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Diamond Pet Foods

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Looking for a new brand of food for your pet? Diamond Pet Foods offers a variety of dry & canned food, as well as treats made specifically for your dogs. Our food is made from high-quality ingredients in order to give your dog the best nutrition possible. Visit our website today to learn more about our products & ingredients!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2019

I have been using both Diamond dog foods and cat foods since the early 1990's. I have raised and maintained my large breed livestock guard dogs on it, first the large breed puppy food, then the Hi-Energy for maintainence. My dogs are outside working 365 days a year in all weather conditions. They will not use shelter and sleep outside in the snow in the winter. With Diamond Hi-Energy they have all maintained body condition regardless of extreme temperatures. My English Mastiff lived to be 12 on this diet, which is rare for a giant breed.

All of my dogs have liked every variety of Diamond dog food they were offered. I have never had a problem from this food, and I want to point out that most of the complaints I've read here about dogs that got sick do not have any evidence to point to the food being the problem. If you think your pet is sick due to the feed, you should have the rest of the bag examined for toxins and investigated by a vet and a lab. Like all products, including human foods, contamination of ingredients is possible. However, many animals would be affected by the contaminated batch; this is why recalls happen. Diamond has one of the lowest recall histories in the business. You owe it to your pets to find out for sure what is making them sick, not just assume it is the food. In particular with the dogs suffering bloody stools, I would suspect rat poison and possibly a malicious neighbor. This has happened in my area.

Regarding the cat foods, I have both working barn cats and a couple of indoor pets. The barn cats have stayed in excellent condition to very old ages on Diamond Active Cat. The indoor cats thrive on the Maintenance kibble. The main ingredients of all these feeds is meat; the protein level is not artificially jacked up by ingredients like pea protein.

I'm no stranger to contaminated feed problems; I've had livestock and poultry for enough years to have seen some bad feed. But in every case, it was actually proved by testing that the feed was the problem, and there was a recall. In nearly 30 years of using Diamond pet foods I've never had a problem with it and have no hesitation recommending it.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 7, 2019

I've been using Diamond for 20 years and it's probably what I'll always feed. I looked at a lot of the different premium brands before and Diamond had the best price. Plus I buy so much that the retailer here gave me a break on the price. I probably go through 150 bags a year. I breed English Springer Spaniels. I have six adult dogs here and I've had two to three litters a year. My son has two dogs and he feeds them Diamond as well. My daughter has got one of our dogs and Diamond is also what they've always fed it because it's what we use. Half the time, their dogs are out here as well.

There's a lot of expensive dog foods out there but I don't really see where they're any better than the Diamond brand. I feed the maintenance formula during the off-season if I don't have a dog that I bred. Then when I breed a dog, I put them on the puppy formula until they have their pups and the pups are weened. The coats on my dogs are good. They're healthy and energetic. When they have puppies, they pretty much maintain their body weight if I can get them to eat. Sometimes, after they've had puppies, their appetite goes down the tubes. But they all do real well. It's cold in the winter here in Northern Montana and I feed them as much as they'll eat in the wintertime because they're outdoor dogs. I've never even brought a dog to the vet because they were sick or had any health problems.

I recommend Diamond to anybody I place pups with. It's their choice. Some people have their preferences that they've fed for years. If they're gonna use a different brand, I put some Diamond in a plastic baggie for them to mix in with whatever brand they're gonna feed. But a lot of them just go ahead and buy Diamond brand before they get here. A lot of people also ask me where I get the Diamond brand and I tell them to go on the website. There's a locator there and you can look up any places near where you live. It's pretty easy find.

I was getting it up in Havre, North 40, and they were giving me a break on it too. But sometimes it would take two or three weeks. It's a big outfit. They must employ 40 people and sometimes, my order will get lost. I get up there and nobody would know anything about it or it would be sitting in the back and they wouldn't call me when it came in. The ACE Hardware here in Chinook kinda carry Diamond so I told them that was a good dog food. I figured if I get it here in Chinook, it'd save me driving up to Havre. There's just the owner and the two workers so I go in and he tells me exactly when it would be in and it's only about three or four days – sometimes, five days. Then when it comes in, they call me and I go pick it up. So it's worked out better. It's a lot more convenient and being so much smaller, it's easier to work with them. There's no mix-up in communication.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 17, 2019

The bad reviews I’ve read are unfortunate. Although, I like to know if those people had issues with other brands as well. Food allergies are very possible. I know Diamond Naturals is a family business, so it would be nice if people that have had issues could factually prove it’s the food and not the dogs. Bad reviews on assumptions can hurt a business and I think that’s terrible... What people have to understand is that these reviews typically state the effects their dogs were having at the time they were eating this food. Root cause analysis hasn’t been done to determine those dogs were having such symptoms. There are a zillion reasons for dogs to puke or have diarrhea. This shouldn’t be a reflection on Diamond Naturals just because symptoms have been put in a bad review without proof.

Now I’ll give my experience with Diamond Naturals. I have 2 dog that are 16 yrs old. I got them both when they were about 1. (8 lb Havanese and 65 lb mixed Husky/Shepherd/Beagle) They’ve both eaten this brand of food for 15 yrs and they are in great health! People are shocked when I tell them how old they are, because they’re so active. They always ask what they eat. I am always proud to brag about Diamond Naturals??? Thank you Diamond Naturals!

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Diamond Pet Foods response

So glad you love Diamond Pet Foods! Your points are well taken. It is seemingly human nature to think if your dog or cat has GI issues, it must be from the food. However you are correct, it is likely not. We encourage pet owners to contact us directly, # is printed on the bag, and we will be more than happy to investigate the food to rule it out as well as work with you to find a food that does work well for your pet

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2018

I would recommend Diamond Pet Foods to anybody. Somebody recommended it and I've been using it for over 10 years. I looked at the ingredients on it too, and they had said, "Check out the Diamond All Natural." I started using it then, and I really liked it. We used the regular Diamond, and I had to quit because, to me, it made the puppies' poop smell too bad. When I switched to the All Natural, there was a big difference. The poop doesn't smell as bad. I breed Pomeranians, Shih Tzus, Poodles, and Yorkies, and the puppies all do good off of the Diamond All Natural Puppy. It is a small breed puppy food, because the little bites are so tiny that they can eat it. We've never had any problems, and I also feed it to the lactating mommas because it has a little bit of calcium in it. The mommas get it. I give it to them two to three weeks before they have their babies, and then they eat it up until they weaned off their babies.

I'm on the Diamond breeders program, and so, I give my buyers the sample doggy bag puppy pet food, and I tell them to leave it on the puppies for a year, and as they get older, then they can switch to the regular Diamond. But if they can't get it, take the packages, and mix them half and half of what they get. For the most part, most of them are willing because they can get it at Tractor Supply and the feed stores all have it. I've had people that have brought me back the puppy because something happened and they couldn't keep it, or they had to move, and they all bring me these big bags of Diamond Pet Foods. But I strongly recommend that they keep using it, at least till the dog's a year old.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2018

I was looking for something that was high quality then and Diamond was rated very good so I decided to try it. We used it for five years and we were very happy with it. We breed miniature dachshund and we used the Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy for all of the puppies and the pregnant moms. And then for everybody else, which would include moms that weren’t pregnant, nursing dogs and the males, we used the Diamond Naturals. Chicken & Rice was the most that we used, and then once in a while, I'd get a Lamb or a Beef just to mix in and give them a little variety.

But then, somebody told us to switch food every few years and not just stay on the same thing. I didn’t think that was really true but someone suggested this new kind to me to try and so I gave it a try. I noticed that with Diamond, when our nursing moms were about three weeks into having their babies, they had diarrhea or very soft stools. But that didn't happen with the new kind. Nevertheless, everybody was healthy and got beautiful coats with the Diamond pet food. We were very happy with it and many, many people too because we give out samples. When they see how healthy and beautiful the dogs are, then they wanna continue with it. In fact, we have swayed hundreds and hundreds of people to Diamond. We were telling a lot of people about it and I had it on the website too.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 18, 2019

We have tried several brands with the pets we have rescued. We take in pets from owners that can no longer care for them rather than see them go to shelters or on the street. We have had issues in the past with different foods as far as skin and stomach problems to not liking the food. I also do not like all the extras some of the brands use. We just adopted a min pin that had very loose stools several times a day. My neighbor suggested Diamond brand. We have had him and our others on Diamond now for two weeks and the stools are normal. Right now we have 4 dogs and 5 cats. Varying sizes and ages but our whole little fur family loves the new Diamond food. Thank you so much for giving them such good food to eat.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2019

I have been buying Diamond Naturals chicken and rice since September 2018 and I haven’t had any problems until I bought a new bag on June 29th. I started giving the new bag of food to my 3 dogs the next day (6/30) and on Monday (7/1) around midnight my healthy 7 year old Aussie/Border Collie started having diarrhea. I assumed he must have got into something in our yard until he started vomiting and having bloody diarrhea. Tuesday morning he was refusing food and water so I made him boiled chicken and broth to keep him fed and hydrated. On Wednesday, he was still sick and at this point only pooping bright red blood and quite often, but he was still active and hydrated so I held off on taking him to the vet.

Then the same day my 2 year old dog got sick with diarrhea, but fortunately was only sick for a day. By Friday, my first dog was still sick so we went to the vet that morning and he was given an antibiotic and **. By evening, he was doing so much better. A couple days later my 3rd dog, an 8 year old Border Collie, got sick with the same liquid diarrhea (thankfully no blood). The ** didn’t help him, but the antibiotic did. He was only sick for 2 days. I spoke with our vet's office and we tried to figure out what could possibly be making my 3 healthy, vaccinated dogs sick and they said it was unlikely Parvo or salmonella, but I told them I was throwing our Diamond Naturals dry food out anyways because it was the only culprit I could think of.

We have a fenced in backyard that they play in and I checked the yard multiple times to make sure they didn’t get into something, but I couldn’t find anything. A dog in my house may get random day long diarrhea once in a while, but never like what we just experienced. We changed to another brand of dog food and they’re all doing good. I don’t know for sure if it was the Diamond food that made them all sick, but I won’t be purchasing ever again just in case.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 25, 2019

I heard from other corgi breeders that Diamond works really well with the corgi breed and that they didn't have any problems with using it. So I used it as well. I've been using the Diamond Natural small breed puppy. My puppies are in good health. Their teeth are great, and they're not covered in tartar. Diamond is very good for them. So go ahead and try Diamond. They have many options to choose from and you can't go wrong with it.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 20, 2019

We had good luck with Diamond. Our vet recommended it and we've been using it for about four years now. We breed boxers and we have four litters a year. They live in the home with us and we don't have a kennel. We use Diamond Premium for the large dogs then we use Diamond Puppy if they're a year or under. We also use that for our puppies when they're here or for pregnant mommas. We have a nine-year-old as well and we use the Senior Naturals for him. Then we send the puppies home with samples of Diamond Pet Foods and a lot of the owners stick with it. So far, our dogs seem to have done well on Diamond. We have two dogs that have sensitive stomachs and we haven't seen much of that in it at all.

2 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 19, 2019

Diamond pet food is the most amazing product I’ve ever used and I've been using it for 35 years now. Another breeder told me about it and I’ve tried other products but I always go back to it. Right now, I have small and large breed dogs and they all seem to take it really well. I use the purple bag Puppy then I use the Hi-Energy Adult. Sometimes, I’ll use the Diamond Naturals but not very often, just if I have an issue with a dog. I have a lot of dogs that live to be 18 and 19 years old, so it must be the food.

3 people found this review helpful
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Diamond Pet Foods expert review by Dr. Ken Tudor

Diamond is a pet food and treat company that offer a variety of high-quality and all-natural food and treats. Diamond makes food for puppies, adult dogs, dogs with sensitive stomachs, pregnant dogs and cats.

  • Diamond original: Diamond’s original dry food blend comes in a variety of options. There are blends for puppies, adult dogs, hunting dogs and athletic dogs.

  • Diamond Naturals: Diamond Naturals are all-natural food options for dogs of all sizes and lifestyles. These food blends come in both dry and canned food options.

  • Grain-free options: If your dog has trouble digesting grains, you can purchase grain-free food from Diamond. These are specialty brands from the Diamond Naturals line that uses no unnatural preservatives.

  • Online ingredient list: If your dog has allergies or trouble with some ingredients, you can check to see if your blend contains those ingredients. Diamond lists all of its food ingredients online.

  • Diamond Blog: The Diamond Pet Food Blog features regular blog posts. Subjects include transitioning your rescue dogs to a new diet, tips to give medicine to your pet, how to find a diet for a diabetic pet and more.

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A recognized expert and leader in pet nutrition, Dr. Ken Tudor has written over 200 articles on the subject. He also has a featured weekly blog on petMD, is published in major veterinary journals and is a frequent internet media guest expert. He is the founder of Hearthstone Homemade, a recipe and supplement program for pet parents wishing to feed nutritious homemade dog food.

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