumel I waited for 15 days which was to the 21st of April. There was no refund. I thought maybe it was fifteen business days which was to the 27th of April, and still nothing. I contacted Vidanta who transferred me to Maria and she was rude, uncooperative, contradictory and dismissive about my refund. At first she said she that the refund was already issued. Then she said she is going to issue the refund, that that it should be in my account at the end of April and if I want she can send me a letter in my e-mail. I explain to her that I have a copy cancellation and refund letter stating that my refund should have been issued within 15 days of cancellation, and it should have already been issued. She then said because it is international that would be at the end of the month and then just transferred me to some unknown rep who would not transfer me back to talk to her.

    Of course I checked my account at the end of the month and there is no refund. I tried to contact her but she is of course refusing to accept my calls now. Not only am I now writing about my bad experience but I also had to end up filing a dispute with my credit card company to try and get my money back. Warning to all. Stay away from this company. They say they are not like other timeshares but they are. If not worse.

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    Original review: April 15, 2017

    My boyfriend and I got talked into going to this 90 minute presentation which turned into a 4 hour ordeal. They were extremely pushy to get us to sign up after different people coming to our table to make different deals. We went from $45,000 with $2500 down to a total payment of $4,900. We said no to their "final" offer and the manager grabbed all the paperwork and walked out said, "Find your way out." While we were attempting to find our way out, my boyfriend asked one of the other managers if he could show us the way out and he was told to get the "** out" of his resort. The resort is nice but the customer service from management was poor. People have the right to say NO. Do not believe we will be returning to any of their resorts and will definitely will be advising our family and friends never to come here.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 14, 2017

    April 6th 2017. Unlike most of the reviews I skimmed through, we are owners (Timeshare) with Vidanta on the Riviera Maya. We traded our ownership in Westin for relief from the maintenance fees charged by Westin, that increased for 7 straight years since our purchase. We had never stayed on the Vidanta property, just visited when approached at Walmart in Cancun for the "opportunity". This year upon our arrival, we were introduced to an associate that offered a 1.5 hr update on the property and benefits in exchange for breakfast and 10% discount off our bill for anything charged while at the resort. We agreed, to a day we had nothing planned, but could change the date if something came up, but had to provide a $20us refundable deposit.

    We arrived, introduced to a very personable associate that took us to breakfast, made a lot of small talk, even befriended us. Gave us the update we were looking for. Then the HOOK. Our account showed "active", which was troubling to her. She had someone else come by and told us they would investigate our file. More small talk while we waited and waited. We are at the hour mark by now. The active status meant that the property owned and sold on our behalf was worth more than typically exchanged for a timeshare. They wanted us to consider being a resident owner in an upgraded property that we were staying in. However, that was sold out as well as the upgrade to that one. So their top of the line Grand Luxxe was offered for more than we cared to invest.

    Negotiations on selling part of that interest for us so we could afford it commenced. Teaching us how to use the Ambassador program to make money so we could afford it was offered. Another hour passed. The price ended up being around $7,000us. We were not interested in any further investment. The sales person left in a huff and sent someone else, who told us we needed to write up a reason why we did not want to take the worth of the property we sold to purchase a residence to absolve them from any liability, with whom I do not know. I did so, but he had more offers and negotiating to do, and it not so coincidentally came was around the same $7,000 offer as before, but this time we would get a credit card for $6,000 to offset much of the cost, only it could be used on their website but for just about anything.

    I was already fed up talking to them, now in the third hour. He got mad when I insisted we were not interested and were ready to leave. He finally called on someone to check us out. This person introduced their self as working for the resort and asked how we had been treated. We told him, he apologized but said they were part of the sales team and it was their job. Why we ever were put with a sales team for an update was ridiculous to me, but calculated by them. This associate said he would help us "certify" our ownership to get it out of active status and be on our way. All was needed was my signature. As they are no longer offering timeshares but residences only, he had one of his associates explained "the situation" and could get us residence status for only $6000us. That was the last straw.

    I said, "I wanted to think about it, how much time do have." April 15th is the deadline. They would check on me the 9th to confirm my interest. Hour four completed. No call on the 9th. We did not pursue, relieved, but irritated is an understatement of the way we felt. We loved our time on the resort, the staff throughout the whole experience other than the pitch were great. The Mayan Palace is showing a lot of wear, but the grounds were immaculate. Restaurants very good, just too few to get in at a reasonable time.

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    Original review: April 13, 2017

    Do Not waste your holidays in a UPDATE MEETING with a sales person. The meetings always start with a beautiful brunch then off to the sales office you go with the 1st of many sales personnel. You are promised a 10% discount and all you have to do is sit in on a 90 Min review of your timeshare contract. This will turn into high-pressure sale pitches from many sales personnel. They also tell you that you only have to sit in on this meeting once a year.

    This year we were in Nuevo Vallarta March 18 - April 1/2017. We are Grand Luxxe Residence owners. On the evening of March 25/17. I had a terrible fall landing on my back while walking in the hallway of our Tower 3 because of a large spill of water in the hallway. I went down to the main floor to file a incident report to the concierge and then had a Doctor come to my suite to examine me and had meds delivered to our suite at my cost. $80.00 USD for Dr visit and then another $87.00 USD for meds to be pickup and delivered to our suite.

    I spend the next 3 days laying flat on my back in bed. The sales people were very pushy about having us go to a sales meeting. So on the Friday March 31/2017, my husband and I attended this meeting that lasted from 9:15 am- 4:30 pm. The whole time I was in great distress because of my back pain. Oh they promised us upgrades of Premier/Park/Ambassador status to compensate me for my hallway mishap, which they knew had happened because of the hallway security cameras, and the incident report I had filed, the report from the Doctor, and the fact that my last week of holidays was spent in bed. We as a family love going to this resort but hate the presentation meetings so in future will not attended any more of them. Be happy with your placement at this resort and enjoy the sun and holidays in the future.

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    Original review: April 10, 2017

    Had I bothered to LOOK UP Vida Vacations BEFORE attending a presentation, I would never have attended. I originally booked our room through our RCI membership at the Mayan Palace golf resort for a one bedroom with a kitchen for our wedding anniversary. They placed us in a reduced sized hotel room with two full size beds. I immediately contacted the front desk, who informed me that I had to modify the reservation through RCI. I contacted RCI. It took about 6 hours to get it resolved.

    We were contacted by the "RCI contact person" at the hotel and told that the only way they could upgrade us to a 1 bedroom with a kitchen is if we attended a 90 minute timeshare presentation. We hesitantly agreed, because we didn't want to be crammed into the compact (less than normal sized hotel room) room. (When my husband later checked his voicemail, which didn't come through until we returned to the US for some reason, RCI had left us a voicemail that day indicating that they had arranged for us to have the 1 bedroom we had reserved with a kitchen without having to attend a timeshare presentation.)

    Not knowing that RCI had left us the voicemail, We attended the SIX HOUR timeshare presentation. We were told the following things that ended up NOT being true: 1. We could keep our RCI points we had already accrued, as long as we banked them with Vida. It was later explained to me that we had to relinquish our RCI points for the remainder of the year. 2. We would get THREE WEEKS, as opposed to our two weeks with RCI for $850/year. This actually turned out to be $850 PER WEEK used, or $2,550/year. 3. We believed we were getting ownership interest at the Grand Mayan, yet our paperwork said that we cannot use the Grand Mayan resort.

    The contract stated our home resort as being in Nuevo Vallarta at the Crocodile Resort, instead of the Grand Mayan resort in Acapulco, despite the fact that I had told the sales lady that I have PTSD from having been chased (& almost caught) by an alligator as a child, so I would never plan on visiting that resort. We had already signed the contract & paid $1,000.00, so I contacted the Sales Rep to notify her that same day that we were intending to cancel the contract. (I had read online that in Mexico you have 5 days to cancel this type of contract.) She advised that I call Brenda ** to cancel. Brenda is in place to attempt to bully potential owners into remaining in their contracts. I couldn't leave a message, so I emailed the customer service email.

    After not responding, I contacted the customer service telephone number of corporate headquarters to initiate a rescission of the contract. I also notified my credit card company that I was disputing the transaction. Only after doing that did Brenda email me back, then she contacted me and left a voicemail saying that HAD I waited and worked directly with HER, then she could've refunded my credit card within 5 business days, but because I went around her and contacted the credit card company, now I was going to have to wait 15 days to get my refund of my deposit. VIDA then charged an additional $4,000.00 on my credit card after I initiated the dispute!

    VIDA then presented me with a document that they "Require the consumer to sign in order to cancel a contract." This document has a liquidated damages clause in it that states that in the event that you fail to remove any negative comments you've made online OR you at ANY TIME IN THE FUTURE post any negative comments about Vida Vacations online, that you are authorizing them to automatically charge your credit card the full amount of the contract price (or deposit, I would have to verify.) Either way, it's a large sum of money. I refused to sign it, because by LAW, you don't HAVE to sign it. Brenda continued to send me snarky emails and continued to play games with me regarding refunding my money back to my credit card.

    It has been 25 days and VIDA STILL hasn't credited the $5,000.00 to my credit card, but has assured me that my contract with them in canceled. Brenda continued to email me after the 15th day stating that she had never been told that I had disputed the contract, that this was the first she was hearing about it and had I gone to her originally, she could've ensured a prompt refund of my deposit. I sent back her voicemail that she had left me two weeks prior stating the same thing. She continued to play games in getting my credit card charges reversed.

    So... make sure you ask to see the contracts before you agree to anything. I won't elaborate on the financial aspects of the transaction, because they're just a business trying to get the highest price possible for a product/service they sell, so each consumer will pay a different price, but our sales rep was definitely NOT honest with us about the lowest price possible because we encountered many other couples who were offered the same room size for 1/10th of the allegedly "lowest price." But hey... that's timeshare sales for you!

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    Original review: March 10, 2017

    We bought timeshare weeks at Mayan Palace in 2010 and have been paying maintenance fees every year. We turn over the week to Holiday Systems International who rents the week out and pays us back the maintenance fee minus a small admin fee. We have accepted the fact that we shouldn't have been talked into buying and have kissed the amount we paid for the contract.

    Last week we were at Mayan Palace in Riviera Maya and were encouraged to go to a business meeting so they could explain how the business had changed etc. We refused but after thinking about it for a few days my husband started thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to learn what was going on with Vidanta and how it might impact our contract. Luckily, the only time slot available that late in the week was the morning of our departure. Breakfast for all 6 of us and late checkout plus the usual reduction in room expenses was promised and delivered. We made it very clear several times that we had to be on the road by noon. Then the fun and games began.

    Yes we got an update on the business (Amazing!) and then the salesman started into a song and dance about how Vidanta is no longer in the timeshare business and is only selling fractional ownerships and for a paltry $567000 we could be the happy owners of 4 weeks in their Grand Luxxe collection. Yeah right - like that was going to happen. Amazing mathematical wizardry unfolded before our eyes showing us what fools we would be not to accept such a fabulous offer.

    Once he finally got the message that no meant no, salesman 2 shows up. He explained to us how much we would be paying over the course of the next 25 years in annual maintenance fees and special assessment fees every 5 years. Well we pretty much get back the entire maintenance fee but special assessment fees? Never heard of them and certainly have never paid it. That fee is 2x the maintenance fee every 5 years and 5x the maintenance fee every 25 years - why had we not remembered that detail of the original contract and not been billed for it in 2015? Salesman #2 didn't believe us that we had never received an invoice for the special assessment fee. Of course he didn't have a copy of our contract and neither did we.

    The next sales pitch starts - for $4200 we can rewrite our contract and not have to pay maintenance fees or special assessment fees. We only have to pay when we want to stay at Mayan Palace or one of the sister resorts. Seems like a deal especially in light of the huge special assessment fees we have to pay over the next 25 years so we agreed to the rewrite. But we are now at 11:15 and we still have to pack and checkout so we can be on the road by noon and there isn't time to have a contract written up so they agree to email us a contract on the next business day when we are at home but we need to make a 25% deposit and follow-up with the balance within 120 days. We will sign the contract later after a phone call from a business manager later in the week. Fair enough.

    Now that I have the new contract and have examined it in the quiet of my own home and compared it to the original contract, I see that there really is no reason that we should enter into this new agreement. There are no special assessment fees mentioned in the original contract. The only additional fee is a renewal fee that is payable every 10 years but that applies to both the old and the new contract and is the same amount in both. So now I come to my question, we won't sign this new contract so will we automatically have the 25% deposit refunded? What should I do proactively to ensure it is returned? I will contact the credit card company to start a dispute claim but is there anything else you advise?

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    Original review: March 6, 2017

    Beware of this companies Timeshare presentation! So very, very pushy. While in Puerto Vallarta we were approached by a gentleman and promised many gifts for an hour of our time. Ended up lasting 7 hours!! Lost the entire last day of our vacation. There was no way to escape. The place is far from a main road. Just say NO!!

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    Original review: March 6, 2017

    Vidanta, or Vida Vacations, (They have changed their name many times over the years) is a complete joke. A multi-billion dollar company that is funded by drug cartels, as a way to launder money in Mexico. They currently have 7 locations in Mexico, and bribe people to sell them timeshares, (oh, my apologies, they are now calling it "Private Residence Memberships" now). They have people at the airport lie to you about what you're going to get for gifts, if you attend a "1 hour presentation" - The first of MANY lies! After that, they bring you to what can only be described as very visually appealing properties. They hire Americans and Canadians, (most who are ex convicts and couldn't make it at a career or an honest job in the States or Canada) to take you on a sales presentation, where they essentially try the ENTIRE TIME to LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL YOUR MONEY. It's really as simple and indifferent as that.

    They make ALL THE FALSE PROMISES IN THE WORLD REGARDING THEIR PROGRAMS, which include, (but is not limited to) world-wide travel options, multiple weeks, "no hidden fees" and only a 1 time fee you have to pay. Little do you know, (IF YOU'RE THAT DUMB TO AGREE TO IT) that it's a 30+ page contract, with more fine print than you'll ever take the time to actually read, (cause it legal jargon) that simply states this: Vidanta aka Vida Vacations has you by the balls, and you can't do ** about it because of international laws. Oh, they also make you do a virtual recording that you agree to all the parts of the contract.

    They really cover their a$$, so that yours if left wide open. Agreeing to buying anything here is something I promise you will regret. I know more about them, than any of their clients. They ever try bribing you with promises to experience Cirque Du Soleil, and worldwide travel options. All complete and utter B.S. If you actually know what you're signing up for! They training people to lie, cheat, and steal from you - that says it all! Do yourself a favor; book your vacation online and tell these con-artists to go ** themselves.

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    Original review: March 5, 2017

    I don't know what to add after reading these reviews because they all match up exactly with our very **/Negative experience. First off: when you get out of the baggage claim area - IGNORE EVERYONE that tries to offer you "help" - no rides, no hotels, no nothing - JUST IGNORE THEM - they are ** unethical POS scum suckers. Watch out for someone named Angel (got his pos email address: feel free to tell him what a scum sucker he is - he's the worst. Angel's email: **). I just emailed him and if it bounces I'll delete this part of my review. Vida free breakfast? WTF. First off we didn't even get a breakfast alone - right off the bat a "salesperson" Marcia forced her way into having breakfast with us. And she was scoping us out and trying to become "friends" so she could sells us something 3 hours later.

    BTW, we were promised no more than 1 hour of our time - that's **- We started at 0900 hours and finally got out of that ** at 1648 hours. That's nearly 8 hours of high pressure sales tactics. I wish I could share pics because I have some of the people at Vida that tried to scam us. Marcia, Jeff, Luke, and some fatty couldn't get his name. It was almost comical at the end. They went from offering us this bs at $79k USD, then it went to $39k, then $21k, then $15k, then when we thought they finally gave up on us and was in the process of "checking us out" - it then went to $5700 THEN (yes, wait there's more) to $2000... all the way down to $1300. At that price if figured it was worth it UNTIL they refused to update the contract to reflect their VERY VERBAL promises about 50 additional weeks to stay anywhere we wanted - but they refused to confirm these would NEVER expire.

    Contract person LUKE (** thin guy) then started saying (reverse psychology) - "then maybe you shouldn't sign it... I wouldn't if you don't trust us..." HA - we went around and around for about 3 mins - then all of a sudden he grabbed all the UNSIGNED paperwork and walked out. Then I told the other guy how rude and unprofessional that was and his (fatty) reply was "well you just wasted an hour and a half of my time." I said you guys are bs and you wasted 8 hours of ours. I actually showed fatty these reviews here and he said how can that be they must be fake because they have over 400,000 (yes, 400,000) very happy customers.

    BTW, they charged my CC but it's only pending and I NEVER SIGNED anything. But the key is they said it's not a timeshare - it's a "private residence club".

    Guess what. The charge is on my CC under description? It says "timeshare" Hahahahaha. I already emailed my CC company to tell them this is not an authorized charge/I never signed anything. We also found out the "discounted" prices of massages and a cat sailing trip was actually supposed to be free - so Angel (above) cheated us out of $180. That's cool though - it's only $180 instead of $79K or $39K or whatever. I'm going to post some pics of people - hopefully you'll never see them because if you do that means you fell for this pos scam. Like my better half says - if it's too good to be true then it is... Thank GOD we never signed **. They should all burn in Hell.

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    Original review: Feb. 25, 2017

    It all started when I first walked with Jane my wife to that big resorts. We was a little bit lost at the beginning but amazed at the same time. We gave our information and then we met one of the managers that told us what are we doing today and then introduced us to the representative which is a very nice guy who took us for breakfast, showed us around, and explained how the program works. We loved the rooms and flexibility of the membership which is very different from timeshare. And we signed in to the grand collection. We're very happy for what we did and we read all the contract when we went back to the resort where we are staying. And we just contacted them to make the reservation for our next trip in August. Amazing property, very kind people, and very nice treatment. The only thing that we didn't like is that they pushed a little bit on us to do it but if they didn't we would've miss such a great opportunity.

    Original review: Feb. 24, 2017

    I add to the history that I wish I had read before I fell for the scam. 4 years ago I was convinced to buy at Grand Mayan Riviera Maya. According to the hype, I would be able to get rentals every year from Global Golf Connections. All I have is debt and regret! Global Golf never rented anything and I would call regularly. They stated that they were going through last years inventory but that soon I would see money coming in. They have since sold the business to Latitude 21 and they are in the same boat. I am a single mom that was tricked to believe the lie and now I am stuck. I post so that maybe I can save someone from the same mistake I made. Don't trust.

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    Original review: Feb. 22, 2017

    My wife and I were on vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and stayed at The Grand Mayan. We went to a timeshare presentation. Unfortunately I fell for it and I am very sorry that I attend to their 90 minutes presentation, which turned out to be more like 5 hours of high pressure selling strategy they use to sell one of their units. We paid them 6500 and our relatives paid them 5500. When we were to return to the States we were supposed to send a wire for an additional 2500. We were desperate for help once we arrived home from Mexico and found out we had been scammed.

    One day, my wife found the services of Mexican Timeshare Solutions online while trying to find someone who would rent our Grand Mayan weeks. We were tired of having to keep paying the monthly maintenance fee as it was like throwing good money after bad. The process took about 6 months but my timeshare contract is cancelled. I did verify the cancellation directly with the resort before submitting payment to Mexican Timeshare Solutions. Fortunately we are free from this contract. DO NOT ATTEND ANY PRESENTATIONS AT THE GRAND MAYAN, MAYAN PALACE OR ANY RESORTS OWNED BY VIDANTA/VIDA VACATIONS. Their sole purpose is to run timeshare/vacation package scams.

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    Original review: Feb. 6, 2017

    Okay, I will start by saying ditto to everything negative that has been said here. We were guest for a week with friends that have been long time Vilata members. We stayed in the Grand Luxxe IV tower in Puerto Vallarta and it is truly a Paradise. Everything was perfect from the weather to the wonderful staff who would always greet us with a big smile - putting their hand to their heart with a compassionate welcome, it doesn't get any better than that. The views, the beaches, the turtles and the constant maintenance and manicure to the beautiful landscape. Our friends have been there many times and were great at taking us on tour of the town and countryside. Even as we traveled away for the resort we never felt threatened or encountered any negativity. It was a wonderful vacation. That was the good, now for the bad.

    Our friends warned us in detail of the time we would spend with the salesman (Rod). But for doing it we received four free massages, and they too were wonderful. We started with a great (free) buffet breakfast after which the fun began. It's very similar to those mentioned here. We ended up talking to I think (I honestly lost count) 7 different salesmen for 5 plus hours. The offer started at $45,000 and after saying no many times they were down to an offer of $2000 including 2 free round trip airfare tickets including one week at the resort. My wife and I were both overloaded on the number game they played making it very overwhelming. But we endured and walked away. The result was having experienced one of the best vacation we have ever had. The bottom line is just say NO! Sometimes not easy to do, they are so good at what they do.

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    • Concierge service: Vida Vacations offers its customers a global concierge surface to help travelers plan their travels across the world.
    • Trading opportunities: Customers who purchase timeshares from Vida also have the opportunity to visit destinations that are part of other vacation clubs.
    • Vacation amenities: Travelers who choose Vida Vacations Resorts have access to a huge range of resort amenities when they travel, including restaurants, bars, activities, entertainment and more.
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