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PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS DOG FOOD! We opened a can of Puppy Lamb with Rice wet food to mix with dry kibbles. Within a couple hrs, the wet food was so filled with maggots that it was literally moving. Fortunately, our dog refused to eat it. We disposed of the remainder of the canned food; however, the company should not be allowed to be in business.

I have been feeding my dogs purina one for yrs. Had a coupon for Pedigree Adult so I bought a 50 lb bag of Roasted chicken, rice & vegetable flavor. I closely mixed the food a little a time with my purina one to switch and try the Pedigree. Within days I noticed all my dogs started to getting the runs and loss of bladder control. Then my our reed Lab starting puking a red colored puke! When I took the dry food and wettened the red it didn't dissolve it turned a gummy texture. I do believe the red morsels are what has effected them, maybe the additive for the coloring of the red morsels. I do not trust the brand anymore and don't like seeing my dogs having sickness and red runny diarrhea. I bought the product at walmart and have since went back to Purina One! I'm in shock to see all the complaints and deaths presumed to be caused by Pedigree!

I have been feeding my dog Pedigree Chopped Ground Dinner - beef and chicken - and she has throw up everytime. When I feed her Alpo she is fine. What is the process for getting this food recalled, given the multitude of complaints.

My husband bought a 50lb dog food of Pedigree and we have fed our dogs basically the same food - just different flavor since all 3 of our dogs have been puppies. Yesterday 7/14/2016 I had to put down my 11 yr old Shepherd/Chow mix which we have had since she was 4 weeks old. All 3 of my dogs had 2 servings of the dry dog food and all got very sick with throwing up and having diarrhea. I had to take my dog to the vets because she started throwing up and had diarrhea which was pure blood. I am reporting this to the company and if they do not do what's right I will get a lawyer involved and the news stations as well. I want everyone to know how bad this food is. Please take your dogs off this flavor. I don't want anyone to endure the pain of losing a family pet like my family and I have had too. Sincerely, A very hurt customer.

My husband bought some Pedigree ground dog food. I have a golden retriever. I normally cook up some dog food but have been down for a few weeks. I only give about 1 T mixed in with dry food. I didn't get through the first can. On the 3rd day (last night) my dog started having severe diarrhea and throwing up, is running a fever. I am taking him to the vet this afternoon. He has never had this! He is 7 years old. I am not happy at all and am taking the can in so that hopefully it can be tested! I am happy I looked here to see everyone else's problems. With all these complaints this can not be coincidental. My sister had the same problem with the Pedigree this past with her dog and they live in OH. Terrible for our dogs!!!

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Well I bought me 7 cans of Pedigree Homestyle Meals for my 1-year-old Labrador Mixed and I also bought her a bag of Old Glory dry dog food. Well at feeding time I mixed her a can of the wet dog food with the dry dog food and she ate it with no problems. Yeah she had to go out a few times and she was gaining weight cause she hardly does. Well last night (July 3rd) she was having to go out and she has had the runs and also she's been throwing up mostly the wet food until now that she's only been throwing up the clear white foamy stuff and I have been keeping an eye on her since then. I am gonna give her some rice with Chicken broth to help her with her tummy and hope that she gets better. Please, I urge you DO NOT buy any Pedigree wet dog food cause it will make your dog very sick.

I have four dachshunds that I have feed your chicken and vegetables for years. The last two weeks my dogs have been having diarrhea, gas and just not their self. Some vomiting. Took them off food, all symptoms stop. Bought new bag, symptoms came back. After a visit to vet, the Dr. said stop all dog food and gave medication. Something is wrong with your dog food, needs to be checked out. Will not be buying it again.

Hi! I have had a terrible experience with the purchase I made a week before Father's Day of Pedigree. Two of my 11 month old pitbulls pups died within a day apart, on June 9th and June 10th. I tried giving them rice and boiling chicken, ** as antibiotic, ** to alter the diarrhea, and lowering the fever with cool towels. My dogs became lethargic, eyes dilated, bloody watery stool with a foul smell worse than something died, no appetite, vomiting foamy clear fluid They would drink water but would vomit it up within an hour or less, and would have bowel movements on themselves while laying down. They both were brothers and one of them became so weak till he could not move at all and his mouth was purple. They were non responsive to my calls as they are sweet, energetic babies and I've had them since birth.

THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WANT, WHEN WE FEED OUR BABIES ANY FOOD AND CANNOT EVEN TRUST DOG FOOD COMPANIES IN THE MANUFACTURING of the food. I am very heartbroken even still and think about them everyday. I had to bury dogs back to back and that's very hard to do. I wish I could have afforded vet care, but I am on a limited income and I am able to feed, worm, and give them plenty of love and care 24/7. I watched both of them suffer horribly and died. I thought to grow old with my babies. The production code of the side of the bag is 2310010736 and it was purchased from Walmart Supercenter in Dublin, GA. I advise do not buy anything Pedigree. I wish could've read you guys reviews sooner to know about these terrible effects. I hope everyone babies live a long and good life without pedigree. God bless.

I have 2 large dogs (German Shepherd & cattle dog). We have been feeding them Pedigree for a few months now with no problems. I purchased a bag at the local big box store 2 weeks ago. Shortly after feeding them from that bag they both developed diarrhea with blood & they started vomiting. I stopped the dog food and fed them chicken and rice. The diarrhea stopped. I fed them the dog food and the diarrhea came back. After a trip to the vet he recommended I stop Pedigree. I will not purchase this product again. For both dogs to get sick with same symptoms at the same time and for the symptoms to disappear from both dogs after stopping this food. Makes me believe this is a TAINTED batch of food. We are hoping that the dogs do not have any lingering health problems.

I have (had) 3 dogs. I have had other dogs through the years and for many, many years fed Pedigree dry dog food (puppy and adult) to my dogs with great results. This past December 2015 my Blue Heeler totally stopped eating and I ended up at 3 different vets without truly finding out what was wrong with her. Liver and kidney failure were obvious...she died in February 2016. Shortly after the Heeler became ill, the Border Collie began having breathing issues and shortly did the Jack Russell. I have always trusted Pedigree but I have decided to move my dogs off Pedigree...was even feeding them some can Pedigree to coax them to eat. I now have a new pup, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I am switching, as of yesterday, to Victor Dog Food. Victor Dog Food is more expensive than Pedigree, but a sick dogs' vet bills are more. Plus the anguish of caring for a very sick dog is heartrending.

My Blue Heeler was only 4 years old, as is the Border Collie. The Jack Russell is 11 years old. I will be watching to see if Pedigree does indeed have a problem with their products and see if there is a class action lawsuit. And company producing food for human or animal consumption needs to be very diligent to catch contaminated ingredients. Glad I found this forum. I kept watching to see if Pedigree had a recall. Nothing that I've seen so far. Maybe it's not their products but I have a dead pup and 2 others who are sick. Sounds like several other people around the country having sickness with their dogs as well who have been feeding Pedigree.

This dog food caused my dog to have breathing problems. I changed her over to also prime cuts and her breathing problems instantly stopped... if you run this under hot water it automatically dissolves and turn a very nasty color... didn't used to do this. I did buy this from Walmart.

Been feeding Pedigree to both our pets, a miniature American Eskimo and Lhasa Apso for awhile. On June 8, 2016 we first fed our Lhasa Apso a portion of canned Pedigree Chicken and rice, while our Eski ate a different brand and flavor. The next day our Lhasa became very sick with bloody explosive diarrhea, while at the same time we fed our Eski a portion of the same food the Lhasa had the day before. Later on that night our Eski also became seriously ill with the same symptoms. We have since been following directions from the vet in order to try and get them through this.

Today is June 13, 2016 and it has been 5 days since our Lhasa first got sick. She still has diarrhea but is no longer bloody and she is starting to get her appetite back. Our Eski, who is a bigger dog who ate a larger portion has been sicker and is having a harder time recovering. After reading all the recalls and complaints, not of just Pedigree but of all the dog food companies in general, I no longer trust any of them and will be feeding my dogs homemade dog food for now on. At this point in time, I can only pray our two girls will make a full recovery.

We've owned 4 pitbulls. The first pitbull we had lived 12 years and all her life, we fed her with Pedigree. We never had an issue with the food. It's because we buy authentic Pedigree food and we buy it from a legit store. We mixed it with milk and rice, and she just loved it. If you told her to sit, then lie down, then roll, she would do it all coz she really drools over the floor. Until you say "eat", she wouldn't go near the food. Give her 2 minutes, she'd finish her food equivalent to 4 cups of rice, plus milk and dogfood. The succeeding pit bulls we have also ate the same formula, no issues. They never seem to not love it. When they hear the crackle sound of the pellets, they'll give you their attention.

My mom's pitbull in the province ate a non-pedigree product. She bought it from a store where you can buy food for the live stock. For months, that has been the dog's food and in less than a year, the dog developed a kidney problem, got complication, several trips to the vet, spending thousands just to save the dog and to no avail, he succumbed. Remember the news where babies were fed in China fake powdered milk which was made out of melamine (the chemical structure resembles that of a milk)? Those babies developed kidney problems too.

Also, if fake rice can enter the Philippines, how much more fake rice can? So, feed your pets with authentic dog food. Usually, fake dog foods are repacked, sold per kilo and it's cheap. Buy from a legit store, look for a business permit posted, inspect the packaging. If your dog becomes sick on Day 1, stop whatever he's eating. Cook his own meal instead of switching immediately to another brand until he is well. We will always use Pedigree.

Our dog has been on Pedigree Filet Mignon for some time. Just in last week. He's started being extremely restless, acting like he has a urinary problem, little blood on rectum, diarrhea, stomach problems, whining, running like about to die. Took him off that food for 24 hrs. and he started acting like old self. Gave him a half can this evening and problems started again. I think something serious is wrong with the food. It needs checked cause our dog was about to die from it. There is something wrong.

Help... I have fed my dogs Pedigree chicken hard dog food for years. Never had any problems. I bought a can of soft food also chicken for first time ever thinking a treat for them. My chihuahua had a seizure last night sleeping and is acting strange today. My Great Dane is acting lethargic, and my Chi-pit seems okay but keeps rubbing his face on floor. What is up with that. Now I am scared to death to feed them anymore Pedigree, hard or soft. I am going to do rice and chicken for a few days until I can find another natural dog food. I am on limited income and now need to return the dog food if they will take it back. Why is nothing being done about this?

I have given my dogs Pedigree for years and had no problem but now my dogs are having seizures, and 2 of them have developed diabetes in the last few months. Had anyone else had this happen? I find it hard to believe that 2 out of 7 dogs have developed it so close together. I also had one dog that died last year suddenly after vomiting for 2 days - took her to the vet, did what was recommended and still lost her! I no longer feed them Pedigree but for some the damage is already done!

Went to Wal-Mart to get our 4 yr old pit bull dog food. They were out of her usual brand so I got the Pedigree adult chicken, rice and vegetable dog food as I thought Pedigree was a reputable brand. After 2 weeks of being on the food she got real bad gas and now she is panting and terrible diarrhea. We are going to go buy her usual brand and start her on chicken and rice for now. But will not ever buy Pedigree again!

My dog has always slept on my bed. We changed her over to Pedigree wet dog food because she simply won't eat any brand of dry food. We noticed she began wetting the bed, just a small spot here and there then it grew out of control. No matter where she laid down her bladder leaked. It was to the point we tried medications to no avail and the vet suggested surgery to check for deformities that may be causing it. We wanted to think about it. We decided to try some things first. We continued doggie diapers just to protect bedding, flooring, and furniture as well as pads on the places she laid down in case the diapers leaked.

We started 1st by changing her diet. We removed all Pedigree products first as this was the earliest change we could remember when the issue began... within days... DAYS... the urinary leaking STOPPED completely! Just to be sure 6 months with no leaking we gave her some canned Pedigree country stew. She liked them all but this was her favorite... SHE PEED OUR BED, THE FLOOR, AND THE COUCH>>> everywhere she laid down. Needless to say she has never gotten another can and never will. Save your pet from this. Save your flooring and your furniture! She gets some Pedigree treat and does not have this issue but all brands of wet food in gravy cause issues for her.

Our 7 year old chow chow is very sick right now, vomiting and diarrhea.

I begin to feed my dog Pedigree dog food (chicken and vegetables flavor) a week ago. Two days later my pitbull begin to have a high fever and stop eating. The next day after she had gotten worse. She use to be full of energy jumping around and playing all day long. She begin to lay around thru out the day. She wouldn't even respond to my call or anything. Then she begin to have diarrhea and started vomiting. She begin very weak to the point she couldn't hardly stand, and when she did at times she would stagger. On day two she threw up all thru out the night. I went days with getting the proper rest because I had to be up all night with her. Day three I took her to the vet. After testing her for parvo and heartworms they couldn't find nothing wrong with her. They gave her a shot to bring down the fever and antibiotic pills.

When I made home she threw up 3 more time and the last time she threw up blood. I had to wet a towel with cool water and rub her fur and also place a wet towel under her armpits every hour to keep her fever under control. She has went 7 days without eating a single thing. Today she ate her first meal (boiled chicken and white rice). Also she had her 1st bowel movement in a week although it was black and still in loose. That's because it's old blood that was in her intestines from not having bowel movements in a week. She almost died but by the grace and mercy of God she is still here. If you want your dog to live a long and healthy life "DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG ANY PEDIGREE PRODUCTS". After doing research on this company I'm surprised they are still sell any of their product...

I rescued my dog when he was 10 months old, back in 2010. My dog Joey was part chihuahua and mini pin. Joey was my baby and as such I took special care in his food and health. I have fed him nothing but Pedigree dog food. Last October 2015 I woke up to take him outside for a potty break, he could not even stand on his 4 legs. I had to carry him outside and hold him up while he did his business. This concerned me that I rushed him to the vet, they did tests on him and guess what? Liver failure, he was at 8% liver function. According to the vet, his liver failure was brought on by poisonous toxins.

They wanted to do IV infusions of steroids to bring up his liver function, I didn't have a $1000 to do this, so she gave him a steroid shot and sent him home with pills. Joey died that night, he was 5 years old. Now you're probably thinking, "Why didn't I have the money to have this treatment?" I had pet insurance but apparently it was not the higher pet insurance that covered hospitalization and treatment. As far as the poisoning, Joey only went outside with me, he was always supervised and I have nothing in the home that was toxic. So you tell me what poisoned my baby?

Hi I am Flavio. I just gave my dog Pedigree dog food. My dog had diarrhea and vomiting.

Adult chicken, rice and veggie flavor - Our 15 month old Pit Bull Terrier has been on Pedigree since he was a pup. Within the last two bags (month and a half) he has had major blowouts of diarrhea and vomiting -- more than once over the course of a day. We thought it was other dog treats and some people food that weren't agreeing with him. The vet said he may just have a sensitive stomach and to only feed him dog food. However, after being solely on this food for 2 weeks and continuing to have these blowouts, it has to be the food. I checked, expiration dates were good. I'm not sure what's happened within the past month of the Pedigree bags, since previously he's been fine with them. Will be switching to rice and boiled chicken for a while. Thanks for the other reviews to help us confirm.

I always buy Dentastix Original Treats as reward for my dogs and they love it. Went to the supermarket yesterday to buy a pack but decided to try Dentastix Fresh Treats. Gave them immediately to my four dogs in our house, giving them just half of the whole piece each. They all had diarrhea a few hours after and they don't want to eat it again. There may be some ingredients in this Dentastix variant that is bad or spoiled. I would not buy this kind of treat again.

I just got off the phone with the Mars Company and I have been told there are no current recalls on their BEEF canned food. I have also spoke with my vet and have been told to monitor both girls to ensure hydration and to call him at ANYTIME if they get worse, start both on boiled chicken and rice and to DISCONTINUE THE PEDIGREE!!

Last night I feed two of my five small dogs Pedigree Chopped Ground Dinner with Beef and am now dealing with two vomiting lethargic babies. It is very clear it is in fact the food that they are throwing up and also had nothing else but the Pedigree to eat yesterday. The other three dogs are COMPLETELY FINE because of course they did not consume any of this food!! I am left believing that it is in fact the Pedigree canned wet BEEF food. If you are reading this PLEASE do NOT FEED THIS to your BABY!! My two girls are ABSOLUTELY miserable after just one meal!!! I have read some of the horrific post and my heart goes out to each of you and your fur babies!! I find it sad that so many of us have to go through these bad experiences with our babies to find out what is really going on!!!

I purchased a 50 pound bag of Pedigree Adult Chicken, Rice, & Vegetable flavor dog food for my yellow lab two weeks ago because the store was out of his regular brand. My dog began drinking excessive amounts of water. He became very lethargic to the point of not being able to stand up on his own. I ended up taking him to an emergency pet care clinic, where he was put on I.V. I was told that if I had not brought him in when I did, he would have died! He is home now, back on his regular brand dog food, and doing much, much better. NO MORE PEDIGREE for me!!!

I have two dogs. Just purchased Pedigree chunky ground dinner with beef, bacon and cheese (13.2 oz can) from local walmart - both of my dogs are sick... Diarrhea and throwing up and I also purchased Pedigree adult roasted chicken, rice and vegetable flavor (bagged food, 15 lb bonus size). Now I don't know if the food was getting both of them sick, so I went to different walmart and purchased more cans of Pedigree, and they won't even eat it, so I went out and bought a different brand of dog food, and they ate it. I will update you if they are still having diarrhea. The Pedigree can serial numbers are bb020918213 and 606ekkcc0223cc/the bag food number is 23100/10944 (bar code - 023100109442). I live in New Jersey. If anybody else is have issue with this dog food, please let me know.

My 3 dogs have been eating Pedigree dry dog food for years. Purchased a bag at Target in middle of March. Just opened this new bag 5 days ago and noticed they haven't been eating it the last few days and my large dog has been getting in the garbage and countertops which isn't her normal behavior. I'm not sure about bowel movements since they go out in a fenced in yard. However, something is definitely not right with this bag. Can't read any of the numbers on bag. Had a small bag of the Pedigree small bites and put in bowl beside the other today and they gobbled that one down.

In early Mar, 16 I purchased the large bag (53# I think) of Pedigree at Sam's Club in Oklahoma City. My 8 yr old Border Collie has had diarrhea since she started on this new bag. We have used Pedigree for years so we thought it must be something else. Since it started when she started the new bag, got better when she went on rice diet, then came back when we put her back on the Pedigree and has persisted, we feel it must be this bag is bad. Probably done with Pedigree after our experience and after reading about others with similar recent problems.

I have 23 dogs I have rescued over the past 5 years. I had fed Purina dog chow in the past but my dogs became sick and began throwing up and having diarrhea. I discontinued that dog food soon after the dogs became ill and started them on Pedigree. At first everything seemed fine. But in the last 6 months, I have had all of the dogs at one time or the other throwing up and having diarrhea. I couldn't be certain it was the dog food because the water company put in new pipes and I thought they might be getting sick from additives in the water. But it has continued long since the pipes have been installed.

My dogs are lethargic and as recently as yesterday are throwing up. I bought one more bag last night and fed this morning and am waiting to see what happens. I agree with another review I read that there should be a recall and if my dogs throw up today, I am throwing out the dog food and will never buy it again. By the way I spend about 400.00 a month on Pedigree Dog.