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Verified purchase
Customer ServicePricePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Dec. 7, 2023

**** Update number 2: same crap different day. I was right to be skeptical. Woke up today to another cancelled item, no explanation. Refund to my bank card but no refund for my gift card. So it's going to be another week wait at least. I'm so over it. I've been stressing over this stupid phone for over a week. Now I get to go to work with no phone and a new born at home since Walmart had this "great online sale" that I won't even get to use since they won't honor the original sale nor do I want to. Whenever I get this refund back I will be selling it and taking the $60 hit because I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH I do not want to deal with this headache and sad excuse of a reputable company again. Hopefully some people take this review to heart and I save them the time and hassle. NEVER AGAIN! Walmart should be ashamed of themselves.

**Update: I got my refund 8 days and 2 escalations later. I feel like if I hadn't bugged and bugged, emailed corporate it wouldn't have got done for a long time. I will change my rating when and if I receive my phone, I'm still skeptical after this whole experience.**

If I could write down -1000000 best believe I would and looking at these comments everybody is experiencing similar problems. Customer service is a joke. They place me on hold and just kept me there. They've owed me almost $400 for the past week. It's all games when you call, just the run around. They don't give any proper information out. They don't tell you if you use a walmart gift card on the walmart website, to use at least 1 cent of another payment method or it will cancel.

I order a phone and the next day I wake up to a refund in the form of another gift card, no explanation. I reorder the phone with the gift card they sent me back because I wasn't trying to miss the sale. This one just gets cancelled. Nothing about a refund. I call and they say they are giving me my refund. They don't send anything about the gift card yet. They actually send me an email telling me to use the same payment method and everything which would of screwed me over again if they had actually refunded me. They don't say anything about the gift card until the third time I call, then they tell me that I can't use just a gift card online. They say that's the reason why I can't get my refund right away because of their error, with their gift card, on their website.

There's a second sale on and the phone I should already have is $40 more. The way things are going now they are just going to hold it off until the sale is done and I'll be stuck with a useless gift card to a useless company. I really regret not getting a cheaper phone from Amazon or even paying 100 more for the same phone. At least I would have it and customer service gets stuff done if need be which I've never really needed. Walmart is supposed to be a reputable company but they are jokes. I ask for corp's number and they give me the wrong one. AMAZON IS THE WAY TO GO!!!!

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Dec. 6, 2023

On 12/5/23 I ordered approximately $500 in groceries for delivery. I received notification as normal except when I received a text stating my items were delivered though the photo clearly shows them in the back of the drivers vehicle. They were never delivered. I contacted Walmart, they said it would be 10 days to refund, but to order express and they would send me a $10 promo code and I waive the delivery charge. I did so. The groceries were picked out, and were in process. I saw they were "checking out" and then all of a sudden get a text they are delayed. Today (12/6/23) I called Walmart at 0700 to figure this out. Between going back and forth from the store, Walmart.com, the delivery company (whom I pressed charges on both drivers for failure to deliver and stealing my groceries) and a different department I was basically told there is nothing they can do for me to get groceries for my family today.

I would have to wait 10 days for the refund, they try to expedite, but again no guarantees on when I will receive my refunds. I have 4 children, live paycheck to paycheck and have just dropped $1000 on food. I had received NO FOOD and have no more money. I pleaded for 6 hours while my phone call kept rolling over every 45 minutes to a new person (as if it is on a timer and automatically rolls over.) I basically have no options other than to starve my family until I get a refund. This is not OK in any way shape or form.

I did what I was supposed and what Walmart directed me to do to rectify it. Yet I had to nickel and dime my friends and family to afford food for my table, I am out now $1500 and am unable to pick up my groceries until after their bedtimes tonight. This is the worst service I have ever heard of. I should receive free groceries and express delivery for all this. Absolutely ridiculous you care this little about your customers and their families that you would let them starve rather than find an appropriate resolution.

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    Reviewed Dec. 5, 2023

    I purchased Dickies pants and spend $35.00 for one pair of pants and found out that the company made cuts in the product. They cut the size of the pockets to about half size to save money and di not cut the price on the product. I got so tired of things falling out of my pockets that I took a $35.00 loss and threw the pants in the trash and then I purchased the tshirt. Spent another $33.00. After only two times wearing the shirt the button came off. I purchased sewing material and sewed the button back on but for $33.00 I should not of had to do that.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 2, 2023

    Ordered tires online for installation at the Islandia NY automotive location. For 2 days I tried calling auto department and they would not pick up. The operator said she would page them overhead and transfer me. They still wouldn’t pick up the phone. After 10 minutes of getting kicked back to the operator she then got belligerent with me and hung up. I decided to cancel my $500 order. I called customer relations and Spoke with Danish **. He was absolutely ZERO HELP, in rectifying the situation. He kept firing off generic emails stating how “Walmart values your business” and wanting to “Rectify your situation”. I provided multiple solutions, basically doing his job, to which he responded no. Mind you these solutions didn’t require the company to lose any money, nothing asked was for free. They lost a customer and I will be copying and pasting this on numerous review boards. Shop at Target instead. At least they answer their phones.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Dec. 1, 2023

    I ordered tires on 11/11/23 and shortly later found a better brand on sale. I called customer service and cancelled order but whoever I talked to wasn't smart enough to document call or cancel order. I called again next day and again asked for order to be cancelled but it was shipped anyway. When it arrived I refused it and they were returned on 11/20/23. I have called their so-called customer service several times since but still no refund. I called again 12/01/23 today and got the same bull that it would be taken care of but person wanted me to stay on hold 15 minutes minimum to talk to someone else. I beginning to wonder why anyone would want to shop with them if this is how their so-called customer service solves issues.

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    Verified purchase
    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 30, 2023

    About 11 days ago I had ordered something off of Walmart online. I waited a week after for them to send the item that I had placed an order for. They told me that they were waiting for my payment to be cleared. Strangely it was taken from my PayPal account. So I canceled my order. I then ordered the same item off of eBay they had sent the item the next day. As for Walmart I waited for them to refund my money. 5 days later. I contacted them. They said that it will take 10 days. Well, it's been 11 days now. And they never refunded my money. So I'm just posting this Here and Now for other people to learn from my mistake. Do not order anything from Walmart online. Chances are they are not going to refund your money. Especially if you order through PayPal.

    I already file a complaint with the federal government concerning this. I will never see that money ever again. But at least they have my complaint filed with them if this ever happens to another poor soul. To those who work in Walmart. I apologize to you. But as far as I'm concerned your company is crooked. And I heard that it might be facing bankruptcy soon. Sorry but it deserves it. Again I apologize for this complaint. I just wanted to get it off my chest. But for now on any online shopping I do I will probably do it on Amazon and eBay. Which are pretty much helpful to its customers. Walmart sucks. Btw feel free to share it if you like.

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    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 29, 2023

    The entire staff is wonderful. Each one always has a smile. Their phone etiquette is excellent. Very little wait time when picking up prescriptions. They address you by name and even wave when they see you in the store. This staff combination is great. Congratulations to all the staff.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 26, 2023

    Walmart provides customers with a not so dedicated customer -delivery model. I think during the holidays such as now, the store deliberately gives deference to large orders. Walmart is a sophisticated operation and planners have the skills to forecast traffic demand for its deliveries and operations. I placed a standard weekly grocery order on Friday, 11/24/23 to be delivered Saturday morning between 8am to 9am on 11/25/23; but it has yet to be delivery and I am writing this alert at 8:41pm Saturday evening.

    When I called in at approximately 4pm I was told my order time had been changed due to the large number of orders received. You mean you are delivering the high-dollar ones before me, don't you? They stated I would receive my order by 8pm, but it has never come. It is 9:06pm now. I called back into the live customer service number and was told my driver was on the floor now and would be delivering my order soon. I was given a number of the driver that was supposed to be his direct number, but it was an Uber outgoing message number that stated my call could not be forwarded because I do not have an account.

    Meanwhile, I am medically unable to drive and am older and I and my dog are without food and water since last night. We are in a precarious and dangerous situation and rely on this service weekly. I spend an enormous amount of money at Walmart, but the company is choosing to ignore me, and if me others, too, in the delivery of my order. If they haven't been sued yet they will be sooner or later. My situation is dire. I need a dependable service year round, not when the company just wants to provide service, when the lavish holiday spenders are overshadowing the companies bread and butter/mainstay customer-base and are giving preference to them. This matter should be brought to every t.v. station in the US and customers like me should consider forming a class-action lawsuit against Walmart for discrimination because I know if they are doing it to me they are doing it to other customers like me, as well.

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    Sales & MarketingPrice

    Reviewed Nov. 17, 2023

    That Walmart online, the sellers and the third party sellers, that have been advertising products saying it is new, when it is not new, then delivering the products with something that has nasty oil stuff on it, with the items and getting on your hands and also other times sometimes old and not working that is damage, that is gross.

    I have not shopped at the Walmart online in 4 or 5 months, because I am not sure they are going to do it again, but to listen to what I am saying, and that their sellers and their third party sellers are not doing their job, instead of rushing and packing the product in the package any kind of way and I know they see that oil nasty stuff on these items, instead they are rushing and putting them in the package any kind of way and some other people I have talk to and have said, the same thing, that they are getting the same thing.

    If you ignore this, sooner or later you will regret it, because all this phony fraud of advertising something new when it is not and trying to charge someone to pay for a new item for a higher price, before it is delivered, then cheat them into something old, is not right, that is fraud. If it is new, sell it new, if is old sell it old for the lower price it is suppose to be, but not to lie and try to pretend something is new, when it is not. Because if it keeps going on Walmart online is going down.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 15, 2023

    I've been shopping at Walmart since 1987. Everything was good until the pandemic. Walmart has third party delivery with Doordash and Uber. I started having problems with my delivery in this community with dishonest employees. Walmart has a system where you have to take a picture when your order is left at the door. This didn't solve my situation. Some of these drivers would leave the merchandise at the front entrance of my building or at someone else's address or keep the merchandise then send a text saying delivered over time. My situation with Walmart got so out of control to where Walmart made the decision to cancel my account. Walmart blame me for the whole situation even though I left instructions on my account. Please call me and knock on my door real hard because I live in a senior citizen building with six floors.

    Some of these drivers didn't want to do their jobs and I just couldn't make Walmart understand I can't control your employees, you hired these people and did a background check and made decision that they were a good fit for the company. I'm 62 years old. I have no control over these people in this community. I was punished for someone else's actions and Walmart would not make these drivers take accountability but they wanted me to take accountability for what someone else actions. This was the ultimate betrayal with Walmart

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