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I purchased clothes two different ways, at the store and online. I purchased a bralette and three dresses online. I purchased a jacket at the store. I went to the store to return and first, the bralette is a lingerie so no return is accepted. It was brand new and too small for my daughter and asked if I could at least exchange for a different size and the manager said "NO, no returns for lingerie items" and showed me where it said it on the receipt. The online order of dresses cannot be refunded, only store credit which I read on the receipt earlier. Ok so I thought I should be able to get my money back for the in-store purchase but NO, no refund, only exchange or store credit. This is the first time I have experienced such ridiculous store policy EVER.

They are basically saying once the sale is done, you will NEVER get your money back and I mean NEVER. What I realize is that from now on I will try my hardest to shop at other stores until I get desperate enough to step into their store only because I have looked everywhere and nowhere else to look except Forever 21, the last store on earth that I will buy from. Also, I have learned that if I do shop there, I will never purchase an item if I have any doubt about not liking it even if I have 1% doubt because I know that I will not be able to get my money back EVER. Because of my teenage daughter I have been consistently shopping there but no more will I give them my business Their business ethic is questionable and I am deeply disturbed by this company.

I purchased a digital gift card for my 14 year old son! He purchased some items with Forever 21 using a digital gift card! All of that went smoothly. However, when we got the package it was missing several items he ordered and paid for. I contacted them as soon as we noticed the problem! I was told that I had to fill out an affidavit and send it to them. I waited two days for the affidavit via email. I immediately responded with everything they asked. I got an email stating it would take a FULL billing cycle before my son would get credit back. I sent a response email asking for the details of how he would get credit on a digital gift card! I waited FIVE days with no response. I called via phone to find out! I was put on hold for 47 minutes to only get disconnected on!!!

I finally went online and talked to someone over the Chat option. It was like pulling a kids teeth to get an answer!!! It took me over an hour to find out... it could take up to 30 days before receiving a refund! I kept asking HOW do they refund a Digital Gift Card!!! After several minutes she told me I SHOULD get an email THEN I have to CALL them to get a number and pin!!! I asked HOW... I was told I would possible get an email or I should call to get a number and pin to get a refund! I asked for a link to show their return policy, Gift card policy, missing merchandise, etc! At this point, I JUST wanted something I could read to get an idea of how this company works! I was given a link to purchase a Gift Card but NOTHING that gives you their policies!

I then went to their small print privacy policy, other terms, and etc! It tells you NOTHING about their return policy with GIFT CARDS!!! Long story short!!! DO NOT purchase from this company UNLESS you use a Credit Card that will protect you from companies like this!!! I am now in a major hole due to Forever 21! I feel like my 14 year old and I are being punished for their company NOT sending items we purchased!!! $200.00 (Gift Card), merchandise missing (around $70.00), I had to purchase products from another store ($150.00 better quality and stated Gift Card policy) and I am still waiting to see if I will get another gift card after 30 Days!!! Stress, Frustration, Hours on the phone, email, and chat with Forever 21 trying to find out their policy!!! Please, learn from my mistakes and STAY away from Forever 21!!!

I placed a Forever21 order on September 29th for the ship to store option (this was my first time selecting this shipping option). Forever21 says that in "5-7 business days" I should get a confirmation email for pick up. The pick up was for 10 S State St. store in Chicago. The 5-7 business days passed and I had no email, so I decided to contact them. I received some automated, "we will look into it and contact our management team" and that was it. No update and still no email. It's been exactly 17 days (or 11 business days since it was shipped) and I still have no idea what happened with my order or where it is or if I'll ever receive the order or my money. I honestly hate Forever21 at this point and will just spend my money at H&M. Be cautious of ordering the ship to store option in Chicago as you might never receive your order or your money back.

Much like the hundreds of complaints online about Forever 21 customer service, I too was cheated out a refund. The shoes I returned in the mail missed their month deadline by 2 days and rather than give me a credit for the $30 sandals, they send an email that I would have to pay return shipping for them to send back or they would "discard" them.

I guess it makes sense that a company that values their customers so little would rather trash new shoes than give a refund or credit. When I called customer service in their Philippines calling center, "Jay" put me on hold for 30 minutes only to report that the supervisor was busy, that he couldn't share the supervisor's name because it was "confidential" nor their title (equally top secret information) or give me any contact information. Will not be ever shopping at this company again. Would be very interested in joining any class action efforts with other similarly cheated customers.

We were in Forever 21 at Baybrook Mall on Sunday and around 11:50 people were gathering at the mall entrance. There was a lady waiting to be let in so a young hispanic guy was trying to open the gate and could not get his key to work. So finally he turns to the crowd and says "I can't let you out I can only let her in". Then a lady inside said "I just need to go to Motherhood Maternity" and he says "sure no problem". So I asked "why can she leave but we can't?" He says "ok" then tells the lady she can't leave either. She says she works over there and he says that is why she can leave. Right after he just said she couldn't leave either.

He kept emphasizing it's the rules etc. so we walk around to the mall thru the outside entrance since he is still trying unsuccessfully to open the gate. (Seems like a safety hazard as it is at this point). As we entered the mall which is near the door we were initially waiting at the gate is open and everyone is leaving!! So suddenly there were no rules any more. I guess he picks and chooses who he will let out and when. Also the door has a "this door must remain unlocked when building is occupied". I am confused as to why it was locked and it was occupied. I feel this may be a code violation which I am looking into also. I don't plan on going back there.

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I send them my order back on August 2nd (same day as I received it) and I'm still waiting for the refund (August 16). And now I'm really pissed! I received the last mail from them on September 2nd and it said that I'll receive an update in 24-48 hours. And you know what? NO UPDATE! So, for 14 days I'm running after my money calling and texting the customer service and all I ever hear is this stupid sentence: PLEASE WAIT 24-48 HOURS FOR AN UPDATE! And you can guess 2 times now, if I ever received an update! No, no I didn't. So I call again and text again and get the same stupid answers all over again. What kind of customer service is that? "The representative hasn't heard back from the warehouse. Sorry for the inconvenience."

I never, ever had a problem with a customer service or getting my money back before. If I texted H&M, that something is missing, guess what, I got my money back. Same with Asos. Why is that not working with F21? To be honest it's getting ridiculous. For 12 day I just hear "please wait for an update for 24-48 hours" and I'll never hear back from them. I don't get any mail and just promises, that I will hear back from them and nothing! I need that money! I send everything back with the return label that was in the package. It is really not my problem what they are doing there and what went wrong.

They got every single information from me. I had: Order Number, Tracking Number, Numbers of the Items I sent back, and yes, I used the return label that was in the package! What more do they need? You ever heard of the phrase: Customer is king? BUT NOT WITH FOREVER21. I feel like I'm last in line waiting for my welcome money after the Berlin Wall fell! Sure, I get that it can happen, that something goes missing, especially with a huge company and online shopping service like Forever21. And I'm not mad about that, I'm mad about the fact that it seems like customers doesn't matter to Forever21 at all! It is probably not the fault of the guys having to read my messages or taking my calls, but it is sure as hell NOT MY FAULT that someone wasn't able to scan the returned items properly!

But it's so weird that I have to pay for that person's mistake! It really should be the other way around, don't you think? And I really can't stretch enough, that I leave the country in 2 weeks for good! So, first of all, I really need that money and 2nd I need the refund so I can finally close my bank account! With all the back and forth they made sure, that I will never buy at forever21 again. Not in stores, not online! I never met a ** service for customers. I hope to hear the answers from them soon: "Ms. **, we just refunded your money back on your bank account!"

I paid for overnight shipping 19.95, and got the product 5 days later. It was a boy's bathing suit. It looked very provocative and arrived after his pool party. When I tried to return it they would not let me, and would not refund my overnight shipping cost. I called service line two different days and was told both the days, there was no supervisor available to speak to me. I was out of $36.70 for a product I couldn't use.

I ordered a bunch of items online from FOREVER21 in Aug2016 and decided I didn't like some things so I returned them. I lived in NYC and the address for delivery is literally 15 mins from my home. I had to pay over $8 for shipping and I got a tracking number. The package arrived the NEXT DAY but every time I speak to a representative about my refund and when will I get it they state they don't have the package yet, or it's being sorted out, or they'll let me know when they get it and when I will be getting my refund. It is going on 3 weeks and I haven't been refunded yet. I live in ** NYC. Oh and forget about contacting them via EMAIL. They NEVER respond back to the CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL. Chat customer service also sucks. They are super rude. The Better Business Bureau will be hearing from me soon if I don't have my money in a month and the New York NEWS STATION.

Firstly I love Forever 21 and I always shop there. But recently Forever 21 is the most unorganized shopping place I know. I came in the store at approximately 8:00. The store closes at 9:30 (I was offer no help). I finished up my shopping at 9:15. I walked to the register when someone said "sorry we shut down the cash register." I said "well how was I suppose to know that." The manager was like "well I yelled through the store that we closing up." Then I told her "well I was on the second floor" and she told me she came up there. I told her "yes you DID come up. You were not yelling."

She saw me walking around with my clothes in hand. She said "well I'm sorry. I can hold them for you in my office" and she said "you can come back tomorrow or another and pick them up because we cannot open the register." I said "okay" and walked out. The only good part about it was the fact that the fitting room lady was really nice and a guy tried to help me find my jeans.

Went shopping with my daughter at the Forever 21 in Syracuse. Found her a top and I saw a dress on display. I've previously purchased from them and have bought small. I asked the sales associate for the dress because it was a small. She was very confused and said if she took it down I would have to buy it. That was my intention. I should have just left it be but I purchased it and left. Went home and apparently my arms are too fat to fit into a small (I'm 4'11 and maybe 110).

I waited a day to return it. Brought it back and was shocked that there is no card or cash returns only store credit. I shop here maybe once every 3 years or so. I took the gift card and left. Either way they already got their money and I'm left very disappointed. The store is very disorganized and is frustrating to dig through racks of clothes that look like they were just shoved there. I will continue to shop with Charlotte Russe they have always given great customer service and tried to make things right with returns.

I purchased a sweater at Forever 21 at one of the outlets, The Crossings Premium Outlet in Tannersville PA. I have no issue with it being a last and final sale i.e. no refunds - it was heavily discounted out of season and I accepted that those are the terms of the sale. But when I came home I noted that the knitting around the neckline on the back had unraveled some, and I couldn't possibly wear it. I returned it to a nearest Forever 21 store at Quakerbridge Mall NJ and the manager cited the return policy which is that it was outside of the refund and exchange period and therefore, no remediation could be provided. Let me get this right, the policy and sales terms do not apply if the merchandise I bought was faulty to begin with.

When I made the purchase the company is warranted to sell me a good piece of merchandise. As Forever 21 did not live up to their side of the contract, the policy does not stand. I should therefore, be fully refunded for my purchase. It is amazing how a well known brand like Forever 21 could get away with this kind of shoddy and manipulative sales tactics. It's about time Consumer Affairs go after these guys given the number of complaints they receive. My daughters love this store and I must have spent thousand of dollars over the years. But I'm happy to say they just lost our business.

So I order online a lot as I feel shopping in stores can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Anyway, so I intentionally looked into ordering from Forever 21, and being that I lost a lot of weight I am not sure of my size, so before ordering I made sure to look into their return policy. Their return policy stated in BOLD that "Online purchases made through FOREVER21.COM are valid for exchange, credit, or refund within 30 days from the ship date." Seeing this I decided I would place my order, and just be sure to return what I didn't want before it was too late. When I went to the store to return what I didn't want, however, I was unpleasantly surprised to learn that you can only return for STORE CREDIT in store, but I can send it back for a refund. This was after waiting in line for about 20 minutes.

After this, I looked it up online and only realized then, that further in the paragraph (unbolded) it stated this. It was my mistake, but even still, I was annoyed that they were so unaccommodating. I decided that even the items I was going to keep I didn't want at this point, because I didn't want a store like this to have my business as there are plenty of other, and might I add cheaper, places to shop. I sent back most of my order, including jewelry that I had purchased and that was still in the original packaging. I then received my refund, but with a follow-up email that jewelry is non-refundable but if I want to PAY for shipping, they will send it back to me. Keep in mind, I already had to pay over $10 to ship their poor-quality ** back. I will NEVER shop at this store again, and I truly wish the worst for them.

In this time period there are an abundance of stores to shop at with competitive prices, and there is no reason any shopper should have to deal with this crap and frustration. I will tell anyone who will listen about the poor customer service provided by this company. I would also like to point out that not only do they treat their customers like **, but I had a couple friends in high school that worked for them, and from what I was told THEY ALSO TREAT THEIR EMPLOYEES LIKE **.

I wished that I had read the reviews of Forever21. First the sizes are way smaller than represented for plus size women. How can 2 different sizes feel the same? Anyway, in reading the packing slip, I noticed that the items I want to return indicates that items are final sales. When I placed the order and received my email confirmation, it DID NOT say FINAL sale. It appear that this company does a bait and switch on its customers. I tried to resolved this issue more than once and continued to get the runaround. it is the worst customer service I have ever encountered. No wonder they don't allow you to place feedback on their web-site. I also paid extra to have these items expedited and to return the items, those that can be returned, I have to pay an additional fee. Really... Never again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

So, I never actually write reviews for any companies because, tbh, most of them actually listen to customers and find the problem. Forever 21, however, is the worst I have ever come across. I always order online and shop in store, and to an extent, their products are alright. However, I was told by an associate that if I signed up for their email promotions, I would receive 10% off my order, naturally I was like "Okay!" Now, when I placed my very first order, I created an account and was never sent a discount code (that's why I wasn't aware of it), so I decided to just register with my second email and place a huge order for back to school. Once I signed up for the emails, I was sent an email with a coupon code, which I entered at checkout. The code did not work. I tried a few times, no luck.

I decided to message the live chat. The first associate I spoke to disappeared with the code and had me waiting over half an hour with no response at all. I closed the window and opened another one with another associate named Andrian. Easily one of the rudest, most unprofessional person I have ever talked to in sales. He/She assumed I was lying about the code, insisting the code did not exist and kept saying "Anything else I can help with?", like the one problem was solved for them to help me with anything else. I still cannot believe how a company like Forever 21 would hire such a classless, and cheap person to work with.

Normally I would just disregard the "discount" code and move on, however, I had to let the head office know because it wasn't just about money any more. I sent an email to their head office with screenshots of the conversation and the email I had received with the code. As expected, no reply, because the email probably went to the same people I had the utmost pleasure of talking to. Forever 21, with all the money you guys make, you need to hire people who can match up to the company's profits. ** idiots.

The outlet store in the Philadelphia Mills is huge, but the store is a hot mess. I have never felt so confused as I did while walking through this store. The racks make no sense to me and everything is disorganized. Long shirts, mixed with blouses, mixed with short tops all on one rack. What?! I was looking for dresses, and for the life of me couldn't find one section for dresses. It was ridiculous!

I recently placed my first and last order with Forever 21 online. The size of my item was greatly misrepresented. There was return information included in the package, so after paying over 10.00 to return the item, the Co. sent me an email saying it was not returnable and would charge me again to return it to me or give the item to charity. I placed a call to the Co. and the representative, although trying to be helpful, said they would not refund my 10.00 plus and would also not refund the credit card I used to purchase the item. She said they have a policy to donate to charity items that are returned rather than credit customers back for their returns. This is not a good company to deal with and I will also never again shop in any of their stores and advise others to be leery to deal with them also. They need to be more customer service helpful with issues such as these.

Sadly, I have had a similar experience with F21's customer service. I had a problem with my order that the representative was unable to solve. The supervisor was "the only one on and not taking any calls" thus refused to take my call, call me back or even suggest a better time to call. The representative gave me absolutely no recourse, no suggestions, no help. Oddly, in spite of the supervisor's very busy day, I could hear representatives laughing and chatting in the background. Regardless, it is very clear from my experience and from that of other customers that Forever21 has no effective customer service and has no intention of ever having one. There are plenty of other clothing companies that offer similar products. I do not recommend EVER using F21.

I do not understand that after all of these reviews, no one has taken it upon themselves to investigate this scamming company. I have had many issues with this company but this last one was one that I will not let go of! I never write reviews for ANYTHING, but this must be done! I placed an order on June 7 and paid the extra money to have the order sent to me in 2-3 business days. Now, in reality, that means I should have received my package no later than Friday, June 10. Granted. I checked the status of my order the next day and it said it was scheduled to be delivered on June 10. June 10 came, I checked the status of my order and it was changed to Monday, June 13th!

Mind you, I was going on vacation that Saturday Morning, June 11th. I was pissed and immediately called UPS thinking it was their fault, but the customer service rep at UPS let me know, "Ma'am, I am going to be honest with you, the company held your package a whole day and didn't ship this package out until the 9th!" My package was still in California! I live in New York and would not have these items for my vacation. I called Forever 21 immediately and the rep there named Marjorie, told me that there was nothing she could do and she cannot refund me my extra money I paid to have my shipping delivered early! Really?! I couldn't believe that she was lying to me, telling me that they didn't hold my package when it was clear as day how long my package was in their warehouse on the UPS tracking site!

As soon as I came back from vacation, I opened the package, took the receipt out to indicate my reason for return, and did not open one item! For what! I didn't need it now and I will be damned if I let them have my money! Shipped the entire shipment back! Would you believe, that's not all! It was taking some time and I was wondering why I never received the credit from them yet. I checked the tracking of the return item and they have had my package since June 27! and I still do not have my money back almost a whole month later! I am extremely pissed with this company and everyone telling me that it is still in their warehouse and hasn't been scanned yet! ARE YOU KIDDING!

I know they are reading whatever someone put on my file and they are upset and are doing this on purpose because with my package I wrote a letter being very frank about why I was returning the items, and how I would not shop there ever again. Regardless, you have unopened items and you still are holding my money! Give it back! I have spoken to 4 reps, 1 manager, and 1 rep from the "escalation team." yea ** right! All I know is that this is not a large amount of money but, their lack of care for customers and their ** service is what is making me the most upset! I will be contacting the CEO, Do Won Chang, and making a big stink about this as much as I can because reading all of these issues that so many people are having with this company, makes no sense whatsoever! Forever 21, you STINK!

I would like to share my experience with F21 so that other people won't become a victim of what I have experienced. I purchased few items worth $100 in May-16 and received the items sometime in June. When I looked at the items, only 2 out of 11 items were as per my expectations. So I started looking at the return documents and procedures. I thought that it would be easier for my wife to go to the store and return it rather than sending it through mail as I was occupied with my office work and didn't want to miss the return date. She went to the nearest F21 spending $10 amount worth of gas. At the store counter the manager told her that these items can't be accepted at stores as these were the final sale items. He also said that try sending it through mail. It looked fishy in the beginning so I started looking into it and found that the return form says that the final sale items may not be accepted.

As the term says "may not be returned", I thought to spend $15 and return it through USPS as per the recommendation by the store manager. I haven't heard back from F21 since I shipped the package so emailed them in July to follow up. They wrote me back saying that they cannot accept the return (My comments: If they cannot accept the return, WHY ARE THEY PROVIDING US THE RETURN FORM WITH DETAILS PREFILLED ABOUT THE FINAL SALE ITEM). So I argued about the situation that I spent $100 already + $10 in gas + $15 in shipping to return it back so far. The person replied back to me with the sentence "Thank you for contacting us! We are glad to assist you today!" however saying rudely that these items cannot be accepted and "If you wish to reship the order you will be required to pay $6.95 for standard shipping."

Guys this is my hard earned money that I just flushed in the toilet. If I need the 9 returned items, I will end up paying $100+$10+$15+$7 = $132 of which only 2 dresses are the only ones I needed. Then I started looking on F21 website to see if they clearly mention about final sale item returns on any of the sale item (No they don't say it unless you go to their return policy page). After learning my lesson hard way, I thought not to get the remaining 9 items and told F21 to discard it as my rage towards not liking their customer service. (THIS IS MY HARD EARNED MONEY. DONT MAKE FOOL OUT OF US). I will never ever buy any items from F21 and will keep sharing my story to avoid other people falling into the trap.

I was so excited to get this dress when I placed my order. I paid MORE for this dress to be overnighted (because I am going away this weekend and bought this specifically to wear while away) to me than the actual dress itself. Got the dress over night only to find out that they did not send me the dress. They sent me a SHIRT that looking nothing like the dress I ordered. Completely different color, different pattern, AND it's not a dress. When I called to express my anger and hopefully get them to over night the actual product that I ordered, I was told they will not overnight me the correct product until I returned and they received the product that THEY sent me. RIDICULOUS. I told them I wanted all my money back and that they need to learn how to send people the correct item, especially if they pay to have it overnighted since they need it ASAP. People want what they order, COMMON SENSE.

Paid more for express shipping than the price of the item I purchased just to make sure I would get it on time before my vacation trip. It took the exact same time it took on orders I've placed with them before paying just the regular shipping. When I spoke to customer care they said it was within the normal time frame and there was nothing they could do for me.

My daughter called about a defective item she ordered and promptly sent back. When time had passed and she realized she had not heard from them, she called. She was told it wasn't received until that day (a Sunday) and was out of the range for returns. After hearing the way she was spoken to, I took over the phone. I asked for a supervisor and was denied. After heated debate, I was told I was being disconnected. We were mocked and taunted. I am disgusted that we do business in this country with such bad customer service. I'm truly disappointed that a company would treat people this way, especially a so-called Christian company.

I bought 2 pants but the fabric was real itchy, the zippers will stay close and the pockets are pockets would stick out and low quality. I am very aggravated by the Manager: Nyra **. I calmly asked her that I am returning the items for exchange but she rudely declined that she can't accept the exchange. I asked nicely that I need to return the items but she and her other associates kept on mockingly, rudely just shoved me off that she can't accept the items for exchange. BUYERS BEWARE. FOREVER 21 MANAGER NYRA ** and her staff must revisit what "customer satisfaction" and " good customer service means"...

They have the worse customer service organization in the retail industry - they are worthless and if you ask to speak to a supervisor to get some real help they allegedly are never available. I tried 3 times to purchase 2 egift cards for a homeless young woman who was going to start college and needed some clothes and each time after approval I was emailed later stating the order had been canceled. I thought it might have something to do with my credit card but I spoke to my bank and they stated that was not it. In fact, the Bank of America representative kindly stayed on the phone as I placed the order the third time so that she could in real time confirm that the order was approved by the bank. The next day I received another email from Forever21 saying the order was canceled.

I called their customer service to determine why it was canceled and they stated that my billing address did not match with the credit card and therefore for security purchases it was kicked back. I told the representative that this made no sense as this was the same billing address and information I have had for over 34 years and never had an issue. She stated she could not tell me anymore. I asked for her help in what else I could do as this was specifically a gift card requested by the young college bound women but she offered no suggestions this time stating it was the bank where the problem existed. Again I knew this was not the case as I had spoken to the bank and they said it had been approved by them. I again asked to speak to a supervisor and this time she stated they could not help me further. I demanded to speak to a supervisor and she said she wold see if she could find one and after 10 minutes she hung up on me.

I do not know how they have succeeded. CEO Do Won Chang should be ashamed of how his company handles its customers which are its life blood. I was CEO of a NYSE company in the past and customer service was the number one priority and their sole focus was to help customers not simply say well they did not know or could not help AND supervisors were always available. But then again I had not outsourced customer service for the USA to another country which is what I believe Forever 21 has done. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. I obtained egift cards from Macy's and the Gap instead for this young women and will never with Forever 21 again. Mr. Chang - if you can't fix your USA customer service - give me a call. I will make you number 1. Note you have 1 star from several customers.

Order number ** for which I never received the package because as opposed to walking inside the place of business and leaving it with a person, they left it on the street in a busy neighborhood right next to a huge transit center so obviously it was stolen. I contacted F21 who told me it's been more than 30 days so therefore they can't help me and to call UPS. I called UPS and they say per their contract with F21 all missing packages have to be handled by the shipper. I called back F21 who told me I am out of money and luck and that they can't do anything for me.

I called back to speak to a supervisor, Hani placed me on hold for 3-5 minutes and then just hung up on me! I called back again only to have Monica berate me about how it's my fault and I dropped the ball. I take full responsibility for my part but I placed 5 other orders online with other retailers, none of which I had issues with receiving except for F21. Something is obviously not right with you either.

I've been a customer for 10+ years and spent thousands of dollars here, I don't deserve this level of disrespect and disregard. After all this time $63.01 is a drop in the bucket for them but not chump change for me. To tell me that I have absolutely ZERO recourse with them, that they won't re-ship the available items nor even give 1/2 a refund nor a measly store credit is just unbelievable customer service practice. I've never called or asked them for anything before. The only thing worse than the quality and return policy at this company is the customer service (or lack thereof), never shopping here again and beware!

My daughter paid for 2 day shipping for a dress that she ordered online and didn't receive it until almost a week later. When we called them, they tried to tell us that it actually arrived "on time" according to their very misleading and unreasonable policies. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, they would not put me on hold and told me that all supervisors were taking phone calls too and that I would have to leave my number and wait awhile for someone to call me back. Terrible customer service. I definitely recommend not shopping at Forever 21.

I ordered a shirt from their website and was stupid enough to believe and trust their sizing guide! The measurements of the shirt I received WAS DEFINITELY NOT the measurements that were cited on the sizing guide for the size of the shirt on Forever 21's website. When I called them to complain about this they said I was a week too late to get a refund or exchange through the website OR their local store. I told the man on their customer service line that it was the company's fault for their inaccurate sizing guide.

I hoped they would make it right and give me my refund for the shirt that I had not even taken the tags off of, let alone worn! It was so ridiculously small and the quality so poor, nothing like the picture of it on the website. However, they refused to give me a refund or exchange, even though it was the company's fault for their inaccurate/false website. I believe this was a DEFINITE BAIT AND SWITCH!!! I had all of the pertinent order paperwork. This company is AWFUL and will not ever get any of my business again!!

Every time I enter a Forever 21 store and look around, there are always several items that I'd like or would love to buy. More often than not, though, I don't buy anything as I am fairly conscious of my budget and do my best to be smart and practical with my purchases. But on occasions when I have a little extra to treat myself, it's one of the stores I go to when it's available at the mall I decide to visit.

There's this particular branch where their store has two huge floors to visit and I go a little bit crazy whenever I'm there. It's just such a challenge to keep myself from buying items because there are too many that I'd like. They have casual clothing, sleepwear, sportswear, smart casual to a bit more formal clothing, shoes, and hair accessories, among many others. Honestly, the only reason I'm able to resist is the prices on the tags on most of them. Although I think that some of the items are fairly priced, others may be too expensive too, at least for me, and that's what keeps me from buying. They have lots of good items on sale there, though, and that's where I usually make my selection. When a girl friend asks me where it would be nice to shop for clothes and accessories, Forever 21 would often be part of the enumeration. I recommend it especially to those who can afford or who are willing to pay for their items.

On April 1st I placed an order at Forever 21. I received the package 4/8/16 with 11 out of 19 missing items from the box (the box was not damaged or open) so I waited to see if another package was suppose to be delivered, Nothing arrived so I called them and was asked to file an affidavit form which was submitted on 13th of April and they responded with an error on the 18th. I fixed it and they never responded to confirm so I called the 19th. They said they had it but didn't file it so they filed it then and it would take 5 to 10 business days. On the 30th I called again and they said they refiled it (never informed of anything via email).

I waited till May 13th. They blamed UPS and since then they have had me going back and forth till this day. I called UPS and they said they already told them they clarified from their end. Nothing is wrong. To investigate their warehouse and they still blame UPS and they refuse to refund me 187 dollars for items I didn't receive and keep telling me a manager will call me and no one does. I am filing a consumer protection complaint. Fraud!

Please note this is not the shipping company's problem because both time the shipping companies (FedEx and UPS) say that they DID NOT receive the packages from Forever 21! I placed one order of over $100 and the packaged never went in transit, UPS says only shipment info was sent, but they never received the packaged from the sender F21. So I placed a second order because F21 promised to refund the first order, but whelp, they lost that one too!!! I will never shop online at Forever 21 again. Their shipping management is a mess!!

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