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Why do you have to be 18 and older to return anything you bought from the store? I was just there yesterday with my friends and I bought 5 pairs of underwear and then came back today to return them because I didn't get the right size. When I came back to the store I waited in line for 10 mins and when it was my turn I came up and said I would like to return these. And then the lady asked how old I was and then she also said that I need to be 18 and older and have an ID but I didn't because I am only 15. Now why can I buy anything from the store but not return anything back to the store. I didn't use a credit card I paid in cash. So why can I buy them and not return them, that is very stupid and I WILL NEVER EVER EVER RETURN AGAIN.

I have recently visited the Victoria's Secret store located in Tacoma, WA and have been disgusted with the way I have been treated. On October 08th 2016, I went to the Victoria's Secret and was completely ignored by the sales associates. This is not the first time that I have been treated this way at the same store location. I was in the pantie section looking through the various colors and prints when another customer came next to where I was. She was promptly greeted by a sales associate and was told of the sale and promotions and then was promptly given a bag. This sales associate was so rude that she went over me when I was looking inside the slide out drawers for my size and opened up a door next to where I was and told the customer that she can find her size here. I was livid. The customer witnessed how rude the associate was by going over me that she felt bad and I told her that I can wait while she gets her size.

Next, I approached a sales associate and asked to speak to the manager. She didn't let me speak to the manager! She instead asked me what happened and I told her. She really didn't care that much about my experience. I decided to leave the store without my purchase because of the poor customer service. While I was leaving the store, one of the sales associates made a rude and condescending remark telling me, "Have a nice day!" I will never return to this store. These people need to be trained on customer service and not judge people and then not asking if a customer needs assistance since, my money is just as green as everybody else's. Avoid Victoria's Secret at all costs!

I love Victoria's Secret but I think they are partnering with the wrong business (Comenity Bank), which is so disappointing. Well first of all THIS IS A CREDIT CARD. You should be grateful when your customer wants to pay. And when I say pay, paying always on time in full balance etc. This is America, people are busy working making something to pay their bills each month. Who would think for dates when their one, two three bills will be deducted per month? Nobody. That's why people set up an "AUTO PAY" so I set it up right? Well guess what, I saw on my statement a late payment fee of $28 on top of my balance which I didn't even thought at all because it was all in automatic payment straight from my bank account.

Paying it is no problem but reporting it to the credit bureau as a late payment offender is **. It should be illegal and definitely is immoral to tagged your "valued" customers a late payment offender to the credit bureau without even trying to call them first or at least send an email reminder that it's not an auto pay they set up online, it's only one scheduled payment. After one month it's not working as automatic? It was a trick, very misleading. It's unfair to the consumers like me who's been working so hard to maintain an excellent payment history on the my credit score across all the credit bureaus for my mortgage plans soon.:( Oh well.

I am extremely disappointed with the transparency of this company. I understand you have a rewards program, but the first thing you need to say is that THIS IS A CREDIT CARD. It should be illegal and definitely is immoral to provide your "valued" customers a credit card without informing them. In no way was I told that this rewards program involved a credit card which is appalling because I'm sure thousands of people do not make that minimum payment not because they didn't have the money but because they were simply unaware, because of the SEVERE LACK OF TRANSPARENCY. I liked VS before. After applying for a "rewards program" because I genuinely wanted to become a more frequent customer and got shoved with this deal uninformed, I will never shop here again. Giving people credit cards uninformed is not a game, and it certainly doesn't foster positive loyalty.

I have bought Victoria's Secret underwear for years. That was all that was in my drawers. I've now come to realize that these undergarments are mass produced and made with cheap material. I put a pair on my first night of having them and my finger went through the lace. I used to be so satisfied with your products but now I feel that I need to go somewhere else to find my undergarments. Your customers work too hard for their money and pay quite a bit for your undergarments to be so cheaply made. One very dissatisfied customer!!!

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Well I received a phone call from VS to my surprise. I always pay my bills in a timely fashion. I received a phone call stating they were going to put my account in delinquent because I was just late two days in which by the way when as soon as I get my statements I pay right away not giving the fact my husband just passed less than a week. They really didn't need to tick me off. Go after the people that don't pay their bills.

I used to love Victoria's Secret - so much so that nearly ALL of my clothing came from there. Then they stop selling clothes. My heart literally broke when that happened. But I found some relief in knowing at least I could still get casual clothing and bathing suits. Well, I've heard the news that they're getting rid of that too, so now I have zero reason to shop here. I was such a loyal customer - as much as I hate to admit it, I actually maxed my store card out more times than I can remember. Guess it's time to close that one out!

I have been purchasing VS and Pink items for years now. The quality of the products is very much below par especially, for the price you pay. All items end up falling apart, even when cared for properly. I am very disappointed in the quality of their items. I have purchased items at Wal-Mart that are made better and last longer. One would think for the price you pay at VS that they would take more pride in what they sell and how it is made. I am no longer a VS customer.

I have been buying clothing from VS PINK for the past few years and the quality for the price is terrible. I turn everything inside out, wash on delicate, cold water have no percolator in my washer, and use good quality detergent, and do not overload the washer or put them in with different colors. The clothing looks like it's been worn for years after one wash or falls apart with severe pilling especially with the hoodies. I never put them in the dryer. They are all hung to dry.

I am sorry I have spent over 1,000 for such cheap clothing that looks terrible after only one PROPER wash. They really need to charge less for this junk or start making better quality clothing. And forget asking for help they just say, "Well sorry for ya." I would consider taking it to the next level as much money as I have spent for clothing there for myself and my daughters they should listen to what customers are telling them. 65.00 hoodies only to look like trash the day after purchase. No more will I waste money on the PINK label because that's what you pay for not quality that's for sure!

I had order the 5 for $27 panty deal online at VS and ended up spending $37.34 on the entire order (including taxes and a ridiculously high shipping cost). Anyways, after spending almost $40 online, I order something else from a different store at the same time, which charged to my card just like it did with VS. After waiting almost 2 weeks to figure out where my order was or the expected date, I decided to write to them. I was met with two very rude and awful replies on how I hadn't paid and they required me to pay almost $40 AGAIN. But it gets better. I won't be reimbursed at all! So in the end, I had almost $40 stolen from me and never received my order from this awful store. I will NEVER even think about ordering from this business that stole my hard earned money.

I have shopped in VS for 25 years! Mostly online as Canada just got the retail stores. Sales associates are curt, rude snobs. It's like their mad they're working. I have watched them gather and whisper about other girls shopping. Returning something, forget it! You will be treated like crap! Since when do you need ID with your bill to return? They check the item over like they WANT to find it dirty or something! And no receipt? Now you are mud. Don't ask for a manager cause she's worse. They learn from her. Goodbye VS???

I absolutely like Victoria's Secret's Vanilla & Coconut (Coconut Passion) fragrance mist. It's one of my favorite Victoria's Secret's scents. To me, the scent feels warm and the combination of coconut and vanilla gives that cozy, chocolatey scent (perhaps, I'm just such a chocoholic) -- it's comforting. Well, there are some vanilla-scented perfumes/mists that make me wanna vomit after it reaches my olfactory nerves, VS's product somehow is an exception to that (at least for me). The scent also stays for a long time. I usually buy mine at the Duty Free stores so it's cheaper. I also think that it somehow ensures that the product is authentic. And in addition to that, this particular scent that I like is a rare find in department stores in my area. An 8.4 fl. oz is usually around $12-$15. I got so accustomed to this scent, so I will always consider buying it. Thanks VS... :).

So today I went to Victoria's Secret and I bought 3 body mists. I bought one Strawberries and Champagne ($4.50 each), and 2 Dream Angels Blush ($8.75 each). One was for my friend's graduation party and the other 2 for me. After I looked at the receipt I see that they charged me 3 Dreams Angels Blush and 2 Strawberries and Champagne perfumes. They charged me a total of $13.25. I even said to my friend, who was next to me in the checkout "This seems like a lot of money.", the cashier looks at the list of products I was about to purchase, looks at me, and says nothing to me. Knowing that I was at Victoria's Secret, I thought to myself "Well, this store is kind of expensive, so the price makes sense." I get home and check the receipt and notice the extra charge for the perfumes.

Now I can't do anything about it but I have learned a valuable lesson, "ALWAYS CHECK THE RECEIPT BEFORE LEAVING THE REGISTER OR THE STORE! Otherwise they won't believe you when you tell them you have been charged more than the actual amount if you tell them if you come back to the store and tell them because they will just say "You could have left at home and be telling us here that we charged you more." ALWAYS CHECK THE RECEIPT BEFORE LEAVING THE CASHIER. Don't let this happen to you, learn from my mistake.

I have been a long-time customer of VS and spent a lot of money with them. Today, after getting a promo offer, I tried to use it as today was the last day before it expires and it wouldn't work. I did the chat thing and was told they were running another promo which voided the promo I got, I was told. I then called them and was told the same thing. Very curt and could hardly understand the gal I was talking to as she was speaking so fast and basically gave me the impression "sucks for you".

This will be my last time order as not only have I seen the decline in what they are selling, such as no more clothing line, but the customer service has gone in the tank. I work in customer service and would never speak to or allow any of my staff to speak to any customer the way I was spoken to today. Maybe they are going out of business and just don't care about their customers anymore. Regardless, I will look elsewhere to do my shopping and they can keep their "VIP" card, as you would expect that to mean something...

My aunt from Canada bought me a Victoria's secret body double mist, Slice of Heaven and this product tops as my favorite of all the body mists I've ever had. It's oil based without the oily feeling, unlike other oil based products you can never wear in a country with a tropical weather. Because it's oil based, the scent could last all throughout the day. I absolutely love the mild, soothing scent, although my 17-year old nephew told me I smell like donuts. LOL. And it nicely moisturizes my skin, and at times I even use it to tame my frizzy hair. I would great recommend this product to anyone who loves the sweet smell of vanilla. It's a perfume and moisturizer in one...

I would like to know how to address VS on the topic of using anorexic models. I have shopped VS for many years but seeing some of these swimsuit models is very disheartening. VS should be ashamed of themselves for accepting this level of poor health and body image especially since their PINK line targets younger women. More companies are banning use of such models and this year I see the most unhealthy, alarmingly slim models. Please help save our girls.

I went to Victoria's Secret and availed of their promo that time: 5 panties for $27 and bras 3 for $30 I think... I'm not certain. Anyway, I chose the cotton panties which I love rather than the silk or semi-silk ones. So, there's a variety of designs and cuts to choose from depending on what would suit your personality. I took my time in choosing the design and cut that I want and for my other relatives too as a present when I come back. And so I was feeling the material because, there were some items that I know would not last a long time. There were pure cotton ones and others were of different kind. Something that you know you'll not be comfortable in.

I guess it pays to be trained in the Philippines wherein we know the type of cloth being used. We check for the quality and feel the product before buying anything. We even check the seams too if they were perfectly sewn. So in the end, we know if it's durable, comfortable or if it would only last a couple of months etc. But anyway, I finally found the items that I want and I was happy with what I got. When I got home, I had the helper hand-washed the ones I bought for myself so that it's ready for use. And when I finally had the chance to use each one of them including the bras, I was right about the comfort. It was so comfortable and the fit is just perfect. No wonder they're up as one of the leading shop for undergarments. They're truly made of high quality material (well, that is if you're very keen in choosing) and comfort fit for the needs of women of all ages and culture. I highly recommend their product.

I went to Victoria's Secret and did their deal of 5 panties for $27. I went to the counter and swiped my card and it charged my account twice. When I called the store to get my money back, they said they couldn't do anything for me because it's not a "store level problem." They told me I had to call the bank to get it figured out. So basically I had to go out of my way to fix their mistake. They weren't helpful at all and didn't seem to care that they stole money from me. The manager even gave me attitude when I asked for my money back. Not shopping there again.

I used one of Victoria's Secret lotions and devastating my hands with a horrible allergic reaction, burn like feeling. Never again will I use their cheap horrible lotions. I used to be a loyal customer, but this is very disappointing.

I have never in my entire life been so disappointed in the way a store is being ran. My daughters and I use to frequent the Valley Hills Mall Victoria Secrets at least twice a week. The staff was amazing and the manager was as sweet candy, compassionate and caring. The associates were always happy, and it was a really nice experience. This stuck up ** NICOLE they have working for the company now is the worst. NEVER EVER EVER have I been so pissed as I was the other day when an associate was assisting my daughter and when she comes and grabs her by the arm, barking demands at her saying "REGISTER NOW", didn't even offer to help us find what we were looking for.

I let it go due to the fact that I had my children with me. We went on to find what we have been looking for. After approximately 30 minutes of trying on things and smelling different perfumes I noticed that while the line had gotten back up into the dressing room, almost all she is doing is walking around spitting demands. When we finally got close to the end of the line, I heard the girl at the register ask over her head "See if she could get some help." The customer in front of me stated that the cashier had already called for help on four different occasions and no one even bother to come help her!!!

When I asked for the number to the corporate headquarters, Nicole refused to give it to me!!! No wonder so many of my favorite Associates have left, they are working for Satan!!! I love those ladies there and my daughters love coming in there, they are so much fun but as long as she's there I'll drive an hour out of the way or order online before ever going back in that store!!!

Victoria's Secret is horrible. I contacted them for two orders that were more than $100 each and I am a rewards member as well. I waited patiently two weeks for both online orders in which I didn't even get a email stating that they had put my purchases on hold. When I purchased it everything was approved. Why was and I contacted if it was placed on hold so we could reserve the matter? I called. Spoke to three people and they kept bouncing me to line the line so no complaints could get to their superior.

Cindy the supervisor for customer service was unprofessional and did not care about what happened to me. Mike from the credit department told me he did not know why my things were placed on hold and then placed me on hold and bounced me to Rosemary where she was willing to help me. I canceled my rewards card. Paid it in full. I no longer wish to do business with you guys. I am a single mother with two children of disabilities. I shop because I want to not because I have to. Save your money and time people. Victoria's Secret is ghetto.

I had been a long time shopper with Victoria's Secret until they stopped carrying their clothing line which was both of quality and style. Whoever made the decision to make this change really has ruined what use to be the best company to buy clothes from. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way, and I am wondering how VS is making a profit these days. I hope the comment will put some sense to the decision makers of the company and encourage them to rethink their business model and bring satisfaction back to their customers.

Every time I go into Victoria's Secret I have to wait in line 30-40 minutes. Unfortunately it's not because they're busy, they are just that slow, EVERY TIME!!! Not only that, the way they treat people is garbage! They act so snotty and like they are better than everybody else. I wear business attire to work everyday so on my days off I dress extremely casual. That doesn't mean I'm ** trash!!! I make very good money more than these girls!!! I've decided I'm not shopping here anymore and I've been shopping there for about 20 years!!! I am not going to tolerate being treated poorly anymore!!!

I am a loyal shopper of Victoria's Secret products, from bras to panties to perfume to their lounge-wear and athletic clothes. I shop online and in-store, but probably shop online more often because it's convenient to shop from the comfort of my bed and have the items delivered to my house. Fortunately my nearest VS store is 10 minutes away. Unfortunately, the customer service is dog **. My most recent shopping experience at my local VS store left me in tears as soon as I got out to my car. Now, I drive nearly 2 hours away if I want to spend my gift cards/angel rewards or need to make returns. I go where my business is APPRECIATED. The sales associates (just at my local VS store) really don't like to take returns.

I bought a "holiday related" bra but it didn't fit. I wanted to return it, still had the original receipt, but the sales girl made up a lie about how "I am not allowed to return holiday-related items after the holiday has ended." WHAT. THE. FUDGE. I didn't bother arguing with her because we were already holding up the line, which is embarrassing enough. By the time I got out to my car I realized she must have thrown the receipt away because it wasn't in my bag. Deliberate? Probably. They roll their eyes and look at me like I'm a criminal. Another time, I pointed out to the counter girl how the bras should ring up for less because there was a sign RIGHT IN FRONT of them stating the sale price.

She just looked at me like I had ruined her day, and then disregarded my comment and continued to ring them up. Didn't even offer to go see the sign or apologize or nothing. Without her even thanking me for my business, I told her to check out the sign because it was misleading and might confuse other shoppers. Not only do the sales associates lack knowledge when it comes to their own in-store offers and promotions, they are RUDE and are unprofessional. Stay away from the Rochester, Minnesota Victoria's Secret store if you want to experience good quality customer service. The new manager Gigi is a real disappointment as well. There are much better VS stores with nicer, more pleasant and knowledgeable employees, and it's always worth the drive.

I previously received a coupon through mail (probably because I purchased something online before) that said I can get a free underwear without any purchase. So, I went to the store, got my underwear, went to the cashier. After the cashier and I greeted, I gave that coupon to her, then her attitude turned 360 degrees. She didn't really throw the coupon aside, but kinda fling it like a rubbish. Then she did whatever she has to do (scan, wrap the underwear...).

After that, she suddenly said "You are good to go" in a mean tone. I was kinda stuck and looked at her, then she repeated the same thing ("You are good to go") like I'm deaf, but actually I was just shocked because I've never been thanked to be a customer with "You are good to go." There was a lady beside me who has the same coupon, her cashier was nice and didn't say "You are good to go", and asked her did she want to subscribe for the email alert or something. My work is customer service too and I won't say that to my customers, that just made me felt like I'm a beggar begging for a underwear, and she (the cashier) didn't wanna give it to me but she didn't have a choice because that's her job.

Purchased 14 undergarments and noticed less than 5 mins after payment that there was a shipping charge. Called CSR immediately to cancel order and was told unable to do so since the order is already in process. I can return items to store but no shipping charges will be refunded. Then attempted to pay bill and online banking payment was rejected saying account number incorrect. Online banking contacted CSR and the number was correct. Still incurred late fees. Quality of garment - very poor. The material is now very thin and rips easily leaving holes and or stitching comes loose.

I recently bought 2 swimsuits and 2 cover-ups from VS's website. The suits fit perfectly but I didn't love the cover-ups. I was able to take them into a local VS retail store in the mall for a full refund. I didn't have to deal with the hassle of shipping them back although they provide a mailing label in case I chose that option as well. This made me really happy. I love my suits and got tons of compliments in Costa Rica! Pura vida!

I went to the Victoria's Secret in Tukwila, WA and made a purchase the Saturday before Christmas. We knew it would be busy because of the holidays, but there were two lines with about four people in each. We both went to a different line to see which moved faster. Neither line moved for about 20 minutes. Finally, they bring up another cashier, and she goes to take people just getting in line, so everybody who's been waiting said NO and she started alternating between the lines. So, because I spent a certain amount of money I earned a VS $20 Reward Card. The cashier put it in my bag and said it was good January 21-February 21. I live about 45 minutes from two different stores, so the other night we went to the one in Auburn, WA.

We first walked in and I asked the girl on the floor how to use the coupon and I showed it to her. She said it worked on anything in VS and Pink and to just give it to the cashier. She then was very helpful with showing me things on the floor. So my mom and I go to the register and give the girl my coupon. She asked if I had the card for it. I told her that what I had just handed to her was all that I was given. She said "it should have come with a gift card". I said I never received this. She said that other customers had that happen as well, and I should call customer care. So I do, get put on hold numerous times, have to repeat my story, etc.

Now we have been in the store for a half hour. My mom and I are both getting annoyed, frustrated, irritated, and fed up. My mom asks for the manager, who turns out to be the girl who helped us in the beginning. Her name is Lauren and she is the assistant store manager. She heard what was happening the whole time and didn't come up until we asked for her. My mom said that she has been on hold for 25 minutes and now on the phone they are saying that they are closing. Lauren said that she could not honor the discount because it would look fraudulent on her side and she could lose her job.

My mom told her she would leave a copy of her license, name, number, and she could talk to the woman on the phone. Lauren was extremely rude and unprofessional, rolls her eyes, takes off twenty dollars, and says "It's all good, we're over it. I'm over it". What kind of customer service is that?!?! I work retail customer service, and that is not how you handle anything! She did not say, "I can honor that", "I apologize for the inconvenience", Nothing! It was terrible. My mom had to threaten to walk out of the store and never come back, in order for us to receive our EARNED $20 discount. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I spoke with a representative named Diane about not receiving my Angel Reward Card of $40. I was told it was sent out on 12/9/2015. Since it wasn't received as of yet, Diane offered to give me the reward code for the amount. I was advised to visit the store and provide the code that was given. I live over 1.15hrs away from the store. I was off and made the trip because I truly enjoy shopping at VS in Hampton, Virginia. I shopped and got to the register just to be informed that I was not able to use the reward code given. It was on a Friday, the store was extremely busy and I was holding up the line waiting for the manager Cindy to come and tell me the same thing without even attempting to try. I instantly call the number given by the manager Cindy. I gave my concern and had to be transferred just to repeat it all again.

At this moment I was totally annoyed, embarrassed, frustrated, and very vexed at what I was experiencing around your customers. People in line were there agreeing how it takes too long and sometimes never for them in getting their reward from VS credit card. The representative Abrian over the phone stated that the manager should be aware of what to do with the code. I was very pleased at the moment after he requested to speak with her. He then explained the concern and Cindy the manager forcefully informed him that it was not a procedure whereby she would normally do and she handed me back the phone for him to explained. Abrian then stated that he didn't understand her problem in why she wouldn't do it and he apologized. I then wanted to speak with a supervisor. I spoke with Dixie the account manager for VS credit card. I felt a careless response throughout our conversation.

After finally breaking down she then stated that she would credit the account of the $40. I felt more should have been offered for all the chaos I've been through after only doing what was told from the rep Diane. She then stressed the fact that the only thing she could do is send me out a coupon book! Really?? A coupon book that I get normally?? I am so fed up with my experience with VS!! I never got my birthday gift card, none of my gift cards for the points and not even my new CC for being at another level. I don't want to make the decision of closing and paying off the account, but I'm so unpleased at how I'm being treated. Please allow me to feel like a valued customer again. I represent your brand everyday from undergarments to totes, umbrella, jewelry, makeup and fragrance. I want to feel good about being a VS card holder. Please fix this by finding a method to rush the rewards to your customer.

If we have an issue resolved it without pulling our hairs first. Train your manager to do all they could to help the customer in having a good experience especially when they spend as much as I do. As a corporate sr. Executive for Sprint, I know the effort it takes to retain business with customers when they are dissatisfied. I'm only asking for you to allow me to boast on the customer satisfaction VS offers to keep their customers happy. Respectfully, your angel cardholder since 2013.

I have been a long time shopper with Victoria's Secret. They stopped selling their quality clothing line and went to just yet another lounge line of clothing. The quality is no longer there. The sleeves are much shorter on all sweaters, hoodies, etc. The material is cheap and quite thin but yet the price is still high. Their fit line is heading in the same direction now. Whoever made the decision to make this change really has ruined what use to be the best company to buy clothes from. I bought some bras as well and they curl at the top of the cups. I hope one day you will go back to selling the quality of clothing you use. For now I have to shop elsewhere.

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