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It took me a few purchases to figure it out, but they seem to sell used appliances and label them as new and try to trick you into thinking you are buying new products by having them in the original packaging. I bought a window A/C and it had mold from the beginning and the vents in the back were bent and the unit had scratches on it. I returned it as it was clearly used and got another unit that was a bit suspicious and ended up having mold too. I thought it was just coincidence and maybe the mold came from my side.

Months later my parents bought a refrigerator that ended up having many issues and was clearly used. They also bought a television from brandsmart that had some voltage back feeding issues that destroyed a ps3. Fast forward two years, I buy a portable A/C unit that had multiple scratches out of the box and a few noise and cooling issues. It was definitely used. A week ago I visited a friend who was installing a new dishwasher they got from brandsmart. It had rust on the bottom, multiple scratches on the back and was filled with mold on the inside. All this right out of the box. That is when it finally clicked.

I am convinced they sell refurbished/used products and don't tell anyone, just sell it to you at "great prices". You are not getting great prices, you are getting refurbished garbage. Definitely inspect any appliance you buy from them closely. Nothing should have multiple scratches/dings and bends right out of the box. Don't write it off, you probably got ripped off and were sold a used/refurbished unit. Just be vigilant if you decide to buy from this place.

We acquired a washer almost 1 year ago. It stop working almost 2 months ago. After two months, numerous calls, two technicians visits, the washing machine has not been repaired yet. Be smart: this company has low prices, but never ever purchase a guarantee from them... It is useless, you will spend a lot of bad moments and every night you will have to hear the endless complains from your wife...

The employees that are working in return department have very bad behavior and principally the supervisor **. She is not polite. I had to go 4 time to my house to look for 6 screws of a tv that I returned in excellent condition because ** doesn't want take it back. Also, she told me that she is going to take 20% of value of the tv. Just for 6 screws. After 4 time, that I was brought screws She had a rough behavior with me. This is store is in Miami 3200 NW 167 St, Palmetto has very bad service in return department, thanks to ** "Supervisor". My family, my friends and me never go again. I am going to put in Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

Imagine how upset I am to take my time to write this review on a Sunday evening, but I feel a responsibility towards other to keep them informed. I will summarize a 6 month nightmare in a few words if possible. Allow to start by saying that this is my own individual experience and it is not meant to be a generalization of Brandsmart services but just the chance of being in my shoes is worth and double thought.

Let's start: Oct 2014: I purchased a GE washer and dryer and purchased and paid a 5 year "TOP TECH Protection" plan from Brandsmart number ** so to "save money, time and have ease of service and flexibility" as their pamphlet stated. Mar 6 2016: the washer started leaking. I of course called my protection plan number 1800 228-2731 that would answer "Brandsmart customer service". Between that day and Jul 7, 2016 at least 3 different companies with a 1-2 week time difference (it seems they had no rush of course) were sent to fix washer without success (of course meanwhile washer could no be used). Between Jul to Aug 2016 I spent countless time on the telephone back and forth repeating the story and giving details of every unsuccessful visit at many customer service numbers.

By late Aug 2016 I requested washer to be replaced and I was informed that a "Exchange" had been approved, just to find out later that there was a report that indicated that the washer had been fixed!! What a bad joke!!! By early Sep 2016 I was directed to call a customer relation department at a "corporate level", specifically to a lady by the name of Magy (I will be respectful of her last name). I left several messages and explained the situation to her (yes again). She asked me for a couple of days to review the case but did not hear from her for more than a week.

When I called her again, yes I had to repeat the story again. A few minutes later she called me back to let me know that I would have to call the very first telephones I had been calling for months for them to schedule a repair visit (yes this is +6 month since I reported the washer was not working). At that point I just told her to expect this review and of course I would never step into one of Brandsmart stores again and I hanged up. I invite you to draw your own conclusion as to if this is a service that you would like to receive and an experience you would like to come across, I doubt it. Be really Smart!!

Purchased a car stereo and install from the Deerfield location. After a week the radio had issues and needed to be replaced per Kenwood. I called the installer. He told me to call customer service. They told me to go to the store and they told me the installer had to call me. Then speaking to the store manager he told me, he was busy. They only had one guy and what could they do? Then I was told, I could remove the radio myself and return it then wait to have it installed again but that would void my warranty I purchased from them, really?? Ended up removing the radio, returning the warranty and the install price.

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I purchased a deep freezer from the stock bridge store in GA. What a horrible choice. I have been getting the runaround since the second month I purchased it. I got a voicemail to come in and pick another out. They wanted to charge me for the delivery and the difference. When clearly I wasn't supposed to pay a delivery charge again. I hate the race card but truly this store is racist. For any race horrible products horrible customer service. I will never buy anything from them in life. They have lost so much business and I'm praying they lose more.

I called to submit a claim for my tv. I was told that I would receive a phone call in 1 to 2 business days. At the end of day three still no phone call. I had to initiate the process and make that phone call to schedule an appointment for someone to come out and inspect my TV. My initial call was placed on August 6, 2016. I got an appointment on August 20, 2016 which the repairman said it would take approximately five days to receive the part. He was here for a total of four minutes. At day six I still received no phone call regarding said part and again initiated the phone call only to find out that the part has not been ordered Until four days after the inspector was here. I received a tracking number for the part and was told that once the part is in I will receive a phone call from the scheduling department to schedule the repair.

Today is August 31 and I have yet to receive a phone call. This morning I again initiated a phone call. After calling the scheduling department they redirected me to customer service which redirected me to scheduling department. I then spoke with an individual that told me the part came in last night. I swiftly corrected the customer service individual to let her know that I in fact had a tracking number and it arrived on the 29th at 10:18 in the morning... And that I have confirmation that an individual with the last name of ** signed for it and now that I know you have the part I want to schedule an appointment.

Somehow I was told that they could come out tomorrow to repair the television and a service technician would call me tonight between six and eight to schedule that for tomorrow. Overall I was on hold multiple times. I called for over 30 minutes many times without receiving any quality information or service. In the future I will not be making any large purchases from Brandsmart due to my experience. The aggravation is not worth my time or effort.

Updated on 09/27/2016: I was told that I was given an option of store credit for $588 or another Samsung TV and was given a model number. I asked the representative what the difference was from my TV. She declined to go into detail and told me that I had to go into the store and see for myself. Additionally she told me I had 48 hrs to make my decision. I looked it up and found it was a curved TV. I immediately called back in less than an hour and told the service representative that I decline the offer that a curved TV is NOT comparable to what I had... and reminded them that my contract stated that I would be offered a comparable TV as per my extended service contract that I purchased above and beyond the purchase price of my original TV.

After declining the offer as stated above I was told that I would be contacted in 3-5 days. I again, never received a call and called in. I was told that no answer was given and that an email would be sent to ask for a status update. This was on September 16, 2016 and was told I would again receive a call once a decision was made. I called Saturday September 24, 2016. Still no decision. I called again Monday September 26, 2016 and was told that the only thing they are offering is a store credit for $588. I again declined this offer as per my service contract I am to be offered a comparable television and not just a store credit for half of what my tv was worth.

Terrible customer service department! Contacted the company on 8/8/16 requesting service for my Kitchen Aid refrigerator with an extended warranty because it is not cooling. All food items had to be thrown away. Since then, I have contacted the service department every day and have been put on extended hold then told the replacement part was received today and that I should get a call within the next 24 hours. I never receive a call! I have left my contact information several times for Eddie and Maggie (so called service managers) and I have yet to receive a call back to get a status report as to when my refrigerator will be repaired.

Today is 8/29/16, I have been bounced around (for an hour!) from agent to agent then told I was being transferred directly to the service department which was a recorded message stating, "thank you for calling... We are not open today. Please call back on another day." I don't know who else to contact. This is unbelievable!!!

My experience with them has been horrible and I would have gladly purchased from a competitor if I had known better. I purchased a New washer and dryer from Brandsmart along with the extended warranty for a few hundred additional dollars. The product failed on me this month while still in warranty. I called the service department (Whose administration is managed by a third party company Named to file a claim for support.

They told me service would be dispatched a week later on the 16th but they would tell me what time or time frame of the day. Their policy is to call you the EVENING prior to inform you of which day they will provide service. This is wildly inconvenient to the working class to schedule around but obviously Brandsmart and Warrantech does not care. So on the 15th we were to expect a call between 6p to 8p. We called the service center 1-800-228-2731 at 8pm after not receiving a call and was told to wait until 9pm. We received no call and called back at 9am and was told to call the service center. Called the service center. Message comes up stating they closed at 6pm. On the expected day of service we received no call and their technician did not show. So my whole day that I took off for this service was wasted.

The next day (Aug 17th) after the service was support to occur; their tech calls me in the middle of the day and states he will be to my home in 20 min. I was at this time not able to be at the home as no one contacted me to tell me they would be a day late for service. They closed the service request without any follow-up communication and no one contacted me.

I attempted to call their support line again to speak to service management and could not get one on the phone. The hold /wait times are horrible. After waiting for around 30 min today for the service center someone picks up the phone and immediately hung up on me while I was calmly asking if this was the right service center. I called back waited forever again. Their scheduling group told me a supervisor was not available and would not allow me to wait for one. She could not hold with me while a supervisor became available. It has been several weeks now and still no call from their service department and my equipment is still broke. I will never buy from them again. Claim number ** (STILL UNRESOLVED). TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN FAR AWAY.

The extended warranty sounds great when the salesperson is telling you what is covered and all work is performed by Brandsmart. This protection plan is pure garbage as one has to wait on hold for extended periods of time to speak with an operator. Then to be on hold again to get with a person in scheduling. Then again on hold for a service tech availability to schedule a date and time. This operation is a carbon copy of how Adelphia Cable customer service operates. So, don't think you are getting a good deal at Brandsmart. Pay the extra and go to Lowe's or Sears, for appliances, which respect your time and operates a whole lot better.

I purchased a complete appliances package from Brandsmart in 1994 and swore to myself after that purchase that I would never again buy from Brandsmart, due to the poor customer service then. However, my wife thought it might of changed and again we purchased a complete appliance package on May 2014, but history is repeating itself again. Terrible repair warranty service. Never Again!

BrandsMart has had a long history of poor customer service and poor products - it is unfortunate I fell in the "YOU DIDN'T CHECK BRANDSMART"? trap... It is a trap - DO NOT GO TO BRANDSMART unless you are purchasing something that you don't care about the long term value and you don't need the warranty backed up. Buy if you're shipping to Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, the Islands ... anywhere but here! Their products are of poor quality and they do not stand behind their warranty. The store people are rude, the managers are rude and their customer service - the absolute worst! I just purchased an LG Stove that has electrical problems since Day 2. I was unfortunately naive and thought it would be handled. Here I am 6 months later and my next option is to sue them. Terrible!!

While shopping in this store I overheard employees talking about a customer they had waited on. When asked how it turned out a member of this sales staff stated that the customer tried to "Jew Him Down". He stated this loudly, boldly and without any hesitation. He did not look over his shoulder first, he did not lean forward and put his hand to his my and whisper. He stood strong and without hesitation used a slur that is rarely heard in private or in public but especially not in the work place. I asked this employee for his name and he told me it was Mike **. He then told me that he was the "best" and a 'true professional'. I am writing this review on Yelp and will be sending emails to the ACLU, Anti defamation League and the BBB.

I bought a refrigerator in Brandsmart with my 3yrs warranty, the warranty expired in February 2016. My refrigerator broke May 4, 2016. Immediately I was given the information for the Brandsmart Service Center, providing I pay for service on my refrigerator. I have paid what I was told. It has now been almost 4 months and my refrigerator is still broken. Brandsmart customer service always transfers calls to the service center and they leave you on hold for sometimes an hour. And they say it's not the right dept and they transfer to the parts and scheduling dept. That hold is also an hour hold. After 50 or so calls, I stopped calling and called Corporate. Corporate takes no responsibility and send my calls back to the service. EYDE BOWE is vice president of customer service. But she has yet to speak to me. I am seeking legal action against Brandsmart.

Purchased a washing machine from BrandsMart USA. The delivery people damaged a floor tile. Called BrandsMart many times and was promised a callback. Never received any response. Went into the store and was given a different phone number to report the damage. Called that number several times with promises again of a callback. Never received a response. The worst customer service. Once they have your money THEY JUST DON'T CARE. Wrote a letter to their customer service dept and that was ignored as well. Will NEVER again buy anything from BrandsMart USA. I'm just sorry I didn't come to the internet before making the purchase and see all the complaints they have against them.

Made claim June 26. It's July 20. Had part over a week. Been on hold for a total of 9 hours. They showed with part. Still doesn't work. They referred me to Whirlpool to get replacement. Another 1 and half hours with them. Na na. Another 30 mins with them to hear service is closed. Eeeeeeeeeeek. A 700 dollar WHIRLPOOL MACHINE ONLY WORKS 3 YRS. WOW. I SAY WHIRLPOOL AND BRANDSMART SUCK.

RUN AWAY FROM THIS UNACCOUNTABLE, LOW LEVEL, GROSSLY NEGLIGENT PLACE! I purchased a split air conditioner with an extended warranty in Sept. 2014. I picked it up and had it installed professionally by a licensed electrician. It broke about 1 year later due to defective parts. My first call to Brandsmart was April 04, 2016.

Today is July 05, 2016. IT HAS BEEN IN THE 90 DEGREES FOR MONTHS here in Florida and the air conditioner still is not resolved. I asked Brandsmart to replace it after they had changed both the condenser and compressor, each tech stated that there was a different cause and each time I had to wait for weeks, call everyday, wait on hold constantly and l even lost time from work waiting for techs. They finally said that they will give me a 'store credit' or after another week of mediating this issue, they said they would replace the unit... if and only if I uninstall the unit from the hole in the wall that was made for the air conditioner, take it to their store, pick up the replacement and hire my own electrician and pay for the re installation. This is completely unreasonable, unethical, irresponsible and grossly negligent. They should be prosecuted.

While shopping I passed a group (4 or 5 b) of Salespeople standing in front of a 75 inch TV. One man was describing his experience with a customer he just finished with and he stated loudly and with no shame that the customer "** me down." Before I left I went back found the salesperson asked him for help (pretending to be interested in a TV) and asked his name. He told me it was Mike **. Just to be clear and try to allow the store to verify this encounter I have included his name and where he was standing. It was after 6 pm on Friday 6/30.

Mike ** has a Caribbean accent, wears glasses and looks like he is in his late 50's. Even more disturbing was the reaction from his co-workers. They did nothing and this shows, to me , that this is an acceptable behavior. After 25 years will never go to any BrandsMart Store. To be honest I never liked it to begin with, but if you don't mind terrible service it was a place to get deals. Now with price matching there is no need to go there anyway. I will be finding any and all websites that I can find to right about this.

I purchased a washing machine in 2014 that BM won't fix or replace. Do not buy from this company. They do not stand behind the product or send out repairpersons in a timely time. Within a month of the last repair, they are sending someone out with the parts in 2 weeks!!! That means 2 weeks of laundry at a laundromat, which is a huge expense. We already did this for 2 weeks a month ago. This is all regarding the machine and nothing to do with us. Horrible!!! I am in tears writing this.

This place is the worst customer services I have seen. Nothing compare to this company. They refuse to help the customer. If there is any little change to refuse service do will take it. Please just try to find what you looking for in another store. RUN AWAY FROM BRANDSMART USA.

When visiting the Sawgrass Mills store, I attempted to purchase a Karaoke that was listed for a labeled price. I was advised by an agent that the price was not for that item. When asked to speak to a store manager I got a lead who clearly told me nothing can be done after he removed the label that was there. I called corporate who asked me to speak to the general manager which I did and got a second manager who still didn't resolve my problem. It's sad because as a customer I have to shop and check prices when they had 7 employees standing around in a huddle talking. On top of that NO GENERAL MANAGER can speak to customer. Too busy.

How shady is Brandsmart?!?! Here's the issue... My husband bought an item at Brandsmart and returned it within the proper return time. They handed him a receipt with big, bold letters on top that says "CREDIT" and it was a credit for the full amount back to his credit card. He checked the next statement for the credit and it wasn't there yet. He then checked the current statement and still no credit. He called his credit card and they are going to open a dispute but here is the interesting part.

He called Brandsmart and after putting him on hold multiple times, the girl comes back and says "Oh, you needed to take that receipt to a cashier so that she could complete the credit process." But no one at any point during the return informed him of that. This got him many people do they do this to that don't bother to check their statements? Not only that but the girl on the phone says to him, "We get a lot of these calls every day." So they know what they are doing and they don't tell the customer about the proper process for the credit in hopes that you don't check your statement and they then keep your monies. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HUH!!!

Very Bad CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I got an music equipment. When I open the box the lcd was broken and when tried to change it the manager said me that they not sale products in that condition. (I did this within the 5 first days after the purchase). The Store managers are extremely unprofessional and rude. NOW DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM.

I did an order online on May 1, 2016 for an air condition wall unit that was in stock and I paid online and I got email for delivery on Thursday May 5. Today, May 4, I received a call from your office confirming you cancelled my order because you do not have it in stock. I tried to call you to find any other way to solve this problem but they put me on hold for more than an hour every time I call and I asked for the supervisor. I already arranged with a technician to come on Friday to install it. Also on May 1 a few same model air conditioners were on sale in other stores but I chose Brandsmart. Because of this I now I lost other chances to buy this unit while it was on sale and I did not get the one I ordered. I am very upset that a big store like yours would do this without any other solution. Unfortunately I will do more complaints and bad reviews if I do not get any support from you.

Last year I purchased a dryer. The delivery service took my door out and they didn't want to put it back. I went to the store then put a formal complaint and the manager told me they were going to contact me but till now nobody call me. I just purchase new appliances and they supposed to deliver them today. They were late and then they call to tell me that besides the time frame the driver is two more hours late.

I tried to call customer service and they just put you on hold till I get disconnected. I managed to call the store and talk to the manager. He said "sometimes happen". They offered me a gift card and another delivery day. I asked please for next day. They say is not possible. I explain I took off from work just to wait for my appliances. They reschedule my delivery after two days. It is really disappointing when you call customer service but they make it feel that is our fault. Very bad Brandsmart. Probably losing a loyal customer doesn't matter but after two bad experiences we need try other choices out in the market.

We bought our TV back in 2013. With the TV we got the warranty so if something happened we could have it fixed. Back in December the TV would not turn on. We called made a claim to get it fixed. It took them almost 2 months to fix it. We get the TV back and it worked for maybe a week and then it would not turn on again. If it did turn on it would cut right back off. They came and picked the TV up to take it to the shop, had the TV for over a month. We got our family TV back on Wednesday but did not hook it up till Thursday. We thought everything was work fine.

I get home on Friday to turn the TV on and once again it will not cut on. The TV repair guy that Brandsmart is sending out to my house has car trouble every time. I waited for him this morning and was late to and he never showed. Normally I do not post reviews, but after buying something so expensive and having a warranty on it and them not replacing it after it has been down for almost 6 months is not right. I have called and called and I get the run around every time. My family is still without a TV. I will never buy from this place again and I will make sure that everyone know how crappy their customer service is.

Many years with Brandsmart. Last June purchased washer and dryer. Dryer was broken several time until was delivered in working condition. I decided to go back and give them another chance. I just purchased kitchen appliances. The ice maker delivered 3 time. Box is missing some screws and parts, they are so stupid 3 time they sent the same box missing parts. We wonder the reason why everything is sent to India, Russia, we American can't do our job anymore. Still waiting for my ice maker.

I placed an order online for an Xbox One system. It was supposed to be delivered today 4/1/16. Came to find out that it was being shipped back. There was no phone call from Brandsmart about my order. I called customer support and they told me I put in my order information wrong. Not even a courtesy call at all. Customer service wasn't willing to help. I asked for future order "is it going to happen again" and the rep said "well you can make sure you put in the right information next time". Last time I checked, I didn't move or change my name. First time order and it will be the last time. I didn't think customer service could be worse than Wal-mart's.

I bought online a washer and a Grill. They had me waiting for 5 hour for the delivery and never called me to let me know what was going on. When I called them, they told me my address was wrong but I check when I placed my order and everything was fine. We re-schedule and second time they had me waiting for 6 hour. No one showed up until I called and they told me there was a problem with the system and they gave a wrong delivery time.

Customer service not professional at all, They hang up on me many times when I was trying to find out what was going on with my order because they didn't know. And have to said I was very polite because I was trying to find out what was happening. It was a nightmare, beside that I just can't understand why a company like this can hired for their customer services so many unhappy personnel or not well trained employee. I don't recommend to no one to buy big items online for delivery. This company need to improve its system or its services because something is not working right there... Very bad experience.

Could write a book on how poorly you are treated if you need service. Just trying to speak to a manager is impossible. They seem to hide when problems arise. Whatever money you think you will save shopping there is really not worth it. Read all reviews they tell the story. The delivery drivers are pretty good though.

I have a LG front load washer. Works ok but I did not know until doing research after it was purchased there is a flaw in the pipe that takes the water out of the washer. Anyway washer began to leak so stupid me called in a repair. I was told it would take approximately 22 days. On the date of the repair no one called so I called and was told and I quote "we don't service that area". So the young lady gave me another company to call, Best electronics (don't use them), and I scheduled an appointment for monday the 7th between 6-10 pm.

They called at 9:38 to my cell phone, which I did not have. When I looked at it I called back at 10PM, the number I was given. That number was to a closed company. I called the next day and was told, "you did not answer so we don't come out if you don't answer". I explained to the guy that "you called a cell not a home number. That was on your information". Talking to someone that lacks common sense will not get you far so that company is off my list. Next I called corporate on the 5th of March. Why did the person I spoke to transfer me back to the call center. She lacks customer service too. Okay now I am calling on the 8th numerous times trying to get to a person (Service Manager Maggie **) whose mailbox was full. Of course they don't want to answer anyway.

Now after calling and calling I finally reached someone, I was transferred to someone and now I have another service center that will call to schedule an appt on - wait for it THURSDAY. Also the person I spoke to said a manager would call. I doubt it. Oh well Brandsmart is for the dogs. I won't purchase a pencil from them. They are not reliable and their customer service STINKS. I will get the washer fixed and gotten rid of but, I am purchasing another one today, not from Brandsmart.

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