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    Last updated: Dec. 15, 2017

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    Original review: Dec. 15, 2017

    I signed a 1 year contract for service which went ok and ended Oct 2017 but my electric rates after going month to month were very high so I found another elec provider that better fit my needs. So I get an email and open it up and to my surprise I find all these extra "fees" tacked on instead of 168 which was very high for Dec and should have been under 100 dollars I get a bill close to 270 dollars! I did not break any contract I was told by a CR it was processing fees!!! Never ever use this company for your elec.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 3, 2017

    Spent 2hours 15minutes going through 5 with customer service representatives (who in addition to being quite arrogant, also speak in a non-clear English) trying to figure out how I can get daily usage for the month. 3 of representatives admitted having the same problem of not being able to see the data, 4th one first said that he couldn't see it either, then later when he could he said something on the lines of "it is your problem that you can't see it". When I asked him to send it to me via e-mail or regular mail he said that he can't do it.

    Spent another hour with his supervisor (very polite person) who was quite unprofessional in terms of taking an hour of my time to check their system problems instead of admitting the existence of the problem and finding a solution on their own time. After all the time spent I still don't have the information and only hoping that the "special ticket" he submitted will be resolved in the next 2 business days. P.S. Have the whole call recorded for anyone deciding to use their "services" or for TXU team of HR/Customer Service to provide some better training of how NOT TO DO things!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

    I try not to make a big deal over a few dollars for an electricity bill. But those few dollars kept increasing each month until my bill was almost $200 a month. I have free nights and weekends and I am at work all day so I figured that would be the perfect plan for me. There is no change in my routine no matter the time of year (Summer etc). My bill started very reasonable, the plan I choose was working. Then recently I called the REP and he told me "Well you know the AC has to work harder during the summer months." I respond "NO SIR. When I leave the AC is cut off and it is not turned back on until I get home which is when the free night and weekends starts." He goes on and on about why my price increased which not panned out to be true. Long story short they are charging people for energy they do not even use. They are scamming the consumer. I would not advise anyone to use TXU Energy!!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

    I got charged $50 for TDU charges. I called to complain about it and I spoke to a rep who said I could call the TDU #. Well the rep gave me the same # I called the 1st time. So I told him to transfer me to a Supervisor and I told her about my situation and I also told her I need to pay my bill a day late and she said there's a $7 late fee. That made me more furious. This company is money hungry and scamming people. I don't want to deal with them anymore and I advise anyone to do the same. They need to be investigated and need to be shut down.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

    A Salesman came by basically talk to me into transferring to TXU from Reliant with a lower rate. With this I would get an air conditioning checkup. Also I would get a Visa card for $250 that I would receive the salesman told me within usually 4 to 6 weeks. I received the bill almost right away. For 13 days that was over $100 the $250 Visa was to pay Reliant because I had broken a contract. I had not paid my first bill yet. I called them, ask them where the Visa was because I owed Reliant money. They said I had first pay my bill. I paid the bill. Today I received my next bill. It's over 200 something dollars with a late fee. I had never had this high of a bill with Reliant. The salesman lied to me. When I called customer support all the people were like kids. They were all dumbfounded. Didn't have answers.

    I was so mad. I told the company that you all have lied to me and conned me and now I owe Reliant and I'm about to owe them because I'm not staying with this rip off company. I don't care if I die in debt now. It's sad because I just finished a bankruptcy and I get disability. This company is a con. I'm telling you don't use them. I think they hire children to answer their customer service lines. They were all idiots. No one knew anything. It's all about money, money, money with TXU. Salesman did not have my best interest in mind at all. He was out to sucker and con people to put themselves in debt so he can make a buck.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 12, 2017

    TXU blatant disrespect for the death of a loyal customer. It's horrible when a company makes a $96.00 balance a priority over the grieving of their customer's family members. This TXU customer passed away and her family is trying to deal with cleaning out her small apartment while paying for funeral and other final expenses. TXU refused to give the family of this deceased customer a few extra days to make the payment and will disconnect the electricity unless the balance is paid in full or the electric service is transferred into another person's name. This company has no heart.

    Original review: May 12, 2017

    I have been with TXU for more than 5 years. My bills with them have always been much higher than any other power utility I have used in the past. Recently, I switch electric companies and noticed that my bills are now 300 to 400 percent less than when I was a TXU customer. TXU sent me a final bill that was over $200.00 (Not reasonable) so I am convince that they are manipulating the usage. They even sent me to the Credit Bureau for disputing the bill and agreeing to review the case. They are absolutely the worst company out there. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 30, 2017

    I have had two bad experiences with TXU. The first was when they billed twice for the same amount in the same month. I contacted them to resolve the billing issue. I was told they were aware of the problem and that it would be resolved in the next couple of days. After a week it was still not resolved. I called again and was told this time that I had to register a complaint. I'm guessing if you don't complain they'd just keep the money they stole. Second time I have auto pay turned on. They billed 3 days before the amount was due which was 5 days before I get paid. Thinking this would clear on payday (date the bill was due) I let it ride 'til the due date. I get a letter saying they have shut off auto pay and fined me $25 to boot. As soon as this contract is up I'm switching and anyone who asks will get the sorry. Never again.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 29, 2017

    NEVER GOT MY CREDIT! As a part of changing to TXU electric, they agreed to pay the early termination fee from my other company, if I paid in advance. I switched in Jan. Paid in Feb. Spoke w/ someone about the credit FOUR TIMES, and still the only thing I've been told is that they will work on it and get back to me. Wish I never left my company...

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 12, 2017

    My bill is apparently due on the day it generates. That day would be the 28th of the month. This month, I received the bill/cut off notice for the bill that came out on March 28, 2017, yesterday. Today, April 11, 2017, my electricity is off. I called and they told me it was more than 10 days late and gave me that balance and the balance of this month's bill, that won't even be mailed out until after April 28th! The guy who barely spoke English, read off a script and said he was transferring me to someone else. I swear it was the same guy, with the same script that answered. He and the woman sitting next to him seemed to think that was funny. When I told him that I came home to find all the groceries for the month ruined, he smirked. I could pay this right now; but, I refuse to pay the reconnection fee. I'm looking for another provider and calling my lawyer in the morning.

    Original review: Jan. 25, 2017

    (To make this simple; TXU raises their price drastically to cancel out your free nights. TXU benefits from you signing a 2 year contract where you pay a penalty if you cancel it, and you get nothing unless you drastically cut down on your electricity usage during the day.) Unless you plan to use almost no electricity during the day and only use electricity during the free night hours then this offer will (scam) you. If you plan to continue to use electricity during the day the same as you do now you will end up paying the same or more. I explain below.

    On Dec.16, 2016 I signed up for TXU 24 month free nights offer, which has a monthly base charge (fee) of $9.95. On the website it says that TDU delivery charges are included in the per (kWh) quote, it is a lie, you pay separate fee for TDU charges. Before, I was on the .10 cent per (kWh) no contract plan. My last bill I used 749 (kWh). I was charged $76.04 plus $43.30 TDU, (total $119.34) which is actually paying 16.3 cents per (kWh) excluding taxes and one time miscellaneous fees (which included in total bill was $144.32). TXU bill actually states "the average price you paid for electricity this month was 16.3 cents per kWh excluding tax and non recurring charges" on the bill in small print. So really I was charged 16.3 cents or more for electricity.

    I received my bill today Jan 25, 2017 for my first month of "free" electricity, I chose 8pm-5am. The bill is ($124.34) I used 852 kWh, (100 kWh) more than last month, I used heater more (mostly at night) and Christmas and New Years (up at night). I used as much electricity during my "free" time as I did at all other hours.

    Using the "free" logic anyone would think my bill would be almost half as last month. But it was only $20 less, and that is mostly because I used heat and airconditioner mostly during "free" time, kept lights out during the day and washed and dried clothes ONLY during "free" time. I changed my habits to take advantage of "free" electricity, if I hadn't my bill would have gone up! And this is even after they kindly discounted the TDU charge during "free" hours. BUT, they actually didn't, further down the bill they charged more TDU during the morning and afternoon than they did for the entire last month, $41.04 TDU last month.

    You may pay more than you do now if you don't cut back on your day usage. My bill says I paid 12.2 cents per kWh this month. That still only saved me $20 dollars from last month bill and the extra 100kWh I used I guess I should consider I got those free. Without the free night discount TXU actually charged me almost .25 cents per kWh if you include all the fees. What they are in effect doing is offering you a 30% percent discount but raising they're price 30 percent. To reiterate, I used half my electricity during the "free" hours and my bill is only $20 dollars less and that is because I cut back on my day usage, but now I am under contract for 2 years with no benefit to me.

    I have been a TXU customer for 10 years, before that I was a CPL customer for my whole adult electricity paying life. I have only been with these 2 companies. If you pay your bill on time with TXU and do not need customer service then TXU seems perfect. My one previous problem with TXU was when they stopped including TDU, ( these are the charges that companies, such as AEP Texas Central Company, that maintain the power lines and install the meters get paid.) charges in the price customers paid per (kWh).

    Before, TXU electricity per Kilowatt hour charge included the TDU delivery charge in the per (kWh) you agreed to pay. A few years ago Texas, maybe because of Texas' pro business government passing a law, allowed TXU and I assume all other Texas electricity providers to separate the TDU charge and make customers pay those companies separately but charge it in your bills. What this did was add a new "delivery charge" that TXU and the other companies no longer had to pay. BUT, they did not reduce the per (kWh) they were charging customers. So everyone's electricity bill went up.

    From other comments in complaints I am assuming that some other electricity providers include the TDU delivery charges in the per (kWh) that they charge their customers and not make it a separate FEE as TXU does. As I have only been a customer of CPL and TXU ( I am 45 years old ), I can not recommend any other company nor can I recommend TXU, you have to be pretty savvy to come out ahead with TXU otherwise you will feel cheated and robbed.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 19, 2017

    On my last Bill the amount due $30 more previous bills and I now work 72 hrs a week away from home. I phoned TXU, they Don't Care!!! They don't believe you and they give you the most naive reasons you can think of for their powerless reasoning. Run!!! They are unprofessional, ignorant and not trained properly.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 7, 2017

    If you have any other choice of utility company, use it. Stay far away from TXU Energy. Their customer service representatives are inept and unhelpful and any attempts to resolve valid issues civilly are met with lack of concern or understanding. They are very slow to help aid with problems created on their part but are very quick to report you to the credit agencies - beware!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 1, 2017

    Last 4.5 years we were with other utility company and my bill never went more than $120 (only in summer June, July, Aug). We are in a 2-bed apartment. But recently (4 months) we came to know TXU is giving nightly free charge. So we thought it will definitely come down. But it's not true. They have so many hidden charges. For Nov. 2016 we got bill as $124. Then in Dec. we got bill as $195. Which is not acceptable. Only one man and kid are in this apartment. I called them but they don't care for customer concern. They are real fraud. My suggestion is keep away and never come for nightly free charge trap.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 15, 2016

    I received my December bill and noticed they had charged me $25.00 for a returned check fee. I called TXU & spoke with customer service explaining I am on autopay, it only withdrew one time on the 27th, and my account was never overdrawn. She said she would waive the penalty fee. I said "thank you but it is still a hit on my account when my checking account never overdrew. Your system is incorrect, my bank statement shows my bank balance never went low enough to overdraw even if I had paid the bill twice."

    She said to send in my bank statement and let them review it. My bank statement? With today's fraud and identity theft, you are telling me to send you my entire bank statement because your system made an error?? No, I will not send in my statement defending my balance when you never tried to withdraw it previously, it never bounced anything, and I am not giving my banking info to everyone at TXU to review. Extremely dissatisfied.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 13, 2016

    I am writing to say, STAY AWAY from these guys. I am currently looking for an agent for TXU which they hide under many corp. names to keep from being sued. Does anyone have a agent name to send in the small claims form too? I will show you how to beat them and get them off your credit report for their "Policy" that says they will not remove anything, no matter if you pay it in full. So in other words they want to hurt your credit scores. What a public service.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 27, 2016

    I have been a customer since I was 18 years old when they were Texas Power and Lights. I signed up for the free nights plan and after being on the plan for a year I noticed that the Average Billing Plan also showed up on my bill. So now I'm on two plans on this one account. I look over my free nights contract to make sure I didn't overlook something. There isn't anything there indicating that you have to be averaged out your second year in the plan.

    I called TXU and those telephone amateurs could only tell me that I asked for the plan (never). Been there done that 2002 big scam. Never ever ever! But not one of them can find the recording (didn't happen). Ask for higher authority, they are all the same. So as of right now I'm paying for the usage of last year that was supposed to be free. My bill went from a average of $119.00 to $244.00 and the way it looks it will be even higher by July of 2017. I feel that they are doing some more people like this and we need to file a civil suit against the company for Breach of Contract.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 20, 2016

    First off, the whole privatization of the energy utility industry trips me out. My apt complex suggested TXU, so I went with them without fully researching the deal. I had to pay a $190 deposit to get service turned on. I was given the option to pay half upfront and it was communicated to me that the other half would be included on my first bill. I come home one night and the power was off. They had disconnected my power because the other half was to be paid after 21 days. I totally missed that part and apparently over the lengthy terms and conditions that you zone out of halfway through, it was mentioned.

    I could go on and on about it, but the thing that pissed me off the most, I specifically asked for email communication as I am on the road 75% of the week. I stressed this to customer service and they basically told me to deal with it and that it is not their fault I don't check my mail. I found another company that has given me service with NO deposit. I will gladly pay the 150 fee to be rid of TXU.

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    Original review: Oct. 18, 2016

    I signed up with txu energy 2 months ago. It was the worst mistake I ever did in my life. I want to do 6 months contract, not 12 months. He told me I can cancel anytime with no fee. After 2 bills both of them over $120 when he told me I will be paying less than $100 a month. He promised me for $200 gift card that he never sent, and when I called they said its a $100 gift card and I will get it in 4-6 weeks. I called yesterday to cancel my account. They told me I am on 12 months contract and if I wanna cancel it will be $150. They were very rude. I wish I saw all those reviews before I signed with them. I AM GOING TO TELL EVERY CUSTOMER I TALK TO IN MY JOB ABOUT MY BAD EXPERIENCE WITH TXU ENERGY. They record the things they want, not everything you say.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 14, 2016

    I will start this off as I never write reviews good or bad but my experience with this company has been so horrible, I need to warn others to stay FAR away! I have lived all across the US and have a lot of different power companies along the way. I have never come across a company such as TXU. First, their rates are higher than anybody. Probably by about 50% or more. Second, if you are a day late, they will just turn off your power. The second time I was late they put a deductible on my account of about 400$, which they wanted as a one-time payment. I had to talk to a manager to get it in installment plans. Also, they will make you sign up for a year like a cell phone plan and make you pay a lot of money to break the contract. They do this because they know if they let you pay month to month, nobody would use them for any length of time. Stay far away from these guys.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 14, 2016

    I was with TXU for several months... Only to see a big raise in my bill... I was barely even using any electric. But then I switched to Ambit Energy!!! I got a rate of.085 per kwh!!! It is awesome! And not to mention the free month and the free electricity I receive for any referral!!! If anyone wants more info on how to sign up for free text me I can help.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 9, 2016

    I recently moved in a one bedroom apartment in Austin Texas. I had my power turned on 10/7/2016. I received an email from TXU that my charges started at approximately 5:37 am that morning. I moved in at approximately 9:45 am. Since I was new to the dynamics of choosing a power company I decided to test the integrity of the system. I moved here with the same appliances that I've had at my last 2 previous apartments (which is in 2 different states). My kwh usage was mostly the same because I used the same habits in both places. They may have been a little different depending on the age of the apartment.

    On the day of my move in I turned nothing on all day using sunlight for light. It was not until 10:00 pm at night before I used the A/C. (Note) I'm checking for the integrity of the system. From 10:00 pm to 12:00 am I was mainly my power use. I was told that I had used 74 kwh of power and I know this to be incorrect. This is a complete scam and there are laws that use to be enforced to protect people from being vulnerable to this type of predatory behavior from businesses. This is the exact type of predatory business practices that caused our economy to collapse. There needs to be legislations written to force this company and any like it from conducting these practices on the civilian population.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 4, 2016

    I have never had a problem with TXU before, they were always a fantastic company to deal with. Two months ago, I had a business trip to go on. I wanted to take some extra money so I called to see if I could set up a payment arrangement. I used the virtual assistant, who offered to let me pay half and split the other half over a 5 month period. Now, I'm not receiving bills, I'm receiving shut off notices! My last bill was at least $75 higher than I was expecting and I haven't even been home most of the month! I can't talk to anyone and I can't login because my email address has changed. I love this company and don't want to leave it but I don't want to talk to their silly computer and I want to know why my bill is so high. Shut off notices don't tell you that, they just appear threatening.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 1, 2016

    We have a three-bedroom home and opted for the free energy at night (8 pm-7 am) during which time we run the AC. During the day when we have to pay for electricity (according to our plan), we keep the thermostat higher, close off vents to rooms not used and keep the lights off with the curtains open for lighting. There is NO WAY our electric bill should be running in the $200 range! Never in my life have I ever had such high electric bills. When I lived in Louisiana, I had a house of similar square feet and my electric bill ran $18-24 a month with $50 as a high! Also, they tack on ~$50 per month "Delivery Charges" and then ~$20 "Miscellaneous Charges" without even saying what it is. What is TXU up to?

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2016

    I live in a 3 bedroom, single flat house, 1500 sq feet. My bill has been 319. Actual read for last 2 months. On-Core comes and says my meter is not reading. Put on a new meter. Bill is 797.00. They say actual bill. Now something is wrong here and I ask them to investigate. They said the bill was real. I don't see how when I nothing changed from the previous months. I am pissed off. Will be changing companies or something.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 27, 2016

    I live alone in a 1 storey 3BR/2BA home. In two of the bedrooms I close the vents and close the door. I am gone from 7 am - 8 pm and turn my thermostat to 78 in the hottest months. The lowest I set my AC is 72. Yet my bill is over $350/month. I've tried numerous times to inquire about this. I just keep getting excuses. They say they are giving me the best rate but its not. I feel completely ripped off by this company!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 22, 2016

    The bills I received with Center Point charge never were the same, the last one charge me $87.00. REALLY??? Now I changed to another company and they promised to sent the credit balance after my bill due date. That was July 15. I called today about the check and told me they will process the check in Aug 1. They are using my money for more than 3 weeks. They are sending letter that they want you back. NO THANKS.

    Original review: June 17, 2016

    I logged into my account to see that its current balance was $900!! I began looking at the account summary and found a $400 deposit charge. I called a representative who informed me that the $400 charge was due to a late payment. Ohh I was also charged in addition to the $400 dollars a $9 late fee for notice and a $15 late fee. That's a total of $424 for being a week late on a single payment. I will no longer be utilizing the services provided by TXU. In addition I will NEVER refer anyone to them.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 15, 2016

    When I signed up for TXU last year 2015, they had a promotion whereby they would give its customers $250, in two payments of $125 each. I never received even one of them. They sent me a letter with a promo code and a customer code. The letter also asked me to visit I did that, but when I input my promo code and customer code, what I read was this: "We're sorry! We are unable to locate the promo you are submitting for." I checked the numbers several times...they were they sent me. So I would not trust this TXU promotion scam. I did this review to document this particular event, and maybe I could help some customers.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 5, 2016

    I have only been with TXU for about 3 months and I never knew when my bill was due. Well, I get a letter in the mail informing me they are adding $250 to my bill for late payments. This should be against the law!! I have a zero balance on my bill. TXU is a rip-off and I will never refer them to friends or family. NEVER!!

    TXU Energy expert review by ConsumerAffairs

    Texas Energy is one of the most popular energy companies in the state. They offer more power to Texans than any other provider within the state.

    • Business and residential: TXU services both business and residential customers and also provides helpful services and business incentives.

    • Eco-friendly: TXU has many eco-friendly plans available that allow consumers to sign up for electricity while reducing environmental harm.

    • Versatile services: They have the ability to work with companies both large and small and provide services to a versatile profile of businesses.

    • Customer service: There is often a lot of red tape at TXU to get through before a consumer is able to actually speak to a customer service representative.

    • Service: Because the company serves so many customers, it can take a long time for customers to have their needs serviced.

    • Best for: Residential customers, small businesses, midsize and big businesses

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