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Cliff of Euless, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Don't don't don't EVER rent a car from ADVANTAGE CAR RENTAL. I did and when I got there they were closed with a sign that said, "Go to E-Z Car Rental." That's it!! No directions, no phone, no nothing. So I walked around and couldn't find it. I asked another car rental agency and they told me where to look. I walked up to the front desk and handed the lady my driver's license and credit card and she asked if I was familiar with their policies. I was a little taken back by that question so I said "I guess not. I rent vehicles quite regularly from other agencies and have never been asked that question". That's when she told me that there was a 150 mile limit on all vehicles and additional miles were 0.55 cents/mile.

I asked the lady to cancel the reservation for me and she said she would. I prepaid for my reservation online before I got there and was never told that. Long story short, they got me for $37.00. There is NO refund because their refund policy is that they will refund anything over $50.00. So I consider this a very cheap lesson concerning Advantage Car Rental. I hope this helps you before you too lose your $37.00. Any company that has policies like theirs needs to be made public so spread the word and let's keep each other from making that same mistake. I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN HERE!!!

Kim of Grosse Ile, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

As a previous customer stated I'm only giving this one star because it's not possible to give it zero. Let me start with the fact that our family used Advantage in the past and had an awful experience concerning the type of car we reserved & the car they tried forcing us to take. It was one problem after another at the reservation desk & the rudest employees we'd ever dealt with. My husband swore he'd never use the company again. Unfortunately, I was taking our five children to Florida alone a couple weeks ago and handled all the transportation arrangements myself - trying to save my husband the hassle. I didn't remember the name of the company he didn't like and forgot to ask him. When he found out he couldn't believe I actually reserved a car with them. After realizing what I did I tried to be optimistic thinking maybe this time would be better. WAS I WRONG!!!

My awful experience started the second I walked up to the rental counter. I intentionally reserved and paid for a large SUV. The employee taking care of me told me that it was a busy season & he didn't have an SUV, he had a minivan. I politely argued saying I didn't want a minivan, I reserved an SUV. He then sarcastically told me when you make a reservation you aren't guaranteed what you reserve, you are guaranteed a vehicle with 4 wheels. I asked how long of a wait it would be until an SUV was available. He stated he might have one in 4 or 5 hours but I couldn't count on it.

With 5 children staring at me ready to start their vacation I couldn't exactly wait so I took the mini van. Fine - not what I wanted - but fine, I could deal with it. To be honest I was more angry and upset with how I was spoke to and the rudeness of the employee than the vehicle I'd be driving. Had that been the only problem I probably wouldn't take the time out to write to the BBB. I would've just warned friends and family about the scam they run and NEVER use them again. Thankfully the van did not give us any problems during the week.

The biggest problem came on the very last day when it was time to return it. Now let me back up & tell you I picked up the van in Miami, the return location was to be West Palm Beach airport all of which is in the agreement that's documented on all my paperwork. I plan our departure morning with what I thought was plenty of time to get to the airport, return the rental, take the shuttle & check all our bags. We look up the Advantage car rental airport address, type it in our GPS, and half an hour later we arrive at an address that doesn't even somewhat resemble a car rental business.

I attempt to call the 1-800 number to speak to someone & wait on hold while one of my daughters tries to look up any information she can to get us where we need to be. She finds another address she thinks will work. We have no choice but to try it so off we go. The next place we pull in to is at least closer to the airport but again not a return location. At this point I'm still on hold and getting upset and nervous not knowing what I'm supposed to do and knowing I've wasted a lot of time I didn't plan on. I decide to drive to the airport to look for any signs that say Advantage.

After circling the airport several times and not seeing any signs I pull in to an Avis to ask if they know where Advantage is. The security guard gives me directions to the Hilton where she says they are located. We then head to the Hilton. I run inside to ask where I should leave my vehicle and they tell me Advantage hasn't used their location for a long time. By now I'm nearly in tears - I have 5 kids in the car, our flight leaves in less than an hour, and a mini van that I can't drop off.

Within the hour and a half we've wasted I've tried every phone number and address possible and cannot get ahold of anybody to help me. As a last resort I drive back to Avis & beg some of the workers to help me. I explain my situation and ask if I can please leave the van there so we don't miss our flight. The manager agrees so I promise to contact Advantage as soon as possible to get someone to pick up the van. My children and I had to run through the airport to make our flight. To say my morning was stressful is a gross understatement. Not only did we almost miss our flight, I had the worry of leaving the rental.

As soon as our plane landed I called the Advantage 1-800 number again. I waited on hold for over 40 minutes before finally getting to speak to someone. Once I explained what happened she told me she'd have to have a 'consultant specialist' call me back. I was barely able to get my name & phone number out before she hung up on me. It's 24 hours later and I still haven't heard from anyone. I've sent two emails, left a voicemail and called multiple times trying every extension possible to talk to someone. No one ever answers the phone. Meanwhile the van I rented is sitting at the airport. Never use this company! I've never come across so many incompetent individuals! I honestly don't understand how they are allowed to remain in business!

Heather of Fullerton, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I requested a car online and when I showed up to the location at Denver International Airport I was informed that I couldn't rent a car because I had outstanding toll charges from the previous year on my account. This was after waiting in line for 30 min in the middle of the night. They had all my contact information and no one ever contacted me about this nor was I notified when I rented the car online. Beyond that, I looked at my planner and I knew for sure I was not in the state of Colorado at the time they were claiming I used the toll roads and I could prove it.

The gentleman behind the counter was very nice and informative and tried everything in his power to help me or get someone but Advantage does not give him the tools or support he needs in the middle of the night. I decided I would just pay the fees, take the car, and deal with it the next day because I was exhausted and the poor people in the huge line behind me were waiting even longer. He then warned me that if I signed and paid I was admitting fault. I tried to wake some friends up in the middle of the night but no one answered. I decided to pay and never rent from them again because that was better than sitting there until morning.

The next day corporate apologized and sent me a 2 day free voucher and 20% off. I just tried to use that voucher and the same nice gentleman was there at 2 am when I arrived. He told me he's not allowed to honor the voucher, management has to do it. He asked me if I could bring the car back before midnight on the day of return and present it then. I had a friend bring me back on day 2 at 8 pm. The girl at the counter gave me attitude. She called a guy over who called the manager who was supposed to help me.

The manager said over the phone I have to rent the car for longer than 2 days to use. It does not say that anywhere on the voucher and the goal should be to make up for my horrible experience and keep my business, not try to get more money out of me. He then said I was returning the car early!! Um yes, because I was asked to in order for you to be here and why do they care if they get the car back at 8 pm, in time to rent it out again the night instead of 2am?? It's only 6 hrs early! So then they took my voucher and the manager said he would take care of it in the morning. He never came out to help me!

It's now 6 days later and nothing has been done. I called and they told me corporate has to handle this and they are gone so someone will call me. Nothing. I filled out a complaint and asked to be contacted. Nothing. I called and sat on hold for 1:15 (all this while on my vacation) and then their system hung up on me so I had to email again.

Diane of Naples, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

If I could give this company a negative rating, I would do so. They discriminate against local renters by limiting the mileage which was hidden in the fine print of a generic website that listed many companies. A friend said I better check on the mileage issue since they had a problem with Advantage. When I called the rude representative at Advantage, they confirmed that they did in fact discriminate against local renters by limiting daily mileage. When I cancelled the reservation, I was billed a $50 cancellation fee which should be illegal. They are charging for a service never received. Many other companies do not limit mileage for locals such as Alamo. So take my advice and NEVER use this company. I see a lot of other bad reviews here so obviously they don't care; they know they won't get repeat business so they have to stick it to the customer at first opportunity.

Si of Orlando, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

This is the absolute worst experience I have ever had with a so-called business. I rented a car through CARRENTALS.COM and was given a confirmation number and a local car rental agency's (ADVANTAGE CAR RENTAL) phone number and address to pick up the car. So I went to the address but there was another business there. I tried to call the phone number but the number was disconnected. OK, so I looked up their main number and called it and they told me that the location I was given has been closed for a while and I would have to pick up the car at the airport.

OK, I got to the airport and no one's there but there is a note telling you to call this number if you want service, so I call that number and someone told me that they would be there in a while. OK, fifteen minutes goes by and I am still waiting so I called again, but this time the young man rudely tells me that he is on his break and that I would have to wait. I was sympathetic to an employee working alone and having to go on a break.

So he shows up with an attitude and I told him I have a reservation for a car. He takes my identification and tells me that because I was a local resident I had to have full coverage insurance to rent a car because locals usually damage cars more than tourists. OK, IS THAT SO, HAH. FINE, but at no point when I was making the reservation was there any information about policies concerning locals. Trying to get a refund is an even bigger headache. I have, frankly, had better service in third world countries. Renters beware.

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joe of Everett, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

(Renting a car from MSP) The van that I rented for my family was not clean and the interior smelled like POT smoke! I informed the garage agent of these things. He said if I wanted another car I would need to go back to the airport to redo my paperwork to get another car (I was traveling with my 4 kids under 10). Then I asked if I was supposed to fill out a form for any damages I found before I took the car. Then he said "we are only worried about major damage to the vehicle". I insisted that I needed a form anyway. He then, begrudgingly handed me a small form to fill out and quickly took it from me. I will never return to Advantage Rent-A-Car.

carol of Duluth, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

This company does not deserve 1 star. If I could give them a 0 I would. I requested a car through The rental indicated unlimited mileage and the car was to be picked up from CTL Airport on Friday and returned on Tuesday. Total cost $205. My daughter and her husband get there well before the 12:30 pm pickup time. Then that's when everything went bad. They told my daughter that since she had NC driver license they would not get the unlimited mileage and would only receive 150 miles per day. After over an hour going back and forth with the agent about the additional .55 cents per mile. I contacted Priceline and the initial customer service rep advised they would pay the difference. I just needed to fax in my receipts.

Advantage then told my daughter that Priceline was not going to pay us back. (As if to say, they have encountered this before?) Which was none of her business. My daughter and her husband advised they would go ahead and rent the car. The agent stepped away from the counter and when they returned, began to explain all of the additional fees. $200 deposit plus another $150 "NC Car Rental Deposit". Grant you, I had already paid for the additional rental insurance. I've rented cars before from other reputable companies in NC for out of state travel and have never paid a "NC Car rental Deposit". On top of just the normal deposit.

We were unable to be together for Christmas so everyone was meeting at my house New Year's Eve to exchange gifts and have a "second Christmas". So even with the absurd fees, my daughter and her husband needed the rental car and this was 1 day before New Year's Eve and they were bringing my mother with them to visit me in Georgia and we had not made any other arrangements. We agreed to pay the deposits, with the understanding that the deposits would be refunded when the car was returned. This is now 1 1/2 hours later, but still prior to the 12:30 pm pickup. The agent all of a sudden says "I'm sorry we no longer have your car available." We were furious. How is that when my daughter never left the airport, vehicle was never cancelled and it was still well before the 12:30 pm pickup? Agent looks again and states, "oh we were able to switch the other customer out"...

So now we think they could finally get the rental and be on their way. The agent proceeds to take my son-in-law to the SUV we reserved on Priceline and while they are looking over the vehicle, a supervisor comes out and says, "I'm sorry but we don't rent SUVs to local NC residence?" What? Are you kidding? I'm on the phone and my daughter and her husband are just beside ourselves. They have now been there for 2 hrs and now you are telling us you won't even rent them the car? My daughter asked if they could rent a minivan, initially the answer was yes, but then once back inside, the agent literally was telling them they needed to go to another rental company and began looking up rates for other companies?

By this time, we are furious and exhausted from being given the runaround and the Advantage customer service number was absolutely no help. One just kept blaming the other and the 800 rep was limited in what they could do??? We eventually found, no thanks to Advantage, another rental company that had an SUV available and were able to go to use that rental company with absolutely no problems and no "NC Rental deposit" and my family arrived safely to Georgia. Even though we ended up paying twice the amount that was quoted on Priceline, in the end, I am absolutely sure we saved ourselves even more headaches and frustration, had we actually rented a car from Advantage.

I have expressed my concerns with Priceline and their business ethics, to falsely advertise unlimited mileage for a company that may have stipulations. This is truly a "bait and switch" relationship. After further discussing with Priceline, the second and third associate I spoke with at Priceline proceeded to tell me that Advantage's contract with them does indicate that they "may" have stipulations on the mileage. My discussion with Priceline was, as a consumer, using their Priceline product, my reservation says unlimited mileage and regardless of what their agreement is with Advantage, I have detrimentally relied on the information they provided me on their Priceline website and my contract is with Priceline.

There should be visible notification to the consumer to call or check rates/mileage, instead of advertising and making reservations with no restrictions and providing confirmation indicating "unlimited mileage". I will have second thoughts before I book through Priceline. I would never recommend Advantage Rental to anyone. They are unreliable and are not trustworthy.

Melvin of Vernal, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

It's their advantage for sure. I was charged for insurance that I plainly and explicitly said that I did not want or need. Called customer service and was told no way I was getting a refund. NEVER USE ADVANTAGE!!!

Katherine of Walnut Creek, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

When arriving two hours later than expected due to a plane delay the customer service was awful at Advantage Car Rental. After being greeted without a hello the person left me standing at the counter to help another agent. Upon returning to help me I was told I could upgrade my vehicle for an additional $115.00. When I said no thank you and paid with a debit card, an additional $200.00 was added to my bill and I was told they would do a credit check on me. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to comply since I was standing there with four pieces of luggage and no transportation to go to another car rental company. I will never use Advantage Car Rental again and would like my additional $200 refund immediately.

Susan of Onalaska, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

Let us review what happened: Our daughter and her family arrive at the airport around 6:10 pm and get on the shuttle to go to Terminal A. They call us at 6:27 pm and tell us they are on the shuttle. LGA is under construction and you have to go to Terminal A to get to the rental car shuttles. The shuttle takes about an hour and barely moves. She and her husband travel a lot, so they call and tell 800-777-5500 Advantage that they are on their way, but their flight was delayed and they are now sitting on the shuttle to nowhere. They are told their car has been canceled. They say it can't be so, even they can't cancel their reservation. It is prepaid and should be held for them up to 1 am. The Advantage 800# tells them that the local LGA rental center has canceled it. Our daughter and her husband and toddler tell them they need a car.

They then transfer them to the LGA car center and someone does pick up. They are told that their car was canceled since they didn't pick it up past one hour from their noon pickup time. Our daughter told them that they can't cancel her reservation and she can see on their website they are open until 1 am and she is on her way and to find her a car. She is then told that they have no other cars and they are closing at 8:30 pm and to not come. This is the night before Thanksgiving. No way they are closing at 8:30 pm. They are told with how slow the shuttle is they will not get there and they will be closed and have no cars. They have luggage, a car seat, a toddler and they have to yet get to the Hampton's. They are hysterical, as you can imagine. We, as her parents call the 800# on their confirmation for Advantage.

Paul is told their car was cancelled because they did not pick it up at their pickup time and there are no other cars and we have to email He asks for a telephone number and they say they have no way to call Car Rentals. That they (Car Rentals) are our contact and they are only a subcontractor to Car Rentals and any complaints need to go to Car Rentals. We ask, how do they get us another car if we can't even call them? Paul asks them to transfer him to the local rental at LGA and he lets it ring for over twenty rings until it just stops. I then call the 800 # and ask how can they possibly cancel the car and I am told it was cancelled by accident. I then tell them that the car rental station that our daughter was transferred to said they closed at 8:30 pm and they had no more cars. Advantage tells me that the station cancelled the car. That they (the Advantage 800 #) can't cancel a car.

I ask to speak to a supervisor and I am told no one can do anything else for me. That even a supervisor has no way to cancel a car or to reach Car Rentals. That we need to email and they will give us a refund, but they have no way to get us another car. I tell them we don't want a refund. We want a car so they can drive to the Hampton's. We are told that they cannot help us. I can tell the person in the Call Center wants to tell me more, but stays quiet. I am sure it is hard to hear a mother cry because you have left her children stranded at LGA.

I again call back. I am on the house phone now where we are staying. The person I am talking to tells me that I am correct, that the reservation was cancelled in error, but they (the Advantage Call Center) can't fix it. They say that the station at LGA is open until 1 am. I ask, again, to be transferred there and I let the phone ring for an eternity. No one picks up the phone. We then call our daughter and she and her family get off the shuttle bus at Terminal A and they call for an Uber. They get on the Uber. They are quoted a rate of $400. Once on the freeway they notice the driver is driving erratically and the car smells. He is swerving around and driving past the speed limit. They ask him to slow down. Finally, they call Uber and they are told to ask the driver to stop the car and pull over at the next exit. They then have to get out of the car, wait with the toddler, luggage and car seat and wait for another Uber to pick them up.

They wait on the curb to flag down the new car. It is dark, cold and raining. They get to the Hampton's around 11 pm at night. Uber did not charge them for the first portion of the ride due to safety issues with the driver. They then had to use taxis in the Hampton's as our car would not fit the car seat and two other people. We then had to order a car to take them back to LGA because our car would not fit all of us. If my husband did the drive he would have given up five hours from the last day of our trip. We did not leave until 8:30 pm. They left at 8 am in the morning to get there for a noon flight. The car was $250.

Now, Advantage says Car Rentals is our contact. Car Rentals is blaming Advantage saying WE as their Client, need to supply Car Rentals with all this information with documentation. I kept telling them Advantage made the mistake and they needed to fix it while the family was still on the shuttle. All we heard was email They knew immediately right away that the LGA station cancelled the car by mistake. Now they want me and my family to dig up all of this additional information to make their case with Advantage.

I don't have time for this **, but I sure as hell am not going to let a company that made such a unimaginable mistake not own up to it. We have had to supply Car Rentals with Uber receipts, car service receipts and now our phone records to show we actually called the 800 # and at what time. Obviously, since I took the time and came up with everything they asked of me, I am not lying. I am a super busy person, but Advantage messed up and they messed up with the wrong family.

Ge of Minneapolis, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

We rented a car from Advantage through Expedia at the airport in Orlando and mentioned that we arrive at 7pm. We got a confirmation with pick-up time 10:30 am, thinking that this is correct because we pay for the whole day. When we arrived the person from Advantage just told us that our car was cancelled because we did not pick it up within 2 hours after pick-up time. In the confirmation was nothing written from this 2 hours limit and also not on the homepage from Advantage. We were left without car and had to get a car from an other company and that in the evening at Thanksgiving for a much higher price.

When I called later the customer service they just told me that it was my fault and hung up. I cannot recommend Advantage because of the lack of information for the car rental, also through a third party, and the very unfriendly customer service. People at the front desk and customer service were very unfriendly and not willing to help.

Chuck of Boynton Beach, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I rented a vehicle from the JFK location in New York and requested a car seat. The cost was $70 for a week. My primary complaint, aside from the poor and disorganized service at most of their locations, is that the car seat was stored in an old metal shed adjacent to the location where they clean out the cars. This particular area was a real mess due to the nature of the work being done there. There were garbage cans overflowing at each car service area (4 in total I believe) and with this mess comes not just paper but food and soft drink spillage. As mentioned earlier the 'storage' shed for the car seats is adjacent to this area. It struck me that the shed, with all of its various car seats simply thrown in there was a prime location for vermin to frequent. The seat we received did have food remnants on it.

Additionally, the car seat was in such poor condition that we almost refused it but did not want to endanger our child even on what could have been a short trip to a retail store to purchase a new one. It took us 20 minutes to clean and unravel the belts and seat cover - no one there offered to help. We had to 'rig' the belts to fasten them so the seat would not tip forward in a sudden stop. Unacceptable conditions for something the public relies upon for their children. First, there should be a law and policing for the proper condition of child seats provided by any rental agency and second, there should be some oversight by the health department as to the storage and cleanliness of child seats. Shame on you Advantage and shame on you New York State - the fees and taxes you charge should guarantee cleanliness and safety.

Giorgio of Pompano Beach, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

As a matter of fact I knew of bad reputation of Advantage Rent a Car and I reserved a car in Fort Lauderdale airport with Europcar: for my surprise the rental agency turned out to be Advantage. It took over 2 hours to complain with all absurd requests (including a copy of my private car insurance faxed to him) of the agent Mr. **, uncooperative and tricky.

Tired from a 20 hours fly, I finally accepted to change all conditions of the reservation: limited mileage where the reservation specify unlimited mileage. Agreed and signed for 200 Dollars rental deposit and I found he charged another 150 for eventual road violations!! To be refund in 21 days after rental end. He put time to return earlier than the time of rental and finally the car had virtually no rubber left on the tires making it extremely dangerous to drive. As a good note must say that the Advantage agent in the parking lot promptly and kindly change the car with a better one, dirty but in good conditions.

Julton of Orlando, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I rented a vehicle in Boston Massachusetts Logan airport. On my way the airport to return the vehicle I used my Apple iPad as my GPS to take me to their location. As I was in a rush I left the iPad in the vehicle on the passenger side on the floor. For those who do not know this Airport, You have to catch a shuttle bus to drop you at the terminals, which is 3 to 5 minutes depends. As I was reaching the TSA I proceeded to removed my electronics, I realized that the iPad was left in the vehicle. I immediately called the ADVANTAGE RENT A CAR. No one pick up the phone. I immediately downloaded an app on my phone using Boston phone number, they picked the phone. Once I attempted to inform them that I left my iPad in the vehicle the call dropped. I called them back more than 25 times. They never pick up the phone.

Two days after trying over and over to get hold on them, a local agent in Orlando answered the phone. She stated that she will contact the Logan airport and she would call me back. They call 5 hours later to inform me that my iPad was not found. However I handed the car key to one of their employee who I believe removed my iPad. It is lamentable to see that I have filed a police report. This person who have my property will be prosecuted should my property be found.

laura of Sparta, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

Do not, I repeat DO NOT rent from this Advantage. First of all, when we got our rental car that day, the whole inside was soaking wet because they left the windows down during a thunderstorm. When we went back to request a new dry vehicle, we were told that this was the only one available and that it would "eventually dry out for us". NO apology. NOT GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Secondly, they tack on a bunch of additional charges and refuse to explain them to you in detail initially when you rent the car.

I rented in Denver, and I really was not familiar with the area, with toll areas, etc. The employee helping me stated that I shouldn't run into tolls around where I was planning to drive, so I did not add the toll service coverage. Fast forward 5 months later (I rented a car in June, and it is now November) I noticed additional charges on my checking account from advantage in Denver. I called Advantage to speak with a representative regarding these charges, and the answer I received was "it appears that you went through a toll area and you did not have toll coverage".

I explained that the representative that set me up with the rental car in June had stated that I did not need toll coverage since I was staying in the Denver area. The representative on the phone stated that he was sorry that this occurred, but I should have inquired specifically where the toll areas were to begin with. I guess I should have asked for a road map of tolls??? I also was upset because this charge should have been added months ago, especially when I rented the car in June!!! Terrible company. Terrible customer service. Terrible contracts. Terrible cars. Advantage really DOES take FULL advantage of their customers. I will never rent from this company again. Beware!!!

Marcelo of New York, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Booked a car through Priceline from Advantage Rent-A-Car. When I went to the airport to pick up the car they told me that I had to have my own car insurance, from my own car. If I had a car I wouldn't be renting one. They did not let me get the car, I could not travel and take care of a very important situation that I had to deal with. Awful, amateurs, unprofessional and unreasonable. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HAVE ANY PROBLEMS, STAY AWAY FROM ADVANTAGE RENT A CAR!

Beverly of Galveston, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I rented an economy car, which wasn't very nice, at Dallas, for 2 days for $34/day. After all of the added fees, my bill came to $113.71. I was told they required a deposit of $200 which would be held until I returned the car safely. I returned the car within the stated time in the same condition that I received it. Nothing was said about my $200 and I assumed that it was never charged to my account.

However, on returning home, I checked my credit card account online and found that they had charged my account with $313.71. I immediately called and was given the run-around, couldn't get customer service, but was finally able to talk to a manager. She informed me that was the standard practice and that my $200 would be refunded in 3-7 days. I find this very unethical to use my money without my authority. I demanded that it be credited the following day, but was told that it would take 3-7 days. These people are crooks and should not be allowed to do business that way. Please, if you read this, find another company. I have rented from many other companies and never had anything like this happen before.

Kristen of Edwardsville, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I had reserved a rental car with Advantage thru I prepaid to get the best rate. When I arrived to the rental car counter I stood in line for thirty minutes to find out they were out of cars. I was given an immediate refund and was told to go the Alamo counter. I was told to keep my receipt/contract and when I returned my car at the airport to come and speak with a member of management about getting a refund for the difference. I followed the advice of the Advantage team member upon return and stood in line again for thirty minutes to be told there was not a manager on duty and to call a 1-888 number. I did so the following day.

Spoke with a very rude customer service person who told that I should have never been told to call because they don't refund a difference when they are out of cars on a prepaid agreement. She gave me the managers name and number on site at the Atlanta airport who took my information and I submitted my receipts and the difference of approx $100 to rent a car last minute with Alamo. Two weeks and three emails later, no response and no refund. Needless to say I don't recommend them or will use them EVER again.

J. of Orange Park, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have rented from Advantage Rent A Car several times. Every single time I have rented from them, I always have always had an issue with the tire pressure indicator coming on during the course of my rental. For the first time, I simply filled the tires with air, and the tire pressure indicator would come on and off. I returned the car and let them know of the issue. The second time I rented from them, the same issue with the tire pressure indicator steady on, but because of my first experience having to constantly fill the tires, I immediately went back to their office to switch out the car.

The third time I rented from them -- it was a terrifying experience. I was driving the rental car down the Tampa highway when all of a sudden the car started shaking and vibrating. The tire pressure indicator blinked on and off (more like flashing on and off). I immediately pulled to the side of the road to check the tires, but all four tires seemed ok. Then I went back onto the highway to get to the nearest exit, and less than a minute later, the front driver side tire blew out. I almost hit another car trying to swerve into the median. The tire was completely shredded. And I know for a fact that I did not run over any potholes, and I know I did not run over anything because I would have felt it (unless it was a nail, but I think the issue with the vibrating meant there was something wrong with the alignment).

I had to wait 1 hour (with my child in the car) for AAA to arrive and have the car towed to the nearest Advantage office, which was over 50 miles away. This is what I truly believe: Advantage does not maintain the tires on their rental cars. Maybe they even buy cheap used tires to replace the worn out ones. Maybe they even patch up the holes in their tires, hoping their customers will eat the bill for new ones so they don't have to pay. Also, they don't do a good job of cleaning their cars. I found a man's undergarment underneath the front passenger seat and Burger King wrappers stuffed in the glove compartment from the previous renters.

3 weeks later I get a bill from them demanding $107 to cover the tire replacement. I call Advantage and I tell them that they failed to maintain the tires and I was given a rental car with a faulty defective tire. They tell me I still have to pay them because the tire was damaged during my use of the car. They did not tell me this when I returned the car with the towing company witnessing. Also, when I filled out their incident report, they told me nothing about having to pay for the tire.

NEVER AGAIN. I am never renting from Advantage Rent A Car again. They put my life and my daughter's life in danger by failing to maintain their rental car tires. I have never ever had an issue with Hertz, Avis, or Budget in regards to renting cars. Only Advantage. Do yourself a favor and keep out of danger by not renting from Advantage Rent a Car. There is one thing I notice ---- Advantage Rent a Car does not have offices in any airports near me. I notice when I rent from car rental agencies in the airport, I don't have tire pressure problems with the rental cars. Maybe Advantage Rent a Car is offsite for a reason that I am unaware of. I do not trust this company. I can't be the only one who has experienced this with Advantage Rent A Car and I hope other people come forward as well.

William of Wylie, TX on
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I rented a car from Advantage at Logan Airport in Boston. After discussing my travel plans with the attendant, she informed me I would need an EZPass since none of the roads would take cash to pay tolls. They provide these devices for $18.99 per day. ALL of the roads I drove accepted cash for tolls!! I was charged over $110 for less than $15 in tolls. When I called to complain, I was given the number to the Boston office. No one answered and no one returned my call. I have no doubt this is a scam they train their people in.

Porfirio of Calgary, AB on
Satisfaction Rating

Prices supposed to be lower but they charge much more than other. First time I rented and I will never rent again. I book on CheapOair whole package vacations included the vehicle rental. I rented 4 days small SUV which smell bad. I returned they charged me more than $600. Too many fees for everything. I have paid much less in other companies.

Sara of Wahiawa, HI on
Satisfaction Rating

Fraudulent company that conveniently explained charges "incorrectly", and added charges without our knowledge or consent, resulting in an additional $200 coming out of pocket. We weren't made aware of the charges until after turning the vehicle in. When we contacted the actual Honolulu office about the charges, we were given rude attitude and poor treatment. The location manager, named Siva, hung up on me TWICE, stating she had actual people to help and wasn't going to waste her time on me. Stay far away from these scammers. It's easy to see where their company name comes from, as they take advantage of their customers. Pay a little extra and go to a different rental company.

Tania of Long Island City, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

This was my worst experience EVER EVER of car rental. We do not own a car so we often use car rentals and we travel frequently where we also rent cars. We made our reservation through hotwire and got this company I never heard of, I thought this must be a new company so the experience is going to be awesome... NOT. Got to the LGA location 30 minutes before my reservation, place was packed and a lot of unhappy people. I was observing people getting turned down, I was surprised because these people had reservations.

When I got my turn, a good 45 minutes after my arrival at the place, this lady goes with an attitude "rental insurance?" I showed her my rental insurance bought, she turned around to the worker by her side they smile and then proceeds to tell me. "Your rental is cancelled, you need to own a car with insurance and use that insurance, company policy." I told her "sell me an insurance", the response was they do not do that. I said "I have a credit card," she said no. And then went "NEXT." I told her "hold on I have questions". She went with an attitude of shaking her head and waving with hands that I was not getting any car and I would get full refund and went like crazy... "NEXT NEXT". Very very disrespectful and unfriendly.

I called hotwire and not even them were aware of this insurance policy. Went on Advantage website no where is this policy stated. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!! I would give a -5 if possible. We had to be in CT by 10 and needed the car on Sunday. We were able to get a car from another rental for 3 times the price obviously and not for 2 days.

Ed of Chagrin Falls, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

Very poor experience with Advantage Car Rental at the Honolulu Airport location. Picked up a car $12 a day for three days not $36, but $86. They charged me to refill the car upon its return at $8.66 a gallon although it only had three quarters of a tank when they gave it to me. Thank God I took pictures of the gas gauge with the OD reading, so now I get to fight with them about it. Probably will take me numerous phone calls, hang ups and no one will take care of it after several hours on the phone.

I also had a problem with their car and customer service and assistance was terrible. Nadine at the Honolulu location was terrible. Told me if anything happened to the car it was my responsibility, transmission, engine, etc. I would have to pay to fix it even if it wasn't my fault. They offered to send roadside assistance if I would pay $25 and $3.00 a mile from Honolulu, (I was on the north shore) probably $150 - 200 to try to fix a problem that the vehicle that it had when they gave me the car. I would have to wait 3-4 hours for them to come as well. Nice way to spend my last day in Hawaii. (Called AAA and they were very helpful, discovered and fixed the problem which was caused by the Advantage Car Rental mechanic putting a wrong part on the vehicle. Stay away, the little bit of savings is quickly lost in poor vehicles that break down, poor customer service, difficult automatic answering systems. Lost time, frustration and added costs.

Sarai of Pretoria, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I am giving one star because there is no way to give less. This company shouldn't exist. We waited two hours in the parking lot to get the car. They said they were upgrading us for free, but the car we got was smaller than the one we requested. Hurricane Matthew hit Orlando the day we were supposed to return the car. We called for hours and obviously they didn't pick up. We returned the car the next day. They charged us a full extra day for returning it late, however when we explained we called and they didn't pick up they responded with a smile and said: "of course, there was a hurricane, we didn't open, but you still have to pay for reigning the car late". As I review the comments, all over the web, I notice there is not even one that is positive. How can companies like these remain in business?

Noemi of New York, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

We booked a car at the NY JFK airport. When we arrived there was a huge line, people already pissed off. We stayed in line for more than 2 hours and when we finally got there the associate Lorrain ** said they didn't have the car we book (a SUV). She said we should wait another 1.5 hours for our car. The only alternative was for us to get a smaller car at the same price of the SUV. When we complained (pointing out that we have been waiting for more than 2 hours wasting an entire morning while not even getting what we booked and having to pay the same price for something smaller) she started yelling and being physically aggressive, punching her fists on the desk.

Her colleague arrived and started insulting me and my whole family and he said that if we had any complaints we should "go tell Obama" (please note he wasn't even present when the problem arised). He refused to give us his name. I asked for a manager and they said no one was there. I'm simply speechless at the whole experience. Stay away from them. Given the hundreds of negative reviews I'm surprised they are still in business.

Cindy of Calgary, AB on
Satisfaction Rating

Terrible customer service! SCAMMERS!!! Charging us $100USD for $5 in tolls. We were told by the agent that we could pay as we go and we specified we would be travelling to Tampa. We got the brick wall "policy" speech which really makes me mad! Every company needs to make exceptions if customer service is important to them. THESE PEOPLE DON'T CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Called when we got home. Same "policy" speech. The agent was talking over me and wouldn't let me speak. NEVER use them again! Shame on you!

Ben of Alpena, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I was upgraded to a mid-size car which was much smaller than I had anticipated - a VW Jetta. After being up for 12 hours and another 4 hours to go driving I was not about to go back into the agent to complain as I was running on adrenaline by that time. The Sun was setting when I pulled out of the airport and the windows were caked with dirt inside and out, a film on it which made it hard to see front and back.

The car when we entered smelled like stake smoke also. I plugged in my Garmin which I had pre-programmed and followed the instructions. The cigarette lighter did not work nor did the back outlet so after 2 hours my Garmin battery died, right when I needed it most. I did have maps with so resorted back to them as it was getting dark, difficult. I spent the week with this under powered econobox. It did get good gas mileage but that was a small factor when the price of gas was hovering around $2.00 per gallon. Going to look elsewhere when renting my next car.

Ed of Ft. Lauderdale, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I rented a car from Advantage, thinking it was as advertised "At Reagan Airport". Turns out it is about 2 miles from the airport, in an iffy neighborhood. Since I didn't want to wait with my wife in this area for a 15-minute wait, and a 15 minute shuttle ride, I attempted to cancel the reservation, and go with a reputable Car Rental, actually on site at the airport. I called the number listed on the confirmation, and was told to go to the website. The website tells you to call the number where you made the reservation! Totally bogus cancellation policy, so they get to keep my money (stealing). Never Rent a car from Advantage, period.

Kathy of Atlanta, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

This is the worst rental car company. We had a reservation for a car in San Francisco, finally arrived at the off-site small location and they had no car, could not tell us exactly when they would have a car, and especially the guy who worked there was extremely rude. It sounds like this is par for them. Do NOT do business with these people.

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