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When the Walmart store in this area first opened it was a real blessing. Eventually, other businesses in the area started to fail and finally, closed. Now that there is nowhere else to shop Walmart has gone downhill as well. The selection is terrible, and the quality of items has turned sour. Especially in the clothing departments.

Customer service has also gone downhill in a big way. I once waited over a half hour for someone to come and assist me in the bicycle department, finally leaving because no one could be bothered. One of the cashiers called and called for assistance to no avail. I had a woman in the infant department, I believe the department head, that wouldn't even begin to try to get me a price on an unmarked carseat. She told me that it must be the same price as another seat which was nearby that was clearly a better quality, more expensive seat. Needless to say, I left with no carseat that day.

I feel like the people of this area are being taken advantage of and being treated poorly because of the fact that places to shop are so limited here. Half of the time I can't find what I am looking for, simply because it isn't in stock anymore. You can forget about finding any decent shoes. What has happened to the quality at Walmart?

I used to be able to go to the ladies department and find something that I actually liked. Now selection is geared toward the really young and the old. I'm 33, and I'm no teenager but far from old. They call the Walmart here a Super Center, I fail to see anything super about it.

I'm not saying that there are no good workers at our Walmart, There are many cashiers that I find very courteous and friendly. It would be nice, although, if you didn't have to hunt someone down to get questions answered or to get something off of a shelf that is too high to reach. I know many people who share my feelings about the way Walmart has become, and many of us are considering paying a little more elsewhere to get the service and quality that we prefer.

I am here to stand up for the managers and employees who in my opinion do not get treated well. Here is Tucson, at the neighborhood mkt , the mgrs work so hard and run between two stores. The top honchos in my opinion and their superiors are A number on you know what. Dictated by the scumbag corporation. I am sure the work hours they work are against the law and I plan to look into it. Nicest employees, and they too have a bad time of it, due to cut hours etc. Also it is in a high crime area and praise be to God they have brought in the best security guards who are wonderful. I like the products at this store but it is poorly stocked in some areas, not the fault of the mgr for sure.

Not only is customer service horrible, but the employees act like they hate their jobs. And everything at this store is always marked way above what it says it is online. What a crappy business. It should be shut down and replaced with all American business.

I literally signed up for SHIPPING PASS 4 days ago, tried it for the 1st time, ordered a total of 8 things and only 3 of the 8 was delivered. They literally left 80% of the order out of the package. How in the world can you only deliver 3 of 8 things? I have never seen anything like it. I cannot imagine that wack jobs they have working at the distribution centers. Needless to say, I won't be using them again! They claim they will replace everything I just have to wait 5-7 days for the re-deliver! That's nice! I PAID for 2 day shipping!

Took my car to the Walmart in Bradenton, Florida on Cortez Road to repair 1 of my tires. The service manager refused to repair the tire indicating all my tires were old and cracking so that is why the 1 tire loses air. Incredibly he recommended I purchase 4 new tires?? I told him the tires are not old and are not cracking. He did not even bother removing the tire from the car to see where the leak was. I told him he needed to work on his customer service and sales tactics. I took the car to a different tire shop and they fixed the leak. No problem.

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The Walmart website is highly problematic and completely useless to work with. It often crashes, which is very frustrating, and the information in it is often incorrect. The main problem is the online shopping portion, where items will show as available and then not be in the store as the website says. I think the state of the Walmart online shopping system is deplorable, and is too inconvenient to bother using. Walmart has enough money that they can develop this resource for those who utilize online shopping over in store shopping.

Well Wal-Mart does hire stupid people. If they are people I'M not even 50% sure about that. They just tried tell me and argue with me about T-Mobile runs off vzw aka Verizon Towers and btw I been a cell phone dealer since Jan 2014 and own my own vzw and T-Mobile company/Carrier since Aug 29 2016. We need put a stop to Wal-Mart. They think they are going to open 300 more stores - I don't think so. I will go to court and stop it. I'M tired of this ** and tired of protecting people and stores and helping them and not getting anything in return. I am tired of been yelled and bitched at about letting stores and people getting away/by with **!!!

When I went to the store and attempted to use the card it was declined. So I decided to go to another store to make a similar purchase since it was small and it wouldn't take long. It was then declined there too. So I got onto my account and the original was pending for 217 so I returned and the store said no there was no purchase made and showed that nothing had happen so I called for dispute and they told me to call the following morning. Called back. Explained the issue again. The lady refused to allow me to speak to her manager several times.

After I called back a third time I immediately requested to talk to a supervisor. The gentlemen was kind and spoke with me before transferring me to a supervisor. Then the supervisor explained to me that they had authorized the money and it was pending when all purchases were declined on the store end. Walmart Visa allowed it to go through anyway putting a ten day hold on the money. Now this wasn't a minor hold like 10.00. It was a 217.99 dollar charge that I had no access to nor did the company. This to me was wrong. First off it was declined and today broke with money and having to wait 10 days before I get a refund or Walmart Visa releases my money back into my account. Worst account ever. I'm closing it once I receive my refund that was declined.

The camera dept. had no products in stock. NONE!!! This store lost over 500.00 in sales that went to Best Buy instead. To top it all off the one thing that I did get turned out to be moldy!!! Have you ever seen what happens when you feed moldy food. I do not have a way to photo my receipt but trans # is **. This walmart is in ave creek az and is a wannabe store.

The price for Gatorade lemon-lime 20oz, 24pack in STORE price (on their website) at Watertown NY is $1.68, a person named DAVE from Asset Department in Watertown NY, denied it for selling the product for that price. I told him it's false advertisement and I asked if he can call corporate to check the price, he said "no, I cannot sell the 24pk for $1.68." So I called the Corporate office and they will call me back on restitute this matter. Walmart you need to fix your prices on your website or trained your personnel to do a better customer service. (Servicing the customer not being rude.)

I ordered a vacuum cleaner through Walmart.com. When I initially ordered it through Walmart.com, the display page said, "Pick up the same day." I input my payment information and then the pick up date was changed to September 3rd. My card was charged on August 22nd (the day it was shipped). The tracking information that the customer has access to showed that the vacuum had arrived in Raymond NH on August 27th and was scanned out for shipment to the store in Worcester MA on August 28th. Raymond NH is 1.5 hours away from the final destination.

It is now September 4th and the tracking information says the same thing. Logged out of Raymond NH on the 28th. After that there is no information. I called the store on September 3rd and they were totally useless. They could not tell me a thing. I then called Walmart.com on September 3rd and received the same answer. Customer Service is certainly not important to this mega-giant. Now - bear in mind - my card had been charged back on August 22nd, the day my order had been shipped.

I called again this morning (September 4th) and still no vacuum. I asked for a refund. They did consent to give me one, but it will not take effect for 5 business days from today. My money will not be available to me until September 12th. (Labor Day and the weekends are not considered business days.) So they have had the payment for 20 days and I have not received anything except a great deal of aggravation. I will NEVER order anything from them again.

I buy Mainstays towels (27x52 in) in bulk many times at Wal-Mart. When I first started buying, I noticed a marked difference in thickness in certain colors of towels, so I avoided them. Now, I noticed measurement differences (measurements, which are highly imperative for me). I've called Wal-Mart's corporate office four times during the month of August with ABSOLUTELY no return call and no resolution. This is false advertising and inappropriate labeling, along with ripping off the public. I have all my receipts and photos to prove this!!

Ok so I go to the Wal-Mart in Lehighton, PA. Let me start off by saying, the employees in the customer service/site to store section are ALWAYS rude! No customer service experience at all. I ordered a crib mattress on August 19 site to store. I selected the option "cash" to pay in store for my item, so that's what I did, same day no issues. My mattress was supposed to be there on August 24. Still hasn't updated that it was delivered. So I waited until the 25, still nothing. So after work I went to my local store and see what was going on. They said my mattress wasn't going to arrive until August 31!? WHAT?? I needed it ASAP, it was a baby shower gift. Everyone was so rude about it, like god forbid I be upset about this, right?! Yeah.

So I told them to just give me a refund and I'll just buy the mattress in store. So they said, (rudely), "ok we refunded the money back to your card." I said... "wh... what card? I paid in cash?" She said "YOU DID, OH NO." What the hell? Where did my money go? So I finally got it refunded in cash after waiting 30 minutes for the assist. manager. The employee was talking rude to me even in front of this manager and he did NOTHING about it. Anyway.

So I went to get my mattress, the same exact one I got online, and it was way more expensive in store?! I went back to customer service and said, "could I have just done an exchange since it's the same exact mattress?" Online it was 53 and some change that I got refunded for and in store, it was well over 60 bucks. They said no because I already got my refund. They didn't have the time to reverse the transaction. THEY DIDN'T HAVE TIME? OHHH. Ok. I was so pissed. It's like these people get off of making you miserable. And they want 15+$ an hour. Yeah. Scummy ignorant kids.

I bought a 46in Flat Screen TV from Walmart last year and it lasted 1 year. They wanted me to pay to repair it. Please don't ever purchase any electronics from this company. They have 754 complaints.

Well what can I say. The biggest retail company in the world is arguably the biggest ** head company in the world. Let's see. I make a site to store order for my son's birthday. Of course they said they had them in stock so I make an order to go pick up today then I check my email and it says check status. Well lo and behold the items I ordered were not in stock and so they decided to take it upon themselves to go ahead and shoot me the items. So instead of me getting him today that day and going to a different store they decided to take it in their hands and ship me the item. Food takes about 10 days to get there so now I do not have a present for my son. How embarrassing and my father have to tell him here's a gift coming in the mail by Walmart. They actually have no permission to do that. This should not be allowed to do that. That anyone should be allowed to cancel your order should have so it's already processing you can cancel. That is a crock of **.

If this was Nordstrom's or Macy's or any recognizable company it would never be any of these issues. Walmart just does not care about its customers. What is typical Corporate America and anyone in between gets left in the dust. They know it, I know it, everyone knows it. But how about show your customers a little more respect. AC shop at Walmart 3 to 4 times a week. I no longer have a shop there ever again. I will just order amazon.com which is way better, way faster, and way more respect for Walmart. EAT A FAT **. And I really don't know what the point is and complaining because no one there and get that ** at all. Absolutely no way lol. Guarantee you I will not get responses. Until then ** off Walmart. I'm glad you get ripped off all the time.

I had ordered a calculator from walmart.com. I was told it would be ready for store pick up the same day. It was not and I received notice of order cancellation 3 days later, after contacting them to find out where my order was. They charged my credit card for the product that they cancelled and when I speak with Walmart.com they say that it's the store where the item was to be picked up that needs to issue the refund and when I talk with the store they are saying that they never received the order to begin with. Now I'm being told that my bank let the charge go through when they shouldn't have. Seems to me that Walmart shouldn't have charged my card if they didn't have the product in stock and didn't plan to get it back in stock. I WILL NEVER SHOP WALMART AGAIN. In store or on line.

They don't ship on the weekends. I paid for fast delivery and they gave me a date to receive it on Sunday. Horrible. I wouldn't even have wasted my time. I could of found the item somewhere else. I don't understand how a business can have this error. Now I have to go through all this return bs to have my money refunded. Very pissed.

Store in East Flagstaff Arizona. I'm a retail manager in a department store. There are so many outs on the shelfs in this store. Cannot purchase half of the products that we are trying buy. Is there even a manager working at this location. This has been an on going problem on east side store. Very disappointed in this location. I have traveled all over United States, visited lot of Walmart locations, this seems to be the worst of all the Walmart I have visited. In my opinion management in that location needs to be re-evaluated. Needs some serious attention.

Attempted to order a fridge from .com in Fernley Nevada. Site said would take 7 to 10 days to pick up item. However, the store stated they had 10 in stock. Called Walmart.com regarding this and the csr (can't service right) person on the phone said their stock is separate from any store. This is crap. I travel and cannot pop into the same store to acquire a late delivery item... when it is in fact in stock at that store. I even selected the pick up at store option on the website.

Furthermore, the csr would not assist me whatsoever or transfer me to management. I stated that THIS WAS NOT a good customer experience tactic by Walmart and have management call me regarding this poor service activity. NO CALL SINCE A MONTH AGO. Go figure! 2nd, Walmart in store has over 22 aisles generally. 2 are usually open...4 if they get busy. Again WTF! I attempted to buy cigarettes with my $100 worth of groceries in Wood Village Oregon...only to have the cashier refuse to get my additional items with the excuse "my register won't ring them up". News flash Walmart... if you carry it... sell it! Screw the political correctness store of the new century.

My wife and me live in Anderson and do our shopping in Greenfield because there is not enough checkouts open in Anderson but now Greenfield is doing the same thing. Who wants to go through self-checkout with 150-200 worth groceries.

Placed an order online with store pickup option, while ordering it showed the store have 4 items in stock. I got an email immediately saying the order should be available for 4 hours. After 24 hours I got an email saying my order is cancelled because they don't the item in stock. I understand goof up's happen and ordered a different configuration with the option to pick up at same store and they repeated same thing. Please don't purchase anything online and waste your time. I lost 4 days in the process by which I might have ordered the same thing on Amazon for a little lesser price and still delivered to me a day ahead.

I was in the Pleasanton store today (8/12) from approx 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. While entering the return line, I encountered your associate Samantha yelling at all the customers to get a dog that was running around the store. She had stopped doing returns because she said she didn't like dogs and wanted customers to get the dog out of the store, even though she was surrounded by 4 co-worker who were joking about it and stopped processing returns too. The line was already long and after 15 minutes of this got real long. A couple customers said to Samantha to stop being disruptive/unprofessional and please help the returns line. She started to be rude to all the customers in the line and yelling with them.

One of the customers then got real angry and then told her to not worry about the dog because she's behind a counter and to do her job. That's when the owner of the dog showed up and took his dog outside. I then watched the owner of the dog exit and leave the store front with his dog. I told Samantha the dog was gone, hoping she'd be happy and return to helping all the customers. She then directed her already rude behavior at me and took a personal tone with me by saying "Don't worry about my job, I'm doing my job and helping customers," when she actually was not. I finally get to the front of the line and she stares me down. I am standing within earshot and I she starts to say to another associate Kelly, who is the Asst Manager "This ** boy thinks we are going to return that cell phone here" while they both laughed. They said some other racist stuff I don't want to repeat.

Kelly should have been the one to help me but purposefully ignored and directed me to Samantha. They were treating this customer return as some sort of bad joke. Before I could even set the phone on the counter she said "You can't return that here." So I then asked to speak with the Store Manager. Samantha then turned and represented Kelly as the Store Manager. I looked at Kelly's badge. It said she was the Asst Manager of the return dept not the store manager. I asked her for the store manager.

They would not call the store manager for me. They would not help me insisting it was the store policy to not do .com returns. I am a disabled person and it was getting difficult for me to stand. I begged with Kelly to follow policy. I showed her my return paperwork which states to bring the email, and item in original packaging back to store. They keep me waiting another 30 minutes. During this time tried to reach the Store Manger from my cell phone. I couldn't get through.

I called walmart.com myself. After an long hold they came on and reviewed the policy with me. They asked to have Kelly call them. I asked her to do that and don't think she actually dialed them until a long time went by. By this time, about 45 minutes have gone by. The Store Manager Correna showed up to the return department so I called her over to explain there was a problem. I explained to her I am disabled and need some help with my return and poor customer service. Correna was very helpful and professional. She then contacted.com, reviewed the policy with them and me, and then punched in my return on the register, completed my return.

Being disabled it is really tough to get in the store. Having Samantha and Kelly make me stand for about an hour, hurl racial insults while in line is too much. I explained to the manager Correna that I didn't appreciate being treated so terribly about my disability or the color of my skin. I will never shop at a Walmart store or.com again after this experience. And I will also be telling all my friends disabled and able not to shop there anymore. Poor customer service is tolerable. Being ostracized is too much!

I can't believe Walmart as of 8/11/2016 will not take back any returns without a receipt. We buy so much there & just cannot keep every receipt. They will not even allow returns on their own store brand. WE WILL SHOP ELSEWHERE FROM NOW ON!

Shopping to Wal-Mart is great until you meet with the artist, and there are many of them. Many of the tellers are very skillful magician to seal the goods from the customers. Taking advantage from the tellers, bags carousel they use these tactics. First they never hand the bags to the customers. Second they rotate the carousel clockwise (opposite side of the customer). Third some of merchandise (they decide to steal) they put behind 2 empty bag hangers. Fourth they refuse the customer to pick up the stuff before paying. Fifth they force you to pick up the bags while they are choking the next customer. This is a very well planned distraction to force you to pick up the bags in hurry.

If you try to pick up your stuff before the next customer started to be checked, the teller is complained and accused me endangering their safety. For that reason I waste more time and product with the bar code scan by myself in self-scanning line, and after check the rest at the teller. I fear the part of equation is the Wal-Mart choosing the carousel bag hangers, giving the best opportunity the tellers to steal.

A couple of hours ago, my husband and I were shopping at the WalMart Super Center in Sherwood Park, Wye Road. Ankush, an employee, came up behind me and almost tripped me while I was "moving too slow". When I'm shopping, I did not know there were minimum speed limits. When I pointed this out to this rude little man, I said that he could have walked around me or simply said, "Excuse me." When I said this, his story changed to "I did not see you." How could he not see me when I was right in front of him? I went to Customer service and got an apology from the lady there, but I should have received one from the rude little man who nearly ran me over. I needed a laundry basket, but we never just buy one thing, even if that was the intention. We left empty handed and did our shopping elsewhere. NEVER AGAIN will I set foot in that place. Unbelievable lack of respect.

I recently paid my account credit card off at Walmart because of higher interest rate and in between the account being paid off I also made a payment. So when I got my next statement from Walmart it showed paid in full with 22.10 credit which I called Walmart and they said I could just use the card and use the credit. But before I could use it Walmart Synchrony bank sent me a check for 22.10 which I took to Walmart where I lived Gloversville, N.Y. 12078 and they would not cash it. Asked store manager why, he said they don't cash checks. Then was told by Walmart to send check to Synchrony bank and ask them to void the check and refund the amount to my card and I would spend it at the store.

I then just yesterday Aug 8, 2016 got a letter back from Synchrony bank with a letter with my original letter and them saying, "Sorry we cannot accept this check as payment because it was made out to wrong person". I still have the letter which states I am telling them I cannot cash the check because I don't have a bank account and the Walmart store will not cash it so where in my letter did they get I was trying to make a payment. I still have the check and the 2 letters and no refund of the amount to my credit card. I know this is a small check but if the shoe was on the other foot and I owed Walmart 10.00 they would have charged numerous fees and put me in the credit bureau. Also have letter I sent to them and the check.

Updated on 8/16/2016: I still can't cash this check. I know its only 22.10 but still getting the run around. store manager ** in Gloversville, N.Y. 12078 said they don't cash any checks. I told him it was a Walmart check he still says he will not cash it. I know someone there and he said they do cash checks. They sent me another check for the same amount now I still have 2 checks that they will not cash. So let me get this straight. They give you a check from Walmart and you can't cash it. So who monitors the maybe 10's of thousands of checks that Walmart won't cash so they make off with all the money? You call the local walmarts and store managers will never answer the phone or leave you on the line waiting forever.

I still have the letter I sent and the one they sent back saying they can't accept this check as a payment, the letter clearly explained I was trying to get a refund of overpayment and not make a payment on a paid up account. I don't have a checking account so can't deposit it.

On 28, 2016 I purchased a Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Sandwich at Walmart, 2150 Chili Avenue, Rochester, NY. The price was $2.78 and I looked forward to a tasty sandwich that afternoon. Imagine my surprise, when I opened the sandwich and there wasn't a bit of bacon or ranch dressing on it. I'm sure you think $2.78 is not a lot of money, but I am on Social Security and I expect to get what I pay for.

My reason for this review is simple. In 2013 I was a contractor for US Xpress I hauled on the Walmart account out of Henderson NC hauling grocery product from the distribution center to the store. In September my terminal leader came to me and said Walmart accused me of stealing diesel fuel for my truck from the facility. I was told there was proof and my contract terminated. In October I had a traffic stop and was arrested for obtaining property false pretense. I had to get a public defender and while this case was going through the legal system I lost my truck, my home and no one would hire me due to a pending case.

I was able to get all the evidence against me and start building a case I was indicted in January 2014 and I turned down every plea because my record was clean and I intended for a trial to keep my record clean. The DA would not go to trial due to lack of evidence and the case I had built was very compelling the charges were dropped in March 2016 nearly three years later and I found out US Xpress had paid Walmart for the alleged fuel stolen. I am left with nothing. I lost everything and went to jail and spent the last three years in limbo. Justice has not been served and lawyers want thousands to take my case so I just have to shed light on this injustice any way possible.

I'm so frustrated! I cashed payroll checks at the same Wal-Mart for over a year. 2 weeks ago, I received the first of some small settlement checks totaling $682 issued from a LAW FIRM *TRUST ACCOUNT*. I went to the Wal-Mart in town, I don't normally use and no one was in their "Money Center" so I went to Customer Service. My check and ID were promptly handed back to me with a little decline slip and no explanation from the girl who just walked off. I called the number and the "automated response" listed 6 reasons it could be declined. No!!! Person please!!! So naturally the person I get barely speaks English, puts me on hold 3 times and provides no explanation. I asked "So basically your company puts a formula out there based on statistics and it denies checks at random based on check #, amount, location, routing # or anything else it doesn't LIKE?!" She basically agreed and told me to cash it anywhere but Wal-Mart.

So TODAY I receive my pitiful little income tax refund and go to my regular Wal-Mart with my sister and 3 year old niece. We have a buggy FULL of stuff. Frozen dresses and curtains, bookcases, pretty lamps and frames, tons for a day of decorating. I run to the Money Center to cash it while they wait in line but guess what?! DENIED! My 2 normal ladies weren't there so I was concerned about that too. This guy was even ruder as the CS girl from last time. I explained "THIS IS FROM THE GOVERNMENT. HOW IS IT NOT WORKING?" He didn't know or care. SunTrust next door to the Money Center said it's new and causing tons of problems. No kidding. Luckily my sister has the funds and bought everything but it was supposed to be my gifts to her! I hope this isn't happening with payroll checks as well. Something has to change. What an ignorant bassackwards way to run things! Keep up the good work. Wally World. Ugh.

I tried to return an item I received as a baby shower gift. I returned it with the original gift receipt and because they could not find it in their system they refused to accept the return even if it was for a merchandise credit. All I was asking was to exchange the product for another similar item!! Even the Assistant Store Manager Tammy said they could not allow the return even with a receipt because the item was no longer in their system. Plus, it states nowhere on the receipt what their return policy is!!!

Tammy, asst manager, said they did not need to put the store policy on their receipt because people should know. I don't know why she's even the asst manager and how she got there in the first place! Tammy also said they've never run into any issue like mine... So apparently I'm the only one out of the hundreds of the thousands of guests that come in with this issue. This is the reason why I hate Walmart and refuse to shop there even though they are down the street from where I live. I would rather drive 7 miles to Target than go to Walmart!!! Hate their employees that look like they hate their jobs.