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When the Walmart store in this area first opened it was a real blessing. Eventually, other businesses in the area started to fail and finally, closed. Now that there is nowhere else to shop Walmart has gone downhill as well. The selection is terrible, and the quality of items has turned sour. Especially in the clothing departments.

Customer service has also gone downhill in a big way. I once waited over a half hour for someone to come and assist me in the bicycle department, finally leaving because no one could be bothered. One of the cashiers called and called for assistance to no avail. I had a woman in the infant department, I believe the department head, that wouldn't even begin to try to get me a price on an unmarked carseat. She told me that it must be the same price as another seat which was nearby that was clearly a better quality, more expensive seat. Needless to say, I left with no carseat that day.

I feel like the people of this area are being taken advantage of and being treated poorly because of the fact that places to shop are so limited here. Half of the time I can't find what I am looking for, simply because it isn't in stock anymore. You can forget about finding any decent shoes. What has happened to the quality at Walmart?

I used to be able to go to the ladies department and find something that I actually liked. Now selection is geared toward the really young and the old. I'm 33, and I'm no teenager but far from old. They call the Walmart here a Super Center, I fail to see anything super about it.

I'm not saying that there are no good workers at our Walmart, There are many cashiers that I find very courteous and friendly. It would be nice, although, if you didn't have to hunt someone down to get questions answered or to get something off of a shelf that is too high to reach. I know many people who share my feelings about the way Walmart has become, and many of us are considering paying a little more elsewhere to get the service and quality that we prefer.

Based on several shopping trips to several different Wal-Marts (because at one time, I thought they all couldn't be so awful as the local one) + reviews & things said to me by the employees/other customers of aforementioned dump, I have come to the conclusion that every Wal-Mart everywhere should be completely done away with. First, the stores themselves are nasty, disorganized dumps that allow some pretty gross things done by customers, two of the worst is allowing dogs (and some cats) to roam about within the store & people walking around barefoot (Hello safety, sanitary & allergy problems). Second, every time I have bought food there, I wound up getting sick from it due to mishandling (food stuffs being left out in extreme heat, employees just tossing stuff here & there & damaging packaging/causing it to split open, etc., not putting it away fast enough & properly, etc.)

Before I continue, I know the problem is not ALL on bad employees but the fact that the parasitic corporate turd known as Wal-Mart are too cheap to hire enough help & so things around the store can't be done properly because of that. Plus they don't treat the employees they DO have very good at all so that doesn't help the situation much either. Anyhoo... Wal-Mart also causes smaller, local businesses to close & basically sucks the very life out of its employees & the economy of the town & also the fact is that people seem to think 'Ooo, it's cheap & I can save a lousy dollar or whatever, so I'm getting SUCH a great deal'. Cheaper in price doesn't always mean you got a good deal. That SHOULD be common sense but apparently is not. I also call Wal-Mart junkmart because most of their wares (non food & shampoo/housecleaning/toilet paper type stuff excluded) IS junk that breaks with minimal use requiring you to *gasp*.

Go give Wal-Mart more of your hard-earned money to replace said cheap junk. Even Kmart is a step above Wal-Mart. Maybe not a huge step but still better. If you're as tired & sick of all of the above as I am... for crying out loud, stop shopping/working there (even if you have to live with family/downsize for a bit til you find a different place to work & yeah, it might be hard but worth it) & stop supporting such blatant disrespect for people's right to good quality products, to be treated decently (customers & employees alike) & the right to earn a decent, livable wage. Speak with your mouth, actions AND your wallets. IDK for sure, but I think that maybe the only way to get rid of the Wal-Mart disease... no employees to work for them & no income being made by that corrupt, despicable parasite named Wal-Mart. Don't take the easy way out & continue to let them ruin your life & others' lives too by continuing to shop & work there.

I know it's easy to say & maybe hard for some to do, but have some dignity & self-respect & go for it. At least try. Sometimes the hard way is the better way. I think in this case, it is the better way unless you don't care about quality products, decent work environment or maybe making a decent wage in a better, more stable place. If that's the case, continue doing what you're doing & change nothing. (:

I went in Walmart, mind you I have two small children so I'm in a hurry considering it was 10:30 at night and I only went to get baby cereal. So as I go to the checkout line I ask the girl if she was open. She told me no. So as soon as I go to another line a man comes up and asks the same and she told him she was open and processed his things. Which really pissed me off considering I am a single mother and for me to go to Walmart in the rain at 10:30 at night and not be able to hurry up and get out of there. I really want to rate my every experience at that particular Walmart horrible. Everyone there is ghetto and rude. Walmart has lowered their standards and is hiring anyone and everyone.

On 7/7/16, I ordered a refurbished Vizio TV from walmart.com, received an order confirmation by email, and within 24 hours, another email confirmation that my order had shipped, with UPS tracking number attached. Delivery was dated to arrive on or before 7/13. Throughout the week, I checked for tracking updates on UPS.com, but it remained at "processing". I ignored it, deeming it some sort of glitch (Walmart clearly declared it as "shipped" in their email) and just waited patiently for delivery day.

7/13 came along, and after patiently waiting until 6 pm, I knew the package just wasn't coming. I contacted walmart.com, who after checking on the order, informed me that my item had been "lost" during the shipping process and never left the building. This baffled me, as I've never had an online retailer flat out tell me they'd completely lost my order. Out of stock, sure. Lost? Never.

They offered me the option of a refund or a replacement. I was annoyed, but hey, mistakes happen and I still wanted my TV (it was a great price) - I chose replacement, on the condition that they could expedite the shipping to mitigate the sum of my wasted time. I was told that they could not offer me anything other than standard 3-5 day shipping. So, I guess they don't mind letting the consumer be the sole bearer of the consequences of their mistakes. Begrudgingly, I decided to go ahead and let the reorder go through (it was a great price).

I received email confirmation of the order. Two business days go by, and no update to the status of my order. This time, I wasn't going to take things for granted - I contacted walmart.com the next Monday afternoon (7/18). Sure enough, something wasn't right. "There was an error while processing your order for shipping" they claimed this time. They instructed me to cancel the order and reorder it yet again. It would take up to 48 hours to ship, and they would send it via standard 3-5 day shipping. So, at that point, I was looking at an additional 7 days or more, with no assurance that this wouldn't happen again.

As a customer who already had a pre-existing grievance, I would expect any half-decent customer service department to tell me they would send someone over to shipping shortly to find out what the heck was going on, and make sure my item went out on a truck TODAY, with expedited shipping as a small token of salvaging a damaged experience.

I couldn't believe I was dealing with a world renown retail corporation. I told them to just cancel my order completely - great price or not, I give up. The same day, I ordered a comparable TV (a little bit cheaper even) from a far lesser-known online retailer. By the next day, I had a tracking number letting me know it was on a FedEx truck, in transit to the destination. I've never felt so relieved about a professional transaction going the way it was supposed to go. I will never shop walmart.com again.

I was in Walmart one day May 25, 2016. I slipped on some water there which no wet floor signs were out. When I fell I cut my leg in the cart. They took a report and gave me a claim number. I had to go to hospital, get cut taken care of and get a tetanus shot. I had also pulled muscles in my arm from grabbing cart trying not to fall. In no way am I trying to get rich. Just want my hospital and missed days from work paid - compensation for my pain and suffering not a million dollars. I have called their insurance company about 20 times since then, left several messages and no one will return my call or even acknowledge me.

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I have placed my first and LAST order on Walmart.com and here is why. I ordered a Vizio TV online and was given a delivery date. I checked online to confirm the delivery was on time with FedEx as I wanted someone to home when the TV was delivered. The order indicated that it was not shipped so I called customer service to find out why. They indicated it was probably lost in shipment and canceled that order and reordered the TV and I asked for expedited shipment which they said they would do. But while they were processing that request, they hung up on me. So I called back, got another rep and she indicated that the request for expedited shipment was being processed and to check my email for confirmation.

So hours passed with no email confirmation so I called and talked to a third rep. He indicated that my order request for expedited shipment was not processed and he cannot and told me once the order has been placed he could not expedite it. Then told me my TV would not arrive until a week later. At this point I have had and will never use WALMART.COM again as I believe I would never get my TV. So I canceled my order and demanded my money back. Let see if I get it. As much as I hate the way Amazon treat its employees, I have never had 1 issue with any of the hundreds of orders I placed as a Prime member.

Placed a very large order with Walmart.com for my new apartment. Had to have 4 replacement orders sent, out of 18 items ordered. Whoever they have working in their warehouse either is getting paid pennies or they're idiots. NEVER AGAIN!!!

I sent my guys, hubby and son, to Wal-Mart for hoses. They came back with 4 flexible hoses at $20.00 + change each because they thought since I am handicapped they would be easier for me to handle. Not only handicapped but very low on finances due to the high cost of medication. Out of 4 hoses I have 2 left. The first two obtained holes almost on the first use. Now with $40.00 + change out of use for meds I am now hurting financially. These hoses are highly advertised everywhere as being the answer to your prayers. NOT to mine!! How can something so expensive be so shoddily made. I certainly intend to make sure my friends and family will not make the same mistake I did. I do have the receipt if that is needed. I will make a copy!

Purchased a defective car dash-cam. Tried to return it to Walmart but was turned away. Told I had to contact the vendor. Vendor made me return it at my expense. Be very careful when shopping online at Walmart. Not all are from Walmart. Once they have your $$ you are on your own.

Summer Waves Swimming Pool - Walmart store are selling swimming pools without ladders and has no ladders avail to purchase in the store, you have to order them. Stupid and Dangerous. A child could get in and cannot get out.

Wal-Mart needs at least 2 workers in phone center. It's not just selling most customers need long time to help one of them. A lot of people left. The worker Ashley is very good at her job. Wal-Mart is so tight they can afford more help all over store. It sucks when you have to walk to end of store and still can't find anyone. What are they going to do when no one goes to Wal-Mart anymore?

I recently purchased a gaming computer from Walmart.com. I was very excited about this purchase. I was given a delivery date of today. After I placed the order, I watched the website with excitement to see where my order was in the process. The order was in the "processing" stage until yesterday. Mind you the computer was due to be delivered today. So I called them yesterday and explained that my order was still "processing" and that I was worried that it would not arrive by the date THEY gave me. Customer service was VERY rude. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was left on hold for about 15 to 20 min.

When they came back on the line, they were very insistent on me canceling my order and re-ordering the computer. They said that my order had "fallen through the cracks" and no one had any idea on what to do. I was transferred between many reps until one said they were going to connect me with corporate. Well, I ended back with the same customer service person I started with. So, it is now 11 P.M. on the day that I was told it would be delivered and it's nowhere to be found. Can anyone PLEASE HELP ME?

I placed an order through Walmart.com that was processed through pharmapacks.com and paid for with a Walmart gift card. The order ended up being canceled. Pharmapacks.com indicated it had issued a refund, but the refund never appeared on my gift card. When contacting Pharmapacks.com, they stated this would have to be handled by Walmart.com as this was how the order was handled.

After a 15 minute wait at Walmart.com customer service, I explained the situation to the Walmart representative. She stated no evidence existed that pharmapacks.com had issued a refund and that I needed to contact them. When I stated Pharmapacks.com stated they had issued the refund and would have to resolve this with Walmart.com because that was who had billed it, she stated she would contact them and advise me how to proceed. After a 10 minute hold, Walmart.com disconnected my call. Looks like I may have to give up on my gift card refund. Definitely the last time to do any business with Walmart.com.

I ordered a pedal boat. I was told it would be delivered on 6-24-16. I Called on 6-25-16 to see where it was. I was told I needed to call a shipping company and make a appointment with them and it would take another week to get it. The activity that it was for was over by then. Very disappointed people.

Placed a few orders online with walmart.com sold by Quality Photo. All the orders were cancelled after few hours. Called walmart.com, they said that the order was cancelled because it was out of stock instead of the obvious incorrect pricing.

As Father's Day was coming up I decided to get my other half a gaming chair. I ordered the chair on the 14 and paid to have it delivered before that Sunday. Every day leading up to the delivery date the chair was scheduled for an on time delivery. Now the day I'm expecting the chair nothing shows up. I check the tracker and the chair is to be delivered two days after Father's Day. If I wanted a chair any day of the week I would have went and got one. What pissed me off is that I paid extra for the chair to come before the holidays. I feel as though if they know they can't live up to the shipment standards they set they should remove the fast shipment offer. They are swindling more money out of people for a delivery that doesn't come in the quoted period of time. What's even worse, to contact customer service is a nightmare. This will be the last thing I ever purchase from them.

My brother purchased a Vizio Television from the Waverly Walmart Supercenter located at 275 Walton Dr, Waverly, TN 37185. He purchased the TV on June 15, 2016 at 10:12 a.m. He immediately went home and plugged the TV in to find that the TV did not work. So he rushed back arriving at the same Walmart with the receipt and TV in the box on June 15, 2016 at 11:00 am only 45 minutes after purchasing it to try to return item for a working TV. However the store manager refused stating that the TV was not the same TV purchased. So somehow the TV serial # and the outside box serial # was not the same. The store manager was accusing my brother of changing out the tv's, I guess. My thought was if he was trying to scam Walmart by switching tv's why would he not just ask for money back why would my brother just want a tv that worked.

The store manager then told my brother to call Vizio which he did and during that conversation Vizio stated that the serial # LWZJSEAR3600143 on the broken television was actually sold on December 27, 2015, and my brother's receipt showed a serial # of LWZ2ULAR4904018. Vizo also stated that once Vizio sells the TV's to Walmart it is ultimately Walmart's responsibility. If you go to Walmart's Return Policy by Department Electronics which states that merchandise be returned with a receipt, and within the 90 return policy as so stated on your website...

I am very upset that my brother was treated as he might have switched television or whatever and that Walmart has not upheld their own Return Policy that states television can be returned within 90 days. My brother had receipt, same box and television and tried to return within 45 minutes and was told NO. How can you do this? Is this a policy that you can pick and choose the customers that you allow to return items or is this just plain discrimination?

I love Walmart. I do but I don't know if I will ever buy a refurbed computer from them ever again. I had made a nice long review of a laptop or more to the refurb people that worked on it and Walmart.com when you submit a review it don't get posted right away like it should. It has to be approved by Walmart first. Well needless to say the review I had made I worked hard on it and Walmart never posted it. They don't want you to hear the truth and good and bad. Just the good stuff. They are censoring reviews.

I got mine off the Walmart site. It was sold by Walmart. The laptop is a refurbish and I had to right off the bat zero out the drive and reinstall Windows 10 on it due to the fact that not only was all the drivers not installed but the recovery stuff was inaccessible. I got lucky that I was able to make copies of all the recovery software on to not only restore the laptop back to factory but make an OS reinstall disk as well and the refurbishment department did not fix the computer right. I not only had to reinstall the OS but I also had to open the computer to fix the mouse pad due to the buttons not being seated properly to the point that part of the touch pad was sticking up instead of it laying flat, it now is the way it supposed to be.

For a $250 computer I should have never had to do any of the repairs that I had to do! On my new computer. Also when I got it and turned it on for the first time I got a memory error before the setup was done and to top it off Windows 10 was not activated so they reinstalled Windows to right over the oem install and the result was it renders the oem recovery stuff useless. Thank God I was able to get them disks made or I would have been screwed!!! Thank God I know what I'm doing when it comes to computers and computer repair. Walmart needs to retrain their refurbishment department and quality control staff and hire people that really do know what they're doing instead of morons that don't have a clue about anything.

I ordered a Wooden Swing Set on May 26, 2016. I checked the delivery date. It said June 6, 2016. I received 4 out of 5 Boxes. We miss Box # 2. I contact Walmart Customer Service. Each Person I talk to give me a different story. They say that item is out of stock. I called the factory. They told me they send all boxes to Walmart to be shipped to my Home.

Walmart respond is it's out of Stock. How can be one box out of stock, when it supposed to be a whole set. I been talking to Walmart almost every day. They don't know when we will get Box # 2. How is that possible, not knowing. I try to get phone number from the warehouse where it was shipped to for delivery to my house. They claim they have no phone number for the warehouse or the person in charge. Now today one guy told me he will give me 10% credit, for that box 129.98. It still don't solve the problem. We need those parts. I'm tired spending hours on the phone. I don't call that Customer Service. You have any advice what I can do. Thank you.

I bought this "courtyard creations" orbit lounger at Walmart last summer. I treated the cushions with a scotch guard like waterproofing spray. As suggested by salesperson. It was completely faded within 60 days, seams coming apart & the Velcro fasteners were placed so haphazardly it was very hard to get the cushions secured. It was very lightly used over last summer & in the shade of a large umbrella most of the day, yet the fabric completely disintegrated! I took the cushions off after 3 months & had to throw them away because all 6 sections of the 2 large cushions that are on it were so threadbare that the holes where the foam & padding were coming through were bigger than the remaining areas that had fabric! They honestly looked like they had spent about 5 yrs outside through all seasons!

Now they want over $150 for replacement cushions & due to the odd shape of the lounge you can't just buy cushions off the shelf. So either I throw away a lounge I paid over $300 for & take the loss or pay the additional $150 to replace the cushions with more garbage. Custom ones are $600-$900 so that's not an option. I will never buy anything from them again if I can help it, but since they sell products under multiple brand names, I may not know until it's too late! If I could've put 0 stars I would have.

In Walmart today. Not cashier's fault! This woman in line talking on cell, cashier said something to her, she says "I'm sorry." Still half buggy full. She pulls out a wad of checks that had stubs, starts going through them, lays several on counter, some good, some expired, ON and ON... Long story short she was paying with checks of some sort. I stood there, couldn't believe what I was seeing for 15 to 20 min. One by one this was all paid for with checks with her wanting money back. Cashier said she couldn't get any. Ok she knew this... Manager was watching by this time.

I go over and suggest that Walmart have a line for people like this... I suggest if over one check they have to have them ok before getting in line! Guess I was in line 30 min watching this show while registers were opening up on both sides to help people lined up behind me. By this time I am stunned that it is happening, passed irritated, tired and disgusted just wanted to see what would happen next... Walmart needs to address this problem now because I am sure it is not the first or 10th time it has happened. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS CRAP!!! CUSTOMER DISGUSTED THAT IT IS ALLOWED. I know you can't refuse them service but make it equal for other customers that have to endure this kind of action. As I said, not cashier's fault. Store address: 210 Cobb Pkwy Marietta, Georgia 30060.

We purchased blender in Wal-Mart. It's not blending properly so we get back to them and asked for refund or exchange. They said "Above $25 we can't make any return. Do an exchange of same item with same or higher price." We lose trust with Wal-Mart blenders since we have purchased two Brands and experienced the same. Previously they used to give gift card or exchange with other item now they are not. It's quite disgusting to always roam for returns for unwanted stuff.

Walmart reminds me of a famous retail store in the Philippines which is the SM because both stores got it all! From gadgets to clothes, from toys to food. Everything - they have it. The good thing about Walmart is that their goods are more affordable compared to other stores like Target or Safeway. I bought the usual "pasalubong" or things that are given to family and friends back home - chocolates, supplements and some colorful beach towels. I got my nieces some pretty Minnie Mouse dresses and shirts at a very affordable price. I also went to their cosmetic department and got some make-up to give to my friends back in Manila. I also got my husband his copy of Uncharted 4 - a ps4 game.

There were also friendly Filipino staff/cashier who helped us with our purchase. They even asked us where we're from and chitchatted a bit. The only thing that I did not like is that you have to pay your purchase at the dept where you got it. Like the ps4 game - I had to pay it at the electronics dept. Same with the cosmetics that I purchased. I wish they would just have everything automated at the main cashier and have us customers pay all our purchases at once. It will definitely save our time.

My friend got a Wal-Mart card and started off at $500.00 credit limit. After a little over a year, her limit was up to $4000.00. She's been using it to purchase and even ran it up to over her limit months before and paid in full. Then she purchased something again on it months later to its max but was expecting some funds to clear it. She paid in full and was going to purchase something again. She is looking to build her credit. When she paid in full, 2 days later she tried to purchase something for $2000 and was declined. Wal-Mart had brought her limit down to $1000!! From $4000 to $1000. She called and they told her that it's due to the fact she doesn't make enough money when she got a raise and makes more money now than last year when she applied and was on contract not even permanent job. She was so pissed she ripped her credit card and told everyone not to deal with Wal-Mart ever again!!

I used to shop at (Mays Landing NJ) walmart quite a lot until my mother almost 60 years of age with COPD and heart problems went shopping there with her 75 year old Aunt, and was attacked by 4 females because they believed she took her cart. While my mother was being beat over the head with hairspray cans and anything else these females could pick up, my mom was being told to "Shut her ** mouth" by the Manager on duty (a young fat ** man) and yet he let these girls continue to hit her. I will NEVER shop here again (along with my family and all my friends as well). Or at least until they rethink their choice of employees. This man STILL has a job after all of this. Smh. Walmart went down the toilet.

I had the worse experience at Walmart. My mother bought a trash can and the cashier put the bags inside the trash can. We did not get a receipt and forgot about it because we wouldn't need it. By the time leaving the greeting lady asked for a receipt which we forgot we didn't have it. I ended up finding mine in my purse. Then she called two more guys like she couldn't handle it (this is not an old nice lady like we usually see greeting people). They come asking for receipt (I know they are doing their job but they have no right of accusing people without proof). One of the guys said if we didn't have a receipt then we were taking the stuff. I told them we didn't get one. They kept stating we didn't have one.

Finally went back to the cashier in front of everyone passing by looking at us like we really stole something (which is what really bothers me). The cashier had thrown away the receipt in the trash. What really bothers me is the fact of accusing without proof and talking crazy in front of everyone else that were coming to the store. I understand they have to do their job but there is lack of professionalism. There are ways on checking plus at the end they did not check one single item.

Items we buy are not stocked. Only the items that are not popular remain on the shelves. You can NEVER count on a product being on the shelf. Why is there a six week gap in re-stocking Distilled Water or Smucker's strawberry jelly for three or four weeks. (Strawberry shortage? I think not!) The list goes on... Yogurt, Chicken Breasts, Spanish Nuts, G2 ink pen refills, bag of potatoes and you must pitch 1/2 the bag because they're awful. The 99c store has better and certainly cheaper and fresher produce... It's ridiculous! Your Good News products are not that great and you'll notice those bins are always full. Please stock the items we use... Your system, at least in Santee, isn't working. The checkers can't do anything about this and the floor managers look at you like a deer in your headlights.

I had bought a queen size air mattress Coleman style little less than a month ago. Went camping with the unopened mattress and opened it that night. Filled it up with air that night and noticed that there was a discoloration on one of the sides of the mattress. No big deal. Woke up in the middle of the night and the $80 dollar mattress was deflated. Not a happy camper now, so that morning of took the mattress back and not having my receipt they wouldn't even exchange it. At the time of exchanging it I didn't even noticed that the mattress didn't even match the box. Also had a pump that came with it and it wasn't even included in the box until I got back to my campsite and when I noticed it I felt as if they thought I was the one who was trying to scam them and that I felt bad.

As it came out the person who bought it before me is the one who scammed Wal-Mart but I'm out the $80 plus dollars and the humiliation and inconvenience this horrible thing that the other customer had done but Wal-Mart had taken this bad mattress and resold it as I'm the one who bought the problem and out the money, and Wal-Mart won't do anything about it so I'm the consumer that got screwed or until I find my receipt but that doesn't change the fact that the pump is missing and the mattress doesn't match the box. I really don't even want to shop at Wal-Mart because of this ** that happened to me. So totally beware of what you buy from now on at Wal-Mart. This was in Tumwater Washington by the way.

Had one of your casserole dishes sitting on my stove while I was cooking and it exploded. I had glass everywhere. My boyfriend was standing at the stove but turned around just before it exploded. If would wouldn't have been walking away. He may have been seriously injured. I have pics of the glass to show how bad it was.

I called the South Jordan Parkway store, Tire and Lube center to verify their operating hours when I was told they were open until 8:00 pm. I then asked about the tire I was interested in, and verified the price. I immediately drove to that location at 6:15 pm, while on the phone, informing them I was only minutes away. Upon arrival and parking my car, I was yelled at from a distance that they could not help me. Not only did they yell at me, but the older gentleman with a cane working in the tire center was pointing it at me and demanding I move my car, while the younger man came at me unbelievably irritated and told me that he would not take me in, that he "Just wasn't going to do it!" I explained I had just called only 10 minutes ago and was told I still had over an hour to have just 2 tires replaced, and that they would do it for me.

I left there upset that not only does the website hours of operation lie about their operating hours, but that the phone call I had made to ensure they were still open was a lie as well and no one was willing to help me change my tires which had been punctured. I got home and called the store to speak with a manager and let them know of my horrible experience at this specific location, where I was met with the runaround and a game of cat and mouse, and finally told there was no manager in. No manager would talk to me, or call me back and then the operator transferred me to the tire department where I was met by the most disrespectful young man, James, on the phone who refused to listen to my complaint about being turned away after they had told me to come in, and instead he only argued with me. He refused to listen to a word I spoke, and talked over me the entire time.

When I asked to speak with his manager, he explained he did not have a manager over him, but later in his rants told me his manager's name was Austin. Of course his talking over me upsets me as a customer! He was the rudest person I have ever encountered, and not only was the tire center hours advertised as an hour after they had actually closed, I was turned away by some cocky, rude young preteens, and had a cane pointed in my face by an older man with no scruples or respect for women. I have never been more disgusted by the quality of service I received at this Walmart location and will never step foot in this location again!