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Valerie of Phoenix, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating
Due to Alamo now wanting to "look" into my complaint, 2 weeks after the problem Alamo created, I feel like "too little, too late". I have learned my lesson and WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ALAMO AGAIN!! I can't give them a O (zero) rating, so it stays at 1.

Please remember that your customers are the reason why YOU ARE IN BUSINESS! Treat them fairly, respond when they contact you in a timely manner- AND let the bottom line NOT be about YOUR balance in YOUR bank account!!

Valerie of Phoenix, AZ on

Original Review

On Saturday, June 10, 2017 around 1 am I picked up a silver Buick Lacrosse at O'Hare airport. I used a debit card and I know a hold was placed on my debit card. I returned the car back at O'Hare on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 around 3 am. I was told by the check-in attendant that the plates didn't match the car. She asked for my rental agreement which I gave her (unbeknownst to me, my contract had fallen out and the total of the contract was $170.92). We went into the office, where I stated that I had a 5 am flight back to Phoenix (where I live) and was time-pressed and she didn't cash me out or give me a receipt. She wrote down some information and I left. When I arrived at work around 8:15 am (PST) I checked my account and I almost fell over!!! I was over negative $201 dollars and the insufficient fees were adding up. I saw that Alamo had charged me on June 11, 2017 $269.52 and was still holding money from my debit card.

I immediately called Alamo and was told that the records stated that I had returned the car to Seattle on Sunday, June 11th - not possible, since I was in Chicago attending my first granddaughter graduation from high school on Monday, June 12, 2017 at 6 pm. I was a flight to Phoenix at 5 am on Tuesday, June 13th. I have spoken with Cindy, Leah, Sandra, Manuela (supervisor) and their solutions are UNACCEPTABLE!!! NO MANAGER EVER CALLED ME!! The problem was they charged me before the contract was ended and that sent my account into a tailspin. Since then I have received a credit of $68.46 from Alamo.

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and does not fix my negative balance!! I want to be made whole. I want that charge of $269.52 to get reversed FROM 6.11.17 and then my bank will reverse all the $36 overdraft fees that keep piling up. I have started a fraud case against Alamo because they are accepting responsibility for their error. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN AND WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW!!!

Tony of Hull, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

We rented a Midsize car from Alamo and I paid extra (377.23 GBP) for extra insurance and to ensure that it including everything!! However, when I returned the car 3 weeks later I also received another bill from Alamo for 160 dollars for the private fee recovery charge, customer facility charge, tire/battery fee, Florida surcharge, the vehicle license fee and sales tax. I even returned the car with a three-quarter tank full of petrol (I bought the petrol on the way to the airport) and they still charged me 28 dollars for it! However, I have got a printed invoice for the original 377.23 GBP that INCLUDES all of the above.

I have sent Alamo/Enterprise Rent-A-Car this information and all they do is send me is the original 160 dollar bill!! It appears to me that they keep trying to fob me off, meanwhile they gladly grab whatever 'extra' amount they can off your credit card when you take the car back. This is the third time I have visited the US and I have never expected to pay this much just to rent a mid-size car. AVOID Alamo at all costs!!!!

Steven of Owings Mills, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

Did not have to leave terminal. Rental car location was just outside Ft. Lauderdale International Airport terminal 1, very quick service, clean car and just what I ordered. In and out on a Friday morning in less than 20 minutes. Only problem is they did not tell me where Alamo checkout booth was located. Check-in took no more than 7 minutes. Great price for Friday through 3 p.m. Sunday rental.

Laura of Bristol, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I rented a car in the UK to collect when I landed in Orlando. They had no recollection of the insurance I had already paid for before I left. I had a paper copy on me and showed them. This was not good enough for them. I had to speak to my travel agent who told them to let us proceed with the car and she would Email them the next morning!! I signed to say we taking the car and the contract would be amended when our agent emailed them.

When I got home (UK) they took over 900 dollars out of my account £722.00. They don't want to do anything about this as said I agreed to upgrades and break down cover. I CLEARLY declined all upgrades but the dishonest Alamo rep added them anyway. He could see we were fed up of being there after a 9-hour flight with 3 children and a 3 and a half hour wait trying to sort the car. So got us to sign on the dotted line and told us a pack of lies. NEVER AGAIN ALAMO.

Robin of Oakland, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a prepaid reservation with Alamo at the Philadelphia train station location. When I arrived I was told there were no cars available. I contacted customer service to process my reservation right away and to make sure I wasn't charged a late cancellation fee. They were very apologetic and said I had nothing to worry about. 10 days later I received a partial refund. Despite promises... Several calls to customer service has not resulted in a refund of my prepaid reservation.

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Pat of Cedar Park, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

We recently rented a car from Alamo at Syracuse NY airport. The employee handed us the keys and we were sent in the direction where the car was parked across the street. After seeing the damage to the car, I got out my iPhone and snapped pics of all the damage. Sure enough, when we turned it in, THEN there was an attendant who walked around and inspected the car. She immediately informed me we had damage to the car. I showed her the picture of the damage she was pointing to and she had the nerve to tell me she didn't think that was the same damage. WHAT??? SO she sent me with a slip back inside to the Alamo counter where I showed the employee there, the pictures. He said, "OK."

Yesterday, I get a letter overnighted by FEDEX from the damage control center. They want info on the damage "I" caused to the vehicle. Seriously? So I called the damage control dept, explaining my story. She said, "There's no claim appearing to be filed yet"... YET? Then why am I filling this out??? Anyhow, I have answered their questions on the letter and faxed it and the pictures back to them. I don't know what the outcome will be but guaranteed, I AM DONE WITH ALAMO RENTAL!!! As for any rental, take pics before you drive it off the lot. I also wondered, if the damages were already there and they filed a claim with other renter's insurance company for the damages, why weren't the damages repaired? Where did the money go they may have received for those damages each time they filed??? WHAT A SCAM??? BEWARE and take pictures before you leave the lot!!!

Kalayar of Christiansted, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I just want to tell people to be aware of what you are going to be signing on the paper that they give you at the counter when you arrive to get your rental car. We went to Miami International airport on May 2nd, 2017 and we booked both the plane tickets and a rental car through Expedia. When we reached to Alamo counter, the young guy who helped us just asked my husband for his name, credit card, and driver license which is normal and that's what all car rental places do. He didn't ask if we want to buy insurance for our rental car or upgrade our car like all other rental car places would ask us when we're at the counter.

Our rental car was all prepaid and we didn't upgrade our car and didn't buy any additional insurance and things when we reached the counter because I have already bought a car rental insurance from Expedia for $60. The guy at the counter told my husband where to initial and sign and said it will be $215 total and it's around the same price as what I had paid to Expedia for the rental car. So I said to myself in the head that's sound correct to what I paid and thinking that's the receipt for what we have prepaid. Two days after the trip ended, we found the charge on our credit card from Alamo for $215.

I called Expedia and Expedia called Alamo to find out what the charge was for and they said we bought insurance from them. I am not a fool to buy the insurance twice for the same damn rental car because I know I already bought one from Expedia. When I looked at the letter sized receipt that we got from Alamo I see that he charges us for all those extra Comp and Collision and things we didn't asked for and was NOT mentioned to us. Never once did their staff mentioned anything about extra charges on our receipt that we didn't asked and what my husband was signing for.

I am so speechless as to how their staffs think they can just add additional things as they pleased and not mention it to the customer and charging customers credit card. This is called THIEVING. I found it strange that the guy didn't mention anything about insurance and upgrade to the vehicle in the beginning and should have trusted my gut and pay attention to the paper he was giving to us to sign. Customer service on the phone is bad too. Many times we contacted Alamo on the phone and they response is they will call us back the same day. No calls and now we called they said our case is closed. How can you close the damn case when you never first contacted us and it was not resolved. What a bunch of thieves and reaching their own conclusion without contacting the customer for once.

The case is now reopened and still we have to contact them first. Up to now there is no refund or credit from them yet because we cannot reach to someone who can actually help us and resolve this damn **. BEWARE OF ALAMO. I WILL NEVER RENT A CAR FROM THEM AND WILL NEVER RECOMMEND TO MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY. I would give zero star because they don't even deserve one! Sign, One really pissed off customer that will never return to do business with you!

Oleksandr of Racine, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

On Jan 18, 2016 due to not being satisfied with the service from Alamo, we canceled our car reservation at the front desk of the ALAMO Las Vegas Airport local branch and the Alamo agent promised us that it is a free cancellation. Later on, the same day (Jan 18, 2016), after we arrived to our hotel, we called ALAMO and an ALAMO representative confirmed our free cancellation. Just to be on a safe side, we also requested a confirmation by email to be sent to us which was sent on the same day Jan 18, 2016 (We still keep this document).

However, on Jan 19, 2016 our credit card was charged by Alamo car rental company in full amount. Due to this charge, we called ALAMO once again and we spoke with the ALAMO representative (We have his name and ID on file). He ensured us that the money was returned back to our credit card and we should see it within couple days. In fact, our money had not been returned. So we called our credit company which helped us to return our money and our company sent us an official letter that this dispute had been successfully resolved.

However, one year later we got a phone call from the collecting company that Alamo requested to collect money from us. We explained the situation to the collector who called us but she said that they have no control over Alamo. After that we called our Credit Company and the representative told us that the Credit Company has no control over Alamo as well. All what the Credit Company could do for us was to send us all the official letters they used to communicate with Alamo. The Credit Company representative suggested us to submit an official complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to seek the protection against such companies as Alamo. At the moment, it looks like the consumers are not well protected and this must be changed. We would never use ALAMO again.

Brian of Malvern, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Recently hired 3 vehicles on a trip to Portugal. Reading many reviews before booking I was understandably nervous about how the experience would evolve. Arrived at Faro Airport, short walk to collection point. Small queue but 4 staff handling and it wasn't a long wait. Staff were extremely helpful and efficient. All 3 cars were clean and well-presented. Chips noted on 2 cars. On return, vehicles were checked for fuel and damage and within 10 mins we were heading for the terminal. All our fears had evaporated. A good experience that I would recommend to anybody.

Gert of Frederiksberg, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I rented a car thru and paid in advance. At the airport I upgraded and got a nice car - but I was cheated into paying a much higher price - actually much more than I had already paid. The lady told me that I would have to pay the difference and the amount would be $1498 - which meant around $500 more than I had paid already. But the truth was that I had to pay $1498 MORE - She told me another story. Stupid me - A very expensive learning experience. And a goodbye to Alamo. So take care - Don't trust them.

Daniel of Ankeny, IA on
Consumer Increased Rating!

Yes, I will except your offer. Please send me the coupon for the free car rental.

Daniel of Ankeny, IA on

Original Review

On April 19, 2017 I rented a car at Sanford International Airport in Florida. Several days later I was glancing at my contract and noticed the contract was stamped "return empty". Since I did not authorize this charge I called your customer service department to report my concerns. I was told that they could not help me with that issue and I had to deal with it at the local branch. I told them that I did not want to do that and that I wanted to file a complaint during the call. At that point the phone agent hung up on me. Upon returning the car to the airport the Alamo employee who checked me out and asked me if I had any concerns. When I told him about this issue he became defensive and he stated that he didn't do it and it was not his problem. He then told me that If I had any concerns I needed to go talk to the manager.

I have two simple questions for Alamo Car Rental. Do your agents get commission for selling prepaid gas? Is it required to get the customer's authorization for said charges? If the answer to these questions is "yes" this is tantamount to stealing. There are companies in the news right now that are facing serious fines and negative publicity because of this exact type of predatory behavior. Alamo employees are breaking the law and stealing from customers with unauthorized charges! Beware!

Charmaigne of Killen, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

Truly wish I would have read all the negative reviews and extremely low customer satisfaction before making this huge mistake! There isn't a single positive review & according to reviews & now my own experience they could care less about making things right! I rented a compact car from Huntsville AL airport. When I first arrived at the counter the woman behind the counter was talking to a man, an ex boyfriend she later informed me. She comes over & ask if she can help me & while entering in my information makes a personal call on her cell joking about the man being there & asking the person on the line to "call & tell him to leave so she didn't have to call airport security". The man then proceeds to walk right up on me so close he's touching me and hollers "hey" in which she tells him to leave me alone because I'm a customer.

He then walks back, pulls out his phone and starts snapping pictures (he had the volume turned up so we could hear them being took). She tells him to stop. She then hands me the keys to my rental and I leave. I get down the road & stop at a store for a drink & notice the tag on my car expired well over a month ago (March 2017). It's April 28th! How was this not caught? I call, they tell me to bring the car back so they don't get in any trouble and they will replace the sticker. I got there at 2pm to rent the car and at 5:30pm! They still have not been able to locate the sticker so the woman tells me she is going to put me in another car so I don't have to wait any longer & will print new paperwork showing the return time for 5:30pm rather than the original 2:30pm due to me having to come back & wait. The car I originally got was very nice but when switched to another it was very much so a downgrade!

I decide I'm going to rent the car longer than originally planned even still so I call & speak with a man asking if I should bring it back & rent another or will it be the same to just keep it longer. He tells me with insurance and everything included it would only cost $51 per extra day. So I tell him that's fine that's what I will do. I also informed the man I would be late returning the car & he told me it was fine & told me the total cost. I asked him if he was sure that would be my total taxes and all and he said yes. I returned the car & the man checked it & told me everything looked great (the car was much cleaner than when I rented it) & handed me a receipt which was WAY more than I was told. Hundreds actually! So he tells me he will leave the account so I can go in & see what's going on.

I walk in & see an older ** woman ducked down behind the counter. I ask her if she is with Alamo. She gets very upset (apparently she was eating but I didn't see she was eating behind the counter). She slams the lid of her Togo box down & says, "Yes I am what is it?" I apologized for interrupting her eating & tell her I can wait which she informs me, "It's too late now. What do I need". I tell her I had a question about my receipt & give it to her. She looks at it & tells me that's what I owe. What's the problem. I tell her that's not the price I was told by the man on the phone prior to me bringing the car back. She tells me, "Well that's what you owe". She was beyond rude rolling her eyes & having a ton of attitude. Worse than I've ever experienced anywhere! I tell her OK I'll call and speak with someone tomorrow about it in which her response is, "Do what you want but you still have to pay this much".

She charges my card the amount plus there's still a hold on my card for way over the amount! I tell her I need to rent another car & she looks at the clock, laughs & tells me, "It's reservation only, you got a reservation?" Of course I didn't that's why I asked her for another car. So she tells me she can't help me therefore I have to walk out of the airport and book a reservation then come right back in. When I come back in she gets even more upset because she's on her cell having a personal call. Clearly she had been talking about me & tells the person on the phone, "The dumb ** is back. I'll call you right back". She says, "What now. Let me guess you booked a reservation?" I tell her "Yes ma'am I did." She gets on the computer to confirm it and while she is putting in the information I apologize to her for upsetting her by interrupting her dinner.

She rolls her eyes and says, "Wait a minute. I can't take this credit card." I ask "Why not." It was the exact same card I rented with last time and the exact same card she just paid my bill with but all of a sudden they couldn't take it? She tells me it's a prepaid credit card and can't believe they took it before. Then gets on the phone and calls the manager to "prove to me she's not just declining my card because she didn't like me". Just being extremely loud so everyone could hear her and trying to cause a scene. It was by far the worst level of customer service I have ever in my life experienced! It's truly sad Alamo's ratings are down this bad due to this type of customer service & them trying to rip people off.

It's pitiful Alamo as a brand doesn't seem to care who they hire or how their employees behave. Why not respond to all the customer complaints like you care about the customer (the one who keeps the business going) which will in turn bring more business rather than people spreading the word they will be treated horribly and charged way more than promised. I would be quick to respond to customer complaints and make sure I wasn't employing people that were hurting my business.

Brenda of Scarborough, ME on
Satisfaction Rating

We rented at Portland, ME Jetport, new vehicle with 40 miles. They never offered us "Roadside Service". They said our word against theirs so we lose. We were almost home and our tire went flat on the highway. AAA came and said it was patchable but they didn't have the right patch. Also said he could see no reason why the tire split. No rocks, nails, screws, glass... as he scratched his head!

When we got back we explained to AAA. They said it "should be ok". We got a bill for $228 and change for a new tire that "lost $17.68 in value" and .7% of a day. They patched it we are sure and charged us for a new tire. Besides that, it was a brand new car, tire was a Michelin which I am sure was under warranty! They are the biggest crooks I have ever met and the rudest customer service on the phone. Shame on you Alamo for charging a 33 yr veteran with MS for something that "just happened"! Trying to make money on the disabled! Don't use them people. They are also a part of Enterprise! Don't use any unless you want a big surprise at the end!

Hiroaki of Miami, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Please everybody check the condition of your Alamo Rent a Car. They could charge you for something you did not cause! Alamo at Miami International Airport - MIA is charging me a damage in my rental vehicle that I did not cause. The vehicle provided by Alamo had a dent and they made an express report and forced me to sign it, they forced me to sign, accept a damage I did not cause. I have been renting vehicles from Alamo from years ago and I never had an issue with any vehicles. As habitual Alamo customer I have been witness how employees treat and drive the vehicles along the lot and I am sure, that my rental vehicle has been damaged in the lot by themselves not me. I need to add that, many Alamo Rental Cars, has dents, the interior sometimes is damaged and Alamo just let those cars rented again without fix it and in my case charging me.

Larry of Lebanon, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

My experience occurred at the Seattle airport. I have since read reviews of others and the best recommendation I have is use a Kiosk and not the guy who tries to squeeze every dollar out of you. I ordered a midsize car--was told to pickup up any car under the "Midsize" sign. I did and drove a Nissan Altima to the drive through checkout. There, I was told this car was considered a "Fullsize car". More money!

Although my pickup appointment was supposed to be on April 7, Delta cancelled most flights that day and I was rebooked to April 8 arrival in Seattle. I called Alamo the morning of April 7 and advised them I could not pick up the car until April 8. Are you ready for this? I was then told, it would cost me an extra $80+ to use that car one less day. Working on commission. NEVER AGAIN ALAMO.

ANGELA of Sheffield, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

The actual car rental was good, but on returning the car to the garage at Orlando International Airport we inadvertently left our Sat Nav/GPS unit in the back of the car. The area of return is very dark after entering from the bright sun and although we checked, as it was in a black bag, we missed it. I emailed Alamo UK with a full description of the unit, and they contacted Alamo at MCO who replied to say the vehicle was out on a further rental and would not be returned for 10 days and they would update me then. As I know all cars are valeted after return before being rented again I didn't accept this excuse, but waited. I had to email after 10 days and received a reply that they did not have the unit. This means to me that one of the valets found the GPS, but did not report it. I do understand it is our fault for leaving the unit in the first place, but it does seem there are dishonest valets working for Alamo at MCO.

UPDATED ON 05/08/2017: I received a reply to my review from Carol at Alamo with a link to their "Lost & Found" list. I traced a lost GPS on the date mine was left in the rental car, filed a report with all reference numbers etc, but received a reply from Alamo stating that they have not found my GPS!! According to their list, all the items which are not claimed within 2 months are donated to charity for sale. The GPS listed as lost on the same date I lost mine is still on the list (not been claimed) so it would seem logical to me that this would be sent to me as a replacement for mine and I am contacting Alamo to this effect. Also as an aside, Alamo have records of all cars rented and must have contact information, therefore it would be simple for them to contact the renter by email regarding property left in the car after return.

Luis of San Jose, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

When purchasing their service in Miami Int Airport, they said to the whole group that the van did not need to be filled up before delivering back again. They lied, even after we filled up the whole tank and probably only use 1/10 of the gas to get back to their Miami delivery service, they charged me $60 USD for a small difference in gas, when the actual full tank with 95 octane was $40 USD (The full tank). Basically they lied about having the tank empty and then charge $150 USD for the full tank. Will NEVER recommend this thieves.

Paul of Las Cruces, NM on
Satisfaction Rating

March 19, 2017, I rented a Camry for 10 days at the Portland airport. After 2.000 miles I returned it in perfect condition. The agent walked around the car and immediately went to the lower rocker panel corner in front of the rear tire, wiped off the road film with a tissue she had in her hand. The agent declared there was damage at that corner and said, "That's the most expensive part to repair." I told her there was no damage and they are running a scam and call my insurance company. She said they don't call the company until they talk to me. I told her I'm not talking to her and I'm leaving to catch a flight.

She filled out an accident/damage report and I wrote 'SCAM' on it. Their Damage Recovery Unit sent a request for insurance company information with a threat of billing me for (ghostly) damage repair if I failed to do so. Last week (4/4/17) I emailed Enterprise corporate headquarters (owner of Alamo) about the scam and have not heard from them. This didn't apply to me, but they are also running a windshield rock chip scam. Watch out! Never again with Alamo.

Lauren of Waltham, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Alamo Rent A Car steals money from their customers. They stole $477.73 from me. They denied that I returned the GPS (which I did) and charged this extra amount to my credit card WITHOUT notifying me first or providing me with a receipt. (By the way, they gave me a broken GPS to begin with, so there is no reason why I wouldn't return it.) Please do yourself a favor and tell all your friends and family to use any other rental agency not associated with Alamo.

In addition, National Car Rental (who the reservation was made through but operates under Alamo at the specific location) is being entirely unhelpful. They are refusing to issue a refund. I will be advising my company to switch our large contract away from National Car Rental and not to use Alamo ever again. The specific location that is lying and stating I did not return the GPS is Alamo Rent A Car - CHILE. Tell you friends. Tell your family. Tell the world. This company steals from their customers and provides horrible service. It is illegal to charge someone for a service or product they did not receive. In the end, this will end up costing them way more than $477.73.

Debra of Cedar Rapids 52405, IA on
Satisfaction Rating

Well it was such bad experience it's almost ridiculous that I have to write poor report. Anyway went to pick up my rental at 8 am which they are suppose to be open. Get there, waited 5 min, no one show up so as I was calling this guy show up. He look like he just crawl out of bed. Did not apologize for being late. Then I had to wait for him to get computer up and running. He never said a word just like he was zombie. Then he finally got to be just no smile or when he talk he act like I was a bother to him.

Finally I got to leave. Get out to the find car. Find out I got this big jeep which I ask for Nissan. I didn't have time. I was late as it was for his tardiness. It took more gas and very disappointed. So when I got back I told the person who was there I was very upset and I would call talk to manager. So it's been 1 week tomorrow. I called 3 or 4 times and I get same run around "They will get back to you." Poor customer service. I will never rent from them again. I hope people will be aware. Stay away from these people. They don't care about their customers. I travel a lot and I will never go to them again.

elza of Verona, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I waiting until now for have a answer about my Michael Kors gold makeup bag. No call and I trying call and lost reference numbers 2x. Different numbers and nothing. I just want my stuffs back please. Is very important for me. Thanks. Please call me.

Kimberly of Richfield, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

Rented a mid sized car for 131.00, stopped at the desk to get airline discount and to see how much a convertible would be. Was told 179.00 with discount. We even verified it was 179.00. He said yes but when we got back it was 179 plus 131 for the original rental. This is not what he told us. Called the company about it and the woman was rude. She kept stating "Well ma'am what do you expect a convertible to cost?" and I told her "179.00 because that's what he told us."

She just kept saying like we were stupid "well of course, you're going to pay the 131.00 and then the 179.00." I said "That's not what he stated and we even said 179.00, that all he said yes." We said "It must be a good discount from the airlines", he stated yes. Also they called us 2 days into the rental stating they didn't know what car we had, could we please read the numbers off the car. Does this sound like a company that knows what they are doing. I will NEVER rent from them again.

Kathy of Acworth, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

A car owned by Alamo hit our car injuring my husband- destroying our car & their driver was cited by police & it was determined to be the rental car fault. Alamo refusing to pay - having to sue them. We just wanted medical bills, lost wages & car replacement- not out to get them. However, the lost wages are climbing and now an attorney fee added.

MAURICIO of Exico, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Last month I rented a Car at Eagle Airport in Colorado USA. Alamo the company give me a rental voucher. When I arrived to pick up my car, with 2 months in advance reservation, there was no car, no refund, and not even a responsible clerk in desk. They dont give my money back, and it's impossible to get by phone and not a single email responded. The worst rental company in the world, as is known this days. Never rent at Alamo.

Vincent of Seattle, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

I rented a vehicle from Alamo Rental Car. I paid with my credit card. I return the vehicle in good condition. No problems. I was told that my credit card was charged for the price of the rental which was totally okay with me but 5 days later I check my credit card and Alamo Rental Car has made an unauthorized charge and hold on my card. I spoke to several supervisors pool. Assured me that within 24 hours after speaking with me the funds and my credit card would be released. 2 Days Later they have still had the hold on my credit card so I went back to the branch and I spoke with Michael ** who is the supervisor. He reassured me that Within 2 days my credit card would be released and the funds will be placed back on my card.

2 Days Later it proves that Michael ** from Alamo Rental Car Sea-Tac Airport is a total liar. Most of the employees working for Alamo rental car don't have a clue on what they're doing so I advise you to think twice before renting at Alamo Rental Car. I don't think Alamo have a clue on why the ratings for their company is at an all-time low. This company with such a big name is one of the worst rental car companies in Washington. Research the Google reviews before you wind up in a bad situation with Alamo.

Jean of Chippewa Falls, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

We rented a car and had a very minor accident. We were hit from behind and ended up with a dent in right rear quarter panel. They sent us an estimate that had all these extra fees. Administration fee, depreciation of vehicle, etc. 900.00 dent became 1400.00. Then our insurance company and the other company are fighting it out. I get a call from a collection agency saying Alamo sent it to collections. Thinking this had to be a scam we hung up and called the number back. They said they had no record of us. It was late afternoon and we were traveling so I waited til morning to call Alamo back. They said yes it was in collections. No letter, no invoice, not a pay in 10 days, not even a phone call. I was rudely told that it was my fault. I should have contacted them. I would recommend them to NO ONE and I am telling everyone I know not to use them.

Randy of Trinidad, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Last year I made a reservation online (phone in Tobago wasn't working) for Sat 4/3/17 for a 4x4 vehicle #**. I checked every month to make sure it was in place. I even got a confirmation email on 3/2/17, however on my arrival I was informed by Ms ** that there were no 4x4 only Sentras. (I ordered the 4x4 because of the height the cars are too low.) Now I had no choice!!! Take it or leave it. So I had to start calling your competitors. After 6 calls I got one (lucky me). After 5 years I would not be doing any more business with Alamo. Thanks for all the add stress Alamo.

Joey of Woodbridge, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

In Dec 2016, I made a reservation through for an ALAMO car rental pick up at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai. Arrived at Alamo booth at 4:30 PM only to see a sign with a phone number, no agent was there, while every other car rental booth had an agent. I called the number on the sign, and they referred to another number.... I called again but was informed that it was Friday and the agent won't be coming back before 6 PM. Mind you this is an International Airport. I waited with my wife and kids for an hour until 6 PM. The agent still didn't show up. I called again only to inform me that he was going to take another 40 minutes. Other people were waiting too.

I was furious, pissed, mad, upset, you name it. I ended it up taking a taxi van to the hotel for which I incurred additional charges. This is totally unprofessional not up to standards. It makes me wonder if they should have a license to operate at an International Airport. ALAMO has lost my trust and I will not rent or recommend renting from you again.

Wendy of Oyster Bay, NY on
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I rented a car and verbally told Alamo representative I did not want additional insurance. No price was discussed for additional insurance. He gave me forms and said "I need your initials here, and initial here, and there etc." many pages to initial, I did not read what I was initialing. When I returned the car I was charged an $183+ for the rental because I was charged for additional insurance. I did not want the additional insurance. I often rented from Alamo and never get it. I rented the car with an American Express card which gives additional insurance. I have an extensive policy on my own. I do not need additional insurance. My husband who was with me asked to speak to the manager and was told the manager wasn't there. We could not get a name of who to speak to.

The customer service was terrible. They laughed in our face and said there was nothing they could do. It was very frustrating. I've put a tremendous amount of time into this trying to get it resolved. The only thing I want now is to make sure that this does not happen to anyone else. Every customer should stand there and read what they are signing. Do not trust Alamo. You must read the fine print. No matter how tired you are, or how many people are on line behind you. Their word is not good. I've rented from other companies and they will have you sign something showing you declined additional insurance. I think that is a much better procedure than the way Alamo does it. I would not recommend Alamo Rental Car.

Joe of Redding, CA on
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Rented from Alamo on my last trip to Hawaii. Everything went very well. The SUV we wanted was ready to go and check-in was fast. No problems at all. My sister rented her car from Budget and I had to wait about an hour for them to get it ready for her. That is an hour of precious vacation time wasted because someone was not doing their job. I have never rented from Budget but have used Alamo many times and have never had to wait for a reserved car to be ready. I would surely rent from them again.

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As the largest rental car agency serving international travelers in North America, Alamo Car Rental focuses on major destination cities. Its 171 self-service kiosks in 63 U.S. locations streamline the rental process, resulting in an easy and hassle-free rental experience and improving check-out and check-in times. Alamo is owned by Enterprise.

  • Loyalty rewards: Customers who join the Alamo Insider program get an instant five percent discount off retail prices.
  • Prepay discounts: Pay for a rental car in advance at the time of booking and get an additional 10 percent off your rental.
  • Arrive and drive: Using the online check-in option, renters can fill out the form and go right to their rental car.
  • Wide vehicle selection: Choose from a large selection of makes and models, including electric cars and 15-passenger vans or cargo vans.
  • Vacation in style: Car selection includes options like sports cars, luxury models and convertibles so drivers can make an impact when pulling up to the curb.
  • Best for Vacationers, business travelers, event planners, temporary workers, those with cars in repair and those who want a wide selection of vehicles.

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