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Juan of Brentwood, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

7/5/2017. My advice if you rent a car from this company "ADVANTAGE Rent-A-Car" at Nashville Int'l Airport. I approached the Advantage counter to pick up the contract and keys of a car that already paid in advance online. I had the bad luck to met an employee called Shae, "in charge" of taking care of customer rentals. That was exactly what she didn't do.

After she makes me wait for an hour of my time for the rental term start, in a very bad manners, asked for my DL and CC. While I was pulling my credit card of my wallet, she demanded for my Driver ID. In a good tone and without being rude, I said: "let me do one thing at the time please." She insisted, and when I handed the ID, she said that "Im not going to rent you a car." I asked "Why?" She replied "because I just canceled your reservation" and in that very same moment, ripped off the credit card form and printed contract, gave me back my credit card and refused to follow up with the transaction. I was shocked, because I didn't see any red flag in our conversation, we didn't even had a discussion!

Since she let me know that I didn't have any options, I asked for a manager, or, another employee to retrieve the car that I had already paid, then she said "leave the counter or I will call the Airport Police." I asked "Why?" and she replied: "leave the counter or I will call the Airport Police." So, without any word I left and I went online, and I called the Company "Advantage Rent-A-Car" and waited for an hour on the phone to be answer by someone at customer service (they never did answered). Meanwhile, when I was on hold, I managed to book a car with another company (Budget) without any problems!

I lived 21 years in Nashville, rented thousands cars and I never had such amazing experience with any company. From now on, I will make sure, to not rent ever again from "ADVANTAGE Rent-A-Car" in Nashville or any other place in the planet earth! And I will certainly pay attention to don't meet anywhere this poor, untrained, lower class employee with nerves irritation, called SHAE.

Roland of Weymouth, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Was given a $219 dollar quote (plus $85 dollar charge for GPS for a total of $304 dollars) at the travel agency and when I returned the vehicle, I was charged over $400 dollars which included a charge for their collision waiver insurance that I TOLD the attendant that we did not need. After bringing this to their attention, the manager removed the charges from the rental and returned the $45 dollars to my card. A week later, I see another charge for highway tolls that totaled $14.55 and Advantage billed me a $125 dollar admin fee on top of that. Overall total was $519 dollars from a $304 dollar quote. All of these additional fees were not explained upfront and the attendants were rude with one of them telling me to go back and talk to the travel agent for an explanation on why I was charged over $200 dollars extra. I will never use these guys again.

CHARLES of Sylva, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

We were asked if we wanted a toll meter in car. We were never told that we would be billed via car tag. Three months later we were charged $67.40 for tolls. We were never told that there would be no toll booths. We have never had a good experience with this car co. This was their last chance not matter how low the price.

Jennifer of New York, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I am so disappointed in the service I received today from Advantage Rent A Car. To start off, when I arrived at the kiosk the car I had reserved online was not available. I was very confused but the lady at the kiosk (Sandy) seemed very accustomed to this type of thing happening. She made several phone calls and was finally able to get us the car we initially reserved online. Now comes the worst part. This is a family trip so I had wanted a bigger vehicle when considering rentals. I specifically called Advantage Rent A Car to find out the specific policy for the Ford Transit van I was interested in. The agent I spoke to online assured me that no additional insurance coverage was needed and that I could apply my full coverage policy through State Farm, to cover the Ford Transit van.

I had a little back and forth with Sandy at the kiosk because I explained to her just this. I felt very frustrated because I felt like I was being treated like an idiot basically not knowing the policies and procedures to rent this van and on top of that, being told something completely different than what I was initially told. We settled on getting the rental without insurance. I then called customer service and was placed on hold for 14 min by Pablo who when I told was was happening, simply said "You know sometimes these things happen". He then proceeded to place me on that 14 min hold because I requested to speak to a supervisor and was then told by Pablo that one was not available and that I should wait for a call back to the driver on the reservation's phone (my husband James **).

After this, we went up to pick up the rental only to wait an additional 30 min for the van that was just sitting there while I saw dozens of other customers leave in their rentals. We only got the van after finally waiting 30 min because we went back to the pick up window to ask where the van was to then be told that they were waiting for it to be brought. One of the car pick up guys asked what was up and asked if the van that was sitting literally right in front of us was the one we're waiting for... Which it was. They sort of laughed it off and asked if they wanted the van driver to us or if we just wanted to take it, which we did. This is a family trip with many small kids who sat on a plane for 3 hours to then also have to stand in a hot parking lot and deal with this. On top of all of this, we called our insurance to then be told that we would indeed be covered. I am very dissatisfied with the service and plan on taking this complaint all the way up to corporate.

Joseph of Manhattan, KS on
Satisfaction Rating

Terrible experience. Front-desk employee pushed me to purchase a toll pass for duration of week, even though I repeatedly and forcefully told him that I wouldn't need it (I was on business, staying in the same suburb that my week-long meetings were located). The Advantage employee wouldn't accept no for an answer and finally I just caved when he told me that if I didn't use the toll pass I'd be able to refund it after returning the car. This was explicitly stated.

Lo and behold, upon returning the car, (a different) Advantage employee looked at me like I had three heads when I indicated that I expected to be refunded the value of the toll pass. I was directed toward a customer support line, where I waited for an hour, explained my situation to multiple people, and was told that they would call me back. Days later, no such call has happened. Furthermore, I reserved a compact car but was given a truck, which meant that I spent 30% more on fuel than I expected to.

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Jennifer of New York, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I reserved a car with Advantage at Newark Airport and traveled there from Manhattan to pick it up. When I arrived the woman at the counter said she would not rent me the car unless I had proof on paper that I had car insurance. She falsely insisted that this "requirement" had been sent on the online reservation confirmation. I had a printout of the confirmation, and of course there was no such thing on it. The woman refused to rent us the car. So I went over to Budget and rented one with no problem. Which is no surprise since I have absolutely no red flags - just a normal customer. My question is, how can these Advantage jokers stay in business?

eloy of Mcewen, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

All I wanted to do was change the pickup time, it came out wrong when I rec. the reservation. You wait on hold for very long periods of time. If and when you finally reach a person they tell you they can't even change the time. That I need to call my agent! Who even uses a agent these days? I told them I did it online at the website. She still can't help me, so I guess my only options are to cancel most likely with a charge, or wait 8 hours in the office till pickup time. Never use them again.

Melissa of Albuquerque, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I reserved a full-size car with Advantage through Hotwire. When I picked up the car at Fort Lauderdale Airport, it had manual windows and manual door locks. What car nowadays has these primitive features? No car rental company should be allowed to rent a car in the United States without electronic windows and door locks. Will never rent from them again. Hotwire should discontinue their contract with Advantage.

Terry of Cary, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

Wait time to get to the Advantage rental counter was over an hour. Once at the counter Advantage's agent, Jessica declined to enter my insurance information saying she didn't need it because she trusted me. When she printed out my charges they were almost $200 higher than listed in my reservation. When asked about each charge her only answer was "these are the fees you must pay or don't take the car". I had been in their office for nearly 1 1/2 hours and didn't want to leave without a car. On further examination the "fee" for $185.43 was insurance Jessica had added then told me I was declining it under her guidance at checkout on the credit card interface.

Customer service assured me they would have a Denver manager call me within 24 hours. I have called customer service multiple times over the past week and still no call. Their office is full of surveillance cameras which will show me trying to give Jessica my insurance information from my cell phone but apparently, they only use this when it's to their advantage. On top of this the car was filthy inside & out. It appears at the least the Denver/DIA office participates in or at least condones deceptive trade practices. It's worth paying a few extra dollars at another agency to avoid this scam, hopefully then you will have a chance at a clean car, reasonable lines and actually paying the amount quoted to you on your reservation.

Jerry of Tyler, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Intended to title this "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", but then I realized I could not think of anything good about this organization, and I use that term loosely. On June 19, 2017, I had a reservation a Advantage Rent A Car, 23790 E. 79 Ave., Denver, Colorado. Our flight was five hours late, so we arrived at the airport shortly after midnight. We proceeded to the area designated for pickup by the car rental vans and waited and waited and waited. At one time there were four of us there waiting for the Advantage van, but the "smart" one gave up and left. Several of the other car rental companies' vans came by twice before our guy finally showed.

Upon arriving at the Advantage site, there were only two people in front of us, but it took the two clerks about twenty minutes to process their rentals. It was now about two in the morning and the clerk had a sullen disposition, but I attributed that to it being the middle of the night. I later decided his disposition was probably always of the sullen variety.

The first thing he did was check my reservation and say that I didn't have one. I pulled out my paperwork and told him that I did have a reservation, to which he asked what time I was suppose to pick up the car. I told him 7:30 p.m. and he said "All the reservations are removed from the system after the vehicle is not picked up for six hours after the scheduled pickup time." I protested that they had my credit card number, and no doubt would have charged me for the car, and he said he would check with the manager and see whether he would approve of their honoring by reservation. He shortly returned with the "good news" that my reservation would be honored.

My reservation was for an Optima. He asked where I was going and I responded Steamboat Springs, to which he said the Optima was not suitable for driving in the mountains and I needed an SUV. He said they would make me a great deal and I could get an SUV for only about $125.00 more for the week, which I declined stating that I would take the Optima. He then tried to get me to take the insurance which I declined, and to take the EZ pass which I declined. He said if I got on the toll road without the EZ Pass it would cost me the amount of the toll, plus and administrative fee of $25.00 per use. I still declined the EZ pass and he gave me the keys to a vehicle, stating that he had given me a CR-V, instead of the Optima that I had reserved and that the vehicle was in the second row, and a specific space.

This is now about 2:30 in the morning, I am 75 and my wife is 71 and he is sending us out into a dark parking lot with all our bags to search for a CR-V somewhere in the second row. Upon leaving the office I noticed there was an Optima parked by the door with the driver's side door opened, so I "assumed" this must be our car. I tried the key in the ignition and the car started, so I opened the trunk and placed our bags in it. About this time the agent came out of the office and said "that is not your car." I told him that the key he give me started the car, so I assumed it must be ours. He says "no, your car is the CR-V in the second row, space whatever, and the keys are in the console." We then retrieved our bags from the trunk and proceed to walk across the dark parking lot with our bags looking for a CR-V.

When we arrived at the specified space it was occupied by a Hyundai Tucson. Sure enough, the keys were inside the console, so I tried to open the rear tailgate with the remote. The button for the tailgate was labeled "Hold", so I held it down and the tailgate sill would not open. I placed all our bags in the backseat and after dealing with another surly fellow at the gate we were allowed to leave. Our hotel was about four miles from the car rental site, and it took about three hours from the time our plane landed to reach our destination.

After, the second time of loading our bags into the back seat, I found there was an owner's manual in the glove box. The manual said that to open the tailgate lid hold down the remote button and raise the tailgate by pressing on a latch on the tailgate, a latch which is hidden from view. Now, why didn't I find that in the dark and 2:30 in the morning? We had the Tucson for a week and it was a great little car, drove well and averaged about 35 miles per gallon. Now for the return saga.

Our flight was leaving at 6:45 a.m. so we had to be at the airport by about 5:00 a.m. We arrived at the Advantage office about 4:49 a.m. and dealt with the same gate attendant, who was not as surly this time. We went in the office to check out and I told the clerk that I had driven on the toll road without knowing there was no way to pay the toll. He said okay he would add EZ pass to my rental. I requested a copy of my bill and he said it would be emailed to me. I was in a hurry so I didn't ask any questions.

We got out to the pickup spot for the van and waited about 15 minutes before it arrived. The driver loaded our bags and some other passengers bags and left. After waiting about 15 minutes I went into the office and told them we were short on time and the driver was not there. About this time another Advantage van pulled up and parked behind our van. After another five minutes or so of waiting another Advantage employee came on the van and remarked that our driver was absent. I told him we had been waiting on the van about twenty minutes and that we were short on time. He left and a few minutes later another driver showed up and took us to the airport.

Upon arriving at home I checked my email and found that they had sent me a copy of my bill and added a charge for the EZ pass of $79.92. I drove on the toll road for probably ten miles and the toll would have probably been around $3.00, and net profit to Advantage of $76.92. I did a little research and found that Advantage in Denver participates in the Plate Pass System and that "Every car is Plate Pass ready. No pre-enrollment or signup is required." Under the Plate Pass system the renter is suppose to be charged the actual toll, plus an administrative fee, so there was no need for the clerk to add the EZ pass to my bill, except to extract more money.

Calling Advantage customer service is akin to calling a recording, they have no knowledge about how the toll system works and they are either unable or unwilling to help resolve the issue. After calling about five or six times and sending an email to an address providing by their recording, an email which was returned as undeliverable, I finally gave up and filed a dispute with my credit card company (Citi) who reversed the charge and sent me an email in less than 24 hours saying the reversal was permanent. Never, ever, rent from this company, even if they quote a fantastic rate. What appears to be a good deal, will turn out to be more expensive than they quote, without delivering what they promised and a truck load of frustration.

Joe of Elizabethtown, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

We recently rented a car at the Orlando airport and it was a very frustrating situation. We were overcharged because the agent put us down for two drivers when we told him upon rental pickup and return that we did NOT want the additional driver option. But he used the electronic signature pad to trick us into requesting additional driver option. He claimed that I had to sign because the rental was charged to my credit card and my wife had to sign because she was the driver. The signatures ended up going to the box for additional driver option box. We will contest this overcharge with our credit card company because their agent was such a jerk and liar. Will never recommend this company to anyone or ever use this company again!

Jef of Not There, HI on
Satisfaction Rating

When picking up our car we were given a form to go over any discrepancies with the vehicle. When we got out to the vehicle it was dirty. Looking at the vehicle there were scratches & dents everywhere. When I got in the car & turned it on the change oil light came on and the vehicle wasn't full of fuel. My husband went in to annotate that & the desk clerk offered us a new vehicle. So then we had to take the car seats out of the vehicle & spend another 30 minutes looking over another scratched & dented vehicle & installing the car seats, again. The desk clerk never apologized. An hour+ of my life I will never get back. This was the first & last time I will ever rent with Advantage.

Julie of Columbus, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

Price is better BUT: 1) Very slow line to pick up car. Only 2 people at counter taking 10+ minutes/customer. 2) Returned to same location & told I would be charge a DROP charge for returning car to different location??? Asked to talk to manager but told he was "on break." After standing in 110 degree plus parking garage for 5 minutes, I returned to desk to ask them to please call manager. They put him on the phone with me and he promised there would be no extra charges. They were having computer issues & he was out delivering a car & couldnt correct (Why would you leave site with such a major computer issue?). 3) I didnt want to leave counter until issue resolved but I had to catch a shuttle & it was clear that no one was going to do anything for me. I requested a return & no damage receipt & was told they didnt know how to do that??? I did have them write on contract "No DROP fee" & manager’s phone #.

4) After returning home the next day...they had charged my credit card a total of $867.59 when my contract was $207.32. 5) No one would return my calls from Advantage so called Expedia, whom I made reservation with. They talked to a rep and assured me all overcharges ($660.27) would be removed in 2-3 business days. Now I wait and see! After reading other reviews & my experience...I WILL NEVER RENT A CAR FROM ADVANTAGE AGAIN!!!

Victor of Washington, DC on
Satisfaction Rating

So my wife and I travel to Houston, TX and go to the Advantage desk to pick up a compact car. They had advertised a Nissan. Instead they give us a Volkswagen Beetle convertible. I hate that car, and ask for another. They say it is the only compact they have. It has 39,000-odd miles on the clock. The passenger-side front door rattles every time we go over a bump. The sun visor on the driver side is missing (I later find it in the seat pocket in the back of the car, where someone put it because it was broken). We pay some ten dollars a day for toll road access, which turns out to be totally unnecessary. They charge USD 200 dollars deposit. As of now (Wednesday night) I still have not received the deposit back. When I call Advantage to complain, they say it depends on my bank. Well, I will file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. That will hit Advantage with an immediate fine of USD 10,000. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Alex of Chicago, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

Rented a Car in San Francisco, on our way out of the building, we parked the rental to drop off the pre-existing damage form. While parked, an Advantage employee inexplicably backed into the side of our car damaging the door. He told us to mark it on the form as preexisting damage, as we had not yet handed the form in, and be on our way. We did so, and now a month later are being charged with damaging the car. The documents used in the damage claim have been forged, but lack our signature. This is a huge headache! In the future, we will avoid it by renting from a car agency you have heard of before to save a few bucks. In the end the hassle and potentially having to deal with insurance claims over an accident caused by one of their employees on their premises is ridiculous.

Eric of Calgary, AB on
Satisfaction Rating

I really wished I had read reviews on this company before reserving a car with them. Arrived at the rental kiosk in DFW. 15 people ahead of me 1 person looked to be working while 2 others watched. After 15 minutes I went and asked why only 1 person working. I was told they had no vehicles and were only processing as vehicles came back. Surely you know how many Cars are out and how many are booked, it's simple arithmetic. Now 25-30 people in line. Please note they ask for a time period of when you will be picking up the vehicle. My flight was 30 minutes late arriving at DFW but I was still well within the 2 hour time frame of the vehicle reservation until... You wait an hour and more for vehicles to come back and when it's finally your turn at the desk the representative says "your reservation expired 15 minutes ago and we don't have any vehicles for you."

I never said a word, I went over to National, paid about 30% more for the rental car and decided to write and tell as many people as possible to avoid this company at all cost. Nothing they could do would make me go within spitting distance of their kiosks. Apparently the US government employees are forced to use them due to price. They really should consider the cost of the 3 employees who stood behind me in line for 11/2 hours. As a business owner that equated to more than 41/2 hours employee time in the middle of the afternoon. More than enough to offset the cost of a reputable and professional car rental company like Avis, Hertz, National, etc. These folks need to be out of business. These folks can't even be rated. They are that bad. DO NOT BOOK WITH ADVANTAGE EZ.

Johnny of Mountain Home, AR on
Satisfaction Rating

I read some other complaints and I wish I was charged double. The quote on Expedia was $35 per day. I expected, based on past experience with other companies at other locations, that I would spend maybe $150 at most. Final bill was $318, plus the $200 deposit that I had no idea was coming. Thanks to my card being charged $518 instead of the $150-ish I was expecting, I didn't have enough money to eat for the two days I was in Colorado for a job interview. Had to go to Walmart and buy some inexpensive snacks.

Jane of Miami, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I rent cars almost weekly, due to extensive travel for business. I have never in my life had such an unpleasant experience. I still get angry thinking about it. It wasn't WHAT was said; it was HOW it was said. The girl at the counter smugly asked for my fiance's Dec sheet for his auto policy. We thought she was mistaken. She wasn't kidding. Without a Dec sheet she adds a huge fee for daily insurance. She was rude, condescending, and seemed to take personal delight in being difficult. We were unable to get the Dec sheet for my fiance's policy, and we couldn't use mine without another major upcharge to add me as a driver, which made her visibly happy.

I needed to cancel my reservation with Hotwire and make a new one. She was miffed that we had bypassed all the minefields. Surely, the customer associates get commissions on the upcharges? I can think of no other reason she would have the kind of response she had. I thought of all the tourists who don't have the resources we had, and are victimized by her "gotcha" attitude. Why would anyone in their right mind opt to deal with a person like that, when all the other competitors are friendly and helpful? I figured out the reason for the big deal about requiring the Dec sheets for the insurance policies, and for forcing people to buy their insurance coverage when they can't provide their Dec sheet. I mean, who carries a copy of their insurance policy with them?

I was given a car that was all smashed up on the driver side. Had I not noted the damage on the sign out sheet, Advantage would have charged me with that damage! I'm considering seeing an attorney to investigate this. I'm certain that Advantage is charging multiple people for the same damage. And I'm sure it could be proven in a court of law. Their competitors don't require pre-flight damage inspections, don't hard sell damage insurance, and don't take joy in aggravating their customers! Why would anyone in their right mind use this company more than once?

Jim of Scottsdale, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

Rented a car in Denver May 20th 2017. Waited in line nearly two hours. They have a bank of 9+ computers, however only three employees. I finally got my car. Drove 17 miles and noticed that I did not have any gas. Called the company as I sat at a gas station. Spoke to an employee named Minor. He told me to turn around and return to the facility and they would fill the car. Due to the time in line, I was already behind my schedule. He told me he couldn't do anything for me unless I returned. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He said "I couldn't do that."

As I again requested a supervisor, he continued to talk over me. I called back and spoke to another employee who was nice and resolved my problem. However, I called corporate and asked to speak with Naomi **, Customer Service Manager, to make her aware of this treatment by their employee. Was told she can only be reached by email. However, no one would give me the address. I called back again asking to speak with Ms. **. Spoke to Susie. She informed me the case would be reopened and Ms. ** would be in touch. Still have yet to hear from her a/o June 13th 2017. I also called and left a message with Janie ** June 6th. She also has not returned my call. This company could care less how it treats their consumer. I will never rent from them again. Watch out for a company name change. Horrible experience!

Jerri of Burleson, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

After a good 20 minutes from Denver Airport on their shuttle we found a line of at least 25 people in line. There was 3 agents and probably an hour and a half in line to get to one of them. Obviously they don't manage their reservation system and base the agents on the number of reservations. I know now why Hertz advertises fast pick up of cars. I will never rent from Advantage again. Very disturbing. More to come if they don't have the type of vehicle I reserved.

Dianna of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I wish I would have read the reviews on this company before booking a rental car with them. I arrived at the Denver, CO airport at 7:20 PM, pick up my luggage and headed to the Rental Car Island to wait for my shuttle to the Advantage EZ Rental Car facility. Upon arriving at the facility, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EZ about it. There was approximately 40 people ahead of me and only 2 travel agents working the whole time I was waiting in line. Never in all my travels have I ever experienced anything like this in my life. I had to wait over 2 hrs to get my rental car which was more than the length of my flight to Denver.

I was EXTREMELY upset as this delay caused me to miss the BIRTH OF MY FIRST GRANDDAUGHTER!!! I will NEVER rent from this car company ever again and I would highly recommend that others do not rent from them as well. I don't understand why they are able to get away with these very unsatisfactory situations!!! Why do we have to continue to put up with these types of situations???

Mike of Suisun, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

DON'T RENT FROM ADVANTAGE! If you dare, check off every paint chip, scratch, dent, and scuff throughout the inside and outside of the car. Literally, pull on all sides of the front and back bumpers to see if they remain attached. I rented a car for less than 19 hours and they claim scratches on the front bumper cost over $700 to repair with service fee and have filed a claim against me through a third party company. I literally drove the car to an airport hotel, then to Lackland Air Force Base the next day, to a restaurant for lunch heading back to the rental car place and then back to the rental car place... less than 65 miles. What a crock of crap!

Sarah of London, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

We were really disappointed with our recent car hire with Advantage, booked through Economy Bookings. We have three complaints about the service. 1. The car hire was hard to find at the airport. When we arrived at the airport, tired after a long flight, we followed the instructions on the email which said to look for the Europcar stand at Orlando airport. This turned out to be non-existent and after wandering around for some time, and having to ask a number of other car hire companies if they knew where we would find Europcar, we eventually were pointed in the direction of Advantage, who confirmed that our booking was with them. Nowhere in the emails we were sent were we told to look for Advantage and we found it a stressful start to our holiday, worried that our car booking didn't exist.

2. The salesman was pushy, and tried to sell us services that we had already paid for. When we finally found our booking with Advantage, the salesman was extremely pushy, and tried to sell us several different packages, including a car upgrade for $12 a day, suggesting that the car we had hired wouldn't be big enough (it was plenty big enough), and then told us we ought to book insurance with them. At this point, we were very confused, as we had amended our booking several weeks before to include full insurance. The salesman didn't appear to have this on record, and would only believe us when we produced the documentation. Again, this was a stressful experience, and it came across as very unprofessional.

3. The salesman was misleading and manipulated us into purchasing an unnecessary toll pass, for $9 per day. Again, the salesman was pushy and said we should purchase a toll pass, at a cost of $9 per day. We felt that he shamefully misrepresented our need for the pass and exploited the fact that we didn't know the area.

We explained that we would be staying in central Orlando and just visiting the Disney and Universal parks, not going further afield and we asked if we would pass through a lot of tolls. As visitors to the area, we trusted him when he told us that there were tolls everywhere and that we would certainly pass through a lot. A few days into the trip, we realised that he had grossly misrepresented the situation. We went through two tolls the entire trip (on our journeys to and from the airport, on our first and last day). Each of these two tolls cost around $6, well under the $9 daily fee we were charged. So, due to misrepresentation from the salesman at Advantage, we have ended up being charged around $117 for $12 worth of tolls.

We contacted Advantage (initially by phone, where we were directed to an email address by an automated message) during our trip to explain the situation and ask that we would not be charged, but received no reply and the amount was subsequently taken from my card, with no explanation or reply to my email. We complained to Economy Bookings, and were told that as we couldn't prove what had happened, we weren't entitled to a refund for the toll pass.

Kathy of Palm Coast, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

We reserved a car at Advantage rental cars in JFK Airport in Queens, N.Y. And had instant problems from the start. They kept questioning my reservation claiming my ID was unacceptable, then it was my credit card, but both were ok. I was made to feel like I was a thief. Next they needed to see my itinerary so they can see when we were going home, I guess the dates we gave them for our reservation weren't good enough. When I asked them why they needed to see my airline information I was told it's always been their policy. I told them that is not true because I rented from them many times before and never once did they need that. I also told them that the person they helped just before me didn't have to show their itinerary.

Eventually after probably 45 minutes to get our rental we were off. Our return was even worse than the start. After the gentleman checked the car to make sure the gas tank was full and that there was no scratches, dents or mess we just had to have the people at the desk give us our receipt when the guy behind the counter asked if we needed a printed receipt. I said no. I didn't need one that my credit card company will send me my receipt. I never expected the nasty comment from the guy behind the counter, as he was mimicking me saying in a disparaging tone, no, I didn't need a receipt. And that was the beginning of our disrespectful counter person's remarks.

The next was him running out to our car telling us we were not allowed to have a dog in the car. When I told him he is a service dog and he has full access to everywhere. He told me he was not allowed in the car. I then told him he was breaking the law by saying the dog is not allowed in the car. He then said the dog left hair in the car. We told him he didn't, (Because we use a seat cover to cover the seat so there is no hair). My husband then took pictures to prove there was no hair. We rent a car at least once a month, and we have never experienced anything like this. All of this occurred on May 20, 2017 through May 23, 2017.

Hafiz of Selangor, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Extremely disappointed with the service offered by Advantage. Firstly the car we booked was taken on the day of our rent. So we end up taking a unserviced car. The car was in such a bad shape and we were lucky just to reach Orlando, Florida safely to change the car. The process to change the car was so lengthy it wasted 4 hours of our time at the airport just to change it and we had to scrap our plans because of it. Then after returning the car in DC and sign the release form, your company charged me twice to my credit card, without giving any reasons. I wrote an email to you and it bounces back. I cc the Orlando Airport Head, Mr ** and I am praying for his response. As outgoing call to US is very expensive. Seriously worst car rental EVER!!!

H. of Mechanicsburg, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

The guy at the counter told that the total for renting a car is just $468 and $129 for insurance. But at the end, they charged us $900. If we call the customer care and talk about this issue they are saying that they cannot do anything and they can't help. We have the agreement of the rental $600 dollars which they initially told. Can I sue the company with that rental document?

Donald of Nanaimo, BC on
Satisfaction Rating

We rented a car from Advantage (also known as E-Z Rent-A-Car) in Kahului, Hawaii on Feb 16, 2017. It was around 11:30 pm and the lot was poorly lit and when we self checked the car we could only see a couple of minor scratches and dents. Ten minutes into our drive to South Kehei the car started to make funny suspension noises but the car was operating OK and since we were very tired from our travel we decided to return the car the next day. When we returned the car and told them about the noise they did not come out to look at the car and just gave us a replacement car.

On Feb 26, 2017 when we returned this car the extra $200 holding charge was put back onto our credit card and we were told we were good to go. On March 3, 2017 we received a letter from PurCo stating that damage had been reported on the car. On March 20, 2017 we received a letter with supporting picture etc. stating that there was major damage to a control arm and we were to pay them $5,537.62 USD for the repair, loss of use, etc.

The incident report stated that we possibly hit something or a curb. Our dispute letter stated that we had simply drove from the rental lot to our condo and then straight back to the lot the next day and did not hit, run over or strike anything with the car and my wife verified that she was in the car with me whenever it was driven. The pictures that were sent to us clearly show no damage to the front right tire or the rim. Also the pictures from ground level show no damage to the car and the only time you can see damage is when the picture was taken from below when the car is up on a hoist. I pointed out in my dispute letter that the only way I would have been able to see this damage which must have been done in a prior rental was if I was to get on my back and crawl under the car.

A confirmation of receipt of the dispute letter was received April 4, 2017 then today May 30, 2017 I received a letter from PurCo stating that "after careful consideration, we believe the claim is valid and will continue to pursue full payment of the claim". Any reasonable person looking at the pictures can see that we had no way of seeing this prior damage. Not only are they basically telling my wife and I that we are liars but they rented us a car that was unsafe to be driving. This could happen to anybody renting a car since I am sure they don't inspect the undercarriage before they put it out for rental again.

My private insurance will cover this minus my $500.00 cdn deductible but I refuse to pay for something I did not do. Since I have canceled the credit card that was used for this rental I guess they will have to take me to court to recover the cost. I will look forward to having a judge look at the pictures and listening to our statement of what occurred. I should be suing them for the stress this has cause us and the fact that they rented a car that was unsafe to drive. I will never rent from Advantage Discount Car Rentals or E-Z Rent-A-Car again.

Lester of Weare, NH on
Satisfaction Rating

First time renting from these guys last week. When renting the car I lost half an hour because they said, "If there is any damage, just come back in." The car had huge scrapes, front bumper damage, and numerous spots around the complete exterior. I did the fuel purchase option, only to find 3/4 of a tank before I left the lot. When I dropped the car off the line was backed up to the entrance of the drop off lot area. The woman came to the car and said, "Just leave it running", and when I stepped out she jumped in. I said, "But I need my stuff." She popped the trunk and I grabbed my bag. I asked for the receipt. She said, "You will get it emailed, or you can ask at the counter inside." Stood in line for 35 minutes watching the attendants tell the people in front of me that they would have to wait an hour for cars, even though they had reservations.

While checking in for the flight, I realized my jacket was still in the back seat of the car. I called the number on the rental agreement and got... You guessed it... A person in God knows where that would be willing to process a claim. I asked, "Can we just call them now?" "No. We need to process a claim, and "IF" they find anything." Of course, when I called four days later, after waiting on the phone a 10 minutes, I got "No, they didn't find anything." I said, "No, that's not right, because I know it was there." Reply??? "Would you like to speak to the people at that location?" "Yes." "OK... click!"

Summation: Car was beat up. Assume if I didn't say anything they would have charged me for the damage. How many other people have paid for the same damage??? Problems on return because yeah, parking cars is so technical. BS about the fuel purchase option. No receipt. Reservations... that didn't make a difference. Personal property??? It's all theirs. Before you rent from these people, think about how desperate you really are.

roger of Titusville, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I booked a car through Advantage at Orlando International Airport. I was allocated a Chevy Cruze with only 6500 miles on the clock but badly scratched so took a while to note all of them on the check-in/check out form before I set off. Discussed with representative and agreed to bring the car back full of petrol, however, my credit card statement showed a charge of $42.92 for fuel as they had sneaked in a FPO [Fuel Purchase Option] that I initialled so I could have brought back the car with an empty tank.

Nice one Advantage, I will not be using you again. I should have been warned by other reviews how bad the company was but thought I had covered all the bases and did not expect this underhand deceit. Also be careful to hand back the lock/start remote control as they charge $400 if you accidentally walk away with it, surely that could not be the reason they ask you to leave the engine running when you return the car though I cannot imagine any other reason for such a request!!!

Jill of Saint Paul, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

I rented a car at Denver airport from Advantage. They did not have the car I reserved - a 4 wheel drive Rav4. I did finally get a similar size 4 wheel drive vehicle at my reserved rate after haggling for 10 minutes as they tried to up-sale. While renting, no mention of toll roads was made, no notice at counter, no info provided, no comments regarding unpaid toll fees. A month after returning home, Advantage charged my credit card with $42.80 "unpaid toll violation". I knew it was trouble when I called Advantage customer service and heard the main menu option of "press 4 for toll violations".

E-470 reports that the toll amount was: ExpressToll Costs: $8.60 or License Plate Toll Costs: $10.80. (If Express Toll charge is not paid in advance, then License Plate Toll cost is billed based on photo of license plate taken on toll road). Advantage charged an additional $30. I have contacted Advantage Customer service and spoken to multiple representatives. All have refused to help, reduce the fee or take responsibility for this hidden and exorbitant additional charge.

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