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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2022

So, after another bout of numerous unhappy experiences dealing with your company, we decided we are going to let you all know how this company handles things. All of our meetings with the timeshare included the promise of great get-away vacation spots. The opportunity to book months in advance. Free get-away weeks. Able to sell our weeks/points to pay maintenance fees. 90-minute meetings lasted a minimum of 2-3 hours. Multiple salespeople presenting this is something wonderful and the ability to pass it down to our children. Sale people agreed to work side by side with us to book and manage our points effectively. What we got was the Inability to book resorts 15 months in advance as promised. Told we were in the top 1% of owners and wouldn’t have any issues in book anytime anywhere.

When booking our reservations we were promised certain rooms but upon arriving at the resort this wasn’t true. Requested rooms group for family events we were not close to each other or same floor. Special requests 15 months in advance for a presidential suite in a certain building were not meet was put in a presidential suite without a working stove, outdoor grill and foldout couch. The "ability" to leave it to our kids, wasn't a choice, they were going to get that handed to them either way no matter what their choice was. We could spend less money vacationing outside of our timeshare and actually be able to book a trip at the times we wanted to go.

The exchange rate through Choice plus or RCI was almost triple the rate and was subpar, to say the least. The maintenance fees are a financial burden for anybody since they rise each year. Resort managers were extremely unsympathetic to our needs. We arrived at certain resorts, and our rooms were unclean from previous guests. When reporting an item/equipment not working properly the maintenance would say “Oh we know it doesn’t work and has never worked” but yet it was specifically requested in our reservations. Then, when reaching out to get rid of this since nothing we were promised happened, we were told there is nothing we can do. You signed a contract. You owe us money.

They offered to settle for an astronomical amount that was laughable. Mike ** from the timeshare was just trying to get any type of money he could. We have major issues with Bluegreen and how they sold us. We are constantly forced to go to presentations on our vacations and all they try to do is sell you more and more points since we "didn't have enough to vacation how we wanted." With the number of points we have, this should not be an issue. We are continuously let down by this company and continue to this day. We will keep fighting for a release in any way we can.

We wish we never came into contact with Bluegreen or their salespeople. They will pressure you until they can not anymore and ultimately you cave. Making the deal sweeter and sweeter. When they know you will not get what they are promising. We have nothing good to say about this company. Word of mouth is looked at highly in these times. We will continue to use our voice until something is done in the matter. We are not a game to be won. We are not pawns to play with. This needs to be corrected fast.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2022

Be very careful of Breckenridge Grand Vacations. They are a timeshare company that is too ashamed to say they are a timeshare company. They prey on unsuspecting and trusting people by using deceitful and extremely high-pressure tactics. They told us we were making an investment and we could rent out our membership to cover the costs. Not true. This product has no value. We were told that as owners of such a valuable property, we could also sell it to recoup our costs. Not true. Not only is there is no market for this, even if we do find someone to buy it from us, they restrict the membership benefits so everyone will only purchase directly from them.

Again, not what we were told. We tried using our timeshare on several occasions only to be told “it wasn’t available”, or we had to “spend more money” to get what we thought we already paid for. Will it ever end? No, it never ends. In good faith, we upgraded to a larger/better unit, because we were told that’s what it takes to get all the vacations and benefits we wanted. Even after that upgrade, we still can’t get the vacations we want, we have to settle for the limited choice of vacations they have available. Spend your money wisely and book your own vacations directly with REPUTABLE organizations. Learn these valuable lessons from someone who is far more educated now about how this company operates, and please don’t do business with Breckenridge Grand Vacations, they will take your money and not fulfill any of their promises.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 19, 2022

    We got suckered in at Cabela’s. Promised a 3 night stay at a list of cities for $179. They gave us a $50 gift card to use at Cabela’s and told us that when we arrive at our selected city that we would attend a 30 min session despite the contract saying 2 hours. They told us that we would get $75 gift card for Cabela’s after we attend the presentation. We went online to “book.” We selected city and dates and clicked Book. It said that we are booked and we would receive an email once the hotel confirms our stay. We never got an option to see the hotels and where exactly were we staying. Nothing. The number to call is closed on the weekends. We had to wait until Monday to call. Horrible experience! When we reported this with the sales agent at the presentation, Austin replied “we have nothing to do with that.” Yet, they claim they are #1 in customer service awards.

    The presentation is 3 hours minimum. We had said NO numerous times and thankfully were able to walk away without purchasing anything. Mallory gave the presentation to the whole crowd. She was pleasant but doesn’t allow for any questions, of course. She’s been with Bluegreen vacations for 12 years yet she hasn’t been to her dream vacations. Makes no sense right there.

    The sales agent meets with you afterward and we met with Sean and he was new and kind. However, we kept saying no. That’s when Austin came over and did not answer any one of our questions. He kept talking about what he wanted to and all the deals we would be getting this one time. We asked him to listen to our concerns and he walked away.

    Our resorts were not in their book or on the RCI website. We picked one to get an understanding how much if any are we saving with going through them versus our way. Austin said there was no way to show us how many points that specific hotel with specific dates would be. It was all a huge waste of time. They sell you the 20,000 points for $75,000 but because you came to the presentation that day they will knock it down to $40,000. Do not buy into this. They don’t you tell you about the additional costs every year and the meeting you need to attend where they try to coerce you to purchase more points. Do not give in.

    If you meet with the sales representative afterwards, let them know you will not sit and you do not want to buy or share the reason as to why either. You listened to the presentation and would like to get the free gift cards for your time and walk out to the waiting room. They will try to talk about your family, how long you’ve been married, your vacation destinations, your dreams… Do not answer any of these questions. Let them know kindly you want to keep that confidential and leave.

    Stay away from Blue Green Vacations and ANY other timeshare package. They are all the same. Yes, you will spend the money either way but at least it’s where you want to go and when you want to go. Don’t listen to their lies. They will try every which way to get you the more you talk and share about yourselves. So don’t give them anything.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 17, 2022

    This company stay away from. They will look you in the face and tell you if you're not happy you can get out of this contract by sending a letter to the site. They have no intentions it ever getting back to them in the ten day period. We over nighted our letter. It was sign in the ten day grace period but still no answer. We have contacted severe county res of deeds, talk to Kathy, said she now is aware of the problem and she will pass it along, She also got a letter that we sent overnight so she also seen the lie they told us. She told me Tenn law says within thirty days not ten days you can get out of this contract. She also gave me attorney's name to fight this since we have a sign document within the ten days...

    They know now how Bluegreen operates in their great State of Tennessee and another thing you need to stop using Dolly Parton name to sell your product. I do not think her name would want to be associated with this company if so I never watch anything of hers again.... so people stay away from these crooks. Also turned them in to the Better Business Bureau too.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 9, 2022

    So we went through Bass Pro Shop in Kansas City. Upon arriving, we were told about our meeting the next morning and where to go. The supposed 2-hour meeting lasted twice as long. When we decided that their offer was not for us, they sent over three additional sales persons to tell us that we ‘are making a HUGE mistake’. They then proceeded to belittle us when we explained that we had priorities set to start a family. The salesman argued with me about the concept of this being ‘real estate’, rather than a time share (which it is). There was honestly a point where I hit my head against the table in frustration.

    For attending the meeting, they gave us a $50 gift card and told us that we could use it towards any fees—such as room service—during our stay. When we went to check out, Bluegreen claimed that they ‘incorrectly informed us’ because they do not accept the gift card. Every situation with Bluegreen was exasperating and the weekend getaway was anything but restful. I would recommend staying at Big Cedar Lodge but would NOT recommend going through Bluegreen vacations.

    5 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 5, 2022

    I would love to give Bluegreen a ZERO-star review, unfortunately, that’s not an option. Taking them up on a 3-day vacation when we had no intention of buying a timeshare was a mistake. When we got to the resort to start our vacation, we had to attend a presentation for 2 hours, but it ended up taking much more of our day. Our saleswoman, Cheyanne, told me this was NOT a timeshare. When I had more questions, no one, including the supervisor, provided sufficient answers. The salespeople did tell me that there was a buyback program for this “investment” and that I was getting an exclusive military discount that was good for only that day. I was promised plenty of reservation availability and told that a 5-day vacation would typically cost about 2,000 points. As it turns out, it’s a minimum of 4,000.

    During the contract portion, I was signed up for a credit card and not told what the interest amount would be. No one gave me time to read and understand the contract or look into the financing charges. I have since learned that only about $40 of the $220 I pay monthly is going to my debt, the rest is all interest!! Everything I was told was a fabrication to sell their “holiday homes”.

    4 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 2 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 23, 2021

    Exactly what one would expect. Flowery, common sense presentation extolling the virtues of an idealistic Time Share Ownership. Lots of consensus building and “Yes” questions, pie in the sky…. The unicorns were flying over rainbows by the end of hour one. Obviously, No questions are ever permitted during the 1st serving of the Time Share Kool Aid. Well done. Then, a human cattle drive thru a few staged properties that looked and smelled new… Very nice.. Of course. Nothing disagreeable here…except…if these properties are so nice, WHY did Bluegreen pay for us to stay in an off site hotel, with uncomfortable beds, 30 minutes away? Were they afraid we might talk to other “Owners” the night before they tried to close us? Hmm..…

    Then, the interrogation designed to address our savvy Buyer objections…where tough questions about maintenance fees, and other fees not discussed beyond the amazing & low buy in fee were effectively dodged and dismissed as minor & irrelevant. Then, the pre-requisite probing question about whether we might consider taking advantage of their “Today only” great “1st time visitor” deal. Ha! I laughed. Why the urgency? What do you have to hide? Why the rush? No answer, beyond telling us “how many people said “No” on their first visit, and regretted it for the rest of their lives. Oh, I’ll bet! :D

    So, then we hit the two hour point. I’d said NO, this sale is not going to happen today…half a dozen times at that point, and then our warm up Sales Rep excused himself to retrieve their Closer. She was a battle hardened Time Share Shark who had all the right questions…and answers…to overcome ALL savvy Buyer questions…. Except for mine. She met her match in a Buyer who relished being on the receiving end of high pressure sales. And then it happened. She informed me there was no need to be “rude.” Loved it, and doubled down. I reminded her that she promised us a “two hour” sales presentation, which we agreed to listen too, and now she was 15 minutes late and on OUR time…. And by that point I’d answered her easy questions, and politely said NO at least a dozen times in the past two hours, and she promised “no pressure” sales… So really, Lady….really…WHO is being rude here? Busted.

    At that point, she stopped, she presented whatever they promised on top of the free three nights at a nice Hotel in Branson,. And, she effectively turned a “No” that might have gone to a maybe or a yes after some research…into a definite NO in the last 15 minutes of her high pressure pitch. I’ve since researched Blue-Green, with my network, and found one from who had a past with them as well. According to him, they talk a big game, but fall far short of delivering anything beyond headache & heartache. It was a NO before. It was a NO during, and it is a definite NO today. They got two hours and fifteen minutes of our time, and not a dime more. Buyer Beware. There is a reason they do not want you staying on their Property before they pressure-pitch you:

    They do not want to chance current “Owners” telling you what Blue Green won’t. The only thing you own here is a mortgage and endless fees & interest that compound annually, but you definitely will never OWN any property on a Blue-Green resort. Ever. If you cannot sell or transfer property, then you are NOT the “Owner.” Owning a mortgage and annual undisclosed fees is not property “Ownership,” it is Time Share Ownership. Best of luck in your search!

    20 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 20, 2021

    We started by purchasing a promotion through Bass Pro Shop. We went to Williamsburg, Va. everything was great the resort was beautiful, everything seemed great. While there we sat through the sales presentation and wasn’t sure if we wanted to to go all in so we bought points towards a one time vacation and we were gifted a three day weekend to another presentation to make up our minds. Fast forward some time, because of COVID our three day weekend was canceled. When we called to schedule it was just gone. They no longer offer what we were told. Fast forward some more and we take our vacation we paid for to Orlando, Florida to the Fountains.

    We arrive and go to our room and our room is filthy. There was tried food on the cabinets, thick dust on the vents and walls, the bathtub had hairs and soap scum, the shower had hairs, soap scum, and a broken necklace. The washer had scum on the agitator and the dryer was full of hair and lint. I called to the front desk they said they would send housekeeping, I explained the problem was bigger than that. So they moved us to another room. That was was dirty as well. Almost the exact same problems. I called to the front desk and they said that all they had. Not to mention we were promised a $100 gift card to talking to the sales people for one hour so we did. Mostly to complain about the nasty room. They apologized however nothing was done. At the end we were told we were promised the gift card by mistake so we didn’t even get that. This has been the worst hotel experience ever!

    8 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 2, 2021

    I bought 2 timeshares. Almost every time I tried to use either 1 I was told nothing was available but when I went to RCI and paid the a booking fee I was told there were vacant units. This year I was billed $297+ $373 processing fee for 9000 pts, $397 for 12000 points and another $297 for 9000 pts. for a total of 30000 pts in addition to 3 ARDA vol. fees. I can pay for a lot of hotel bills for $1604 a year. I have been trying to sell for over 10 years and NO luck. I can't even give it away.

    22 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 29, 2021

    Scammed into buying a timeshare. Can't use cause almost all the weeks are red weeks in the package. Points are useless and unless you have a lot you are vacationing a 3rd rate hotel. They didn't even tell us it was a mortgage until we tried to get out of it.

    10 people found this review helpful
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    Bluegreen Corp. author review by Lisa Ann Schreier

    Bluegreen is a company that specializes in timeshares and adventure vacations, and it was founded in 1966. The company caters to more than 175,000 owners and is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL. The company features a deeded timeshare program with timeshare locations across the United States and Caribbean.

    • Conveniently located: Bluegreen Corp. features timeshare properties across the United States, which makes them easy to access for customers across America.

    • Bluegreen Vacation Points system: The company offers customers a points system, and they can access different resorts by accumulating more points. These points can also be exchanged with RCI properties.

    • Adventures available: Representatives from Bluegreen Corp. can help customers find and book fun adventures and excursions during the time they use their timeshare.

    • Gift card perks: The company gives customers who book a Bluegreen Getaway a 75 dollar Visa Reward Card as an added perk.

    • Getaway deals: Bluegreen Corp. offers customers regular deals, with two to five night getaways at properties across the country that cost only 149 dollars.

    by Lisa Ann Schreier Timeshare Advisor

    Lisa Ann Schreier has been involved in the timeshare community since 1998. She is the author of, ‘Surviving A Timeshare Presentation...Confessions From The Sales Table’ and ‘Timeshare Vacations For Dummies.’ In addition to her blog, The Timeshare Crusader she is also the lead timeshare advocate at

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    Bluegreen Corp.
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    4960 Conference Way North, Suite 100
    Boca Raton
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    United States