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Bluegreen Corp.

Bluegreen Corp.
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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2020

We purchased a vacation package at Sonoma County Fairgrounds for $199. They promised 5 Disneyland tickets for our family and tickets for Cowabunga water park. $150 worth in tickets for shows. We got nothing that was promised. They said the water park was closed and they didn’t give that out as gifts. Ok then why promise them? We only received one voucher for two adults. Why would adults go to Disney alone, the whole purpose was to take our children. Now what do we tell them? They painted the picture so beautifully but didn’t explain what we were actually purchasing. This is a great deal for people who live on the eastern side of the US as all the Bluegreen resorts are located there. We live on the other side in California and get access to the “INNS”.

We tried cancelling our purchase on our last day of the time we were given. Of course we can’t control mail. They got our letter two weeks later and said they could not cancel for us. I contacted customer service to let them know there was a discrepancy with gifts and they said they could not help and could not give us anything “more.” I wasn’t asking for more only asking for what they promised. Customer service at Bluegreen is very unhelpful and this company is a fraud! Don’t believe them. Anyone with a five star review was probably paid by Bluegreen or was promised something amazing that they’ll never get. Be careful what you believe from them!

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 10, 2020

My family has stayed with friends at the resorts Bluegreen owns, and were never disappointed with the accommodations. Sadly, I can't say the same about their marketing department. My husband and I, lured by the promise of a free 7 night stay, went to their presentation. Only after going home and registering the trip did it all go wrong. I expected the $100 deposit. Even the "resort fees" of 18-25 per night at the resort. What I didn't expect was to be charged another $120 ON TOP OF THE OTHER AMOUNTS for the trip. And this is just for 4 days, not the whole 7 day trip. Then, at the end, I'm contacted by YET ANOTHER VENDOR, saying I have to go to the welcome center to get my hotel voucher and attend ANOTHER PRESENTATION on day 2 of our trip!!!!

And I have called dozens of phone numbers to complain about being lied to at every step, but it's always SOMEONE ELSE'S PROBLEM. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM if they offer you a free 7 night trip. I didn't even care that the stay wasn't at the resort, but I DEFINITELY don't like being lied to. I have spoken to countless people at Bluegreen and the departments that handle these vouchers and all they do is pass the buck to someone else. And Jeanne at the Gatlinburg resort concierge desk was unhelpful and rude and kept talking over me instead of listening or trying to help me. 0/10 would never go to one of their presentations again.

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 5, 2020

Don’t go unless you can handle a high pressure sales experience. We stayed 5 days four nights at the fountains in Orlando Florida. We had a beautiful 2 bedroom condo they upsold me prior to arrival. An extra 140.00. We paid 199.00 for the original package. The condo was clean and the entire property was nice. My issues were the water in the building smelled bad. Much like sewage. I refrained from showers the last two days. I used bottled water to wash and brush my teeth. I would not use the water to cook or for any purpose other than flushing a toilet. The last night the water was turned off during the night for repair so it wasn’t my imagination. Super nasty!

Next was the bites I have on my leg. Not sure what bit me but I suffered three bites on my left leg at night. Not bed bugs. Bites were big. My leg is swollen and bite areas are red. This created a trip to an walk in medical office. When checking out I filled out a report with BlueGreen security. They took photos of bite marks however did not offer to cover expenses of dr visit.

The worst part was the two hour presentation that was actually 3 hours. This was by far the worst presentation I have ever experienced. I was in the professional sales field for many years. The pitch was ridiculous. They even brought out their children’s pictures to try to develop a friendship with us. Again awkward. They tag teamed us with three separate people. I was pressured and almost guilted into buying. I did NOT purchase. I stood my ground but it wasn’t easy. They are sharks. They say no high pressure sales, so I threw that back at them. The rep I was working with brought In the big guy to push. Again No thank you. In the end they were not so nice. Felt like a heal walking out. My chest was heavy and the stress was unbelievable. Stay away. Stay in a resort. Pay for it. So much better.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 28, 2020

In August of 2018 I filled out a form at the mall for a FREE VACATION. Once I received my call telling me that I had won they asked for all of my info to hold my place. Then charged my account 300. For nothing. Then told me I would be staying at the Comfort Inn as my big vacation winning. This company is a scam. They make you think you won a great vacation and a cruise but actually they are just after your money. Then they continued to harass me by calling and emailing HUNDREDS of times. Shame on you Bluegreen Vacations. Your company is trash. Your employees are no better. LEAVE ME ALONE.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2020

I purchased this package for $199. It offered a 3 night four day stay at one of their locations (misleading - the vacation club will put you up in a “partner” hotel down the road!) - which I only realized while reading these reviews and confirming with Bluegreen. I was told any of the locations (again not true - only with larger ones with more amenities like kid stuff access to theme parks, etc. again ones I was not interested in). Another perk was a free voucher on a carnival cruise (yes, good for one person, with a 2 person minimum purchase- so not free.). Long story short this is a classic bait and switch, high pressure sales tactic and I decided to cut my losses then and there. I did request a refund but it was good for only 30 days. Save your precious time and money and find a reputable vacation via a travel agent you know and trust.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2020

On January 2 at 5:07 pm MST, Julie from Bluegreen marketing called me and offered me a $100.00 credit discount off my maintenance fees if I scheduled a new owner update conference before January 31, 2020. I booked the conference for January 28, 2020 and attended it onsite at their Cibola Vista resort at 12:30 pm MST. The following week I requested the $100.00 credit be applied to my account. I still have not received that credit and I have paid two payments toward my $714.30 balance. First payment made for $300.00 on 1/7/2020. I advised them I would pay the remaining balance after I seen that Bluegreen made good on their promise to apply the $100.00 credit off my maintenance fees.

To date they still have not applied that credit, so in view of their threats I paid the difference $314.30 on 2/15/2020 and advised I am still waiting for my $100.00 credit to be applied which would zero out any remaining balance. I spoke to Keisha from Bluegreen who is researching this on 2/18/2020 and she advised she would remove any late fees/charges billed to my account. To date nothing has been done by Bluegreen in regards to their promises. No credit has been applied and no late fees have been removed. At this time I am filing a claim in Arizona small claims court as my recorded call with Julie on 1/2/2020 at 5:07 pm MST. does prove I had a verbal/oral contract and promise to be credited $100.00 towards my maintenance fees for just booking that New Owner conference by January 31st 2020.

I have fulfilled my end of the oral contract and now (as I had a feeling Bluegreen would lie to me on the phone), I must continuously wait for Bluegreen to fulfill their end of the bargain! This is exactly the reason why I did not want to pay my entire maintenance fee balance as they would have never credited me back as promised the $100.00 maintenance fee credit! It was a test I conducted for all remaining Bluegreen owners out there as I am paying the ultimate sacrifice a threat against my credit for a past due balance of $100.00 and a forfeiture of all my owner privileges but you know it was worth the effort to expose these thieves!

Plus it just fortified my decision to sell off all my holdings with Bluegreen and that is in the process today as I have listed it with Pinnacle Vacations for a third of what I paid for it as that demonstrates how BADLY I want out of this ridiculously priced timeshare scheme! In addition the $100.00 dine in credits they give you while staying at their resorts are a joke as most of the restaurants are over 10 to 15 miles away from their properties! Another joke to attempt to coax vacationers! Never again will I buy, stay or even take a call from any Bluegreen company, affiliate or department as they never listen and always give promises they cannot keep! Severely Disgruntled ex-timeshare owner, Andrew **.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2020

Beware of these people, they made false claims on how long we stayed in their motel. They have billed our credit card after we checked out for staying additional time. They are liars, do not give these people your credit card number. You may regret it. Look at other reviews. You will notice a pattern of deception. I have never experienced a major corp. to outright lie and commit fraud before.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2020

I booked a room and was charged for two nights because they don’t have the exact same room available for a second night. I offered to switch to a smaller room the second night, but they told me I would have to pay for another two nights. It’s CRAZY to charge your “premier owners” for four nights when I’m only staying two and you have rooms available.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 20, 2020

We got pitched at the AZ State Fair for a 3 night trip to Vegas + a family trip for 2 days Disney + tickets to a show in Vegas with no taxes involved. The only thing we had to do was attend a 2 hour presentation in Vegas. So we took this offer. Day 1, So we show up at Bluegreen Club 36 is Las Vegas. As we're checking in, a lady is checking out. They ask her how her stay was and she responds that it wasn't that great. They ask if there was anything they could do and she just told them that she put it on the survey.

We checked in at 4. Had to provide a credit card for any damages to the room. We found that the room 336A had stains in the carpet, stains on the furniture, food debris and hair in the bed and was extremely dusty. We notified the front desk and were moved to a smaller room facing the parking lot (331B). This room had less stains but also had food debris in the microwave. The front desk sent someone up to clean it up. Having to move rooms was extremely frustrating and hindered our plans for that night and made us almost miss a show we bought tickets for. We came back that night and found more food under the place mats on table.

Day 2, the fan in the bedroom would not turn on. We notified the front desk and they said they would send someone up. We attended the required preview. The salesperson, Heidi, was straight business and could barely remember our names. We attempted to explain our experience about the room but were pushed more sales numbers. It seemed that the whole sales pitch was explained around an unobtainable 20000 point system and the final push was to get us to sign on for a lower number that would only be usable every other year. Questioning her on some of the details resulted in vague responses or switching from my partner to me and vice versa. Heidi also managed to pop a mouth sore while she was talking to us. She then touched several doors and elevator buttons while showing us around as she dabbed her lip with a paper towel.

When Heidi brought her manager over for the final pitch. I explained the situation with the room and that I could not see myself signing up for this given the issues with the rooms and that I had not yet seen another resort or gotten what we were promised. When they took us to get our "gift", I watched a presentation attendee say something to the presenter as he was walking by and watched him answer and then roll his eyes in annoyance of the attendees question as he walked away.

When we got our "gift", we found that it was not what we were promised. When we were stopped at the AZ State Fair, we were told we would be getting 3 nights in Vegas + a show + a family trip for 4 and 2 day tickets to our choice of Disneyland or Disney World. The pitch was because they were sure they had a great product and that's why they were willing to give 2 vacations for the price of one. We were given 2 nights for 2 people with 1 day tickets through Casablanca Express. This was a voucher that required an extra $100 to be sent through snail mail. We kind of expected something like this to occur because it did sound too good to be true.

We walked back to our room after the preview. To our shock, it was 90 degrees in our room. The thermostat was set to 73 but the heat kept going. The room and hallway also had a strong smell ** and the fan in the bedroom was still not fixed. So we went back downstairs and they sent up a handyman. The handyman found that the cord to the fan needed to be pulled away from the fan and pulled harder to turn it on. He also shut off the heat from inside the heater since the thermostat was not shutting it off.

He told us that he also smelled the ** through the hallway and that it was probably coming from the neighbors and that we should report them. He suggested we request another room as he was not sure the heat would work properly without further work. So we did and moved rooms for a second time. Again, rearranging/abandoning our plans to do so. Our 3rd room (448B) was dusty, had a broken clip in the microwave and the alarm clock was missing from as well. I found out that the plugs got shut off by the light switches. So we couldn't charge a phone in the bedroom while we slept. We notified the front desk but did not move rooms as this was minor compared to the previous 2 experiences.

Day 3 and room 3. We find that the refrigerator in the room has leaked water onto the floor, so we put towels down so that it did not reach the carpet. We went down and maintenance was sent up while we went out. We came back to the room around 2/3 AM and found the card of the handyman on the kitchen table. We went to bed because we were extremely tired from walking. I woke up and found that the handyman had just unplugged the refrigerator, leaving our ice packs and drinks to get warm just in time for our drive home. Since it was our checkout day, we notified the front desk about our experience and left. Dealing with the rooms took a major toll on our enjoyment of our time in Las Vegas. Not getting what we were pitched at the AZ State Fair was also disappointing.

After leaving a review about both the sales pitch and the experience with their "resort". I was contacted by 2 different managers who apologized and stated that our experience was not in line with how they operate as a company, they'll notify the cleaning staff manager, and that know they have a great product. That's it. Nothing saying they'll even attempt to make things right.

Upon further inspection of our Disney "gift" voucher, I did a search for the company that runs the voucher (since it isn't Bluegreen). It's another scam as well with people getting stuck in 2-star roach motels 35 miles away from Disney and then finding that the Disney tickets are invalid upon reaching the entrance gate. We weren't about to send them $100 (in deposits and taxes) in a snail mail scam. Especially since a voucher for another company is not what we were pitched at the fair. Their guy at the fair told us that they had a property in Orlando that we'd be staying at. All lies. Stay away from Bluegreen. This is the standard, not the exception.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 13, 2020

I purchased points and added to an existing account.

1. Points were not added it to my existing account as I was told.
2. I could not get into my new account nor book with my new points.

3. Three months from the time I purchased points, I was charged maintenance fees for the new points which was not mentioned in closing.

After a long frustrating month of numerous calls, messages left for (Angel) and calling other departments etc. being told it was up to the discretion of the sales manager, and a list of the extra hoops I must jump through to get the accounts combined etc. I called one of the resorts, they transferred me to sales. I refused to leave yet another message and I continued on hold for over an hour to speak with a sales manager (Angel). Angel insisted the proper administrator (Tammorra) would clear this up and call me. Tammorra did get the accounts combined with in a few days.

Because of all of the run around, I was not able to get the week that I wanted because it was not available by the time this was straightened out. Approximately three months from the time I purchased points, BG combined my points, and charged me maintenance fees for the new points. (Not mentioned when purchasing.) The contract states "#8 You are obligated to pay a prorated maintenance fee and club dues in connection with your purchase. Maintenance fees are calculated based on the number of vacation points allocated to your purchase. Maintenance fees and club dues will be billed annually, one month prior to your owner use year." My owner year is not for another 8 months.

Again I made calls and left messages that were not returned. Because of this I could not book online until I paid the new fees, again missing a trip that we wanted to take. Finally, I was able to get someone at the reservation office to over ride so I could book an extra night with a previous reservation. After several attempts, I happened to call at a time Tammorra was in the office. She contacted Todd **, whom called me to try to clarify the issue, but all he could do was reiterate #8 as stated above.

So bottom line. Once I was able to speak with BG personnel they were all very polite and respectful. But they sell you the points, you pay a down payment, and set up payment plan. Then you get a bill 30 - 45 days later, which blocks you from using the points until you pay maintenance fees that you were not aware you would have until your anniversary date which is 12 months later. This is like purchasing a vacation home and told you can’t move in until you pay additional fees, which will be billed in 30-45 days. If they were not trying to deceive you, why not tell you the day of purchase you owe x amount for maintenance fees on top of what you are paying before you can take advantage of your points? Or give you the option to include any fees in the original transaction?

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