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I was visiting Washington, and even though I'm a foreigner I speak, read and write, to be reluctant, perfect English. I took my debit card with is US dollars, and they charge me a lot more for a ridiculous currency fee exchange. This is a complete scam. I would never paid this in my currency when I know the card is in US dollars. This is the only commerce I had this issue. The worst I didn't notice the disclaimer at the bottom, that I had the option to pay in dollars but I decided to paid a lot more in my currency like if I was crazy. Please read. Consider this prior paying, better take cash with pennies.

Visited Ross for Less in Hawaii and purchased a 14ct gold set of cubic zirconia diamond earrings. When I returned home to Australia, the very first time I wore them, the diamond fell out. I emailed the contact centre and Laura said I needed to return in store. I asked if I can post them back and they said no, I need to take them into a store. I visited LA store and they REFUSED to do anything to assist. I asked for an exchange but manager refused. DON'T BUY ANY JEWELLERY from ROSS. The customer service is appalling and unhelpful. Waste of money.

I went to Ross in Acworth GA this morning and because I had my little ones with me, I could not try on any clothes. When I got home, I immediately tried them on and one did not fit right. I looked for the receipt but one of my kids had ripped it up in the car on our way home. 3 hours later, I was back at Ross to return the item. I was informed that since I did not have the receipt, they have to mark it down as it is on Sale for the day... That did not make any sense as the tags were still on it. Instead of getting my $14.27, I was given a store credit of $10.59!!! Ross happens to be a 5 min drive from my home but after that robbing me off my money, I going to start making the 20 minute drive to MARSHALLS or T.J. MAXX!!!

This store does not deserve any star at all. I am appalled at their store cart policy. I went to Ross Serramonte (Daly City, Ca) today 06/30/2016 between 4:30pm-5:30pm and bought tons of household and kitchen items to furnish my new place. I waited in line to pay for the items in my cart because they only have 2 open registers (one regular lane for purchase and the second register is the return/exchange register). I was helped by the cashier at return/exchange register #3 at 5:28pm.

The cashier at the register suggested that I should get another cart because some of my stuff won’t fit back in the cart after scanned the items. So, I politely told her that it should be okay. At that moment, I was unaware of their cart policy. I did not see any posting about their cart policy. When I was pushing my cart toward the exit door, the Loss Prevention male personnel stopped me and told me that I am not allowed to bring the cart outside the store. He then told me that I need to go get my car from the parking lot and just park it in front of the empty disabled parking spot in front of the store.

So, I left my cart with him and walked out to the parking lot. I, then “illegally” parked my car at the disabled parking spot. I went back inside the store and politely asked the Loss Prevention, If “I may now please take the cart to my car since it's just right outside." My car is parked less than 10feet from the door of the store. He told me no. I am a very petite woman (4’11 and 110lbs) and I ended up hauling all my purchased items to my car by myself. Loss Prevention guy at the door just watched me do it without him leaving his post or even open the door for me. Neither the Loss Prevention and the cashier did not even bother to offer If I needed any help.

I understand you are trying to monitor your shopping carts. What kind of cart sensor do you have? Most shopping cart sensors will effectively shut down once they cross the store property line. But for goodness sake, I was less than 10feet from the store front door! The Loss Prevention guy can visually that my car is outside. I thought that, as long as I’m within the store and the designated parking area, the cart works fine and as soon as you go beyond that area the wheel locks and the cart becomes dead weight.

I almost went back to the store and just return all items I purchased but I decided to just leave that store. Instead, I parked my car near Bank of the West and called the store and I spoke to the Store Manager. I asked her what is the policy on taking the shopping cart outside if you purchased items (some are big and heavy). Her reply was that it is their store policy that no carts go outside the store because supposedly they got sued because of that.

So now Ross Serramonte and other location who has this policy, my question is what is the point of selling big merchandise if your customer is unable to take your precious shopping carts out to the store parking lot? How about customers with disability? Do you make them go back to their car also and bring their car closer to the store so they can load their own merchandise? Or did I just got discriminated?

It looks like you need to have a shopping buddy to shop at Ross so they can help you load your shopping merchandise to your car. Seriously, after buying a lot of your merchandise, this is the kind of customer service I get. I’m sorry, a great customer service should not stop after you get money from your customer. That is greediness. Shame on you Ross!

I had to stand in a long line to pay for my items. When I arrived to pay, I ask if I can see if all the pieces of a comforter set I was buying were there! I could not check before because the bag contain one of those store locks. She told me to go on the side to check, while she took care of the next person. I did and it took me a second to do so. I was ready to pay but she call the next customer, I told her I was ready but she still took care of the next customer which she had call and said she only have one thing I should wait. I said to her that I had waited a long time on line already and I wished to pay now and that she did not ask me if I was ready after she finished with the customer I agreed to step to the side for. Then she said, "I can't believe you won't let her go first, she only have one thing!" The customer gave me a dirty look and said, "Yes how could you, I don't believe you."

When she was done I said I did not appreciate what she was doing and I wanted to talk to supervisor because I did not like the way she was treating me. She told me she was the manager (Assoc: **). So then I said I wanted to see her district manager. She said I will finish this and give you that information. Then she said, "I will bag this," and then she said, "I cannot bag this, it won't fit." I said, "Yes it does fit." She said, "I cannot so if you want do it yourself." I said, "No you are to bag not me." Then she took the bag to the door and tried again and told the security to help her give me the information of the district manager. Then she said, "It does not fit there. I am done."

I took the bag and was able to put the comforter set in the bag. I went to the cashier and place it there in front of her and said, "See it does fit, the problem here is that you think you are too good for this job, and as a manager you are not doing what you are to do. You could have told the other lady that please wait, that you were not aware that I was ready to pay, and that I was ahead of her. Instead, you defied me, and then said they had being waiting in line, like if I had not waited in line too for about 25 minutes." Again, she said she was done with me and wanted the security officer to drag me out of the store because he instead showed me who I could email again if I had a problem. She got mad and call the police on me, which make me, feel worst as all I wanted from her was for her to treat me like a customer from Ross, after all I did not went there to ask for anything for free, I went there to buy.

Since instead of an apology, I got the police call on me, I decide to return what I got, as I refused to buy from a store whose manager treat their customers like that. She then told me, "No you cannot return it as we refused to serve you." I got on the returned line. I figure when the police arrived I would explain what happened and why I was going to return what I purchased, and I figure the police would not denied me to return what I purchase, after all we live in a free country. I was able to returned what I purchase and leave the store. The police did arrived but did not do anything. I think she call the police because she wanted to look good rather than bad, and make it look like I created a problem, rather than her. I won't shop there again.

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I have been a loyal customer at Ross for years. But recently, on Sunday May 29, 2016 I went to Ross located in Desert Ridge Marketplace in search for a White Button down shirt and I ended up finding it. I tried it on and was definitely going to purchase it as well with another casual blouse. As I exit the fitting room at 2:30 pm I asked the worker to place the two items on hold since I had to leave the store for personal reasons and she placed them on a rack on her left. She did not ask me for a name which was kinda strange but ok. I know that whenever you place an item on hold you have until the store closes or 24 hours. I came back to the store at 5:50 pm which had only been 3 hours since I left the store.

When I went to the fitting rooms to ask for the items I was going to purchase the three workers in the fitting room area had no idea what I was looking for and said they were night shift and when I placed the items on hold was morning shift. Ok?! They did not apologize or nothing and seemed like they did not care. I went to look for the blouses out on the floor and could not find them so I was definitely upset. I went to customer service and the manager was no help. He said that they probably put the items back on the floor and got sold BUT I PLACED THE ITEMS ON HOLD FOR A REASON OBVIOUSLY!! Horrible customer service. I will not frequent this store again and will definitely not recommend to anyone.

I am an avid shopper at Ross and have been for years. I love their prices and quality of merchandise. I was at the Ross on 441 and Oakland Park Blvd in Fort Lauderdale trying on dresses, Saturday, May 14th 2016, at about 11:30 am. I thought I heard a man in the dressing room next to me, so I came out and there was a little girl standing in front of the stall door. I asked if there was a man inside the dressing room and she said yes! Alarmed, I went out to the woman checking individuals into the dressing rooms and was informed that it is the policy. First, she said that it is family. So if a male and female go in together, that is ok... I was so uncomfortable. I was appalled! To think that this company would allow men in the ladies dressing rooms. Do you actually think there aren't men who will take advantage of this policy?

With so many sexual pedophiles... you'd rather be more concerned about someone getting offended than worrying about some male coming in for other reasons than just to try on clothes. I just don't understand. Why would I want to get dressed in a stall next to some man who is a stranger??? Well, I haven't heard this policy made public. Should be interesting to see how people would respond... I am sure there would be many who would protest and consider this wrong!!! I have never had this happen and am shocked it happened at Ross.

I am hoping to contact one of their marketing representatives to get a better understanding of their policy. There needs to be a sign in every Ross to inform the women that men are allowed in. There will be some that don't want to subject themselves to that. What about older women??? Women self-conscious about people seeing them in a bathing suit??? What about women who try on lingerie? Should they stay locked in their room out of fear a man will walk in? It is still a ladies dressing room. If that has changed we need to know. Please contact me about this issue. Thank you.

No handicap carts in the five Rosses I went to in the IE. I will not return.

Went to Ross at Carolina Pavilion in NC this weekend for summer dresses, shoes, makeup, and sunglasses. After selecting many items went to try them on but the dressing room was locked. There were 2 portable dressing rooms in the middle of the store. I had my son with me, in a stroller, and the small room could not fit his stroller. I asked a store employee to please open the family size dressing room so I could try on the items I had. She refused saying they do not open the main dressing rooms until noon... It was abt 10 am when I was there. I ask again if maybe one of the 2 security men could stand near the dressing room while I tried on the clothes. Again I was denied. How is a mother with a baby not an exception to her opening a family size room so I could try on clothes? I left angry and disappointed.

I ask to set my basket to the side so I could go out to my car and get my wallet. I had to ask 3 times because the employees were on a cell phone trying to figure out who sang the song that was playing over the intercom, with the theft control guy as well. When I came back in after being gone maybe 2 minutes, my basket was gone and apparently this was hilarious to the cashier and theft employee. While another cashier called someone to ask about the basket, whatever response she was given was hilarious as well... she then turned to me as in between laughs explained "they had no idea too what happened with the basket. She didn't know what to tell me" which again was hilarious but even more so this time around.

So I went and got another basket and went out to find the items I had originally in my first basket. I never found 2 pair of sandals or a dress I had in my size. I then went to the jewelry counter and stood there for over 20 minutes waiting to be helped. All 3 cashiers looked at me several times as well as the theft employee. I even held my hand up to show I was needing help as well as mouthing that I wanted a necklace and to look at a ring. No one ever came, instead they picked up the intercom to tell everyone that it was 10am and would be closing in 30 minutes, to please bring all items to the front. And every 5 minutes after that the same message would come across the intercom. About the 3rd time the girl didn't hang up before she said if we could get the dumb ass ** people outta here... then a gasp and click!

Several girls shopping together next to me were extremely pissed and were saying stuff loudly as walking to the front, they ask for a manager and were told she/he was gone already. Then the 2 ** cashiers start laughing hysterically until the theft employee heard and joined in. The last cashier was checking someone out and was actually the only one that didn't overact this laugh the others were doing. She apologized to me and another woman behind me. Well... until I was about to walk out the door and the comment over the intercom was repeated just between them and then they all started laughing again and really overdoing to the point of it sounding like hyenas and not humans! It was embarrassing and utterly ridiculous!!!

It is the most unprofessional, ignorant, and mean spirited company I have ever had the displeasure of working for... as normal there is always that one person that is annoying but why Ross has kept this person is beyond me... Over a headset worn by at least 6 other people, because I had the nerve to ask where my relief was, the manager informed me that just because my schedule says I leave at 2 that does not mean I leave at 2 - I have also been scheduled, gone in and told to go home 2 hrs later that they were not busy... For over 1 yr now normally working in the fitting room, I have always when raining, taken my umbrella which is large stand up kind and set it in the corner of the fitting room... After a year, she decided that it needed to be in the break room so she made me late for work as I refused to do so because if the employees eat your lunch, I sure am not going to leave them an umbrella so I took it back to my car.

Also, I have almost every morning shift had to wait outside for them to let me in and they have made me late that way too... This one day... I was due in at 9:30 - the computer will not let you sign in before your scheduled time, this one day the doors were open but my watch said 9:31 and she had the gall to scream at me for being late... by normal employment standards there is a 7 minute window that they allow unless you abuse it... there is no training...

If you work in the fitting room, I suggest you have a few other hands attached to you as not only do they want you to check the men's and women's fitting rooms every half hour (by the way you are supposed to do this without leaving your post), you also have to check the women's and MEN'S bathrooms, answer the phone, organize go backs on a rack and because I guess they do not have enough help in the stock room to do their job they bring you out a bin and finger point at you that you will have this done before you leave... I have a back injury with Dr's notes furnished and also am on 100 percent disability - I furnished them with 4 pages of accommodations that the are required to do for a person with my disability and they responded with a stack of papers requiring me to sign away my hipaa rights and also wanting my Dr to state what was wrong, so they could see if I had a disability that required accommodation...

My Dr. was in shock... he said, "Do they not know that the state of Florida has already decided that for them???" Nope - he threw in the towel when it started asking if I had problems with reproduction... he told me he was just going to flat out report them to the ADA as it did not appear they knew who they were... Dr. said if they asked, to inform them more than likely they will be heavily fined... especially of concern to him was that they stated to give the paperwork back to me vs the normal procedure of faxing it back to the hr dept... He also noted that as his last name was **... and nowhere did they ask for his license number, I could have just filled out the paperwork myself as seeing he does not live with me, he does not know if I have trouble falling asleep...

I purchased a sale item for $19.99 that was originally $49.99 and two weeks later when I went to return the item with tags still on it, but no receipt. The clerk scanned the tag and told me that the item was now marked down to $0.49 without the receipt and that would be my refund. I told the clerk that in all the years I've shopped at Ross, never had I ever seen a Calvin Klein dress marked down to $0.49. I told them to keep the dress and walked out of the store. I have been a good customer, but will never purchase anything from Ross again.

Employees are very rude and unprofessional. Store very unorganized.

The store managers are so rude and advised me to not shop with them again. Believe me I will never step foot in this business again. Very unprofessional. Need to reevaluate who you have running your stores. Awful service.

I bought a few items on Jan 23, 2016. All of the items except for one Pink/Orange top were grey or black. When I got home I took the items out of the brown paper bag and did not realize that the bright pink top (Neon) was not in the bag. I realized it a day or so later and called to say that I did not get this top. I was told that they needed to check the video on Reg. 06 to see if the salesperson put the top in the bag and they would call me back. I did not hear back from anyone because they did not take my number, so I called back and spoke with the store manager, Will, who said he would check the video again. He called me back saying that it did get into the bag and that he would give me my money back regardless. He also mentioned that this was his Assistant Manager who sold the items to me, like he could trust her word over mine (the customer).

Today 1/29/16 I went into the store with my receipt (I called this morning to tell them I was coming) and spoke directly with the security lady at the door. She spoke with Will on her headphones, who then told her that the video showed I got the top and he would not give me my money back or another top. I showed her my receipt and she said I could see the video if I want and I declined. Angry, I told her that I am a Doctor and Insurance agent, and a loyal customer! This was like being accused of stealing this $17.99 shirt. I told her I would never shop here again. I have been a loyal customer for over 30 years and never been treated so badly as this. I believe that your Assistant Manager at this store knew she was on camera when she packed my bag and either dropped the shirt on the floor or took it for herself.

I do not care about the money, it is the principle here, that is important. I know I did not get that shirt. I checked my car, dresser, closet, and the bag. It did not come home with me. This is not how to treat customers. I hope someone other than these two managers will take a good look at the video. I am sure that top did not get into my bag.

I returned two items that were purchased with a debit card! I brought them back to ROSS 5 days later with the receipt and the only form of refund that the manager on duty could give was either store credit or deposit the money back into my debit card. Remember, this is a MANAGER. She tried to do the refund but did not know how, so she told me the only thing I could do is take a store credit. I do NOT want a store credit, I want my money back! It's $30.92 but it's mine! So I left the store, put the items into my car and as I was driving away the manager ran into the parking lot and said that the refund went through, an associate taught her how to do a refund so I gave her the items back.

And here it is five days later and no refund. I called ROSS and talked to the store manager and she told me that it's my bank's fault that they are finished with the transaction. I called my bank and they told me that ROSS never made an attempt to deposit money into my account and also said that debit is the same as cash that it could go through instantaneously!!! ROSS stole my money all because the manager did not know how to do a refund!!!

On December 26, 2015, I took my mother to the Ross location in Hyattsville, Maryland at The Mall at Prince Georges. She was in town visiting from Ohio. She loves to visit several Ross locations when she is here since there is no Ross in Ohio. We purchased her a gift card for Christmas and I took her there to spend it. Our experience at this location was horrific. A woman named Autumn yelled disrespectfully at my mom when she failed to hear the first called that the next line was open. The store was in disarray and the majority of the workers were avoiding registers as the line was wrapped around the front of the store.

After I corrected Autumn for yelling at my mother she yelled, "I'm sick of these ** ** customers!" She slammed her register door as coin fell all over the floor and yelled "I'm clocking out!" as she walked off the floor in a hostile manner leaving others to service a store filled with people and two open registers. I asked who the manager was on duty and the manager Devin seemed to try to avoid intervening in this situation. When I asked to speak to him he stated that everyone was wrong. When I asked him if he saw how she spoke to my mother he stated that he missed the beginning. He failed to assert himself as a manager and appeared cowardly when addressing the behavior of an out of control associate.

When we left the store customers came outside and told us that they witnessed the whole thing and that they were sorry that we experienced that. One man said, "Don't expect good customer service out here, you won't get it!" As a family tradition, I take my mother to multiple Ross locations in Maryland, DC and Virginia when she visits. This experience was disgraceful and I regret that my mother (a senior citizen) had this experience. Please direct me to someone that can assist me and or provide feedback regarding my experience.

I had never shopped at a Ross Dress For Less store until recently. Then I wish I hadnt. On one occasion I purchased a two level snack plate set. The frame was so flimsy that it would not hold the rectangular plates. Then I purchased a sheet set, the top sheet was so badly sewn that It would not lay flat on the bed. This LAST purchase was a king sized comforter (it looked expensive and was locked tightly inside the heavy plastic zippered covering.) Upon opening it up at home, tucked neatly inside was a huge stain, on the white comforter. I am not sure if this store deals with seconds, or just crappy merchandise.

Bought two pants. One was 1299 and the other pants were 1799. The pants were the same but different prices. When I inquire about the pricing Kay and Malik they are two store managers that laugh at me. I didn't appreciate. Please look into this matter. Thanking you in advance.

I was at the Ross store near Bay Brook Mall in Friendswood, TX. My daughter was trying on a white shirt and I was waiting on a bench outside of the dressing room. As Mexican people came out of the dressing room with 8-10 items, the Mexican girl working the dressing room would simply take their numbered tag and they would walk out. So when my daughter came out with one shirt that she was going to purchase the girl took the shirt and patted it down and turned it inside out on the hanger. I couldn't figure out WTF she was looking for. Then another Mexican lady came out with 7 items and the worker just let her walk out and put the items in her cart. Then I stood there and another Mexican walked out and she didn't pat down anything. So I took a picture of the girl (which I am posting on Facebook) and since I am a morning DJ in Houston you can just imagine how many followers I have. I let the manager know about but I doubt if he will do anything since he is also Hispanic.

I am a senior person and used to love to shop at Ross. But approximately 6 months ago, I am constantly followed by a security person, constantly watching me to the point they make me feel very uncomfortable. I took my husband shopping with me to Ross. He is a police officer. He went with me to Ross without his uniform and security did not follow me at all. But every time I shop alone they constantly follow me. It is so annoying, so uncomfortable. I understand they have a job to do but they could use their better judgment. Not a happy shopper at Ross, Cape Coral, Fl.

I have a worst return experience with Ross Store. My return was 3 days over 30 days return period. And all they could offer just store credit. And the manager couldn't even do an exception in this case!!! What customer service is that?

I bought a pair of pants in the Ross Dress for Less store, Clearwater, Florida store. I threw my tags and receipts away that night. When I put the pants the next day, the button fell off after an hour. I thought I could exchange them for another pair but they didn't want their garbage clothes back. The one dummy at the desk asked the other dummy at the other desk how to do an exchange. "We can't do that and wouldn't do an exchange either without a tag." So, I had to buy another pair, take the receipt and cheap pants back later. Never again cheap, flawed clothing. The store appears to be better than it is.

For the last year I have been about 10 times to the Ross stores on Hastings Ranch and Lake Ave. located in Pasadena, CA. I line up on the Handicap/Returns. They yell at me every time "YOU HAVE TO LINE UP OVER THERE" is humiliating, sad to all to hear.

Tommy Hilfiger towels - I purchased 4 bath size, 2 hand size and 2 washcloths color red. The red dye still was coming out after washing. Tried to return and since no receipt, or tags and had washed them they wouldn't do anything. I understand policy but these were defective, only wanted credit. It was unbelievable to me....FURIOUS.

I am a frequent customer to Ross. I come every Wednesday to see what's new. Recently a new Ross in Springfield opened so I was eager to check it out. I was followed through literally every single aisle of children's clothes by this security. He was literally just feet behind me every moment so I finally asked him to please step back because he was making me very uncomfortable. He replied "no I won't. It's my job to follow your steps since you are a returning customer". (Days prior I was at the Eugene ross) That was his exact words. I didn't know being a loyal customer was reason to be harassed! If anything we should be treated better. Very upset. I left in tears. His name is Holden from Gateway Mall Springfield Ross. Can I please get a response? I want to file a complaint on him. He was extremely rude and I was treated unfairly as a big Ross fan.

Specifically stopped by to shop at Ross @ past 9 pm as we are heading home to Canada. We purchased a home decor for $19.99. It was approximately 21 inches high. When the cashier finished ringing our purchase, she took out a small shopping bag not fitted to the statue. My husband asked if she can wrap or bag the item properly because it may very well break en route to Canada. She said very loudly that she can only provide one bag an item, though I told her that we have a very long drive home and we only want to protect the item we bought for a gift to my family.

She was so sure that it was the store policy not to give us another decent bag for the item. She noticed that we were not happy about, so she spoke to the manager on duty so loudly but the manager said they don't wrap until this cashier re-discovered that they have paper tissues she can use to wrap for protection while the manager mentioned about this tissues, She would only wrap the item ones but we insisted that we need more than one because of the height of the item. Then she said, she thought we asked for bubble wrap and we didn't, when we know discounted stores like Ross do not have such service.

My husband did the wrapping and asked for tape to secure the wrap while she watched us with a smirk on her face. Again she did not bother to bag the item in the appropriate bag. What is it about their bags they are so stingy about? To add insult to the injury, I asked if she gave me my receipt, she looked at me as if I come from another planet and told me my receipt is there for me to take from her machine and did not have any decency to hand me my receipt because I was a customer spending money in their store to keep her job? Talk about rudeness!

Having attitude like her should not be working in the retail industry and that's when the reputation of the company is compromised. In Canada, whether it is a discount or high end store, sales associates value customer service because customers are their bread and butter. It is a fact that Canadians are known to be respectful and decent because I saw the difference shopping at the border. I won't say I will not shop at Ross again, but I do think that management should be on top of the sales associate to be more professional when it comes to customer service. Sales associate needs thorough training and managers need re-training otherwise your company's reputation and success will be ruined sooner or later. Customers who have been treated unfairly might forgive but won't forget and this will spread through mouth.

Saturday having just manager and 2 associate on the register, no one on the floor. The waiting line was over 1 hour. What I could not understand, the store had 2 security by the door just talking not helping customers. Talk to the manager, he said he had few call offs, he was at the register. My view he should have been on the phone to get some help. Poor management... poor service... store looked horrible.

I went into 3 Rosses looking for those dresses like in the commercial. Just like I posted on Facebook, the women's clothes in the FALL commercial is just a ruse to get sucker like us in the stores. The beautiful dresses in that commercial don't exist. When I phoned Ross' customer service all they did was read off a lame script along with empty apologies.

I honestly hate to do this, because I have had a close relationship with Ross since I was a teenager back in the early 2000's. Now, my own family shops here. For demographic purposes I will tell you a bit about ourselves. We are a mixed couple (black woman, white man), and we are younger than 25, but we are professionals. I am an author and my husband works in upper management for a large company. We have two young children, both under 5. We own our cars, and our home. Surely you would think that people such as ourselves wouldn't be thieves? I understand that it's possible for the most unexpected people to steal, but how likely is it?

THE GOOD: Ross's has affordable and stylish clothing. I adore their selections and how I can easily get a wardrobe update for less than $100. They have unique clothing as well. I'm not a brand snob, though I do shop in places that have nicer brands from time to time, but I am more concerned with how it looks and the quality. Ross's has never let me down here. For girl's clothing, I love it because my daughter looks so unique! Not always dressed in Carters and Osh Kosh, or Old Navy. I typically go to TJ Maxx, Ross, and Amazon for my kid's clothes, but I have spent the most with Ross. They also have a decent home decor section. I enjoy the fact that they are open a bit later because sometimes I'm a hermit and I write well into the evening, so I don't always get out of the house in the early day. Sadly, this is where the good ends...

THE BAD: Ross's has some serious issues with organization. Now before employees try to defend this (I've already read the reviews), let me put my two cents in. I have SEEN employees standing around doing nothing, talking, and even on their cellphones instead of working. I have SEEN employees tossing items wherever. I have also seen a small group of harder workers trying to do their jobs with a lack of help. I believe more consistent training and management is in order here.

Dressing room attendants and other employees come as a mixed bag. Some are extremely friendly, and others are downright awful to deal with. Cashiers don't give you enough time to collect your bags, change, and receipt before they start checking someone out right on top of you. I usually have two children with me, bags to carry, and money to put away. Instead, I'm usually running out the door stuffing things everywhere because I feel like I'm "In the way." I good solution to this issue would be to go ahead and put the receipt in the bag for the customer, and give a few extra seconds for them to get themselves situated again. Other stores do it, why not this one?

As far as the bad that others talk about... I don't care about rowdy kids and damaged merchandise. Why? Because kids are the customers' responsibility, not the stores. I control my kids, why can't others? Damaged merchandise is to be expected of a heavily discounted store like Ross. Just check it before you buy it. It's also obvious that having a receipt is important if you need to return something. You have to show proof you bought it. I don't even attempt to return something if I misplaced the receipt. I also don't buy anything unless I have planned for it so I'm not hurting for cash and relying on a returned product to pad my pocket in times of need. I am far more concerned with inconsistent attitudes throughout the store. It's such a mixed bag it's ridiculous.

THE UGLY: This is where things get bad. Despite what I have told you about myself above, I have had some unsettling issues. I understand you can't necessarily pinpoint good people, but there are clues to it. I am always smiling. My children keep me too busy to consider stealing. There's no way I would get away with something like that since they draw so much attention to us anyway when they get excited. :) Despite all of this, I get profiled regularly, and LIED to about it!

At first, I didn't say anything. I was above that, and I knew what I was there to do. I also shop frequently, each time spending at least $50 a visit if not more. I go at least twice a month. I wear crossbodies, so my purses are small. I also never wear loose clothing, or at least I should say my clothes fit me. Somehow despite all of this, I get followed. I know why, but it's sad. I don't even mention it since people get even more offended that you suggest their being prejudice than the person they're discriminating against!

Despite this, I am happy to say it seems the following has gotten a bit lighter, hence two star instead of one star review. They keep their distance so you're not embarrassed now, and they have people not wearing blatant loss prevention jackets and are instead dressed normally. Does this make it okay? I can't really say. I suppose it's better because others aren't aware of it, but they still hone in on me and my family when we come in.

My husband and I worked hard to succeed in life, and though we've reached that point, I guess ignorance and bigotry prevails at the end of the day. We don't get respected when we shop, and to me that's unfair. I've also been treated rudely and stared at like some kind of freak when I walk in by the employees too. Why this happens, I can only guess...

To end my complaint, I will say this: Ross is a great store because they have great prices, large selection, and unique styles that are still on trend. They could do better with their training, and they could be more considerate of their customer's feelings when they shop here. I foresee issues in their future if they don't change their loss prevention tactics. I'm glad they're improving, but there is still a long way to go.

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