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Last updated: Oct. 1, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2017

Rented vehicle at Alamo in Burbank. Reported damage to front of car to person who showed us to car. They told us person at gate would document the damage. Reported the damage to the person at the gate. He said he noted it and let us out of gate. We did not receive anything from him! On returning they noted damage to car. I told them my story and they looked in file, damaged was not noted! Thank goodness we had the extra insurance! What a scam! Do not drive out of the gate without documentation that shows damage to your car. Beware!

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

I recently rented a car from Alamo for 3 days. Upon picking up the car, not a soul came out of the building to do a check of the car. I noticed a very small gap on the front bumper, but did not think it important. After driving the car to work the next morning, I noticed that the gap had widened a little. The next afternoon, I informed the agent that the bumper appeared to be falling off the car and said I would return it early. I did so. The agent upon return glanced at it, said, "These cars do that, they don't have good clips, so they have to be replaced. No big deal."

I never hit anything with the car, never ran through a pothole or anything else. Now they send me photos of damage to the car that was not present when I returned the car and they expect me to pay for it!! DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE AT ALAMO!!! THIS IS A SCAM!! They are trying to get me to pay for someone else's damage, maybe even on a different car!!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

    Just received an invoice from Enterprise Holdings, Tulsa, OK for $323 in non-rental charges. Had I been told of these charges at the rental desk when I paid for this rental, I would have refused all these services. This is either a rip-off to increase company profits, or a total scam. All charges were: damage waiver, roadside service plan, PAI (?), and Extended Protection. When I rented, I paid (charged to my credit card) and was paid in full. Upon return, no one in office, just told to drop off the keys - which I did. Address on return envelope for my "payment" PO Box 402345, Atlanta, GA 30384-2345. Make checks payable to EAN Services, LLC at same address. Inquiries 800 774 7578. I have not called, I am too angry to call. It wouldn't be productive.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

    I rented a vehicle while visiting Chicago, lL. The Alamo agent suggested the option to prepay for tolls, which required daily fees. I had turned it down since I was not travelling around areas that required too many tolls during my stay. Recently I received a letter of a toll that I did not paid, which was paid by Alamo. 1.50 toll with 14.00 fee. I strongly suggest that you choose the so called convenience fee when renting a car in that airport. If not they will bill you <400%. Not sure if Alamo gets a cut of the fees. This is not a convenience fee, rather a must have for when you return the car. FYI, the unmanned is the only booth when entering the airport to return the car.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

    I came to rent a car from Alamo Car Rental in Los Angeles and when I left halfway to my destination I get a flat tire. My boyfriend ends up changing to a spare tire and driving back to Alamo to change the car. After we changed the car we came home and I realized I left my wallet, passport, checkbook, and all my important documents in the car in a Ziploc bag. We drove back to the car rental again and went to see if anyone returned anything... the answer was no.

    We went to look for the car to make sure the car was cleaned out. Not even ONE HOUR they had the tires changed, cleaned, and MOVED to another car rental lot called National! They have thousands our cars but they were in some rush to get rid of our car as fast as possible. We found the car but still nothing in it. Now they tell me that they don't have my stuff and they can't do anything about it! How is that possible?

    They are responsible and they are thieves. How can you rent a car without being able to trust them? Don't rent at Alamo. They are thieves and they will take advantage of you and take no responsibility for their employees. I know they stole my stuff and won't give it back knowing exactly who worked on my car and who actually took it. They need to take responsibility and fix this problem or I will make sure that everyone knows what a scamming car company they truly are!

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    Resolution In Progress
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

    I am a recent customer of your Alamo operation. I have rented 100s of car over my 48 year career, from many different companies but never have I had an experience as I did with my rental from you. I picked up my rental on 8/20/17 at your location in Anaheim CA. and on 8/21/17 began my long awaited vacation driving to Las Vegas. Nice car, nice ride. Arrived in Las Vegas parked the car in the hotel parking structure where it remained until about 5:30pm the next evening. My wife and I had dinner and show reservations, went the car and it would not start, we were surprised and annoyed but mechanical failures happen. Had to find a taxi, which took longer than we hope so we missed dinner. After the show we took a taxi back to our hotel.

    From our room I call the roadside assistance number in hopes of arranging an early morning swap or other assistance. Was told they could only arrange for a jump start but I should call back in the morning and, by the way there will be a 70 dollar charge. I am a little upset now but decided to just wait till morning and call AAA a reliable source for roadside help. They came quickly and saw the problem. The battery was covered with corrosion, the cables were caked with corrosion. The technician had a difficult time but was able to get the car started and test the battery, it had to be replaced and would not restart the car again.

    As I said we drove from Anaheim to Las Vegas, Then drove about 12 mile to a restaurant for dinner, then back to the hotel. The car had only enough fuel to go +/- 40 miles. I was on the phone to the roadside helpline explained my situation after a search gave me address where I will pick up my replacement car. Drove to the location, which was an Enterprise desk in a hotel lobby, to find they did know I was coming and they purportedly had no cars to replace mine. All the time the car is running, I turned off the AC to conserve fuel and began the longest phone tag session I had had in many years. By this time the binder questions by the agent were getting to be irritating. Started the call and had several disconnects so some back and forth. The agent said he would search, I asked to call the desk of the location to ensure there was a car.

    After 3 more callbacks the agent informs me that the only car your company, the biggest with the largest inventory in the industry in Las Vegas could get me is a 15 passenger van! I am an 79 year old retire marketing and CRM executive, my wife is a few years younger, we are sitting in car about to run out of gas, no AC and you offer a this or nothing offer of a replacement 15 passenger van. I asked the agent, "Is this some kind of sick joke." I then said, "I am going to replace the poorly maintained battery and I want to know how I get reimbursed for the expense," he said I have to talk to my supervisor, several minutes later he said she said they cannot authorize the reimbursement, I asked to speak to the supervisor who said she could not authorize the purchase of a new battery.

    It is now 11:25am, three hours into the ordeal caused by your lack of proper maintenance. If anyone looked at the car between rentals and did not the corrosion on the battery of test a battery on a 2016 model heavy electric using car should not be in the business., I purchased the new battery, had installed. Elapsed time 6 hours on Tuesday and 3 hour on Monday. I finally spoke to a Louisa at the 800 number for the Anaheim location, she told was not in the Anaheim but she noted the file so that I would get reimbursed.

    Your company with many employees. If you cannot empower them to make decision based on the situation to help a customer then you are seeking failure. The lack of maintenance caused and my wife unacceptable levels of stress ruining a long planned for vacation. Expenses we should not have had and overall dislike for your company.

    The choice for vehicle transportation are broad and wide.The traveling public can UBER from the airport, MAVEN from the hotel to their business meeting and ZIPCAR to dinner. Lots of choice over the car rental option. You're the biggest in the industry so why worry this old guys rent twice a year, we don't need him. Your poor maintenance could have put mine and wife’s life in danger. What if when we arrived in Las Vegas we chose to visit Red Rock Park, stopped in one of those away from the road spots and the car would not start in the 18 degree sun, what then? What will you do, in all likelihood nothing. But my options are still open to me.

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    Resolution In Progress
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

    Rented a car here in the US, through Expedia.com to be picked-up at the Liszt Ferenc Int. Airport in Budapest at a predetermined price which included the rental fee and all taxes and fees. This was clearly spelled out in the rental agreement. Upon picking up the car the final fees were kind of difficult to determine because they have charged a large security deposit on my credit card, because I've declined the exorbitantly high additional accident protection insurance, and I have the feeling that the invoice is not designed to be easily understood.

    To make things even more confusing they first charged everything in the nation's official currency the Hungarian Forint and then immediately converted this amount to Euros. When asked why they are doing this, the response from the counter clerk was; "I do not know, everybody in the car rental industry here does this so." Upon returning the car the receiving clerk examined the car for accidental damage with surgical precision. Unfortunately for me, somebody, probably during the last few days of my rental must have touched the right front corner of the bumper, leaving a few barely visible scratches in the paint. Needless to say nobody left me a note regarding this incident. Therefore I didn't even notice the damage. I was informed that the damage will be examined and I will receive an e-mail regarding the extra cost.

    After 5 days not having received this e-mail I've tried to contact the agency on the phone w/o success. So I went to their office at the Airport, requesting an invoice spelling out the total cost. The invoice I've received is very complicated, charging several extra taxes and fees and again first they charged in Hungarian Forint and then transferred those amounts into Euro. First; they have overcharged me for the actual rental with approx. $48.-, secondly the charge for the barely visible paint scratch was $829.-.

    Seeing the rental overcharge I've showed the clerk my original rental agreement, stating that all taxes and fees are included in the quoted price. Also I've tried to talk to her about the very high charge for the minor accidental damage. Her response to everything was that she cannot do anything, because she is just a low level employee here. Upon this, I've requested to talk to his boss. She said that the boss is not here until later and she cannot reach him, but she promised that upon his return her boss will call me. This never happened. The next morning, prior to boarding my plane to return home I went by at the Alamo office again, same thing; different clerk, no boss present.

    Following my return home I first contacted Expedia.com regarding the $48.- overcharge; first I was offered an Expedia.com coupon worth $48.- against any future travel expenses. I refused this and after a lengthy bargaining session with a supervisor I was told that maybe I might receive an actual monetary reimbursement, if I provide the required documents for the case and wait until a determination will be done that I am entitled to a reimbursement, although the original Expedia.com rental agreement asks if there were any overcharges and offers reimbursement if it was so. So much for this.

    As to the $829.- damage charge; first I thought that the extra travel insurance I've purchase prior to the trip will provide coverage. Not so. The only remaining hope for a reimbursement for this is the VISA supplemental insurance, as I've used my Visa card for this rental. Again, I provided all the necessary documents for my case, as requested and now I am waiting for their evaluation and remaining hopeful.

    The lesson from all this; BUYER BEWARE! In my opinion in some European countries - Hungary is definitely one of those - the rental operators, even though they are franchisees of mostly US rental car companies, operate as this would be the "lawless (old) Wild West" probably without their franchisors being aware of their dishonest methods of doing business, or if they are aware of this, they do not care.

    The result; a customer like me will have to provide the necessary time and effort to find a possible redress, if any. While the crooked local car rental operator continues to do his business undisturbed using questionable methods and taking advantage of the mostly foreign travelers, who arrive at the Airport jet lagged and have among others a language disadvantage and are unfamiliar with the local customs, therefore they are easy pickings. I respectfully request Alamo Corp. to investigate and control their foreign franchisees, that their operations will use the same methods as the mother company uses here in the US.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

    We rented a car last minute online due to a death in the family and our son moving out of state. Our flight was delayed 3 hours, we called Alamo directly. "Mark" told us no problem he will wait for us to get into town and to call him when we landed. We called him and told him we were getting off the plane. He said he will wait for us and would get our reservation ready (type of car and everything). We arrived and no one was at the Alamo stand. We never used our rental we reserved and paid for with American Express. This was Merchandise we were billed for and never received. We will never use Alamo again and make sure the University our son teaches at knows All About Alamo.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 26, 2017

    I would just like to say how disappointed I am with what happened at collection of my car at Alimo Las Vegas. I booked a Ford Mustang for our drive from Las Vegas to Denver with "FULL" cover for insurance. Arrival at collection point I was handed the keys to a awesome white Ford Mustang 7XGL372. When I got to the checkout point I was stopped and told by a lady "Lisa" or "Louise" that the Mustang was 9000mil over service and that I can't take the car. I was shocked that that was the case. Looked like a new car and I have booked months in advance. Then one hold up after the next and they provided me with this really old Ford Mustang full of bumps, scratches and even the front bumper was loose. I refused to take the vehicle and was really upset and told the lady I will not pay for any damages and neither will they use my "full cover" to fix the car when I get to Denver.

    They then offered me a Chevrolet Camaro that I accepted because we were on a very tight traveling schedule and I had enough of all the farting around. Driving from Las Vegas to Denver we went thru Colorado. All the dashboard lights turned off while I was driving. No electronics worked. The sun roof did not work either. We were stranded in the middle of nowhere. Phoning Alamo it was just one answering voicemail after the next and I gave up. I got everything fixed the last day before we gave the car back in Denver. I logged a complaint but have had no word from them. Also DO NOT take extra gas/petrol tank included. Total rip off... Tank of petrol was $50 and they charge me $100. Please note that I will inform the insurance company that it is possible Alamo Las Vegas tried to use my insurance to repair damage on another car as well. I will put this online on Trip Advisor and few other places.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 21, 2017

    On Monday August 31st, my wife and I flew from Toronto to Chattanooga TN. We had reserved a car from Alamo to be picked up at the airport. We're planning to drive north, about an hour, to see the total eclipse. When we arrived at the airport, we discovered that Alamo ignored our reservation and had no cars. They had overbooked. No one else in the city had cars either. The folks at Hertz told us that Alamo overbooked horribly and left 40 people or so stranded. Our trip was ruined. The eclipse was an hour's drive away and there was no way to get there outside of a very expense taxi ride there and back. The people at the Alamo desk were not sympathetic -- they just told us that lots of people were in the same position. They offered no compensation. They just wanted us to go away. That was our experience with Alamo Car Rental.

    Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
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    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: Aug. 27, 2017

    Alamo refunded us for the upgrade.

    Original review: Aug. 20, 2017

    My husband went to visit his daughter in Florida July 5th, he rented a car through Alamo, (Alamo is the rental company that we always use.) I had two upgrade emails from Alamo stating that I have a FREE upgrade. We rented a Hyundai, they did not have the car that we reserved so they gave him an Altima, when he went to turn the car in on July 10th, they charged him $133.00 for the upgrade, 1st of all they didn't have what we reserved, 2nd I had two emails with free upgrades. My husband showed them both emails. I sent Alamo the paperwork showing that I should have not paid the $133.00. Never heard anything back from Alamo. As far as I am concerned Alamo stole $133.00 from us. We usually go on vacation twice a year, always renting a car.

    I would advise anyone reading this not to rent from Alamo, they are thieves, no customer service. When my husband went to turn the car in, about 4 blocks from the airport, he carried two suitcases, he is 70 years old, they refused to drive him to the airport. What kind of people are these. Like I said please DO NOT rent from Alamo.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

    Booked a rental car from LAX through rentalbooking.com. When checking in, Alamo were very keen to sell an upgrade car, claiming that the car I booked was not big enough - although there were only 2 of us traveling. They originally wanted $35 a day extra but eventually charged $25 a day extra. Another colleague at work today said he had a similar experience with Alamo. Something to be aware of when traveling to the US.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

    Alamo Car Rental Services were very kind to me recently in providing a refund in good faith of our original agreement. They provide prompt, efficient and cheerful service at the Aspen airport. And in Denver, Alamo addressed our concerns cheerfully and with consideration of our travel needs. In our dealing with the gentleman who granted the refund, he was prompt, considerate and ultimately very kind. In all aspects of our experience with Alamo, the service was top flight. Alamo is a company that stands by its word and honors its customers. It deserves business and loyalty.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 12, 2017

    I rented a car from Alamo through Orbitz.com. When I arrived in Charlotte on July 27. I was told I could not rent the car because I had a SC DL and a debit card. I showed the man at the counter my return flight information. He refused to release the car. I asked what's the requirements when using a debit card because everyone does not own credit cards. He said proof of a return flight, which I provided. I was stranded at the airport for hours and missed an important event. The other car rental companies did not have any cars available on site.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 6, 2017

    June of 2017 rented a car from Alamo. The night before I returned car I stayed one mile away from Kansas airport where I rented the car. It hailed that evening, but did not note anything on car. Returned car next morning and Alamo representative walked around the rental car and said "You're good to go." 2 weeks later receive notice in mail that I owed them over $2,600 for hail damage. I explained that their employee checked the car and said I was good to go and considering they knew that it had hailed the night before they should have pointed out any and all damage the morning I returned the car. I asked for pictures of the damage, but the pictures they sent did not show any damage... Just circles where supposedly there was damage. I was unable to enlarge the pictures. They threatened me that if I did not pay it that they would damage my credit report. I will never rent from Alamo again.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 6, 2017

    Just wanted to share my experience with Alamo Car Rental. On Monday July 31st I had a reservation with the Dallas Fort Worth airport branch. This reservation had been made many weeks earlier and it was prepaid. I arrived with a valid driver’s license and credit card. The manager Ashley ** said that my license was not valid. While my license is from Florida, and it was slightly bent and aged. It is valid. My address is accurate and clearly visible as is my photo, and my license is not expired. I had recently visited the department of motor vehicles for some registration paperwork and it was accepted and deemed valid. When I flew home today the department of homeland security accepted it as my only form of identification. No problems. Minutes after the Alamo manager refused to accept my license two other car companies accepted my license with no questions.

    Alamo’s website states that a valid driver’s license is all that is necessary and I see no other requirements for licensure of US drivers. I had a license that was accepted by a federal agency, a state agency, the department of motor vehicles no less, and two other car rental agencies. The only place I have had trouble with my license was that day with the Alamo manager. I had a valid contract with Alamo that they broke without reason. I suspect they had no cars to rent me and the manager was trying her best to avoid honoring my contract. Because Alamo did not abide by its contract I was forced make a last minute rental. This rental was for a lower level car from another agency at several hundred dollars more than what I had agreed to with Alamo.

    Honestly, I would have taken the loss and dealt with it had the manager and staff been polite and provided a good reason why they would not accept my license. The staff was rude and condescending in an uncaring and unprofessional manner. I have pictures of my license from the day of the event and can provide these to Alamo upon request, but I do not feel comfortable posting these online. I expected more from Alamo, and I recommend you avoid this company even when it appears to be the affordable option.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 31, 2017

    From Germany we rented a car for 19 days. When we arrived at Miami airport, the woman at the counter told us, that the car we booked would be far too small for a family (2 adults, two children) with 4 suitcases. She really told us that we would run into massive problems (with space). Because we had fear that we really would have problems, we said ok to kind of upgrade the car. Yesterday then I saw the car we initially booked, a dodge grand caravan. This car would definitely have had enough space for a family of 4 with 4 suitcases. So now I’m asking myself why we paid additional 677 dollars!!! for a car we did not need. Alamo was playing with the fear of tired stupid foreign tourists not knowing the sizes of the cars and we really feel ripped off. Besides this fr car was dirty inside. We found fries and ketchup on the back seats.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 26, 2017

    I rented a car from Alamo in Tampa Florida thru Kayak on June 30, 2017. When we got to the airport the car was at an off-site location. It was a $25 cab ride to that location. When we got our first car, the AC was malfunctioning. We had to be switch to another car. At the time, I added a second driver for the 6 day rental for an additional charge.

    Our car was to be returned on July 17 and I called Alamo to extend the car for 2 days and to eliminate the second driver. I was told I couldn't remove the second driver that I had to keep that on for the full term of the rental even though that second driver would be gone. We debated that to no avail. My daily rate with taxes was $30.44 per day per my contract - or for two days, an additional $60.88. The #800 operator told me that with the additional charges the total amount would be $306.96 or an additional $122.33. I attempted to debate this with the 800# operator but was getting nowhere and having a very difficult time understanding her as well. I tried to tell her what my daily rate was and what my charges should etc. Hopeless. She didn't have that info on her computer. Really??

    I later called the 800# back and tried to talk to a manager. Then I was told I had to talk to the drop off location manager. I called there and was told the manager was "on the other line" and was told one would call me back. I called again. I explained the whole issue again and was told at that time that to take off the second driver I had to personally go to an Alamo office to take the party off. I was never told that by the operator who told me a second driver could not be removed once added to original contract. I waited for the manager to call back. Nothing. I called the return Alamo office and I was told to call the originating office in Tampa. Tried 4 or 5 times and the lines were busy. Called the #800 number to speak to a manager... nothing. I was told someone would call me back that they were working on my bill. I have never received a return call.

    I checked my credit card bill today and sure enough there was the overcharge. No one ever contacted me. I have disputed the charges with my credit card company and they said I would get a refund but I was also told that Alamo was already paid so I guess as credit card consumers we will all get a share of the overcharges while Alamo is isn't out any money. It was a total mess. Alamo corporate office has no concern for the customer once they get our credit card. They gave me a complete runaround. I have spent a few hours trying to get it rectified thru Alamo corporate office.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 21, 2017

    In April I used Chase reward points to book a car for July 2-30, 2017. It was 60,000 points plus $104. When I landed and went to the Alamo counter, the clerk said two women and two pieces of luggage wouldn't fit in the car they had for me. She said it was a smart car or something similar. I had booked a compact, not a smart car/mini. I had to pay an extra $400 on the spot to "upgrade" to a Nissan Sentra. I became ill on the trip and ended up in the ER. I called Alamo to tell them I'd be returning the car 15 days early because I needed to get home for follow-up. They are refusing to refund points to my Chase Sapphire account. So... the points were worth $900, I paid an extra $104 in April, in July I paid an extra $400 to have a car that would hold 2 people. $1400 for 13 days. And their reply when I called... basically "Too bad." And "You agreed to the upgrade." Like I had a choice. Even with Alamo points, I will NEVER use them again.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 17, 2017
    Please read to the end for a full picture of ALAMO fraud. I rented a minivan on August 6, 2016 from Alamo at Cincinnati airport for four days. I asked them if I can drive it cross the border to Canada. They said no problem. I completed the paperwork around 10 pm and they brought the car shortly afterward to the front.

    Nobody went over the car with me. I drove the car and my family and headed to Niagara falls for our 8 hours drive. Halfway I took off my shoes and kept driving when I noticed that my socks were getting wet. I did not think much of it since I thought they might have cleaned it and carpet still had some water in it. As we got to Niagara early morning my sister who had a cast on her leg complained that hers was getting wet and becoming uncomfortable.

    I called Alamo and notified them of my situation and was told that I can return that car and exchange it. After we discussed the matter among ourselves we decided to be on the safe side with my sister medical condition we better head back to Cincinnati. Less than 24 hours we were back at Alamo. The manager there inspected the car and told me is the only carpet that is wet but he could not determine the reason why. He refunded me three days and he told me he will refund the day the car was used once he talked to corporate and finds out more about the reason. 2 days later He called me and said that it was determined that I should get my full refund. He said he processed it and I should see it on my card in 7 to 10 business days. 2 months passed by and no refund. I called him and he seemed surprised that I still did not receive it. He asked me to give it couple more weeks.

    I got busy and never checked on it again. In March we decided to rent a car again. At Alamo desk the same supervisor saw me and I informed him that I have never received the refund I was told. He apologized again and he told me that he will not charge me for the rent that day. I thanked him and I left. On JUNE 2017, 10 months after my original rental, I received a letter from Alamo and a voicemail claiming that I owe them $14,637.59. First I thought it was a joke. I called that supervisor in Cincinnati and he was about to faint. He kept telling me he does not know what happens, he could not even give me an explanation. He said probably they had done another inspection at a higher level and made their decision.

    The paperwork shows that the car was sold by Alamo in an auction on September 2016. I was never notified by anything until 10 months later. I contacted the attorney general in the State of Kentucky and I am in touch with BBB. Three attorneys are lined up now to take my case because they told me this is a clear case of fraud. I will keep you posted on my progress. This is not only sickening but pure harassment. PLEASE DO NOT RENT FROM ENTREPRISE ALAMO OR NATIONAL.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 17, 2017

    Dog Hair was all over the car. I was going to Michigan from Memphis. I had a allergic reaction & 2 other. It was an horrible experience. Very uncomfortable! We scratched & itched all the way there. The whole entire night I couldn't sleep. I choked & coughed the rest of the night. I was very glad I had my ** with me or it could've been worst.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 16, 2017

    I live in the city of Atlanta and I own a record label that requires me to make frequent drive trips from Atlanta, to cities in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, etc. I am a very loyal customer to Alamo and even use them strictly when I fly to other cities. I spend thousands of dollars a year renting cars from Alamo, primarily out of the Atlanta airport location. I always rent the Premium class cars because I want to get the Camaro, which I have been told many times over the years by management, and employees that it was considered a Premium class car at the Atlanta location because they do not have a sporty class section on the reservations website.

    I usually rent a car at the Alamo Atlanta location around 12 am and return the car around the same time. Being that 12 am is the extremely slow period, they may only 1 or two people working the desk. Over a period of time the Alamo staff started to recognize my face at the counter, and in the garage where the cars are rented and returned. The problem I started having at the Alamo Atlanta airport location is that the overnight staff (who are desperate for commission) started to hate the fact that I never upgraded, or added any extras like pre-pay gas, insurance, roadside service, etc to my reserved price. Over time the same night staff that I see every week, or every other week started becoming unfriendly with me, and the young girl at the counter would never greet me with a hello, thank you, good bye, and would simply not respond to any questions I had... She basically ignores me.

    On 07/16/2017 at 3:30 am I was returning a 1 day rental Camaro I rented the previous day, and since I really needed the car for an extra day I decided to go ahead and make another online reservation for a premium class car at the same price. The car I had was having problems with steering so I was not going to hang on to it for an extra day. When I got to the Alamo rental car counter the same young girl who I see every time was asleep at the counter, and when I said hello to her, she recognized me and looked pissed that I woke her up. She knew I was not going to upgrade, or take the extras, so she sent me on my way to the garage knowing I was going for the Camaro. In the garage I was stopped by a guy who was radioed by the young girl at the counter, and he told me if I wanted the Camaro I have to upgrade...

    I explained to him I get the Camaro all the time under the premium class and that there is no sporty class section on the reservations site for the Atlanta airport location. He ignored me and said, "Let me show you all the premium cars" knowing I always get the Camaro... I then ignored him and walked towards the Camaro and he went back to greeting people returning cars. As I got in the Camaro and started driving towards the check out booth in the garage, a girl was also radioed by the young girl at the counter and she proceeded to tell me "Oh, it looks like you have a premium... if you want the Camaro you have to upgrade... I can do that for you right now?" I have rented the Camaro as a premium, and have checked out of the same garage over 5 times, with the same girl. However, now I see they are all working together to run a harassing scam on me.

    I told the girl to reverse the charge on my card, and that I wanted to speak to a manager. When I spoke to the manager he of course sided with his employees and said that the Camaro not having a classification at the Atlanta airport location on the site is an issue that they are working on. When I told him that I am a loyal customer and that I feel disrespected by his staff, and that I was going to call Alamo about this location... his exact answer was "Well I guess you will be talking to me again, cause I am over this entire airport location and I deal with complaints" I will never use the Alamo, at the Atlanta airport location again!

    As I finished speaking with the manager. I want to warn people that use the Alamo at the Atlanta airport around 12 am - 3 am when all the flights have stopped coming in, that the workers there are underpaid, and make little to no commission, and are unprofessional, unfriendly, rude, and will work together to scam you for the upgrade. Also, the general manager on duty at that time who is named Deandre is hopeless, and cares nothing about your business, or loyalty with Alamo Rent A Car!

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    Original review: July 12, 2017

    I went the counter to pick up my rental car in Knoxville, Tn., TYS airport, this afternoon. I was offered insurance coverage for my vehicle at $25/day. I told the agent that I thought the fee was exorbitant since the cost was greater than the fee for the car rental itself. I needed the car, so I paid for the insurance. I checked online to see what Alamo charged and the fee was $9/day, which is what I was anticipating. I called the Alamo service number and she told me that because I booked the car through Costco, that the rate was $25/day for the same coverage as the Alamo site at $9/day. She didn't offer me any rationale for the different price for the same service. She did take my complaint. Beware.

    Original review: July 4, 2017

    When renting from Alamo I went through Allegiant and paid upfront 300 for my car rental from 6/21 to 6/28. I was told at the rental counter when renting in Destin, Florida that a 200 hold would be placed on my account and when I returned the car they would refund it. When I turned my keys in on return flight at 4:30 am no one was there so I accidentally took keys with me back to KC. When I realized what I did I immediately called Alamo. I spoke with Duree which explained to me it would be cheaper to just charge me 225.00 return key fee. I was like "OMG I don't have that right now. Can I just FedEx the key to you," and she said, "No, it would be cheaper this way" and that Enterprise their main company would just send me a bill.

    I asked her if she could email me a copy of this and she said, "No they don't do that." 1 day later I get a charge for 470.00 which sent my bank account negative and now receiving overdraft charges. I immediately called Alamo in Destin again and this time I receive Yolanda which is Duree boss. She says explains that she don't know why Duree said that they can't email me things. I explained to her what has happened and she says, "Well, the only thing I can say is when they charge your card if it came back negative she must of charged you the full amount," and they have no control over it. The system automatically does this. Which makes zero sense?

    Since I already paid for the car the only thing I should of been charged for was airport taxes and the key would of been cheaper to FedEx. I then ask her for corporate number for a solution and she gives me a 800 number and its customer service for sales. This staff is less than incompetent. I googled corporate office myself and they are in St. Louis, it's 314 number and I will be calling tomorrow morning since it's holiday? I can't believe the blatant lies of this staff and wonder how many people have been treated like this. This company needs to be sued for their dishonesty. I know for a fact they lied to me because I HAVE RENTED FROM ENTERPRISE FOR YEARS NEVER AND WAS TOLD THEY COULD NOT REVERSE ANY FEES. Enterprise returned my deposit fee every time. Alamo in Destin was a horrible company and I will never rent from them again or their staff!

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    Original review: July 4, 2017

    I booked a car on hotwire.com over the 4th of July at the Burlington International Airport in VT. After I read the disclaimer about deposit policy and how the deposit amount was not disclosed, I contacted Hertz (at 7:35pm) because I knew my credit card only had a 300 dollar limit and did not want to waste the two hour drive out there to pick up a car just to be turned down. I was informed that the deposit for the car was the cost on the car. "If your car rental is 100.00, then your deposit is only 100.00". I then verified not once, not twice, but THREE times that the deposit was only 100.00 which she assured me it was. After getting up at 4 and driving two hours to the rental place, I was greeted by a very nice young man who offered an upgrade because they were out of compacts. He did his usual routine and was very professional... and then he said my card was declined for the car.

    I asked him why? When I verified last night, I was told it was only the cost of the car for a deposit in which he told me it was actually a 250.00 deposit on top of the car rental price. When I contacted customer service to ask them, they told me they didn't know anything about Alamo's deposit policy for that location and they were sorry? Seriously?!? I called and verified THREE TIMES to make sure! Not only did they lie to me, but I had to walk out of there without a car. Will NEVER do business with them again!

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    Original review: June 29, 2017

    I have never experienced such deceitful, poor and downright awful customer service in my life. I needed to rent a car while I waited for my truck to be shipped here b/c I moved. I had to extend the amount of time I kept the rental because my truck hadn't arrived yet. A woman named Yvonne would call me every week or so and I would let her authorize my debit card over the phone for the price of an additional week using the weekly rate for the vehicle.

    Every time she "authorized" my card, the money left my account. Upon turning the vehicle in after one month of having it I was given a bill for the full amount ($997). I asked the "manager" Mike why I was receiving a bill for the full amount as I had already paid up to this point with the exception of 1 week. He advised me I was not being charged twice but that the previous amounts that I paid were only authorizations and had not come out of my account. Hmm... then where did that $800 go from my account?

    I asked Mike why these charges had already come out of my account & explained that I didn't know why I was getting billed for the full amount... I only owed for one additional week!!! When I asked him to give me the difference between what it already been "authorized," he replied with "why is this so difficult for me to explain this to you?" I didn't have an answer - I figured that's what they paid him to do there...?? I asked him to get a calculator and deduct the amount of my weekly rate from what I've ALREADY PAID. We were finally making some headway... so I thought. Today I look at my checking account and see that I have an $823 debit from Alamo. This is EXACTLY what I was afraid of. "Mike" vehemently assured me that I would not be charged TWICE. Thanks Mike.

    Initially when I called the customer service rep "Yvonne" that I had been dealing with, she could sense that I clearly wanted answers from her. She wasn't feeling up to it so she gladly passed the buck and transferred me over to Mike (even though she that was "polite" enough to authorize my card over and over and over again for RANDOM amounts, thanks Yvonne). This information was given to me by my BANK -- would you want people who you trust with your credit/debit card information randomly authorizing charges on your card? I didn't think that went on...??

    When I asked "Mike" AND "Yvonne" why I was being charged twice and I was told to "call my bank." I asked both Mike AND Yvonne what protocol was for this -- to which no one had an answer. "Mike, you work in customer service, right? It's your job to resolve issues like this, right?" He replied, "Call your bank on three way - just call your bank." In addition to interrupting me countless times, wasting my time and lying to me, I'm also out $1900 instead of $950. Luckily I put the remaining week on a different card. I will NEVER, ever use these scam artists again. UNLESS THIS SITUATION SOUNDS APPEALING TO YOU, I URGE YOU to consider ANY OTHER CAR RENTAL COMPANY. Being charged double and treated like garbage is going to be tough to top. CONSUMER BEWARE!

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    Original review: June 20, 2017

    We rented a vehicle on May 22, 2017 from ATL and returned it on May 31 at SAV (Savannah/Hilton Head Airport). The vehicle was turned in to the agent on duty who did a walk around and then printed the receipt as payment in full there at the vehicle. In my possession, there was no accident and no damage to the vehicle. Three weeks later, I am in receipt of an insurance claim letter saying that the vehicle had been damaged and to provide my insurance or credit card information. I have been in email back and forth with the claims investigator for documentation. Even so, any damage will have been after I turned in the vehicle. Now it has become my problem. I suspect an Alamo employee damaged the vehicle and now they want me to pay for it. Something's not right. As soon as I get documentation from the Alamo investigator, I will be filing a complaint with the Savannah Police Department.

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    Original review: June 20, 2017

    I rented a car for a trip in Florida. When I returned the car I had some confusion on the airport I was supposed to be at. It was 4 am and I had very little sleep and asked the guy checking the car in if I was in the right spot. My rental agreement said to bring it back to Fort Lauderdale and I was in Miami, the guy said yes so I left the car with him and within 10 minutes I realized my mistake and went to customer service to get the car back and go to the correct airport. Even though I returned the car an hour early they wanted to charge me $100 to get the car back, the guy was rude and didnt want to help resolve the situation. I feel they should not have accepted it at the wrong airport or at least say something and since they only had it for 10 minutes they should have let me take the car to Fort Lauderdale where I was catching my plane.

    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: June 28, 2017

    Due to Alamo now wanting to "look" into my complaint, 2 weeks after the problem Alamo created, I feel like "too little, too late". I have learned my lesson and WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ALAMO AGAIN!! I can't give them a O (zero) rating, so it stays at 1.

    Please remember that your customers are the reason why YOU ARE IN BUSINESS! Treat them fairly, respond when they contact you in a timely manner- AND let the bottom line NOT be about YOUR balance in YOUR bank account!!

    Original review: June 15, 2017

    On Saturday, June 10, 2017 around 1 am I picked up a silver Buick Lacrosse at O'Hare airport. I used a debit card and I know a hold was placed on my debit card. I returned the car back at O'Hare on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 around 3 am. I was told by the check-in attendant that the plates didn't match the car. She asked for my rental agreement which I gave her (unbeknownst to me, my contract had fallen out and the total of the contract was $170.92). We went into the office, where I stated that I had a 5 am flight back to Phoenix (where I live) and was time-pressed and she didn't cash me out or give me a receipt. She wrote down some information and I left. When I arrived at work around 8:15 am (PST) I checked my account and I almost fell over!!! I was over negative $201 dollars and the insufficient fees were adding up. I saw that Alamo had charged me on June 11, 2017 $269.52 and was still holding money from my debit card.

    I immediately called Alamo and was told that the records stated that I had returned the car to Seattle on Sunday, June 11th - not possible, since I was in Chicago attending my first granddaughter graduation from high school on Monday, June 12, 2017 at 6 pm. I was a flight to Phoenix at 5 am on Tuesday, June 13th. I have spoken with Cindy, Leah, Sandra, Manuela (supervisor) and their solutions are UNACCEPTABLE!!! NO MANAGER EVER CALLED ME!! The problem was they charged me before the contract was ended and that sent my account into a tailspin. Since then I have received a credit of $68.46 from Alamo.

    THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and does not fix my negative balance!! I want to be made whole. I want that charge of $269.52 to get reversed FROM 6.11.17 and then my bank will reverse all the $36 overdraft fees that keep piling up. I have started a fraud case against Alamo because they are accepting responsibility for their error. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN AND WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW!!!

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    Original review: June 12, 2017

    We rented a Midsize car from Alamo and I paid extra (377.23 GBP) for extra insurance and to ensure that it including everything!! However, when I returned the car 3 weeks later I also received another bill from Alamo for 160 dollars for the private fee recovery charge, customer facility charge, tire/battery fee, Florida surcharge, the vehicle license fee and sales tax. I even returned the car with a three-quarter tank full of petrol (I bought the petrol on the way to the airport) and they still charged me 28 dollars for it! However, I have got a printed invoice for the original 377.23 GBP that INCLUDES all of the above.

    I have sent Alamo/Enterprise Rent-A-Car this information and all they do is send me is the original 160 dollar bill!! It appears to me that they keep trying to fob me off, meanwhile they gladly grab whatever 'extra' amount they can off your credit card when you take the car back. This is the third time I have visited the US and I have never expected to pay this much just to rent a mid-size car. AVOID Alamo at all costs!!!!

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    Alamo Car Rental expert review by Lauren Fix

    As the largest rental car agency serving international travelers in North America, Alamo Car Rental focuses on major destination cities. Its 171 self-service kiosks in 63 U.S. locations streamline the rental process, resulting in an easy and hassle-free rental experience and improving check-out and check-in times. Alamo is owned by Enterprise.

    • Loyalty rewards: Customers who join the Alamo Insider program get an instant five percent discount off retail prices.
    • Prepay discounts: Pay for a rental car in advance at the time of booking and get an additional 10 percent off your rental.
    • Arrive and drive: Using the online check-in option, renters can fill out the form and go right to their rental car.
    • Wide vehicle selection: Choose from a large selection of makes and models, including electric cars and 15-passenger vans or cargo vans.
    • Vacation in style: Car selection includes options like sports cars, luxury models and convertibles so drivers can make an impact when pulling up to the curb.
    • Best for: Vacationers, business travelers, event planners, temporary workers, those with cars in repair and those who want a wide selection of vehicles.
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    Lauren Fix, also called The Car Coach, is an automotive and auto finance expert. Her understanding of vehicles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print media and the Internet. She has authored multiple books and writes a column for several outlets, including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on major news and morning shows, discussing the latest updates on cars and car financing that will help drivers make smart decisions when buying, maintaining and financing cars.

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