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Last updated: Nov. 18, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 18, 2017

I was misled about this insurance involving the copay and how the annual $250 deductible works. I got whole pet with wellness insurance for my two dogs. I explained to the agent I needed dental cleaning for Max and it was recommended by my veterinarian. My 5 year old male dog got dental cleaning and needed three extractions. When I submitted my claim, it was denied. When I called to ask why, I was told the claim was too expensive. I had to submit medical records for the last year to prove I didn't know he needed extractions. I felt like I was lied to about the deductible because I was told a percentage goes to the deductible over the year, not the annual $250 deductible gets paid first and then you get 90% of whatever that is back.

I submitted the medical records and had to wait 30 days for it to be denied. Now there's a ton of things added to the list of permanent exclusions for my dog. I made it clear I needed this done for good preventative care, and that it was recommended I get it for my dog. By saying that, I should've been told upfront it would be considered an exclusion, as that would count as a pre-existing condition. By telling the agent I needed this done, he should've informed me I wouldn't be covered for dental cleaning. When I asked why should I pay for the whole pet with wellness plan, which includes dental cleaning, when it will no longer be covered?

I was told it was a great deal by the phone rep. Dental cleaning is expensive. There's blood work, labs, anesthesia, and it can start costing $500+ for basic dental cleaning. I know these people get commission off the wellness pet plans they sell, and the credit cards they sell. I was honest about all history and medications, the tartar, and I wish Nationwide was more honest about what they'll actually cover. My claim was outright denied because the claim was too expensive, and I felt like they were just looking for a reason to deny my claim.

I will not continue to pay for the most expensive package if they won't cover dental cleaning. If your pet has tartar, don't get this insurance. It will be considered a pre-existing condition and you'll get denied. As a matter of fact, if there's anything that can be possibly related to other health issues, Nationwide might just call it a pre-existing condition. For example, tartar that incurred up to twelve months before my effective date of my policy whether or not it was discovered, diagnosed, or treated will be pre-existing, therefore not covered.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

Nationwide bought VPI. It got even worse! In fact they probably have got worse. I have been a customer for over 20 years and swore when I needed new insurance for other pets I would never go back to VPI. I was talked into returning by a sales pitch by a Nationwide representative who promised me that things were going to change under their tutelage. So far that remains to be seen. After submitting 2 claims for my 4 month old golden retriever puppy who developed a urinary tract infection in early September I have yet to receive any reimbursement whatsoever. What I have received is letter requesting medical records, and for a 4 month old puppy that consisted of one other record that stated she was in excellent health. Then I receive another letter stating they needed another 30 days to review that one-page document! Are you kidding me? 60 days to receive even an acknowledgement or reimbursement, outrageous.

I have spent thousands of dollars over the course of the last 20 years and after speaking to 2 supervisors, you know what they had the audacity to tell me? That there is no system what so ever to distinguish or acknowledge loyal customers who are having problems, no preference at all given to those with years of loyalty as opposed to those who signed up yesterday. That is no way to run a business and why VPI and now Nationwide will continue to garnish terrible reviews. I will be shopping for another policy as I made a huge mistake believing the fast-talking sales rep who probably was only concerned in making a commission. Stay away from Nationwide. You want to protect your sanity and your pocketbook!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

Wrongful denial of the claims for payment of life saving medical services performed for our dog, Max. Your denial was not only wrongful, but also in bad faith as it has absolutely no basis in fact. Therefore, we ask that you re-consider your denial and reimburse us for all claims submitted for payment. Below is the timeline of pertinent facts that will assist you in your investigation:

1. We adopted Max, a 1.5 month old GHD dog on July 4th 2017. Prior to the adoption, we purchased medical coverage through VPI Nationwide Pet Insurance Company on June 27, 2017. Contrary to your company’s unwarranted assumptions, we had no idea whether or not the dog had any medical problems. Both of my other dogs (GHD and yellow Lab) have been insured with VPI since 2007. We were advised that company requires 14 days waiting/verification period before policy takes effect. Policy effective date was July 12 2017. There was absolutely no indication of any medical problems or pre-existing conditions. Therefore, the denial on that basis was improper.

2. Max was doing fine for the first couple of days, but I changed his food to the one which my other dogs eat, so all of my 3 dogs would eat the same type of food. Switching food and/or resulting stress triggered diarrhea. We took Max to Evesham Vet clinic on July 7th to treat his diarrhea. 3. Dr. Bell of Evesham Vet advised us to have a consult with internal medicine doctor if the condition persisted. Since we did not know his medical condition/history, we decided to take him to CAREs for a consultation with internal medical doctor. The first available appointment we could find with internal medicine doctor was on July 12th. The ultrasound showed no signs of chronic GI system disorder. Dr. ** advised us to show Max to a Neurology doctor because Max was limping on his right leg. Neurology doctor advised us that, if symptoms worsen, Max would need to have MRI or/and X-ray done to identify the root cause.

4. Max’s overall health including walking condition had improved over the next week. But to be 100% sure that Max had no neurological issues, we decided to consult with Neurology doctor from Red Bank. We took Max to see a Neurology doctor on 8/27/2017. Dr. ** advised us that without MRI is performed, she wouldn’t be able to diagnose Max.

5. Max suddenly lost his coordination, became very weak, disoriented the night of August 31st. We rushed him to emergency Red Bank Vet Hospital. He has MRI and number of other tests done that night. After all the tests’ result came back, MAX was diagnosed with Diagnosing Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis (GME). This is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system (CNS) of dogs. This was the first time the diagnosis was made and there was no indication of this condition prior to the policy inception date. 6. Below all the claims I have been submitted:

7/12/2017 claim for $ $1,752.00 was submitted to VPI, claim was processed and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS. 07/14/2017 claim for $48.48 was submitted to VPI, claim was process and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS. 07/31/2017 claim for $38.99 was submitted to VPI, claim was process and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS. 08/03/2017 claim for $185.92 was submitted to VPI, claim was process and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS. 08/07/2017 claim for $48.48 was submitted to VPI, status: in Process. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS. 08/16/2017 claim for $72.49 was submitted to VPI, claim was process and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS.

08/27/2017 claim for 185.00 was submitted to VPI, claim was process and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: Walking. 08/28/2017 claim for $72.49 was submitted to VPI, claim was process and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS. 8/31/2017 claim for $6,023.40 was submitted to VPI, status: in Process. Problem: GME. 9/04/2017 claim for $368.68 was submitted to VPI, status: in Process. Problem: GME. 9/04/2017 claim for $273.71 was submitted to VPI, status: in Process. Problem: GME. 9/17/2017 claim for $95.00 was submitted to VPI, status: in Process. Problem: GME.

I had to make numerous phone calls to VPI Insurance asking for the status of the submitted claims. Per VPI Company policy, the turnover time is 30 days to process a claim. It took VPI more than 2 months to decline all of them. I believe VPI purposely and in bad faith denied the July and August claims in order to subsequently assert that the basis for denial was the pre-existing condition. As you can see, there is no evidence of the pre-existing condition and we certainly had no knowledge that this dog had any medical problems prior to procuring the policy with VPI.

We request that the denial of the above claims be immediately reversed and that we be reimbursed in accordance with the provisions of the policy, for which we are paying timely premiums. Anything less would be tantamount to bad faith in claims handling and we reserve all rights to seek any and all remedies for VPI’s wrongful conduct.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 22, 2017

In hindsight, I wish I had paid myself $30/month during the life of my dog and used that money to pay the recent higher vet bills than to have paid for this pet insurance for my dog. For most of my dog's life, the insurance was under VPI. Also, for most of his life, I paid for the insurance and he did not have any issues, but now that he is older, he has had some problems. One thing to note -- they exclude anything to do with a dog having worms, under the major medical plan. Also, after paying into this for so long, I would have expected the policy to cover more than just a fraction of the vet costs. Instead, there is the deductible, and then there are some type of limits on what they will actually pay for different conditions or treatments. Overall, if I had to do this again, I would NOT pick this pet insurance. I never had to make a claim when it was under VPI so I can't speak to that. I insured my cat under Trupanion instead.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

I'll start by saying the 1 star is solely because it won't let me give 0. We've only had Nationwide for 2 months for our cat, and it seemed like we were getting the most bang for our buck. Buzzz. Wrong. While it seemed like they cover pretty much everything that can go wrong, they actually cover literally nothing, or rather, they'll choose how they classify customer's claims so that they don't have to cover anything. We submitted 2 claims thus far since signing up with Nationwide, and they were both denied.

Nationwide decided that they'd classify the first time checkup, first time fecal sample, and first time frontline under the category of "pre-existing condition." I shouldn't have to point out that ALL of those things are preventative and precautionary measures to ensure that our cat is healthy and doesn't get sick, all things which are covered by their policy. However, because Nationwide just wants to collect the insurance money and not pay out reimbursements for things that are most definitely covered in their terms and conditions, they decided to label of the preventative care as checking up on a pre-existing condition, which couldn't be further from the truth. Luckily, at the end of the day, only 2 claims were denied, and we quickly realized that Nationwide is run by con artists so we cancelled. Whatever you do, stay far far away from Nationwide when choosing pet insurance.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

We have been paying to insure 2 cats for over 5 years now and have never been late for a single payment. Thankfully we didn't have any issues with our cats the first 4 1/2 years we had insurance, but our luck ran out. One of our cats broke her right paw and our other cat got really sick. All in all, we spent over $1200 in vet bills with both cases and what did we get back from Nationwide? 2 letters that said we were getting $0.00 back. That’s right, not a single penny was covered. We contacted our vet to make sure the proper codes were used and that the forms were sent out properly and they were. I got in contact with Nationwide's CS dept and it was without question one of the worst CS experiences I have ever had. The CS rep was rude, dismissive, and completely unhelpful. After calming down from the CS phone call, I called back and immediately cancelled both policies. This company is an absolute fraud.

This whole thing reminds me of that movie Matt Damon was in where the insurance companies’ policy was to deny every claim, even if it was legitimate as a certain percentage of people just give up due to the frustration of dealing with denied claims time and time again and the insurance company ultimately saves millions as a result. I have no doubt based on my experience and the experience I have since read from others that Nationwide has some sort of policy that is similar to what we saw in that movie.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and DO NOT go with Nationwide. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with any of the other pet insurance companies out there so I can't refer people to a good one. All I can do is warn people about a REALLY BAD one. Honestly, if this website had an option for zero stars, I would have rated Nationwide a big fat zero. Just another greedy corporation that doesn’t care about anything but its bottom line money wise.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

I pay $834.13 annually for each of my two dogs and have had Nationwide (VPI) since 06/2015. (I wouldn't pay this much for my own insurance). When the topic comes up, people often tell me, "Why don't you just put that money into savings, don't spend it and if something happened you could just pay for it". $1700 over 10 years, with interest would be about $18,000. I liked the sense of security that came with pet insurance, but with each claim I've submitted that sense of security has diminished. I enrolled because Nationwide's wellness benefits page seemed reasonable, but there is a lot of invisible print. In the past 13 months, I submitted a grand total of one $15 claim on each dog for a nail trim. According to their benefits page is covered up to $20. I've had no other claims since 08/2016 (which was for regular checkups-which they've covered 50% to 75% of the cost of).

My 2017, $15 claim was denied because the trim was done by a professional groomer in a shop; it wasn't performed by a veterinarian. Nowhere on the benefits page does it indicate, the trim has to be done by a veterinarian. Not even one of those asterisks (*) that have you go to another section to get the details. This is akin to "bait and switch".

Furthermore, the denial letter: "Z171 - The "Insuring Agreement" section of your policy states that we will only pay for covered veterinary services. Veterinary services are medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment provided by a veterinarian who has physically examined your pet." There is no "Insuring Agreement" online. (Perhaps there was a paper one back when I enrolled). Z171? That implies that there are sections A through Z. Wow. Important disclaimers which contradict the BENEFITS page is hidden in the last letter of the alphabet? Having the trim done by a wonderful grooming facility where the dogs were in and out in 5 minutes costs less than having it done at the Vets office (by about $5 or $10 each) AND very important to me, my guys don't have to be caged waiting for their turn. Hey Nationwide, Veterinarians do NOT TRIM NAILS. The techs/groomers in the back do that. DUH.

I really want to cancel the coverage, but now that they are getting older... I'm afraid to. I am very unhappy and I certainly won't get coverage for our new pup. I want to make other folks aware that Nationwide is NOT on your side. The rep and her supervisor, though not very rude, were not even remotely pleasant. Didn't even get a fake "I'm sorry" whereas most companies would have concluded with, "OK, we will pay the $15 this time, but you must understand in the future nail trims have to be done by the Vet." I am debating cancelling my policy, and perhaps now that the dogs are older (9 each) that is what they want.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

I purchased The Wellness Pet Insurance for my two cats aged 11 and 6. I was told I pay monthly for the plan and as soon as I take my pets I can start getting reimbursed. That was not true, I called to ask about my claim I submitted and then I'm told I have a $250 deductible for each cat. In total their plan together was $950 for the year plus $250 for each cat and then the plan would cost $1450 for the year. Only after you spend $250 on each cat then you get 90% back of what you spent on vet bills. Both my cats are healthy so it's useless to have it when shots for both only cost $350 out of pocket. I faxed both cats' vet documents to underwriting but yet they are too ** lazy to review the documents.

I had my older cat show positive on Feline Leukemia Virus for a cheap test. I paid for a more expensive test which is over $100 on its own and my cat was negative. So instead of them as an insurance company knowing the more expensive test showed my cat did not get have Feline Leukemia Virus. I had to spend again over $100 out of pocket, just to prove she was negative. Which the more expensive test showed negative once again. Then I filed a claim to have it removed from my cat's file which takes a month. Then my plan decreased in cost. This insurance is a scam for younger pets. Only when they are old it is worth it. When you setup up your claim there is no point to say anything about your pet because their lazy underwriting department doesn't read your pet's file once it's received. Just filed in a cabinet and put away.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

Many of you are pet lovers and debating which insurance company to cover your pets. We have been paying monthly premiums for the last 12 years for the best policy Nationwide Pet Insurance (800-540-2016) had to offer just to cover our two cats. Recently one of our cats was diagnosed with kidney disease. One of the vet bills was for $175 with a reimbursement check for only 18 cents!

Nationwide is now saying the policy was changed over the years, although we weren't informed of any changes or we would have canceled our policy and looked for a better pet insurance company. Nationwide is also now saying their cap for kidney disease is only $178 per year. If you've got a pet you know that doesn't cover anything! We were never told this while paying our monthly premium of $65 per month for over twelve years.

I know all of you love your pets very much and this information will help you avoid a total scam! My wife and I are both 68 years old who feel betrayed and ripped off. We both counted on Nationwide to be responsible and now that we're both retired senior citizens who have paid into an insurance policy for more than 12 years, relying on Nationwide to be there when our pets aged but instead they come up with excuses not to pay the vet bills. There are plenty of pet insurance companies out there and if we knew about Nationwide caps we would have gone with a far better company and it’s too late to change companies now because our cats are 12 years old. No pet insurance company is going to accept a 12 year old cat with kidney disease.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 8, 2017

I choose Nationwide due to my employer providing and also speaking to representatives of Nationwide beforehand which basically told us submitting a claim was easy and simple generally paid within 2 weeks time. We had the full coverage and wellness for the dogs. I had three dogs on the policy that are well taken care of. When we placed a claim for one of our Pomeranians to have her teeth cleaned through the vet (as recommended) for the first time (as she generally had her teeth cleaned at the dog spa with her grooming). She had no extractions and was in very good health. After submitting the claim and following up with Nationwide they finally sent a request two weeks later requesting her medical record. The record was sent three times and in the system that takes 48 hours to update. Extremely old and outdated system.

I then spoke to a Manager and stated this was a simple procedure and her first time she has no pre-existing conditions and that it had been over two weeks since the claim was submitted. The manager, "Marsha" said she would place a rush on reviewing the record and get back to me. Two weeks later after I had followed-up up several times and was told two different responses from customer service I then asked to speak to the manager again she left a voicemail two and a half weeks later that Nationwide denied the claim (saying a preexisting condition) (my Pomeranian had no pre-existing conditions) and it was her first time to be put under anesthesia and have her teeth cleaned.

She had no extractions and was basically given an antibiotic due to a small fracture seen in one of her teeth for precaution. Needless to say after spending a months worth of pet insurance for three dogs, receiving lousy customer service with Nationwide and after spending close to a $1K that month we received $50 towards our deductible and basically told them to cancel the insurance policy. If I could rate a 0 flat out I would have. Not worth it after reading all these reviews and wish I read beforehand. Moving on to a better company. Bye Nationwide.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

DO not sign up for pet insurance through Nationwide Pet Insurance. They charge an arm and a leg and tell you they will cover you and your pet and then they dont after the procedure is over. They are rude over the phone and are thieves. Save your money and your heartache.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

The only reason I gave it a 1 is because they were previously VPI insurance and I had no complaints. Do not use Nationwide. I wish I had done the research and read these reviews prior. I have had them for 10 years. The premiums have gone up tremendously and not only do they reject 98% of my claims, they have paid almost close to nothing when a claim is approved. For example, on a $100 claim, if they accept it, they send you a check for $5.00. They make up exclusions that are conveniently not on the policy packet you receive when signing up. Please save your money and take it to a better business. I have a small claims pending! They shouldn't be allowed to do this!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2017

We have two dogs insured with Nationwide. Lona is 10 years old and Mattie is 9 years old. We have had Lona since she was a puppy and the insurance coverage for her is solid. Absolutely no complaints. Mattie is another story. We rescued her when she was 7 years old in July 2105. Initially there were multiple issues. Understandably, there were startup issues: vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Mattie was really stressed after being uprooted from her home of 7 years where she was well cared for.

She was dropped off at a rescue site. Due to the large number of dogs, the rescue staff does mass feeding. Her weight dropped from 48 lbs to 34 lbs. She was not mistreated in any way - she is a very slow eater and as we discovered later, does not tolerate a chicken-based diet and needs small kibble food. Since we had a positive experience with Lona at VPI [now Nationwide], we signed up Mattie for insurance there, too. Due to the myriad of start up issues introducing Mattie to a new household, there were a lot of exclusions on the policy the first year. That actually made sense to us. However, we did not expect that these exclusions would continue into the 2nd and 3rd year.

Mattie has not thrown up or had diarrhea in over 18 months; yet, the company will not remove the exclusion for Gastroenterology even though the policy states if the condition is treatment free after six months, it will do that. When I asked the rationale, underwriting responding that since we give her a grain-free diet, they are justified in continuing the exclusion. Was told their records show our Vet recommended the food which is not true. I researched several different brands and chose this commercially available food. It is not a prescription food and one that I, not the Vet, chose. He did confirm this with the company. By the way, it is the same food that we feed our other dog who does not have this exclusion on her policy. I even challenged Nationwide that their actions really go against people getting rescue animals. Something I think a pet-oriented company would support. In summary, I cannot recommend the company for anyone who has a rescue animal.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

I purchased my plan through my work as a benefit. I purchased the pet insurance through VPI for my 2 beagles. We were happy with the service and coverage, as well as the cost for the 2 dogs. Unknown to us VPI changed to Nationwide. We found this out after submitting a claim and it was not covered, when it was covered in the past. And our cost went way up. Now, every time we submit a claim there are always some type of explanation why things were not covered. They usually blame it on the deductible not being met. When we looked through all our past claims they only applied $24.00 toward the deductible for the first 6 months of the year. We submitted several hundred dollars in claims during that time and only $24 was applied. Looks to me that they intentionally do not apply anything to the deductible throughout the year so the deductible is never met and claims do not have to be paid.

I am paying $73 each month for each dog. I have the medium coverage with a rider and can barely get reimbursement. Seems a bit like fraud to me. Now we are stuck with it and can't change to another pet insurance company due to pre-existing conditions and age (7 and 9). If someone is considering purchasing Nationwide Pet Insurance I strongly urge you to explore other companies. STAY AWAY FROM NATIONWIDE PET INSURANCE.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 19, 2017

I signed my Labrador up for insurance when I first got her. I did my research and went with VPI. They were great and I was very happy with them. The plan was good and payments made sense. Since Nationwide Pet Insurance has taken over, the percentage of a bill that they are willing to cover has gone way down. It's a fight to get anything paid and when you call for explanations they hide behind several pages of rate explanations. Unfortunate for many pet owners you are trapped and cannot change policies due to preexisting conditions. So your only two choices are to except the fact that you are paying for a bad policy or to go without insurance for your pet. So please do your research and not rely on the good reputation that VPI had. Be sure to look at this company from the point Nationwide took over.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 19, 2017

When we adopted our dog, we thought that we would invest in pet insurance for those big ticket items that could set us back. Long story short, Nationwide decided that our dog had an allergy condition and this was a pre-existing condition and not covered. They manage to link every vet visit to the pre existing condition and deny the claim. I would have been better off saving my $42 a month premium and paying it out of there. This company is such a scam.

Their CSR's and supervisors are so well trained too. No emotion, no feeling, just scripted answers. I told the supervisor that I was tired of sending my premiums to them and Peyton Manning. This gal said nothing. Like a zombie. Anyway, I'm thinking about switching. Do not buy this insurance. They are allowed to deny claims based on pre-existing conditions. Our pre-existing is allergies. What happens if he develops cancer? All they have to do is link it to allergies and, BAM! DENIED! Broken Leg (from scratching) BAM! Allergies... DENIED.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 19, 2017

Do not buy, they advertise covering 90%, but they don't tell you the allocated amount is super low. Figure if lucky to get back 50%. Recently had to put my dog to rest, $595 bill got reimbursed $64. Much better choices the VPI – Nationwide.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 4, 2017

We used VPI for our last dog and had great service so when we got a new dog we used them again. Then they became Nationwide. The plan costs the same but you get way less. Our Dalmatian just had to have $3500 surgery for urate stones. We got $825!! What the heck? I called them and they said that urate stones are not covered. Why not? I would switch to PetPlan, which covers everything, but now he has a "pre-existing condition". So we're stuck with this plan. Or we could switch to something else and hope his prescription food keeps him from getting stones again. I thought "major medical" was just that. I wonder how many other things just suddenly aren't covered. Someone mentioned class action suit.

Original review: June 30, 2017

Do not use Nationwide. I wish I had done the research and read these reviews prior. I have had them for 2 years and after incurring several large vet bills, they spent a month and a half processing my claims. After that period, they rejected all and paid nothing. They make up exclusions that are conveniently not on the policy packet you receive when signing up. Please save your money and take it elsewhere. I have cancelled all of my policies.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2017

Nationwide was very disingenuous, deliberating giving us the runaround to refuse coverage, which we think was age related. In late May 2017, we tried to apply to Nationwide's new Wellness Plan for our 9-year-old West Highland Terrier (Edgar). Though healthy dog with no pre-existing conditions, they spotted an prior incident in his records of vomiting. At the time, our vet considered it as a minor stomach problem and recommended treatment with an OTC Pepsin. Edgar never experienced the vomiting again. However, Nationwide labeled the condition as a serious "bilious vomiting disorder".

After our vet wrote and confirmed that this was not serious, only a single occurrence, Nationwide continued to decline his eligibility due to having an Over-the-Counter Pepsin on his records.They wasted so much of our and our vet's time by constantly requesting more information without any intention of allowing insurance eligibility. Review about: Nationwide Wellness Insurance.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2017

My puppy got pneumonia in March. After $10K in treatments, it took Nationwide Pet Insurance until the end of June to deny the claims. They said since she had a stuffy nose prior, the pneumonia was a pre-existing condition and will not cover ANY of the treatment. From what I have read, many people have been scammed the same way and denied the coverage they paid for. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND Nationwide Pet Insurance!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 20, 2017

I purchased Pet insurance for my dog. It took almost 2 months for Nationwide to approve my application. Then about 2 months after I had the policy, I put new flooring in my home and my dog injured herself when she jumped off the bed. She had to have surgery on her elbow. The insurance claimed it to be a preexisting condition. So nothing was covered. Not the original vet visit or the x-ray. Not the surgery or the follow up or any of the Meds. And the worst part is they would not even apply the $4000 I paid out toward my $250 deductible. Save your money and don't waste your time. It took them over a month to process the claim. I cancelled the insurance immediately.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 20, 2017

I purchased pet insurance on my first dog about 4 years ago. I recently adopted/rescued my second dog. Nationwide has NEVER covered any claim on my first pet. My second dog was seen by the vet and deemed healthy. About a month later I took him in and he needed 2 antibiotics, steroid shot and medications. I submitted the claim for over $500.00. They have continued to contact me for additional vet records for the past year. I don't have any. They required a letter from me showing I just adopted him and they are now taking 30 days to review. They always want to quote you the policy when you call before they will answer any questions. I feel they look for any reason to delay or deny claims. I am paying over $70.00 a month for both dogs in good health. There is also a deductible of $250.00... wondering which is cheaper... just roll the dice that they do not get a terminal disease... Very frustrating.

Original review: June 16, 2017

If I could give 0 stars I would. In March 2017, I decided to enroll in pet insurance through my job. My policy took effect May 1, 2017. Unfortunately, my dog had to have her right ACL surgery in April (so I knew that the pet insurance would do no good for this). While rehabbing her right leg, she tore her left ACL. Because this is such a big problem with dogs of all sizes, I figured, okay my insurance will cover her the 2nd time around. I went to the vet yesterday (June 15) and we scheduled to do her left ACL surgery on June 27th. This is after they took a X-ray of her right leg and decided it was good to go.

I called Nationwide to discuss how I file a claim for the X-ray. I was explaining to the representative what had happened, and what was going to happen with the upcoming surgery. She informed me that you have to have pet insurance for one year before you can file for any surgeries. That's a whole load of crap. So I was paying for insurance that I won't need in a couple years. That's like me enrolling for healthcare with my children and being told, "Sorry you can't use your kids healthcare for a year..." Needless to say, I do not recommend or prefer to use Nationwide for anything else.

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Original review: June 13, 2017

Since Nationwide took over from VPI they have consistently increased reduced coverage and increased premiums. But the worst is that they deny nearly every claim with some spurious "reason". I have complained, I have threatened them with the California Attorney's General to little avail. Our cat is 17 years old and we have been paying her insurance since she was five, for just such an instance when she would need care towards the end of her life. That is the contract we make with the insurance companies and that is the contract they have broken. I hope that someone can bring them to justice. Class action lawsuit anyone?

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Original review: June 5, 2017

I have had 2 policies for my pets for nearly 13 yrs. with VPI (now Nationwide). I've never complained about pricing or anything for that fact, but recently my payments went up almost $20.00 per policy a month. This may not seem like a lot but for a payment to jump that much I figured there would be a valid reason why. So, I called Nationwide to find out and the only reason I was given is "your dogs are older". OK, well they have been older for a while now. I can see maybe a couple dollars in increase but almost $20, is what I asked and the responses I was given are "you can downgrade", "you can cancel", "you can pay higher deductibles"...

None of which benefit me in any way or give me a better explanation or dollar breakdown of why the increase is almost $20.00. I was offered a 5% discount, not because the increase isn't fair or that there is no good explanation for it, but because I work for a "big company". This is not fair to me or the current policyholders with Nationwide.

I now see the reality of insurance companies taking advantage of their policyholders. I was basically told "pay or cancel when you break it all down." My dogs are both 13 years old, I don't have many options here. No other insurance company will insure them at this age. I was also told that "it's not just your policy, it's everyone's" as if the fact that all of Nationwide's policy holders are being taken advantage of is supposed to make me feel better or make it okay.

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Original review: June 3, 2017

When I engaged Nationwide for my 5 year old akita in February 2017, I was informed that routine dental cleaning was included in the wellness plan. I ended up enrolling in two programs to ensure both she and I would be covered. WRONG! I had her teeth cleaned and Nationwide has denied paying for it because she had tartar and they are stating it’s a pre-existing condition. They are also refusing to cover the tooth extractions and the medication which they all stated initially was covered.

I've paid an annual premium of $1,070.00 for absolutely nothing, but to pad the pockets of an unethical company. Let me ask anyone - why would you go to a dentist unless you required a cleaning? When I enrolled and spent 45 minutes on the phone with their customer service - the agent told me several times that dental cleaning was covered. Their website boasts how they cover these procedures, and compare themselves to other companies and why they are so much better.

It's all a lie - they take advantage of people and enroll you under false pretenses. In attempt to speak with supervisors, they keep you on hold for 1/2 hour and then when someone finally responds they make it obvious that they have no intention of serving the client and/or finding a way to offer a solution. I'm planning on filing a complaint with the Calif. Dept. of Insurance and cancelling this policy - the lack of integrity and accountability by this company is staggering. Nationwide has misrepresented its coverage, is not an honorable company and should not be in business.

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Original review: May 30, 2017

I got this insurance for my new puppy when he was three months old. It went fine until he had to actually use it for something big. He fell off of our bed and broke his growth plate. He had to have extreme orthopedic surgery and plates put his leg because unfortunately it developed into a worse situation of elbow dysplasia. Note here; Primary diagnosis: break to growth plate from fall. Secondary diagnosis: elbow dysplasia from fall and break to growth plate. Elbow dysplasia is often a hereditary condition and especially in English Bulldogs and unfortunately for the situation, that is the breed he is. However, this is not due to hereditary conditions, this is due to trauma from the fall.

Nationwide put: Primary diagnosis: Elbow dysplasia. Secondary diagnosis; Surgery for elbow dysplasia, angular limb deformity. This mentions absolutely nothing about trauma from the fall to a broken growth plate. They go straight in to what happened after that which is all secondary and could also be misconstrued as hereditary. When I first called Nationwide, the nice gentleman on the phone assured me it would not be a problem and I should even send the claim for plates for $2800 right off the bat so it wouldn't take as long to get some money back upfront. That was the end of niceness. They held onto that claim along with every other piece of paperwork. Both vet, vet surgeon, as well as myself, sent them from the time he was born until now. Basically, every time anybody has ever seen him for anything.

After holding onto all of this for 45 days and asking for more of the same stuff in between, they sent me the notice that they will be paying zero. They discriminate against certain breeds and I told the Nationwide lady this on the phone. I even saw in another review that the lady with the cavalier had the same type of issues with discrimination of breed. At first it was all due to this being a hereditary condition, but then when I argued that, they moved onto the 12 month period of certain situations not being covered. NOW they say it had nothing to do with it being hereditary. Yet, that 12 month rule definitely covers an acute broken growth plate. It does not cover a hereditary condition, so once again, we are in the hereditary area, just re-worded.

I called several times and asked to speak to the manager, whom they would never put me on the phone with. She did send a message thru her representative to have my vet call their vet services department. My vet did this, more than happy to do so feeling they were treating both me and my dog poorly, and that hopefully they misunderstood the situation. He called me back after the conversation very discouraged and told me they wouldn't listen to anything he said and all they would say is "it's not covered." These are their veterinary professionals. LOL. He told me I should contact an attorney.

Both Vet and Vet surgeon felt this is an acute condition that should have been covered. They are so gross. I'm in the process of taking legal action against them now. Find a better pet insurance company. The vet surgeon told me I would have had no trouble at all if I would have used the company he has for his pets. We agreed Nationwide has knowledge in home and cars, not animals.

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Original review: May 24, 2017

I have had VPI pet insurance on my dog since 2005. I had no problems until Nationwide took over VPI. My rates always increased each year with VPI but I expected it as my dog aged and it wasn't a significant amount. VPI paid claims as I generally expected and I felt safe knowing I had the insurance so that I could provide care for my dog if or when something major happened.

However, this year under Nationwide, my premium has gone up $15 bucks per month which is the highest increase for a renewal I have had to my recollection. I called and the rep told me because my dog was 14 it would start costing much more because the insurance company was assuming more risk. Well, in my career I have dealt with insurance quite a bit so I understand that aspect, however now I'm faced with having to drop the policy altogether after having this coverage for over a decade. Nationwide has proven they do not care about your pet's health, but their profit. I am spending $80 per month for coverage and also noticed when I filed my last claim that it did not cover as much as what I expected based on past claims of a similar nature.

I will look into other pet insurance companies but I feel like I will not be able to get coverage under a new company with the age of my dog. It's ridiculous that I've been so loyal to VPI all these years and in one fell swoop Nationwide has destroyed that loyalty. It seems like their strategy is to jack up costs so high for older dogs to force owners to drop the coverage, thereby making their assumed risk lower. I will never use Nationwide for anything, including car or home insurance and that is based off family and friends' bad experiences with Nationwide in general not based solely off of this situation. Nationwide is definitely not on my side.

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Original review: May 15, 2017

We got our lovely dog Henry, a beautiful toy Australian shepherd last year so I decided to choose the highest possible plan listed (Major Medical Plan). There were NO other plans listed higher than that one. I later find out there is a plan that was not an option which covers spay and neutering. One of the main reasons I wanted health insurance to begin with. Henry has Cryptorchidism, which basically means one testicle did not drop and they need to remove one from the abdomen. It's basically double the amount because it's another incision $700 dollars. For what should be a routine neuter on a 7.3 lbs dog. Typically $250 - $300 surgery. NATIONWIDE COVERS 0% of all spay and neutering!!! Be warned!

Nationwide Pet Insurance expert review by Matthew Brodsky

Founded in 1982, when Veterinary Pet Insurance issued their first policy on TV star Lassie, this company has insured more than 1 million pets. Their commitment to making quality vet care affordable is backed by the financial stability of one of the world's largest insurance companies, Nationwide.

  • Emergency help line: Emergencies can happen at any time, so having access to those trained in veterinary medicine 24/7 can make all the difference. Veterinary Pet Insurance offers free access to its help line with any of its policies.

  • Tiered service plans: Veterinary care can be expensive, even when only looking at annual routine care. This company offers plans that cover everything from routine maintenance to comprehensive coverage.

  • Exotic pets covered: In addition to their plans that cover dogs and cats, this pet health insurance company also offers coverage for everything from sugar gliders to opossums.

  • Immediate coverage: Many pet insurance plans have a waiting period between enrollment and effective coverage date. With Veterinary Pet Insurance, coverage begins 24 hours after receiving payment.

  • No networks: Use the vet you are most comfortable with and take control of the treatment plan. Covered services are always covered, with no pre-approvals needed.

  • Best for: Dog lovers, cat lovers, exotic pet owners and multi-pet households.

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Matthew Brodsky

Insurance Contributing Editor

Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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