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I purchased Bath & Body Works pink cashmere body spray yesterday. I only sprayed a little on my wrist, while I was in the store to see if I liked the scent. I did so I bought it. About 6 hours later, my hands started itching, then my feet, then my legs and back. I went into the bathroom and lifted up my shirt and I had welts all over my body. I took a shower but the welts continued to get worse. It took about 2 hours before the itching stopped and when I woke up this morning all the welts were gone. I don't know what's in this product, but I apparently had an allergic reaction and I don't have any allergies. I do not recommend this product and won't be shopping at Bath & Body Works ever again!

The service that they give in the stores for the most part is the best service you will get from this company. If there is a problem and you have to contact corporate, good luck. You have better luck trying to raise your dead relative from the grave than you do trying to get them to do anything to help. I have contacted corporate multiple times about their promotions. It seems like every time they have a promotion the store I go to is not partaking in that promotion. I don't understand why you keep emailing me all these promotions knowing where I live and then my home store says they aren't doing that promotion. Once I call in to the 800 number I always get told that that store is indeed doing the promotion. They apologize up one side and down the other.

Then they call the store and tell them to give me the promotion that has already ended. This gets tiring after so many times. I have done this 12 times before I have to call it quits. I'm not a rude customer, I'm not a rude person, I hate conflict, and I refuse to deal with a business that does this to their customers. I'm not the only person that has to deal with this - almost everybody in my area deals with this. They need to send someone to the store and explain to them that they need to HELP all customers the same, they need to give us all the same promotions and they need to follow company rules. Don't tell me to just continue to call back because that is not what I want to do when I go to the mall to shop.

I think instead of shopping at the stores I just need to stand in front of the store and picket because you don't want to reimburse me for my time, my loss of gas, or give me anything for the inconvenience. I'm not asking for a hand out. I'm not asking for you to give me free product or anything. I'm asking for a little sympathy. If this was you you would be upset. But to have a lady argue with me on the phone about what promotion they are running that day is ridiculous. They were running a promotion we all love and we all watch out for, I missed it and then was told that it was $3.95 body creams??? I've never heard of that promotion and am pretty sure if that was the promotion it would have been posted all over the store and people would have bought cases of them. You have horrible service and you treat your regular customers like they are replaceable.

I bought 3 body creams and 3 body sprays - Pretty as a Peach, Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, and Tahitian Island. I was really excited to purchase BBW products because I used the products years ago and enjoyed the long lasting fragrance. I used Pretty as a Peach lotion and spray after a shower and had a sleepless night! My skin broke out into a hives everywhere that I applied the lotion. I thought it was maybe mosquito bites and applied the Marshmallow Pumpkin lotion and spray as well. I had the same results, but worse. It was extremely painful and itchy. I had welts all over my arms and legs.

I'm not sure if the ingredients or chemicals have changed since I've used them before, but whatever it is, I'm almost 100% sure it isn't safe for our skin. I'm very disappointed as I have used BBW products in the past. I don't recall having these reactions in the past, so I'm sure the products are different chemically. I can no longer use these products and would love to see BBW start using natural ingredients.

I did the online BOGO for "Flashback Scents of Summer," like I do every year. I purchased Twilight Woods, Fig and Brown Sugar and Honeysuckle Mists with matching Shea lotions for me and for my daughter. I got her Rainkissed and Peony in the original bottles (not mists). My chief complaint is no sooner than I apply the Shea Butter then the mists (if you suffer from dry skin these are the steps to take) then spray my hair and clothes... not even 30 minutes later the scent is gone! Yet, last year I bought their Coconut and Vanilla in original bottle and I sprayed it on at 6 am and now midnight its scent is still there... it's like they're watering down their merchandise. I was told by the woman working there that its original bottles then the Mists then their perfumes were in that order, so why as the Mists are the next step closer to the perfumes lasts about 20 minutes?

I spent a lot of money at this store since its inception and I'm truly disappointed, feel I got conned and I believe this experience is telling me to stop giving them cash for products that don't live up to its promise... even the little "copycat" mists at Walmart have more staying power... meaning it lasts from the morning to next day when you wake. I so badly want to be refunded, but if you buy online I'm not sure... because our store in Park City Mall closed for renovations and of course where my 30 days are up. Thanks for reading and sorry for the novel, but I'm livid.

I was using the one of the featured hand soaps for the FALL! Well, I broke out in HIVES! My breakout was so bad that I had to go to the emergency room and get a shot. I was also put on ** for four days and **. It's been almost a week since this terrible breakout. I'm going to have to go back to doctor because it's not healing as quickly as it should. When I called Limited Brands and told them what occurred. It seemed as if they didn't care about me. All they seemed to care about was the product. Never again will I ever shop there again. I'm not the first customer to break out the rash and hives.

Updated on 9/26/2016: Recently I wrote a review about a terrible rash that I had using their product. No one ever called me back. It's been about a week in a half with this irritating rash and this BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY. I had allergy test done and the results were negative. I don't have any allergies nor am I allergic to anything. My doctor said "it must have been the soap you used the night before from Bath & Body Works." GO FIGURE! As I'm going through my mail today I open a letter from GALLAGHER BASSETT SERVICES. They were asking me to contact them regarding my claim with BATH & BODY WORKS. Some lazy company that represents BATH. They stated that they tried to reach me by phone several times but no answer. Liars, they didn't call me! This company's reviews are GOD AWFUL!

The representative from the company argued with me about the product that broke me out with hives and rashes. She felt that I was saying that Bath & Body Works was selling bad products. Remember, she said that the representative from GALLAGHER AND BASSETT. She offered to pay my doctor's bill. I told her "with your company's reviews, I wouldn't trust them to pay **!" I told her that I'm going to hold on to my bottle of soap for future evidence because this rash is affecting too many people. So, I see a future Class Action Lawsuit coming soon. She told me if I sent the bottle back that I would receive a refund. Wow! A whole 3.00 which turned into hundreds of dollars for me in medical bills. EMERGENCY ROOM AND MEDICINE! I spoke with a Attorney and he said, "Whatever you do never give them that bottle of soap" because it's evidence!

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I've been a loyal customer for more years than I care to remember. I always spend $100.00 to $200.00 when I come into the store. I have people constantly ask why I don't have wrinkles on my chest area as most women do at or near 70. My dermatologists are amazed at my skin and that it looks like the skin of a much younger woman. I have also repeatedly gotten so many compliments on how good I smell all the time. Not so much anymore. I started using Chinese Cherry Blossom as soon as it came out. Now the wonderful fragrance is weak and does not last.

I always slathered with it after my nightly shower and still smelled so good in the morning but not anymore. Also, since you changed your formula and have replaced your old moisturizers with this nut from Africa, I am breaking out. My skin has big red sore itching bumps that will not heal. I am a diabetic. This is very scary. I could lose a leg. Also my body creams have an almost rancid oil odor in the background. I have seen these nuts and felt the greasy texture of it. I bought some of it but it made me itch so I put it away for a few months and when I was going to give it to a friend to try it smelled like old rancid grease. I think you have made a big bad marketing and formulation decision. You used to be my favorite go-to place for myself and for gifts. I see by the reviews that others are also unhappy with the formula change and are having skin issues.

I have worked at Northgate Mall in San Rafael, CA for 2 years. The Bath & Body Works store came into the mall last year, prior to the 2015 holiday season. Unfortunately, my job requires that I go up and down the mall driving a children's train, and I have to pass Bath & Body Works on the route. In the past, I have contacted both Bath & Body Works and Northgate Mall Management about the store putting product right at the store front, and into the common area of the mall for people to test, AND SPAY INTO THE MALL. For awhile, employees were even spraying products out into the common area themselves! They comply for awhile, and move the testers inside their store, but always seem to bring them back out.

I have had numerous people get off of the train, and take their children out of the mall, due to asthma attacks beginning. Parents constantly complain to me about the scents, and lots of people tell me that they won't go to that part of the mall, because the strong scents cause migraines for them. Last Sunday, they had a scented candle burning at their store front, and I went into a severe asthma attack that I got under control. I contacted mall management again (4th time this year), and was told that it would be handled.

All this week, the scented candle was not lit, and we had no problems. However, yesterday, I took the train for the opening test run, and went into a severe asthma attack that I could not control. The scented candle was once again lit. I called Security, and asked them to "politely ask" the store to put out the candle in the common area at the front of their store. I ended up in the hospital for breathing treatments, and had to close down the train for the entire day. I lost wages for the day, had to pay out lots of money for treatment, and the train owner lost all revenue for his busiest day of the week.

What is wrong with these people? They need to keep their scented products inside their store, and be aware that many people react to their products. Cal/OSHA does not cover this problem, because I (and the others who react) am not an employee of Bath & Body Works. I know that this review specifically identifies me, but at this point, I don't care. I have a specialty job where I just can't transfer to any location.

I wanted to comment on Bath and Body Products. I use to love buying the body washes and sprays. My granddaughter use to love them too but we start to notice that the sprays especially were watered down. They smelled more like alcohol instead of the scent. The smell does not last as long. This is sad because they started out great and now I will find a new product to replace them. I use to go to Victoria's Secret. Maybe I will go back to see if they are staying true to their brand. If we are going to pay these kind of prices then we want the smell to last.

I ordered online from Canada, throughout the entire process it never once said it was in US currency. I even googled "Bath and Body Works Canada". When I received the items I noticed that my credit card charge and the online receipt did not match by $22. I called online support and they said that it was because it was in US currency. I asked if I would be able to return it in store or get the shipping back since I essentially paid $10 US for them to waste my time. They said that they had no idea, that they could give me the in-store customer service number (instead of perhaps just transferring me through like any good customer service rep would do).

Once I called in-store the girl put me on hold for a very long time and said that I could only return it by shipping it back to US (on my dime of course). That it said online that it was in US pricing somewhere on the website. So I had her tell me where. It took her 3 min to find and it was down some rabbit hole of information. This is downright criminal of Bath and Body Works to do to their Canadian shoppers. I never came across something that said it was in US pricing, the fact that they would not refund me the shipping for their error as well as have me ship it out to them is despicable. I work in a big named store that is in the US and Canada and we would never treat a customer this way. I am disgusted with Bath and Body Works.

I spend a lot of money with this company, and once I find a product I really like I will buy as often as needed, but this company is the worst about not having the product after a certain time because it was a seasonal item or a special promotion item like Cotton Lemonade or Winter Candy Apple. I hate this because then I have to search for a new product. I can't wear just any fragrance so once I find something I want to have it at all times. I'm not saying I don't buy other items because I do. I buy for family members, friends etc. but I have my favorite. They need to keep all items available and convenient to purchase . A small inventory of something in every store. I know the stores aren't big but come on people like me know what we like.

Recently had my carpets and home ventilation cleaned and was surprised to learn that the Wallflower Plugins I was using were causing staining of my wall directly above the plugin and dark spots on the carpet directly in front of my cold air returns at floor level. According to the cleaning company, the oils in the plugins gets dispensed into the air and then gets sucked toward the cold air returns when the air conditioning or furnace starts up. The dark spots in the carpet are petroleum carbon particles exhausted from the plugin oil when they are heated. These particles move through the room air and are drawn to the cold air return and are trapped by the carpet fibers directly in front of the vent. Not sure what other effect they have on human or pet health but I am no longer utilizing them.

I've never used Bath & Body lotions or shower gels until June 2016 when I saw they were having semi annual sale. I decided to try them. I used lotions and shower gels after I took a bath 2 times a day for 2-3 weeks through June and early July. My skin started feeling really itchy during that period, and then week three I got a itchy rash on my upper arm that spread to my hand. After 4 days of no sign of going away, I went to dermatologist and told her I suspected it was from Bath & Body Works products I had been using and she agreed. I was prescribed a **.

I've always used organic lotions, soaps, etc on my skin up until started using Bath & Body Works. I don't know what I was thinking to try them, their stuff does smell good. I bought a ton of stuff during the sale so now I'm trying to sell it all on local yard sale pages so I can make my money back. I've used their body sprays over the past several years with no problems, I guess cause I spray it on my clothes and it doesn't get directly on my skin. I will never use their lotions or shower gels again.

I purchased several wallflower scents at the store in Sherman TX during the semi annual sale. I noticed that most of my refills have a mildew smell to them. I can't recall the scent since I bought an array of different ones. I've purchased many products over the years and have also noticed the scents are not near as lasting or strong as they used to be.

After reading the horrible reviews, I felt I needed to share my experience. Yesterday I received my shipment from Bath & Body Works. It was completely smashed and looked as if the box had been opened and re-taped and I was missing two items. I called customer service, I didn't get the man's name that I spoke with but he was so helpful. I told him my concerns and he made a new order shipment with my missing items. I make a purchase from Bath & Body Works about once a month and this is the first time I have ever needed to call them with a problem. Hopefully I do not run into any problems that I have read in the reviews. However, I can recommend the Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint, it is amazing!!!

I usually don't buy big bottles of perfume/body mist. I would always find myself switching from one perfume to another. But ever since I tried Bath & Body Works' Sweet Pea, I do not mind buying a big bottle. It has a romantic and sweet scent. A harmony of different fruit scents you will never get tired of. It also makes me feel happy and beautiful. Moreover, the scent is not overpowering and it stays even after a long day, which is a MUST for me. I would definitely recommend this collection of Bath & Body Works to anyone.

I've never had an allergic reaction to anything in my life. I've worn lotions and perfumes from everywhere and have been using B&BW products for over 10 years. I tried the Pretty As A Peach lotion in-store and loved it so much I ended up buying the entire set of products. The next day I noticed I had a few itchy bumps on my hand but thought maybe I got bit by a bug. The next day a few bumps turned into more and within a week both my hands and wrists were broken out in literally hundreds of tiny blisters that formed together to make massive ones. It itched so bad I barely could sleep and couldn't focus at work. It was a nightmare. Now I'm terrified to use anything but Aveeno. I don't know if they changed their ingredients but be warned. These pictures aren't even when it was at its worst.

I purchased 4 Wallflower plug ins (2 were like $9.50 and 2 were like $4.50) and I bought a bunch of 2 pack of the scents. I used them the first time and they smelled AWESOME so I bought a bunch more (spent about $40). When the first fill ran out, I put in the refill and NOTHING. No smell at all. My plugs are working and even the plugs in lights are working so I know that isnt the problem. Then one has a mirror above it and the mirror always has some sort of liquid or oil on it. I always have to wipe it off. I do not have a receipt because I figured they would smell so why would I keep the receipt? I emailed them and have gotten no answer. But now with all the reviews I am reading about these wallflowers, I am better off just throwing them all away (before they ruin my walls, paint or furniture or possibly catch my house on fire) and going back to glade plug ins, which Always work.

For the first time in years of being a Bath & Body Works customer, today was the first time I felt insulted and ignored. Not ignored in the fact no one came to help me, but in the fact that no matter how many times I said I was just looking, the sales rep Rachel kept pressing and asking me questions. I've shopped at that particular store in the Woodbridge Center Mall, Woodbridge, NJ for years and never have I felt so harassed! I just wanted to see the new fragrances that are out and pick up something for a trip I have this weekend. I had a gift card. I had money. I had my credit card on me, but the way my every move was watched was an insult as if I was going to steal. More than once Rachel would tell me about the sales they were having which is fine, but I was already standing in front of the sign, I can read. I felt highly insulted and my patience was tried.

After a hectic morning at work, I just wanted a nice quiet lunch hour and I felt ignored as if Rachel was saying well I'm going to continue to ask you questions anyway. I know all about sales. I've worked in retail banking for over 22 years and as an assistant manager for 6 years, so I know all about sales goals, secret shoppers, etc... but what I've learned and teach my staff is the law of common courtesy and respect for client space. When you make your customer feel welcomed in your environment and they're not just another sale, they're more likely to ask you questions, maybe even purchase more products than they were going to. It's called courtesy and that's what was lacking in the Woodbridge Center Mall store on today. I just wish my hour of casual shopping during my lunch could be restored back to me because I returned to work more annoyed than when I left.

I purchased and used this wall flower scented oil per the instructions. It did not leak, but the oil fumes caused bm cabinet paint to bubble significantly. I can't imagine what is in this product that would do this much damage. Imagine what we are breathing in? If you have one, please stop using it immediately.

I have used Bath and Body Works products for many years but recently purchased a new body cream. As a result of using this product I have developed a severe case of contact dermatitis on my neck and face. The rash is a deep red color, is very itchy, and has not improved after 7 days. I am very concerned that the rash will cause scarring.

For some reason Bath & Body Works' site won't let me write a review on the Scentportables. I do NOT recommend Scentportables if you live in a hot area. I live in Southern California and it isn't always hot here BUT when it is hot my Scentportable will melt through and stain my seats. I bought multiple stain removers but the stain from the Scentportable would not come off. My friend's Scentportable melted and burned her dashboard. IS THIS EVEN SAFE?

Not pleased at all with their online ordering process. They only give you 15 minutes to cancel an order. So any changes or errors, you're screwed and have to run into the store. Called into customer service and even though you get a live person, they could care less... very robotic and they give you the same scripted answers.

I'm very upset that the oil leaked down my wall and removed the paint as well as the finish on my wood floors. Forget customers service. That was a waste of time. So for this disaster I had to sand and repaint the wall as well as sand and refinish my floor.

After shopping at Bath & Body Works located at Mariner's Point 6586 Hwy 40 E Space #A3 St Marys,GA 31558, this complaint was needed. I went shopping today at this location and was treated unfairly and witness other customers receiving special treatment. There were other customers being treated like dirt. If she knew them, she would treat them like gold. If their coupons were out of date or to earlier to use, she took them anyway. There was a lady buying soap and hurry with her purchase after hearing one of the girls talking ill about another customer. That customer was going to buy more goods but left after purchasing what she had already picked out. I give them one star only because it was needed for this complaint. They would have received no stars otherwise.

I have been purchasing wallflowers for years. I have noticed in the last few orders that they do not smell the same and have no life. I went to the store and they told me you have to replace them when they are 1/4 full. What a rip-off. Can't even get the full use out of something I buy!!

I have been a customer of Bath and Body works for several years. I've used body wash, and body cream, and body mist Spray, all Japanese Cherry Blossom. I have developed a severe rash and burns on both legs and have been suffering for months. I've also had welts on my stomach as well as other symptoms. The burning is so intense and the itching unbearable that I want to cry. I don't know what is in this product but it hurts when my clothes touch the rash, and burns so badly I put ice on it. I wonder what chemicals are in their lotions? My life has been affected by these awful products.

Bought my first Wallflower yesterday. Got it home and plugged into our bathroom. Within about 30 minutes I noticed the scent was EXTREMELY strong. It's a good thing I checked it because it had leaked all over our brand new bathroom counter. The liquid got into the cap that's attached to our toothpaste and is embedded in the base of our toothbrush holder, those and the towel I used for clean up will have to be thrown away. I scrubbed my hands numerous times but it still took hours to finally get the smell off. I'm still trying to get the smell out of our bathroom and will do another thorough cleaning of the area today. My plan is to place all of our ruined items in a bag and take them back to the store to show the damage their crappy item caused. I stopped going to Bath & Body Works years ago due to their overpricing but thought I'd give them another shot with this item. Well, that's it for me. No more shopping with them again.

Removed plug-in from wall and sat it upright on a magazine. It leaked out of the wallflower onto my Havertys brand new desk. The oil left a large stain and ruined the wood finish. I tried to wipe the oil up but it was too late. It did this in a matter of seconds. What is in that oil that can destroy wood like that? I am so upset and hope that the furniture can be fixed. This is a $1600 desk.

I had my BBW candle in a leafy candle holder from BBW and it had been lit for a while in my bathroom due to a party at my home. My smoke detector sounded in front of my bedroom door. My bedroom had smoke in it and the candle was on fire with the blaze at least 12 inches tall and coming out of every hole in the holder. It was extremely scary. It caught the hand towel on fire. I was able to extinguish the fire with a huge mess involved. How could a candle and candle holder catch on fire? Alarming.

I called customer service on January 26th at around 3:00 pm pacific time. I did not write down the female's name, but she did mention that she was from Ohio. The phone call wasted close to 20 min of my time with no resolution. I was put on hold several times for minutes at a time. I was calling to exchange a candle that I had purchased online that was of poor quality. I had never burned it. It came with wax all over the inside of the glass and a wick dented into the wax. When turned upside-down, the wax completely falls out of the glass container.

When the phone call began, the lady said I did not need to mail the candle back and she would send me a new one. If I was able to, she said to return the faulty candle to a BBW store (I do not live near one which is why I called in and offered to send in the faulty candle in exchange for a new one). As the phone call went on, and I was continually put on hold, she became unfriendly and had an accusatory tone as to why I was unhappy with the candle. I explained that I would have never picked out a candle that looked like this one if I had seen it in the store. I also told her that I doubted that it would even be a candle that they would put out on the shelves.

After the final time that she put me on hold for several minutes, she came back and said that she spoke with quality control and that they said the candle will be fine once I burn it. I told her that the appearance of the candle was my concern, as it would be an embarrassment to even try and gift it in that condition. So, after 20 min of unfriendly customer service, I am still stuck with a faulty looking candle. That is not my definition of their 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back motto.

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