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I have lived in the Fruitland area of Jackson, MO for 61 years and was so glad when the Dollar store was built on US Highway 61. I like the location even though it is a very busy intersection. But the last dozen or so times I have entered this store it was a disgrace and so dirty. When the store first open it was very well organized and spotless. The first few managers tried to keep it up but let it go down downhill. The store had a good person running that store for a few years. She worked there since the store first opened. That manager was a person in charge and hired decent people that would greet you when you come in the door and would make you feel like they appreciated you shopping at their store. I know that manager probably work a lot of long each week. She would help me find things, even if they were out of stock on the store shelves she would go in the back and come out with just exactly what I ask for.

Now you ask anyone in the store even the new manager and they will tell you they are out or the truck didn't come. I know that's not true because you can't hardly shop because of all the stock carts sitting around waiting on someone to stock the shelves. Ask the cashier why there is so many carts in the store aisles and they say the stock room is full. There was so many carts sitting around in the shopping area that you couldn't use a shopping cart. I also seen a mop, bucket of nasty mop water was just sitting by the bread aisle. I won't go into detail but the health department should see and smell the restroom. I have complained to the store manager only to be told that they don't have time to do the regular task much less any extra. It's sad that a store that isn't very old looks like the city dump.

I won't be shopping at this location again and it's sad that it has come to that. I know several past patrons have stopped shopping there, that I go to church with stop shopping there for this same reason. I really feel for the safety of the customers that our local health officials be notified of the problem at this location and maybe come up with a solution. I am not sure why Dollar General didn't try to pay the last manager more money to stay. We have heard they didn't even try to keep her because of the money Dollar General would have to pay. What a shame. Thank You.

I'm very disappointed. While the store in Bloomington, IN has been renovated to create roomier aisles, the aisles in the back of the store are cluttered, the shelves are disorganized, and the shelves are stacked too high to reach products on the top shelves. I could not find one item although I looked all over for it. The clerk said she didn't know where it was since they rearranged the store. Also, I was sent a postcard in the mail with a coupon for $5 off of a $25 purchase. I scoured the coupon for an expiration date multiple times, and there was none. At the store, the clerk took my coupon and I thought she scanned it. I did think my purchase total seemed high ($30), but didn't look at my receipt until I was home and saw the coupon had not been applied.

I returned to the store later and the same clerk was there, as well as another clerk. They told me the coupon had expired and showed me some small yellow coupons which I told them was not like the one I received in the mail. Then the clerk who rang up my purchase told the other clerk she had been told to tear them up. They were not able to find the coupon. (It had my name and address on one side.)

I'm certain that there was no expiration date on the card but am angry that the clerk didn't say something when she rang up my purchase. The fact that she didn't tell me it was expired at the time and that she and the other clerk could not find the coupon later is very suspicious. It really makes me angry when a store lures me into their store with a coupon so that I make a minimum dollar amount purchase, and then not apply the coupon at checkout. I had originally planned on going to another store to buy pain medication, but decided to go to Dollar General because of the coupon.

I have tried to give Dollar General the benefit of trying them again for digital coupon and $5.00 off savings and as usual they didn't work. So I got scammed again for money!! I wouldn't recommend anyone count on get their digital coupon savings with this coupon.

I went in to the Dollar General in Pontotoc, MS. Upon entering the store I was greeted by a very friendly employee. He greeted everyone when they walked through the door. He always has a smile and he is always courteous to everyone. When I checked out, I was in his line. Jermaine was so helpful, friendly, and he put a smile on everyone's face as they came in the door. I wish Dollar General had more employees like this one. You always see where bad reviews are written but very seldom do you see a good review. Well, I wish I could.

I shop a lot at all Dollar Generals in my area, MOHAVE County, AZ. You can say I am an extreme couponer and penny shopper. Unfortunately, couponing and penny shoppers are frowned upon to many Dollar General EMPLOYEES. I HAVE BEEN HARASSED by a so-called manager. 1st...a DG employee makes a moment to me about another local business in area that sells liquidation items, but she's insinuating that I am selling penny items I've purchased to this liquidation store. Not true. I have never sold this store any items and as far as that goes, I do not feel that an employee has any right to make nasty remarks or even discuss their job with a customer. This has happened three times.

Well today the same employee was so consumed by how much I was paying for my item as that she could not do the job and check me out. I was in line for almost 2 hours because she insisted that overage was not allowed on coupons so, I asked her "did you not read your G.O.P. manual when you were hired because it's all very clearly written and you had to sign it before you were hired." I am tired of these employees treating me like a criminal or thief, and to be honest have no right to ask me or accuse me of things that have no concern to them. When someone purchases items cheap, per se, it's nobody's business who I give, sell, donate, or whatever I want to do with this merchandise. Am I correct that this in code for violation for business employee ethics? I am so done with being harassed.

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On August 22, 2016 at approx noon in Shelbyville Indiana, I entered the store to purchase a K-Cup Coffee Maker, two mugs and package of K-Cups. I arrived at the counter and a gentleman rang up the Keurig, it priced at 2.25, and I looked at him and stated that's not right, he replied "no that's not right let me get my manager to fix it." Katie came from the back office and began to investigate the box, and stated "Yeah, you can leave now." I responded confused thinking she was joking, and she repeated herself several times, "Yeah you can leave, I know you did it. Leave the store." Confused I asked "Did what?" She explained "you put a different tag on this and tried to purchase it for cheap." I stated "I did no such thing. I've been here less than 5 minutes, and I knew what I came to buy. It says it's $60 on the shelf, and there are two other cheaper coffee pots I could have selected."

Katie continued to state that I was trying to steal and needed to leave the store. I asked her to review her camera to see that this never occurred and that she was out of line. I stated, in order for her to come to the counter, ask no questions and make these accusations, she was discriminating against me and I wanted the number to corporate. Katie provided me with the number and I began to make the report while in the store by phone. At this point, Katie began telling the customers behind me in line that I was trying to "STEAL MERCHANDISE." While I was on the phone with customer service just outside, Katie stood outside smoking a cigarette and stating the customer entering the store "that I just got a corporate call on me because I caught this ** lady trying to steal." After the customer went into the store, Katie got on her cell phone and began telling the same story.

I was horrified, that as a business owner in this pro dominantly ** town, I was being treated this way. It was extremely upsetting, and humiliating that Katie would go out of her way to shame me but not to view the camera to see I did not commit the act. I then received a call from Chris ** the regional manager, who immediately took up for Katie, and only after I told him that her behavior went well beyond excusable, did he try to back pedal and console me. This company by giving Katie a slap on the hand continues to condone racism on rural Indiana. Mr. ** shocked me that his response was "well Katie usually gets good reviews so this is surprising."

The appropriate response in customer service is to empathize, answer questions, and provide an alternative way she SHOULD HAVE HANDLED IT, that you will COACH HER TO DO BETTER IN THE FUTURE. She definitely doesn't need a position of power. Disappointedly, Mr. ** minimized my complaint by ending the call stated "I'm sorry this happened BUT I won't be able to verify anything on the camera until later in the week". Meanwhile, Katie is free to discriminate and shame me and other in publicly unprofessional rants of accusations without evidence. How comforting.

Went to dollar general in evansdale Iowa to buy diapers. Their weekly ad had them priced 2 for $10 21-48 count. The shelf below the diapers had the sale advertised as well. When I got to the register they rang up full price almost $20. I refused to pay full price. Told the cashier they were advertised as 2 for $10 so she got the manager who went back and took the sign off the shelf and said that the sale wasn't for those diapers. Which they clearly were... DG baby brand size 6 38 count...

The sale is supposed to go on until Aug 20th. She would not honor the sale price and was very rude. This is the 3rd time this happened to me except the first 2 times she did give me the sale price but was not happy about it. This time she acted as if I was lying even though she had proof in her hand, just being very rude and unprofessional like I was a bother to her. Either this dollar general doesn't put the sale prices into the computer or they're just preying on unsuspecting customers hoping they won't notice when they get to The register. I contacted dollar general corporate but haven't heard back from them yet. And by the look of the reviews on their Facebook page it doesn't look like I will hear back from them at all.

I spent two hours at the store 3909 Elvis Presley going over all my manufacture coupons. The shelves were not stocked and really could not find all the deals that DG digital showed. I finally got to the counter and the cashier said "my manager said we don't take coupons". The Dollar General Policy says specifically that they do accept printed coupons alone with Digital unless it is a Digital manufactured coupon, which none of mine stated that. When you go to other Dollar General Stores you do not have this problem. I will not go back again, Walgreens, Walmart, Family Dollar who you do not have any problems with, Dollar Tree you don't have any issues, why this store? The manager of the store should follow Corporate rules not their own, totally ridiculous. I DON'T SEE ANYTHING THAT SAYS ORDER NUMBER, THE AUTH# ** and the reference number **.

I placed an online order for school supplies on 27th of July. I paid for a 3-day shipping, being that school would start on the 5th of August. I have already received 4 different packages from them - 2 of which was delivered on the 6th of August. I still have one more package to be delivered in the 9th of August. Poor shipping from Dollar General.

I booked a vacation through Southwest Vacations. I had a rental with Dollar rental that I already paid in advance with the vacation package. Upon arrival at Dollar rental in Los Angeles California by the airport I waited in line for 45 minutes. At the desk I showed the agent my paperwork and confirmation through Southwest. The agent then told me he needed the same card I paid the rental with. I gave it to him. He said because it was a debit card I couldn't use it. I asked first of all, what he was charging and secondly, why he wouldn't accept the same card used to book like he specifically asked for. He called over a manager who, with tons of attitude explained they need a direct line of credit no debit card. She said I had to pay 350.00 deposit! For what?? The rental was paid weeks in advance! She also wanted to charge 150.00 for taxes even though the estimated taxes on my confirmation showed 48.00.

At this time I was so angry. I called Southwest customer service. Lenisha was amazing. She tried to talk to the manager about the charges and the manager's reply was "These questions are out of my pay range." When Lenisha from Southwest told the Dollar rental manager she was going to refund my money and send me next door to Budget the manager laughed and said, "This is LA, she's gonna pay 350.00 at Budget too." Well, I went to Budget. Walked in, handed them my driver's license and DEBIT card. Within 10 minutes I was out the door in a 2016 Chevy Malibu. And it only cost me 300.00 no hidden fees no deposit. Southwest refunded my 200.00 from Dollar rental within the week. I will never ever rent from Dollar and I will make sure no one I know does either. Shameful customer service! In total Dollar would have charged me $700. I'm so glad they didn't get a single cent from me. They should not be allowed to scam people!

I purchased several small items from Dollar General, and attempted to return them, unused, after several days, not needing them anymore. First of all, the cashier's attitude was one of contempt, unfriendly and unhelpful. When I attempted to insert my card into the chip reader for the refund, the system message was "unable to process, please call customer service". Cashier read this to me and simply said it cannot be processed. I assumed it was due to the fact that I was attempting a return on my debit card, when it had been my husband's debit card with which the purchase was made. I said no problem, and had my husband return a few days later with the original card of purchase. To my surprise and dismay, he was sent home with the same message, and given the same careless, unfriendly attitude as I was a few days before.

I called customer service and was contacted by the district manager who was very apologetic and explained that the system does not process chip reader returns. The card needs to be swiped normally. I went back a THIRD time, and a third, different cashier had the same unfriendly, unapologetic attitude, and my return was processed after I explained to HIM how to proceed with the card. I did not receive a "thank you", nor a "have a good day", nor "we apologize for the trouble". Cashier acted like I, as the customer, was the problem in the transaction. This seemed to be the general attitude of the employees in that store, and I alone dealt with three different ones. This store is located in Georgia on the corner of Braselton Hwy and Gravel Springs Rd. Needless to say, I will not be shopping at Dollar General, if nothing else out of protest for how I was treated.

This is to complain about the store on South Reading Avenue in Boyertown. Went in yesterday. Did shopping for about 35 minutes just to get to the counter and be told by The Genius cashier that they don't even have change for a 20 in their drawer. Are you kidding me!!! The kid says to me "I don't know what to tell you." Yells for the manager. As she laughs and says there is no money anywhere in the store. What kind of store doesn't have change? I've never heard of something so stupid!

This store is a joke. You go in there the shelves are empty. The coolers are broken. If you do dare to open one of the cooler doors it smells like rotten meat and they don't care. You tell somebody at the register they just shrug their shoulders. Go-karts always blocking the aisles for what who knows because they don't put items on the shelves. Nothing ever brings up correctly in the store. The cashiers can't even add 2 + 2 word count your change or not smash your bread while they're putting it into a bag. It's just awful and sad. I'm done. Goodbye Dollar General.

I noticed that the $5 digital Coupon was not taken off my bill, so the next day I went back, the clerk said, and I quote, "So what do you want me to do for you?" She then called the Mgr and said, and again, I quote, "I don't think she's going to be able to help you either." I stood there for almost 10 minutes waiting for her, for exactly nothing. It's not worth the hassle of their Saturday coupon.

I decided to go to Dollar General because it is near my home I spent $6 out of 20. $6.25 to be exact. When I gave them 20 and a quarter I got my change. I went to buy a pack of cigarettes at Murphy's USA. The money was no good. I take it back to Dollar General. They tell me they can't do anything because I did not catch it. Here's my problem with this. It's not my job to know if the money is real or not. I'm just a customer trying to clean my home. Why is it the customers fault that Dollar General gave me funny money? I thought that was their job to mark every bit of currency that comes across the counter.

They refuse to look at the cameras and refused to give me my money back. I'm assuming because they had money that they knew would have to come out of their pocket and it's easier to just pass it off on somebody so that it does not come out of your paycheck. I will never shop at Dollar General ever again. I would rather pay outright inflated prices than you get fucked over and have someone else's problems pushed on me. I have enough without fake money being given to me.

The Dollar General Company has serious issues as far as customer service. I use to like Dollar General a lot. I shopped at their stores for years and years. From Jacksonville, Arkansas where we use to live and now, here in Moore, Oklahoma. I have written their Corporate Office many times before giving compliments regarding their stores that I have shopped at. I always get a response. Now, I discovered that if your comments are on the negative side, you will never get any response from them. I expressed my concerns with Corporate Office via their website last week and wrote them again when they did not response. Nothing from them yet.

My concerns were about their Store # 4170 located at 1000 City Avenue in Moore, OK. The aforementioned store is temporarily closed. They have a sign that the store is closed due to remodeling. It is true that the store is under remodeling but they are not telling you why they are remodeling. They are remodeling because the store is infested with kitten sized rats. Before they discovered the problem, you can smell the rodents when you go inside the store. There many dead rats with maggots eating on them. Pet food bags bitten through them.

I contracted bacteria from Macaroni and Cheese purchased from them. I was given medication and anti-biotic for a month. My doctor asked me if I had any contact with rodents or sheep/livestock. (Funny at the time). Of course I had no contact with rodents or sheep/livestock. But now I know that I could have had contact with rodents. I told them that I was not going to do anything as far as filing a suit and even though they are ignoring my issue, I am going to contact the BBB, Attorney General and the Health Department.

Bought couple of their comfort rags. Washed them a couple times before I applied it to my face for a morning wash. I felt my face tighten up then started to swell up like a balloon.

In the two years that I have lived in Oak Hill WV the two Dollar General stores we have have been a horrible experience. They have went through multiple district managers and also store managers. The shelves are never stocked. They're always waiting on a truck. Staff is always unfriendly. God forbid you ask them to do any part of their jobs. And not to mention the many times everyone is outside smoking or talking about who to get their next fix from. I've seen multiple people fall from aisles being cluttered or just plain trashed. I myself have been one. A box of toys a clerk was unpacking one day turned over in the floor. Instead of picking it up, the clerk went on break. I continued my shopping, walked around the aisle. Well turns out toys had rolled into the next aisle. I stepped on a child's toy and fell flat on my stomach at 9 months pregnant.

Truly the only reason we have continued to go is because we have a large family, their prices are low and they did accept coupons. But now even that doesn't work. Their sale prices don't ring up correctly and they refuse to fix it. They say there is nothing we can do. I have been checking out with my children and asked if I know where to get "anything good" by staff. I have been refused service unless I buy my cashier a Monster energy drink. Nothing is ever done about the employees and they change staff constantly. Sad things is the services still don't improve. You can call corporate and no results happen. At this they have went through so many management changes with no better after effects. They should close those two stores down and make room for a more effective business whereas Oak Hill is a small community with few options already.

Bought items using digital coupons. They didn't work properly. So the next day I returned the items. Well the return was more than I spent. My wife who was MOD at that store said she will have to speak with the manager to correct it because we did not want to take more than what we paid. Well she got fired for being honest and they refused to give me my refund.

When I talked to the clerk at my local DG store and asked where the Pepsi was that was advertised in their ad I was told NE Nebraska was No longer carrying Pepsi products. What Good is A store that doesn't carry Pepsi??? Worthless.

Most of the staff are poorly trained and have no concept of customer service and retention. They fairly act like you're inconveniencing them - that they are doing you a favor by taking your money in exchange for abuse. Oftentimes food items are so far out of date as to have a bad taste, or downright rancid. The shelves regularly have large swaths of empty spaces while product sits on buggies waiting to be stocked, thus blocking the aisles and making it difficult to find anything, not to mention the hassle of squeezing past other customers. This is a continuing, daily problem.

Finally, they demand all customers produce a valid driver's license to purchase tobacco products. And despite the fact that no other store anywhere does this, the manager claims it's "store policy". State law and city ordinances only require a DL if the customer "appears to be less than 25 years of age". To make matters worse they key your personal information into their database every time you buy cigarettes. They've basically got everything they need for identity theft recorded on their server so some unscrupulous employee, or hacker, can ruin your life. I don't know what exactly is going on with this establishment but I don't trust them at all. If I were to be very cynical I'd say they are acting like a poorly run money laundering operation.

This review is in regard to the Dollar General on Van Born Rd in Wayne, just before Wayne Rd. This store is always a mess and the workers are lazy. There's always only one line open so the wait time is ridiculous to check out. I was in a few weeks ago (I am hard of hearing, I wear a cochlear implant which is very easy for anyone to see) so me and my 2 children were checking out, and I swiped my debit card.

The manager who was ringing me up starts yelling at me that I need to push some other button. I said I wasn't aware of that as I always just swipe my card and then the cashier does the rest. She starts shaking her head and getting angered because I guess I didn't "hit the button" quick enough for her liking. She was beyond rude huffing and puffing and on my way out I could hear her say ** idiot about me. I will never be back to this store again! She should have been immediately terminated in the spot for that!

She was a blond woman in her early 40s, late 30s maybe? Just in case someone from the store reads these reviews! On top of that all the employees are lazy and unhelpful, but everytime I go there and need something, when you lift the covering to get it, it dings loudly over and over until it's shut again. That's the only time I see employees is when they are spying to see if I'm stealing. I hate feeling like that in their store, they assume everyone is a criminal. I will never give another Dollar of my business to that store and I'm literally 2 mins away from it!

Your Interlochen store is the dirtiest most unorganized Dollar General I've ever been in. The floors haven't been mopped in who knows how long. In general it's disgusting.

I USE to be a customer at Dollar General stores until their driver smashed into a guide rail and my fence in front of my house with several witnesses seeing this happen. I filed police report. Contacted the corporate office to report the situation. Kayla was nothing but RUDE to me as if this was my fault. Their driver not only smashed into my fence but then he left the scene of the accident and now of course is denying he even did it!! So thank goodness this happened before school let out, because a ton of school kids walk along this road and along the guide rail.

Would he (the driver) deny this happened if he injured or killed a kid that day (May 17th, 2016). Kayla is stating to me today that their driver was NOT responsible for the damage, and goes further and claims it was not their truck!!! How can you say it's not their truck when there are 3 credible witnesses!! Kayla your company needs to fess up to what your company driver did and take responsibility for the damage to my property!!! I WILL NEVER shop at your disgusting company again. Hopefully next time this driver hits something, it's not a person! Wake up Dollar General!

I am seriously PO'd. I went to a new Dollar General near my house (705 ARLINGTON ST, AKRON, OH 44306) today to get a few things. I had my sister & my 2-yr-old daughter with me. First the carts were all being used by the store employees doing inventory and some were full of boxes to be stocked. For what I was getting I needed a cart. So after 10 mins a customer was done with his (which there was only 2 other customers who had carts). My sister followed him to his car and got his cart. Headed to the next aisle, my 2-yr-old says "Pee pee mommy, pee pee" like a few times. Sister asked a worker (which turned out to be the manager) if they had a restroom she could use (as she continues to yell PEE PEE) and he says "Not for public use." So we try to hurry. 2-yr-old still saying, "Pee pee mommy." So at the checkout she's screaming and crying "Pee pee mommy. Right now."

I said to the cashier..."You guys don't have a restroom she can use?? She's 2 yrs old and potty training." She leans over to look down the aisle that the manager was in and asks if she can use the restroom. (I didn't hear him due to 2 y/o screaming at me as I'm unloading my cart as fast as I can.) He replied "I would suggest taking her outside" as if she's a dog??? I guess the man in front of me heard him say it and said to the cashier "Aweeee, that's ** up. How could he say that to her ???" The cashier replied to the man "I didn't hear him say that." So we hurried up and paid and went to the car. Sister told me what the man had said, which was the manager but we didn't know at the time, so she went to put the cart back and got his name, (**!

I am furious. I'm calling the corporate office. Every DG we have ever been to had a restroom or was OK with children using it. There is about 8 DG stores surrounding my area and not one of them has ever denied the use of their restroom let alone made the rudest comment regarding my 2-year-old going outside to pee... This MANAGER has NO HOSPITALITY, MANNERS, PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR WHATSOEVER!!!

Walked into the Dollar General store on Washington Street across from the Kmart, the very new store. There was a handwritten sign stating No Large purses or back packs allowed in store. I walked in to get aluminum foil and heard "miss, miss", I turned around and she said I could not bring my purse in the store. I said it is small, she said she did not care and told me to take it to my car. I told her I did not have a trunk and was not leaving my purse in my vehicle. She said I could not shop.

This is how big my purse was, 7 inches long, 4 inches wide and 7 inches in height. It was a light skinned African American and I am **, and felt I was being discriminated against and felt she was treating me a thief and not a customer. If you treat people this way they will not be back. I have worked in customer service for over 30 years and you don't stay in business long treating your customers this way. If it were for customers, you would not have a business. You lost my entire family from shopping with Dollar General. Some people should not deal with customers. This lady had no professionalism at all.

I worked at Dollar General #15955 for a year to the date. I gave this company my best. Was always at work, went in every time I was called in, went to different stores to help out each time I was asked and in return was treated as I was a complete idiot when fact is I had to show most key holders how to do the job. I asked for the position right away and had 3 more people hired in above me regardless. I let it go and continued doing best I could. I only missed 1 day out of a year because of sickness and was told not to come back unless I had a doctor's excuse (1st of all if I'd had the money I'd have already been to a doctor)? So I had to pay for a visit I couldn't afford just to have doc tell me I had a virus going around at time? Just so I could return to work of course. Afterwards 2 of these 3 hired in after me had missed continually and another older employee but never had to return with a doc excuse? Why is that?

I felt discriminated against without doubt. Because I am best worker or was and always done what others wouldn't do too. And they knew I'd work and it was "Rhonda do this and Rhonda do that" while others done nothing but stand at register maybe? Well, I'm just that way because I go to work to work. I continued doing best I could. I struggled to make ends meet because of pay but was hanging in.

After a year we are given a raise. I got a call 1 day about 2 weeks ago from manager telling me she had to make me a key holder to get me a raise and it would require me traveling more too (although I'd never been given any keys lol). I thought "great". Finally good news so 2 days later to take the drug test which is required when promoted as I'd been told by others hired in and guess what? They tell me it's positive for illegal drugs WHICH I KNOW (AND GOD) IS IMPOSSIBLE because I only take what a doc gives me? And that I'll be fired?

My manager lied and I knew it then when she said only way to get a raise was make me a key holder because I'D have been given one automatically in the year. But to "protect" DG, they had to have reason to fire me right? And they found it. And they done it before my year paid vacation was due too! Imagine this? Lol. And I'm sure new hires, which always is in DG will find out these things as well. In my opinion that's a VERY SORRY COMPANY to work for. Low pay, no fairness, always customer complaints, no work ethics, nothing taught, no insurance, and minimum wage? Who can live on 20 hour weeks, at minimum wage and no insurance?? (not to mention the unfairness and discrimination in place between manager and employees?)

MY advice is, don't think as I did. "Ok here's a good, big company in which I can grow with and start a new life with" especially if you're having to start all over after nasty divorce and you are trying to get a home, car, etc... because YOU'LL NEVER MAKE IT AT DG. Then to have to be treated unfairly and MOST IP FIRED. Because they want you gone and not the truth because I don't do illegal drugs nor is anyone gonna tell me a test (only they can see too) says I do. Lesson learned from Pontotoc MS Store #15955!! Very low work ethics, no customer service, nothing to be learned ever, no insurance, not enough pay, and require you to do MANY JOBS AT ONCE and to simply put it. ABUSED!!!

Matter of fact, can't even tell you if you're fired or not and mad because I got sick and couldn't work the last 2 truck days while they trained new hire to replace me since I was being fired or told I'd be? Other words, "you're positive for illegal drugs but we gonna let you stay and work... until we get new hire in and we won't be short?" Lol. Go figure? Till this day Ive not been told I'm fired. Have tried reaching manager and guess what - she ignores me? Very professional. Lol.

I have lived in the close neighborhood for over 40 years. I watched this so called grand store from the first pile of dirt to the last brick laid. I enjoyed shopping in this store almost every single day. If it wasn't my husband or daughter it was myself that spent money daily. I have seen a ton of people come and go employee wise. I have helped the local police when they are searching for the everyday shoplifter... even helped this certain mgr out the night a gentleman almost knocked her to the floor as he made his way laughing out of the store. She never even batted an eye after he stormed over her... May have been one of her many friends that visits her. I believe they call her Alexis or lexi.

But to my point a month has gone passed since my altercation with miss Alexis as she comes prancing rolling her eyes at me as I am putting about 100.00 or more on the conveyor belt. She tells the cashier not to ring up any of my purchases. As she is nosing through my stuff she smart mouths me and my 16 year old daughter. "Okay where is the lip balm and body spray you had." I explained it was on the shelf because I told her I couldn't get that right now it was not in the budget for the week. But yet she carries on like I am some hoodlum and continues to yell all kinds of inappropriate things to me and my daughter.

I asked if I could at least purchase my items that I had shopped over an hour for. She screams, "Hell no your ass is going to jail. We all know you and your daughter has been in here robbing us blind." So I said not one word more, she and I left the store not causing a scene. She told me not asked me to open my purse, she wanted to see for herself. If she would have chosen to treat the situation differently like a Mgr should have I would have gladly allowed her to do so. But to engage her finger snapping in my face and in my daughters face hell no.

As I was leaving she said, "You are never gonna bring your ass back in my store **." She brought the police to my house and he also took blame on me and how he is sick of being called every single watch to the Dollar store for shoplifters. He went to the back to view the so called tape. They had nothing... only us shopping. She has banned me from the store and my daughter as well as several other neighbors. I am not sure their reason but I just want the corp office to know if they think Alexis is a great employee they are so wrong. She stays on her phone, she has her friends meet out back by the dumpster. She is young and beyond rude judgmental on honest people. And if you could have heard all the flap talk she said to us in front of the store very racial.

I have told my entire family to never shop at Dollar General. My niece was asst Mgr and she couldn't believe she still had a job. That no one reported her. I do not need anyone to speak up for me. I know I am in no way a shoplifter nor is my child. But to whomever reads this you did lose a good customer. And I could care less who or what is stolen, they better not ask me which way did they run or did you see anything. My tag writing days to help the real crooks is over. I will continue to pray for miss Alexis. I sure hope she sleeps well at night with all the wrong she does. Thank you for your time.

At around 3:15 PM today, I went to the Dollar General store located on Republic Rd, Republic, PA 15475 to purchase a kiddie swimming pool. The store was very crowded and there was only one cash register opened. I got in line and was about the eighth person in line; as I got closer to the register, I noticed that a second line was formed going to the same register. Several of us asked about how customers were being checked out and were told we had to get in the second line. We moved into the second line and I was now at least the fifteenth person in line. A couple people were checked out and then the clerk said she was closing the register after the person in front of the man with the orange shirt was checked out and we had to move to another register.

None of the other registers were open but a cashier was going to a register and putting a key in it so we started to get in line there. She looked at us and said she was not opening that register that her shift was over and she was going home. At that point, I put the pool down and left. Although neither clerk was very nice, I don't really blame them as this store is always understaffed and they were obviously over-stressed. This is the only store of its kind in our town and is always quite busy... there is never enough staff to service the customers. I've also noticed that there is a big turnover in staff which suggests that working conditions there are not very good. I am sure this store loses many sales due its poor customer service.

I moved into the Valdosta Georgia area a little over a year ago from Hiawassee, Georgia so it was an extreme change from the northern part of the state to the southernmost part of the state but what I did not realize I would have to start accepting was extremely poor customer service bordering almost on hate. In particular is Dollar General # 8226, 810 Madison Hwy, Valdosta, GA 31601-5975 which I have been shopping at since my arrival here in Valdosta. At first I was a little amused and fascinated by just how bad the employees and the manager were and like a science project mentally rated my shopping experience on each visit. In general it was never higher than one star except on the occasion of one fine day and they had a new employee, a young man, who greeted me on arrival and then took time at checkout to tell me about sale items and even corrected my sales ticket when it rang up the wrong price.

Sadly, I was never to see him again. In general, I am never greeted on arrival and the only possible answer I can fathom is because I am ** and the employees are all ** and appear to hate all ** people in this particular store. Did I mention that the ** customers are always greeted on arrival and frequently waited on before me even though I am next in line. I am treated very well at Dollar General # 11607, 3664 Madison Hwy, Clyattville, GA 31601-0970 which is just a few miles up the road but past my house. They have the exact same employment pool to pull from so I can only gather this is an anomaly specific to this location. Did I say hate? I should have said hate crime, because that is how I feel every time I shop there.

Moving on, store items are always in the wrong place and regular priced items are in sales slots, merchandise all over the floor, items in the clearance aisle are priced exactly the same as they were at full price, the manager who is **, is never to be found. I can only imagine she is hunkered down in a corner somewhere trying to figure out how to end it all. But let me tell you about today because this sealed it for me. I went in and whoever was behind the counter talking on her phone, no greeting as usual but I called out one just to do my part. I picked up some items and one in particular was Nail Stickers for your toes that were priced a dollar. Now last week I bought some for $3.00 and they never made it into my bag but today I said, "Well I will spend a dollar. It is time for the toes to get a makeover." I got up to the counter loaded down with heavy items because there are no shopping carts.

My inquiry into where they were was verbalized people steal them you know. As I looked around the store I saw all the shopping carts filled with merchandise that I assume was to be put away. So there I am at the counter, weighted down and the customer service representative, (a misnomer if there ever was one) is still not acknowledging me so I set my items down and waited to see if she would initiate the process. But no, I finally had to say "Here I am. Can you ring these up." I noticed that my $1.00 nail stickers rang up $2.70 which that price was displayed nowhere in that section and I said, "No, those are on sale for a dollar." Without even looking she said "Well they in the wrong place because that's the price. I promise you, that particular price is nowhere in that store." I said, "Well take them off please because I do not want them at that price."

She actually sighed and made a sound of disdain as if I had asked for the impossible and then yelled for **, the manager to come to the front. Several minutes passed and ** appeared and she did not acknowledge me either and I guess the price was taken off but I would not know because I was never given a receipt and she had already dismissed me and moved on to the next customer. I have been a manager in customer service positions for over 20 years. How can you continually hire the exact same nasty, rude employee type over and over for a year and hide your head in the sand like an ostrich.

Are they trained to behave in this manner? I can guarantee you this, I am not going to stop shopping there, but only to gather more data for my relentless bombardment of every national website and social media I can to post too. I will record conditions and treatment and keep on until you do something about it. I will become the Rosa Parks of the Dollar General corporation. I will take an ad out in the paper just to say my piece because it is not right to feel dirty and abused when walking out of a store that you just spent your hard-earned money in.

Dollar General #00224 Waynesville, MO - I come into this store very often, and it is always the same, merchandise up and down the rolls, without prices. I can get use to this, but the real problem is the employees. I have seen a long line at the registers and employees outside smoking with only 1 at the registers. I was in there today and the young man at the register was not very friendly. He wore shorts that were not pulled up and holes in his shirt. I don't really blame him, I blame the manager. They need to clean up the store, and the help.

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