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Rated with 4 stars
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 12, 2019

The employees are wonderful and always very helpful. Sometimes it takes an extra minute to understand them or them me (I chose to study Latin in high school, not Tagalog. My bad.) The management has not always been as patient or helpful. Once I asked a woman that had been pointed out as a manager to ask a question. I had to follow her around even after I had gotten her attention! When, with a sigh, it appeared I was not giving up she turned to me with a huff and asked me "What I wanted?!" I proceeded to ask her why there were no cashiers other than self service, open. She said they must all be on break and started to talk to another employee.

I, rather perturbed by now, pointed out she had TWO employees working to assist self service (which I will never use EVER) and could she not take one of them to work as a cashier? I was abruptly told that NO, they were all assigned stations they could not change, turned and walked away. Hmph! I still shop here but it's only because it's the only store of its nature within an hour's drive!!! I ended up waiting for a cashier to make my purchase and when I told her what had happened she simply said they want more customers using self service and swiftly looked over her shoulder to make sure no one HEARD her!!!!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 11, 2019

Customer service at our local Walmarts is satisfactory. There is always someone around to ask a question of or for assistance. Checkouts are smooth and efficient. Prices are another subject. Walmart rarely has sales where there are sufficient cents or dollars off to warrant extra purchase. Also, not having sales doesn't give incentive to shop at Walmart for extra savings. Prices compared to another local grocery store are high. Most Walmart store brands in respect to food do not taste as good as other groceries store brands. Pet food prices and supplies as well as variety are equal to other stores and satisfy basic needs. One action of Walmart that has caused disappointment is their removal of firearms and reduction of the size of their sporting goods departments.

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Rated with 4 stars
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 15, 2018

Walmart is one of the best stores anyone can go to and find everything you need in one awesome store, love my Walmart. I recently went in. Was looking for a couple small things for Christmas. Wasn't sure really what I wanted to get my niece and my best friend. As I look into the woman's department everything was clearanced. I found so many beautiful tops and the price was amazing. Couldn't believe Walmart had everything at a low price. Between my niece and my best friend I spent ten dollars on each and got some really cute tops and legit. Fresh food was definitely out. Didn't have to go to another store to get everything I needed. Store was very clean and people were really nice. Didn't have to wait for a cashier to fix any of the prices. Everything scanned just what it was marked down to. Thank you to the wonderful people at Walmart for making me feel great and being amazing.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2018

Overall Walmart does have many items to choose from. Unfortunately, many times they are out of specific brand names. It makes me wonder if they might be pushing their store brand. The employees are quite helpful and polite at my local store. I shop here at least weekly and can usually find exactly what I want. But I have noticed that Walmart quality and services seems to change from location to location. An example is the Walmart at Monroeville, Alabama location seems to have lesser quality clothing and less varieties of food. An example is trying to find a fresh corned beef. Virtually impossible! The friendliness and helpfulness of the employees here was much less than at my local store. This made me appreciate my store. Overall I enjoy my experience at my Calhoun Walmart.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 2, 2018

Walmart is our one stop shop. It is great store where I live. Open late hours. Easy to find things and I always follow discount days. Only drawback is, some of the Cashiers are scanning some items double. Seriously? How many times I go to customer service and empty my basket to review after waiting long time of period on the line? So Many until I learned what to do... So You need to watch out. Especially if you are going with your family and talking while they scanning. Not just this, you must put price on the item with pencil or pen or make sure you check barcodes (Mostly confusing), so many price tags on shelves.

Check the receipt after you put all in to the basket before you leave. Take a note if you can during shopping. Once you walk out the door, there is no turning back.

I put 4 stars 'cause I am shopping with confident before I go to cashier. I am happy 'cause I shop without falling in to their games. Good Luck. PS: Once I complain about the double charge, Supervisor came and send the person to lunch first before he attempt to fix my problem. My Thinking is the Manager was in it. BY THE WAY I STILL HAVE THE RECEIPTS FOR THESE TRANSACTIONS.

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5 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2019

Unfortunately, we have Walmart. I am 99.9% dissatisfied with customer service here. From asking employees where I can find an item and a great reply of "I don't know". I had a time where I was at subway and a Walmart employee cut in front of me and said "I am On my lunch break" in the past. Some of the finer moments. Tonight was special though. I went to customer service tonight and brought a box of diapers and two bags of diapers and told the Mary Ann that I would like to exchange these. She replies, "Well you need to go get the diapers for me to do the exchange. No problem." I ask how much it comes to. She replies "about 49 something plus tax". I reply "Can I have an exact number". She said $50. I said "Is that an exact", she replies "plus tax". I ask "Can I please just have an exact number". Annoyed she pulls out a calculator and tells me "$49.67". As I am walking away she says "and plus tax".

I give up and walk back to get diapers. I grab a box of newborn about 39.00 and I grab a can of formula, about $35.00. Being eight months pregnant, I walk back and place the items on the counter. Mary Ann then decides to tell me of their diaper policy. This policy entails that you can only exchange diapers for diapers. Out of breath and my back and legs being sore I can admit I was snarky and said "never mind" and grabbed the diapers and walked out. I called the manager who was the "store manager" at the time Mark, and explained what had happened. Mark acted oblivious to how customer service is. Mark told me they go through training in regards to customer service. Mark told me he is "sorry I feel that way" which is my way of saying "I don't give a crap about you or your experience".

I asked Mark about the diaper policy. He said this has been a policy for a few years. Eventually I gave up probing him and telling him about poor customer service experience because I am extremely mad at this point and his only response is "well what would you like me to do?" (What I would have liked was him to apologize (meaningfully) and tell me he would complete the exchange despite the manager's personal policy or heck even say "I'm sorry for any inconvenience, you are right, Mary Ann should have explained our diaper policy to you").

I contacted Walmart headquarters as there is no such policy found online nor is there anything written that store managers can adjust their return policies online either. Essentially, Don, from Walmart customer service sitting in a cubical somewhere says the same thing. I asked why are their policy's written online if the store does not have to follow them. Essentially, Walmart is like Whose Line Is It Anyway where the policies are made up and don't matter. I would have had a completely different experience if I was forewarned about the policy before I walked all the way back to the diapers. Annoying, sure, but would I have walked out as frustrated as I am. No.

Obviously Walmart will not fail in any way shape or form without my business but I am done spending money here. Perhaps it was silly for me to get as upset as I am however it has been years and years of poor customer service that I have dealt with because they monopolize areas such as ours which is fairly impoverished and small business and diverse business don't stand a chance here sadly. I am not angry about the policy the manager chooses to make for their store, I am mad that this was relayed to me before I walked all the way in the back and mad when I asked three times for an exact price and Mary Ann failed to give me an exact answer despite asking for a an exact answer. I would guess you say it's the straw that broke the camels back. Hello Amazon and trips to Target.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2019

I have a Walmart credit card. It had a limit of $2580. I had this account for many years. It has always been on autopay and I have never been late or missed a payment. I usually made an additional payment also to pay the balance down as much as I could. I recently paid off the balance on the card because I am working on getting my debt down to prepare for retirement. When I paid the card off they dropped my credit limit to $100. That is ridiculous. I have been a perfect customer for years and they repay me by dropping my credit limit and damaging my credit report. And there is nothing I can do about it! So beware. Paying off your Synchrony accounts will do more damage than good!

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Rated with 2 stars
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23, 2019

I had a bad experience with my money card last Saturday. 600 hundred dollars was taken from me... The transaction was made in Orlando FL and I live in San Antonio tx..I call Green dot bank and made a report. I was told to write a letter stating my dispute against the transaction Which I wrote and mail..Now I have to wait two weeks to hear back from them.. If anyone that works at Green Dot bank reads this I would like a up date on the investigation about my money..

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 21, 2019

Dropped my vehicle off for 2 tires to be replaced on May 18th 2019. Usually this takes about an hour in my previous experiences. Unfortunately this ordeal is continuing to haunt me. Other than the 2 tires needing replacement the vehicle was in perfect condition mechanically, and had all its components were secure. About an hour and a half goes by, and the Tech working on my vehicle lets me know he needs to show me something. I walk to the bay and see my car door handle hanging off the side of my vehicle. He lets me know that he was sorry but that he had broken my handle off. I understood accidents happen, and just wanted to know if it worked because if so I wouldn't be really upset. He let me know that it did not work. I asked that he fix this or show me where to go to get this fixed, he said he couldn't and that the only way you can use the door is to reach in through the window and open it from the inside.

"I've already had an issue with my car being broken into...and now you're suggesting me leave my window open 24/7". I didn't find that acceptable and apologized to him but ultimately I needed to speak with his supervisor. He requested the Department Manager Jessica come to come over in which she slowly made her way over, they exchanged words, and from there she looks at me and then goes to inspect the hanging handle. She asked the tech if it was broken before, in which his response was no. She then asked me and I confirmed the techs answer with another no. As in I did not drop my car off with the handle ripped out of socket. I'm relatively small, to rip a door handle out and cause damage like this is very unlikely.

Jessica then proceeded to let me know that I could still get in, and or reach in through the window and that they weren't going to do anything about it. Before I could even blink, Jessica turns around ignoring me talking and walks off. I was shocked. The tech attempted getting her attention in which I let him know that it was okay, I would find someone else to speak with. (Boy, was I wrong.) By the end of the ordeal I had been waiting for my vehicle almost 3 hours or so? I unfortunately was checked out by Jessica. While at the register she said not a word. At some point I was staring at the floor wondering when she's going to talk or what my total was in which she never said anything. I looked at her as she looked off at something on the wall. Confused still, I looked at the payment screen in which my total was displayed and it was requesting payment.

Unbelievable. She didn't have the decency to even say the total. Anyways. As shes printing everything out, I get ready to sign the Service Order she had given me a Copy of as I always have when using Walmart Auto Dep. Oddly enough, I didn't sign anything. Just dismissed by the her calling for the next customer. I leave the store and my plans are halfway ruined due to the strangely long wait for my car. I Immediately notice my vehicle shaking and making a loud thudding sound. I pull over close the hood just making sure that wasn't loose. Checked the lug nuts on the tire thinking maybe one is lose. I was on a toll road BTW. I start to call Walmart to see if they noticed anything or if there was something else they broke.

As I wait for someone to answer, I take off again. Within seconds the noises and shaking happen again. I exit and at this point get in contact with Jessica again by chance as she was the one who picked up the line. (I eventually got to my house in the timing of all this, but couldn't go more than 40-50 mph) After confirming that she was the manager, I began to speak and here is the dialogue. ME: "I just picked up the 2011 Nissan Rogue from get-- " Jessica (Very rudely, and Loudly) "yeah. I already talked to you." Me: "Excuse me? I'm actually calling in regards to anoth-" Jessica (again interrupting me "Yeah. I already talked to you, whats your problem?" I flipped unfortunately. Me: "Well if you would let me finish my ** Sentence may-" and she actually has the nerve to cut me off a 3rd time in a matter of minutes.

She then proceeds to tell me "Hold on" puts me on speaker phone, and says "go ahead." At this point I couldn't deal with the lack of Customer Service none the less emotional and financial turmoil. Here I was just hours ago perfect car just needed some tires to now feeling like and now knowing that nobody wants to take responsibility for this and will give me the run around until I drop it which I guarantee won't be how I handle this. After being put on speaker I said as quickly as I could the symptoms of my car after having it serviced at her store. She told me "Well what do you want me to do over the phone?" Well Jessica, I'd like you to fix the issue, pay for it all because this wasn't an issue prior to service with you, you can lose the attitude, and you can learn some great things if you read up on your own company's regulations and policies.

Anyways. Since then I've filed claims, after doing so today May 20th 2019 I looked over the warranty and policy printed on their service order she provided at check out. Coincidentally I saw the comment {Disclaimer was signed for two tires installation, Driver side front door broke prior to service...} Uhm, I thought me and your tech both confirmed this was not the case, and that he in fact broke it. So I get a little mad and look at a signature in a box that reads disclaimer. Basically stating that you agree with the comments section and that they aren't liable for damages. Below it all it says Customer Signature. Well funny, I signed the gentlemen's device when I checked in.

After speaking with another associate of this department I was notified that the Service Order is created prior to work being done to the vehicle. That being said, if any damages were present at the time that I physically handed my key to the associate I would have been notified then, and it would have been agreed and noted on the service order. So.. Jessica, if your tech literally called me into the Bay to show me something... that something being my broken front driver side door, why would that comment have made its way into the initial service order I agreed and signed noting no damages? I mean he literally came out and said he did it and told me sorry...

This "Customer Signature" signed supposedly by myself, looks nothing like my signature. This can and will be verified. Therefore. In order to cover her tracks, Jessica somehow removed my signed service order from their system, created another one indicating that I dropped the vehicle off with those damages and even signed it stating I agreed! So here we are. My vehicle is not safe for me to drive, nor will Walmart reprehend this employee or make up for any of this. I visited to request my original service Order and ultimately she refused to come speak with me, and had the assistant manager and asset protection manager do her dirty work, telling me they couldn't give me a copy of my own documents, and they have done what they can and they have what I'm looking for but that I would need to leave the store, and just maintain communication with their claims department.

I personally have never felt so lost, and completely shocked by this company. I hope that this doesn't happen to anyone else. The past two days have given me so much stress and anxiety. I need my vehicle to go to work, to make money, and ultimately keep a roof over my head. I dont know what to do but warn others, as I have so much on my plate. Chasing people around trying to force them to take responsibility and make up for it just isn't something I have the free time to do. Disappointed would be an understatement, violated fits well.

We are in the process of filing the police report for Forgery and Identity Theft (I didn't sign that service order document I was given at check out and these documents were forged to reflect their damages they caused.) Hopefully that gets us somewhere it matters. I'm sure they'll flag this for removal but If there's a chance for someone to avoid this place. Do it at all costs as you see, they get away with forging customer signatures, forging documents, extreme behavior issues, and so much more.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 19, 2019

Walmart is a decent company, with decent bargains, good prices, and good selection of products. The customer service is okay, not great, but there's one close to my house that's extremely busy all the time. I also think the quality of the merchandise is good. Also, overall Walmart is a good place to shop.

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