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Two weeks before my daughter's wedding, after printing the Rental Receipt that was emailed when I made the arrangements, I realized there was a mistake on the Pick-Up Date and got really worried about it when reading all the negatives reviews online. I went to the store on Pines Boulevard in Pembroke Pines Florida and told the Manager Mr. Jose ** about my concern and he immediately corrected the mistake after calling the place where the tuxedo was being prepared. I was treated with a lot of professionalism and caring by Mr. ** and his staff. The Vera Wang tux made me look good and had a lot of compliments. I am a very satisfied customer.

My husband went to this store for rent a tuxedo because he was the best man on our friend's wedding last Saturday. He went at the store two weeks before the wedding and they measure him. I had to pick his tuxedo because he works until 10 pm everyday, so he just dressed the tuxedo at the day of the wedding and it didn't fit. It was at least 2 sizes up for the pants and 2 sizes down for the shirt. Just ridiculous! My husband had to use his own pants because he called the store and they said that was nothing that they could do! They ask him to stop by at the store and gave him just a new tie because not even that fitted his neck! Just a big mess. So stressful. And guess what? No refunds! That's why they ask you to pay everything before the event day. Of course! And the employees are awful dealing with clients. Please find another place to rent your tuxedo.

A six tux order and 3 out of the 6 were picked up and incorrect. The Groom's shirt was too big. Two of him could have fit in it. Father of the groom and a groomsmen jacket were too small. Both of them had to make a special trip back to MW to pick up another jacket day before wedding. Incompetent staff when sizing and writing down sizes. You don't want problems the week before wedding and you will if you order thru MW. $250 a tux is ridiculous and they do not look like $250 tux.

Well I did my homework today. Before going to the Men's Wearhouse I got online and looked at the hours of operations. I pull up and I see that yes in fact they are supposed to open at 10. However here I sit at 10:11 still waiting for them to open. I was not overly impressed on my first visit when I had to come and get sized for uniforms and nobody really wanted to do that. They might need to look at their management. I'm not sure I'll ever be back. In fact I'm worried about leaving my things to be altered.

My boyfriend was in a wedding on a Saturday 8 hours away. We called the store and told them we would be returning the tux a day late on Monday but things didn't go as planned and we got there Wednesday because he worked late and couldn't make it there in time the first two days. After he told us the late fee would be waived from calling Sunday we go in there and he said we had to pay $60 in late fees. He was the manager and was saying there was nothing he could do to take it off. That's a lie. My boyfriend has been in three weddings this year and all of them have cared enough to work with us. He said if it didn't get paid it would be sent right to collections. $300 for a tux rental for one day and you're still trying to take more money.

After the tux walked out of their door Friday before the wedding they were nothing but rude. It's like a salesman that got the sell and wants nothing more to do with the customer. They were all talking, taking things down, acting like they didn't care about us as customers after renting $900 in tuxes this year alone. What they don't know is I had planned to go there for my wedding coming up. I'm glad they showed their true colors this past weekend... I will NEVER step foot in that store again. Completely rude, unorganized, irresponsible people. If you want to work in retail, your number one priority should be customer service. Men's Wearhouse has customer service similar to that of Comcast, nonexistent!

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My Business Partner and I responded to an emailed offer for $19.99 shirts at Men's Warehouse Daily Deal. (see attached) I looked up participating stores on the offer. I drove to the store listed on the offer, I ask the sales person at the counter about the $19.99 shirts. His immediate response was, "you're in the wrong store... You need to go to a TJ MAXX or ROSS for that junk." I then tried to explain that I had an email offer on my phone that I could show him. He responded again, "well it's not for us." I retrieved my phone and email from my car. When I returned the first man pointed at another man that identified himself as the store manager, later as AVI **, Store Manager. I showed ALI ** the email offer from Men's Warehouse on my phone. He then stated, "those offers are only good online and at our clearance stores" then handed me my phone back.

I showed him the offer again and read from the offer: "YOUR DAILY DEAL FOR WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31. $19.99 Clearance Dress Shirts. Bring this coupon to your nearest Men's Wearhouse store to redeem." He shrugged his shoulders and walked away. Rude Sales Person. Rude Manager equals recipe for disaster. By the way, My Partner and I were the only 2 people in the store at that time. Hmmmmm. My partner and I operate In Home Health Care Agencies in 22 states. We have hundreds of employees. I recently married and rented all wardrobe from Men's Warehouse. In general that was a good experience, other than their bookkeeping could be better. I paid for everything in advance and they would still charge my wedding guest, so we spent a lot of time getting people reimbursed needlessly.

I have never been treated so rudely. When I first went in to get fitted for the suit I had to wait 25 minutes. This wasn't the worst of it, but then came the attitude from with the female manager, but I stuck it out because it was my son's wedding. I was told they would email me to come in and try the suit on. One week went by and no email and no call and I was told the suit was there and to come in and get it. The second time I walked in to the store I was greeted by two gentlemen there to help me fit my suit. The shirt was three times too big. How do you get this wrong with all the measuring they did. They then found one in the back to fit me, thank goodness. So they proceeded to check me out and let me take the suit but the jacket was all wrinkled up like it was balled up in a corner.

I told them that I wasn't going to take the suit looking like that. I was also told that they turn the press off for the night. At the time it was almost 9:00 pm and I was asked to come back tomorrow night. The third time into the store and in was greeted by a young women and was told that she would be with me in a minute. There were two people working the floor, one gentleman was with two people working on colors of their suits that they wanted for their wedding. The female was working with a customer on the floor and one in the fitting room. She finished with both of the customers, then walked right by me without saying a word to and started to help the couples that were working with the other floor guy. 35 minutes went by.

My two sons came in to see me and were telling me they had a hard time getting theirs as well. The couple in front of them were also upset because they had lost their pants and the wedding was tomorrow. At this point I walked up to where the sales people were and stood there waiting. She looked up at me and again... ATTITUDE when she said, "I TOLD YOU TO WAIT AND I WOULD BE WITH YOU IN A MINUTE." The young gentleman looked up at me and said, "Are you here to pick up your suit" and I said, "Yes."

He then proceeded to the back and the young woman looked up and again said, "I TOLD YOU THAT I WOULD BE WITH YOU IN A MINUTE." I told her that this is was the third time coming in the third time that I had been treated very unprofessionally. At this point, she became furious at me and told me that she was the manager. I told her that's nice because now I know who I can tell corporate. The young man came out of the back and gave me the suit and then I left the store...

The day of the wedding when putting on the suit and all was OK until I stuck my hand in the pocket of the jacket only to find an old receipt from the previous renter, which had been rented 2 weeks prior. THE ENTIRE TIME I COULDN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD THAT THE SUIT HAD NOT BEEN CLEANED FROM the last guy that had used it...

When the time came to return the suit, I dropped it off at another store on the way home because it had to be back on Sunday. The man at the store said, "Where did you get this suit and that it wasn't paid for and wasn't scanned out..." So he called customer service and was told they would handle it on the other end. Thankfully I have a receipt for returning the suit. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND MEN'S WEARHOUSE TO ANYONE AS I REFUSE TO BE TREATED LIKE this ever again. Please pass this along to all your friends.

The groomsmen for our daughter's wedding rented tuxedos from Men's Wearhouse and encountered an assortment of difficulties with the fit of the tuxes. When the wedding party were fitted for their tuxedos, not all of the locations had the particular style of tux available in the needed sizes. They were measured accurately, but it appears that store staff probably didn't take into account the trim-cut pant style when measuring the groomsmen who have a husky build. One of them even decided to get measured again only 2 weeks before the wedding to make sure his tuxedo would fit -- it didn't! The pants that arrived were way too tight in the seat, and several inches too long at the hem! The staff tried to correct the problem and then he received just half a tuxedo on two different visits! First just the jacket, then just the pants. When the full tuxedo did arrive, it didn't have the correct tie. It was a confusing mess all the way around.

The photos of the Groomsmen are interesting to view, because most of the fellows are wearing tuxedo pants that are WAY TOO LONG, and the pants are all crumpled up in a heap at the ankle! And those pants didn't even have the classic satin stripe along the sides! Maybe that's the style now, but pants that are too long at the ankle? Puhl-eez! The only reason I've given Men's Wearhouse 2 stars instead of 1 or none is because of how hard the staff appears to have in trying to resolve the problems with the orders. I still think that their staff need more or better training in how to assess body shapes for a good fit with every style they rent.

So I wanted to get a couple new suits. Found that JC Penney does not have a tailor so after browsing Men's warehouse online store I decided I found a couple good suits for ~$300 each. No problem right? I even called first to make sure they were there. Gave them the item number and they checked and said "yes, c'mon in!" Well, they are paid on commission so I should've been smarter. Sure enough I walk in and ask for the woman who I spoke to over the phone. She immediately takes me to a rack, measures me, hands me a sport coat. I said "this is nice, but what about the Perry Ellis slim fit suits I asked about over the phone?" She says, "Those? Ohhhhhhhh THOSE are special order and would take over a month to get and the price online 'may differ.'"

I was furious. I asked about this buy one get one thing they constantly inundate you with on their commercials. It only applies to suits Over $600. Mind you, I DO know what a good suit is and these $600- $700 suits were AVERAGE. Not great, not bad. So, there you have it. It's a bait n switch store. Go to JC penney, buy a suit off the rack that's close and take it to a tailor. You'll have the same 2 suits for 300 bucks less after all is totaled. I am shocked they are able to even maintain this type of bait n switch business practice. The store in question was the Fairview Heights, IL store.

My future son in law and his best man entered the Men's Wearhouse in Abilene, TX today to suits for the wedding. When they entered the store, they were asked if they could be helped and my future son in law showed the associate a picture on his phone and said he would like something like it for his wedding. The Associate immediately pointed to one side of the store and they were left alone without any help. When my daughter and I arrived at the store we found future son in law and best man close to back of store not being helped and associates were at register with no customers.

After being told what had happened, I went to an associate and asked him if he could help. He acted like he did not want to help at all. Told us that they didn't have anything he could try on and didn't have anything like he wanted. I finally convinced the associate to show us something. But the entire time he acted like he didn't want to. After several frowns and a couple of eye rolls we decided to leave. He took his business to another store. I was very disappointed in the entire experience and will never recommend this store to anyone.

Please don't rent your wedding tuxes at Men's Wearhouse! Our experience was so terrible, I had to write a review and warn anyone about to get married. During the fitting, I asked multiple times if our 8 year old (who is tall and husky) would have problems getting a tux that fit. I was assured that Men's Wearhouse had so many suits in so many sizes that fitting him would not be an issue. Long story short, our tuxes showed up just 2 days before the wedding (which was 600 miles away!) and only the groom's fit. My son's tux was about 3 sizes too big - it was nowhere near any measurement they may have taken correctly. To add insult to injury, our salesperson was rude and kept insisting that this is "how these things are done."

I ended up crying in the fitting room while he told my groom that we should've expected this, like it was our fault. We ended up taking the tuxes to another store in the town where the wedding was and thankfully they exchanged them for the RIGHT SIZES. They were baffled as to why the store in Charleston, WV was so incompetent. I will never again do business with these people as I'm really not sure they have any idea what they're doing. Also, the tuxes really weren't all that great, especially for the price. Some of the stitching was loose, the cufflinks were old and scratched and we had to return a few pairs of shoes that didn't match the others.

I am writing this email to express my frustration with Men's Wearhouse. I had shopped on Men's Wearhouse website for many years without an issue. Unfortunately this experience came to an end at the hands of Men's Wearhouse website and some of the company employees who could offer no remedy. I have tried to place many orders this month just to find out that all my orders get just cancelled. The reason for cancellation is (as per the cancellation email) inconsistent billing information with my financial institution. This is a complete bogus. First, I have used the same credit card on without any issue. So it is the same credit card, same Men's Wearhouse account and same billing and shipping addresses that I have had for years.

To make matters worse, I still got the same cancellation message even when I placed the order using Men's Wearhouse gift card. The agents that I talked to even the supervisor I talked to today 6/30/2016 responses were nothing short of embarrassing and examples of incompetence: one response that I just have to go and place the order in store. Hello, this is 21st century! The supervisor's brilliant explanation was that because I placed many orders lately, my future orders will be flagged for a while and just get cancelled even if used other methods of payment or Men's Wearhouse gift card. If this is the way you are treating your customers then as a company you are doomed to fail. I truly regret being a customer of Men's Wearhouse. I guess I will just have to take my business somewhere, to some other retailer that knows how to treat customers.

I bought a suit from these folks about a year ago and was told that they had a lifetime alteration guarantee. It was a relatively expensive suit, but I'm at the age where friends get married fairly regularly, court testifying for LE work, and I now have job interviews, so I wasn't overly concerned about it. They fit the jacket and pants, and told me it would be ready in about a month. I shattered my leg about two weeks after I bought the suit, and my mother actually picked it up for me when she and my sister were out shopping in that area in mid July. I tried it on and realized that it was poorly fit. I looked like a 5-year-old wearing his father's clothes, not someone who just spent a fair amount on a decent suit.

Last weekend I went up to the store to be re-fit and had a ridiculous amount of frustration. I walked in and was greeted, but as soon as they found out I wasn't buying a suit they were rude and surly. I asked where to go and was pointed to the side of the store and told to ask for "the woman" who does that. I walked over and she was friendly and polite, quickly measuring me up and pinning the suit, chalking the sleeves, whole 9 yards. She removed the original work order receipt that was still attached to the pants, so I couldn't argue what came next. As I was walking out the door I was told I had to pay for the alterations. I told the fella that that's not correct, gave my phone number for my account, and stated that I had been told when I purchased it that alterations were free. He laughed and said "no, that's no longer true," and "it would be 77 dollars." Not much, but I'm currently unemployed due to my injury and trying to find a job.

I told him that there's no way I'm paying the money, and they can't just change a policy randomly like that. He shrugged and looked apologetic, but I feel that was more to attempt and avoid a verbal conflict. I calmly told him to hand me my property and I'd be going. He picked it up and headed to the back, removing all the pins and chalk marks before returning and handing me my suit. I thanked him and walked out. Bottom line, these people will apparently lie and say whatever they have to in order to make a sale. Without a doubt the worst customer service and attitudes I've run across in a long time. AVOID THEM.

My son went to pick up his tux for his prom on April 15, 2016 and when he tried it on, the pants did not fit and jacket was too small. At first one of the assistant managers tries to convince my son and his mom that the tux was supposed to fit in a tight manner. After another assistant manager saw this (Jaqleen) she immediately took the pants back and states that the pants were too small as we stated. They refused to refund or discount the items and said he would have to deal with jacket being tight and she would take the pants home and he could come back day of prom to get them. He had to miss his baseball game and again the pants still didn't fit the way they should have. NO REFUND, NO DISCOUNT.

The company called me today and will accept the return. I did not expect Men's Wearhouse to call me, but they satisfied my claim.

Original Review

I wanted to return two suits that were not used or worn. The return is up to the local manager, customer service claims that once the clothes are altered it's not returnable. I told them how many people buy suits and do not need them altered? Every pants you buy needs to be hemmed and waist needs to be taken in, the only additional was button on the inside that can be removed and has no effect on the item. The store does not want to lose a sale or commission. The return policy is not posted, the receipt claims after you pay for the items to go online for return policy. You would think that the return policy should be told to you before the purchase.

My Fiance and I are having a very non-traditional wedding so we weren't surprise when Men's Wearhouse in Manassas VA couldn't help us locate a tux in the style we were looking for. They could however order Jim's Formal Wear's vests and ties we wanted all 8 of the groomsmen to wear. We had arranged to send all of our groomsmen there to get sized and order them. When it became apparent that we wouldn't be able to find anywhere that could get us the tux we needed and that we'd need to order online we stopped back into Men's Wearhouse to see if they'd help us measure to order it online and have it altered with them.

The employees got indignant and rudely stated they wouldn't be willing to help us if we weren't purchasing the tux through them. I immediately told all the groomsmen not to go there and we left in a hurry. We understood to a degree but we'd made other arrangements with them for other things in the wedding and had plans to get the tux altered with them and don't think it was any skin off their back to simply help by measuring my fiance. We will not be buying anything from them EVER and advise that you avoid them too.

I came into the Men's Wearhouse store in Stowe, PA (Pottstown, PA) and wanted to buy a tux. Due to the timing, I had to rent one to meet the event time frame. I paid $209 plus $20 for it to be rushed and was told I would be notified on Tuesday, 3/8 by email. Nothing... So I called the store on Wednesday morning and someone "dropped the ball" so the manager stated. The warehouse had not received the order so I'm scrambling to get a tux put together for an industry event 5 hours away. Amazing customer service huh.

Deceiving sales reps. My husband was looking for a suit and on that weekend, they had a special on Joseph Abboud, Jones by NY, etc. suit for $199. We decided to purchase at least two suits and planned on maybe purchasing more if there would be a special promotion when opening up the Perfect Fit credit card (like $0 interest for 6 months). I had my credit score checked and was approved right away. I again told the sales clerk that our total purchase would totally depend on the special promotion. He walked to the register and brought the Perfect Fit pamphlet and showed us that our purchase would be without any interest charges for the next 6 months. So, we ended up purchasing a lot of suits, shirts, shoes and other accessories. The suit pants were tailored and charged right away.

After receiving my credit card, I registered an online account on Perfect Fit's website and looked at the statement. But, I could not find anything about a promotion so I called customer service who confirmed that there was no such promotion. Instead, I needed to pay in the next 30 days if I did not wish any interest charges. I was furious and so was my husband. We never make purchases on a credit card so that we would never get hit with any unnecessary interest charges.

We called Men's Warehouse and they denied about what the sales clerk and manager said. Even when we pointed out that pamphlet, nobody wanted to cooperate with us. We were able to return the shirts and accessories, but ended up paying for all the suits as the pants had been tailored and due to store's decision, they did not allow us to return them. It was still over $1,100 that we paid within 30 days. Pretty liars who only care about making their commission!

Upon our arrival at Men's Wearhouse in Roseville Mi the woman we were supposed to be working with was outside smoking so we started to deal with another Sales Associate. The bride had got her dress from David's Bridal so we were under the impression that Men's Wearhouse would have the same colors to coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses however because it's a fairly new color we were told that they do not have anything that would match and they were not sure if they were ever going to get that color in so we went the alternative route and went with something neutral.

The woman came back and reeking of cigarettes and hacking up phlegm balls as we trying to come up with a solution for our color dilemma. She was practically running around the store acting like we were nothing but an inconvenience to her and continued to repeat that she had to leave in about 25 minutes that she didn't have time for us to play dress up with the mannequin. We had 4 people there ready to rent their tuxes for the wedding and my 11 year old son was supposed to be measured but she told me to come back 30 days prior to the wedding which would be in two weeks.

I'm pretty sure she just did not want to be bothered at that time with him because again she had to leave and was now working past her shift. When they were measuring the groomsmen the groom and the bride's father another sales associate was putting in the information into the computer. Thank God - the bride was watching over him and noticed that all the information was incorrect. She had to corrected him several times. When she asked him a question asking if he add her choice of cufflinks his response was "I'm not stupid". As far as I'm concerned the whole entire experience was completely unprofessional and disgusting none the less! Not to mention upon receiving our receipts for our transaction we noticed that we were charged for products we didn't even rent! I will NEVER EVER go back to a Men's Wearhouse nor will I EVER recommend anyone to go to a men's warehouse! I am considering canceling our whole entire order!!!

Men's Wearhouse got my number from a wedding expo event I had attended and the corporate office called me with offers for my big day, one of which was free suit for the groom with 6 paid rentals. I had 11 paid rentals and qualified for the free suit. In August we went to pick out the different items and were told by the sales rep that the groom should opt for a custom suit for various reasons -- size, fit, overall quality. He said we would get a $600 discount as that was the cash value of the "free suit" coupon offered to us with our rental package. The sales rep then said the groom should wait till we were 60 days out from the event so the measurements were more true to his current size for the wedding.

My fiance went back to get measured in January and was charged over $900 for the custom suit. I called the next day to find out why saying we should only be responsible for the balance and was told, "The fine print in the offer excluded custom suits." I argued that there was no "fine print" as the offer was given to me over the phone by their outgoing sales department in the corporate office. I did not seek out Men's Wearhouse, They had phoned me for business. I also felt like the custom suit was pushed on us by the salesman and he specifically said that the custom suit qualified. The store manager said the free suit is one off their rack and he couldn't honor the coupon.

I then called customer care in Texas and the representative was a total jerk. Said that he wouldn't be able to help me because the system would not allow him to enter a discount on the custom suit. I informed him that I was specifically offered the discount and there should be a way to make it work or somehow make up for their screw-up. He said he was sorry but there was nothing he could do. I asked to speak to his supervisor and got, "Well I have several supervisors and none are able to come to the phone." I will not be using this business again. I have had several other issues with purchasing items as well and this was the last straw.

So the ordeal that has resulted in this current complaint started on cyber monday. After several attempts at ordering products from their site, and the site saying products existed until payment details were given and then it saying the products didn't exist but not specifying which one (think 45 minutes to an hour of wasted time), I called their online services department, which closes at 9pm. I called around 7:45 and was immediately put in a call queue which never was answered. Then when the call queue approached closing time, and still being on hold the phone was never answered (being close to over an hour in queue).

I gave up and contacted their online support (which was supposedly still open). I included screenshots of the experience and stated that in accordance with providing products as advertised they should honor the order and make it right. Their response (almost a week later) was broken english in which no real resolution was made. They offered a 40% coupon which did not even match the advertised price or total of the original order. So a new order was placed.

What do you think the outcome was? Favorable? How about they shipped USED CLOTHING. I placed an order for 3 suits. Only one of the 3 suits ordered was correct. The other 2 were not correct. One suit was used. It had obviously been worn before as the cuffs had been ironed so they had creases and signs of temporary stitching. There was also several white stains as if someone had gotten cake all over the suit. There was no QA in the process. All three suits shipped from different locations, and again only one of the 3 suits matched the description.

Upon calling them to inform them of the error they instructed me to drive to the nearest store that they could address the issue. I immediately asked to speak with the supervisor who then said this would not be necessary he generated a return label and said that he would call when the package showed as ship. A week later I had my fiance call as I work fulltime and he was told they could only replace the order not refund the order. Total time spent in dealing with Men's Wearhouse??? Hours... Resolution at this point? NONE. They are completely incapable at providing a level of service that is even one which would match the common threshold for normalcy. There is absolutely zero chance that I would ever shop with men's wearhouse again or refer anyone to their store or website for service. Complete scam.

I bought a suit from them and they send me the wrong size. I called Men's Wearhouse and they told me to take it to the store for a full refund. I did what I was told and the woman at the store informed me that she refunded everything to my Paypal account. Now three weeks later and a dozen of phone calls the manager Brian at customer relation told me that I have to wait another eight weeks for my refund and there is nothing they could do about it because that is a normal procedure. I believe that is a ridiculous procedure that I have to wait all this time for a refund.

Last week, I went to the store, to look at door, and see the time they open. It said 8:00am, so I went there at 8:00 am the next day, to order 4 shirts for my son, for Chanukkah. I paid in full, and went back today to pick them up. Suddenly the door says 10:00 am, so I wait in pouring rain, and a guy gets in at 9:00am, he would not let me in. I tell him through the door, "it's already paid for, please give me my merchandise" through the door, as I am a senior citizen standing in the rain, and no register has to be opened. He says no.

About 30 minutes later he opens the door for some lady, and she goes in, and buys a suit and comes out, while I am still in the rain. Finally they let me in, at 10:00, and I was furious. They told me, she works at the mall. She does not work for them. She works in the mall, and what was good for her, should have been good for me. I was drenched by the time they let me in, for something that belonged to me. I paid in full to get it. It's the season to be nice, but I was treated like trash. No senior citizen with a cane, should have to stand in the pouring rain, when all he had to do, was get me my stuff, and hand it to me, through the door.

My husband started a new job last month and was in need of dress clothes. We were given advice to go to the Men's Warehouse because he is a very tall guy and can't just buy off of the rack at most places. We had sticker shock to begin with, but went on to purchase him a new wardrobe for work. The salesman was nice enough and helped; however, 2 weeks later, the seam began to come apart on one of the shirts that we purchased. I called, thinking that because we live an hour away from the closest store, they would let me send it to them for an exchange. This, however, was NOT the case. This was a $100 shirt and we spent more than a month's pay at the store in one trip. They refused to work with me and insist that I drive 2 hours to exchange the shirt, stating that there is no way that they could be sure that the shirt would arrive here in the mail. REALLY?? We will take our business elsewhere.

Got fitted for slacks and shirt for my son's beach wedding. Quickly threw them on and fitter checked them and I picked them up while rushing around with the bride and groom trying to pull all the loose ends together for the wedding. Unfortunately I trusted the fitter and did not thoroughly check slacks. When I was dressing just before the ceremony, I found that the 37" slacks they sized for me did not fit well on my 34" waist and would not adjust tighter!!! No belt loops, suspenders or jacket so spent ceremony time standing as groomsman and entire reception, holding my pants up. Contacted Men's Wearhouse afterwards and was basically told it was on me because I didn't catch that in the store, real understanding bunch there.

First piece of advice, spend some serious time trying things on. From the sound of it, missing a measurement by 3" must not be an unusual thing there. Second piece of advice, basic white shirt and gray slacks cost almost $80 to rent for a day (and $20 late fee per day if not returned the day after the wedding) and my son had a simple gray jacket that added $160 to his tab. Unless you're renting a tux, save yourself some money and buy a suit somewhere.

I forgot my suit at home for a wedding. They got me set up with a new suit, shirt, and tie in less than 30 minutes, including the hem. Great service, thanks for saving the night!

I am writing to express my tremendous dissatisfaction with your company's locations in both Independence, MO and Overland Park, KS. Initially, our first experience was good. My husband was dreading the experience. As a bigger and taller guy, clothes shopping in general is not something he enjoys, but he also wanted very much to look great on his wedding day. Our salesperson was calming and quite effective in both calming his nerves and assuring us that MW had the size we needed.

Everything else went downhill rapidly. Throughout the ordering process mistakes were made and wrong information given to our wedding party. On our order due date (9/11/15) I called the Independence location and confirmed that the members of our party had been measured and garments ordered. On October 8th we went in to pick up the groom's tuxedo, and it was not sized correctly. At all. Then your poorly trained associate proceeded to not only fat-shame a client publicly (calling across the busy store, loudly, 3 times that it was the biggest size they had), also offered no solutions. If your store wasn't able to fit my husband in the first place, why take the order?

Eventually the manager came over and after much cry and woe, offered to put gussets in the dress shirt. Making us have to come back the next day to pick up the tux. Because we obviously had nothing else to do the day before our wedding. Upon pick up, things were better, but there was still much to be desired. The tie provided did not fit the shirt. Not a neck circumference issue, it would not go around the collar of the shirt that we were getting from the same place. Your managers solution? A safety pin. After we, our family and our friends spent money in your establishment, he gave us a safety pin. Which also did not fix the problem as it did not extend the tie to go around the collar of the shirt but what choice did we have? Our wedding was the next day, and with the delay in getting the correct size shirt, we had nowhere else to go.

On October 9th, one of our groomsmen called and told us that your location on Overland Park did not have his tuxedo. I will remind you that I called the Independence store on September 11th to confirm all necessary members of our party had checked in and ordered correctly (more on that later). When I called the store on the 9th, your associate told me that our friend had never been in to be measured after confirmation, after he had been in and ordered his tuxedo. We had a groomsman with no formal clothing for photos, ceremony, or reception.

The associate at your Overland Park store did not seem to think that was a problem, lied to me about our groomsman not coming in and offered no solutions or sympathy. In addition to this, several members of our wedding party were given wrong information; colors to wear, types of ties, boutonnieres, and trying to up-sell shoes that we did not order. Your Nationwide Ordering failed to span the greater Kansas City area.

I shouldn't have to tell you that people need formal wear for special occasions. Activities that they do not do every day, which are important in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. I would expect poor and disinterested service from a lesser store, but this experience was nowhere close to what your advertising and branding would lead clients to believe.

Not unlike the bride, it is special and exciting for a groom to want to dress up and have a great wedding day. Your company did not meet even the base expectation of providing clothing in the correct size, factual information, and base level customer service, and went so far as to publicly humiliate and lie to us. I anticipate your follow-up conversation to be much more coherent, respectful, and timely.

I walk into Men's Wearhouse to get a white jacket for my wedding. A young man with great consumer services was helping me look for a jacket, when his manager, older white guy, ask him to help other consumer out first then come help me out last in front of my face which was very disrespectful. So I went and tried on some pants and while I was walk out the dress room, a white gentlemen said "Oh thought the door open on its own." I just politely walk out. I will never in my life shop there or have any of my family or friends shop there. It's 2015 and it still racist people in this world. This happen in Utah.

My brother is getting married in 3 days. Two weeks ago, he asked me to go to Men's Wearhouse and get my son's tuxedo. My son is going to be the ring bearer. We went and my son was measured and I paid for the rental of pants, shirt and vest. It's an outside wedding and will be hot so they decided all the men will wear vests. Yesterday I received notification that my son's items were ready for pickup. We went into the store for my son to try them on. As I was helping him into the vest, I realized it was a "fake vest." There is no back. That's fine if you are wearing a jacket but no one will be wearing a jacket. I asked for a real vest and was told that they have no real vests for children. I asked them if my brother was aware of it. I was told that my brother should have been told that.

Knowing that my son was going to look odd, I took a picture of his back and sent it to my brother. My brother was at work and couldn't respond. I told the salesman that I hadn't heard back from my brother but I wasn't sure about the vest. We left and took the items with us. That night my brother responded that he had no idea my son's vest was not going to look the same as the others. He wasn't pleased with the fake vest either.

The next day, I went and found a suit, shirt, and vest for a few dollars more than the price of the rental and I get to keep this set. When I returned to Men's Wearhouse, they refused to refund my entire rental. I said I wanted to speak with the manager and Steve ** informed me that he was the manager. He said that I took the rental out of the store and that it was less than 2 weeks before the wedding. He is correct on both counts but never was I nor my brother informed that my son's vest was going to be a fake vest. I will now be contacting headquarters.

"CUSTOMER FRIENDLY, I THINK NOT". First let me say that I had problems with you guys many, many, many years ago and the bad taste was still there but I had to rent a tux from you because my son was getting married in NY and he made the deal. I first went to your Brandon Fl. store where I live for a fitting. My son said he asked if they had extra extra 5 or 6E wide shoes and they said "yes." I followed up with that and they said "yes." HEY, NO YOU DON'T. They were nice and tried different shoes and when one pair was still very tight but I would consider it they told me there would be an additional charge. I said "you should pay me to wear them."

When I asked for a credit for the shoes I refused to take they said they can not do that unless the groom who was my son said it was ok and I was the one paying for my tux. I said "why do I need his ok for shoes that don't fit and I won't wear." Finally after going back and forth they said "ok," they would take it $20.00 off my bill. Why must I have to fight with you people when it is a no brainer. When I got to NY I went to the Nanuet NY store to pick up my tux where I had the issues long time ago. I tried on the tux and the pants had what appeared to as a low crotch rise. They said they will order another pair. The jacket sleeves were way too long, they said they would fix that also.

I came in the next day, the pants ordered was the same as the ones I had, you only have long or what I had which was short. The sleeves were not stitched correctly, they had to be sent back inside to the tailor who fixed it but it came out with a poor stitch job and not pressed correctly. Instead of having a pleasant experience, it was far from that once again. You would have to give me a tux for free to get me back into your store and even then I would have to think twice. I don't think I could ever recommend your company to anyone. Your store gave me a discount for the trouble I incurred but I was and still not a happy camper.

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