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Last updated: Oct. 25, 2017

94 ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

I signed up with ASPCA Pet Health Ins. because of their association with ASPCA. I wish I had done more research on this company and read the reviews. I signed up for pet insurance in February 2017 hoping I would never need to use it. Unfortunately my cat became ill in September. It turns out he has IBD and a tumor. I now have several bills to deal with on top of ongoing medication. I submitted my first of several claims in early September and to date have been getting the run around. First excuse, was they didn't have the medical records needed from the vets to support the claims. After several calls back and forth to insurance and the vets, we finally got that resolved.

Next issue, they weren't paying out on my claims. Clearly this is a new condition not a Pre-existing. After several calls I finally got a response and a promise the claims would be paid. Two weeks later no payment made. Now they are saying my claims were within the 14 day waiting period. What?! I signed up in February and put my first claim on September 9th! Now they are giving me the run around! I am completely disgusted with this company and the games they are playing with people. My cat has cancer now and I was so happy that I had actually bought insurance early in the year thinking thankfully it will cover 90% of the ongoing cost associated with my cat's care. Now I'm screwed. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY! Chances are very high you will be one of the many other people complaining!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

The worst pet health insurance! I have insurance for three years, automatically renewing, they don't pay nothing to me because the renewal took time in June and my dog was treated in September, and they said it's a 6 month period between the renewal and the "new" policy takes effect. What new policy if I pay for three years straight without doing anything (they deduct from my bank account)?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

I have had ASPCA pet insurance for almost 12 years now and their service continues to get worse. They do not notify you if they are waiting on information for a claim, they look for anything to deny claims and have a slow processing time. I will be leaving them after 12 years and 2 different pets. Their prices are also extremely inflated with caps on everything while several other companies do not have limits on payouts.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

Got insurance, about a month later went in for a regular checkup/shots for my cat and unfortunately was quickly back with breathing problems that were dx as asthma. Neither the routine checkup and shots that should've been covered or the xray/asthma visit were covered despite how they were within the time frame the insurance says will cover these AND they were well within what the insurance says they cover. I submitted my claims and a few months later realized they were still processing one from so long ago and I sent in the invoices and medical records - there's no reason it should be processing so long unless you're just trying to string someone along.

I called and got an overly peppy call worker who said they'd call the vet's office and get them to fax medical records they claim to never have gotten and then process the claim. Fine, that's fair, with how expensive vet bills are I can wait a few days or a week. They claimed later to never get medical records from my vet and that they kept trying and just weren't getting through. I smelled ** so that Monday I called back, still nothing, same story, and I called my vet saying what was up and apparently they did fax and email them the records multiple times and agreed to do it again and cc me on everything. This shell company is a lying, scamming crock of **.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

This plan advertises 90% coverage... "Get reimbursed up to 90% of covered veterinary charges.* Our reimbursements are based on your actual veterinary bill. They aren’t limited by a benefit schedule, which pays a fixed amount per diagnosis, regardless of the treatments your pet needs. We also don’t exclude your veterinarian’s exam fee." However, the asterisk takes you to a disclaimer that they only pay 90% of what they think is an appropriate charge, which is nowhere near the reality of pricing at quality veterinary services. This is misleading at the very least, but I think falls more in the realm of unethical trickery. In addition, they are masters of nitpicking every charge and stretching to tie it to some clause in their exclusion list so they don't have to pay. They will not even pay to spay an animal, which is very ironic for an organization that partners with ASPCA.

Out of a bill of dozens of itemized charges for a necessary surgery and spaying totaling $3,256, they reimbursed a grand total of $100. The one charge they could not find an exclusion for, they didn't even pay half of the cost due to their bogus "benefit limit". ASPCA should be ashamed to associate with these crooks, and need to drop the partnership before more people are conned into buying a service that does nothing but give a false sense of financial security. I'm consulting with a law firm to discuss possibility of a class action lawsuit.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27, 2017

I have had pet health insurance through the ASPCA since my Boston Terrier was a puppy. She is now almost 9 years old. My Boston has had allergies for years. She has been treated many times most in emergency situations for spontaneous hives that cover her entire body and turn into half dollar size welts in a matter of minutes. Since she is getting older the reactions seem to be getting more severe where her throat now swells and breathing becomes erratic. ASPCA in the past has paid for the claims submitted up until this year. They state that this is a pre-existing condition and will no longer cover this. Since when?

I do not consider my Boston just a pet or property as the ASPCA claims their underwriting insurance company sees it which is despicable because the Aspca is suppose to be for the welfare and good of all animals - in fact they could care less especially about an aging animal who is in need of care. I kept this insurance and paid $70 per month despite the fact that I am currently unemployed due to loss of my mother so my Boston could be treated for illnesses which she had two severe reactions just weeks after my mother's passing and I'm sure the stress response and separation anxiety from the events that unfolded contributed to the reaction response.

My Boston takes ** year round to keep things at bay but sometimes that is not enough and she needs shots of ** and ** to control the severity- ASPCA WILL NO LONGER COVER THIS. Will they cover the side effect she has acquired from treatment of the ** now? Probably not. She also can no longer receive shots since she is allergic to those as well - which she could have died as a result of a rabies vaccine. The ASPCA should be ashamed to act in this manner and to have business dealings with such a disgraceful underwriting company who sees animals as "property". That is what puppy mills call their animals. Property and livestock.

You know the saying "you are who your friends are" well this same saying applies to the ASPCA and their business associates. They are all in bad taste - a wolf in sheep's clothing. NOWHERE in the policy does it state that allergies are not covered. Even though there is a 180 day period for a pre-existing condition to be cured or symptom-free they still disregarded this to the claim because my Boston takes ** year round... That's what keeps her symptom free. They are a bunch of nice customer service reps but I bet the higher ups are nothing more than money hungry who care less for the welfare of animals and only care for the welfare of their own pockets.

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Original review: June 19, 2017

Unfortunately my bc at that time enrolled the pets at a later stage (around 7). We had 3 dogs on the policy. For whatever incidents we have had it's been a NIGHTMARE with these people to get your claim processed... not to mention there's a list of what isn't covered that surpasses the list that it does cover! Beware of the "renewal - new policy dates and what they cover". Apparently at the renewal day every year everything that has happened to your pet will not be covered after renewal bc it's now "pre existing" so if your dog had a heart murmur that was grade 2/3 (nothing major) no meds or treatment - it was just found to have a murmur - well - later on IF the dog develops any heart issue - ANY heart issue that may not even be connected to the murmur - it WILL NOT BE COVERED. Bc there was a "pre existing condition" of the heart... Basically they use this to get out of paying claims with this clause.

I've only recently found out they've come out with a new policy that has "continued coverage will cover conditions found when (after) you purchase this type of policy for a hefty price per month." This is a rip off and I CANNOT BELIEVE THE ASPCA associates themselves with this... It's not about the wellbeing of the pets - it's the $$$. I will Never NEVER recommend these people - pet insurance is a great idea - but write the list of things they don't cover which will give you a good idea how screwed You and your pet will be.

Please don't even bother comparing or thinking about this insurance policy with ASPCA - I've had multiple animals all with a policy around same age and they all had claims denied even after the vet/surgeon made it clear it's not pre existing - but bc there's one mention of a possible symptom of a possible disease 4 years ago - (which the vet clearly told them is not the case). They still denied after the surgeon (after the call with aspca felt confident he made it clear and we should be covered). It's a rip off and someone should start a class action suit against this company - I'm sure there's thousands of stories out there like this - shame on you aspca. You rather a dog with life left be put down vs walk again after 7 years of paying insurance premiums... Never again.

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Original review: May 8, 2017

They are saying on their advertisement that you will get covered after deductible. However, this is hell cheating. Once you submit your claims, they will say that they analyzed 100,000 claims and the average price is lower than your bill. They are allowed to pay only based on the average price, e.g. your bill is $1000, after $100 deductible you thought they cover 90% on $900. However, they say in your area, the average claim of that illness is $400, they cover 90% of $400, which is $360 only! This is how they cheat!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 2, 2017

I've been using Nationwide Insurance for my Pomeranian for years. Once in a while my dog get sick I called customer service how to submit a form they seem to be that I bother them and it takes them a long time to response and cheap. They only want to take your money... Forget you. I changed to ASPCA. They are awesome and they will accept older dog with less money/ After 6 months my dog got sick, I submit my expense. Very simple. They reimburse in a week and give me a call to see my dog is alright. I really impress how caring of ASPCA.

Original review: April 24, 2017

I have submitted within the 4 years that I have been paying the ASPCA maybe 4 claims. My dog now needs a major surgery to help him breath. Out of a 4,500 estimate for the surgery the ASPCA is only covering 500.00. They say that now he's Congenital therefore it goes into a lower claims bucket. So after 4 years of paying 56.00 per month for my insurance this is how I'm treated. You have to love these people who are supposed to love pets and look at their best interest.

Original review: April 17, 2017

I first had pet insurance with ASPCA for my dog last year. They kept nitpicking and denying things that seemed like they should be covered. Many phone calls and appeals to get payment on claims that should have been covered. I was so dissatisfied with customer service and claim denials that I starting searching for a different company to switch to. I found one and actually had two plans running to compare them.

I called ASPCA and they said they could give me great and similar coverage if I switched to their "complete care." Well what they didn't stress enough was that now anything under the new plan that is pre-existing, isn't going to be covered. One of their reps said I shouldn't switch and another said I should. They convinced me and now, guess what? They're denying claims based on pre-existing conditions. They refuse to switch me back to my old plan and now.

Of course, they have now wasted my time and more importantly the money I've paid. Don't believe the sales pitch. They emphasize all they cover and minimize the issues you'll face when trying to put a claim in. They should switch me back, but now they'll lose a customer with 2 dogs. I'll save the money I would have spent and fund my own pets. I'm sure I'll save money in the long run and I'll certainly save my sanity. WORST COMPANY I'VE EVER DEALT WITH!

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Original review: March 15, 2017

I was a long time member of 24PetWatch's insurance as it was offered to me when I first adopted my cat 4.5 years ago. When my cat developed stomatitis and had to have half of her teeth extracted, 24PetWatch refused any benefits because they do not cover any dental work. This after paying my monthly dues, never skipping a beat. I immediately canceled my account with them and switched to ASPCA insurance because they stated they would cover dental extractions. I did not even skip a month in terms of coverage.

As there is little known about stomatitis, and thus few treatment options beyond plainly extracting the cat's teeth, her disease came back and so I had to have the remaining teeth extracted from my cat's mouth. Now I am being told by ASPCA that this is a "pre-existing condition" and they will offer me absolutely nothing in terms of benefits. ASPCA insurance happens to be underwritten by Crum & Forster, the same company that underwrites 24PetWatch. I am filing complaints against Crum & Forster and will be continuing on to share my cat's story through social media.

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Original review: March 10, 2017

I had pet insurance for my beloved cat who passed away a few months ago. I called them to discontinue our service. The next day I get a long voicemail from someone at ASPCA expressing their condolences for me losing my cat and going on and on as to how difficult it must be. They don't know me or my cat. I also lost a dear family member last year so this call just sounded fake and like an attempt to retain my business for the future. I was also dissatisfied with the last year of coverage. I paid a lot into it and they were always denying claims or reimbursing very little.

Original review: Jan. 20, 2017

I know the ASPCA does not actually insure our pets but you receive money for loaning your name and reputation to an insurance company that actually underwrites the insurance. Therefore, I feel your name, your work, and your ethics are linked directly to the fraud perpetuated by the insurance company representing you, which is Hartville Group.

I encourage each and everyone who owns a pet and plans to purchase insurance, to avoid signing up with ASPCA Pet Insurance. We have never missed a payment on the policy covering our dog, Hogan, during the six (6) years of his life. We have also never needed to make a claim on his behalf until November 16, 2016.

It was pretty straight forward by any measure: Hogan's insurance automatically renewed onto my credit card on November 15th; he collapsed with right side paralysis and was hospitalized on November 16th. He underwent blood tests, a spinal tap, MRI, ultrasound, chest x-rays, and remained in a specialty hospital for 2 days, all of which was covered under his ASPCA Pet Insurance Policy.

The hospital staff filed his insurance form and sent it in on November 18th in the amount of $5,750.00. We should have been reimbursed or notified otherwise within 30 days. His claim was denied payment based on a story that does not exist, never happened. We were told by the Hartville Group that Hogan became ill on November 9th at a dog park! LIES! Hogan has not been to a dog park in 6 months or more and was perfectly healthy on November 9th as far as we could tell. He was out running at the various places he loves to be off leash on the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and he was running the fields of our local university on November 15th, off leash as usual, chasing rabbits. The 15th was the day we ran into one of the new coaches of the Rams training camp at the university!

His medical records show the Neurologist never met him until the late afternoon of November 16th. There is not and never was any reason to deny this claim. It has been 2 months since the start of this investigation and the insurance underwriters for your ASPCA have still refused to resolve this. I am now paying over $100 a month interest on a charge card to pay off the veterinary bill which should have been paid by ASPCA Pet Insurance.

We have donated a van in good condition to ASPCA; we have donated to all causes represented by your non-profit organization. The only reason we ever purchased pet insurance with this group was BECAUSE THE NAME ASPCA WAS ON IT! We thought it was yet another way to support your work. You have broken your good faith by not selecting a more reputable, caring, honest company to lend your name to. I will no longer support the ASPCA, as long as you link your name to an insurance company that typically screws their clients.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2016

I've been getting monthly billed from these people. I don't own any pets. I've never signed up for anything from ASPCA! I called them (Donations & Membership: (800) 628-0028) and they couldn't find my information. You can charge me but you can't find my info? Get your business straight!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2016

My 9 week old puppies got sick and I took him to emergency animal hospital at 62nd street and 1st ave, they told me I need to leave puppy there so they can help him but that will cost me 2500$ for nights. I couldn't do that because I don't have that money. Vet there told me to bring puppies to ASPCA. It will be much cheaper there. So tomorrow morning I went to ASPCA and they wanted to charge me more to save my little doggie. They told me 2500-3000$. Horrible. It's all about money and no humanity to help animals. Why they receiving donations if they wanna charge me more than private clinic. I'm so angry on them. Instead of saving animals they let them die if you can't pay.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2016

Death of pet. Today the ASPCA hospital in Manhattan allowed my year-old pet cat to die of starvation because I could not pay their fees.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2016

My dog had a stomach virus causing him to vomit and poop constantly to the point he was so dehydrated he could barely move. He had a fever of 103 and had to be put on special food and medication. They linked this to puppy poops from puppy food he had from his puppy exam when I first got him several months prior. These people will do everything in their power not to help you. DO NOT pick them for insurance. They will ** you when you need them most.

Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Resolution response: Sept. 7, 2016

I received a call from Jeff, a supervisor at ASPCA Insurance Claims department. He mentioned that the department has re-opened the claim and found out I had the coverage and they will pay for some of the services. I have not received the check, but whatever the amount, I consider it a positive step and a resolution.

Original review: Aug. 23, 2016

I have been with ASPCA Pet Insurance for 9 years. I luckily, my pet has been in a very good health and I have not had many claims with the company. Recently, my pet, Benzi, was a little lethargic and decided to check him up. The vet recommended a blood panel and urine analysis. Since Benzi had a blood test 18 months ago, ASPCA is refusing to pay for this year test. They want a proof that Benzi had a treatment since last year. I mentioned to them that there was nothing wrong to have a treatment, but they still refuse and asking for getting a statement from the vet, filing an appeal with a letter etc...etc...ASPCA is a bad company to deal with. Looking for another insurance...Wasted 9 years paying them. Do not recommend this company at all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 22, 2016

Save your money and self-insure!! They deny most claims or pay very little. If you go to the vet close to the end of your policy year and then must either go back to your vet or go to a specialist after a new policy year has started they will not cover the visit or the medicines as they consider it pre-existing condition. I am now paying $100 per month and they would not cover the specialist recommended by my vet because a new policy year started the week before my specialist appointment.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 4, 2016

My dog was diagnosed with cancer in December 2015. Her policy renewed in January. Because her diagnosis was at the end of her 2015 policy, they are refusing to pay for any claim regarding her cancer in the new policy in 2016. Including her pain medication. I pay $57.00 a month for her policy, from what I thought was a caring, humane organization??? I will be bringing this into the light of all consumers, media, and anyone I can reach by phone, email or letter. I consider this inhumane treatment of an animal and it will not go unnoticed as my pet is family and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for her.

Original review: Feb. 16, 2016

My 15-year old cat Ashley was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last May 2015. He has been having blood work every few months. ASPCA insurance paid a portion of both bills. I renewed my policy in December 2015 and now ASPCA says they will not cover any of Ashley's thyroidism bills because he was not cured and not "incident free" for 180 days. A hyperthyroid cat is never "cured" unless they have the radioactive iodine treatment. They need constant monitoring of their blood. Save your money! Put aside money you would pay to pet insurance companies. Then they arbitrarily decide that what your vet charges is too much. I will NEVER recommend this company. The ASPCA should be embarrassed to have their good name associated with this awful company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 31, 2016

I have four dogs. As in the past I have always had pet insurance to offset veterinary bills. I had ASPCA for three and a half years on all my dogs. I had two claims for teeth extractions. ASPCA denied both claims for the two dogs citing they would not accept the manner in which the vet wrote up the invoice for services. When I appealed they denied the claim citing it did not fall into the category they allowed.

In 2015 I had to bring the dog to the vet to remove a cyst. The bill was paid and I submitted a claim for $570.00. Mind you I had the insurance policy in effect for into the fourth year. ASPCA denied the citing it was a pre-existing condition. I immediately canceled all policies and requested my credit card company to stop past and current payments. I just paid $1780.00 to renew the polices. ASPCA will do anything to deny claims. Read all the reviews you will see. Also read YELP reviews. For YELP type in Massollon OHIO for the location of their headquarters.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2016

I signed my 12 year old dog up for pet insurance after realizing how expensive things can get as he gets older. He had a reoccurring spinal issue which I understood from my previous scam Trupanion that could not be covered. I talked to Jason at ASPCA in September of 2015 and he was kind and made me feel he actually cared about my pet but kept pushing for me to sign up my puppy and I said that I didn't want to pay thousands of dollars for a dog who isn't going to need insurance for a long while unless he got hit by a car which I would never let happen.

I filed a claim in January 2016 regarding Buckeye my 12 year old who received tests to see if he had Cushing's Disease. It came back positive and I filed a claim that was accepted and a check sent. I was so relieved because if we were to choose to treat Cushing's it can be very expensive. I then received a phone call saying a mistake has been made and the claim is actually ineligible because he showed symptoms of Cushing's in June 2015. The check was cancelled.

If anyone knows about Cushings, the symptoms he supposedly had were panting and drinking water, what dog doesn't do that??? This ASPCA are the worst people out there. They prey on people who love their pets like family and would do anything for them but they have no intention of ever paying any claim unless you have been paying for 10 years for your puppy and by then you could have paid the costs of any test, medications or surgeries 10x over. THEY WOULD RATHER YOUR PET DIE THAN PAY YOU ANYTHING!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY OR ANY OTHER PLEASE! Bridget ** (a very hurt and angry animal lover.)

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2016

Refused to pay for my Dachshund's back surgery claiming it was congenital. Definition of congenital – born with or before birth. He's 10 years old, never having a back problem. They have their sales people tell you all lies and then they take your money and find ways not to pay. Someone should shut them down. Read all the complaints here and on Yelp! STAY AWAY. BEWARE!!!

Original review: Dec. 2, 2015

I secured ASPCA pet insurance for my English bulldog since he was a puppy. (2007) Original the premium was $54 per month. His policy was Level 3 with $100 annual deductible 20% co-payment. I had a few claims for him during the first years. Everything was ok. His premium went up in a few years $65.76. A few more claims, did not get reimbursed 80%. Come to find out ASPCA Insurance would only 80% of "customary charges". I calculated over the years and this company really only pays on average 65%. Note that's... After your deductible and after your monthly expense out of your pocket.

Now I considered canceling but my dog is getting older... So naturally I thought now is the time I really need insurance. Buyer beware. If your pet has a condition and even if he is insured with ASPCA insurance once the policy is "renewed" they consider it a "pre-existing condition". I only found this out today following up on a claim filed in November. Buyer Beware!! Deceptive Practice!! This totally outrageous!!

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Original review: Sept. 21, 2015

This insurance did not cover any sort of illness for my dog. It was not helpful at all, and I feel that my money was completely wasted. Upon purchasing the insurance they gave me the impression that I would be reimbursed 80% for my vet bills with some exclusions on what type of vet service it was - it made sense that they would not cover vaccinations or preexisting conditions. My dog has been ill twice since I've had the insurance and neither of those bills were reimbursed by the insurance. The policy was not made clear and you have to read the fine print to really know what you're paying for, which isn't much. Basically, what this policy does cover sounds great when they explain it to you, but there are so many things that it doesn't cover.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2015

I have had both my Chihuahuas insured with A.S.P.C.A. since 2007. They were 5 years old at the time and neither of them had any medical issues or pre-existing conditions. The very first claim I made was the same year for one of my dogs who became violently ill after eating something she found in my yard. She was going into shock and I rushed her to the ER in the middle of the night. She almost died, and ASPCA denied the claim. It was stated in the denial that it was not covered because my dog had a behavior problem. WHAT?? My dog does not have any behavior problems, it turns out she may have eaten a snail that was poisoned from my neighbor's yard, but I never knew for sure what it was she ate.

Later on that year, my same dog developed an allergy in her paws, probably from grass. ASPCA paid less than 1/4 of the cost for her medications saying that it was a fair and reasonable reimbursement. She continued to have allergy problems on and off, and they never reimbursed me what I paid for the exam or the meds. In 2009, ASPCA sent me a new endorsement that they were enforcing, and called it "Continuing Care." It was sent to me along with my policy renewal. It was explained to me that if I wanted my dog to have continuing care for any long term illness like allergies, that I would now have to pay an additional fee for the coverage, and it would have a separate $100.00 deductible.

I felt like I had no choice but to purchase the additional endorsement because dog allergies very rarely go away, and I knew my girl was going to need meds, probably the rest of her life. Since I purchased the endorsement they have denied every claim I have submitted for my dog's allergies. Their reason is because my dog had allergies prior to the endorsement. UNBELIEVABLE, HOW CAN THAT BE???

In May of this year, I had to bring her to the vet for an ear infection, it had nothing to do with allergies. They denied that on the basis that it was due to allergies, a pre-existing condition. I argued and told them that it was due to a fungal infection, not allergies and asked to speak to a superior. He refused to let me talk to anyone but him and it was like beating a dead horse. I am going to appeal every claim they have ever denied. This is not legal what they are doing and I am really hoping that someone files a class action suit against them. I'd do it myself, but wouldn't know where to start. They're scam artist and are taking advantage of a lot of people.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2015

Where do I start. I was excited when my company told me they partnered with the "best of the best" for pet insurance. Boy, they really got that WRONG! I started paying for my pet insurance April of 2014. I am VERY fortunate that until August of 2015, I had no health issues with my boys. Nonetheless, I continued to pay month after month for TWO insurance plans for each of my babies. Now, come August. My baby Scooby needs to go to the vet. I'll spare the details, luckily, he is OK. Had vet fax over paperwork. Again, FIRST CLAIM IN MORE THAN A YEAR. Done. Now, cat and mouse game. For 3 weeks they tell me that they're not getting the "invoice" which shows I paid. I sent it 2 times, emailed it, and had my vet send it 2 more times too! Still, they were not getting it. Fed up, I decided to email the dog's medical records again.

Putting the invoice smack in the middle of it. Guess what? They got page 1-3, 5-7. But what about page 4? You know... the invoice. They "never got it". When I emailed them telling them I did this, miraculously within 5 days my claim was processed. Guess what?!?! THEY ARE COVERING $0.00!!! THAT'S RIGHT! After being told before taking my dog to the ER they would cover "most" (my bad for not getting exact numbers, as my dogs health was more important and still remains as so) THEY ARE NOT COVERING A PENNY. NOT A PENNY! So, more than a year of $200 per month, equates to them giving zero ** and having a nice payment from me monthly for nothing. DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2015

THIS COMPANY DESERVES THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS! I was promised that I would be reimbursed 90% of my veterinary bills when my dog was hit by a car. After the expected deductible, I was only reimbursed $1,350.00 of a $2,400.00 bill! When I asked why the amount reimbursed was so low, I was told "you are not reimbursed on the actual bill amount, you are reimbursed on something called USUAL & CUSTOMARY charges... the amount we deem as a fair amount for each portion of the pet's treatment"! What? I was told it was going to be 90% of the actual bill. I was then told "I know you are disappointed but you should have had a policy prior to this year... The reimbursements were even lower!" Shame on them :(

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance expert review by Matthew Brodsky

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is a pet insurance company that offers health insurance through Hartville Pet Insurance Group. This division of the company was founded in 2006.

  • Wide variety of vet options: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance covers services from all licensed vets in Canada and the U.S., meaning pet owners can choose from a wide variety of vets.

  • Money back guarantee: The company allows customers to try the company with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Easy claim filing: Pet owners can file claims with the company's one-page filing system.

  • Multiple pet discounts: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers 10 percent discounts for pet owners with multiple eligible pets they choose to cover.

  • Online claim tracking: Pet owners can simply track the status of filed claims via the tracking services offer on the ASPCA's website.

  • Best for: Pet owners with multiple pets, pet owners with cats and dogs and pet owners with a loyalty to a vet.

Profile picture of Matthew Brodsky
Matthew Brodsky

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ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Company Information

Company Name:
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
Year Founded:
(888) 716-1203