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ALAMO CAR-HIRE ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. My holiday package came with a hire car and it did not come with a GPS so the manager stated he would upgrade me for the price of a GPS for two weeks which was 70 dollars. When I got home ALAMO charged me 450 dollar. I contacted them and they would not refund the money stating I sign for this, when I did not. After two weeks of emails they would only refund 70 dollars. Nightmare, do not use them.

Alamo is the worst, I will never rent from them again. Not only did they charge me twice for the same car. They would not come to me to exchange cars when I had a problem. I had to take time out of my vacation to return the car to the airport and get another one. Their customer service is rude and unprofessional once they get your money.

I have rented a car on the last minute of our cruise at Cozumel Mexico. The agreement is $105.00 including gas fee. Upon arrival at Miami Airport, Chase Bank alert us that there were charges from Alamo of $580.00. This place are very dishonest and really slick. Bad practices of business. I have never experience this in my life. I have travel almost every part of the world and this is the first. I will try to get my money the legal way and top of that I will file a complaint where I live.

I had a reservation on Saturday Sep 03 to pick up a car from Tampa Airport at 9:00 PM. I was in line for at least 45 minutes and when I got to the counter the representative told me there is no more car left for rent! Really, it is almost 10:00PM and everything were closed! That cost me a fortunate because the only company was opened was FOX rental which 6 Miles away from the Airport and I need to returned to the same location which I have no time for this hassle with the shuttle bus! They are just piece of "you know what I mean".

As a young car renter, I was able to get a deal for under $300 with coverage for 4 whole days! I loved my car (had less than 3000 miles on it) and the people at the service were friendly (San Jose Airport). I am definitely going back to Alamo when I need to rent a car!

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I rented a car to drive to my son's Air Force graduation and when I arrived they gave me a wrecked vehicle and refused to give me a different car. The car had a huge dent in it and there were stains all inside the car. The car bounced all over the place while driving it. I contacted corporate back in July and they were contacting the manager to have the money refunded. Hasn't happened. Called corporate back and was told the district manager would contact me and no call from him either. This has been going on since July. DO NOT RENT from this company. I always use Budget but they had all their vehicles in the size I needed rented out.

I will never use Alamo again. Used it at Calgary location for 5 days. Dropped it at 10.30pm as per the contract. They still charged me for one extra day saying that the vehicle was not checked back in till 5.30 am next morning. Never sent any email or any other communication. Just went ahead and charged my cc. Very unprofessional.

4 weeks after returning home from the USA, Alamo continue to take different amounts off our credit card, totaling £125. We have received no explanation why, no letters or emails and do not know why they're doing it. We reported them to our bank as fraudulent transactions but they said it's a "dispute" not fraud. The problem is, we can't get through to Alamo to discuss this dispute! Avoid them entirely. They rip you off and take money from you after you've already paid them a fortune!!!

Do Not Rent from Alamo or Expedia for car rental in Spain. When I arrived at airport, Alamo was closed and I searched everywhere for number to call or someone to contact but no one was available. Every other car rental company was open and I spoke with some of them and they agreed that Alamo should have been open. I had to take taxi to hotel which was quite expensive and then was told the next day that I could come back and get my car, which I did not do because I was over 50 miles away and only needed it 1 more day.

When returning the car for a weekly rental I brought back to Ft. Lauderdale airport they said at 5 am that there was damage to rear bumper. I think they have been doing this to everyone that takes this car out. I saw the damage when I picked up. No one was around to report or paperwork to fill out. The car just came out of car was so they had to see it so it looks like they charged the last person too. What a scam. They charged my card an additional 250 dollars. l think they need to rethink their rental habits or at least give paperwork to fill out when you leave lot. The attendant just in a booth and never gets out to look at car. This company should be reported to the BBC which I am in the process of doing.

We rented a car from Alamo through Expedia at $641.31. Then when we got to our destination in Seattle we were informed our credit card would not swipe. They could not use mine because it was booked under my spouse's name. We had to make a new rental agreement in my name. So with a lot of discussion we ended up renting a car for $683.10. With the understanding that it was in Canadian fund the same as the first rental agreement.

When our bill came in it was $925.80. So I called customer service and spoke to a Natasha that handed me over to a supervisor Linda. She gave me a reference ** and said management from the Seattle branch would contact me. I waited 2 weeks and called back. I spoke to a Stacie which handed me over to a supervisor Dionne. She spoke very low to the point that I said I could not hear her and asked for her to speak louder. She continued to still speak low other than when she found the need to tell me to speak lower. After explaining my concern she simple said there is nothing that could be done about the card not swiping even though it swiped several other time in Seattle and that they would not and could not promise me Canadian currency in the USA. I then asked why I did not get a call back from the first call that I made that I have a reference # for. I asked several time and her response was there was nothing that could be done.

I feel it was very unprofessional for Dionne to respond with that answer and when I requested to speak to someone else she simply said, "Write into our head office and rambled off the address." My advice to you all is if you have to rent from them through a third party make sure if you have problems at Alamo counter you contact your third party before signing any other agreement because once you sign Alamo customer service doesn't care about your concerns.

While traveling to my son's Air Force graduation we reserved a vehicle with these people, but unfortunately, the word (reserved) means absolutely nothing!!! These people are rude, unhelpful, disrespectful, and have an (oh well) attitude. There were 20 or so families in line, all wanting cars because they are there to visit loved ones who are graduating. All but one or two had reserved cars. We were all expecting to get what we reserved... NOPE!!!! This very unpleasant lady comes out and tells us "Too bad folks, we are all out of cars!!!" Now as soon as she said that, the people with reserved vehicles were very unhappy, to say it lightly. However, she did tell us that cars could be delivered to our hotels, and be ready by 530am.

I was almost ready to accept this, that is until we were told that they magically had a car for us... great news!! And it almost made me happy, that is if it weren't for the fact that the people who are running that place in San Antonio are Liars. We had a car... yes. Our problem was solved... yes. Then as we go out with the lady to get our car, the guy working the lot, throws his hands up and says "I thought we were telling people we didn't have any more car?" and stormed off!!! I can not describe to you the outrage that I observed from the rest of the families but I assure you that I'm sure your company lost all their business, and I guarantee you I will never trust your company again. Anyone who tries to rent a car from here is a fool!!

In Tucson Arizona at the airport the car rental customer service inside was terrible. The man "taking care" of us asked for my credit Cards though I had prepaid. The next thing I know he is running extra charges on my card without my consent or any kind of explanation. When I ask him about it he then says there is an $11 charge for each extra driver. Which added an extra $220 for my trip. I had no time to prepare or discuss this ahead of time with my road trip companions and thus felt trapped especially when I questioned the man further he proceeded to go into how difficult it would be to take the drivers off again and to reverse the charges. Needless to say we were less than happy at how we were treated and felt as if we had no choice in the matter.

When we reached our destination we called an Alamo nearby. They were extremely friendly and accommodating. They were puzzled at the extra charges and the woman was so sweet that she reversed all charges! Then upon returning to Tucson, my card was then charged again for the extra driver. I saw no notice in the contract about any charges for extra drivers. I have rented vehicles before with multiple drivers and have never been charged before.

When I posted my initial complaint I tried calling customer service but did not have much luck so I used Alamo's website and posted my concerns there. This was on a Sunday so I did not expect any response but by Monday late afternoon I did get an email response that it had been turned over to the servicing agent in Portland Maine. Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon I did receive a phone call from Camden ** and could not pick up as I was on a work call. Called the number provided and after several attempts were called backed. I have to say I was surprised that they were willing to listen.

Pointed out that the Dodge Charger was a rear wheel drive vehicle not noted for having good visibility out the rear and has a 37-foot turning radius versus the Ford Fusion having front wheel drive, good rear visibility, and an 18' turning radius. Did not feel for my situation that the vehicles were similar. Also complimented them on the Chevrolet Traverse which is AWD, bad rear window visibility, great side view mirror and backup camera but a 40' turning radius. Not a bad vehicle but not great for what I was doing and something I would not have chosen to rent. I also told them if the Dodge Charger was the vehicle listed as the one I would be given for the class I chose I would not have chosen that contract. When you look at the site for Alamo and a few others they do not list what they include in a class but only give one example.

Camden ** has told me they are going to refund the upcharge for the larger vehicle and refund me the fuel fill option so I could return it with any amount of fuel. I still plan on returning the vehicle fully. I just want what I reserved and nothing more. I retract my statement that I would not rent from Alamo. I will still consider them in Portland Maine. It is a shame they do not have the option of skipping the counter in Portland Maine and going to straight to your car. I appreciate Camden's help.

Original Review

I have rented from Alamo twice to my recollection and both have not been pleasant experiences. I will not be making the same mistake again. I rented a few years back in Denver, Colorado. I had made a reservation weeks prior to arrival. While standing in line I noticed that it was taking a long time to process the customers and as I got closer the reason for lengthy time was their upselling the customer from insurance to getting the fuel tank fill option to a different vehicle to additional features such as a GPS or child seat. Since I was aware of this when I reached the employee I was brow beaten on each item. "Would you like to buy our insurance?" I was ready for this... I had called my carrier and they had gone over my vehicle insurance and was told I was covered just like my own car. "No, I do not want to buy additional insurance." They brow beat on this for a bit and moved on to the next item.

"Do you want to upgrade?" Here they got me... we were driving into the mountains and they convinced me the car I was renting would not do well in the mountains. I bit and upgraded to a vehicle with a larger engine. Then they got me to purchase the fuel refill. When I went to return the vehicle I looked at the final bill and it was much higher than they told me at the counter. I fortunately had the time to stand my ground and wait for a manager. My up charge went from $400 to $280. I thought job well done on my part but also realized that everything they sold me was not necessary. The vehicle I had originally rented was the same one I saw all over the place driving up the mountain. No need for a larger engine. The hard to find gas prior to returning the car would have been easily solved at the huge gas station right before the airport entrance. I thought... I will not rent from these people again.

Fast forward several years and the fog of time. I had made a reservation through Hotwire a couple of weeks prior to arriving in Portland Maine. We had gotten up at 4 AM to catch our flight and everything went smoothly until we reached the line for rental cars. It was HUGE... like THANKSGIVING huge on a Friday arrival with no major holiday. In all fairness all the lines for all the rental cars were just as long. I stood in line for over an hour... feeling bad... then looking behind me at the twelve other people and then feeling lucky I was as the spot I was. It was taking forever to get to the counter and when I finally reached the counter every other line for every other rental agency had somehow processed all their customers and my line was still HUGE. When I was next in line I realized and remembered why I should not rent from Alamo. The upselling... they were upselling. This is why the line was so HUGE.

It was my turn... "Would you like to buy our insurance?" NO. Then "Are you sure you know what you are doing? Why something could happen and they would take your first born child..." I do like my first born but not the second so I figured if it came to that I would hand that child off and lie bout the birth order. Wanting to throw a carrot to the agent I said, "I will take the fuel option" hoping that they would be happy with this and they were. Then they told me the Ford Fusion was not available and the only choice was a Dodge Charger. I had rented the Dodge Charger from another rental agency and hated it... rear wheel drive which caused problems when driving on wet roads, hard to see out of the back due to the roof design and a terrible turning radius. This coming from a guy who would drive anything but hated the week I had the Dodge Charger. I know why they are in the rental fleet. NO ONE WILL BUY THEM.

Here I am thinking that once again I am stuck in a Dodge Charger and it is raining to beat the band. I grit my teeth... "Do you have anything else?" I ended up paying another $140 to upgrade to an SUV. Now mind you that is not an unfair deal. However... it is not what I had reserved weeks prior. My 4 AM brain took over as I signed over another $140 to rent a vehicle I would have never chosen... except under duress. I could have gone to other rental agencies but I saw a number of people who had not made a reservation be rejected because the other rental companies could not accommodate them. They were now behind me in an even more HUGE line that had twenty people. The SUV I was offered was nice but it is too big... hard to get out of the driveway of where we are staying (which is a narrow drive) and the vehicle has a poor turning radius.

Well I will not rent from Alamo again and neither should you. Cannot return the vehicle to the airport to try and swap out to the Ford Fusion I thought I was getting because where we are staying is four hours from the airport. I saved $13 on the weeks rental over the other agencies. So I guess I am only down $127 for a vehicle I did not want. Note the rental agency was selected through Kayak which showed HOTWIRE with the best pricing. Final Note: When I think back on this experience I felt mislead. Did all the people behind me not have a reservations? Because if they did their choices were a Dodge Charger or something larger. The agent never offered a smaller vehicle over the full size we had reserved.

They are complete thieves, and seem to be getting away with it. I paid for the same car twice (yes, maybe I'm stupid!) but I needed a car, and then they found a second technicality to refuse me the car!! The desk staff were unhelpful (Geneva Airport) - no one from management would speak to me, and 4 weeks to the day on I have not had a reply to my written complaint to Customer Service. Book at your peril!!!

While trying to reserve a SUV in San Francisco for a week, I figured I would sign up for their Insiders to get additional discount on my rental. I started my search and found a 1-week rental at a great price of $286 all included. When I tried to reserve it, it ended up timing out. I tried again and it did the same thing. I figured they were having issues on their end and I would try again tomorrow. Tomorrow came and I tried again in the morning. I found that the rental price went from $286 to $430 for that same time frame. I called and then emailed Alamo and told them what happened and they basically said too bad so sad.

I have been looking for the past 2 weeks and cannot find a cheaper rate. So I decided I would book with Alamo at that $430 rate knowing I would get an additional 5% off for Insiders. So I tried to book it and it wasn't taking off the 5%. I emailed once again and they said there was an issue and they are working on it for me. Still haven't heard back and now the rental is up to $457. What a bunch of bs this is.

I booked a rental car through Priceline. The provider was Alamo at the DCA airport. I called Alamo and told them I would need a car to hold two adults and two large suitcases and was assured that was no problem. Then I was notified that I had a Kia Rio or similar car. Again, I called and was told it would be straightened out at the airport. When I arrived to pick up the car, I was told it was not big enough, and I was charged another fee for a larger car. The car was great, and while the extra cost was an issue, we enjoyed the car. When I returned it, tank full, car clean, I was charged another $173. I didn't want to miss the flight home, and no one could tell me what the fee was.

I called Priceline and was told they would straighten it out. I called Alamo and was told it was a mistake and the amount would be returned in 3 business days. Ten dates later, it hasn't been returned, and no one at Alamo or Priceline can tell me what the charge was for or why it was charged when I returned the car. I called Priceline today and was yelled at by the woman who took the call. I was told that if they charged me, I owed the money and had better pay it. The one bright spot was that when one of the workers at the car return saw us struggling with luggage and medical devices and told us to wait as he would take us to the terminal. He did so and helped us with the luggage.

Last month I rent a car from Alamo and it took me getting in and out of 3 different car styles to finally find a car that was working as expected. The car I ended up with was a downgrade from what I paid for. When I returned the car they noticed a ding on the bumper which I had to explain I was not responsible for and that the issues I had getting a car that didn't have a flat tire or had a working USB. I would a least expect Alamo to have a record of all dings a day scratches on their vehicles.

The second issue is with the cleanliness of there cars. I didn't notice how gross the interior when I got the car as my flight was late and I was tired. Today I returned the car that had stains all on the inside. Gross!! I can't have business colleagues in that category. I did inform them of this on return. Also there were no mats.

When I made a reservation for a car to be picked up in Boston, I chose the compact car or larger rate, and they pick the size according to what is available at pickup time. The guaranteed compact size only was $20 more for the week. When I arrived at the counter to get the car, they told me there was only a pickup truck available. It was never explained when I agreed to the "and larger" vehicle that it included trucks. I needed to transport 4 people and all the luggage. It was raining and I could not put the luggage outside in the back of a truck, even if I could use a pickup truck the gas mileage would be horrible.

I explained this to the counter person who was rude and basically blew me off saying that was what I had agreed to. She had no answer when I asked why they didn't specify that trucks were included in the promotion. I told them I could not use a truck, that I needed a car. She said I could have a car but it would cost me $89 more. I said no and asked for a refund on my already charged credit card. I was told I'd have to take that up with corporate.

She refused to let me speak with a supervisor, and then said she could give me a car for $49 more. She again had no answer when I said "if you have the car to give me at a higher price, why can't you give it to me at the price I contracted for." I took the car because I had to leave and didn't want to pay for the car twice and then have to deal with the hassle of trying to get a refund later. The rental ended up costing me $400 for a week, the same amount as my flight from Florida to Boston. I looked up what that rental would cost me for this week (2 days after my week ended) and it was $223. How can a week make that much difference?

When I went to pick up the car, the agent in the garage had no idea what the counter person did. He didn't even know what car to give me. He eventually said "oh, just take that car over there," which was a Chrysler 200. The car was filthy, the seats were all stained, I had to stop the car to clean the inside of the windshield because it had horrible glare because it was so dirty, and there were papers on the floor. This car had obviously never been cleaned when it was last returned. I will never rent from Alamo again! You shouldn't either.

I have just returned from Orlando where I had pre-booked a car through my travel agent. When getting to the desk to pick up my car I was told that the car I had pre-booked would not be big enough for 2 adults and 2 children plus four cases. If you look at some of the other reviews this appears to be a recurring theme. I was convinced by the lady behind the desk that I should take a bigger model for the two week holiday so paid the upgrade ($350) and went to pick up the car in the garage. She also offered me a sat nav so I could find my way round Orlando. No mention was made at this point about the sat nav costing me money and thought that this was part of the upgrade as they had no cars with a built in sat nav. Having waited 20 minutes I was approached by the manager and told that the SUV I had just upgraded to was not available so he gave me a complimentary upgrade.

When approaching this new upgrade the car I had been convinced to upgrade to was parked next to the car I was now being offered! In the event I took the complimentary upgrade and went to exit the garage. Driving round to the exit I noticed the model of car I had pre-booked. It was a Dodge Grand Caravan (think Ford Galaxy on a few steroids) which is amply big enough for a family of 4. However I was in a rush to collect the keys to the villa so left the garage and drove to pick up the keys and on to the villa. In the morning I went back to Orlando airport and downgraded to the car I had pre-booked. The guys in the garage could not have been more helpful and they refunded my $350 that I had paid for the upgrade.

At that point a new invoice was provided which explained I could return the car empty and it was covered by the "fuel service option". First thing... you don't need this and it will be cheaper for you to refuel before returning the car (it will be cheaper). On returning home I checked my credit card bill and found a charge of $221 rather than the $66 I was expecting. I then phoned Alamo and explained that at no time was I told the sat nav would be an extra cost (I was expecting this for free as Alamo couldn't offer me a car with a built in sat nav). To be fair Alamo did, eventually, return this money to my credit card but I just feel as if they were trying it on every time you interacted with them.

I certainly wished I had found this site and checked up on Alamo before flying. This is the first review I have ever left in over 50 years of holidaying and hope it allows others to look out for some of the tricks Alamo try and pull when you pick up a car from them.

UPDATED ON 08/12/2016: Quick update from my last review. Checked my credit card bill today and found I had been charged $34.30 for tolls whilst in the USA. When I took the car I was told that it was a maximum of $19.75 for the duration of the rental and I have one of Alamo's flyers confirming this. I have been in contact with Alamo again... Watch this space!

I rented a car out of BWI - Baltimore Airport, MD from 07/16/2016 - 07/18/2016. Upon return, the associate at Check-IN said "leave the keys in the car" and I was good to go, so I left since I was in a hurry. There was no pre-check or post check of the vehicle done and there was no damage occurred during the rental. Next day I get a call from ALAMO accusing me of damage on the front driver side which is a LIE, there was no damage. How can you accuse customer after leaving the rental check-in, this is a fraud/scam. Upon research I found I am not the only guy fallen for this SCAM.

I want you to investigate on this immediately and take action asap to avoid further legal action against the company. I want all the video recordings and I will gather all evidences as well and put an end to this SCAM. Send me a reference number immediately for this case. Let me know if you need further information. You will be on social media as well as the news for this SCAM soon and all your associates are liable for this fraud. TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY!

We recently returned to Florida and booked our holiday via Thomson Holidays and paid upfront to hire a vehicle. On arrival at Sanford airport we went to collect our car from Alamo. The agent said as we are returning customers and have used them often they will upgrade our car on top of our upgrade, so we agreed and thought it was a nice gesture to returning customers. He asked us to sign the form. What we did not realize until we got back to the UK he had charged us an additional £300 for his upgrade. Now Alamo are basically saying tough and are not interested that their agent tricked us offering something for nothing and then after when we could not do anything about it an additional charge!

I am writing this review with the hope it will save somebody else from the same horrible experience we had just a couple of days ago with Alamo Car Rental at JFK airport Florida. We booked our holiday through Kenwood Travel, the same company we used the year before and the same package. Upon arriving at the airport a representative of Alamo called Brian informed me we had booked a small car through our travel agent Kenwood Travel, "no way big enough for the 2 adults and 2 children plus the four cases we had with us". He appeared very helpful and seemed very genuine when "trying to help us out" and upgraded us to the right size car for our needs. This turned out to be a top of the range Grand Cherokee Jeep, a beautiful car, way more extravagant than anything we had ever had before. Brian, who told us he had worked for Alamo for twenty years seemed very genuine and helpful.

I was a little confused as I thought we had paid for an SUV a jeep big enough for two adults and two children plus our four cases. When I questioned him on this he confirmed this was not the case and I needed to follow his advice. It seemed like he was really helping us out. A little dazed from the whole encounter and tired from the flight I pondered all of this over on the drive to the Mystic Dunes Resort. 600.00 dollars gone for the upgrade from our holiday spending money. It continued to play on my mind so I wrote to Abbie our very helpful Kenwood member of staff to ask for some advice and also for confirmation on the car we had booked. I was horrified when she wrote and confirmed I had booked and paid additional for a SUV jeep described by Alamo in their literature as a "Grand Cherokee" when I had booked the holiday 8 months earlier.

We are now taking this up with Kenwood Travel and Alamo Car Rental. I saw when writing this review (the first review of this nature I have ever written) that Alamo received an overall rating of just over 1 out of 5 from 572 reviews. I am not surprised. Please please be very careful when dealing with this company and don't allow them to do to you what they did to us. I have also written to trading standards in the UK on the basis of their mis-selling behavior and a lack of corporate integrity and professionalism. We may well end up having to chalk this one down to experience but that won't prohibit us from sharing our experience with as many people as possible to save anybody else being exposed to the same thing.

We rented a car to be picked up at the Ottawa, Ontario Canada Airport for 11 days. When we arrived on 7/27/16 to pick up our car, the attendant/agent was extremely unfriendly, frankly just rude. We requested that we needed to change the length of our trip from 11 days to 6 days, and she informed that it could not be done because the initial reservation was done for 11 days. So we requested that the reservation be cancelled and we will rebook it for the 6 days, without even trying to work with us, she claimed that it could not be done and that we had to take the car for the initial 11 days. We have never heard such a thing.

Then she proceeded to tell us that they are booked up anyway and that we can go to Avis or Budget because they may have cars available, which we did and the customer service there at Budget couldn't be any better or more professional and we were able to get an upgrade to the car we had originally booked from Alamo at no additional cost. Plus Budget car rental could not believe that this woman her name is Kylie would not let us change the number of days to our reservation, this is not standard practice in the industry. So Alamo lost a sale that day and her rudeness and total disrespect to her customers, treating us like we were a piece of ** is disturbing, then we found out that she was the manager of this car rental place. Not good, not good at all. I mean she does not smile to greet people, makes no eye contact, and absolutely unpleasant.

First off, I want to state that I'm very real, as my Facebook is directly attached to this. Secondly I was actually searching online to find a place to write a review, my experience on my week long vacation to Miami was expected to be a nightmare. I got an extremely cheap flight with Allegiant Air bundled with a week long car rental round trip for $312.00 so I expected to get hit with everything under the sun in fees. Alamo made all expected fees very clear, obviously if you fill up the tank when you drop it off you have no problems, you did leave with a full tank so yea, the taxes were 42 dollars, but it was made clear via email I needed a license and a debit or credit card in advance... When I arrived it took me 30 seconds to be greeted, handed a map of Orlando (my stop on the route to Miami) and they took my info, I paid for the taxes at that time.

They walked me out to the lot and said "take your pick..." 60 cars in the area I paid for and the keys were inside already, I checked out at the gate and I was off. On the way back I was so scared of hidden charges. I filled up the tank before I showed up, they have valets pick up the car as soon as you get back on the lot. They quickly inspected the car and handed me a final receipt for the original 42 dollars I paid in taxes previously. Completely blew my mind how painless and cheap it was. $146 dollars for a week unlimited miles, and 42 dollars in surcharges, no deposit, no hidden fees... I honestly am totally in awe of the Orlando sanford airport Alamo staff, bravo! If you seriously believe that every good review here is fake, you can feel free to search for me on Facebook, I'll gladly reassure you... Cheers. :)

Do not trust this company! All the positive reviews you see are all fake! If you see a positive review for them, try and sign up to write your own review on that site... you can't because the site is false! We picked up the car, we had paid off our holiday and paid off the car. But when we got to the desk Alamo took our credit card on file and stole $590 off it whilst we were on holiday. We hadn't even returned the car yet and they had taken money from us! Then two weeks after we returned home they took another $100 and then again a week later another $30... still trying to get the money back. I have had to cancel my card, everything! Thieving and corrupt! Stay away!

Alamo did respond to me and refunded the bogus fuel fill-up charge. They were courteous while fixing the problem.

So, Alamo the company earns a few stars, Alamo at Chicago Ohare airport, not so much.

Original Review

Why are people jerks for some short-term minor gain? The rental agent lied to me. He said I could not pay cash on Illinois toll roads but you can. You can even pay online after the fact. After I returned the car they added almost $10 to my bill for gas fillup even though I filled up the tank a mile from the airport.

Despite making my reservation far in advance, when I arrived at the desk at the Atlanta Airport location I was told there was a 45-60 minutes wait for cars and to go to the garage to wait. At the garage there was already a long line of people waiting in this hot garage for their car. I received my car 1.5 hours later. I was told I would not have to pay for replenishing gas, as if this would make up for my long, uncomfortable wait and delay in getting to my final destination.

I rented a car at KC MO airport. (6-19-16) No one was at the desk. Someone came after a while. When I turned the car in at Wichita airport, (6-25-16) no one was at the desk. I dropped off the car and paperwork, but forgot to drop off the keys. I mailed them in the following Monday to the address on the tag. I was fined a $250 lost key charge and several other late turn in fees due to they didn't check the car in until two days after I turned the car in. Took one week of steady calling to get the $250 lost key charge rescinded. Never got the late turn fees rescinded. Service was terrible. They never returned my calls. I believe this company makes its money off of additional add-on fees. They could take some training from McDonald's about having: 1) A person at the counter to wait on you. 2) A responsive manager to answer routine complaints.

I paid all inclusive car rental in Australia. When I arrived to pick up car was told taxes needed to be paid. The customer service person was aggressive and strong armed me into upgrading the car telling me I could not take the car I requested. Once I got to the car I had many problems with 3 different cars - instead of 30 minutes to get a car it took 3 hours including them sending me off with a car that had an empty tank. I had to join a queue each time I returned with problems - 4 hours later I got out of there. I am appalled by their unethical push to not give you the car originally requested, the addition of taxes which had been paid in Australia. These people should be investigated for their inaccurate advertising and excessive bullying of customers. I have hired many cars and this was the worst treatment I have ever encountered. Do not use them. I paid an additional US$498 in addition to the money I had already paid.

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Lauren Fix is an automotive expert who earned the title of The Car Coach, and is recognized throughout all forms of media as a woman with in-depth knowledge on vehicles, technology, automotive finance, repair and trends. Founder of Automotive Aspects, Inc., her understanding of automobiles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print and the internet. She writes a column for multiple outlets including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on all the major news and morning shows discussing the latest updates on cars that will help drivers of all ages learn to about cars and make smart decisions.    More about Lauren→

As the largest rental car agency serving international travelers in North America, Alamo Car Rental focuses on major destination cities. Its 171 self-service kiosks in 63 U.S. locations streamline the rental process, resulting in an easy and hassle-free rental experience and improving check-out and check-in times. Alamo is owned by Enterprise.

  • Loyalty rewards: Customers who join the Alamo Insider program get an instant five percent discount off retail prices.
  • Prepay discounts: Pay for a rental car in advance at the time of booking and get an additional 10 percent off your rental.
  • Arrive and drive: Using the online check-in option, renters can fill out the form and go right to their rental car.
  • Wide vehicle selection: Choose from a large selection of makes and models, including electric cars and 15-passenger vans or cargo vans.
  • Vacation in style: Car selection includes options like sports cars, luxury models and convertibles so drivers can make an impact when pulling up to the curb.
  • Best for Vacationers, business travelers, event planners, temporary workers, those with cars in repair and those who want a wide selection of vehicles.

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