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I was contacted by Reliant Energy rep and told if I switched to Reliant that they would use the same rate and not charged for energy on the weekends. My energy bill has consistency been higher than before and after 9 months I had to pay $295 cancellation fee. I can only surmise that this is some kind of scam.

I just moved into my apartment in May of this year (2016). May, June, July my bill was 35 dollars. I couldn't believe it myself but I was elated. I'm a young, adorable college student, no kids, just trying to make a living out in this cruel world. Well I called to make July's 35 dollar payment over the phone at work, outside on a quick break. Of course here comes Reliant with their damn specials trying to get someone to sign up for some **. I HATE CONTRACTS. I KEEP MY NAME TO MYSELF. So the guy kept trying to tell me about their 12-month contract plan and how I was month to month and I could save. I'm like "no I'm excellent with month to month paying 35 bucks." He kept trying. He's like "you could be paying 27 dollars rather than 35." I'm like "ok that sounds good." That's all I said. I then said "I tell you what can you send me so info on it and I'll look into it." He's like ok and that was it.

My next two bills for Aug and September is 100 bucks a piece. Are you serious??? I haven't touched my thermostat at all. Ever since I talked to him my bill went up not down I called and the guy said I'm on a 12 month plan. I'm like wait what??? HOLD UP! I didn't sign or agree to anything. Mind you I'm cry, eyes red. This is so unfair. He took what I said and put me into a contract. I literally felt life exit my body. These people are scammers and something must be done. Since they claim they record every damn thing. Play the recording back where I agreed to this **. I'm now on a contract and nothing I can do about it beside buy out of it and I never recalled getting into it. If I wanted contract I would've did that to begin. The guy told me verbatim that he placed me under a higher rate than what I was paying. I said I know because there's no way in hell I'm paying 35 and out the clear blue sky jump to 100 bucks.

This makes me so sick to my stomach. I haven't slept well at all. I just have to pay it and it's not right. He see what happened to me and all he can say is he sorry. Yeah me too. & people wonder why folks flip and purge because the judicial system is **. We have rights and I guarantee you I'm not letting this go. WHY IN THE HELL WOULD I SIGN UP FOR A 12 MONTH CONTRACT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY DAMN LEASE. I moved in May. It was going into August. Who wants to pay more than 35 dollars a month? ** UP!!! RELIANT HAS LOST ALL RESPECT FROM ME AND I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN WITH THEM LONG. PEOPLE DON'T GO HERE. IT'S A SETUP.

I called this month to find out how much my bill was and they said for this month it was 821.00. That is absolutely ridiculous. I have never in my life paid a light bill this high. There should be something we could do about them charging whatever they want. People like me don't have that kind of money for lights. There should be a law as to how much max they can charge you for one month. They are ridiculous and will not work with you. As soon as I can I will be changing light companies but what are people to do. You PAY IT OR YOU DON'T HAVE LIGHTS!!! That's ridiculous!!!

We are two senior citizens, living in a small 2x2 apartment located in a low income senior apartment complex. In the past 5 years, our average electric bill through Reliant/Centerpoint Energy has averaged around 200.00 per month - year round. Much to our surprise, and consternation, our latest bill was for a whopping 561.89. Now if my elementary school math is correct, that is an increase of 361.00 give or take a few pennies. Percentage wise this is an increase of 100% (as there can only be 100% of anything) or to put it another way, we have been gouged!

I phoned Reliant and spoke to a customer service rep. She was very nice and cordial while explaining to me that "you have a smart meter ma'am, and they are never wrong." She went further to tell me to go outside, and try and locate my meter, read it, and get back to Reliant, with the results. In addition to this, the rep mentioned to me that the large charge was down to one day? June 16th to be exact! One day? Hey folks we aren't growing pot up here for goodness sakes.

Lastly, the rep told me that she would gather all of the information regarding our account, and that she would call me back. It's been 2 days now and I haven't heard a bloody thing! Jeepers what can two old farts do? Well, I'll tell you what I did - I filed a complaint with the Texas Energy Commission. If I don't get any good results there, I'll contact channel 2, and get that feisty blond gal on their butts - She always gets results. As far as we are concerned Reliant sucks.

I had service at an address for 6 months and realized that the billing information was incorrect. The address was wrong and the meter number was wrong. I review previous bills. The meter had changed 2 previous times. I had been paying my bill regularly, but no one was living at the address. We were planning on working on the house. Initially they said that I put the order in for the wrong address. Fine but we were on the phone with Oncor for an hour putting the service on at the right place. In looking at the bills I question the amount of the bills. Why am I paying 72.00 for an empty house? That when I realized the meter number was incorrect also. I only had a few previous bills but they were billing me for 3 different meters. They said they corrected it several times.

I got 5 bills this week. One had credit of 6.00, another said bill of less than 100. The one I got today was bill of 120.00?? So I called again, got supervisor again, was told it's my responsibility again. Apparently I called, place an order for the wrong address. We moved the service to the right address so I am responsible for both addresses. Also when that other address person moved I was responsible for that address also. I reworded how that came across like so if the wrong apartment number is on the original order but is corrected and you get service, you would still be responsible for anyone living in that apartment. Period.

Supervisor Cecilia said it's not Oncor or Reliant's job to cancel an order if an error is made on the original order. So I just realized I need to call Reliant and cancel 3 different meter number orders? At least until I get this corrected. The current bill is 386.00 for an empty house, but due to my deposit it brought it down. They said there is no complaint fax number or address they can give me. I want to send my bills to show all the different meter numbers. I also got the year's usage for my account number.

The house had been empty for 3 years at least. It showed an continuous bill also so it was someone's account number... Probably the person at the wrong address. What the next step? PUC? Channel 4? I had told previous reps my account, meter NUMBERS, and ID #. It was all in the notes. Last supervisor which told me I was responsible for the wrong address from December and even now was asking for all the meter numbers again. Previous rep had told me he could see them. She said she was going to hang up on me since we were going in circles. I hung up on her since she couldn't give me an address and basically told be I had to pay for my neighbor's service.

Updated on 07/30/2016: I have had service with Reliant for about 7 months. Found out almost 2 months ago that they were billing me for the wrong address and 2 other wrong meters. I called to check on since the address I had should have minimal usage. The bill should have been less $40 since I was working on things before moving in. In getting service we were on the phone over an hour they say I had said wrong address. Fine. I did get service at the CORRECT address finally. But since I didn't specifically cancel the 1st order I am responsible for that bill too??? I think it is corrected as of about month ago, but was still being charged for the wrong address, $75, $80 per month. Was a small town. Wasn't aware.

I requested adjustment of the most recent charge, no they said I didn't cancel until June. I am say I may have made a mistake in the beginning but it was corrected and I did get service at my correct address so I shouldn't be charged. They stand by original recordings. If an error is made the representative should tell you that you will be billed for all address unless you specifically TELL them.

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So, we saw the two Reliant dudes in the neighborhood for the past few days and without knowing what they were selling, dreaded having to deal with them. Today I went out to pull some weeds just as they walked up. So there I am with my big floppy hat on, looking ridiculous, while the one dude launches into his spiel. I feign interest to be polite, but at the same time act a little Aspergerish. I also decline to study his clipboard full of example TXU bills too closely, claiming partial blindness, which is somewhat true. However, I AM paying attention enough to listen to the numbers he's spewing. I claim that I really don't handle the bills (true) and that my wife is sleeping. Of course he wants to know when she'll be awake so that SHE can listen to his spiel. Long and short of it: I promised to find them in the neighborhood if she was interested in saving money. Who wouldn't?

Somewhere in this very rapid fire conversation he managed to tell me about free weekends. I said "So, if I run my welding machine all weekend that's free, right?" And he says, "Why yes. As it happens, that's one of the most expensive things you can do, and yes, it would be free." I'm still pulling weeds, sweating, and thinking how great it will feel when I'm back inside with the A/C. A/C! Wouldn't running that all summer cost more than running a few inches of weld on a Saturday afternoon? So having finally extricated myself from these two, I went inside and grabbed the folder with all of my old electric bills. Thanks, Amy! Yes, the numbers he was quoting me were very close to being correct. TXU was charging me slightly over 11 cents per kilowatt hour. He told me all I had to do was call TXU and they would reduce it to 7 cents per kilowatt hour. (This turned out not to be true.) But of course with Reliant it would be - zero! Whuh?

He must be talking about the weekend rate. Everything else was blather, and I told him so. That's right, I remember now. I said I had ADD and my brain was starting to get overloaded. Anyway, I'm back inside now looking at my bill and I realize their flat rate, $150/month plan actually costs me quite a bit more per year. I read some reviews that said other folks in the area pretty much had the same thing happen. But wait! He said if I call TXU they'd give me the 7 cent rate. So I did. Well it turns out it's really 6.9 cents per kilowatt hour - far less than what I'm paying. I spent quite a bit of time analyzing my bill and talking to the TXU bloke on the phone.

As far as I can tell, the only way their 24-month plan, at 6.9 cents, can bite me in the **, is if the rate goes below that. Does anyone think that it will? Mine was consistently at the 11 point something rate all last year. The rate is not going to go down, trust me. So, THANK YOU, Reliant dudes. Had it not been for your ill-timed visit I'd still be paying a higher rate with TXU. To echo another review on here, yes, TXU probably does count on your ignorance. Now that I'm better informed and took the time to make a ten-minute phone call, I'm at their lower rate.

I was a customer with Reliant for 4.5 years and was okay with them even though I watched my bills closely. My apartment was 500 sq foot and I lived alone and seldom used my air conditioning. I got on average billing and by the time I moved and had the service disconnected due to the apartment I moved to had all bills paid. My average billing had reached $86.00 per month.

My beef with Reliant started when I received a bill for almost $320.00. I delayed paying my final bill because I did get moved out of my old apartment and went over into the next month's billing cycle by a few days. I received what I thought was my final bill of about $150.00 of which I thought was a little high but was going to pay it. However, before I could pay it I received another bill for the aforementioned $320.00.

I called and they gave me some story that bill included deferred billing. Seriously, I feel very strongly this was an early termination fee for breaking the contract. Okay, but the problem is I was not under a contract and specifically avoid a contract. By the way I am a paraplegic and the apartment unit I moved into was not handicapped accessible and I was talked into taking it until they had one more suitable for my needs. So, I did not want to go through the hassle for breaking the contract when I relocated to another unit or complex altogether.

I spent two months in a hospital after surgery and paid on bills via online while there. As I was looking at an app showing my energy usage, I noticed that I used more energy the day before than the following day. Well, as I said I was in the hospital and nobody was in my apartment so how could I use more energy. This became a red flag for me that something going on. I honestly feel like it was their way of retaliating against me for not transferred the service. When I contacted them about my bill some asked why I did not transfer the service. I am still battling them as of today about this bill over two years later. In closing, I would NOT use them again and warning my family and friends to stay away from them as well.

Reliant sales rep was going door to door. Ever hear the expression, “Sounds too good to be true?” Everything he said ended up not to be so true. Was not unhappy with my current carrier at the time but being on social security I am always looking for ways to save money. I was told I would receive a $300 rebate which I could use towards my final bill with the previous carrier. Turns out half $150 came off second bill and the rest will come off on the 18th bill. Only thing I can figure is they save themselves a $150 if you drop them before the 18th month. Very slick. Had just paid my previous electric bill and had to come up with an additional $334.53 which include a $175 penalty.

Was told by rep, after he looked at my old bill, “You won’t have to pay any more than $125.” Then he told me the plan for me was the plan which included free electricity on weekends. Again was sounding too good to be true, but I was thinking “Wow, how can I not save some money on this plan?” I showed him some of my past bills. Was told I could expect at least $15.00 to $20.00 savings on all of my bills. My current bill from Reliant without the $150.00 deduction is higher than all my bills from my previous carrier for the last 12 months, and that’s with free electricity on weekends?

Called to complain, but they wanted to know who the rep was. Was told to call back when I found the paperwork with the reps name. Just wondering. They got all the information from their rep to start my service. Couldn’t they just look at the paperwork submitted by him and find out who he was? Well like they say, “There’s no fool like an old fool.” Guess it’s on me. Should have read the fine print, took what I was hearing at face value. Going to give it 2 more months. Pretty sure if this bill was my highest in 12 months the rest are not going to be any lower. Then I’ll have to drop them and pay another large fee but in the long run I think I will come out ahead. I guess we all live and learn.

We accidentally overpaid Reliant over $14,000.00 when making an online bank payment and contacted them within a week to ask them to return the monies to our bank account. We also contacted our bank of the error and when they contacted Reliant they were told that the money could not be returned that we would have to call to authorize the overpayment and a check would be mailed. We have made call after call to reliant and can never get past the customer service rep.

We have been told several times that a check is in the mail and to be patient that the process takes 21 days or that it will take the supervisor 24 - 48 hours to get back to us. Well it's been since Dec. 31, the first phone conversation and about 30 hours since our last talk with a CS rep and told that the supervisor will call in 24-48 and still no phone call nor a check and today is Feb 11. I believe we have waited our 21 days and still haven't had the opportunity to speak to some that doesn't have a script in front of them to answer our questions.

Granted this began as our mistake and it is terrifying to realize that you paid 1500 on a $15 bill but, the real terrifying horror is trying to get Reliant to send us a check for the overpayment!!! I'm sure my rant will fall on deaf ears but, it somehow is calming my anger. I encourage you to move on to the next electric company!!!

Holy crap, I had Reliant for 2 years, and I paid a $240 deposit when I set up the account. I had to cancel my service due to moving, and called 2 weeks later once I had my new address to get service again. They asked me for another $290 DEPOSIT. I said "What happened to my old deposit?" They tell me that since I paid late ONCE - ONCE - I FORFEITED my deposit. Because I paid late once. Are you friggin' kidding me??? When did I agree to that? Matthew McConaughey doesn't mention THAT in his Reliant commercials, does he?

I had a Reliant's commercial walked to my house talking about switch my electric company over Reliant. At the time I told him I will be pcsing overseas in less than 2 months and I don't see the point of switching. He offered me a free weekend consumption and $150 credit on my bill. I never received any contracts, documents from them at all. I called to ask for it and they told me "you are good and you should receive it" till I called to cancel the contract right before I left country. Reliant sent me a final notice bill of $126 to be pay right away. Call the customer service trying to explain first why my 26 days bill is too high cause with my old company I didn't have a free weekend consumption but was paying around $100 for 30 days. They lied to me about the price for the kwh.

And second I ask them what about my $150 credit and they told me I am not entitled to it cause I only have 1 bill cycle therefore I have to pay. Why am I paying for something I never had a contract and Customer ID number before? I first saw all the information on my final bill. And these guys never told me at the beginning that I need at least 2 billing cycles to use that fake credit they talked about to have you over to their company. Please be careful with their scams.

A commission based salesman tried to get us to sign up with Reliant but we never did. But he did get us to sign an LOA which gives them permission to get our historical cost from previous providers. We believe he digitally lifted that signature off that document and put it on a contract for new service with Reliant. We signed up with someone else but we got a bill from Reliant and they charged us a $5,000 cancellation fee. They can't produce a contract with an original signature, only a digital one. They can't produce a salesman that took a signature. They are playing hardball with us threatening lawsuit if we don't pay. We have an attorney and are contesting.

Tried to get electricity with Reliant. They said they needed two forms of ID. I sent one until I could get to my passport and scan it so that they would have a second form of ID. Well I guess I was a day late getting it to them so they terminated me before I even got started. "No service started". But now I have received a bill for $0.18 cents. When I called in to pay the .18 cents that I shouldn't have to pay they didn't even have my name in the billing. Stay Away from this company. I don't have the time to tell you the other phone calls I went through with them...

8-year customer sitting here in the dark right now because I'm 3 weeks late on my bill. Was going to pay it tomorrow when I got paid. I still am but I'm also switching because this is the second time they've done this to me. No notice at all either. No email. No "pink notice." Just surprise you're late for work because your phone didn't charge and your alarm clock had no power! They make their living off of "disconnect fees" and "reconnect fees" and don't care if you have to take a cold shower, can't see to get ready for work, can't make any food for your children and have to throw out all of the food you do have, then buy new food, pay their disconnect and reconnect fees and try to wipe your behind in the dark.

If you owe them, you'd better pay on time. Even my phone company has given me 90 days in the past when I needed extra time. I'm not even 30 days late and I'm shut off completely. 8 years means nothing to them. They didn't even ask me why I was leaving when I set up the disconnect order. They don't care. You're just a number at Reliant.

Tonight I will spend several hours trying to change my rate plan. Something I have done twice before in the last few months. They will TELL me it's done (costing me a $150 termination fee), but then I wait and wait, and it's not done.

Never use this company! I was with Direct Energy before and Reliant came to my door last month promising they can cut my deal down and they made it all sound good so I changed and haven't even got my first bill and find out I'm going to be paying almost double so I call them and to change the plan because I wasn't even getting free weekends like they promised plus a higher rate they tell me they can change it to a better plan but since it's a different plan I still have to pay the $295 early termination free even though I'm not disconnecting my service just changing it! They are crooks and liars! Never believe anything Reliant ever tells you! They will tell you what you want to hear and do the opposite and then try to make you feel stupid for it! Worse company I have dealt with ever in my life next to CenturyLink!

When I signed up with Reliant there was one stipulation and that was my bill had to be due after the 20th of the month and not a day before or I would not sign up and go to another company. Well they did not oblige what they sold me on nor comply with my billing date which was most and foremost important. Not one month went by without my bill being due every day of the month prior to the 20th therefore I had late fees, disconnect fees, late notice payments, and my bills just kept getting higher and higher. Well I complained 18 times and they finally ended up crediting me for every month eventually the 13 month. My 12 month history reflects that I was late every month displaying a horrible payment history.

I could never get anyone to do what they said they were going to do. They even listened to the original message and knew that I was right but still failed to do anything about it. Being on a very low Social Security income it was very important that my due date, my bill, it was very important that my due date was due after the 20th. It was most important along with the rate she quoted me that was supposed to be fixed at 7.9 and ended up being 9.4. I will never go with Reliant again. They lie, they manipulate, they don't know what they're doing, they don't accommodate the customer. They are the worst company ever and I will never recommend anyone to them nor will I ever do business with them again. My advice is to stay away from Reliant Energy no matter what you do.

Reliant energy has different amounts on your account when you call in for a issue on your bill than what amount shows on your bill. Usually it's just 1.30 or 1.75 but they cannot explain why their addition and mine does not add up. Also I was to receive 50.00 for refer a friend credit and my brother was to receive 100.00 in July 2015. We called and called and kept hearing wait another billing cycle or two billing cycles. My brother spoke with a supervisor in September and threatened to change companies and he received his then off his bill.

I just received my bill October 8, 2015 and it was on there but then they added a 25.00 early disconnect charge to my bill. I have NOT had my service disconnected. I called about that and got a lame answer that it was applied after my last bill was late. When according to their billing says a disconnect notice penalty is 10.00. Do Not Use This Electric Service!!! They cram and add things to your bill. I am going to lodge a complaint and investigation with Energy Commission that regulates for cramming. This is the first time I have ever written a bad review. Don't get locked in with a Bad Company like this.

I called Reliant about their prices and plans. I gave them the data on my prior month's bill from another company. They said using the same usage with Reliant would be cheaper by $30 or more plus free weekends. That was a LIE! Not only was it more expensive it got even more expensive for the next 2 months. Only been with them 3 months and I'm paying the cancellation fee. It will save me money in the end. Not happy about it but I'm not into paying ripoff artist either!

A Reliant Energy representative came to my house and offered what seems to be an amazing plan: free electricity on weekends. He argued that around 32% of the electricity is used during weekends, so that would save me a lot of money. However, he LIED (or he was poorly-trained) when he estimated how much my bill would cost. Without making this a math lecture, I will simplify the explanation. He used that "32% discount" twice: arguing that I'd pay for only 68% of the electricity and that they'd use 68% of the rate. Once I realized the lie, I had already agreed to switch.

I called SEVEN times to cancel the switch. On each call, I had to talk to at least 3 representative. Finally, they said the cancellation was done, and I did not have to do anything else. The day after, I received an email from my current provider saying that the service was switched. I had to call again, and talk to 3 more people. They said that the "cancellation was cancelled" but they did not know the reason. On this last call, I recorded the audio.

I will probably sue them and make a formal complaint at the Better Business Bureau. I will also use the representative's handwriting when he gave me false information. I still do not know whether I will continue with my current provider or if I will have to pay "termination fees", or if I will have to make a new contract. The only thing I know is that I will never consider Reliant ever again.

I am travelling a lot for my job, back and forward from Europe. Today I had the power cut and I thought it was a technical problem, but everything was ok. Then I discovered that RELIANT cut the power for a bill that was paid partially by the bank as the current account was temporarily out of money for a couple of days. The paper letter was sent on Sept 1st, and I did not read it cause I was away. Meanwhile, Reliant sent me an email on Sept 9th reminding a bill with due date Sept 25th. I paid few minutes ago by phone and credit card to restore service as quickly as possible as everything in the refrigerator is going spoiled including sparkling wine worth 500$.

But the question I made to the customer service is: WHY Reliant sends emails to remind future payments and does not send emails - but only standard paper mails - to inform about POWER CUTS happening shortly if payments are not made? The Reliant person I was talking to did not reply and did not know what to answer, so I pointed out that in civilized Europe this could never happen as there are more civilized standard protecting customer rights from this kind of absurd behavior from utilities.

I guess that not even in Africa utilities are cutting power after a couple of weeks from informing the customer with a standard mail that takes I don't know how much to reach the customer and get read. The guy even tried to ask me if I wanted to renew the contract. I told him that I will change company with any other rather than renew the contract.

Salesman came by my house. Talked me into swapping from Entrust Energy to Reliant. Convinced me that free weekends would drop my usage and bill. First bill, the half of the $300 sign up bonus was applied. The remaining $150 would be applied after my first year. Second bill - Woah! - jumped from average of $200 with Entrust on regular 7 days a week plan to a whopping $354 with Reliant. I researched data on and I was charged with 500 less kwh on same month last year and that was on 7 days a week charge. With Reliant on free weekend plan my bill was 56% higher. That does not jibe. I don't trust these guys and am ready to swap even if I have to pay a high early termination fee - which I will pay - $5 a month until it is paid off.

All they want is your money!!! I used Reliant as an energy supplier for less than 5 months and I got billed for more than $1500 on a 2 bedroom apartment. NEVER NEVER NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!! THEY ARE RIP OFF!!!

Very dissatisfied with Reliant. The bill was said to be on a 12-month plan in which we would receive the same bill for 12 months. What they fail to tell you is that the bill will be tacked on with hundreds of dollars if you are even the slightest bit late. This makes you "ineligible" for the plan... so now you are faced with this massive bill to pay and no matter how you try and rectify the situation, you are stuck paying an extremely high bill. Will never use them again. Word of advice - ALWAYS, ALWAYS read the reviews before going with any company. You'll save yourself a lot of heartache.

I've been using Reliant since 2012 in 2 different apartment complexes. My first apartment was a 1 bedroom with loft that was around 850 sqft. It had high vaulted ceilings and was on the second floor. Even during the hot summers my bill never went over $180. A/C was running constantly and the apartment never went below 85 degrees. Now I am in a 499 sqft apartment in the summer on the FIRST floor with a tree providing shade for my porch windows (they never see the sunlight) and I just paid a $277 bill. The temperature in this room is always about 75 and the A/C is not running all day. This should tell you how crappy this company is. I did a month to month plan and they froze the price a year ago when electricity was expensive. My parents have a 5 bedroom house with TVs and it's always cool and they never pay over 180. I live in a 1 bedroom 499 sqft apartment on the first floor and all of my money goes to Reliant. Get something else.

I was looking to pare down my monthly expenses so I was in the market for a new electric provider. I was with TXU paying .15 per kwh. A nice young man from Jamaica comes to my door selling Reliant at .8 per kWh. He said he was offering a $200 incentive to new customers. The way he explained it, I would not have to pay a Reliant bill for two months -- because of the incentive. Since I knew I'd still owe TXU the last payment, that was agreeable. NOW come to find out, the incentive doesn't apply until the second month bill with Reliant so now I owe TXU AND Reliant this month.

If this had been properly explained to me, I would not have switched from TXU because I know I cannot afford to pay two electric bills in one month. I called and talked to two people, one of who was a "supervisor" and he could do nothing to help me. When I told him I was so mad about this, I'd rather my credit be ruined over not paying the cancellation fee with Reliant than not paying my bill with TXU, he started sputtering about "That is not in the agreement you signed. You will be responsible to pay the cancellation fee." Lol. They aren't standing behind what their representative told me in my house. I don't feel obligated to pay their cancellation fee when I cancel. I have learned my lesson. I will put up a no trespassing sign today and keep the idiots off my porch.

So I had TXU and got suckered in to a door to door sales guys... (Which I found out was totally illegal.....) My bill was actually 2 cents higher. Then my buddy got me a great plan with out all the gimmicks with Stream Energy! I suggest you call him ASAP! ** No false claims, no gimmicks.

I signed up for the Reliant flex plan as I am very leery of committing to year long contracts. It seemed simple: sign up, pay each month, be done when you are done. No contracts, nothing. Come to find out, they put me on some ridiculous average billing ** plan that I DID NOT sign up for. I do not like debt so, had I known that is what this was about, I would not have signed up for it. I just want to pay everything when it is due, and be done with it. After my year, rates went up, as they will with flex plans and I understand this.

I found a company offering a really good rate for a year and signed up with them. When my Reliant plan was cancelled, they threw all the back charges at me. I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS EVEN HAPPENING nor did I knowingly sign up for this. Now, after a negative review on facebook, I was contacted by customer support via email, however, I am never able to get a hold of this person, nor will she call me back. I am more than displeased with this company and will never recommend to a friend. Now I owe $120 extra on my account from the hidden back fees I was not aware of. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME and definitely read the fine print after you receive your first bill because you may have been signed up for some crap you did not do yourself.

I get so upset when my bill double from one to the next. The only electronics I own is a tv, dvd, and a cell phone. I hardly cook! So why is it charging double? I feel like I'm paying for two apt complex! They are not helpful. They just tell you the usage you're using. Oh but if you want them to come through and check the meters, it will cost me! $50 bucks!!! That's ridiculous! So not helpful. I been with them for yrs! Anyone else had trouble with them? Any suggestions? Is TXU loyal???

Reliant Energy charges a 25.00 disconnect fee even if you don't get your electricity disconnected. They charge you a disconnect fee plus a 10.00 charge for sending you a disconnect letter. These fees are excessive plus they add late fees on top of that. THEY make sure to make the date it must be paid by to land on a Thursday so it is the day before payday so you can't pay the bill and they will be able to charge you these excessive fees. Customer service reps do not speak Good English and are all from somewhere else and have accents. Very unhelpful and rude when you call and you get a different answer from each one. No one knows what's going on and can't explain.

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Reliant is a child company of the larger Fortune 500 company NRG. They provide businesses of all sizes as well as residential customers with electricity throughout the state of Texas.

  • Rewards: Reliant offers rewards for customers who use their company, including airline miles, bill credits and more.
  • Extra services: Reliant offers clients a move center to help them set up their utilities in a new place when relocating.
  • Discount plans: Reliant offers discount plans for people who want better deals on their electricity bill, including promotions such as free nights and weekends.
  • Customer service: Reliant employs many employees, and their customer service can be inconsistent depending on who you talk to.
  • Cost: Reliant may charge more for electricity delivery than other companies in the state.
  • Best for Residential customers, small businesses, midsize and big businesses

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