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Let it be known I went to return some sandals this morning ready for check out. Customer in front of me not happy about paying for a refill on a deflated balloon. I agreed with the lady that I was talking to. With that being said the cashier (by the name of EVA decided to take it upon herself to refuse me from exchanging my 1.99 cent sandals for a bigger size saying I was a RUDE customer. I asked to see the manager as she said she was the manager. I asked to see her manager. She made it well known with all the customers around and in a loud voice saying "we have a RUDE customer over here."

This was just because of the fact I agreed with the lady in front of me about her complaint and she did not like it one bit and refused me to return my sandals for a bigger size with my receipt. I never once disrespected her in any way and far from being put on blast in front of customers saying I was RUDE causing a unnecessary embarrassing scene.

I am a retired US army Veteran and never been so embarrassed and disrespected in my whole life the way I was treated by EVA at this 99c location. Personally I think EVA should be fired! Professionally I think she need some serious re-training on customer relations that she poorly lacks if she is going to represent your impeccable corp. On a good note the other manager addressed my issue and was very professional about it and let me know he would talk to her about it. I got my return with no problem. This incident occurred at the Kolb / Golf Links location in Tucson AZ. I have been going to 99c stores for many years due to this unnecessary incident I regret to say I will no longer utilize your stores due to this unfortunate experience I encountered. Thanks for allowing me to express my concern.

I frequented this store when I was in Tracy, CA because almost everything is just 99 cents. I was surprised with the items that I found here because there was a variety of grocery items that are really just 99 cents like pasta, salsa, canned soup, sauces, chocolates, chips, condiments, biscuits, etc. You can also find kitchen tools, stationery supplies, toys, cleaning supplies and even pet treats. Yes - there are items that are not 99 cents but they are still priced fairly reasonable and still not expensive. If you are staying on a budget, this place should be on the top of your list to go to.

NEVER have I (a 74-year-old woman) ever shoplifted or been accused of stealing but a rude, nasty woman who said her name was ** at a 99 Cents Store on 7470 West Lake Mead, Las Vegas NV accused me last night just as the store was about to close. My husband was waiting in line and I was in my wheelchair looking at a few items at the end of an aisle. ** approached me and said to pay for the reading glasses I was wearing that I had bought them years ago and worn them from home. I told her that I had the glasses for sometime and was an honest woman. Her response was that I should not come back to the store if I was not satisfied with the service. Not only did she falsely accuse me but insulted me as well.

Undoubtedly no one cannot be pleased with such an employee. She even boasted that she was a manager but we have never seen a store manager act in such a disgraceful manner. I should have removed my glasses and showed her that they were much cleaner than those handled and sold in any store. Please do what you must to prevent other shoppers from being treated badly. We intend to contact the newspaper and other media here about her outrageous behavior.

Don't use your credit card or they might charge you twice like they did to me. Now I'm trying to get my money back but I'm not having any luck. I'll never shop here again.

Not sure why so many people are complaining. I mostly shop at Costco and I go the 99 Cent Only stores several times a year. I went today, and boy did I find great products. Everything I bought was 99.99 cents, only 2 items were $1.99 and $2.99 and they were clearly marked (one on the label which was at the bottom of the item. I bought a pack of 3 chandelier bulbs from Costco last week for $12. Today I bought 8 chandelier bulbs, 4 packs (2 in a pack) for $4.00. I bought a lipstick holder which has a small narrow mirror inside. For the last 10 years I was looking for this item which almost doesn't exist anymore. It would have been $8 to $10 in any store, here it's 99.99 cents. I could go on and on about the many newer and better products the 99 Cents Store carries. Do you really expect them to keep the 99 cent price for 99 years??? That's the name of the store and they don't want to change it - and they're right.

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I am a teacher and shopped on two occasions at 99 Cents store in folsom, ca for my classroom items. Looking at my receipt I noticed several items are $1.99??? I was frustrated. The sign says 99 Cents, that is very misleading. As I spoke to several co workers we no longer shop there. It is deceptive pricing.

I just got back from the store. I noticed on my receipt I was charged $2.99 each for cans of air freshener. Nowhere where the cans were located was a price. I thought they were .99 cents. If you are going to be more, change your name. You are not .99 cents ONLY.

I agree with many of these other reviews from this 99 cent store ONLY stores. It is completely false advertising, when not all items in the store are 99 cents and are 1.99, 2.99 or even more. If this store wants to change prices is fine. But they need to change the name of the store. Many people walk in thinking that everything is 99 cents as it says on their logo. Then when it comes down to pay they see that some items are sold for more money. This isn't right and I would like to create a lawsuit against these chain stores. I'm sure there's many people that would like to join in and that agree with me. They can't continue to get away with this false advertising!!!

This store is called 99 only store. If you look at your receipt items are priced at 99.99 cents.. MAKING ITEMS $1. This is false advertisement all around! If items are NOT 99.99 cents, it's because it COSTS MORE! NOTHING IN THE STORE IS 99 cents!

I applied for 99 cents store. Had an interview. My last name is Hispanic from my husband. They asked me if I was Latina. No my husband is. The Hispanic manager looked away and said "oh I am white" and thought in my head why. He said he liked me and wanted to hire me. I went for second interview. Said they call me to let me know my hire date but has never called me for days. They said they call in 2 days. That's racism that they only want Hispanics. I think when they saw my application that my last name they said a Latina. When they found out I am white and they said never mind. That's racism and I only saw Hispanic employees.

I'm not sure how this is becoming to a legitimate business when you informed the public the nature of a business transaction as it advertise through media, billboards not to mention on the storefront stated everything is 99 cents, and when I got to the checkout stand I was confused because some of the items were not 99 cents. They were 1.99, 2.99 milk, some items were 3.99. This is not even one of the 99 cents plus store. This is one of the 99 cents only store chain here in Victorville, California on 7th Street. Can they run business like that. It's been on for five years now. Why don't they change their sign, business logos and ads so we would be more of understanding how they run their business. All I know 99 cents nothing less, nothing more but 99 cents only. I see that as a fraud.

The sign says 99 cents ONLY. Shouldn't everything be 99 cents. They are selling a lot of items for $1.49 - $1.99. I feel this is false advertisement. They should take the sign down because it's no longer 99 cents only store. It's more like a 99 cents PLUS store. I don't understand how they are getting away with this. It's like saying the Dollar Tree store is not selling everything for a dollar.

Highly aggravating. I was hired Seasonal in 2008 by the manager. Years later I go to reapply for a job at another store. The manager looks at my app and hires me P/T (I stated my previous employment on my app) and tells me she'll call me for orientation. 3 days later she calls and me and tells me she can't hire me after all because the company has a NO RE-HIRE policy. I call corporate 4 times and no one calls me back. I really needed the job for my family. Every store I go into is 99% Hispanic employed and that is clear RACISM!!! Where are the black, white, Asian, Indian employees?! You have nothing but Hispanic managers hiring Hispanic employees who don't speak English. This company is out and openly racist!!!

I applied to the 99 Cents Only Store in Rowland Heights, CA, they called me in for a interview on a Wednesday. That Saturday a Manager called me and told me to go to the Via Campo 99 Cent Store in Montebello for orientation at 10:30 am that Monday. I arrive to my "orientation" to find out that I am actually at a 2nd interview with the District Manager. There were a total of 15 applicants, 14 of them were hispanic and I was the only White one. Everyone was hired and given a schedule, I was told that the manager would be giving me a call that same day or the next morning to let me know what day I am starting. No phone call.

So the next morning I decided to call and see what was going on and the manager told me I was Denied because I wasn't qualified for the job. My resume clearly shows I am over qualified, if anything, WHICH TO ME IS BOGUS. So then I start to get angry and ask questions, I really need and want this job. They then stated over the phone that because my last 2 jobs were seasonal that that was a problem "but yet 99 Cent Only is hiring me for a seasonal position also". So now none of this is making sense. So then he tells me maybe it is because of your pink hair, I said "excuse me but my hair is natural in color (strawberry blonde). At that point I was furious, I asked for corporate's number, I feel I was treated very unfair. It was clear he was only hiring his kind, Hispanics. THERE IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM WITH THE DISTRICT MANAGER **. The company needs to look into this.

The name of the store is 99 Cents ONLY! And yet they are selling lots of stuff for over 99 cents. This should be illegal! How are they getting away with this for so long now? They put stuff under 99 cents and try and charge you more and then say, "Oh the sign must have fallen down - someone must have removed it, or the staff forgot to put it up." That is not right.

My name is Amanda **. I am 6 months pregnant and fell in one of your stores today around 3:30. (St. 108 Hemet) The associates treated me VERY poorly and one associate that watched me fall simply turned his back to me. It seems the only persons to be concerned were other customers. The associate wouldn't even come over to see if I was okay until another shopper threatened with police. When he came over, we explained that the floor was wet and the associate denied it even though it clearly was wet. We insisted on seeing a manager to file a report. The manager nonchalantly listened to my concerns without even an apology. Once pressing for a report to be made, he asked if I'd like to file one. I asked him to wait one moment while I placed all the items I dropped in my cart which was a couple aisles away. When I returned, he wasn't there.

I took the liberty to walk in the back room where he was to file a report. He asked my name, address and if I needed an ambulance. I told him I didn't think an ambulance was needed, but I did hurt myself. My left shoulder and back hurts from trying to catch my fall. My right hip and buttocks as well as my ankles. He did not let me see the report and refused to give me a copy. I did not receive any other information other than I would be contacted by someone from Corporate within the next day. Several customers came up to me afterwards and told me the associate was denying that the floor was wet or even that I fell! I'm sure video footage from your security cameras will beg to differ.

I tried snapping shots of the filthy floor but they had managed to dry it before I came back from filing the report. I managed to get one non relative witness’s name and phone number. Roger was his name and I plan on giving his information to the D.A.'s office on Monday if this is not properly handled, as I have no faith in the store manager to resolve this. I could not believe this treatment and was very upset during my experience with your employees.

I'm on a tight budget so yeah I shop at the 99 Store. I put up with the dirty store and rude employees but when they decided to charge more than what they became known for, it wasn't worth it to me. The Dollar Tree carries the same stuff, maybe even better. The stores are clean and the employees are kind. 99 ha! I won't shop there again because I don't have to!

My Credit Union I bank with contacted me to inform me that someone from the 99 Cents Store at 5924 Stockton Blvd Sacramento CA And the 99 Cents Store # 2 Sacramento CA has been using my Visa numbers to purchase everything out of those two stores since 2011 and I have all the statements to show and prove that this has happened to me and will be filing a police report to take further action against the 99 Cents Store... My losses are in the thousands of dollars. And to make matters worse it happened to my young son with his Visa. Same Credit Union a few weeks ago at the same 99 Cents Store in Sacramento. Have statements to prove that also.

We live in Lake Elsinore California which is thousands a miles away from Sacramento. I want this Investigated to the highest level and prosecute who has been doing this for so many years to me. Please investigate the employees of the 99 Cents Store because I have not been in Sacramento or ever shopped at the 99 Cents Store there. Only the local 99 Cents Stores in my area I have been to and I have proof and bank statements to show this. If this has happened to me there is other victims. My family will never shop the 99 Cents Store ever again!

While at a 99 Cents Only Stores I only came across great products especially in a time where you cannot buy a box of cereal for a dollar and a gallon of milk for 2.99 or even better a dozen eggs for 99 cents. I would easily spend 15 bucks elsewhere, when at the 99 I only spent 5 dollars. I've read other reviews and some people obviously don't know the value of a dollar or still live with mommy and daddy and get allowance.

First of all we have been shopping at 99 Cents only stores for years on a regular basis, and rarely had any real issues.... until this year. Most issues we have seen are minor in my opinion, and I chalk most up to growing pains. Obviously they have made a lot of changes in pricing recently, which for the most part is not an issue. However some of the new pricing doesn't seem to be calculated well at all. But the way I see it, I can always buy elsewhere if I don't agree with the new pricing structure. What I can't tolerate is the rude, inexperienced, inconsiderate, nasty employees. Because of issues we have had with some of the employees, we do not shop at here as much as we use to.

We stopped by Palmdale, CA store #109 and am very unhappy with the attitude of the employee/store manager. She claimed she was the manager anyway. The receipt printed the name Elizabeth. We purchased several items, including several Juicy Juice 100% juice 64 oz. When Elizabeth rang the juice up she included CRV. When I tried to explain to her that there is not supposed to be CRV charged on 100% juice 64 oz. containers, she informed me that all juice is charged CRV. When I tried to explain to her again that is was incorrect, she told me "Look, I have worked in retail for 4 years and I know CRV is always charged on any juice". Again I told her this was incorrect. She then said, "If is is in a plastic container, then CRV is charged". I'm sorry but she is 100% INCORRECT. California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act states that 100 percent fruit juice in containers 46 oz. or greater not to be charged.

The fact that a CRV was being charged is not what upset me. What upset me was Elizabeth's attitude and rude, snide, nasty remarks. Now that they have changed your pricing strategy we always check prices before grabbing an item. Today we also grabbed 3 tubes of toothpaste that clearly had the price of 99 cents posted all over with NO indication of it being any other price, however when we checked out it rang up as $1.99. This is just one example of the erroneous pricing that we have seen, and always causes problems at checkout, not just for us, but we see this with other customers as well. It is getting OLD! And in fact I think CA has a law regarding this. Just because they "think" their prices are "cheap" doesn't mean they can treat their customers this way and get away with it.

NOTE: That Elizabeth told me if I had a problem she wasn't going to do anything and I could take it up with corporate. So I contacted 99 Cents only corporate and no one ever replied back. Just goes to show it's not just the employees that work in their stores.

I usually shop at the 99 Cents store #164, Scottsdale - Thomas. On July 19th I went to the refrigerator to get some creamer, and OMG what a filthy place! I don't think that it has been cleaned since it has opened. The health department needs to be called on this, and I will get in touch with them. This is a very run down store and does need lots of work done on it. Please do something about this. I don't think that I will be going back to that store. Also, the management running the store should be well aware of this, if they indeed the time to check this out! Also why do they charge prices of $1.99, or $2.99 if this is a dollar store. The outside store signs don't indicate this.

I go far out of my way to shop at 99c Only Store, love the selection. Last week I got home and saw several items at $1.99... While at the checkout I asked the cashier, since this is the 99c Only Store, is this 99c?? No, do you want it?? Reporting to consumer reporter at 3TV.

This company is no longer a 99cent only store. For at least 6 months or longer and still have not changed their signs, the word "only" says it all, and is the reason all shoppers go in there. When I asked the clerk about it, she got defensive and said they didn't have to change the sign. Also, I would like to report rotten fruit and vegetables and a lot of outdated foods and juice being sold there. I thought the only food product that was allowed to be sold "outdated" was cheese? When did the laws change regarding selling spoiled and outdated food? This location needs a walk-through.

I don't like that says 99 Cents store, they should change it. Is not 99 Cents anymore. They sell stuff even more expensive. For me Dollar Tree is better. They have everything for a dollar.

The lampson/Valley view store in garden grove has a customer that buys cases upon cases of product. Mainly deli/produce. Several of us believe him to own his own mini market. Some have talked to the manager about this problem, but this man continues to keep others from product. He waits outside the "for employees only" door to snatch product as it comes out.

I know a few African Americans that have applied at the 99 cent store in Downey. I live next door and I try not to go in there. They have hired a bunch of Hispanic people. In the middle of the day they only have two lines open and a lot of people walking around the store like they don't have a clue. I don't understand why they don’t hire any the race other than Hispanic. Not very friendly you know and it's always two lines open. Always saying they're taking applications will never get a call back. I've even seen a few elderly people that were struggling to pull the pallet from the back. I thought it was pathetic and I think they just hire their relatives. I think I will just drive to the next city over or go to the Dollar Tree.

Every time they are hiring, I put an application in which I have done more than once, at different times, even different stores in my neighborhood. I've called and went in to check on the status of my application, and was always told they're still checking the applications out. Now I have worked on cash registers before, dealt with customers as well. I used to work at In & Out Burgers so I know how to do these things. I doubt if everyone they've hired has experience doing what I applied for! Besides that, they can train me to do other things in their store! How hard can it be. Now every 99 cent stores I've been in, I noticed it is nothing but Spanish speaking people and that's how they all communicate with each other. I FEEL I'M BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST THEM BECAUSE I'M WHITE!!

Now people of different races always complain that they're being discriminated, well that's just how I feel NOW!! I've come to the conclusion that all they hire is Mexicans! I'm not prejudiced, but this is starting to change my way of thinking. People cry wolf when it happens to them, well now it's my turn. Besides this is America and they should speak so every one can understand, not just hire their own kind!!

I am in my mid eighties, handicapped, but am presently able to do my own shopping. I bring my own bags and when approaching the cashier I place my items on the belt with a bag in front of each group I wish to have packed. As soon as it is my turn I tell the cashier why the merchandise is sorted in a specific manner, ie: cold items together, heavy items, fewer in bag, etc. This evening I did my weekly shopping, but much to my surprise my request for specific packaging was ignored. The cashier was either untrained, or in her own world as she ignored my request for specific packing of my items, some of which are simply common sense; cold items together, frozen items together, bread and eggs on top so not damaged. I did speak to the young female manager on duty.

Their sign outside says 99 only store and for years they sold all their items at 99 only. Now they sell items priced higher than 99, but the sign outside still advertises 99 only store. This is false advertisement, which is illegal. I asked a clerk and manager about this and their answer was and I quote "We have better quality items now that we have to sell at a higher rate." I was under the impression that when the items were all priced 99 only that the quality should have been the same. Why would any widely known store sell poor quality items to anyone, that's not ethical or considerate. It shows no human care.

This evening, I visited the 99 Cents Only Store, #47, in Reseda, CA. I made my way through the store, and, really, most of the fun is gone. Previously, I knew what to expect for 99 cents, and occasionally, I'd find a bargain! Not anymore! If I find something that looks like a bargain, it's now somehow marked much more than 99 cents, either through a shelf tag, other sign, or a tiny label on the product, or pasted over the bar code. And, if I find a bargain that is clearly marked 99 cents, that doesn't matter. It too, is probably not 99 cents. Such was the case tonight. I was shopping, and stumbled upon Old Spice Cruise Control Forming Creme for hair. I looked around, and it was clearly labeled 99 cents on the shelf tag. I congratulated myself on a good find, and put two of the items in my cart.

Upon checkout, I noticed that the price on my two Old Spice items had magically changed to $1.99. I pointed this out to the cashier, **, who asked, "So do you want them or not?" I did want them, but I wanted the proper price. She had to call a "person with the key" to remove the items, but as I wanted them for the clearly marked 99 cents, she had to call a manager. After waiting for approximately 10 minutes, the manager arrived. **, as he told me his name, was the manager, and he was unable to honor the price. While I had been waiting for him to come to the front of the store, I had returned to the aisle with the product and taken a picture, clearly showing the 99 cents price tag directly below the item. I showed this to **, but he just smiled and chuckled, and said that the price was not for the item that I wanted.

I encouraged ** to walk back with me to the aisle and see it for himself. He stated emphatically that he did not NEED to do this, as he knew the price was wrong, and was for another item. Again, he smiled, and chuckled, and seemed to get great humor out of the situation. I asked him why he was laughing, and he stated, "Well, I'm not going to get mad over $2, so I might as well laugh." ** refused to give me the price, find me another manager, call a person who could help, go to the aisle to see the price for himself, or do anything useful. He just stood there, chuckling and smiling. He and ** even told the customers waiting in line that I was the reason the line was getting longer. Eventually, after about 10 minutes of my repeated insistence that the store honor the price noted, he decided I wasn't going to leave, and, eventually instructed the cashier to remove one of my items from my receipt, effectively giving me the proper price.

This is not the first time I've had trouble at this same store, over the same issue. Many times products have not been marked at a higher price, and have wrung up that way. And in fact, I think the company counts on this. They're hoping that people at the register won't notice the higher price, or will simply allow it be charged to them. When they raised their prices from 99 cents to 99.9999 cents, as their receipts now say, they claimed that their pricing hadn't changed in years. But product sizing, and quantity and availability sure did. Now they're doing it again, and I'm going to speak up.

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