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Sales & Marketing

Reviewed Nov. 29, 2023

I am writing this review in hopes of warning others about the financial burden my family has endured due to our ill-advised decision to invest in a timeshare with Hilton Grand Vacations. Our consumer rights were disregarded, leading us down a decade-long path of regret, deception, and hardship. This started with a telemarketing call offering my husband, a military member, a "free" trip to Las Vegas. During our visit to HGV on the strip, we were tricked into purchasing a timeshare we didn't need. We were promised value appreciation and easy resale, but this was far from the truth.

The financial burden began with the annual HOA fees, which were not mentioned during the initial sales pitch. As a one-income military family, these fees have become a significant drain on our budget. The dream of a lifelong investment for our children turned into a nightmare when we realized that they would inherit a financial trap instead. We were left in the dark about the increasing fees, painting a misleading picture of a "gift".

Deployment and travel restrictions during COVID-19 made it impossible for us to use the timeshare, while non-owners enjoyed the properties without any financial obligations. In the ten years of owning the timeshare, we only managed to use it twice, paying over $5000 in maintenance fees alone. The point system became confusing, and our hard-earned dollars became practically worthless as our points expired, leaving us with no vacations and a sense of betrayal. As a realtor with a decade of experience, I can attest that timeshares do not appreciate in value and are practically worthless. My lack of familiarity with timeshares was a costly mistake, and I urge anyone considering a timeshare to think twice!

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Verified purchase
Customer Service

Reviewed Nov. 28, 2023

I was offered a Grand Vacation and was hesitant to book. I was repeatedly told as a ** it is fully refundable. I was not told about the time share presentation at the time of booking, it was only upon my own research that I found this. When I called to cancel they told me it could not be canceled as it is not refundable. I mentioned that I was told repeatedly that it was and they told me I could not cancel. They would just extend. Beware the conditions they tell you on the phone are likely not true.

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Contract & TermsSales & Marketing

Reviewed Nov. 28, 2023

It is a scam. The terms and conditions are hidden very deep. The operators will not inform you if you are not eligible for certain offer they gave and trap you into spending several times the money than what they offered you.

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Sales & Marketing

Reviewed Nov. 27, 2023

I share my story with you as a cautionary tale, a warning to those who may be enticed by the promises of timeshare ownership. Please know, it will be NOTHING like what you are told. My journey with Hilton Grand Vacation began innocently, with a reservation for a work trip and the allure of earning extra Hilton points. Little did I know that it would lead me down a path of unexpected timeshare purchases and countless mandatory presentations. The constant pressure to upgrade, the lack of information regarding maintenance fees, and the long-term obligations were never disclosed.

When I tried to get out of the timeshare, I was told resale was the only option. This would have left me with 70% of my “investment” in the hole. How can a $30,000 timeshare only sell for a maximum of $7,000? Then I had to pay an additional 25% as commission! It is a painful lesson learned, one that I regret. I wish HGV would consider the impact of these sales tactics on the trust and satisfaction of a customer. Timeshare ownership should be a joyful and fulfilling experience, not one filled with regret and financial burden.

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Customer ServicePriceStaff

Reviewed Nov. 24, 2023

Hilton reps, from the timeshare sales people to the phone reps, have all been dishonest. If you want to overpay for dirty rooms from a company with questionable ethics, then you should sign up for a Hilton timeshare. If you want to spend THOUSANDS of dollars for something that can be had for a fraction of the cost, then you should sign up for a Hilton timeshare. If you want to be an unhappy customer for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, then sign up for a Hilton timeshare.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Nov. 23, 2023

I booked at Hilton Hotel and these scammers transferred me to the vacation package which the salesman said I can book any of the hotels and the days I wanted with the vacation promotion. LIES.... You get the hotels and days they have available in this vacation marketing promotion. I haven't gone on my trip yet because the hotels available only have double beds and I wanted queen beds. Also, they called me so much within the first month that I blocked all the numbers. They can keep the $230 prepaid cost I paid upfront, just to stop harassing me. If their marketing team is so dysfunctional because my timeshare presentation, that lets me know it's a bad service. I booked a weekend stay at the Loews Hotel and ❤️.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Nov. 20, 2023

I was sold the timeshare with details of how I could use it for great vacations and quick getaway weekends. Fast forward to my new member orientation (after the grace period to cancel) and it is explained to me that the salesman lied to me. I would need to pay an additional $21k in order to use the features that I was sold. The only response I received from the Hilton representative was "it was probably a Diamond salesman, sorry". So now I am out $17k for something I can't even use as described. RUN>>>RUN AWAY AND DON'T LOOK BACK!!!!

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Contract & TermsStaff

Reviewed Nov. 20, 2023

Don’t get caught up with Hilton and their marketing offers. We had a trip booked, but due to COVID we had to cancel. When we called, they talked us into a discounted package to stay at a choice of 3 of their resorts for $100. This required us to attend their vacation ownership presentation. BIG MISTAKE! 8 hours later, we were timeshare owners.

Unfortunately, what we didn’t know is the number of points they sold us was insufficient to book more than a couple nights during the week -- if we were lucky! We have spent hours upon hours searching their booking platform and have come up empty every time; leaving us paying bills with no vacations to show for it. Speaking of bills, the salespeople told us the maintenance fees would end once we paid off the loan. However, we discovered there is a perpetuity clause buried in the contract in the fine print. To make matters worse, these fees are not a fixed amount! Instead, they have increased every year since we purchased!!

We have paid $7500 and have not been able to take a single vacation. Unfortunately, I was recently diagnosed with Lupus, so now I have astronomical medical bills that take priority of this timeshare. It has created a difficult time in our lives, and we are now facing financial difficulties. Had their staff been honest with us from the beginning, we would not be in this situation. Be very careful! If you do business with Hilton, your life will never be the same and I don’t mean in a good way. We believed that the Hilton name could be trusted and we could not have been more wrong!

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2023

They’re just as bad as Diamond Resorts was. They have taken $11,000 of my money over the years for a timeshare I have never been able to use a single time. And now they are asking for more money just to give the useless thing back to them! Don’t let the Hilton name fool you. NEVER buy one of their timeshares. It’s nothing more than a money pit.

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Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceStaff

Reviewed Nov. 15, 2023

Avoid to use them!!!! I tried to book hotel with my card credits last night, and the hotel front desk transferred me to Hilton Grand Vacation sales to sell me the “package”. I told them the exact travel dates, and the sales told me I can use this package at that time. I asked if I need to pay extra or start a credit card. She told me no, I can use this package in the next 6 months without extra charge. I purchased it since it was a really good deal. But when I tried to book my stays online today, the disaster happened:

1. It didn’t let me book online.

2. When I called the customer service to book the stays, the agent, who’s a young girl named Anna, told me I have to pay additionally (which is way more than the package price) since it’s holiday season. Her attitude was so bad and didn’t let me speak. I said it’s different from the sales told me. She said since they are two different departments, the sales don’t know this info. And the package is non-refundable and emphasize the extra charge cannot be waived. It sounds like it’s my fault since my goal is waiving the extra cost only!? Sorry I just don’t want this package anymore as I don’t wanna be fooled!!!!

When I told her I would like to talk to the supervisor to talk about how to figure this out, she told me she can cancel this package. Excuse me? So did you bullied me a couple minutes ago???? When I asked her if I will receive a cancellation email, she said “No! No email” with her arrogant and rude tone. Very rude “customer service” and dishonest sales! I feel my trust and dignity were insulted!

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Customer Service

Reviewed Nov. 13, 2023

I had purchased a getaway thru Hilton Grand Vacation for 3 day stay and a presentation for week of November 12th in Orlando. Had a family emergency the week before and needed to reschedule. Took me 2 days to get thru to customer service. Once I did was on hold for 75 minutes and was told I would have to forfeit the reservation. I lost $199 that I had pre-paid. Very disappointed that there were no options to even discuss for new dates. Also, very disappointed in Hilton which I have been a loyal customer of for 30+ years. This will be the absolute last time Hilton gets a penny from me and I hope the $199 they kept is worth it. I will look for other options with companies that care about their loyal customers.

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profile pic of the author

Reviewed Nov. 6, 2023

We attended a presentation on January 9, 2023 to determine if we wished to make a purchase. We chose not to do so. Upon departure we were given a voucher for up to $200 to be used within 6 months at a Hilton property. We had to choose which brand up front, which I thought was unusual and frankly unnecessary as long as it was a Hilton property. When we started to use the voucher, we realized 2 things. First off we had not stayed at the Brand that was specified on the voucher. Second and more importantly, we realized that the voucher was dated to expire on 7/09/2022, not 2023. Thus it was no good for us anyway.

After making multiple calls to Hilton I got through to someone that I thought was going to help us get a replacement voucher. In the end the CSR told me that their marketing department did like to re-issue vouchers like this. She then offered us 15,000 Hilton reward points instead, telling me that this represented a night's stay. Fact is, it might represent less than 1/2 the points needed for a night's stay based on most of the locations that I reviewed. I emailed this CSR about this months ago but they have been unresponsive. It is unfortunate that we were treated in such a disrespectful manner from all involved. We generally like Hilton properties but will have to reconsider our position. We certainly would not trust HGV as they did not prove themselves to be honest or trustworthy.

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Contract & TermsPriceStaffEase of Use

Reviewed Nov. 6, 2023

I'd like to start by addressing my initial contact with Hilton Grand Vacations. I was PROMISED a reduced rate to stay at one of their locations, which transpired however it led me into an expensive, frustrating, and disappointing experience. First, I had a horrible motor accident the morning of the presentation that left me in a wheelchair, dirty and bloodied and when making the attempt to reschedule the presentation, the promised reduced rate was then threatened to go to the original price I was unable to afford. Therefore I sat for over 2 hours tired, in pain, dirty, and bloody with no one addressing my current state. This interaction with them has led me to an unnecessary, debt-inducing problem that I have been unable to use for more than 2 years now because of their lack of availability or ease of use with the points I purchased.

I was told that my points, times, and dates would not be an issue and it was. The maintenance fees alone are astonishing at $1200 yearly, and I can use that money alone to book an AirBnB and not be saddled with a mortgage debt. I attempted to rescind this contract almost immediately and did not even ask for a refund once I was able to return to the Northeast and rest (concussion).

I was told it was now outside of the rescission period, which was not disclosed to me, and the contract is an overwhelming 83 pages long that their staff deliberately rushed through with me and seemed annoyed with the questions I was asking. I would just like to be released from this contract and move on with my life.

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingStaff

Reviewed Oct. 28, 2023

They don't deserve a 1 star at all! Hilton had a promotion and it was a good deal. When I tried to book my reservation, they told me it's not available. The representative told me I can book at any time and didn't mention anything about booking 6 months in at advance. I didn't know it is non- refundable and part of the timeshare. This was my first timeshare. Since I couldn't get a refund, I decided to use it this year for my birthday. The tour was supposed to be 2 hours long. It was at least 6 hours my husband and I were there because they kept trying to convince us to buy the timeshare. They send their top leadership to try to offer us a discount, we kept telling them we can't do it at this time. Then we thought we were done.

A third rep came and loitered us into their package trial without any penalty and we can get a refund for our deposit back and we can cancel at time without any penalty since will not not be owners yet until we pay in full. We asked him twice and he verbally confirmed it twice. So I sign the contract. Stupid me forgot to read what I signed. All he said was sign here and there and initial here. Nothing mentioned about the 10days deadline for cancellation.

Long story short, they have the worst customer service and representatives. It took more than 30 days to finally have someone to email me back to tell me they can't refund my deposit based on the contract and it is in writing. This company is very unprofessional and reeducation of the employees is needed to prevent this from happening again. I guess I'm not the only victim. I should have read the reviews first before signing anything with them and should have recorded the conversation with the sales rep. Lesson learn!

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Contract & TermsStaffProcess

Reviewed Oct. 26, 2023

Early this year when I booked a Hilton Hotel for a wedding. I got offered a 4 day 3 nights deal for 350. I was told we could go anywhere and book within 6 months or so. I was going to Las Vegas for a concert on the 22nd of October so I decided to take the deal that included a 2 hours sales tour for that weekend. When we got there they made us take a survey and asked questions regarding places we wanted to see, what goals and vision we had, etc. We were then greeted by the sales rep who took us for coffee and snacks. We then got a presentation, when that finished we had once again our sales rep waiting for us. From the beginning, my husband and I had agreed in saying no all the way. For some reason, I believed them when they said this was a different program compared to what is being sold.

We were told in the group that this was NOT a timeshare, that this program was better because only points were used. So I told myself okay let’s give them a chance and see what they have to offer… that’s where I went wrong. They mushed us up and what they had to offer was very appealing. I asked a lot of questions and you could see that I was annoying the sales rep. He kept giggling after every question I asked. We were only supposed to be there for 2 hours. We were there from the start at 2:15 pm and didn’t leave until 7 p.m.

These guys were good, I have attended 2 of these prior and I stood my ground, this time got me because I truly believed it was a different program and not a timeshare like they said they weren’t. Long story short, we signed, took the Amex financing credit card. I felt good after our meeting and had hopes that we did the right thing. The next day I had the buyer's guilt, I asked myself if I did the right thing or not. It wasn’t until 2 days later when we got home is when I took the time to read the contract… which BY THE WAY. They don’t let you read it to its entirety. They only go by small sections and straight to the signatures.

There were many things in that contract I did not like. I decided to look them up and find reviews which is when I came across this website. Your experiences saved my husband and I what seemed to be a lot of headaches and much more debt. On day 3 and 4 I sent them the rescission notification. One signed by the both of us and a third one notarized as someone has recommended. I also emailed a copy of it to the client services manager so I could have a paper trail on top of the certified mail with tracking.

I received a confirmation email and that it will be canceled, NJ state gives 7 days after completion of contract. I cannot be more thankful for finding this website and read every single one of these comments. I am appalled that these people can get away with this. I hope you all continue to fight and persevere until you are out.

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingPrice

Reviewed Oct. 23, 2023

Warning to Potential Buyers - Deceptive Practices at Hilton Grand Vacations!!! I would like you all to know about my infuriating experience with Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV) at the Parc Soleil Resort. My encounter involved a slick, deceptive sales pitch that eventually led to me signing a timeshare contract, leaving me feeling swindled and exploited!

I received a phone call from a Hilton representative offering me a 3-night stay at the Parc Soleil for $199, with a mandatory sales presentation. I didn't realize that I was being misled until I attended the presentation. My personal salesman, Alex Taylor, used manipulative tactics to convince me to invest in a timeshare. He didn't disclose information about Florida's 10-day cancellation law and rushed me through the process, leaving me unaware of the terms of my loan and the high interest rates. Using my timeshare has been difficult due to limited availability and unfulfilled promises.

I was never told about the astronomical maintenance fees during the sales pitch. I am disappointed with HGV's unethical tactics and have informed Hilton about it. When I did, they responded by saying that there was no wrongdoing on their part and that they are refusing to cancel my contract. Don't fall prey to their schemes and only invest in honest ventures.

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Reviewed Oct. 19, 2023

DO NOT FALL FOR HILTON'S FALSE PROMISES!!! Hilton Grand Vacations/Diamond Resorts lied to me, and said I was purchasing 5,000 points and would be guaranteed a 2-week vacation at ANY of Diamond's Resorts or their affiliated properties. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. I was also offered a free visit to a location of my choice, to which I chose Sedona, AZ, however this trip was not how it was presented to me. Instead, this trip was solely for an UPGRADE MEETING. During this meeting they told me they’d combine my contracts, so I’d have 1 account. They failed at this basic task miserably and now I have multiple contracts. I was PROMISED availability at luxurious locations, that I have never been able to travel to. With the number of points, they sold me, it turns out I’d be lucky to get a weekend in Death Valley in July. They NEVER informed me that the maintenance fees would increase, and after doing the math, it’s already increased over 7% in the 2 years I’ve owned this.

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Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Oct. 13, 2023

My stay at the Ocean Beach Club was gifted to my husband and I from his uncle earlier this year for this week in October. My husband passed away in June after a heart attack and 2 weeks of life support. I decided to still go and my son accompanied me on the trip. We arrived Friday about 330pm. Since we were early the room was not ready but was guaranteed check-in at 4pm. I was told I would receive a text message once the room was ready. Never received a text so we didn’t actually get into our room until about 6pm, after I asked about it at the front desk – okay fine…the desk got busy, understandable.

Saturday about 3pm my son noticed bites on his arms. We checked the sleep sofa where he slept and you guessed it BEDBUGS! We immediately started packing and went to the front desk to tell them. They changed our room - originally 1403 to 503. They gave us the key to the new room and we went to inspect it. It needed to be cleaned so we asked if housekeeping could prep it for us. Front desk said it would take about 40 minutes and I would be texted when the room was ready. 4 HOURS LATER and (again) no text message we were able to go into the new room.

We were actually hopeful that our experience would improve but the final straw was Tuesday when I asked if housekeeping could change the linen and wipe down our room. Apparently, this service would cost me $69. It was at that moment we decided to cut the stay short and on Wednesday we checked out and drove the 4 hours back home. There is a certain expectation any guest would have when staying at a property, especially a property bearing the name Hilton. To say there was extreme disappointment in the customer service received regarding the issues my son and I encountered is an understatement.

Never receiving the promised text message, okay fine – bad but not horrible. Not once being contacted by a manager or supervisor regarding the bedbug and room change situation even after completing and submitting an incident report – is an unacceptable way to assure and ensure guests are heard and concerns are appropriately resolved. We checked out Wednesday and it wasn’t until Thursday night I received a text from a manager only after I mentioned writing a review. We heard a lot of “I’m sorry” from the front desk staff and I don’t doubt their sincerity. However, what we needed was more “I’m sorry” actions extending beyond words – proactive communication from managers, timely responses in getting things done, complimentary services/meals, etc.

Thankfully it was only one night that my son was on the sleep sofa because 5 days later his arms are still bothering him from the bites. More nights in 1403 and we probably would have had to go to urgent care. It is my hope that in the future managers remember their industry is one of hospitality, which means time should always be taken to address the concerns of guests and then to do everything within their capacity to help make things right.

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Contract & TermsSales & MarketingPrice

Reviewed Oct. 11, 2023

We have had one of the WORST experiences with Hilton Grand Vacations. It is actually so sad because I had such high expectations for such a well-known company. Hilton seemed so great and made us feel so special by offering us a chance at winning a FREE vacation by spinning a wheel. I had won a free 3-night stay in Lake Tahoe but in order to redeem it, I had to pay $300 and attend an informative seminar about the resort. I was not hesitant to do this because I figured since Hilton has so much business and it is a well-known business, there was no way this was a scam. (Spoiler, it was a scam).

This brief informative seminar was QUICKLY turned into a 10-hour, high pressure ploy to sell me a timeshare. Yes, you read that right, 10 HOURS…we declined their offers so MANY times we lost count. The only way to get out of this place was to sign. When they were going over the signing, it seemed like we got something pretty decent. What we did not know was that they lied about EVERY aspect of the contract, including the price we would be paying. This sounds illegal to me. Now looking back, the “free 3-night stay” was certainly not worth it. We felt horrible and used after that day, considering they had us sign for something completely different from what was pitched to us. This is a warning for everyone, BEWARE OF HILTON GRAND VACATIONS!

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2023

I accepted the HGV offer to stay at one of their properties for three nights for $169. In exchange I would receive a $200 certificate that I could use at Hilton after completing my 2 hour timeshare presentation. I did the presentation and declined the offer to purchase. Afterward, they asked me to select a Hilton property for my $200 future stay certificate. I thought this was supposed to be a $200 credit that I could use for my current stay or for any future Hilton stay. They told me I couldn't use it for my current stay and I had to pick one from the list (Hilton Hotel, Doubletree, Canopy, Homewood Suites, Home 2 Suites, Embassy Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton, or Tru). Then after your stay, you have to mail in the certificate with your hotel receipt to get reimbursed.

I had to make a selection, so I picked Hilton Hotels. The chances of me actually using this certificate are slim and I'm sure that was the plan, otherwise they would have allowed me the choice of ANY Hilton property to use this certificate. It makes me think that IF I had purchased, I would probably find out there were other things that weren't true.

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Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

Reviewed Oct. 5, 2023

1. After confirming my hotel booking with one of the "packages", after I purchased concert tickets, other couples paid for their hotels and their flights. Then HGV called to tell me they made a mistake and they could no longer honor my booking. I could have a refund or pick new dates. I already made arrangements to go so now I am paying $1500 in hotel rooms for a trip I only booked because of a "package" that was offered.

Separate incident. 2. The different locations and departments do not talk to each other or work together, every time I needed customer service the sales agent could not help, wait 72 hours for a manager, request assistance, they can't help, escalate it, call you back with an update, each department blamed the other department, I was even at a location in person, manager gave me a resolution and by the time I left found out the other departments would not honor the information and refused to connect with the on-site manager that was trying to help. Consistently pointing the finger at other locations of why they can't help or stating other departments gave me wrong information.

Finally I asked for a Refund, I travel 60-90 days out of the year, I stay at Hiltons often, Hilton Grand Vacations is NOT part of Hilton according to their customer service reps, they do not care about the customer experience. They just want to sell their product and turn you over to someone else. Do not expect a Hilton experience from HGV. I also want to point out that I did not seek them out. They called and called and called. They stopped us multiple times while staying at a Hilton location, trying to sell their promotions, we finally agreed to hear them out just to have them give misinformation. Once off vacation we were given the runaround. Thank goodness we did not BUY into the program, I could not imagine how they would have handled a booking issue after they had their money and commissions, I don't want to deal with that headache every time I want to go on vacation.

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Contract & TermsPriceStaff

Reviewed Oct. 3, 2023

My husband and I have learned a hard lesson after buying a timeshare from Hilton. We have already spent $5,000 and have not received any of the benefits that were promised to us. We have reached the conclusion that they are not going to fulfill their promises, so we want to warn others before they are scammed too. On February 5th, 2022, we attended a presentation where the agent showed us pictures from their vacations in London and Hawaii, and then proceeded to pitch us several packages at different prices, which went on for hours. When we declined, a supervisor offered us 17,000 points for $10,000 and informed us that this deal was only available for that day. We felt pressured and had many questions, but we did not want to lose the opportunity.

We were still excited about the prospect of vacationing in London and Hawaii, so we accepted the offer. One of the selling points of the offer was the ability to lease out our points for rental income, but we have been unable to do so despite months of trying. When it was time to review our contract, we were rushed and were not given enough time to ask all our questions. We were not informed about the annual maintenance fees that would increase each year, and we were not given a public offering statement. The number $10,000 was mentioned frequently, leading us to believe that it was the only amount we needed to pay since there was no talk of interest or fees.

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Customer ServiceContract & Terms

Reviewed Oct. 2, 2023

We’re extremely dumbfounded and astonished by the absolute lack of communication from a company as big as Hilton Grand Vacations. We were lied to, manipulated, and coerced into signing a contract with them. We declined numerous times over the course of 3-hours. We took time to write the executives of this company a detailed letter outlining all the issues and concerns we’ve had with Hilton Grand Vacations, and we’ve never even received so much as an acknowledgement of that letter.

This is how Hilton Grand Vacations treats its paying members! You lure them into a “no obligation purchase” make them buy anyways, and then completely ignore them? This is beyond us, we want written communications from your establishment, on how this matter will be resolved. If there’s again no response from you, we will file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission as well and escalate our concern to the Attorney General of California, who is well known for being a consumer advocate. We will expose your fraudulent acts of manipulation one way or another.

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingPunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Sept. 26, 2023

My husband and I heard about an offer to try three nights at the Parc Soleil in Orlando for $300, and just have to attend time share talk, or $400 to include three night or four night cruise voucher. We chose the latter. We enjoyed our stay but our two hour timeshare talk turned into almost five hours. Lots of pressure to join, promises of great vacations. We succumbed and purchased the package. After signing, we were informed that our purchase was not for this resort but another a mile away.

They said unused points would roll over, “no problem” but after signing, it was revealed a charge of $109 for unused points. We were then told how to game the system by booking, then Canceling within the 60 day window to preserve points. We signed a lot of paperwork, received our copy, went to the cruise desk, only to be told the certificate would be mailed to us!

After reading the poor reviews. Once we got home home we decided to rescind the contract. Despite signing a page of two of recission rules, our copy of the contract had small paragraph denoting 10 day window by Florida law and where to send. We immediately typed out a letter, got it notarized and mailed it. The post office did not deliver overnight but 9 days later. While this was outside the window, the notarized letter confirmed we signed this within three days and Hilton accepted it and we got our refund. As for cruise certificate, it never arrived. Called reps twice and both times was told the supervisor or manager will get back to us! Am still waiting. This was our main incentive for trying this resort out and dealing with timeshare. Never trust this company, do not fall for any of their deceptive marketing tactics. They use bait-and-switch techniques and outright lies. If you purchase, check recession rules, send notarized letter within timeframe.

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Customer ServiceSales & MarketingOnline & AppStaff

Reviewed Sept. 25, 2023

I want to say upfront that I haven't yet taken my vacation, but I just finished paying for and booking it, so I am reviewing that experience. The booking experience has been such that I will probably never book another vacation with Hilton Grand Vacations, and will likely avoid Hilton hotels moving forward.

The bad:

1) I was sold a cheap vacation after signing up for a Hilton Honors account. The initial deal sounded good, however, as described below, I didn't get an accurate picture of what to expect.

2) I've made over 10 calls with Hilton trying to book a hotel. My goal was to book any hotel in Hawaii (except Honolulu). I made these calls in September of 2022 trying to book *any* HGV hotel in January, February or March of 2023, however there was NO availability. I also said I would pay for an upgrade (to a suite) if I get the location and dates I preferred, however again, NO availability.

2) I ended up booking a hotel in Honolulu, however Hilton couldn't even tell me what Hotel I would be staying in. This really sucks as I only like 2 out of their 8 options in Honolulu.

3) I learned on the call after I made my final payment that I would have to sit through one of those dreadful presentations to buy a timeshare, this was not communicated to me during the sales process.

4) I have not received a single email from Hilton confirming that I have paid for, or booked the vacation; I did receive multiple emails reminding me to book my vacation, and submit my final payment. I find it odd to not receive any sort of confirmation after I have paid for a vacation product.

5) The HGV website is extremely slow. Minor issue relative to the above points, but every time I used it, I would click a link and have to wait 20-30 seconds for pages to load, despite being on a very fast internet connection.

The semi-positive:

1) Having called Hilton many times now, I will say that I talked to a couple very nice and helpful representatives. I also talked to a few that were not helpful, so I'm neutral on their phone service, at best. It lacked consistency, but I would recommend hanging up and calling back in if you get someone who is rude or not helpful.

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Contract & TermsCoverageStaff

Reviewed Sept. 22, 2023

Our experience with Gold Key was satisfactory-even pleasant, but after Diamond Resorts acquired them, my wife and I pressured to upgrade, which increased costs and decreased the quality of our vacations. The staff at Hilton Grand Vacations urged us to convert our contract to HGV points, but all the promises made turned out to be false. We were not informed of the annual maintenance fee or legal right to rescission. The staff told us our points would cover 100% of the cost of flights and cruises, but only about 40% was covered. Availability is scarce at best, making the timeshare virtually useless. We've spent over $27,000 just to be taken advantage of. We are left to wonder if the staff intentionally preyed on us because we were elderly. We want our old Gold Key membership back.

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Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

Reviewed Sept. 21, 2023

We had purchased a promotion package through HGV and had attended a tour 2 months back upon which we were to receive Hilton honors points which are still nowhere in sight. I have followed up multiple times with customer service and have received some weird responses without any clear indication on the status of the points. I am stunned more coz had never expected such a scam like behavior from a reputed brand. Do not fall for their promotions!!!!

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Contract & TermsSales & MarketingStaff

Reviewed Sept. 20, 2023

Hilton Grand Vacations bait and switched us. They offered us gifts to attend a ‘meeting’ in which we were coerced into signing a contract with them. We were there for 4 hours, when we were told it would take 1 hour, at the most! We declined the salesmen’s offers several times, but they did not listen. The sales reps were coming and going like there was a rotating door in our meeting room. Hilton distinctly described this as a REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT. Timeshares are NOT an investment; I can assure you!

Hilton also LIED about the unlimited availability this purchase would offer us, but every time we go to book a reservation, there is nothing available. We told the salespeople we like to travel spur of the moment and we were assured that wouldn’t be a problem, in fact, they said most people do that. Turns out, if you want to book a reservation, you must do it AT LEAST a year in advance. We’ve never booked a vacation a year in advance, and likely never will. This timeshare is completely useless to us.

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Contract & TermsSales & MarketingPriceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 19, 2023

The last thing we expected was to be dissatisfied with such a trusted brand name as Hilton, but here we are. We have purchased from Hilton in Utah and Nevada and both times we were misled by the sales agents about the benefits, cost, and availability of the unit. Since our purchases, the truth has slowly come out. The things they sold us on do not match our contract and what we signed for. We had faith in these sales reps to truthfully explain what we were purchasing, and they were not even capable of doing that. They never informed us of our 16% interest rate, recession period, or Public Offering Statement. So, if you are thinking about purchasing a timeshare with Hilton, don’t.

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Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 18, 2023

We attended a sales presentation last week at their Virginia Beach sales office. A girl at our hotel talked to us shortly after we arrived about listening to a 90 minute presentation and in return receive an 8 day 7 night stay at Oceanaire for taxes and fees so approximately 400. We went to the meeting open minded and make all decisions jointly. We met with Noah from 11 to 12,:30. At first it went well. He established rapport and got to know our travel habits. He showed us wonderful locations on his flat screen tv. After so long I finally said, "What does something like this cost?" He brought 2 offers. The first one was the only one we would be interested in as it should get us two weeks vacation per year and we normally do three. This plan cost 28k and we needed to put down 5k today and there is another 2,051 per year in fees associated with this plan.

He tried to sell us a Hilton Amex at 0%for 12 months for the down payment. He left so we could discuss. I expressed concern price and even when the 23k is paid in 10 years we still have the annual fees. Then when you do the math this costs us 1,136 per month. If we break the 5k down to pay off before Interest accrues I said we simply cannot add that to our budget at this time. He showed us three more less expensive plans but these won't get us enough points to do at least two vacations per year so that is not going to be of any benefit to us.

I also explained I switched jobs and am still not sure how my bonus will work yet and that is how we typically budget for our vacation each year. When we finally gave him the hard no Noah became enraged and verbally attacked my husband. He said, "You are holding her back. She wants to go and do this. You don't care about her making memories. She travels without you. That is a red flag to your marriage. You only wanted our free trip. Nothing I could do would have sold you this. You are holding her back and don't care."

He also slammed our folder down on the table. This was after numerous times saying there would be no hard feelings if we walked away today. They pressure you, do not give you a chance to leave and talk about it. He said these deals are only good for today. This was the worst sales experience ever. You don't always buy a car from the salesman but you don't expect to be verbally attacked when you do not. I have called to speak to their sales manager Dom and sent two emails. No response as of now. I doubt I will get one after reading many reviews.

I am thankful to God we walked out without purchasing anything from this crooked organization. It may just be Hilton Grand Vacations but it is still associated with the Hilton brand of hotels and that is what we primarily use on our vacations. This is very disturbing that they allow this practice to go on under their name. Read all reviews. People that did fall for this are very sorry they did and often cannot use their points so you are better off planning your own vacations just as I have our 23 years of marriage. And by the way there are no red flags in my marriage. I travel sometimes with a dear friend who is like my mother to treat her

and we have a great time. And my husband is confident In our marriage and never holds me back from this. Please do not buy these expensive useless timeshares. You will regret this.

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