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My family and I have rented three vehicles from Budget and they have nice vehicles. All vehicles I rented were a 2012 Chevy Impala, a 2013 Dodge Durango, and a 2014 Ford Explorer. All vehicles were fully loaded to the max. Especially the Explorer. I like when rental companies do this because it makes a 7 hour ride feel like a dream. With rear heated seats, rear vents, and ambient lighting, my kids feel more comfortable and they're not always kicking my seat or asking Google, "Okay Google. How long will it take to get to blah, blah, blah?" They don't even need to put a movie in! When they do, they say it's more comfortable than the theaters! Sweet! They finally like a vehicle! Now, I would purchase a vehicle like this, but I'm not constantly hauling kids around, or going on long trips. Which is why I rent! And I only rent from Budget!

I had a horrible experience with this company. I checked in at the Santa Ana/Orange County customer service window and definitely was not impressed with the customer service representative. I went below to pick up the car, and that whole interaction was no more than 15 seconds. The gentleman said "Here, sign this. Here's your keys." I walked out to the car and left, no inspection, nothing. When I returned the car I was not even parked when the attendant came out and pointed to the right front bumper, and kept saying over and over, "Damage." There were scratches in the paint.

I told her that I didn't damage the car, that nothing happened while I drove it. She got her supervisor, who came out and told me that I damaged the car and had to fill out an accident report. I told her that I definitely didn't damage it, that the scratches must have been there before. She asked me if I had an inspection before I took the car, and I told her no, that the Budget employee didn't come out at all to inspect anything, and did not tell me I needed to inspect it. The customer service agent was extremely rude and condescending the entire conversation. As I was leaving the office area the 3 employees at the counter began laughing at me and rolling their eyes. I will never use this company again. Their customer service is horrible and the whole experience felt dishonest to me.

I will NEVER rent from Budget again. The vehicle they gave me was really nice and I rented it at a much lower price than other major rental agencies were offering a similar vehicle for. I should've know then that it was too good to be true. I returned the vehicle HOURS earlier than I was supposed to with a full tank of gas (which was verified by the employee who checked me back in). Two weeks later, I noticed Budget had charged me over $100 additional. I call them and was told that the vehicle I'd rented had to be refueled, and that I returned the vehicle a day later than I was supposed to! The slick SOBs referred to my rental agreement which states in fine print that if the vehicle was refueled, then a receipt verifying that should be provided. In other words, I have to show them a receipt of gas purchase as proof of refueling instead of their paid employees checking that gas level upon check in. It's a total scam!

So I urge my family, friends and anyone who reads this to rent from anywhere other than Budget. If you still choose to support this fraud of a company, please keep ALL receipts, have the check-in employee signed something verifying that you're returning their vehicle, record the exchange, take pictures of the gas level... all things that a CUSTOMER should not have to do! My next stop is the Better Business Bureau.

I rented a car with Budget and when I received the car showed one of the tires need it air. I was there at the site still and told them about this situation. The gentlemen told me do not worry they are going to check the air in all four tires. When they took about 30 minutes to check the car. Then I drove about 200 miles and the red light turn on again for the same flat tire and a signal " maintenance required". When I returned the rental car I told them that the car had a flat tire since I got it and they knew without telling me the truth.

In addition to this dilemma, the person that receive the car gave me a different price when I reserved. I asked him why and he mentioned well if you want to do arrangements you need to go to talk to them at the counter. When I told them about my experience with this car about flat tire and maintenance require sign she told me, "Why did you not change the car when you bought the insurance?" I go, "What insurance are you talking about?" "The protection for damage, etc." Anyway the rental car went up for $300 dlls. more. All this service with Budget was a nightmare. I would never rent a car with them and read all small words before you sign the contract.

When I picked up my rental car at the Columbus OH airport, the gentleman was very nice. He asked if I needed insurance and I said no. When he handed me my rental agreement, I saw only that it was for the rate that I had been quoted, $183 for 4 days. What I didn't notice, and what wasn't pointed out was that he had indeed charged me for an extra $50/day in insurance that I had specifically not authorized. Unfortunately, I had initialed the contract per his instruction (you know, sign here, initial here, etc.) and did not catch the mistake.

When I went to drop the car off and noticed the extra charges, I was of course upset. The manager was completely unhelpful and refused to remove the charges. I will never use Budget again and I encourage everyone to avoid them and beware. If you have to use them, read the contracts over and dispute any hidden or unquoted charges upfront. The whole thing seemed like a scam to me, and from reading forums it seems like I am not the only one this has happened to.

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Worst rental experience ever. Car covered in bird **. Vehicle inside was not clear. Returned vehicle and the idiots held my $100 security deposit for a week. The clerk said I had to call the 1-800 number to get my money back. The 1-800 rep said call the Sears location. The Sears location clerk said call this number... It was the home number of a nasty mean female store manager who when I told her I would never rent from Budget again, she said great and started screaming that we call her cell phone. WHAT A PISS POOR COMPANY!!!

For me budget located in 80 bloor st toronto was Worst experience ever. First time user, and Budget/Avis overcharged me for my reservation due to a mix up. When I called in to inquire about this, the representative was not attentive to what I was saying. Exasperated, when I finally got transferred to a "manager" he was very impatient, asking me irrelevant questions and even laughed at me at one point. That guy was an **. Didn't get anything solved, not a single apology or a hint of sympathy; what a waste of time and my money. Never again, and will spread word about this horrid service. Good luck growing in a highly competitive car rental market with crappy service like this.

Walked in and all I did was show my driver's license...he swiped my debit card and I checked my bank account and it showed the $215.84 that was charged by Budget. This was suppose to be a long term rental and they were to charge me every Thursday for the car. However...after keeping the car for a month...Budget tells me I owe over $1,000 for the rental. I asked what happened to the money they had charged me for the past month? The reply was they had put it back into my account. So...I had to cough this up all at one time. I know what you are thinking....why did I spend the money? I honestly didn't know they had put it back into my account each and every week. I can promise this...I will NEVER USE BUDGET AGAIN!

This rental car company is very devious with hidden fees and upgrades. I booked a compact car for business travel and when I arrived they were fast at getting me on the road, so fast that I did not see my rental agreement had an 8.00 a day upgrade for a compact hybrid. I did not initial that upgrade and was not informed it was an upgrade but I signed the rental agreement and that was proof enough for them I was fine for an upgrade. I did not notice the extra fees until I went back to my office a week later and was submitting my travel voucher that I was charged 50.00 extra for the week. my company does not allow upgrades to rentals and I may have to pay out of my pocket.

I left my wallet in the car by mistake a hundred percent sure by mistake and I went back to them to get it. They said it's not there and when I rented the car the guy added $25 every day because he said it's extra seat in the SUV and I found out both cars take the same amount of passengers. The two cars are the same... Lies. I will never ever rent from Budget Rental cars again.

Their website didn't explain that using a debit car would require a credit check. And when I arrived at the counter I was told a lie about running a credit check & was denied my rental. So when I went to request a refund I was informed that I would not get one because of the $150.00 fee. So I wrote customer service and told them that I thought it was unfair that I will not get my $90 refund because I did not cancel and was not a no-show. They told me that they would refund my money but it would take 7 business days. 11 days later and I'm still waiting. Sent them a follow up message asking about the refund and haven't gotten a reply back.

I have rented from Budget twice and twice it was a complete nightmare. The first time I rented was in April 2016 of which I rented one of their economy cars from NY to VA so there were tolls. I travel regularly between the two states so I already have my personal E-ZPass transponder and it clearly says on their cars to NOT remove their transponder box or you'll get charged a $25 fee and to just leave it closed if I don't want to be charged by Budget for tolls.

So that's what I did, I left their transponder box closed and put my personal E-ZPass transponder box in the window. Returned the car the same day and lo and behold nearly a month later, an $8 toll for the NJ Turnpike charge appeared on my credit card from Budget when I had already paid that same toll on my E-ZPass, so I was charged twice. After being slung around in an endless circle of phone calls of who I should speak to for a refund, I was then transferred to NY-NJ Transportation Authority who said they would give me a one-time courtesy refund. How is that a one-time courtesy when I already paid on my E-ZPass but Budget bills me a second time. That's not a courtesy. That's a double-charge of which you owe a refund had Budget's box worked like it says it's supposed to. I wouldn't have been charged in the first place.

Anyways, I blew that little incident off... until I just did another rental yesterday. Again, I rented a Budget car from NY to VA and this time I prepaid the entire rental in full but this time this incident was wayyy much worse. First off, I drove 5 miles from the Budget pickup location and the gas light comes on. They gave me a car with an empty tank! So I called Budget back and they said they'd document it so I wouldn't be charged for filling the tank. It even says on my Rental Agreement that the car was given to me empty. I returned the car after I got to my destination. The guy at the airport said there was a problem with the mileage on the car so he couldn't check me in. Here we go! So I had to walk from one end of the big airport to the other to go to the cashier.

She got it sorted out but I went home and checked my credit card later and lo and behold... you know it, there was a mysterious charge for $45 and when I called Budget customer service they claimed they didn't see the charge and to call back the next day to billing. I called back and the rep told me I was billed for gas as well as an additional $45 hold on top of the initial $100 hold they already had! So all in all they were billing me $258 for an $112 rental that I had already prepaid for! Before taxes and fees the rental was only $94 with my supposedly Budget Benefits discount!! Why are you putting so many ** holds on my credit card even still after it was checked in and already inspected! AND you charged me for gas when I called and talked to you several times so I wouldn't be charged and you charged me for gas anyway! Budget sucks.

People, I don't care what special they're having. Just keep on walking by and rent from somewhere else. They're disorganized. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing so the amount of hassle you have to go through just to get the "special" only to be charged damn near double and have an infinite amount of holds sitting on your credit card for no reason at all, is just not worth it. I let the first incident slide but 2 out of 2 strikes is out for me. I'm done. My mom was going to rent from them today for the rest of our vacation and I told her no and sent her to Enterprise even though it costs more.

I was charged $266.14 for the car from July 30 at 1PM through August 3 at 9:47AM. For three days the total was $116.97 and for the "fourth day" it was $106.64. The average per day comes to $66.54 per day - outrageous when I look at competition. I just joined Fast Track and that was great, but not the cost! I am done with your company. People on your "customer care," were just rote in saying too bad.

I rented from the Budget in Merrillville and there was a very long wait, as their systems were down. When I finally got my car, it was dirty. The manager, Julie was very rude and nasty. She was unapologetic and she definitely should not be working around the public directly.

I reserved a minivan on 3/15/2016 for pick-up at MCO on 7/30/16. When my family arrived, we waited for almost an hour while the customer service people fussed on the phone, ignored us, fretted with each other, and finally told us we could not have the minivan I reserved. This was not acceptable as we had 5 people and nine bags. It was late. We were all tired from a long flight and waiting for our Budget rental. We had to take the only option, which was a Kia SUV that was very uncomfortable and not large enough for us. Our luggage did not fit and we had quite a difficult, cramped drive to the beach.

I do not understand how a vehicle I reserved 4.5 months in advance was not available. I have rented from Budget many times with no issues. However, the family vacation we had planned for months was negatively impacted by the unfriendly people and long wait at the Budget rental counter for a vehicle that did not exist, and by the inconvenience caused by a vehicle that we did not want and did not reserve but had to take. Crawling into the third row of a Kia SUV is not easy, nor is driving with luggage at your feet and on your lap because there's no other spot for it.

I requested a full refund of my rental fee. The response I received: "We also apologize for the inconvenience for not getting the vehicle reserved, We can not guarantee an specific make and model, only tr sitting capacity." Have these people heard of spell check? I escalated the complaint and was given a $75 credit. Really? On a $600 rental? I'm done with Budget.

I rented a car from Budget at Pittsburgh Intl Airport, when visiting for 4th of July weekend. When I went to pick up my pre-ordered car, there were none available, and I had to wait in line with others who also didn't have a car on time. When my car finally arrived, no one went over it with me, basically handed the keys and disappeared. I had an early flight out, so I returned the car between 4:30-5 am. I found an attendant, but he couldn't take the time to check me out. "Just leave your car in the lineup and put your keys in the box."

Flew home, paid my bill, and now... A month later I receive a letter from a collection agency for $221.00 for damage to the car. There was no damage, and now my hands feel tied to dispute this as no one checked the car before or after I received it. Horrible customer service. When I called and asked why if this was damaged this is the first I'm hearing of it, the response was, "That's the way Budget operates." Sure would like to know how to dispute this. I feel robbed by this company. They won't have my business again. RENTER BEWARE!

I rented car from Budget for 8 days. It took me 2 hours to wait in the line to get a car. When I returned the car They charged me Additional $110.00 U.S. dollars for Insurance which I wasn't agree because I already told them that I can use my own insurance from the beginning. But they still charged me for that... Total rip-Off... really bad experience!!

During our summer holiday in Canada I rented a car through Budget at Vancouver Airport YVR. At the desk I met a person, who was more interested in selling additional products, rather than to be of any service regarding the prepaid voucher. He immediately proposed to upgrade the car we had ordered in advance, due to the number of travellers, suitcases etc, as if we had not taken this in consideration, when ordering the vehicle. Do no accept the upgrade, or be very careful to check the upgrade price, before signing the contract - otherwise you will pay gold.

Having received the key, I inspected the car, and found scratches on the rear bumper, which were not marked on the vehicle ready report. When addressing the service personnel with the finding, they did everything to avoid signing for the scratch. Only when I insisted, a manager eventually signed for the damage. A gentleman, who had rented a car next to mine, experienced exactly the same issue with reluctant service personnel as I did. Furthermore, be aware of that Budget has a sneaky location recovery fee of 17.5% on top of your expenses. Something they do very little to inform about on their website. I strongly recommend tourists travelling to Vancouver to avoid Budget.

I booked online with Easycar in the UK a rental vehicle in Nice France for eleven days. I prepaid three months in advance with a credit card. Upon arrival we had to wait over 1 1/2 hours for the vehicle to arrive. It was not at the pickup point but at Nice airport and had to be picked up refueled and cleaned at another depot prior to coming to the pickup point. So not a great start as we had to pick up family at Nice airport and then had a lunch booked.

So the family had to stand around for two hours and the lunch got cancelled. We were told that the return time would be the same as the extended pickup time. We returned the vehicle full of fuel and washed before the return time. I asked the attendant to give me details of the total cost of the rental he waved me away and said the details would be on my credit card and that he could not give them to me now. My credit card bill arrived and they charged me for an extra day which Easy Car say I must deal with Budget now. This is a dishonest and criminal way of dealing with people. I will arm wrestle with Budget to see what can happen but I will not be back to Easy Car or Budget they are crooks and only interested in ripping people off.

I recently rented a car from Budget online. The cost was to be 151.00 for a week plus taxes and fees. For a total of 209.93. Plus I filled the tank before I brought it back. They charged a pre-charge of 170.38. When I got to the counter to pick up the car the one I rented online they rented before I got there. So they gave me another and said there would be no additional charges. When I returned the car the total charges were 380.31. so they kept my prepayment of 170.38 plus charged me the additional 209.93. When I called customer service they refused to return the additional 170.38. I did not agree to a 380.31 for a weekly rental. They slammed me for the additional charges. I will never use them again. Nor do I recommend anyone else.

Budget did not adequately examine the 16-foot box truck they rented me. It had a very serious obvious axial alignment issue, leading to a breakdown and near serious accident experience. After baking in the Sun for five hours and turning my quick 6-hour move into a 12-hour event, they offered to reimburse me $45 for my troubles. Apparently when renting a vehicle to get you from Budget does not mean you are guaranteed a safe vehicle. I have used Enterprise for many years with no issues. Budget is a low tier company with bad vehicles and customer relations. I Would never use budget again as they turned my move into a nightmare in which I was lucky to leave without hurting myself or others.

On a recent vacation to Oregon, I picked up a Budget rental car right near the Portland Airport. I traveled to my hometown, Newport Oregon that afternoon to stay with family. The next morning, the car would not start. I spent all morning and a good part of the afternoon attempting to get the car to run. Finally I called Budget roadside assistance and was told I'd have to wait for a flat-bed tow truck and ride the 120 miles back to Portland to get a replacement car. I finally arrive to Portland airport Budget facility near dark, waited in line and got another car. By this time, I was exhausted from the ordeal and I thought it best not to make the three hour drive back to the coast in the dark. I got a hotel room next to the airport and drove to my original destination the next morning.

When I returned the replacement car, I asked to be reimbursed for the hotel explaining that it was an expense solely caused because of the rental car breakdown. Budget is refusing to reimburse me for that one night in a moderately priced average hotel. I'm really shocked as the experience cost me a day and a half of my vacation, plus the hotel! The Customer rep said he could not credit me for this expense and that there was no one else in his department to speak to. In other words, he would not help. I would advise anyone to think seriously before renting from Budget-Rent-A-Car. I travel frequently and have never had a problem like this before. BEWARE of BUDGET!!!

I never imagined that Budget's customer service would be so horrible! I have had the worst experience ever tonight. I will never ever use them again. I thought Enterprise was bad but being over talked, talked back to & hung up on is unacceptable. I called the customer service department to speak to a supervisor and was told that they would have to create a case for a callback. I was explaining to the rep what took but I guess she did not care to hear it. After she rudely interrupted me I advised her that she was never better than the reservation rep. She told me to have a nice a day and hung up!

So I am starting to realize that Budget allows their employees to hang up on their customers. I have worked in a call center for the same company for 18 years. Hanging up on customers is a NO TOLERANCE POLICY and we would be terminated immediately. Budget rental should be closed down because they don't care about how their customers are treated.

We specifically turned down additional insurance coverage and we were ASSURED that we would not get billed for any additional services if the car was not damaged and returned with a full tank of fuel. The car was returned undamaged and returned with more fuel in the tank than when we took it but we were dinged for $152.00 of incidental charges that we were told we would not get hit with. We initialed the Insurance coverage waiver boxes when we checked out because I verified that we had the appropriate coverage with our insurance agent before we left home for this very reason but here we are having a dispute over Loss Damage waiver damage that we specifically declined and $37.50 of "Facility Charges" that should have been taken care of with the purchase of the Priceline Rental Car package.

To say the least I am NOT pleased with the experience and will never use Budget again. I have never had this problem with Enterprise and I will be using them from here on out. Budget doesn't even provide a contact number to call in case you have questions about what they bill your credit card. If these guys cared about customer satisfaction and didn't have anything to hide they would not have a problem with providing a customer service number would they? Guess they cannot find enough English speaking folks to deal with the deluge of complaints that would be awaiting them when they came to work everyday so they just decided not to give you a number to call and hope you will just shut up and pay whatever they feel like charging you. That's a heck of a good way to build a loyal customer base - way to go "Budget" Rent a Car!!

I reserved a rental car for the dates of Aug 24th thru Aug 30th. I have to cancel this reservation due to health reasons. This rental was done online and prepaid in the amount $196.04. It states if you cancel within 24 hours of reservation you will be charged a processing fee of $ 50.00. I want to cancel this reservation on 7/30/2016. I was informed by Manny representative of Budget that yes I would be charged the $50.00 even though my reservation is not for 25 days. I can not travel due to health reasons but Budget does not care, they want to keep the $50.00 charged to my credit card. Had I not of prepaid for this car there would be no charge at all. This is a rip off and scam to any potential customer. Ready to start a class action lawsuit for all customers who have been fraudulently charged for a prepaid cancellation weeks in advance.

I had a terrible experience with Budget at the Augusta (AGS) location. Our plane was first delayed on the Tarmac (and then the flight was cancelled) due to lightning. Seeing that we would need to re-book our flight, while on the Tarmac, I used my phone to first call my airline, then my hotel in Seattle (which had a fresh room and a snack waiting due to our flight snafu), and then Budget (both the general number and the Seattle number). I advised them that I would be delayed in picking up the car and then booked a car at the AGS airport to travel to the Greenville Spartanburg Airport (GSP) to board my new flight (all flights out of AGS were cancelled or already full). No one was helpful. Despite 4 separate calls, I could not re-book/change my Seattle car reservation--the call center had no clue how to do this and kept telling me to call the Seattle airport directly, which either flipped my call back to the general number and/or an answering machine.

They then told me they would hold the car for 15 hours past the original pickup time of 10 PM PT, and then it would be released, and that all cars were booked, and I was out of luck if my re-booked flight was late. I booked a car from AGS to GSP while on the phone--this much, at least they seemed to do (I got an email confirmation saying a car was reserved at AGS). After sitting on the Tarmac for 3 hours, we were finally able to get safely back to the terminal, and I went to get my reserved car. Not only was the counter agent incredibly rude (and we were sweaty and disappointed about starting our special getaway in this manner, yet still approached her with courtesy and a tired smile), she snapped at us that there were no cars anywhere, booking online didn't mean we would actually get a car, and deal with it. I couldn't believe her rudeness, for NO reason.

LUCKY for us, the Hertz agent overheard this conversation. She said, apologetically, that she wasn't sure if she had anything, but she was willing to look for us. She had 1 car, a subcompact, but that was all we needed to get us to the GSP airport on time. We made our re-booked flight and picked up the car in Seattle with about 1 hour to spare before it was "cancelled". The agent in Seattle was thankfully more courteous, but the wait was long (45 minutes) and she calculated the bill incorrectly, which took more time to sort. Only 3 agents were working while about 50 people waited in line (I counted). We finally got our car, and our trip was good. But guess what? I joined the Hertz Gold club, and they have a lifelong customer, thanks to the courtesy of one agent in a small airport. I will never rent from Budget again.

I am very dissatisfied with Budget Car Rental at YVR. They had pre-checked the vehicle and told me to look for any marks or scratches larger than what was on the card. I did a look around and didn't notice anything. Upon return they found a chip the size of a pinhead in the bottom corner of the windshield. The chip would have been easily overlooked by anyone. If they are going to be this particular upon return they need to be this particular before it goes out. Rotten way to end an otherwise great holiday. I will not be using Budget again.

It's as if this company is forcing the public to dislike them with their disdainful and disrespectful treatment of its customers. I'm just amazed that they are still in business actually. Poor customer service, sneaky fees, abominable rental cars in disrepair and having bald tires. Then the insult to injury of - 'you did not upgrade - well here is the poor treatment that you get' attitude. $20 fee to be charged $7 worth of toll fees. A vehicles with stained upholstery, cigarette stench, bald tires and a beat up body, presumably because we did not upgrade, as asked to a Volvo.

I had a terrible experience dealing with BUDGET. I had been informed of a family emergency and had to fly to Vancouver straight away. Upon arrival, I went to the BUDGET counter to rent a car. Given the extremely short notice of my family situation, I did not have time to book online. At the counter, the clerk would only punch numbers into a calculator and show me the calculator. He would not say the rates out loud. I'm sure this is because there were other customers and he didn't want them to hear how he was taking advantage of my situation. He offered me a BMW at $349.00/day or a Ford Fusion at $299.00/day. I told him that was

ridiculous and I could not justify that expense. He then offered me the Ford at $249.00/day. When I again declined and started looking online, he offered me the Ford at $199.00/day. I had already pulled up Hertz but they didn't have anything available so my hands were tied.

The clerk told me that he was not taking advantage but in fact these were standard summer rates. I took the car and upon my return I was charged $618.00 for less than 48 hours. $399.90 ($199.95/day for the car), $71.28 Gas Service Option (I was told this was much cheaper than filling it up myself), $1.86 VLF/AC, Recover Fee $82.19 Location Recovery Fee (I have no idea what this is even for!!?). I have since gone online and booked a car online with Budget at the

Vancouver Airport to find out the rates and lo and behold the rates are nowhere near what I was quotes as "standard summer rates". I attempted to complain while there but no one would help me and I had a flight to catch.

I tried to work with "customer service" who told me the following: I was paying a higher rate due to supply and demand and that the less expensive cars had been sold out. The rate I looked up online after the fact was for the exact same level car I was given. The rate online for 8 hours was $208.00, not $700.00. I was told that I must have been confused by all the rates and for that they apologize. When I asked them for an explanation of the fees along with a copy of the contract showing where I agreed to certain fees, they told me they could only provide that on the phone. Why not in writing? This is the most unfair, inhumane way to treat someone. Talk about taking advantage of a person during their time of need.

I reserved a rental car with Budget rental car through their reservation line on the 15th of July for the 26th of July. When I arrived at the Jackson-Medgar Evers airport the young lady stated that my reservation had been canceled!!! I said "I didn't cancel my reservation" and she said, "Yes you did at 9:44 on the 25th of July." I stated I could not have. I was in court at that time handling some business. Well she continued to and I felt call me a liar to my face!!! So my next question was "What can you all do to accommodate me because my kids are really looking forward to this trip?" She stated, "We are all out of cars but I might have a mini van." But it's 690 dollars vs me reserving my car for 358.67. Wow a big difference.

I asked for the main number to speak to a supervisor. She stated I can't give you the number!! Rude not concern workers. I would not recommend Budget car rentals at the Jackson, MS airport to no one I mean absolutely no one!!! Poor service, nonapologetic, no I'm sorry or anything. Just plain pitiful. P.S and I had my reservation confirmation number written down and on my phone! This was a sad experience for me!!! Someone please get them some customer service training!!!

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Founded in 1958 to appeal to the cost-conscious consumer, Budget is one of the most popular car rental brands. It serves renters in over 120 countries from its more than 3,000 locations. Budget is owned by Avis Rental Car.

  • Business-friendly rates: Business customers can save up to 30 percent on car rentals with a BudgetBusinessProgram account.
  • Prepay and save: For customers who book and pay in advance, the Pay Now rate saves up to 35 percent on the cost.
  • Inexpensive no-show fee: At Budget, the fee for a no-show is only $50 on a missed pickup; everything else is refunded.
  • Discounts: Active duty, retired military and their families can all save up to 25 percent on rentals. AARP members can enjoy savings of up to 30 percent off Budget base rates when renting a vehicle from a participating location in the contiguous U.S. and Canada. Rent a car for up to four consecutive days, including a Saturday night, and save $20.
  • Fast reservations: Budget advertises a 60-second reservation process, letting travelers reserve the vehicle of their choice on the go and in just a minute.
  • Truck rental: Budget features a reliable, diverse commercial truck fleet, nearly 1,900 convenient U.S. locations, daily, weekly, monthly, local and one-way rentals for business or moving.
  • Best for Military individuals and families, vacationers, business travelers, those with cars in repair and temporary workers looking for a discounted rate.

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Budget Rent-A-Car
6 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ 07054
United States
Year Founded: