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I was a guest of my sister's Bluegreen Vacation to Las Vegas. I knew that this was a timeshare presentation and was interested in the program. Boy, was I fooled. I think that this Bluegreen Vacation was a joke. Why would I want to spend time and money on a place as pitiful as this? During my stay, I asked other investors their opinion of this property. Everyone told me it was very nice. Well if this place is very nice I would hate to see a bad one. NOT ONE AMENITY. Guest service closes a 5 pm. No restaurant, no gambling, no bar, no internet service, no airport service. Their Las Vegas shuttle is a "DROP OFF" only service. Their response..."Call an Uber".

So basically I am suppose to spend my first day of vacation going grocery shopping to be able to have coffee in the morning and any snack after returning to the room. Don't waste your money on this investment. This was not a vacation. To not even have an airport service is very sad. To tell your guests "owners" to call an Uber is truly sad. The property is surrounded by 2 blocks of vacant land which is littered with the homeless street people. A great place for your "OWNERS" to stay. All Bluegreen wants is your money. They don't care about you. Why is the Bluegreen representative showing my sister and I a 4 bedroom master suite when there are only 2 of us? (We told sales this.)

If they were truly concerned about their owners, and not just a high pressure sales group, they would let me buy after thinking about the program. They are a Today Only sales group. Even a car dealer will take your money if you called them tomorrow. Not Bluegreen. I was told this is a one time only offer. I will not be eligible after today. As far as I'm concerned, Bluegreen "Resorts" is nothing but a bunch of crap. If you invest with this company you are a fool. Why own something that you cannot be proud of and use when you want. Remember bring your own coffee because they aren't going to provide or even offer you a cup upon your stay or even when trying to sell you this place.

We purchased the timeshare (points system) which I liked the idea of. We were told that many of the resorts have jet skis, paddle boards, etc. And we were told no cost to us, only gas for the jetskis, boats. We were also sold on the fact that all rooms have a full kitchen (not true). We went to St. Pete Beach in FL. Although not a bad resort, we were not able to use jet skis, paddle boards, etc. without being charged. Although they were part of TradeWinds, they weren't offered to Bluegreen owners.

I am not happy because if you look at all the resort's amenities it's typical pool, hot tub, etc. They find a way out of making the amenities available to Bluegreen members. Although the salesperson said the presentation was recorded, we have yet to see. I'm upset we were sold the timeshare under false promises. I'm looking into contacting an attorney. Maybe us owners should start a class action lawsuit. Feel free to email me **. One very expensive lesson!

We got trapped into buying Bluegreen Timeshares. Very soon we found it was a Fraud. We were not able to get any accommodations when we needed. We also learnt that not only we will be paying money to this company throughout our lives but our future generations will be forced to do the same. So we stopped paying them. Now my credit score has dropped from 830 to 600. Thank God I do not need a loan pretty soon. Bluegreen is a fraudulent company.

I ordered the packaged before I alone with my credit card only. Later a friend was staying with me on the weekends. I asked the Conway, AK office if he could go. They told me I needed proof of his occupancy, that we needed a bank account together which I could not provide. I called later and they added his name to my account. They said they couldn't take his name off nor could I go without him and I couldn't take my two grandchildren either. They also said l could give my package away and see if I could go under someone name that I give it too. I plan to send them a notarized letter from my friend who no long comes over. He has his own place and we don't see each other anymore. The resort refused to remove him from my package. Through Bass Pro in Memphis, TN.

I hope I have the attention of everyone involved in Bluegreen vacations timeshare. If I don't, please forward to whomever I left off; maybe the owner?? I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but never one this bad. My husband and I were so oblivious to this deal, due to the cut throat, money hungry people that sold us a timeshare. I will never understand how you people can actually LIE and get by with it. All I wanted was ONE week at the beach in the summer each year and was told just how easy it would be over and over. I even told them the exact dates I wanted b/c we always go for my son's birthday, the last week in July. What a LIE. I tried to schedule my ONE week at the beach several times starting in February and it never worked out.

There was always some excuse of the day/week, the number of people, no availability, or some other ridiculous reason why I would have to wait a year before I could use my timeshare on the week I requested upfront, nonetheless, unless I wanted to go in December or January and that was still not written in stone. I am so relieved to be out of this mess but you can best believe I have nothing good to say about BLUEGREEN. I would never give anyone your business. This ended up costing my husband and I a lot of money upfront to get in and then lawyer fees to get out.

I don't know what kind of business you are running but I would love to stand outside and tell anyone coming in to run for their lives. You have really put a bad taste in my mouth and I hope I never hear the word BLUEGREEN again as long as I live. One unhappy, furious, cheated, lied to customer. I'm sure there are so many more that feel the same way. Thanks for the debt you caused my family by LYING to innocent customers who believed you were trying to help us with a way to travel.

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I am shopping in Walmart and there is travel representative from Bluegreen soliciting shoppers to purchase vacation packages. I agree to listen to the presentation. The presentation was very well put together. She got around to asking questions about my income and marital status. I told her that I was currently separated and that if I decided to purchase this package, my husband would not be traveling with me. She said, that's no problem. I proceeded to sign the contract and pay $149.00 for this 3 night package and receive a free cruise for 2 if I attended a 90 minute presentation.

So, I finally book my trip and I call to confirm my dates. The representative starts going over the qualifications for the trip after they have taken my money. She asks me if I'm married. I told her that I am separated, the same thing I told the lady in Walmart that sold me the package. She asks, "will your husband be traveling." I told her no. Then she asked "will your divorce be final by October 21st, which is only 16 days away." I told her no.

So, then she tells me that I no longer qualify for the trip and asks if I have any married friends that would like to go in my place. I tell her no, I only want a refund. Granted they gave me a $50.00 Visa gift card just for signing up, so I was only asking for the $99.00 back. She then puts a manager on the phone who basically is saying the same thing. So, now I am out of $99.00 and I have to tell my children that we are not going to the beach. I am extremely angry and I do not recommend anyone to book a vacation through Bluegreen. They are FRAUDS!!!

When Bluegreen called me to sell me a package, I wrote down everything they said on the phone because you know it is a lot of info. Almost everything they told me was not true. I was told the hotel stay I would receive after the meeting could be booked just a couple of weeks ahead of the time I wanted and that it was good 365 days a year. When I got the paperwork after the meeting it said you had to book your vacation 60 days ahead and could not book on holidays or 7 days prior or after holidays, and you had to give them 3 different dates that you could come. I was originally told the extra hotel fees were $6/day. This paperwork says fees were $18-25/day.

I was told I would get $200 debit card after the meeting. I did not get a $200 debit card but a $200 dining card that you had to go online and sign up for, and then it was only good at a few locally owned restaurants that I never heard of, and I lived in this town all my life. Most were Mexican or Oriental. When you went online to sign up you had to "join" this site and then the gift certificate (not card) had to be downloaded for the specific restaurant you were going to, and if you got a $10 gift certificate you had to spend $20 in order to use it. And the certificate was only good for several days.

I was supposed to get back $80 from the $276 I gave them at the beginning within 7-14 days. It took 4 months and me calling them back several times before the refund finally went through. Almost everything they told me was not true and when I called them and wanted to send back the gift cards and the extra vacation they gave me, which was part of the original agreement, and cancel everything, and have them refund the balance back to me they said, "No," they could not do that. I have dealt with Diamond Resorts before and had absolutely no problem with them. Everything they said went perfectly. However, I will never deal with Bluegreen again. Be very cautious if you do.

My husband purchased a package to go attend a presentation in New Orleans, LA. When he bought the package, he was told that we would be staying in the French Quarter - within walking distance of many amenities including the presentation. On September 5th, he received a confirmation call where the representative said we'd be at the St. James hotel in New Orleans near the French Quarter and again went on and on about the wonderful things that are within walking distance, what was close by and that it was within walking distance of the presentation. During the call, he said we needed to make changes by the 13th of September to avoid any additional fees. We were set to leave on September 20th and on the 17th we received the final confirmation e-mail with us at...get this...the Holiday Inn in Gretna, LA...across the river and a 15 minute cab ride to the French Quarter.

We called the ph# to discuss this and they said there was nothing they could do. My husband just so happens to record all of his calls for work and sure enough, we played it back and confirmed what we had been told by 2 different people on 2 different occasions. How is it that they can just make changes without giving you advance notice or options and they don't even give you the 7 day courtesy period to make changes? I called them back after we replayed the calls and the representative told us, again, there was nothing they could do, there were no more rooms at the St. James Hotel and they offered to give us a $50 visa card...this was not going to cut it. In the meantime, I looked up the hotel and there WERE rooms available for $98 a night...just not at the Bluegreen rate. I asked to speak to a manager and went through the story again. She said she would see what she could do.

She found a room at the resort which was in the French Quarter (better) but she'd need to charge us $150 on top of that to make the change. Already we didn't have the warm-fuzzies about this company so I was not about the invest another $150 in accommodations that were already less than desirable and we hadn't even arrived there yet! In the end, we settled for paying a $50 cancel/change fee to be able to stay at the resort. Needless to say after this fiasco, we were not about to spend the $$ to buy anything else from the company. When we got there, we had to pay $35 plus tax a night for overnight parking, there was no breakfast, and the rooms were not cleaned every day. There was no pool or gym, the walls are paper thin (we could hear every word of our drunken neighbors at 3 am every morning), and we had a lovely view of an alleyway where the local cabs parked while waiting on fares.

By the way...they honked and argued with each other like clockwork at 6 am. There were a few nice things...the front desk staff was very friendly and there were no hassles. I would never agree to go to a presentation for Bluegreen again and am pretty put off from any future presentations from other companies. I certainly would not put any money upfront for another one of these.

Our daughter-in-law did the talking for the girl that was with us, and she left out most of the important things that we needed to know, like extra hidden fees. We paid the first set of fees, then they sent us another statement for some more when I called about them I was told since we were new we had to pay extra fees. I told them that my husband was sick and we didn't have the money. They told me that they were going to foreclose on my timeshare, and we could not use it till the fees were paid, but they continued to take out money for the payment anyway. When I found out I stopped payment on it. I feel like that shouldn't go towards anyone's credit cause things happen beyond our control.

My husband purchased a package for us to go to Las Vegas and was told there were no blackout dates and all he had to do was book his reservations within 48 hours. Once he called to make reservations, they told him they had to confirm there would be someone available to give us a presentation. He was then told that he would be called back within 72 hours. 72 hours had passed and my husband called back. They continued to tell him they still have not confirmed the presentation and that we would hear from someone by the end of the week. My husband expressed that the end of the week was unacceptable because the prices of airline tickets were significantly increasing. The representative seemed to not care and said we could not get a refund because it was not 30 days from original purchase of our vacation package.

She then proceeded to explain that we booked on Halloween and that was what was causing the delay. After 35 minutes of talking she lied and said we were all booked in a hotel and it was not a hotel of our choice. We were given options and didn't even get to pick a hotel of our choice. My husband continued to talk with her and she then admitted that the presentation still was not confirmed, which means the reservation was not confirmed. Next, we were transferred to someone else who repeated what was previously stated, "you have a hotel booked but we need to confirm your reservations". Nothing was accomplished and we were told we would hear back from them within 48 hours. They provided this "deal" and portrayed to have exceptional customer service; however, when actually making reservations, they were horrible. I do not recommend this company to anyone!

I booked vacation through Bluegreen Vacations at a local event and was enthralled by the presenter. I booked immediately. He failed to give me a receipt which outlined the terms and agreements. Then, he forgot to mention the 2 hour time share meeting. When I called to cancel they refused to allow me to cancel. Upon talking to management and other customer service people they did not refund my money. I felt like this whole operation was a scam and I felt very taken advantage of.

Bluegreen continues to call after I told them I was not interested. The last time they called they tried to sidestep by telling me they are calling to find out why I didn't want my free trip. Told them that is not a good enough reason to step over me asking them not to call.

When they made us buy this ownership program, they told us that the points never going to expire and talked lots of benefits that you can earn. But you know what? Yes, you can keep your points as long as you pay money for keeping your points that you already bought and pay extra money on top of thousands dollars to not lose your benefits. It was a big mistake. I am still paying money that I OWE them (Even though my points are going to expire). Unless you have lots of money so that you can buy the most expensive deal they have (which probably you don't need to pay money to keep your points) or have tons of time to go to trip so you don't need to worry about losing your points, DO NOT PURCHASE it.

When checking in for prepaid vacation ($396) we were told there are no pet friendly accommodations, and we would have to leave our 14 year old dog in RV or board??? We asked if they would reimburse us for a RV park and were told they could not do this. When I inquired about a refund they explained that refunds only could occur within a 30 day window and our purchase was older. Evidence the company has no desire for customer satisfaction. Sad thing is we were interested in their properties.

Received a call that I won this sweepstakes. "Pete" was polite convicting, thorough in this explanation of details. Of course I'd never purchase anything over the phone so I told him I needed a number to return his call. He sent me over to a manager "Jose **" who asked me what I needed. I explained I don't purchase anything without first researching their company and would have to call back. He angrily told me that I was no longer eligible and my "free vacation" was going to the next customer and hung up. They called from a west palm beach number 561-565-8621. This is a scam. No legitimate company does this. Highly recommend hanging up if they call you or not answering this.

I got a call from an agent named "Rory" saying we had won a vacation package one for land and one for cruise. His pitch was very persuasive but at the end I asked the obvious question, "do you have a number we can call you back after we have a chance to discuss?" He then gave me over to his manager "Jeff" who then offered an extension to our vacation Stacy but then said we had to make up our minds during that phone call and then asked "how we would be paying"... ARE YOU KIDDING!!! So I definitely knew it was a scam at that point, put him on mute and then hung up the phone. Do not trust these people with your money.

We were mislead and instead of a learning seminar, they just sold us more points. Now we have sunk in over $15,000 in the first 12 months of ownership and have yet to be able to use a single point. We were not told that if we rolled our points over that we were then limited on when and where we could take those points. Nothing is ever available, even 13 months out, in any red areas. So unless we fly up north, there's nothing available. Basically, they've over-sold their product until there's NO availability except in the northern region. The whole selling point for our family was the "vast" resorts near us in the south that we could drive to. Instead, we've come out-of-pocket $3,500 to take our annual family vacation, because nothing was available.

So I wasted $15,000 over the course of the entire past 12 months. We were told we could use amenities at any Bluegreen resort. We were turned away with our owner ID cards when trying to use these amenities. What is the point of owning something I can't use? Now, I'm out $15,000 just in the 1st year and paid $3,500 for a place to stay for vacation on top of that. And there's still nothing available for next year, not even on RCI, 13 months out, which is supposed to be a special silver ownership perk. The one place our entire family vacations every single year! This is absurd. I've called and tried to get help many times, to no avail. This is the biggest scam I've ever seen. Oversold and can't be used.

We were ask to return to Harbour Lights in SC. after purchasing 5000 points to teach us how to use the BG website effectively. However it was a set-up for a hard sales, which I had asked if that was the case more than once, where we were sold 16,000 points at $1.30 per point ($20,800). I felt I had made a great deal! Made the down payment with a BG credit card & filled out the complete contract & went thru recording of the whole conversation. We left with all the gifts, never talking about the BG website, 2 weeks later BG called & want us to resign the contract, claimed they had charged too much interest on the balance. Ok we resigned the contract, 2 days later, the same thing. Ultra red flags went up, after comparing all 3 contracts, second was exactly the same, but the 3rd was reducing our points to 15,000. Long story short, we refused to sign. They paid our down payment back & voided our contract. Not over yet we will fight this out. Will keep advised!!!

I concur with what has been written by others. And it's worse than that. The next day we were in line at the post office to cancel out account with them. The clerk asked if we were mailing our cancellation of the timeshare, and said that was most of her business. Sure enough, as we were leaving someone heard us talking to the clerk and said that is what they were doing.

It like going to a casino. You have to be prepared to lose anything you put in. You might get a great vacation, OR like me all of the dates that I'm available to travel are already booked and the few dates that I could make work are so many points that I would be better off booking on AirBnB or VRBO. I bought a sampler package and figured I could get at least one vacation out of it in the 8 months given to use it. I attempted to book less than 1 week after my member info came in. ALL the dates at 2 of the 23 (or 26) possible resorts were fully booked with NO availability. Now I'm supposed to call in every day to see if availability changes. I wouldn't say these guys are crooks. But I would not buy a package with them if I could do it over.

This company was at a local event in Norfolk and acted like I won a 7 night resort stay and 7 day cruise from spinning the wheel. I asked where the cruises were to, but they said I'd find out at the meeting. I went up to the "90 minute" lecture and then was asked to come back the next day for being a little late from traffic. In compensation, they gave me an additional 2 night "free" stay at their resort, but this actually ends up having a processing fee of $18 a night. The speaker was very motivational, but manipulative and yelled at me during the lecture for not paying attention. He said they were paying $400 for me to be there and every other seat there costs $400. "I guess that's a great deal though considering I would be the customer spending a minimum of $8,500 for a timeshare". The cruise is a scam. It has a processing fee of $250 per person depending on the location, plus other fees.

Still waiting because of a red dress run in the area many streets were closed. Got lost, got lost again, after 90 minutes and a traffic ticket being told that Decatur was one way and it's two way after 3 blocks. Was 30 minutes late for presentation. Told we could go get something to eat but someone would be with us shortly. It is over 2 hours later and we are still waiting. Not the best first impression. Hope yours is better.

My husband and I purchased a deal at Bass Pro in Memphis. We paid $199 for a 4 night 5-day stay. We received a $50 gift card and were told that with this package (instead of the 2 night $99) we would also get a certificate for a two for a cruise on Carnival. We booked our vacation within the 30 days to obtain another $50 Bass Pro gift card. We went to Branson in April 2016. We were put up in the Raddison. First night we had a group of kids, you were jumping on the floor (in the room above us) until midnight and started again at 6 am. I had called down to the front desk. No improvement. Came back to take a nap (3 pm) kids are still jumping and screaming. I called down to the front desk. They offer to move us. Now the rest of the trip is pleasant.

Our presentation was on Monday @ 8:30 am. This is supposed to be one hour. We have made plans to pick up my grandkids from school. Finally after relenting and buying the Sampler package at $795 we are free! Move forward to June 2016. We still haven't received anything in the mail with our number or how to book a trip. I get a call from the resort and they asked me why we haven't booked a trip yet. I tell the lady it is hard to do this when you don't have the information. She apologizes and offers us to come back for a two-night trip and they will help us set up our trips. We are scheduled for this weekend. It's already become a mess. I'm told we have to attend a presentation at 12:30 on Monday yet we have to check out of our room at 10 am. I argue this was not the agreement.

Finally after dealing with this guy who is reading a script and doesn't know how to respond to my sarcastic answers of, "Will you and your husband be traveling together?" NO, I thought we would drive separate vehicles. After looking at the cruise certificate, we have to go out of Florida or California. Really? After the fees of $200 per person that this travel agency adds on and, what for it, another time share sale. We figured our free cruise is going to cost us over $1000. We can take the train to New Orleans and cruise from there for less $1000. Please don't waste your money on this company. All they care about is getting your money. We can't even use the 9000 points we have because there is no availability between now and April 2017 when they expire unless we want to fly to Vegas. Been there done that. I want mountains. I guess we will just use them at Branson and go visit the grandkids.

So when going on one of their vacations, it actually went really well. Our stay was nice and there weren't any complications. We went to the presentation on the last day of our stay, we had went into it knowing we were not going to purchase. They put us in this tiny room w/ about 20-30 other people for a presentation. The guy who presented did a great job at making it sound like a deal and how wonderful it all was.

So needless to say we fell for it and decided to see how much it would cost us. We got approved for one of their smallest packages, the only problem was the down payment. They wanted 1500.00 within the next month. We have 2 small children and it would be super difficult to have that amount of money in 3 weeks. We told this to our sales guys and the guy handling the finances, he then got really pushy and and started to say things like, "well one or two tight financial months won't be that bad if you think about the long run w/ this vacation plan." That kind of threw me for a loop and I was ready to back out then, and we would have if it hadn't been for our sales guy.

We decided we could swing it and went on with the process. About half way through they finally told us we had no choice but to put down 300.00 that day. So we did because we could afford it. We continued on. And about another hour into working out this deal a lady comes up saying we have a mandatory orientation class for new owners to attend too. That was going to be a 49.00 booking fee to be paid that day. So we paid it because we figured we were already too far along and they promised we would receive that money back upon arrival.

When we finally made it to the finishing part, where everything just needed to be signed. The lady helping us (Carol **) said our package was completely different than what our salesman and the finance guy told us. I then started to have more doubts and wanted to back up. But we were already this far and we thought it was still worth it. We spent 8 hours there that day trying to wrap it all up.

When we finally returned home from Myrtle Beach, about a week later, we had some things happen to us and knew we could not afford this down payment. And after reading a bunch of reviews which I wish I had done before signing anything we called and canceled our contract. It wasn't too hard to cancel except for the fact that we couldn't receive our 300.00 down payment back?? But I just chalked it up to lessons learned and moved on. She did say we would receive our 49.00 booking fee for the mandatory new owner orientation we had already paid.

A week goes by and I still didn't have the refund. We called every single person who gave us their number for the next 2 weeks and all we got were voicemails. We then called the 1800 number and they transferred us 10 times with each person saying, "hold and let me get you to the "right" person" until we were transferred to another voicemail!! I honestly would have said forget the 49.00 but I wanted to make sure whatever booking fee was set up, that hotel wouldn't take money out of my account for not showing up. And if anyone had called me back they would have known that. But at this point I was pissed off.

We called the 1-800 number again and the gentleman wanted to transfer again! My husband who was speaking with him flipped, and told him we want our money back now and he was going to be the one to do it. So guess what? We finally got a refund. So my only question. If this guy was about to transfer us again to the "right" person, how was he able to do it? I mean come on, I wasn't born yesterday! I say don't do it. They make it seem like sunshine and rainbows when you are in the presentation but after that it's nothing but crap. Do not fall for it. We finally did the math on the down payment and monthly payments, plus maintenance fees and other fees they threw in. I'd rather just save my money and have no strings attached.

It's similar to buying a used car. When you say no they bring out the "boss" who pressures you even more into buying it. I stayed at the Tradewinds in St. Pete. Everything was ok until I attended the presentation. I was told that my significant other did not need to attend since we have different address on our driver licenses and he has his own residence. I attended the presentation as I was told to, then when I said to the VERY EXPENSIVE vacation package, they brought in the BOSS to tell me that I was not eligible because my significant other was not there and would not receive the $150 in vouchers and may possibly have to pay full price for hotel. No one has called me back after 2 visits I made back to that office. Don't waste your time unless you like high-pressure scams.

The original telephone promise of a "resort stay" was not true. When I asked why in a follow-up call, I was told "You should have read your paperwork." Over the course of more than a dozen telephone calls over several months, representatives consistently gave me information that directly contradicted previous representatives, depending on what excuse worked best at the time. The one customer service representative who made a good faith effort to assist no longer works there. All this BEFORE my scheduled travel. Do not, under any circumstance, do business with this deceptive company.

When Bluegreen solicited my interest they called me and sounded very attractive saying this was their 50th anniversary and that they were rolling out the red carpet for us to come hear their sales pitch. We would be set up and ask who would I bringing. I stated my fiance and his 16 yr old 6'7-in son. I was never informed that I would be staying in hotel accommodation. I have a double bed at the Clarion in Myrtle Beach, SC. These are not the accommodations I thought to have. I thought we were staying in one of the Bluegreen Resorts. Had I known it was regular sub-part hotel stay I would have never drove 7 hrs from MD, took vacation time, rented a car...etc to come here.

I never stay in double bed size rooms for my family. Both men are 6'7 tall. I was on the phone for over an hour with all these different level floor sup and no one was willing or could not change my accommodations. Not asking for a suite but when I was asked who I was bringing I certainly advised that I had a very tall 16-yr old. They can't fit in double beds but I'm stuck here from driving 7 hrs. Taking vacation time and you want us to sign on the dotted line for what??? Your Customer Service is just like this hotel...nothing I would sign up for. Not looking for a suite by any means. Bit nothing was done to save me.

I'm feel bamboozled and wasted my time...and money and no one seems to care. Then when you have to speak with a sup and transferred several times...this Tabitha person was clearly irritated to assist. Made it clear there is nothing I can do and had attitude with it. I hate that I'm stuck here. I asked the last manager for a general manager...vice president of this place and she emails me her sup, who is probably another floor sup. I need to make it known I feel awful, that was suckered into this. Should've stayed home. I can afford my own accommodations when I travel and never would've agreed to stay here. Most importantly feel bad for my soon-to-be-stepson that has to sleep very uncomfortable and he was only visiting from Florida. And it's all my fault that I let my guard down for BLUEGREEN Misrepresentations vacation. Wow!!!

I don't have words to describe this company and the staff in Orlando Blue Green Resort. They lie and discriminate the people when I said "I don't like this program" or "am not buying" for whatever reason. Am not tired to explain everything now because it's pointless. This company will follow cheating people day after day. My bad experience was in Orlando Blue Green Resort on July 16, 2016. The sales rep Sophia ** and the "supposed manager" is Joel **. Never gave me my benefits (gift card and Cruise) because "I don't speak English fluently". To resume, my husband and I will feel robbed and discriminated. Please don't believed in this company. Thank you.

I love my Bluegreen points but I got them in a different way and I'll explain in a moment. They work well for me because I never had a mortgage to pay on them so my outlay is way cheaper. I got suckered into buying Hilton at a presentation. That was a nightmare of epic proportions but it clued me in on what I wanted and didn't. I found out about the secondary market, where unhappy or financially unable owners either sell their points dirt cheap OR GIVE THEM AWAY FOR FREE. These markets are everywhere. If you want in and aren't sure, go secondary market points. No huge mortgage, and the m/f are usually paid for that year. The process is fairly simple too.

If you don't want your points find one of those places. Do not, under any circumstances, ever, pay someone to sell your points for you. TUG website allows free posts and people are usually happy to take the points and, in some cases, even pay the transfer fees to get it out of your name and into theirs. But your maintenance fees must be current all up until sign over date for this to happen. Again, NEVER pay a timeshare sales service to shed your points. They'll take your money and you'll still be on the hook because after all the fees, none of which guarantee you will sell your points, you will likely still have them.

That being said--there's a lot of things I couldn't do with my free--or almost free-- secondary market points. I could not use them for cruises and so forth or earn benefits. I couldn't combine them into one fee. (Beware buying or taking for free multiple secondary point packages because you have to pay the $350 or so base fee for every account!) I bought a small package retail from BG in order to use those services and the money I saved by combining all my secondary accounts and cutting out those base fees (I had 10 secondary accounts, you do the math) paid for the retail points I paid for.

Bluegreen is notoriously hard to get into, at least many of the 'top drawer' resorts are anyway. I admit that. I have not, in 8 years, ever been able to get into Gulf Shores or New Orleans. Ever. There's limited availability all the way around in the summer too. It takes planning. The minute we get our points we rush in there and hook and jab for what we want. It isn't the best way, no, but that is how it is with all timeshares to be honest.

Bluegreen itself is a mixed bag. Some co, owned and affiliate resorts are wonderful, others should not even be on the list because they are basically two star hotels with mini kitchens. The customer service has always been good for and to us but our daughter has had her share of issues with them. Big issues that ended with her threatening to sue at least once. (And yes her points are secondary market too. She's an accountant.)

All in all I will say that IF you get your points on the secondary market and in a location (Each deed is written on a specific location) where the fees are lower (Like Orlando is seriously high fees but Myrtle beach is surprisingly cheaper) you could and will come out being able to take vacations cheaper than you could pay for them in cash. But again, that takes being willing to get in there 11 months out and plan it. It won't work for everyone. I have friends who hate theirs. It works for us.

I called Choice Hotels call center to cancel a booking (which they did with no problems) and was pushed to listen to a special offer they had going on. I decided to listen to it and was told they were promoting a new brand called Ascend Hotels. This lady named Kristie ** told me their intention was to make people familiar with the new flag and offered a deal in which I prepay for 3 hotel nights and would get a gift card back once I check-in, making the stay incredibly cheap, a very sweet deal. She told me about the multiple destinations available and I indicated from those I was interested in Myrtle Beach. She told me about the Sea Glass Tower hotel and all its great features. She also told me that I should book my vacation within 1 year, but said if I needed to extend that for a few months later I could call them up to reschedule. She said I'd have to attend a presentation on the hotel, which I was fine with. That was in November 2015.

I get home and tell my wife about the deal, and she get's all excited when she finds out we have friends who own a condo just block away from the Sea Glass Tower. Fast-forward to June 2016. I decide on a date and call them up to book. I'm then informed that they will send me info on which hotel I'll be placed at... What??? Of course, it is NOT the SeaGlass Tower, this has NOTHING TO DO with promoting the Ascend brand, and the presentation I have to attend is a time-share sales presentation.

I'm furious, obviously feeling deliberately fooled. I call customer service, explain my issue and ask them to play the recorded conversation when they sold me this package. The rep says he will listen to the recording and call me back but won't play it for me. He says there are no spots at the Sea Glass Tower anyhow, there is just nothing they can do. Won't refund me either, since the refunding period was 30 days from purchase.

Honestly, I'd rather kiss good-bye to the couple hundred dollars I wasted on this ** scam rather than ruining my vacation time by spending more money to travel all the way to the Carolinas and be even more irritated by the surprises this company might throw on me. I'm still waiting for a resolution for my complaint but honestly, I have ZERO faith in their intentions to deliver what they sold me. This is just disgusting and from now on I don't ever again want any business with Bluegreen AND/OR Choice Hotels (Comfort Inn, Quality, Clarion).

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Bluegreen is a company that specializes in timeshares and adventure vacations, and it was founded in 1966. The company caters to more than 175,000 owners and is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL. The company features a deeded timeshare program with timeshare locations across the United States and Caribbean.

  • Conveniently located: Bluegreen Corp. features timeshare properties across the United States, which makes them easy to access for customers across America.
  • Bluegreen Vacation Points system: The company offers customers a points system, and they can access different resorts by accumulating more points. These points can also be exchanged with RCI properties.
  • Adventures available: Representatives from Bluegreen Corp. can help customers find and book fun adventures and excursions during the time they use their timeshare.
  • Gift card perks: The company gives customers who book a Bluegreen Getaway a 75 dollar Visa Reward Card as an added perk.
  • Getaway deals: Bluegreen Corp. offers customers regular deals, with two to five night getaways at properties across the country that cost only 149 dollars.
  • Best for People who want a luxury vacation property, large families, travelers with a favorite vacation destination and young professionals with disposable income.

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Bluegreen Corp.
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4960 Conference Way North, Suite 100
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