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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Do not trust this company! All the positive reviews you see are all fake! If you see a positive review for them, try and sign up to write your own review on that site... you can't because the site is false! We picked up the car, we had paid off our holiday and paid off the car. But when we got to the desk Alamo took our credit card on file and stole $590 off it whilst we were on holiday. We hadn't even returned the car yet and they had taken money from us! Then two weeks after we returned home they took another $100 and then again a week later another $30... still trying to get the money back. I have had to cancel my card, everything! Thieving and corrupt! Stay away!

Why are people jerks for some short-term minor gain? The rental agent lied to me. He said I could not pay cash on Illinois toll roads but you can. You can even pay online after the fact. After I returned the car they added almost $10 to my bill for gas fillup even though I filled up the tank a mile from the airport.

Despite making my reservation far in advance, when I arrived at the desk at the Atlanta Airport location I was told there was a 45-60 minutes wait for cars and to go to the garage to wait. At the garage there was already a long line of people waiting in this hot garage for their car. I received my car 1.5 hours later. I was told I would not have to pay for replenishing gas, as if this would make up for my long, uncomfortable wait and delay in getting to my final destination.

Resolution In Progress

I rented a car at KC MO airport. (6-19-16) No one was at the desk. Someone came after a while. When I turned the car in at Wichita airport, (6-25-16) no one was at the desk. I dropped off the car and paperwork, but forgot to drop off the keys. I mailed them in the following Monday to the address on the tag. I was fined a $250 lost key charge and several other late turn in fees due to they didn't check the car in until two days after I turned the car in. Took one week of steady calling to get the $250 lost key charge rescinded. Never got the late turn fees rescinded. Service was terrible. They never returned my calls. I believe this company makes its money off of additional add-on fees. They could take some training from McDonald's about having: 1) A person at the counter to wait on you. 2) A responsive manager to answer routine complaints.

Resolution In Progress

I paid all inclusive car rental in Australia. When I arrived to pick up car was told taxes needed to be paid. The customer service person was aggressive and strong armed me into upgrading the car telling me I could not take the car I requested. Once I got to the car I had many problems with 3 different cars - instead of 30 minutes to get a car it took 3 hours including them sending me off with a car that had an empty tank. I had to join a queue each time I returned with problems - 4 hours later I got out of there. I am appalled by their unethical push to not give you the car originally requested, the addition of taxes which had been paid in Australia. These people should be investigated for their inaccurate advertising and excessive bullying of customers. I have hired many cars and this was the worst treatment I have ever encountered. Do not use them. I paid an additional US$498 in addition to the money I had already paid.

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Resolution In Progress

Definitely won't use Alamo again. Don't trust them with your accountal information. During our rental in Miami they took everything they could from our account without any reason! They said that we modified our rental details which wasn't correct. They deducted 600 USD then 300 USD and none of them were valid charge. It took me a holiday(...) to get them to refund the full amount. Never again!

Resolution In Progress

My family and I were on vacation. We always rent from Alamo and on this last trip we were rushing and forget the Gps attached to the adapter in the rental. We were too far to turn back else. We would miss our flight so we decided to contact them. I contacted them the next morning because we took a night flight. I contacted them about the GPS. They responded right away asking for the model.

I sent the mail and a picture and the information on us and our rental. No response until a few days later saying. Well, thanks for renting but we did not find your GPS??? So what that is basically saying is either they have thieves or they didn't believe us or they did not even bother to check. And this is not the first time. This time the item was more expensive. Why bother contacting Lost and Found if nothing is even being put there. Sorry but I am just upset that after being nice I get a piece of garbage response after days saying thanks but 'see ya later'.

Resolution In Progress

I arranged a deal for rental thru Southwest Airlines at $353./6 days. It was to be an SUV allowing for 5 people and luggage. My son was with me for pickup. He persuaded me to "upgrade". It was my understanding that it would be approx. $200 more---plus end of trip fill up on gas--- (about $620 total). The vehicle was great (Expedition). However, I was shocked at a total final bill of $774. BE AWARE! Taxes and extra fees are tacked on that you're not aware of or prepared for. I'm chalking this up to a learning experience. Just needed to give others a "heads up"!!! Signed: Finally Cooling Down After a Few Days...

Resolution In Progress

We returned our rental truck to Alamo Rental company in the airport in Omaha, Nebraska. My son has left a pair of basketball shoes under the back seat of the truck and I left a jewelry pouch/holder under the passenger seat of the truck. I have tried for over an hour to get a hold of someone at the actual Alamo location in the airport. I cannot get the phone service to work. It keeps disconnecting me on their end. I finally got a hold of someone on the national line and she was able to see that the red Ford F150 truck that we rented is still there and has not been rented as of 11:30 pm on Saturday, June 25th. I need someone from the office to get in touch with me. It says the office hours are until 11:59 on Saturdays. I have had several people through the national number leave a lost and found report but they are saying it could take 48 hours for the people at the Alamo location at the Omaha airport to receive it.

What happens if the car rents tomorrow? I just feel there should have already been a phone call to me letting me know that they have our items. I would think they would have cleaned the truck some time today since we turned it in at 12:30 this afternoon. I am very concerned about this and would like for someone to call us and let us know that they have our items. I know for a fact that our items were left in that truck on accident. I want to be able to communicate to someone at the Omaha Alamo location about this ASAP.

The truck is still there. It's as simple as walking out and getting our items out of the truck and turning them in to lost and found. I will pay for any shipping costs to have my items sent to us. The truck rental was under my husband's name, Scott South. If anyone can help with this, I would appreciate it very much. As far as any help given to me by Alamo in regards to this... it's pretty much none. I just cannot believe that you cannot get a hold of the people at the Alamo Counter in Omaha Airport. That part is disturbing to me. Somebody please help me get my items back.

Resolution In Progress

This is a company that is working with Travelscape (which provides promotions on rental cars with companies online such as Orbitz). They are extremely unhelpful and require massive fees to change any reservation that was made online. They also route their customer service calls overseas and you're stuck dealing with people who have no real power to help you, cannot make any changes to fees or negotiate, and often the connection is bad or the dialect makes understanding them very challenging.

I will not do business with Alamo again and if I am renting a car it will be directly at the counter and not via an online promotion because they refuse to make changes to online reservations without charging you massive fees to do so. My request was simple: change the drop off location of a rental vehicle. $300 fare increase. A rental car that cost me $300 to rent for the week now costs me $600. "Promotions" are really sneaky and end up costing you more in the long run. Avoid Travelscape promotions and I highly recommend avoiding Alamo and Orbitz also.

Resolution In Progress

That was the worst experience with any rental car company I have so far. My girlfriend's father made a car reservation with Alamo months ago and we went to Sacramento Airport to pick up the car on June 10, 2016. When we got here to pick up the car, I went to the front desk to talk with one of their employee about the reservation. Everything was OK until one of their female employee steps in for "help". My girlfriend's father is a Chinese citizen and he has a Chinese driver license with all the proper documents required by Alamo. The female employee started to accuse the quality of the image on one of the documents is bad, after I explained to her it was just the printer issue, I could see that she lost patience and started to treat us like shit. We were told we can have a Toyota Rav4 by the first employee but she told us we will have Chev Equinox.

I asked, "Where is the Rav4?" She said, "There was no Rav4 and you can only have Chev Equinox so take it or leave it." Later I figured it out why she would not give us the Rav4, because someone just returned a Chev Equinox so she wouldn't even bother to give us another car, the Chev equinox is unwashed so it is very dirty inside and outside, it also has very smell inside. The worse thing was the car has only half tank of gas, but we were told to return the car with full tank. So I have to went inside the building again and ask them to fill the tank. I wasted anther 10 min for that. Because the car was unwashed and it has only half tank of gas, I knew someone just returned it and Alamo just want to get rid of people ASAP. The worst part is about the rude and careless attitude of that female employee, she did not like questions at all!

When I asked her if we can get a Rav4 instead, she pointed at my girlfriend's father and said, "he is the one who rent the car" (She means my name is not even on the list so stop asking question and shut up.) I was here to make her day easier because my girlfriend's father cannot even speak English, but her action was very unprofessional. I understand Alamo is known for its budget price for rental car, but I do not think any business can treat people with such an awful service. Alamo, you just lost a consumer forever, and I will tell everybody I know about this, so they may think twice about using your service.

Update: After I wrote a complaint letter to this business and they wrote back, they said would be more than happy to discuss this situation with the renter’s daughter and they would get in touch with renter’s daughter directly. However, 14 days passed, NO ONE called or email us about this. SHAME on you Alamo, you are such a liar!

I rented a Large SUV in Savannah Georgia 6/16. No problem with the people but the only choice I had was a Suburban that was not cleaned up, smelled like people were living in it and had worn out tires. Never again. I gave them one star because 0 was not an option.

Booked with Alamo this year for a change at Orlando. Usually use Sixt who are just off the airport and have always been pretty good. I was served by the rudest man I have ever come across who was only interested in trying to get me to upgrade. We had ordered a mid size SUV which he claimed would not be big enough. The reason was clear when I went to pick the vehicle up as they had no mid size so were compelled to let me pick a vehicle of my choice. Upon returning the car all was checked, no problem. Fuel was on a full/full deal. Got back home and a few days later they have charged me an extra 75 dollars for fuel and will not return this. I will never use Alamo again and would urge others to think twice before doing so.

On a business trip to NY. First they didn't have what I rented and tried to talk me into something else. Reason I rented why I did. Now I have a flat tire and they want to come put spare on! I said for another 5 days of NY driving?!! Have been on hold for an hour and 15 min while they try to sort out another car?!!! Will never rent from Alamo again!!

Lip service is no service. I will be writing more reviews concerning Alamo, but I have to start somewhere. In March we rented a Nissan Altima from Alamo. When the trunk was unlatched it swung open and took out the back window, covering both of my children, whom were in the back seat, in broken glass. It is a miracle that neither of them got any in their eyes.

When I called them I got all kinds of lip service and concern, but when push comes to shove they have not done anything tangible to show that they are sorry for A) renting us a defective car that could have blinded my child and B) keeping a car on their fleet that has a poorly designed trunk (when opened fully the tip of the trunk is less than an inch from the back glass). I have paid your replacement cost. I hope that having me pay the $300 replacement is worth how I am going to share this experience with others in hopes that they will reconsider doing business with you. I am sincerely disappointed that all you care about is money and you could not show that you are sorry by taking action to make this right.

I really wish I had stumbled upon this site sooner. Alamo went to town on me. I reserved a car through Alamo via When I arrived at (FLL) Ft. Lauderdale to pick up my car, an upgrade was immediately offered to me. How much? Only five dollars more per day I was told. When signing and initializing the paperwork I again questioned the amount. "Oh don't worry you will only be charged $79.99 per day" vs. the $74.99 that I had previously booked for, mind you that the car that I upgraded to was available w/o an upgrade for $84.00. I also went with a full tank of gas to avoid the hassle of trying to find a gas station on flight day.

Well, long story short, Hotwire charged me 74.99 per day and then Alamo charged me an extra $79.99 per day. This was back on March 21st 2016. Numerous calls and a reference number later I am still waiting for someone to step up and fix this. Very frustrating trying to deal with Alamo customer service. I was even hung up on once. No one returns calls and I feel like I am just rehashing the story for new ears each time I call. Yesterday, I took it a step further and opened a BBB complaint and will update this message when there is new information. I would never recommend Alamo to anyone. The upgrade is a money making/commission based sales scam.

I rented a car from them for 3 days. I dropped it off overnight when they were closed. I get a call 20 days later from a very rude claims agent saying that I had a scratch on the drivers side quarter panel. So I immediately went to the rental car place and asked them where are the pictures and video since I dropped it off at the airport. They stated that they don't take pictures. They have someone write a report and send it off to get fixed. This is sure a scam with no evidence that there was damage. I rent from them all the time but I guess this will be my last.

My very FIRST AND LAST time renting from Alamo. Let me highlight that after my research found over 590+ complaints regarding a "DAMAGE CLAIM." Apparently they are very well known for this and some even call it a scam. On 5/8/16 I rented a car and had it for less than 8 hrs. Once I returned the car back I was told there was a tiny dent the size of a dime and immediately started to fill out a "damage claim form." I argue that was already there as the statement is true. First off I've rented cars from many other car rental places, with the exception of Hertz, and have always had an employee do an inspection before leaving the lot, this was not offered in El Paso, TX airport.

I know that they charge an arm and a leg for the smallest damage which is ridiculously high. Word of ADVICE, always take a video/pictures of the car before leaving the lot. If you find any dents/damage "That was NOT DOCUMENTED BY ALAMO" report it immediately. Wish I would of taken a picture of that dent before leaving the rental lot and would of had proof against their accusation. They should have half a start as a review option for Alamo.

In Feb. of this year I rented a car from Alamo at the Honolulu International Airport. After four days of minimal use I returned the vehicle to Alamo. The car was inspected by them and no damage was noted. After I left the site, I received a phone call from Alamo and was informed that they discovered damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle. The damage was not visible during my initial inspection of the vehicle nor was it visible by their employees when I returned the vehicle.

Several weeks later I received an estimate of repairs for $893.07. Of this estimate $259.25 was for admin. fees, loss of use, diminishment of value and taxes. No invoice for the actual repair work was ever submitted. Despite my repeated correspondence disputing their claim, Alamo continues to send form letters demanding payment. The phone number listed on their letterhead has been called several times but has never been answered. There are many rental car companies at the Honolulu International Airport. Based on my experience and the unsatisfactory and unprofessional response of Alamo I would recommend that any of them would probably be an improvement over Alamo.

I had bad experience as well. Rented a car - they find a 1-inch long scratch and now they are billing me for 850 euros.

I made a reservation on February 17 for May 7th. By then I provided my Fly number in case of any delay at the airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. When I arrived on time at 3:30 am, the person working for Alamo told me they did not have anything available. Mind you, I checked in the day before and provided my license number as well as the fly number. I was very upset at that time in the morning. He then try to provide me with a family van, when I requested a mid-size SUV. He did not bother to help.

Thank God the person working next door for Thrifty offer me a mid-size, brand-new 2016 Volkswagen for a little more money without GPS, because it was a last minute rental. I was at least grateful that person help to resolve my problem because Alamo was not interested in helping me. I was very disappointed but I guaranteed I WILL NEVER rent from Alamo again, as they are not reliable. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS PLACE. THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE NOR RELIABLE!

I reserved a convertible from Alamo online 2 weeks in advance. I flew from Seattle to Tampa and arrived to find there were no convertibles available. Agent told me they always overbook and then the manager at Tampa told me there had been a few accidents with their cars so the fleet was down on convertibles. This was special for my 65th BD and they ruined it. No more rentals from them. They also don't check any damage on cars so the scratch on the bumper was not noted. Don't rent from them.

I booked a hire car on Alamo/Autoeurope and had no problem paying 102.00 euros for this as I thought it was very competitive price. On arrival at Cork Airport to collect the rental I was informed that I would have to have 800.00 euros deposit on my credit card in case of accident. This was not stated at any stage on the website. As I was not willing to do this transaction, I was left stranded at the Airport. I asked at the desk at the Airport to have my 102.00 euros to be refunded back into my account and was told I would have to deal through Autoeurope website.

Nearly 3 months later, and numerous e-mails to the company, I still cannot get my refund back. I have tried phoning them but this is a joke. The desk at Cork Airport has not got a number for them and the number on the website does not exist. I am now considering taking legal action as I have been charged for a service I did not receive. I am really annoyed and I would entreat anyone, thinking of using this website, not to. It is nothing short of fraud.

Resolution In Progress

On 27 April, I rented a car from Milano Malpensa from Alamo Car Rental working through Locauto Rent. The car had a few scratches, including one on the tyre but when I highlighted them, the agent said that "We do not write them." On 2 May, I returned the car back in exactly the same condition which I took it, but was shocked to find the agent objecting to a scratch in the tyre! Please note that the tyre was inflated, the alloy rim had no dents, and this was the exact condition in which I received the car. I settled my balance of 26 Euros and left. Then 2 days later was shocked to find that I was charged 418 Euros extra for damages!!

This car rental company frauds customers from their money because I pointed out the scratches to the agent on taking the car and he said they were not important as long as the tyre was inflated. There was absolutely no dents in the alloy rim, to charge me for replacing it! The tyre was inflated and intact, and there was nothing wrong with it. Please find attached the pictures of the car to prove that the tyre was inflated and alloy rim was not dented.

The customer service agent who dealt with my complaint was to say the least rude and unprofessional. She kept repeating herself again and again, and finally stopped responding to my emails!!! My dispute No ** has not been resolved. Because of the outrageous service, I sought legal advice. It is terrible that such a company should fraud customers out of their money, and play with their credit cards, and deny liability when every shred of evidence confirms that. Thank you.

Updated on 05/13/2016: I wrote a review about my car rental, and got a response from the company, requiring that I send them a detailed email to, quoting this reference number. I did that repeatedly, but every time I get this feedback: "Your message was not received. The email address you are using does not match the email address on the original request. In an effort to protect customer information, responses must be received from the same email address originally used to contact us. Please respond using the email address from your initial inquiry and we will be happy to assist you." Please note that I AM USING THE SAME EMAIL IN MY RESERVATION, COMPLAINT AND ALL CORRESPONDENCE. Why is the system refusing to accept it although I sent it 10 times? Please resolve this issue.

I rented a Car from the Sacramento, CA airport for a week. Once returning home I went through my receipts and found that on my renters agreement form Alamo had put another individuals name. I contacted them immediately (3 days after returning). Talked to someone in customer service who said they could help me get the name fixed to match my reservation confirmation and credit card. No returned call. I called again and they said the exact same thing. I waited and still no call. Finally called again - was transferred 5 times and then told someone would contact me.

Finally had someone call me back but they still could not help. The lady explained to me that because the contract period was closed they could not correct the name on the agreement. I asked her if she could provide me with a receipt since I had paid for the car under my credit card and she said "no". I find this horrible customer service. That they cannot fix a name on an account of someone that just rented a 20,000.00 vehicle, even if it is after the manner. Wouldn't you want this corrected for liability reasons? So here I am with a credit card statement that shows I rented a vehicle but no contract from Alamo that states my name ever rented a vehicle.

Since writing my review on May 9, 2016, the branch manager of Alamo Maui has contacted me via phone and e-mail to advise that the dent in the bumper will not be charged against me. This is fantastic and awesome service! I am so happy they realized that the small dent could have cost them a repeat customer. Mahalo Alamo!

Original Review

We have rented from Alamo several times over the past few years. The duration has been anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks. They are fairly high priced, but comparable with other companies and the service has been pretty good. We always rent the Jeep Wrangler and they are usually in pretty good shape, although kind of run down due to being a rental vehicle. In March 2016, we rented from the Kahului Airport on Maui. They encourage you to pick out the vehicle you want, which is nice as we like to pick out the cleanest one. We picked out a Jeep Wrangler, 4 door and checked it out fairly well to ensure it was clean and there were no dents, etc.

When we got it loaded and pulled up to the check out counter, the attendant said we should pick out a different one as that one was due for repairs. So, we parked it and unloaded and went to look for another. Another attendant drove up in the same type of vehicle and said he had checked it out and it was good to go. So, we loaded it and headed off. During our stay, we noticed a dent in the bumper, but we were not too concerned as we didn't cause it and it looked old.

When we returned the Jeep 5 weeks later, they did their vehicle check and noticed the dent in the front bumper. We advised them we hadn't been in an accident and the dent was likely old. We always leave their vehicles in better shape than when we pick them up as we wash it several times while using it and clean out the inside. So, we were quite shocked they were going to blame this dent on us. An attendant took our insurance information and said someone would be in touch with us in about a week.

A month later, we received 2 notices in the mail indicating we should contact our insurance company to start the claims process. Well, we have no way of proving that dent was there as the attendant brought the vehicle to us and said it was inspected already and ready to drive. Also, we did not get in an accident, although someone could have ran into the Jeep in a parking lot while it was under our care. For the amount they charge for the vehicle rental (which was almost as much as we paid for the condo for 5 weeks), they should take into consideration customer loyalty and give their better customers a break when it comes to something minor like this where they have no proof of determining fault. We will definitely consider renting from a different agency in the future.

After a long early morning flight from NC, I caught the shuttle to the offsite Alamo center in Houston, Tx. The customer service agent that was handling my rental was named Garrett. Garrett looked at my license and made an executive decision that he would not rent a car to me because it looked as if my license had been tampered with. Mind you I fly all the time and had just flown in on Southwest airline with NO problems at all with TSA. Not sure why he felt he had to be the driver's license enforcer. There was normal wear and tear but that is to be expected. Unless there was some part that he could not read or make out, he had no reason to deny me service. It's people like Garrett that should not be in customer facing jobs. I will never rent from Alamo again!

Had a travel agent set up a car to be picked up at the Nashville airport. When arrived, we ordered a mid sized car that was paid for and was given a compacted car with many dents and damages. I told the person behind the desk that there was going to be one driver and after the trip received a bill for an extra driver for the week. The travel agent contacted Alamo and still after 2 weeks the case was in review. Finally I called Alamo myself and was not able to get full reimbursement. I also was charged a drop-off fee I was not aware of. I will never use Alamo again. Not very co-operative, not customer friendly to correct mistakes that are not the fault of the consumer.

I rented a vehicle at the Orlando International Airport. I have used Alamo before and have been satisfied. The last time I rented from them, I left a $200 pair of Oakley sunglasses in the vehicle. After returning back through security and walking all the way back to the parking garage, I was told that my vehicle had been rented already. Their procedure is to clean the vehicle out and send any items left in the vehicle to an off-site Lost and Found Department. Apparently, whoever cleaned the vehicle determined that they did not want to follow those procedures and the sunglasses were never returned. Conveniently, Alamo states that they are not responsible for items left in the vehicles.

If that were the case, why have a procedure to return the items to a Lost and Found Department? They should clearly publish their policy as follows: "We reserve the right to keep your property if you leave it in our vehicle". I contacted them numerous times and gave them ample opportunity to do what was right and compensate me for the sunglasses. Clearly they have put profits above honesty and integrity. They obviously do not hold their employees responsible for following procedures and couldn't care any less about the customer. I would highly discourage anyone from using Alamo Rental Car or any company associated with them (Thrifty and Enterprise). I hope this helps you to avoid a similar situation. I have made it my mission to do whatever it takes to convince any consumer not to patronize such a dishonest, unethical, and irresponsible company.

I reserved a standard size rental car and, late at night when I was tired, was strongly pressured and ultimately convinced (after 2 or 3 attempts to say "no") to accept a "free upgrade." After I succumbed to the suggestion that I take the truck that was being promoted, instead of the car I wanted, and signed all the paperwork, I was informed that the truck had a long and very noticeable scrape on the driver's side, but not to worry, documents were on file to show it was not my fault. I drove the vehicle without incident, and returned it as scheduled before official office hours in accordance with my flight schedule.

The next day I received a hostile phone call from someone at PurCo, in Utah, wanting to know about "the event that caused the damage to the vehicle." I was confused, because there had been no event and the vehicle was on record as already being damaged when I picked it up. I was informed that a letter about the initiation of a claim would be forthcoming. I solicited the help of my daughter, who lives in the town in Montana where this took place. In phone calls and a personal visit on her part to the Alamo lot and rental car counter at the airport, we consistently were told: "No one at Alamo is able or willing to discuss this with you or to look at the vehicle together because it's all been referred to PurCo. Our company policy now prevents us from talking to you about it."

When the claim packet arrived it contained photos that purported to show a small, shallow dent near the ground between the wheel well and the back door on the passenger side. The spot was circled in red, but is not actually visible on the print versions of the photos that I received. I am now in the following situation: although I did nothing to cause any damage, my car insurance company has paid the damage claim, less the deductible. IF I had been given a car in the category I had originally reserved, my credit card company would be paying the deductible, the loss of use, and the administrative fee. However, since Alamo issued me a truck, my credit card company will not cover the "gap" costs.

I feel I have been completely duped by Alamo, as the company has apparently taken advantage of my age, my gender, my flight schedule, and/or my insurance company, to advance a claim that would help to pay for a previously damaged vehicle. The claim appears to be an attempt to get money from me to repair existing damages that had previously been unaddressed and/or damage that was sustained after I returned the car to the lot and the keys to the counter. I used Alamo's website to convey this feedback and was promised that further communication would be forthcoming from the local office and/or the regional customer service office.

Eleven days passed with no word and I started receiving letters from PurCo threatening to "escalate" the "matter." I made one final attempt to contact the local agency (in Bozeman) and after several hours the manager called back to justify everything that had happened, accuse me of lying about my daughter seeing the car on the lot when she came by to get information about the claim, blame me for not talking to him sooner (though no one had offered to connect me with the manager when I made initial inquiries), and tell me that I could pursue "mediation" on the loss of use and administrative charges with PurCo. (My insurance agent had already tried that and was declined.)

Here's what I learned: hold fast on not accepting a class of vehicle you did not reserve and don't want to drive; don't accept a damaged vehicle; take a comprehensive and clear set of pictures when returning the vehicle; once a claim is filed against you, do not expect to be treated with courtesy or respect; don't rent from Alamo/National.

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Lauren FixAutomotive Contributing Editor

Lauren Fix is an automotive expert who earned the title of The Car Coach, and is recognized throughout all forms of media as a woman with in-depth knowledge on vehicles, technology, automotive finance, repair and trends. Founder of Automotive Aspects, Inc., her understanding of automobiles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print and the internet. She writes a column for multiple outlets including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on all the major news and morning shows discussing the latest updates on cars that will help drivers of all ages learn to about cars and make smart decisions.    More about Lauren→

As the largest rental car agency serving international travelers in North America, Alamo Car Rental focuses on major destination cities. Its 171 self-service kiosks in 63 U.S. locations streamline the rental process, resulting in an easy and hassle-free rental experience and improving check-out and check-in times. Alamo is owned by Enterprise.

  • Loyalty rewards: Customers who join the Alamo Insider program get an instant five percent discount off retail prices.
  • Prepay discounts: Pay for a rental car in advance at the time of booking and get an additional 10 percent off your rental.
  • Arrive and drive: Using the online check-in option, renters can fill out the form and go right to their rental car.
  • Wide vehicle selection: Choose from a large selection of makes and models, including electric cars and 15-passenger vans or cargo vans.
  • Vacation in style: Car selection includes options like sports cars, luxury models and convertibles so drivers can make an impact when pulling up to the curb.
  • Best for Vacationers, business travelers, event planners, temporary workers, those with cars in repair and those who want a wide selection of vehicles.

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