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I ordered rugs from in mid-July. The rugs were delivered to my house in a timely manner but they were the incorrect rugs. I ordered orange and got the blue. I called and was told that they would send my labels to return them and fix the problem. While waiting for labels I received a 3rd rug which I never ordered but still the wrong color. After waiting a week for labels I called back and again explained my issue. After an hour of my time and explaining myself to 3 people labels were sent to me via email. However I could not print one of the labels because it would just error. I ended up shipping back 2 rugs and returning one to the store... explaining that I had a rug I did not pay for and just wanted to return. I was also told that I would be refunded and would have to place another order. I placed an order again for the orange rugs. Today I received on my doorstep another blue rug.

I called customer service and the first person I was in touch with said he was sorry but he shut off his computer by accident and would not be able to help me. On my second call today I was informed I ordered the blue rugs and I was wrong. I informed the customer service person that I was looking at my ordered and had ordered the orange. He said I could again return the wrong rug. In order to return the rug I need to print a receipt. This system is also not working on the website and just says "sorry there was an error." I attempted to chat with someone on-line and after being told there was a 2 minute wait time was informed that I would have to try back. I would love to send an email to complain about this runaround but when you click on that link it of course doesn't work. I would like to think I was being punked by Target with all of these blue rugs and poor customer service but sadly I think that is the best they have to offer.

I placed an order for two twin beds. The beds came on two separate days which was fine. However, there were 2 foot boards in each package rather than the footboard and headboard. 10 four I had to return the items. In the process of spending hours on the phone with, I discovered that the non-English-speaking person had taken the email down incorrectly. I could not receive any correspondence about the order. When I called for a return label, it only sent for one pick up. I had two packages. I had to call again.

Now I am on the phone again today because will not refund my money even though I have UPS tracking proof that the items were accepted on the dock. I have two credits pending at different amounts even though the beds cost the same. I am talking/holding to my third person after holding for 50 minutes. They hung up on me. No one speaks English. When I called for the return label the customer service person said that she was emailing me a coupon because of all the problems that I have had. I have yet to receive the coupon. Can someone help me get my money back on this problem resolved.

On August 17th 2016 @ 8:10 am I called 212-835-0860 to ask if the Holmes window fan for 39.99 was in stock only to be left on hold and disconnected, I called back several times and was left on hold and eventually disconnected and this went on for at leafy 20 minutes, which is a bad way to start my day...

Allow me to explain my issue (as a disclaimer, I hold no particular customer service rep accountable. This is issue). I ordered a pre-order item yesterday. I changed my shipping address on my account (to reflect my new address I've moved to) and all went well BEFORE I placed the order. Your system STILL used my old shipping address. I called and explained that it was trying to send it to my old address, which of course, is useless as nobody is there anymore.

They stated they could NOT change the address and nobody had the power to do so. Not only did this poor online ordering system screw it up, I had to cancel the order and miss it because there are no more of the item. They explained that was the ONLY way to reissue the shipping address. On an item that hasn't even shipped yet. This is ridiculous customer service and actually, a really poor ordering system. What kind of company can't actually change the shipping address RIGHT after an order is placed on a pre-order item that hasn't even shipped? Furthermore, why wasn't the shipping information correct after I'd changed it?

Honestly, I really just wanted the item. Can anyone help me with this? Are they going to get any more of this item? I have begun warning people of this issue on social media/reddit because it actually would deter people from further ordering on If anyone could assist or help me get the original item I ordered, I'd greatly appreciate it.

When I place an order online using my RedCard, I routinely see a transaction on my RedCard for an extra $0.01. This is one cent more than my online order confirmation emails says the order cost. Shouldn't it be illegal to charge customers more for an online order than the order confirmation states? A penny here, a penny there, Target is overcharging. How can they be stopped? Can someone bring forth a class action lawsuit or something?

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I called target to ask why I have not been receiving E-statements, I have been enrolled in paperless statements for about a year and in the beginning I was receiving my E-statements and alerts without an issue, but suddenly all of that stopped. I called and tried to figure out the issue, spoke to some guy named James who didn't even speak proper English just to have him repeat the same information over and over. James said you didn't receive an E-statement this month because you paid last month's twice. James is correct on that one because that means I have no bill due at the time, but what about the prior months? Where are those statements?

I am a mother, full time worker, busy woman to say the least, like so many other people in America are. I need my statements to remind me my bill is due. I actually paid the bill late a couple times because I was getting no word from target. To top it off this jerk James guy I was speaking to on the phone hung up on me after not knowing what else to say. I stopped going to Walmart because I felt target was Much better in general. After this fiasco I honestly feel they both fall under the same category and that is S**t. Doubt all be using my target Card anymore or shop there. ANYONE OUT THERE HAVING ISSUES, DON'T BOTHER CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE, THEY'LL JUST HANG UP ON YOU.

I called Target customer service about my urBeats headphones. I got a 2-year protection plan on the headphones. And they mess up after about 2 years and a few months. So I called customer service and told them I wanted to mail the headphones for a pair that works and they say I can't do that. All I needed was an exchange, not my money back. And I tell them that these headphones are the Lamborghini of headphones comparing headphones to automobiles of course. You think I'm going to want to buy a Lamborghini that only lasts 2 years and that's it?? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Then they shouldn't be charging 10-30x the price of original headphones for something that only lasts 2 years. I told them to make a protection plan that lasts longer because that's **.

I believe Target purposefully makes the protection plan at 2 years ONLY (no longer than that) because they know after around 2 years they start to mess up. I asked the dull, lifeless woman on the phone if they could create a protection plan that lasts longer than 2 years nicely and I get a stiff and unapologetic "no". I have been a customer at Target for a long time and they give me the cold shoulder and could care less if I get a faulty product. I'm not spending $100 or $300 on Beats headphones every 2 years. That's pure stupidity. Guess this means I won't shop there anymore. A lesson that can be learned from all this...? Give a ** about your customers and maybe they will continue to give you their money. Duh!

DO NOT VISIT STORE! MELISSA, ROBERT, AND CRISTINE SHOULD ALL BE FIRED! I will be contacting the BBB. If there was a way to rate this company and store "no stars" I would do it. By far this is the worst store I've ever been to my entire life. The experience I had a couple weeks ago, today, and also on the phone to make a complaint was horrendous. I'm not to sure if it's a skill issue. They could be prejudiced, or maybe it's the fact that they are underpaid and unhappy.

No customer should ever be yelled at from 10 ft away for all Target customers to hear. I'm somewhat embarrassed by the behavior. I was told by an overweight female with tattoos I was not welcome to use the restroom as a mall employee. How unprofessional, right? Oh it gets better. Looking at her with confusion I realized she was the loss prevention advocate because she wasn't wearing red and tan like everyone else. She should be more concerned with theft and such but the fact that a mall employee uses the restroom upsets her. I asked for the number to HR and she said I could call Customer Service to make a complaint. She also gave me the incorrect store number on purpose.

Visiting the main issues both Melissa and Robert thought I should be banned over using a Target cart outside of Target which is something 75% of all mall customers do. Sounds laughable that managers worry about such minuscule things. So it dawned on me: Why would they single me out? Then I thought, "Wow, it's about race." And I hope it's not but these folks make me think only that. That was the only thing that differed me from looking like half of the customers they continuously allow to shop in the mall with a Target cart full of mall goodies. I was singled out for no reason I see. So feeling the way I did I called immediately to file a complaint and sure enough it didn't get better. I was hung up on 2 times and lied to by the HR supervisor after he got a little emotional over the facts I stated about the company he worked for.

So this is where I stand. You should not support Target by any means. Do not buy their products. Do no visit their location. They do not like customer service or even remotely being polite and civil. I will keep calling and reporting this until I feel like something will be done to all 3 leaders. I feel bad for anyone working at this location under these guys. Poor example of leadership. I asked myself, "Why do they even work at a grocery store if they can't talk to customers correctly with respect?" Such a simple job. How do you mess that up? Maybe this isn't the right job for the 3.

You would think after so many issues with Target as a company the chain would be shut down by now. But it's not. Scary thing is anyone of their customers could be treated the way I was. It hit a nerve that I will do whatever it takes to remove them from the working system of El Paso. Hey Target pay your employees better so they are happy and don't make a scene from stupid things that could be avoided! Stop allowing scum to walk your stores. It's not flattery. They really do suck as workers. Do yourself a justice and remove them immediately. Talking to them will not solve their bad attitudes and disrespectful gestures.

Please be aware when ordering online. It is their practice to charge TWICE. One charge is considered a "hold". If you're ordering online and things are tight, keep in mind twice the amount spent comes out of your account. Why? I have no idea. I ordered a total of $121.73 for a baby shower I'm unable to make, leaving me with enough money to make the week. To my surprise this morning, I get overdrawn alerts from my bank. Target charged me 3 separate charges. 121.73, 12.97, 108.76. I called to find out what the mix up is, and they explain it isn't a charge. It's only a temporary hold until all the items are received. Furthermore, the Target representative says all I can do is, dispute the double charge with my bank (who also charge for this service) offering no reasonable explanation for the double charge. So, I give Target a big giant ZERO in consumer courtesy.

I reviewed my credit card statement online and notice there is a $70 charge twice from Target dated July 11. I remember the transaction, I bought 2 gift cards $20 for a birthday and $ 70 for a baby shower. When I went out the door of the store I went back and let the same cashier check if the right amount was correctly placed on the respective gift cards. She told me then I need to swipe my credit card again and I said why. She said she voided the first transaction so that is why she wanted me to swipe the card again. She gave me the receipt of the void transaction and the new receipt.

I took picture of my online statement and showed it to customer service at watertown, NY Target where I originally made the purchase. The guy in the counter called a lady to deal with the problem. I explain to her the situation. She told me she cannot do anything without the receipt. When I came back with the receipt the same guy in the counter was there. He proceeded to look for the female associate. After 2 minutes the guy came back without the female associate (or she might be the manager who does not want to deal with my issue). He now wants me to pull my statement online. I said this is a picture of my statement online what is the difference. I thought to myself - you don't trust me that this picture of this statement is correct and why would I waste my time disputing this charge if this is legitimate.

He then told me they cannot help me and that I have to call their customer service. They should have told me that first thing rather than let me go home and get the receipt. I call customer service. She ask me what is my email address and phone #. She ask me the receipt and after holding for 3 mins she told me she cannot help me and that I should take it up with my credit card. She told me it would be between Target and my credit card.

This issue is preventable if employees are conscious of their job. Mistakes happens and should have been resolve at the store level. Either the employees are lazy or they don't know how to deal with this issue. Tell me which one. One thing for sure I won't be going back there. Maybe if I am Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or a SOMEBODY there will be a quick resolution. I am just am a little consumer but have a lot of friends that probably won't shop there either. I am sure the loss of revenue from me will not make a dent or Target's bottom line-for sure.

My family consist of me, my husband, and our three children. They are over driving age and frequently need to have my debit card for an outing. Today I worked later than usual and decided to call in to go supper at Cracker Barrel. While I waited, ran to Target to pick up a few things... but decided to go ahead and get my grocery needs while I was there to save going later on. So, in a hurry to get over to Cracker Barrel, I go to the front check out and write my check. The clerk says "it declined your check..." I said "well what is wrong with your system because I know nothing is wrong on my end."

They pulled to the side like I had been detained in the store... called the verification line and the lady asked to speak to me... she said "you did nothing wrong but because you do not write checks in our store often we can only approve 200.00." (MY bill was 263.00). I said "well can I write two separate checks," "No!" so never-mind that they were losing my sale, never mind that their employee was going to have to put it all away, never-mind that I had invested 1 hour of my life getting the right things... that they would not allow me to buy! Target is the most non concerned about how the customer feels... so why can't your verification look in my account and see the check is good? Why can't you look and see I have never written you bad check. Bad choice Target, prob gonna cost you more than it did me.

7/29/2016 -- Called to inform that I had not received my new card or the bill for the new TV I bought. The lady was Hispanic or something and I could not understand her at all. I complained to her and ask for another person who spoke real ENGLISH to take over for her. She refused but did slow down her speech a lot and I was finally able to pick out the gist of what she was trying to say. I was very put out as I am the customer trying to pay a bill and trying to find out why my new card had not come in the mail. Customer service in this instance was plain suckie!!! New Customer!!! Bad experience!!! Come on Target!!! Get your act together!!! NEED ENGLISH SPEAKING HELPERS AS THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY!!! THIS IS AMERICA!!! SPEAK ENGLISH!!!

I have shopped at Target for as long as Target exists. I have shopped happily for housewares, clothes for myself and for my children, electronics, school supplies, groceries and anything else Target may sell. Today I ended my relationship with Target and this is why: A couple days ago I purchased a video game Play Station 4 platform for $349 plus tax at Cheektowaga NY Target store. The item was sold as new in the box and removed from a locked cabinet in the electronics department. Once at home and upon opening the box I discovered that although the box appeared new and sealed the Play Station 4 platform inside the box was visibly damaged and well used. I was shocked and called the Target store immediately.

I explained the situation and the manager told me to bring to any Target to be exchanged. Fast forwarded 4 days later I went to the store to do just that and I am told that although the serial number outside the box matches the serial number on my receipt it doesn't match the serial number on the Play Station 4 platform inside the box and because of that that wasn't anything they could do for me.

The manager immediately called security and this unfriendly security guard proceeded to attempt to intimidate me and recommended I contact Sony for a refund. Furthermore he and the rest of Target customer Service personnel at the Cheektowaga and Niagara Falls Target store told me that this happens all the time and it's never handled by the store. Lesson learned and please be aware: upon buying electronics or anything of value at Target Stores open the box in the store in front of management and confirm that the item indeed is new and that serial numbers matched. Yes the manager also confirmed that I unknowingly purchased a previously returned item.

I purchased a couple of items for my daughter's birthday (for my mom who is scared of online shopping) on We procrastinated, so it cost $15 for shipping for 1 of the 2 items to arrive on time. It did. It was decent. A little smaller than expected, but no complaints. The day after her birthday, I checked my bank account & Target had charged me twice for the one item plus shipping. It occurred on my daughter's birthday which was 2 days after we made the initial purchase. (I had not visited their site after that either, so a bit strange.)

I never got an email confirming the order like I had for the other one. I called them & they told me that I had to dispute it with my bank. I told them that it was the same amount to the penny as the one item with tax & shipping. Also told her that I didn't want to dispute it, cause it was likely a duplicate order. She was real condescending & I wasn't as level headed as I normally am as I got off the phone with that little pleasant lady representing I then spend 30 minutes on the phone with my bank to resolve this issue. I am sharing this with you while still quite irritated, not sure if they will be sending a duplicate or not, but it still shows their professionalism & how they handle glitches & issues.

I just decided to cancel my registry with Target. The registry my husband I spent two hours setting up, the registry that all my shower guests know about, it's gone. I'm in tears after all of this, but after my experience with their customer service, I couldn't continue to give them my business. The original issue was annoying, but not the end of the world. Only a few people know the gender of my baby and the rest will find out at the shower (before gifts are opened). My MIL knows the gender of the baby, and she went to the store to buy a shower gift (even though the baby has already been showered in gifts by her!), and of course she went off the grid and bought a bunch of little boy clothes.

So today, MIL's best friend logged on to my registry and saw all the clothes she bought me listed on my registry. They were under "purchased" but anyone looking at the registry could see them. I was able to delete them, but I would have to manually manage my registry often to keep my surprise a surprise in case anyone else bought little boy items. This would also remove any surprises for myself at the shower because I would know what I was getting every time a purchase was made.

I contacted customer support via the online chat function to explain my issue and to see if there was any resolve to it other than the close monitoring. I expected something like them explaining to me that they do this to avoid item duplication and whatnot. Instead, this rep, Brady, just refused to acknowledge what I was saying. Again and again he just said nobody was able to add items to my registry without the email and password. I was trying to explain to him what I meant, but he had no interest in helping me whatsoever. So I told him to delete it, and with that he was extremely helpful, deleted it in seconds no questions asked. And now I have to redo my registry with another company with two weeks notice.

Bought a Kitchen single serve drip coffee maker online. I had to take the coffee maker back to the store in North Hollywood, CA because it started smoking right when I plugged the cord in and had not even started it yet. Had the receipt and pick up slip, but the clerk & manager could not find my payment online and would not credit my account and would only give me a gift card for the amount. I had new items I wanted to purchase at the store that day and the manager would not give me my 5% discount because of the gift card for these items so I actually lost a savings that day at Target. I'm on a fixed income and rely on every savings I can get. Needless to say I was very disappointed with Target that day.

Why? Because here is what happened. Obviously, the deal was made by mistake. Once people started buying, they panicked and removed item from the site altogether. Within 4-5 hours, they took down the page. They send a mail which is very passable for spam (which went to Junk), giving a 2 day deadline to call them up and confirm the order or cancel automatically. What on earth is that? Understandable that you want to cancel as many purchases as possible - but the automatic cancellation? This. is. so. wrong. I log in to website to check if I can accept the updated conditions. Nope. The confirm change won't work anymore. Well, I want to present my wife with this new toy for her Birthday. And I used a gift card as well. I can't go back and cancel anymore. The guys who do this, will make me send 500 mails before they refund.

I call up the Customer care. The lady is nice and pleasant - she tried her best. But guess what, the item arrives on August 26th. Oh wait, the mail said - the shipping is now a "free 3-5 day shipping". Yeah, shipping is only 3 days. It will take a MONTH to restock a kitchenaid mixer. A month later than when I want it. I ask her if this is available anywhere in Chicagoland (50 mile radius) or even Illinois so that I can pick it up. There are 91 targets in Illinois. Nope, there is not even a single KitchenAid Professional 5-Qt. mixer in any target in Illinois that I can pick up. Yeah Right. Tl;dr: I used to be a guy who loved Target. Not anymore.

I placed an on-line order through the wedding registry for my niece just last night. The gifts were for her bridal shower next week. I received an email approximately an hour later, confirming my order, and to my surprise - the order was not being shipped to me, at my home address, but to my niece, at her home! Obviously, as this was for a bridal shower, I DID NOT want the gift to go to her residence. I called them immediately to have the shipment re-directed. I was given a Case # and told to call this morning at 7:00 a.m., and a supervisor would take care of it for me. I called at 7:00 a.m. and went through the whole issue once again, only to be told to call back at 9:00 a.m., as no one could help me until that time.

Of course I called back at 9:00 a.m., and went through the entire issue yet again, only to be told that there was nothing that could be done! I was told that when a bride creates her registry, her address is the default shipping address for items purchased from that registry. I asked to speak to a manager, and was told there was no manager available. I then told them to cancel my order completely and I would just go to a local store and purchase the items, and they told me they could not, and would not do that!

My only option is to have my niece return the items herself! I have shopped from MANY online gift registries, and have NEVER encountered this issue before! The items have always been delivered exactly where I intended them to be sent. This issue has been so frustrating and disappointing, and the customer service so lacking, that I will never shop online at Target again, and most likely will not shop in their stores. There is nothing there that I cannot get elsewhere, and more often than not, at a better price. This is so disappointing on every level.

I recently ordered a set of 4 mugs online at They were supposed to be delivered to the store for pickup on 7/16/16. Next day, I got an email stating that there would be a delay, so it will be available for pickup 7/18/16 to 7/20/16. Then yesterday (7/19/16) I got an email stating that my order was cancelled as it wouldn't have arrived at the designated date. What a complete waste of my time! Here I was excited to get the mugs and they just cancelled my order without even offering anything to make up for their mistake (such as a store credit or coupon, etc). No apology either. This is my second time ordering from them and both times it was a complete disaster.

The first time I ordered a scooter which was supposed to be a gift. The box arrived so badly beat up (with holes on sides of it) that I would be ashamed to give this to anyone as a gift. When I called them I was told to go to the store and exchange it. I had to waste my time and gas to do that when I was trying to save time by ordering it online. Again I was not offered anything for my "inconvenience" and their mistake. I will never order anything from again as both times it has been a huge disaster.

I used to like Target stores, but when I tried ordering something from, it was a fiasco from start to finish! I wanted to order a piece of assemble-yourself-furniture, and since I don't own a computer, I thought it would be easiest to go to the store and order it there. Even though they had a kiosk, a computer at a desk, they told me it couldn't be ordered at the store. So I used the local library's computers and ordered it there. When I got the email saying it had been delivered to the store, I was excited. Little did I know what fresh hell I was descending into!

Their email offered the option for me to print out a receipt for my purchase, but it never worked. The instructions in the box with my furniture were hard to understand and only communicated with pictures, no words. I'd never assembled any furniture before and didn't understand all the pictures. I thought I was missing some washers and so tried calling the 888 phone number listed on the instructions page, to order missing supplies. I also wanted to ask them a question about how a particular short screw was supposed to fit into its hole in the drawer. The email had a contact us page but that never worked either.

The 1st time I called their 888 number it wouldn't let me get into the different numbers to press for different departments, because it said I had to take a survey - not optional! Surveys are such a time waster so I called back. It wouldn't let me go forward without taking the survey so I did, but never got through to any person or relevant information. So I called again and the recording said, "You have dialed a number that's not available in your area even though I had just called them several times! I redialed numerous times and kept getting that message.

I gave up and went back to the store the next day. The person at the customer service was no help and wasted my time by giving me lots of idiotic suggestions and I waited many minutes before I got a clerk who was helpful. He showed me how the screw fit into the drawer luckily, but after looking at the picture of all the parts I was supposed to have, he agreed with me I was missing some and also said they would send me the missing parts. Wrong! He gave me another phone number to try (the one the girl had given me was incorrect) so I called them.

I tried this number starting at 6 pm that day and kept getting a recording saying were extremely busy now and you'll have a longer than usual wait time. I tried again twice every hour until 11:40 pm when I finally reached someone after being on hold 12 minutes. She said I'd have to reorder the entire item since they wouldn't be able to send me the missing parts. She also told me I could pick up the missing parts at a hardware store (Wrong again!). I also never got to speak with someone who knew about assembling furniture and could help me interpret if I was actually missing pieces or not. The drawing was unclear. There were only drawings to explain the assembly - not a single sentence using words to explain the assembly and list of needed parts.

I, of course, didn't want to reorder the item since I thought I was just missing 8 unusually-shaped washers. It was extremely difficult for me to drag the heavy, unwieldy box (120 lbs.?) upstairs to my apartment. Unpacking the box had made a huge mess, was very time-consuming, and difficult. I'd have to take apart what I had assembled so far, wrap and pack up all the parts, rebox it, drag it back downstairs and to my car, and drive back to the store, and drag it into a shopping cart and try to return it, all for 8-supposedly missing washers that weigh only one ounce!!! Why couldn't they just find or send me the missing pieces like it was suggested in the instructions?

The woman I'd first gotten on the phone then said I could have UPS pick it up at my apartment (still necessitating all the assembling and repacking). She also never addressed my question of if I actually needed these parts or how to interpret the drawing! She also said she was checking with different stores to see if one of them could get the needed parts from the item but said she couldn't find any stores that would be able to do that. She did, however, say she would give me an email gift card for the inconvenience of not getting the parts and them not being able to send them to me (forgetting about all the other inconveniences of getting the wrong phone numbers, their email page not working, not being able to reach a live person at the number in a normal amount of time, people telling me different things regarding the missing pieces, the drawing being unclear with no written instructions and no phone number to call and ask for help assembling it, how to return it, etc).

I ended up speaking with a supervisor who contradicted almost everything the 1st woman had told me. This supervisor was named Danny and she said I could not have it picked up by UPS. She said I had to return it to the store and order another one there to get the parts. There was no indication I would get all the parts since it already happened to me once and evidently happened to many other customers too! There was also no proof yet that I needed the parts since no one had helped me interpret the drawing of the parts needed!

She also said unfortunately I could not use the email gift card because I didn't have a smartphone, which the 1st woman had failed to find out when telling me about the gift card. It was for $25, surprisingly, which the first woman had not told me. Danny must've sent me an email gift card with the option of not having a smartphone, luckily. However, it would take up to 24 hours for me to get the email, which was worrisome since I needed the gift card to reorder the item and the stock levels of the item were almost nil.

Danny also said I would get my refund immediately at the store, (which the 1st woman had not told me), and could reorder it online there. I told her I'd tried that the 1st time at the store and they had no way to take online orders there! She didn't believe me. All the Target employees contradicted themselves. I couldn't reorder the item unless I got refunded immediately since I didn't have the funds and the items stock levels were also decreasing fast. There had only been about 7 of them in stock in the entire country when I originally ordered it, about a week ago. But Danny told me there were 88 in stock!?! If that was true, why couldn't the 1st woman have gotten one of the employees to get the parts out of the box and send them to me?! All they had to do was stick the 8 washers in an envelope and pay for the price of a stamp.

Totally frustrated, I ended up going to a local hardware store. Someone there told me there was no such thing as washers with hexagon-shaped holes in the center of them, which is what I thought were the parts I needed. A clerk there also looked at the instructions and needed parts pictures and told me I didn't need the special washers. They were just a drawing of the tops of the particular screws drawn below. WHAT A BUNCH OF TIME WASTERS THE TARGET.COM AND STORE CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE HAD BEEN!!! If they had bothered to address my questions about the drawing of what parts I needed, I wouldn't have had to go through the whole fiasco! (which took several days.) They would also have saved their company some money by not needing to give me the gift card for their bad customer service.

Meanwhile, I managed to assemble about half of the item before I got stuck. A piece of wood would not slide into its groove and the friend who helped me later, had to file it down with sandpaper to get it to slide into its allotted place. Also, there were small scratches on at least four of the wooden pieces. I am never ordering anything from again and I may boycott their store. Good customer service was practically non-existent. They wasted so much of my time, were all ill-informed and contradictory, and were so stupid at how they failed to approach a problem rationally and professionally. Their lack of logic, common sense and professionalism is astounding!!!

This has to be some of the worse customer service I have ever seen. Had the confirmation number to something that was ordered online but said since I didn't order it I couldn't pick it up. But could not show me where it says that. She seemed more than happy when I told her I would take my business elsewhere.

On 7/13/16 I entered the Park & Tyrone Target store in St. Petersburg, Florida at approximately 6:30 PM to get a doctor prescribed pain medication for a tooth that was causing me considerable pain and stress. While waiting for the medication to be filled, I went to the Customer Service Desk and paid my monthly bill and while there the lady clerk at 6:45 PM asked how I was and I told her I was in a great deal of pain and she said something like "I hope the rest of your evening is good." After I purchased some items at one of the other registers, I returned to the same counter at the exchange table and asked politely to the same lady in front of 2 customers, if I could purchase one or two items at her register. She said I could but she would prefer I go to the regular check-out lines. I asked again and I said if I only purchase one item and there is no one in waiting in your line with a return or an exchange could I purchase at her register?

She said again that I could but she would prefer I go to the regular check-out lines. She knew I was in pain and she still "Preferred I go stand in a line and I feel that she was being down right cold and mean when I needed to be able to check out easily and fast under the circumstance with a mouth full of dental pain. How cold and cruel can you be? I don't call that customer service! I am very disappointed in Target and the seemingly poor training and supervision these clerks exhibit. I find it hard to believe that this is the corporate culture of Target. I thought Target was a family oriented, friendly, caring place to shop. If this is a true example of the type of training clerks receive then I am sadly mistaken and wished I hadn't bought anything at that store. Her attitude and behavior is pathetic at best. Goodluck Target because your company will need it with this type of behavior being tolerated at your customer service desk. LOL

Problem is resolved.

Original Review

I ordered a SwimWays Poolside Basketball online on 7/2 and FedEx said it was delivered on 7/8. I called the Exton, PA store 7/11 and they said they have no record of it. I also called the target in Eagle, PA. Same thing. I'm out $61.47. DO NOT PLACE ONLINE ORDERS WITH TARGET!

This message is more so a complaint to Target than a warning to customers, since there's no good way to complain to these people. In a nutshell, their website is awful and customer service is useless. They sent me a new chip enabled REDcard credit card, which I activated over the phone. But then I go to use it online, I get the following error... "Your card did not work. Have a new REDcard with Chip-and-Pin? If so, you must add your new REDcard now. For more information please call Target at 1-800-591-3869." I noticed a Live Chat button at checkout, so I click that and explain my issue to the rep, to which he replies, "I suggest you call the number." That's just great. Why advertise Live Chat on the site if they can't do anything?

I call the number but there's no phone option for credit card issues, so I choose "place an order." The rep asks me to spell out my email address twice, because her English is so bad. Then she asks me to spell out my address, THREE TIMES, because she still can't understand me. I ask her, "isn't my address in the system since you entered my email address?" She says "no." I say "forget about it, this is too much hassle," and hung up. I wanted to write Target a written complaint, but when you click Help, the only two ways to contact them are the same useless Live Chat and customer service number I already used, and both avenues failed. Target compromised our financial information and repaid us with crap customer service. Time to shop elsewhere.

I used for the first time this morning Target's Up & Up brand of dishwashing detergent. I have to say I'm very pleased. It holds up even better than the name brands I usually use. I will be buying this dish soap from now on. Price was very fair as well.

I visited the Target store in Atascadero, CA. I needed assistance finding a product. I asked the Target employee in the aisle. She could not understand what I was asking for because she speaks Spanish and had to go get another employee to help her. They stood there speaking in Spanish in front of me. They told me they didn't carry the product and left. They did not offer to help me find a comparable product. They acted like it was a bother for them to assist me. I asked to speak to the STORE MANAGER and ended up speaking to a man named John... he refused to give me his last name.

I asked again if he was the store manager and he said yes. I subsequently found out that he was an acting manager. The store is in the process of getting a new manager. John was EXTREMELY upset that I had a problem not being able to communicate with his "team member" and told me what a great person she was. Without customers that Target store won't need employees so they can speak in whatever language they want to... When a manager puts his "team members" above his customer he is in for a rude awakening. I will not shop at Target again.

I have a complaint that occurred on June 28, 2016 between the hours of 7:45-8:45 p.m. I visited the store to purchase items early that day unaware that I was not able to do separate transactions, when I was told that I couldn't, it wasn't a problem as I had stated that to the cashier also. I told her that my college student was in town and that I would have him to come back to purchase the remainder items. Upon leaving the store, I saw an acquaintance of mine that I asked to purchase (4) items for me. The cashier (Ms. Cathy) LEFT the customers that she was assisting to be sure that the lady I was having to purchase the items had not already purchased them for herself. I did have coupons for each items that I was purchasing. Please keep in mind that we're not talking about a cart load of items... but 4 items, using 4 coupons... 2 for body wash and 2 for deodorant.

Also, keep in mind that during my purchase, Ms. Cathy gave me problems telling me that I could not use coupons and my cartwheel at the same time. I asked her why not, isn't the whole purpose of cartwheel is to save money. She then called her manager to ask if it was OK. Her manager advised her that I was allowed to use both at the same time thus causing Ms. Cathy to seem agitated at her manager's response. Later that day after my son’s baseball game, I, along with my two children (one being my college student) and the other, a friend of my son, returned back to the store. When we were in the process of checking out it's when it all began. Upon approaching the register, immediate the cashier calls Ms. Cathy to assist, Ms. Cathy comes and the other cashier tells her that I'm back and had already been there earlier. I then tell Ms. Cathy... "Yes I was , but I told you that I was bringing my son back to purchase the remainder items."

Now the whole time this is going on... I'm not being rude or disrespectful at all. After reminding Ms. Cathy of our conversation early, the other cashier goes on to say that the boys were with me also... REALLY, NOW YOU'RE LYING AND HARASSING ME. I asked them to please review their cameras to show me when they were with me or in the store at all. Ms. Cathy, seeming still upset from earlier that day then calls the manager Andrea. While speaking to Andrea (THE MANAGER), them telling her their side (STILL LYING), now I'm becoming frustrated and embarrassed because one, I have my children with me and two, other customers are now tuning in as if I've got caught stealing of doing something illegal... all of this over (8) items.

The manager, Andrea, now tells me that it's one per day visit, per household, that's when the customer behind me chimes in telling them now they're just picking (removing her items, going to a different register). I then tell Andrea "That's fine also. You can check their Id's to verify that neither stay in the same household as I did and if that's their rules... I'm fine with that but I would like to see that in writing." She then tells me it's at the customer service. I asked her politely to walk over there with me and show me. She tells me flat out "NO, I WON'T." I then ask her if I could use the guest relations phone to contact them concerning this whole ordeal... and she then tell me NO. I asked her, “Isn't the purpose of that line is to assist customers?” She then tells me she's not allowing anyone to purchase anything and that she's calling security and the police. “REALLY, WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG?” was my next question.

Another customer in the line next to me then says, "Excuse me ma'am, I googled the number for you and here it is." handing me her phone with the contact information for guest relations along with hers, as she stated that she witnessed how rude they were and denied me access to reviewing these rules and also using their guest relations phone. I then told Andrea that "OK, I'll wait right here for the police as I am sure that I had done nothing wrong." Andrea, then proceeded outside to wait. After about 5 minutes, I proceeded outside also due to customer staring at me and wondering what had just happened. While outside, I asked Andrea again what was the purpose of calling the police. Now she tells me that I am not allowed on the property and I need to leave. Absolutely not, I responded. "I'm waiting along with you for the police to arrive so that no false information is given to him/her."

Upon the police arriving, she mentioned nothing about the ordeal that had just happened in the store, but goes on to tell him that she want me off the property because she feared for her and her cashier's safety. REALLY, was my response. I wasn't rude, disrespectful, called no one out of their name and only 5"2", 140 pounds soaking wet. The officer then turns to me and ask me what happened. I explained the WHOLE ordeal to him and that I plan to call guest relations... his response was "YEAH BE SURE TO CALL BECAUSE I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I WAS CALLED OUT FOR THIS". I left and called guest relations the following day the 29th of June. Upon speaking to Danielle and telling the story to her, she couldn't believe all of this happened over 8 items and that she would send an email for someone to contact me.

As of today, July 6, 2016, speaking with three different people that I CALLED, I STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED A CALL FROM DISTRICT MANAGER OR ANYONE ELSE WITH HIGHER AUTHORITY TO ASSIST ME. I did however receive some attention from Rick at the Mishawaka, Indiana store location (thank you), as he stated that he would call the South Bend store to see if someone could get back to me. I'm not sure if they feel as if this is not of any importance, but to have the police called of me, is very important to me.

I have since then went to the police department to pick up a copy of the police report, because I refuse to let this go!!! I've been back to the store twice since that incident. The first time I had no problem and on yesterday, the 5th of July, while attempting to exchange some items, again Andrea appears asking me to leave the store and that I wasn't allowed back on the property at all... my response was OK, no problem. This, I'm sure is harassment!!!

Yesterday my wife purchased 150 dollars in merchandise. When she got home she notice the swimsuit she purchased for our 2 yr old was missing. She went back to the Target which is 5 miles away for the item. She went to the cashier who rang her out and the cashier claimed she wasn't the one who checked her out. So my wife showed her the receipt with the swimsuit purchase circled on it. My wife saw the bag with the swimsuit in it on the floor behind the cashier and asked her (the cashier) to look to see if the swimsuit was in there and it was. She still refused to give it to my wife claiming that in order to prevent any kind of theft my wife may be attempting she would offer an exchange with another swimsuit. That's an odd line of reasoning that still we don't understand but my wife insisted that she be given the one she picked out and purchased. Instead the cashier was rude and called the night manager and security.

The manager came over and told my wife to leave the premises. That made Target look like they were committing theft when the manager said that because if my wife left she would have been robbed of 12.99 she paid for the item she didn't receive. My wife said not without the swimsuit she purchased. The manager who was also very rude along with the security guard told her that's Target's policy. "Policy" of what? And to do what? Refuse to give customers the merchandise they paid for?" The swimsuit was 12.99 and my wife purchased 150.00 in merchandise. There was no reason for the that kind of treatment. When my wife mentioned that my family has shopped there for years and that it seemed she was treated so rudely because of racial reasons the manager promptly said "You can have the darn swimsuit then". My wife asked for an apology for her spending time and gas money for Target's mistake. She got no apology.

The manager and cashier are Hispanic, my wife is **. She never wanted to bring up the race issue but she knew it would escalate this faster which it did. (shamefully.) All she wanted to do was pick up the swimsuit and leave with no hassle. We will NOT shop at ANY Target ever again unless we see some disciplinary actions taken regarding these two employees This location is 1940 W 33rd St, Chicago, IL 60608 . This is unacceptable. I'm a customer service manager at one of the nation's most prestigious hospitals. Although I don't always expect top notch service when I go shopping this experience would be rated lower than the one star very dissatisfied rating you offer. Especially since the security made a threat to have my wife arrested. A former complaint was already filed with the name of the employees involved by my wife but I want others to be aware of how Target treats their regular customers. Thank you.

In an interview for a retail position (not advertised as requiring bilingual skills) my son was asked if he spoke Spanish. He said he did not and was told by the person interviewing him that he would probably not be "comfortable" working there because some of the employees and customers spoke Spanish. He was asked if he would be willing to take a class in Spanish that was offered and he responded that he would. He asked if the Spanish speaking employees were offered English classes and was told they were not. The demographic for Spanish Speaking only people in San Diego is about 11+%; bilingual is about 20+%, but it seems this store is more concerned about that 11% than the 81% who speak English. Needless to say he didn't get the job, even though he was qualified.

Almost every time I shop at Target one of the sale items isn't honored at the register. They have sale items labelled all over the store and many are falsified. When you go to customer service about it, they will give you the advertised price, but they make NO attempt to fix the problem by removing the false advertising. California just did a class action on this unethical practice. I would like to see one in Texas.