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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

We rented a car online at Hilton Head Island in August 2016. The online price for the week and verified at the pick up counter was $143.20. We denied all the extra insurance coverage. This is verified on our invoice and verified again when we dropped off the car at Budget office. Budget charged us $265.34 on our credit card. When we contacted Budget customer service were told the $122.14 difference was for insurance we had not accepted and declined in writing. We were told the difference would be refunded when we provided copies of the invoice which we did. We then received a reply from them saying we still owed the insurance. No explanation or documentation was given us to prove that despite multiple requests. Our emails have been unanswered.

NEVER deal with Budget which is owned by Avis. This company does not respect the consumer and has charged our credit card with charges they were not authorized to make. Every time we try to get an answer we are shuffled to yet another person. Budget is a disgrace to fair business practices. Save yourself a lot of trouble and do not use them.

I reserved my rental car for Budget through rentalcars.com. I paid in full for my reservation which was to include Primary Liability Insurance, which is required in Costa Rica. Upon arrival to pick up the vehicle, Camilo, the CS rep asked for our passports. He then asked if we wanted additional insurance. We declined and he confirmed that we understood any damages would go on our credit card. We said we understood and still declined. He then returned our passports and asked for a credit card for the deposit. We signed the agreement and thought we were signing for $513 for our deposit. Upon returning the car and returning home and checking my credit card statement I discovered that we were charged for additional insurance (which was declined), an additional driver and roadside assistance, neither of which I was asked if I wanted!

I believe these are deceitful business practices and never accept these "optional" additional services when I rent a car. I frequently rent cars on average of 4 times a year and have never had this happen. I believe that Camilo, purposely did not go over in detail what we were being charged for and that I was taken advantage of. Unfortunately, the receipt I received only has 3 letter codes and is misleading to the consumer. I do not know what ADR, RSN or SLI stand for! I was told that this charge would be upheld because I signed the contract. I am shocked and by these deplorable and deceiving business practices and apparently am not the only one to experience this. I will never rent from Budget or Avis again and implore you not to unless you want to be scammed!

I made an online reservation for a car, a $34 car. I am a 'Fast Break' member, which means my pick up process is supposed to be streamlined. When I got to the pick up counter for Budget, the agent claimed he couldn't find my Fast Break info. He did find my reservation but ignored that while trying to get me to upgrade to an $80 car. I had to ask at least 5 times to get the car I reserved. I had been traveling through airports and layovers for over 30 hours and I was exhausted and I feel the agents at this location take advantage of weary travelers and try and stick them with crappy deals even if they have a confirmed reservation. My $34 car which was supposed to be about $53 with taxes/fees became a $102 rental. I only rent a car to go one way home from the airport, about 50 miles. I felt like I was held hostage by this agent who would not take 'no' for an answer and ignored my requests for my online booked reservation car.

I am going to fight this charge with my credit card. I contacted the online customer service dept about this matter and have heard zero back. I think Budget corporate turns a blind eye to these aggressive tactics to upsell and pepper contracts with the unnecessary insurance coverages to boost profit. They take advantage of tired people arriving at airports and traveling for god knows how long to get there. The Budget online reservation form 'guarantees' the rate quoted on the website and sent to you in the reservation confirmation. Their agents at the desk totally ignore that and seem to really enjoy jacking you around and taking advantage of the fact you are tired and are just expecting to get what you already reserved. I see a lot of similar complaints about these tactics and this company seems to be aching for a class action lawsuit.

I booked our car rental in March of 2016 for a full size car for 5 days for a total of $112.00 to be picked up at LAX via online. Once we arrived at LAX the shuttle picked us up on the curb and the driver helped us with our bags (very friendly). Once arriving at the Budget we were helped right away. The employee asked us which type of insurance coverage we wanted on the car...she did not explain this was optional. Therefore I went with the cheapest, she then had me sign a couple agreements, and stated the car would be charged for additional charges. We were given a Toyota Camry which was clean and ready to go when we completed the paperwork. After a couple hours I started to question the additional charges, as I had declined the insurance online originally.

I then checked my bank account and noticed an additional 190.00 charge. When I called the customer service number the office was closed therefore I called the next morning and spoke with Sebastian. I informed Sebastian about the additional charges and informed him that I had declined insurance online and was still asked about it in person. Informed him I would like to only be charged with the first day of insurance but would like to discontinue the coverage. Sebastian was very friendly and helpful and informed me in order to get a refund we would need to return to the car rental in person. This was probably the only downfall (having to take time out of our day to go back to the airport to reverse the charges).

When arriving back there were tons of people waiting outside being helped on a number basis. But since we had our car already there was a separate line to help us. Katherine assisted us with the refund. I did inform her I spoke with customer service in regards to additional coverage being terminated. Katherine had to get her manager to sign off on the paperwork and then put the money back on the card. Took 15 minutes tops to complete. I was very satisfied with this issue being resolved. When returning the car it was very short and sweet and easy to do. The shuttle took us to our airline which was very nice and stress free. I will be renting from Budget in the future for sure! Be sure you check and mark any dents etc and mark it on the sheet to cover your butt.

We booked our rental via Costco. I handed the paperwork to the agent at Budget at the Phoenix airport. He immediately told me he could get me a 'better deal' with their end-of-summer special. He quoted me a $200 price increase. I told him I wanted my original booking, and he acted as if he had no idea what I was talking about. I asked him at least twice for my paperwork to be returned. He finally fished it out of his trash can after I produced a copy on my smart phone. He still increased the price by over $30, and said, "The price you had was only an estimate."

I am contacting Costco about this. When we picked up the car it was FILTHY. There was snot rubbed all over the back windows. When we arrived in Scottsdale and cleaned it, we noticed that the right rear tire was completely bald, and the others were on their last tread. All this for over $300 bucks for four days???!!! We reported the bald tires to David at checkout, who was at least 70 years old and could not have cared less. STAY AWAY FROM BUDGET!!!

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The Budget Avis car rental in Glen Burnie MD offers the best ever. I'm a very frequent visitor to renting cars and Every Time it's the best. Recently, I rented from a different one in the airport and regretted not going to my favorite, Budget in Glen Burnie MD.

When I rented a car through Budget I was told that if I did not open the transponder box I would not be charged for the use of the transponder. During that time I did not open the transponder. The day before returning the rental car I went over a bridge that did not have a toll booth, but did have a sign that the license plate would be charged if there was no transponder. The charge was $5. About a month later I saw a $24.75 charge on my credit card from Budget. After calling them I was told that they had been charged $5 for the toll and that the rest was administrative fee, including the $3.95/day fee for transponder use which I specifically did not want. They even told me that the transponder had not been activated, but I was charged anyway. They would not take off any of the charge and insisted that was what I had to pay. I will no longer rent a car through Budget.

I searched to find the best rate for my visit to Albuquerque/Santa Fe. My quote was just over $200 for the week. My flight was a late one and I was half asleep when I got to the car rental counter, a very charming and friendly agent asked me a bunch of rapid fire questions that I just nodded an answer to and I was on my way. I was late, tired and just wanted to get going. I put the paperwork in the glove compartment and didn't take it out till I returned the car. At the return I was greeted with a big surprise.

For one week of a Ford Focus I had paid almost $800!! There were all kinds of add ons that I never would have approved had I been paying attention. I guess it was my fault but I didn't know that when I got off the plane I was getting into a shark tank. It is a disgrace that anyone should have to be prepared for such predatory behavior. I know better now but for the record Budget is not an option for me and if anyone decides to go with them just say no to everything. Don't nod your head like I did but shake it.

Had a horrible experience with Budget Truck Rental! I thought I was being charged twice by accident to find that they charged me for dropping off the truck past the 24 hour time frame. First of all, when I picked the drop off time as I made an online reservation, it did not state anywhere that I was going to be charged for dropping it off past the expected time online. No one explained to me in person that I was going to be charged $200 for an extra few hours! Probably because I am deaf and they took advantage of that! I called customer service and their excuse was: well you signed the contract. Really? Have you seen the contract? It's lengthy and no one has the time to READ it especially on moving day! That was unjust and discrimination. I only got reimbursed half of what I had to pay! I won't be using their company anymore from here on out.

I hate to sound like a broken record on this website, but I will NEVER rent from Budget again. I reserved a mid-sized car online on July 27 to pick up at Orlando airport. I declined all extra coverage/insurance. My quote came to $192. I picked up the car on Aug 11 and used it for a week. I returned the car on Aug 18. When I got home, about a week later we received a letter from Budget stating that the seats were stained and we would be billed a $75 cleaning charge. Only after calling them about it, they emailed us pictures of the stains, which were obviously older stains from normal use. We never ate in the car, so it's impossible that we created those stains. It's interesting how many other reviewers on this site also mention $75 cleaning charges for stains the renter didn't create. Nevertheless, receiving this letter prompted me to go view my credit card statement.

When I opened the statement, I was shocked to find many expensive charges from Budget on there totaling over $400. One was for $20.75 for the automatic toll device that we NEVER used. The $75 cleaning fee was another charge. Finally, a reservation charge totaling $303 was on the statement. I thought to myself, "What happened to the $192 charge I was quoted when I made the reservation?" I didn't get too excited at that point because I figured I would just call and they would straighten these charges out. I was wrong. I called on Sept 5 and talked to a customer service rep who said all he could do was refund $15 of the toll charges, but that I was responsible for everything else.

I immediately asked for a supervisor. She came on and proceeded to explain that apparently we had missed paying one toll and so they billed us $3.95 for every day of the rental for that device. She went on to say that the reservation charge included $101 towards extra insurance coverage to the tune of $15 per day. I stated that I never added insurance to my reservation. She said that we signed for it when we picked up the car. I failed to understand why it was even added to the agreement. I declined it when I reserved it. She said that if I wanted to decline it, I should have brought it to the attention of the front desk when I picked up the car and he would have printed me a new agreement. I never even thought to do this because I NEVER ASKED FOR INSURANCE! I don't see how it's unreasonable for me to expect to receive exactly what I reserved. Insurance wasn't even on my radar.

In summary, my $190 car rental turned into over $400. That's $210 more than what I was quoted during the reservation process. I could have taken Uber all week and spent less money than this rental cost. Or better yet, I could have rented a Mustang convertible from another company for less than that!! I am so infuriated with this company. This was my first AND last time renting from Budget. It's hard to imagine how they can care so little for my business. I suspect that their business model is to essentially scam first time renters with these charges knowing full well that they will probably lose them as customers forever, but they don't seem to care.

I would STRONGLY ADVISE anyone to NEVER rent from this company. If your time is even the least bit valuable to you, I would steer clear of Budget. You can NOT trust these people. I'm sure what they do is probably legal, but grossly unethical. If you're absolutely stuck having to rent from Budget, I strongly suggest you read EVERY single word of the rental agreement when you sign it. When you pick up the car, pull out your smartphone and take photos AND video of every square inch of the car - inside AND outside! You WILL get burned if you're not careful. Please heed my warning -- YOU CANNOT TRUST BUDGET RENTAL CAR!!

I reserved a car online and prepaid, but when I went to pick up the car, they still wanted to charge me $100 on my credit card which I didn't have because I'm currently paying charges to fix my own car, which is why I wanted to rent one. So, the lady gave me a number for customer service to "refund my money" but they charged me $150 to refund my money so I ended up with a refund of $49 when I paid $200. Now I have no rental car, no money, and still trying to figure out how I'll be able to get my child to daycare at 7:30 am when I have to be at work at 6 a.m. for the rest of this week. Thanks for ruining my life for the week Budget. I really appreciate it.

Please remember to read your contract at the counter. They didn't have the car that I reserved online when I arrived so they upgraded me without me knowing that they were charging me for the upgrade. Also, when I returned the car, it was early in the morning and NO gas stations were open and couldn't fill up. I only used a 1/4 of the full tank but they charged me $70. I called to discuss with corporate. They would not refund the difference between my original cost to the upgraded cost and only refund me half of the gas. I will never rent from them again.

I wish I would've read these reviews before I used Budget. This is going to be a repeat of other reviews. After booking online and paying advance, I get to the counter and try to get upsold on everything, which I understand is their job. After agreeing to only supplemental liability insurance, I was told to "check this box, this box, and sign here." 7 days later upon returning the car, filled with gas (though I didn't show a receipt, which scares me from an earlier review), I was charged almost another $500. After speaking with the manager who "couldn't do anything for me" I asked for the customer service number.

While waiting for my flight I call the number and get the recording saying this number is no longer in service, REALLY! So I find a number for rentals, call them and get the correct number. After 20 minutes and 2 representatives they told me the same thing. If I had realized it within the first 24 hours, then they could've done something. I was on vacation, there was a lot going on.

So then I check my credit card statement and not only am I billed twice for the $500, but there's also a double charge for over $600 which I have no idea what that's for. Needless to say I called the credit card and told them all Budget charges were fraud. I'm not asking for anything for free, I'll pay what I agreed to, but until this gets straightened out, no charges will be accepted from them.

I was cheated two times for a rent by staffs in LAX Budget. I placed an order on Budget in one week’s advance. When I fetched it, I wanted to add GPS into my rent. A Budget representative told me that daily rate of GPS was $31. She pushed me to change it into another car by saying that a new car was being promoted (actually, that price is so high!). I was in a hurry, and accepted her suggestion, driving that car to leave at once. When I drove on road, this car smelled stinky! Additionally, there were many stains on interior roof. I almost vomited because of that stinky smell. I had to open windows although it was very hot outside. After I stopped at home and watched the exterior of car, it was another surprise that there were a lot of scratches on both sides. I really felt I was cheated by this female representative.

Other surprises happened when I returned this car. Budget worker gave me receipt, and I was lucky that I checked it. I was charged $100 for gas, and many other insurance items! He admitted the gas was full, but I must go to counter to talk with Budget staff. When I went to counter, one staff said that worker’s signature was needed. I was kicked back. After I got that worker’s signature and went back to counter, there were no any guests besides me and several staffs were standing behind counter. It was weird that no any staffs gave me service while I was waiting there for long time! My airplane departure time was near, and I had to shout at them! I can’t believe this situation happened in LAX Budget! So bad service and management!

I was told by TrueCar.com that I had two days to a test drive a Budget/Avis sale car. Two hours is what's evidently what is usually allowed but it was not stated when I picked the car up at the Budget office in Fry's on 92nd Street and Shea in Scottsdale, AZ. First I was given the wrong car to drive and then charged over $110 ($60 for a call to roadside assistance that was cancelled an hour later and $55 for day's rental) when car was late being brought back because it broke down at the gas station on the way back to the rental office. The $60 is said to be reversed, but $55 rental was refused. Many inquiries for help from executives at TrueCar and Budget were answered with rudeness and excuses. NEVER, NEVER trust these disorganized people.

I called the agent. She place a car for rent a week prior. When I went to pick up the car I was told my rental was declined. I ask why. He handed me an Equifax card and said they will tell me. I have worked at the airport for 16 years. I see these people almost every day and have rented from them for several years with no problems. When I called Equifax they said there was nothing on my report that would decline the rental and to ask budget manager with credit report in hand why they declined the rental. I never saw any paperwork. I went to the manager (Rick) he gave me several maybes they could have raised the credit score. He also stated they have had several cars stolen and no money would be there for the car.

I know these people personally. I ask what that had to do with me. He promised me he will get to the bottom of it but no response as of yet and that was two days ago. I have to go out of town to a hospital for treatment for a major illness that left me with no way to get there because of short notice which caused me more stress and I had to reschedule the appointment for 3 weeks later, and Budget offered no alternative after having rented from them for several years. And still no reason as to why they denied my rental.

This business will scam you. Do not use them! I rented a car and returned it within 10 minutes of the scheduled time. They said that I was a full hour late and billed me charges that doubled my bill. The dumb idiots there also tried to bill me for gas even though I had paid for the tank. Then she yelled at me for asking for an explanation. Maybe these morons don't understand the strict consumer protection in Texas! The state is very strict about businesses that advertise false prices and rip people off. Anyway, if you are at Hobby Airport go to Thrifty where you will not get ripped off or subjected to bait and switch garbage. Budget sucks!

I had decided to give Budget another chance and it was a horrendous experience once again. In Iceland the brakes malfunctioned putting my son and I at risk. We were told that there was nothing they could do because we were far away from a centre. After my travel agent fought with head office they then helped. It was a high risk situation for my son and I. I think they are an atrocious company!!!

I rented a vehicle from the 49th Street Budget location in Manhattan through a prepaid reservation. I arrived ten minutes early, and then waited 55 minutes. In that time, the manager and one employee managed to work with two parties total. When it was my turn to be helped, the employee at the desk was unable to complete my rental because she hadn't been properly trained. We had to wait for the manager (who had simply disappeared from the counter despite a line that reached all the way out the door of the office by this point). It took a further fifteen minutes for them to find a car that was actually available for me to use.

When I finally had the rental agreement in my hand I was sent out front on 49th street to wait for my car. I waited for half an hour. At one point I asked the Budget employee who occasionally appeared outside what was going on - he simply grunted "it'll come up eventually" and walked away. When the car finally did come up he pointed to it and walked away. I asked "that's my car?" He gave me a disgusted look over his shoulder and continued to walk away. I figured it was safe to assume that was his way of telling me it was indeed my car. It was an hour and a half after my scheduled pick up that I was finally driving away in the rental vehicle.

The pickup was a poor experience to say the least but it doesn't stop there. Despite having prepaid the reservation, Avis Budget charged me again for the rental when I returned the car. Being double charged is an unpleasant hassle at the best of times, but it's extremely frustrating when the company has provided substandard service. I emailed customer service twice and called both my drop off location and customer service twice in order to sort this out. The emails were ignored (unsurprising given how clearly apathetic Avis Budget is to their customers' experiences; or perhaps it speaks to the company's inability to handle the high volume of emails they are receiving from dissatisfied customers every single day).

I finally did reach an Avis Budget representative on the phone. Unfortunately, she was incapable of listening and went on at length about how I was at fault for "changing my reservation", which resulted in the double charge... When she finally honored my request to stop talking over me so I could explain the situation to her - she understood that I had not made any changes to my reservation, Budget had simply taken my prepayment and then charged me again when I returned the vehicle. She agreed to refund the double charge.

I thanked her. And then expressed my lack of confidence in a company that would double charge and not take responsibility and apologize for doing so. She refused to apologize on behalf of her employers and informed me that it "wasn't their fault." Apparently, it's par for the course with Avis Budget to at least try and get away with ripping off their customers. Examine your charges carefully from this company if you must use them, but my recommendation is to avoid Avis Budget at all costs. I certainly will from now on.

Ready to enjoy our trip to Disney, we gathered our luggage and proceeded to pick up our Budget Rental Car. We proceeded to the desk only to find a VERY long line with 3-4 employees working. After an hour, we finally made it to the desk. Once at the desk, the rep requested the last 4 of the Visa we used to book the car. I provided this info and he stated that was not correct. He then stated that I had one more chance to provide the last 4 of another Visa card I used or my reservation would be cancelled. I provided the only other Visa card I had and he said no, your reservation was cancelled and they would charge me a $150 cancellation fee. What? I didn't cancel it, you did. Either way, I pulled up my credit card statement to prove that the last 4 digits I originally provided were correct and they stated that I'd have to call corporate to get a new reservation and have them waive the fee. After another hour, I finally had my car.

After receiving my car, I mentioned to the person working the gate that it had stains on the seats. He mentioned that he would notate this and we were on our way. We had the car for a couple of days with no issues, that was until I started seeing roaches in the trunk. I killed one the first day and thought we were in the clear. As time went on, I kept seeing more of them. I figured I didn't want to waste more time dealing with the Budget reps and figured we were only using it to go to and from the parks, so I kept the car. We wrapped our luggage in a bunch of bags to keep from bringing the roaches home and notified the rep when returning the car of the issue and he mentioned that it would be notated.

Once we returned back home, I provided a very poor review. They sent me 2 $25 coupons that expire in a month. Wow, they are so generous. That same day the coupons arrived, I also received a $75 bill for excessive soiling on the seats. Are you kidding me? I reported this when I got the car. I called the customer service number and the woman was very unhelpful. I requested to speak with a manager and she stated they would have to call me back since none were available. I WILL NEVER RENT FROM BUDGET AGAIN.

We found that the make up mirror inside the passenger visor was already broken. When we noticed it sometime between August 1st and 5th, we reported this to the attendant. When we turned the car in, now we are getting charged $108 to repair it. We have told them three times we did not break it.

We rented car in Budget Czech republic based in airport last year/2015. We paid 800 euro /20.000 CZK. Car was with a little damage on bumper which we were told and was written on our contract. We gave them car back and deposit was given back few days later, because car was given back in same conditions. 3 weeks later they take 200 euro from my boyfriend account without any authorization saying, that they take money because the little scratch on bumper/which we didn't even did, because our deposit was given back...

Seems like is normal procedure to take money from your acct. whenever they want. I try to contact them and I've been told to write everything in email, which I did, but there was answer, that bumper was damage and that's it. Far away from professionalism and I will never ever recommend this place to anyone. I'm renting cars really often in Czech and Slovakia, so I know what professionalism should look like. :)

I called Budget to rent a car because my car was in the body Shop. I was told on the phone I only needed my driver's licence and debit card. Well needless to say I believed them. I had a reservation for noon the next day. I called before I went to pick up the car. The customer service rep told me the same thing. I go to pick up the car and I'm told my credit score was not high enough to rent the car with my debit card. I was told this in front of other people. I was so embarrassed! They could have told me this when I called to rent the car! I could have went to Enterprise to rent my car with a deposit! I would never recommend Budget to anyone. I get the policy, but tell people on the phone before hand! Bad customer service!!!

These people really don't know what they are doing... They invoice incorrectly for amounts not quoted on their "booking confirmation". They seem unable to do simple arithmetic, charge incorrectly, take inordinate time to give refunds back and still do not refund correctly. The first car provided gave trouble... The replacement was OK but they attempted to charge more for it even though they had no replacement car in the same category... Keep away from BUDGET/AVIS in Cape Town...

My family and I have rented three vehicles from Budget and they have nice vehicles. All vehicles I rented were a 2012 Chevy Impala, a 2013 Dodge Durango, and a 2014 Ford Explorer. All vehicles were fully loaded to the max. Especially the Explorer. I like when rental companies do this because it makes a 7 hour ride feel like a dream. With rear heated seats, rear vents, and ambient lighting, my kids feel more comfortable and they're not always kicking my seat or asking Google, "Okay Google. How long will it take to get to blah, blah, blah?" They don't even need to put a movie in! When they do, they say it's more comfortable than the theaters! Sweet! They finally like a vehicle! Now, I would purchase a vehicle like this, but I'm not constantly hauling kids around, or going on long trips. Which is why I rent! And I only rent from Budget!

I had a horrible experience with this company. I checked in at the Santa Ana/Orange County customer service window and definitely was not impressed with the customer service representative. I went below to pick up the car, and that whole interaction was no more than 15 seconds. The gentleman said "Here, sign this. Here's your keys." I walked out to the car and left, no inspection, nothing. When I returned the car I was not even parked when the attendant came out and pointed to the right front bumper, and kept saying over and over, "Damage." There were scratches in the paint.

I told her that I didn't damage the car, that nothing happened while I drove it. She got her supervisor, who came out and told me that I damaged the car and had to fill out an accident report. I told her that I definitely didn't damage it, that the scratches must have been there before. She asked me if I had an inspection before I took the car, and I told her no, that the Budget employee didn't come out at all to inspect anything, and did not tell me I needed to inspect it. The customer service agent was extremely rude and condescending the entire conversation. As I was leaving the office area the 3 employees at the counter began laughing at me and rolling their eyes. I will never use this company again. Their customer service is horrible and the whole experience felt dishonest to me.

I will NEVER rent from Budget again. The vehicle they gave me was really nice and I rented it at a much lower price than other major rental agencies were offering a similar vehicle for. I should've know then that it was too good to be true. I returned the vehicle HOURS earlier than I was supposed to with a full tank of gas (which was verified by the employee who checked me back in). Two weeks later, I noticed Budget had charged me over $100 additional. I call them and was told that the vehicle I'd rented had to be refueled, and that I returned the vehicle a day later than I was supposed to! The slick SOBs referred to my rental agreement which states in fine print that if the vehicle was refueled, then a receipt verifying that should be provided. In other words, I have to show them a receipt of gas purchase as proof of refueling instead of their paid employees checking that gas level upon check in. It's a total scam!

So I urge my family, friends and anyone who reads this to rent from anywhere other than Budget. If you still choose to support this fraud of a company, please keep ALL receipts, have the check-in employee signed something verifying that you're returning their vehicle, record the exchange, take pictures of the gas level... all things that a CUSTOMER should not have to do! My next stop is the Better Business Bureau.

I rented a car with Budget and when I received the car showed one of the tires need it air. I was there at the site still and told them about this situation. The gentlemen told me do not worry they are going to check the air in all four tires. When they took about 30 minutes to check the car. Then I drove about 200 miles and the red light turn on again for the same flat tire and a signal " maintenance required". When I returned the rental car I told them that the car had a flat tire since I got it and they knew without telling me the truth.

In addition to this dilemma, the person that receive the car gave me a different price when I reserved. I asked him why and he mentioned well if you want to do arrangements you need to go to talk to them at the counter. When I told them about my experience with this car about flat tire and maintenance require sign she told me, "Why did you not change the car when you bought the insurance?" I go, "What insurance are you talking about?" "The protection for damage, etc." Anyway the rental car went up for $300 dlls. more. All this service with Budget was a nightmare. I would never rent a car with them and read all small words before you sign the contract.

When I picked up my rental car at the Columbus OH airport, the gentleman was very nice. He asked if I needed insurance and I said no. When he handed me my rental agreement, I saw only that it was for the rate that I had been quoted, $183 for 4 days. What I didn't notice, and what wasn't pointed out was that he had indeed charged me for an extra $50/day in insurance that I had specifically not authorized. Unfortunately, I had initialed the contract per his instruction (you know, sign here, initial here, etc.) and did not catch the mistake.

When I went to drop the car off and noticed the extra charges, I was of course upset. The manager was completely unhelpful and refused to remove the charges. I will never use Budget again and I encourage everyone to avoid them and beware. If you have to use them, read the contracts over and dispute any hidden or unquoted charges upfront. The whole thing seemed like a scam to me, and from reading forums it seems like I am not the only one this has happened to.

Worst rental experience ever. Car covered in bird **. Vehicle inside was not clear. Returned vehicle and the idiots held my $100 security deposit for a week. The clerk said I had to call the 1-800 number to get my money back. The 1-800 rep said call the Sears location. The Sears location clerk said call this number... It was the home number of a nasty mean female store manager who when I told her I would never rent from Budget again, she said great and started screaming that we call her cell phone. WHAT A PISS POOR COMPANY!!!

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Lauren Fix is an automotive expert who earned the title of The Car Coach, and is recognized throughout all forms of media as a woman with in-depth knowledge on vehicles, technology, automotive finance, repair and trends. Founder of Automotive Aspects, Inc., her understanding of automobiles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print and the internet. She writes a column for multiple outlets including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on all the major news and morning shows discussing the latest updates on cars that will help drivers of all ages learn to about cars and make smart decisions.    More about Lauren→

Founded in 1958 to appeal to the cost-conscious consumer, Budget is one of the most popular car rental brands. It serves renters in over 120 countries from its more than 3,000 locations. Budget is owned by Avis Rental Car.

  • Business-friendly rates: Business customers can save up to 30 percent on car rentals with a BudgetBusinessProgram account.
  • Prepay and save: For customers who book and pay in advance, the Pay Now rate saves up to 35 percent on the cost.
  • Inexpensive no-show fee: At Budget, the fee for a no-show is only $50 on a missed pickup; everything else is refunded.
  • Discounts: Active duty, retired military and their families can all save up to 25 percent on rentals. AARP members can enjoy savings of up to 30 percent off Budget base rates when renting a vehicle from a participating location in the contiguous U.S. and Canada. Rent a car for up to four consecutive days, including a Saturday night, and save $20.
  • Fast reservations: Budget advertises a 60-second reservation process, letting travelers reserve the vehicle of their choice on the go and in just a minute.
  • Truck rental: Budget features a reliable, diverse commercial truck fleet, nearly 1,900 convenient U.S. locations, daily, weekly, monthly, local and one-way rentals for business or moving.
  • Best for Military individuals and families, vacationers, business travelers, those with cars in repair and temporary workers looking for a discounted rate.

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