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Rented a vehicle online through Costco for $213.16. Picked up my vehicle and signed for my car (I thought) that I had reserved online. I was asked about gas as well as an upgrade which I declined. I noticed through my bank that a charge of $476 was on my account. I though it was for the additional hold which I didn't dispute. I returned the vehicle full of gas and cleaned.

After 2 days I noticed that my account was charged the full amount. When I inquired, I was told I had signed up for their Loss/Damage Waiver. Not only was I deceived but I was not even informed of any such waiver during my transaction with the attendant (**). When I called their customer svc not only did they drop the ball but I guess thought I'd go away silently and not complain. I told them I would inform others to never rent from them, contacting COSTCO on their deception and filing a complaint with BBB. Now I know why they received so many complaints and an "F" from the BBB. Never rent from these crooks!

My daughter booked a rental car to be picked up at the Calgary airport several months ago using her air miles account. When we arrived at the Budget counter we were told that we couldn't use her air miles combined with my credit card. I have never encountered this problem before but I fully accept that it is Budget's right to have rules. What I will not accept is the nasty, rude treatment we received at the hands of the Budget employee whose name tag read Simer. She did not greet us when we arrived, she refused to make eye contact and said in a flat monotone that we could either pay for a car rental or go down the row and rent from the next company.

When I asked to speak to a supervisor she declined saying that there was no point as he/she would not be able to help (It was not my intention to have their policy changed. I wanted to discuss face to face the employee's poor attitude with her supervisor). A four day rental which we had anticipated would cost $85 in fees cost $423. I am much less concerned with this blatant ripoff than I am at being treated so shabbily. As a consumer I expect that employees who sell me a service on behalf of their company treat me with courtesy and respect.

I am so sick and disgusted with Budget. They are huge scammers. Read the reviews and DO NOT RENT from them. Horrible nightmare. My rental car experience started off fine. It wasn't until I returned the car and the next day got a charge for 121.60. Budget said it was for fuel charges. I brought the car back on full and my receipt says full. Budget tried to modify my receipt and say that I brought it back 1/8 full. Right now I'm playing this game where they want me produce a receipt for my fuel. Tell me who keeps receipt from fuel. Luckily it was put on card. Customer service is rude, disrespectful and nasty. They don't deserve one star.

Terrible, terrible, rude customer service who are clearly trained to discourage people to dispute any fees on the bill. This company will do anything to add charges to the bill fraudulently unless you take your time to notice what they have done.

Rented from budget at Miami Airport. During my trip I had a last-minute change in my return flight, instead of leaving from Miami, I had to leave from Fort Lauderdale, approximately 25 minutes away. I contacted Budget to ask if I can return my car to Fort Lauderdale airport instead of Miami. They said of course, no problem, will be a $10 change of reservation fee. Awesome, perfectly reasonable. Then I was told there is a fee of $300 to change drop off location!!! Am I the first person who ever had to change plans? Did they think I would be the first person to pay $300 to drop the car off 25 minutes away??? They would not waive the fee. Ok, maybe I should have read the fine print, I can accept that, but $300 is loan sharking. I purchased the car insurance policy, it would have cost $0 if the car was totaled or stolen. It would cost $300 to return the car in perfect condition. Hmmmmm...

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I flew in New York on Friday, reserved a rental with Budget at (LGA) airport for pickup Saturday morning... I planned a day with my aunt who is disabled and in a wheelchair. We took Access-a-Ride there. Once at the counter I presented my I.D., round trip itinerary and debit card. The employee swiped my card and told me I was denied because of credit. I called the 800 number for further details and was told that was Budget's policy. I explained we didn't have wheelchair accessible transportation back to the airport. I was told we were on our own providing a way back to the airport. It's 2016 and Budget's airport shuttle cannot accommodate disabled passengers. After an hour the shuttle driver helped me lift her onto the bus and into a seat. That took us another 30 minutes to due to the bus not being able to dump its air bags to lower the vehicle curbside height...

Made reservations with budget/avis for a ford focus and when we arrived were told they no longer had that car so we were put in a nissan versa. Note - very small uncomfortable car. As we were planning to attend a funeral out of state the time for arguing was not an option. The credit was precharged 291.00. Upon returning was told that we would be charged for vehicle cleaning was told that we had smoked in the car having my 8 yr old grandson in the car. This was not done therefore we were charged 165.00 for that plus another 291.00 making the rental charge being billed for twice and an unauthorized charge on a closed account. Have never been treated so poorly and had money stolen from us in this fashion. I would never recommend even to my worst enemy to do business with budget avis as they feel they can take money from you without your permission and customer service was zero at best.

JEROLD - at SAN FRANCISCO INTL APO. I entered USA on February 20, 2016 at SF International Airport. I had reserved and fully prepaid a rental car thru ArgusCarHire/CarTrawler. At the Budget counter I met the nicest employee who gave me the rental car in an efficient way and even without trying to sell any extras or options. He, Jerold, just told me; "seems it is all prepaid for, and you are good to go". I only had to use my credit card, as is usual, for their warranty and eventual fines or whatever that could occur during rental. I signed electronically on a pad.

Only after returning back to Europe the additional charge showed up on my credit card. I had obviously "purchased" some optional insurance for 110$. Only later I understood what had happened. The Budget employee, Jerold, had shown me one printed contract on the counter without any additional charges but then when I signed electronically on the pad he placed my electronic signature on another rental agreement in the computer that had the charge for optional insurance included. I would like to warn everyone of this way of performing swindle - especially if you are going to rent a car of Jerold in San Francisco Intl APO. I have been contacting ArgusCarHire/CarTrawler, Budget and Visa over the past 4 months but I have not been able to resolve the issue yet.

I rented a car for 16 days from Tucson Airport location. We were scheduled to pick our car up at 3:00 and were not in our car until 4:30. The wait was unreal and there was only 1 representative helping customers. REALLY!!! By the time I had gotten up to the counter I was a little on the frustrated side. The clerk was friendly but was also dealing with another upset customer, therefore, was not paying close attention to our needs. In the midst, I had refused any and all extra insurance but she had accepted one that has cost me 450.00. My agreement was not read to me or explained, just told to initial and sign, which I did. However, due to my irritated state I just signed the agreement assuming she had done our agreement correctly. She did not.

I called customer service once I figured it out, I was in a different state. I was told to take it back to the location where I rented the vehicle and have it taken off, which was out of the question. Anyway, when I returned the vehicle I talked to a manager on duty and he said he couldn't refund that amount. I was told I would need to talk to the airport manager, she would call me back.

Well, 2 days later she never did. So we went back down there to talk to the airport manager. She was unable to do anything because I signed the agreement, which I kinda figured but thought she would be somewhat helpful or something. NO, she treated me like a child and was helping me read the agreement (because as a teacher I don't know how to read). She was not apologetic that her employee had made a mistake but very cold and just treated us poorly. The airport manager told us, "Had we taken the car to a Budget rental location they could have taken it off the agreement". That is not what I was told from customer service. Had we known that we passed by SEVERAL Budget locations. She was the worst part of the whole experience. If you can rent a car from anywhere else, I would. The car itself was a good car, but the customer service is terrible and unaccommodating. We will NEVER rent from Budget again.

I am writing as someone who completely 100% regrets renting a car from Budget and who feels, rightfully so, that I have been not only robbed of my time but also my money. I elected to rent a from Budget and booked through Costco for 2 drivers. I selected to pick the car up at noon on a Sunday and return it at noon the following Sunday. I arranged for a ride to take me to pick up the rental car, where after waiting in line for more than a half hour was informed that if I were to pick up the car without the second driver, that the second driver could not be added later.

I left and begun the process of waiting on hold on the phone for the Budget 1-800 number for over an hour to be informed that the counter worker was incorrect and I could have picked up the car and stopped back at any budget to add the second driver. At this point I had lost my ride to pick up the car. I had to wait for the other driver to get out of work to go pick up the rental car, 5 hours later. Was given an "upgrade" for this.

I went to the car. I was told to go to and noticed that the interior was dirty and that it was missing the E-ZPass that it was supposed to have. When I went to leave the lot you have to go through a gate, and I informed the attendant that the car both had not been vacuumed and that it was missing the E-ZPass... she told me that I could go back and wait in line again and get a different car if I wanted. I elected to not do this as I was already running an hour and a half late, because of not being able to pick up the car at noon. I then had to drive back home and pack the rental car and leave almost 3 hours later than planned, which resulted in me not getting to my destination until after 3am, which meant I could barely sleep, etc. I am still unhappy about this.

I used the car for the week I had rented it and got back into town the Saturday night before I needed to turn in the car the next day. I did not bring an animal into the car. On Sunday when I went to return the car I read the agreement to say that the car had to be returned at noon as my reservation said (rather than at 5 when I picked it up because of a Budget employee being mis-informed). I took out my daughter's car seat and noticed that the interior could really use a vacuum but I did not have time to vacuum the car and get back by noon.

I turned the car in and then almost one month later noticed a charge for $150 on my account. I called the Budget 1-800 number and was told I was being charged for "excessive pet hair" in the vehicle. They told me there is nothing they can do and to go to the counter where I rented the car. I looked up online what Budget states is their pet policy, being: "Do you permit pets in the rental car? Answer: Housebroken pets are invited to travel in your rental car, just as they do in your personal car. Although Budget doesn't assess an extra fee for pets, pet owners will incur an additional charge for any damage caused by animals, or any special cleaning required as a result of shedding or accidents." I was told at the counter, which I have recorded that: "unfortunately I could not return those charges" and "when there is pet hair in a car we always charge up to $250."

I did not have a pet in the rental car so this should be irrelevant to my situation as I was given a dirty car (as I have been given in the past by other rental car companies... no big deal) But what this tells me is that housebroken pets are NOT invited to travel in Budget Rental Cars, and if they do, they WILL be assessed an additional fee, it will just be done in the same manner as a thief who steals your credit card number.

I submitted a complaint with the BBB and at first the response was that the charges have been refunded and then it was followed up with "My apology, Justin **, I misread the information on the rental contract. You are disputing the charges with your credit card company and Budget has supplied documentation to support the charges for the pet hair. Charges are currently in dispute status. I have attached the photographs that were taken when the vehicle was returned. Justin **, Budget did institute a cleaning fee for pet hair in the vehicle over 5 years ago. Customers are asked to return vehicle in the manner it was received. If the vehicle is returned with pet hair, a charge is applied."

So in the last week I have eventually been reimbursed for ~£476 through my car rental excess insurance for a scratch the car got now over 6 months ago. I have no beef with the insurers though that could have been more efficient. My beef is with Budget-Avis. And my frustration is a consequence of three different issues: when is a scratch not wear-and-tear, why was I forced to take a much larger car than I had booked, and was my car known to be defective. I ran out of oil 40 min short of Exeter Airport.

First of all, in my mid-fifties, this was my first experience of renting a car. So for all you regular car renters I imagine you will be saying this is just par for the course. I rented a VW Golf as this is in the same size class as my Astra. I checked online through the live chat and was assured that this was the only model in that size class.

I arrived at Exeter airport about 9:30pm knowing that the Budget-Avis offices would be closing up about 10pm. It was dark (January) and pouring with rain. I was offered a VW Passat, a much larger car than I wanted, and given no alternative when I said I wanted a smaller car. I was told where to find the car and it was explained to me that I had until 10am on the next morning to check over the car for scratches (since it was dark). It was still raining on the next morning but I did check the car over and I did not see the ultimately reported scratch I am prepared to accept that the chances are that the scratch did happen while the car was in my possession.

I returned the car 4 days later and a person was already there to check my car over before I had even parked. He pointed out the scratch and I signed a docket to that effect. I photographed the scratch myself but it was one of those scratches that if you rubbed across with your wet finger (it was still raining!) the scratch would temporarily disappear. I asked whether this would be charged and the guy said he did not know, it would be up to his supervisor. Within 5 days I seldom check my credit bill online I realised that £476 had already been taken from my credit card. I presume they are totally within their rights to do this but should they not have contacted me before they did this, especially as I was not led to believe that a charge was inevitable or even likely? I immediately sent an email requesting some feedback and I think it was several weeks before anyone contacted me.

Regarding the scratch, I would guess that someone getting out of a car beside my car touched it with a zip or buckle on a coat or bag. There is really only one place I left the car where this could have happened. So is this not wear-and-tear? I seem to remember a definition on one of the forms of a scratch having to be less than 2.5cm for it to be considered wear-and-tear, and my scratch was admittedly longer than that. So Budget-Avis forced me to take a car I did not want and then charged me for a scratch without even warning me about it. They claim (rightly) that I was upgraded at no extra cost, but that is not the point: this was not like being upgraded to First Class on a flight - I did not want the larger car, it was not what I had booked.

My final gripe and I would love to hear of anyone who has had this same issue with this car - the oil warning lights came on when I was 40 min short of Exeter Airport on my return. How can a new car guzzle so much oil? When my son connected to the radio by Bluetooth, he showed me that someone had named the car The Polluter. Now this could well be reference to VWs recent revelations, or it could have been an irate renter who had the same issue as me. Also, the women at Exeter Airport Budget check-in asked me how far I was likely to be driving. Is this a regular question? I could not see how it was their business. Did I sense a certain unease when I said "to Land's End and back" not a "long drive" in the circumstances?

When the oil light came on I was not sure whether it was just a standard warning after, say, 10,000 miles. But I pulled in, phoned Budget and AA got me going again 1 and a half hours later. And yes, there was no oil left in the car. Now I always give myself time in case of emergencies like this so I did not miss my flight, but what if I had decided to drive on, would I have had to pay up for a new engine for a fault that has to be a Budget maintenance issue? And did they know beforehand that there was an issue with this car?

All in all I have to give Budget-Avis a huge thumbs-down on service. Also they were very slow to provide answers to queries from my Rental Excess Insurers. It seems that when they say they will reply to queries within 4 weeks, that means every query adds another 4 weeks, and another. Considering the inconveniences they put me to with the wrong car, then a defective car and a potential missed flight I would have thought that they might have dropped the scratch charge or offered a free rental next time. But no, they just said I got an upgrade at no extra charge. Whoopee for that apology!

I booked the car online - the estimated price was 311. I paid closer to 550.00 for the car - for 4 days! THE car was ok, clean. What they don't tell you is about the taxes, fees. Pay close attention to what the rental man says - they must work on commission because he took us for all he could. Not the kind of person you would want as a friend. No morales. I do not know how these people sleep at night.

WORST CAR RENTAL EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Night 1, I called beforehand to make sure my PREMIUM BUICK VERANO would still be there because my flight was delayed and they told me I had 12 hours that my car was secured. I had left eastern CT at noon, driven to JFK airport where I sat from 4 pm - 10 pm then sat on a 5.5 hour flight across country getting in at 12:15 am instead of 9 pm. I was EXHAUSTED and had missed 1 night of my 2 day vacation already. The last thing I needed was a rude clerk giving me a DIFFERENT AND DENTED VERY DAMAGED TOYOTA CAMRY with a broken mirror for my premium rental!!!

Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, each time I went to her to get a car that wasn't damaged, she gave me worse and worse cars! I finally just took the least awful choice that had white Xs on it for damages. Then, I got an extension on my flight and tried to get an extension on my car rental that cost me $92 for 2 days rental all total price and Budget tried to push me to pay $240 for 1 more day! THAT IS INSANE!!! They made me return the car then because I had returned the car, I couldn't re-rent the car that was sitting with my stuff still in it in the garage as I was upstairs at the counter trying to get a car to go to the party I was 3 hours late for at that point in my ruined vacation as a result of how HORRIBLE BUDGET IS!

So, I walked over to another car rental place who gave me a FREE UPGRADE FOR MY TROUBLES WITH YOUR CAR RENTAL PLACE WHICH YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE to at least get me the car I rented in the first place! I had to drive around for another hour trying to find the stupid car that had all my stuff in it and then finally go to my party, the entire reason I was in Arizona at all - yet I was MISSING OUT ON BECAUSE OF YOU after night 1 missing out on the only half hour I could have had that night with my other friend who was waiting for me that night. Budget is horrible. Never again.

I reserved a full size car online. When I got there none were available. The car I was given was obviously not cleaned as well as should of been. I did not complain about it (turns out I should have) because when we brought it back they charged us a 250.00 cleaning fee. They said there was pet hair on the floor even though we had no pet in the car. Lesson learned, unless you plan on doing their job of maintaining their vehicles I wouldn't be renting from this company!

I ask this as a brief question to ALL... Do you feel that big companies that are getting BIGGER are becoming more and more detached from assisting you when YOU (Lord forbid) CALL them and ASK for assistance. They redirect you, call/try again later, and/or they push you in the direction of their emotionally detached "website," where you MUST PROVE that you're not a ROBOT, but when you call them they answer your call with a robot.

If they cannot help me before I am transferred (again), I ask them to update comments on my Rental Agreement Record, so as to SHOW that I'm attempting to reduce/resolve ANY possible discrepancies, only to discover later on by A DIFFERENT REP that they DO not place any comments as to what difficulties you're attempting to fix/resolve/prevent. Sad... My 2005 Mustang Convertible engine blew out, and the rental was to get me to and from work, while I find out what I must do... FOCUS on fixing vehicle or buy another... Now this RENTAL nightmare takes away from other priorities.

DO NOT RESERVE A TRUCK FROM BUDGET. IT DOESN'T MEAN A THING TO HAVE A CONFIRMATION NUMBER. You should know that Budget takes reservations for you to rent a truck to move, but does not feel obligated in any way when they cannot meet their obligation to you. I rented a truck and had people coming from 50 miles to help us move. Budget felt no obligation when they could not meet the reservation that I made with them. I talked to 4 different people and was told the same story. They were sorry, but there was nothing they could do.

I even suggested that when a airlines overbooks, they offer money toward future travel or to help you find another airline. I even want to make a special "shout out" to Amy the regional coordinator here in the Salt Lake City area who even yelled at me during our conversation. So please, whatever you do, do not rent from Budget. Instead use U-Haul. The experience we had with them went very well, we were very grateful that there is a moving business who actually does meet their commitments.

Every time I rent from Budget, no matter what I try, they always charge me twenty dollars or so in tolls. They have the worst customer service than any other business. I guess I am going to start taping construction paper over the SunPass. I hate them bastards.

Needed an SUV over Memorial weekend. Decided to go online and book well in advance to make sure I had a reservation for such a busy holiday. Paid $814.34 by credit card and got a confirmation email with a confirmation number. Breathed a sigh of relief because I had to be in Chicago on a certain day. Went to the airport to pick up the car only to be told they had no cars. NO CARS. I said they had to because I had paid in advance. "Sorry ma'am, no cars. What would you like us to do?" To which I replied "Find me a car." They explained that the online reservation department gets a commission for reserving a car and that they will take your reservation knowing full well that there may or may not be a car there when you arrive. They advised me to call them and try to get my money back.

When I then called the online reservation department, they put the blame back on the airport saying they don't keep up with their inventory online very well, and it makes it hard to accurately rent the cars. Okay, okay, okay, somebody needs to take responsibility and refund my money. That was May 24th. It is July 1 and the charge is still on my credit card. I have disputed it, it was taken off temporarily, and RECHARGED because they say they gave me a car. I am supposed to somehow prove I did not receive the car. I have proof that on that same day I rented a car for the exact same trip from National, because Budget did not have a car. Not good enough. I will never ever rent from this company again. They stole $813.34 from me. Buyer beware.

I rented a car from Budget in Vancouver (BC) airport (YVR). When returning the keyless entry car, I forgot to return the keys. I found the keys in my pocket an hour later when sitting in the plane before lift off. I gave the keys to the airline desk to return and she did it but a couple of days later. Now they charged me $325 for late key return. Absolutely unfair.

Deceptive practices. Charged for Insurance that we weren't even asked about. Billed an additional $13.99 for driving 0 - 74 miles (what??), billed 11% fee for allowing them to fill our tank. Initial estimate to rent for 4 days was $195, we were charge $445!! After reading the below reviews I am contacting a lawyer to set up a class action suit as we obviously were not the only ones this happened to. I used to trust Budget Rental... they are now crooks!

Simple. I was attempting to rent a car on their web, budget.com. When at the payment page, I put all my debit card info. Error. Redo. I did this 3 times. All of which, failed. But, Budget took the money from my debit card. I never completed the rental request. I have made 9 phone calls to billing. I am lied to to every time I call. My bank is not helpful either. It took 90 seconds to take $300.00. I'm at 4 days, and cannot get a " Release Hold". Pitiful. I thought Lizzy Warren fixed these things from happening to us. Another disappointment.

Horrible, horrible, horrible! My reservation for a small SUV was made online. When I arrived for pick up, a small SUV was not available. They said they could upgrade me to a mid-size SUV at no extra cost. I was charged $193.69 for the upgrade!! Over 100 calls made, many of which I was disconnected, given a different # and name of person to contact or told they would get back to me. Not one call was returned. As a single mom every dollar counts and customer service at Budget could care less. My last call, I spoke with supervisor Kimberly who left me on hold for 15 minutes. She was rude and dismissive. She said they had discounted the original cost of an upgrade (what happened to upgrade at no charge?) and that they would have to uphold the extra charge of $193.69. I will not be a returning customer to Budget.

I prepaid for a car hire reservation between 16th-19th June 2016 for pick up at BUDGET Car Rental at Marseille Airport. When I arrived I had to wait nearly an hour in line to get to the reservation counter. They asked for my prepaid rental voucher, which I produced. Which was to prepaid IN FULL cover the rental IN FULL. Rental Location: Marseille, Marseille Provence Airport. I was asked if I wanted any additional insurance or cover upgrade, to which I said NO. I was charged a HELD deposit of € 323.12 Euros. Which I was categorically told in no uncertain terms that the amount of € 323.12 Euros was just being pre-authorized AND would be refunded in FULL upon return of the car.

Immediately after collecting the car at 13/06/2016 I checked my credit card online statement to confirm the amount had came off my balance. Upon returning the car on 19/06/2016 I went into the Budget office for another 45 minute wait and was ushered out to the parking zone and was told that I didn't need to come in the office, that I could have just left the keys with one of the outside attendants. After looking at the car both the attendant and office staff member confirmed the car was undamaged and that it had been returned with a full tank of petrol.

I asked to confirm if I needed to reenter the office with my credit card and was told it was not necessary and that the pre-authorized deposit would be RETURNED IN FULL!!! After returning home in the UK and checking my credit card statement online on 20th June 2016 I could see by my increased balance that the Pre-Authorized amount had been returned in full.

I was VERY PLEASED with Budget, so much so I gave them a good customer feedback rating. SADLY that changed when I realized on the 22nd of June 2016, the BUDGET had illegally retaken an amount of € 266.97 Euros off of my credit card taking me over my limit and incurring charges. I called to talk to a customer service rep, and she was extremely rude, did not let me talk and talked over me.

When I told her I was going to file a complaint, her answer, "Go ahead." I am as upset with how I have been treated than I am about having money taken. I will never do business with Budget again and recommend on all the complaints and consumer websites that others should also NOT use Budget. There are many more car rental places I can choose from. They have very poor customer service.

We called the local office in San Diego this morning to see if we could drop the car off closer than the airport and they said we could but when we arrived they informed us they had a $300 drop off fee. This is crazy considering that we have a 26 foot moving van and are now having to drive another 1/2 hour to the airport with this huge van to drop off the car. We travel a lot and rent cars often but we won't be using Budget again. The fee is just unreasonable and it's terrible customer service. I'll be sure to tell everyone I know about how bad they are.

We got a quote from Budget for a rent car for a vacation. At the end they charged our credit card an additional $240.00 for up charges. They said we picked up the car at the wrong location. We called them when we got credit card bill. They said there was nothing they could do. On Budget's website, on their Reserved Rate Promise guarantee states "Budget promises that the car rental rate on your Budget.com reservation is the rate you'll be charged". What a bunch of liars. Do not trust Budget. Their words on their website are meaningless.

I prepaid for a reservation in January for a wedding in Philadelphia in May. When I arrived I had to wait over an hour in line to get to the reservation counter. They asked for my original card, but I couldn't provide that last four digits because my credit card company had sent me a replacement card with different numbers. They cancelled my original contract and the only thing they could do was offer me a walk in rate. It was more than double. I was asked if I wanted insurance, which I said NO. I was charged for the insurance anyway, and when I tried to call to complain, I was given a case number and said I would be charged the original fee, not the walk in fee.

After getting my credit card statement I found out I was charged the higher fee. I called to talk to a customer service rep, and she was extremely rude, did not let me talk and talked over me. When I told her I was going to file a complaint, her answer, "Go Ahead." I am more upset with how I have been treated than I am about being charged for insurance I did not order. I will never do business with Budget again, there are many more car rental places I can choose from. They have very poor customer service.

NEVER use Budget!! Picked up a prepaid car at DFW airport. Michael at the counter gave us a Ford Explorer and said no upcharge, no charges were to be added for getting this SUV. Two days into our vacation I noticed $184 in charges extra being processed on my credit card. I called and the representative said I signed to upgrade and if I wanted to change vehicle after we were 500 miles away. I called after our vacation and the rep said I would get a refund. Never saw it. I called again and said it was "denied." Unbelievable thieves and very fraudulent!!!

I was wrong. The fee paid in San Francisco was for leaving the car at another place than we had left it, not for Emergency Roadside Service. Sorry.

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I hired a car from Budget's place at Portland International Airport on June 10th. I had paid everything in advance through Rental.cars, including Emergency Roadside Service so I said, "No thanks" three times when the man in charge asked me about this type of insurance. Then I was requested to sign the contract on a screen immediately - there was a queue behind me and I hadn't even got the paper version of the contract. When I left the car in San Francisco ten days later the lady just said everything was OK. Not until I've come home to Sweden have I realized that I have been charged USD 128 for the insurance I had said no to. The man in Portland obviously put it in all the same. We had wonderful days in the U.S., but this incident darkens the impression.

I rented a car at the Monroe Louisiana airport. Hours after returning the car I received a call asking if I had lost a coin purse. Turns out my Louis Vuitton wallet had fallen under the front seat. The person checking/cleaning the car turned the wallet in to the service counter. Manager Victor ** returned the wallet to me via FedEx 4 days later. What an awesome team!!! I will definitely rent from Budget again.

Short answer to this type of situation is unbelievable. When the office at Austin airport was impossible to reach we were forced to drive back to airport to rent a second car for a journey from San Antonio to Dallas. Yes this did save us a drop off fee of 300.00. Seriously!!! First car was covered with scratches and a serious step down in "full sized" standard. The second car was covered in bird **. Have been sitting in the budget parking lot for an hour.

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Lauren Fix is an automotive expert who earned the title of The Car Coach, and is recognized throughout all forms of media as a woman with in-depth knowledge on vehicles, technology, automotive finance, repair and trends. Founder of Automotive Aspects, Inc., her understanding of automobiles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print and the internet. She writes a column for multiple outlets including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on all the major news and morning shows discussing the latest updates on cars that will help drivers of all ages learn to about cars and make smart decisions.    More about Lauren→

Founded in 1958 to appeal to the cost-conscious consumer, Budget is one of the most popular car rental brands. It serves renters in over 120 countries from its more than 3,000 locations. Budget is owned by Avis Rental Car.

  • Business-friendly rates: Business customers can save up to 30 percent on car rentals with a BudgetBusinessProgram account.
  • Prepay and save: For customers who book and pay in advance, the Pay Now rate saves up to 35 percent on the cost.
  • Inexpensive no-show fee: At Budget, the fee for a no-show is only $50 on a missed pickup; everything else is refunded.
  • Discounts: Active duty, retired military and their families can all save up to 25 percent on rentals. AARP members can enjoy savings of up to 30 percent off Budget base rates when renting a vehicle from a participating location in the contiguous U.S. and Canada. Rent a car for up to four consecutive days, including a Saturday night, and save $20.
  • Fast reservations: Budget advertises a 60-second reservation process, letting travelers reserve the vehicle of their choice on the go and in just a minute.
  • Truck rental: Budget features a reliable, diverse commercial truck fleet, nearly 1,900 convenient U.S. locations, daily, weekly, monthly, local and one-way rentals for business or moving.
  • Best for Military individuals and families, vacationers, business travelers, those with cars in repair and temporary workers looking for a discounted rate.

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