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Pros & Cons

  • Lists meat as first ingredient
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Grain-free options
  • Contains meat meals
  • Difficult for some dogs to digest

Nutro Dog Food

Nutro Dog Food Reviews

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about NUTRO Pet Foods?
    • 4,460,553 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed April 14, 2024

    My Husband & I just recently rescued an abandoned Labrador Pup, prob’ 8 to 10 months old & I had seen all these Website Reviews about Nutro Dog Food being SO Wonderful! -Well, Apparently They Had ALL turned out to be Apparently fake, Paid for (-presumably?), reviews that all claimed how Excellent Nutro was. And there was SO MANY Of These Websites! I cannot even believe how many there were, WOW! Anyway, -even tho’ we’re Low income Seniors, we wanted to get the very best Quality of Food that was within reason to get him off to a Great Start in his new life & it still costs $53. even w/ the $10 off coupon for Nutro! That is Deplorable, Especially after finding tons of these Nefarious websites, after the purchase we had made, claiming how excellent it was!

    Eventually he threw up & we had noticed him having a terrible time with going poop & having loose stools. And we even noticed that when he would go poop, that he seemed to still act as if he was still needing to poop, but since he wasn’t wanting to eat it & would only barely eat any of it, -of course he didn’t have very much to poop out. That’s when I began trying to watch him poop more closely w/o him realizing that I was watching him as he pooped & I don’t know for certain, but it looked like he almost had a bloody butthole once, maybe more, but my husband had been walking him. -Although I can’t see very well & don’t know for certain, as we have quit using it! Anyway, We didn’t know that we’d be adopting an abandoned pup & I feel like such a bad pet parent. And here I’d had big dogs almost all my life & a few small ones since I was 5 yrs old!

    But since I became so sick, we hadn’t gotten another dog because of my health & financial reasons, but this pup was abandoned next to a real busy Hwy. at a Convenience Store for over 3 days the store keeper said. Plus, I’m almost 60 yrs old now. -No Wonder he didn’t want to eat it! It’s toxic! FINALLY!, I Found this website & FOUND TRUTHFUL Reviews & Information!!! Thank Goodness! I am mostly bedfast 98% of the time after having had my neck broken & 7 vertebrae’s shattered in my back. And So we are constantly doing everything in our power to help get my health back & I thought I was doing pretty good at having learned to read food labels, -but Apparently my knowledge of reading dog food’s ingredients & their requirements are something that I now need to learn!

    Nutro is SO Evil! So back to the drawing board & more Studying. -by Tomorrow morning, I’ll have stayed up all night studying dog’s food requirements for best health & a long healthy life, including the ingredients & what to do for our new pup whose made me laugh again & have joy, like I haven’t felt like in more years than I can remember. I thought those reviews were legit that had I been finding, -as I am a heavy researcher in all things health related as I am also fighting Cancer, Heart failure issues, Food & Medication Allergies & more. So I’m Always Studying & doing my VERY best as I can as I am fighting for my life. But those websites ALL looked Absolutely legitimate with real looking legitimate reviews that included Nutro & Talked About How GREAT & Healthy Nutro Dog Food was, what a Sham!

    Now, We will NEVER feed another bite of NUTRO or ANY OTHERS That I Cannot find LEGITIMATE Resources of REAL Research & True Quality Dog Food to our new Family Member, that has given me a new sense of joy, purpose & Reason to live & Keep Fighting For! AND FINALLY!, I Came across this website that had REAL, true & verified reviews from real customers who were also having terrible problems with Nutro as well. Thank you to All of Everyone who helped & left their real experiences & I am So Sorry for all the terrible things that have happened on account of these Nefarious Dog food Companies & Websites having Apparently fake reviews.

    Reviewed March 25, 2024

    I wouldn’t fly with you again even if it was free. I was told I couldn’t board the plane even though I checked in the day before and paid for luggage which I had already dropped off two hours before the flight. Then my wife paid for exit row seats and I had to travel on seat 28C, not an exit row. I will go out of my way to leave a bad review on Google. Juan

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      Reviewed Jan. 23, 2024

      Been using Nutro Large Breed Senior Chicken and Brown Rice for a couple of years without any issues. Opened a new bag last week and my dog has bloody and mucousy diarrhea within 8 hours. Not thinking that it was the food, I kept her on it for 4 more days with no improvement. Bought a bag of Nutro Chicken and Brown Rice, NOT large breed or senior, and fed her that for 3 days. Diarrhea issue resolved. Put her back on the large breed senior today, and tonight the diarrhea was back. Won't be feeding her Nutro anymore.


      Reviewed Nov. 28, 2023

      This food is not good for dogs at all. It is extremely toxic. Made my dog so sick I had to rush her to the emergency room. She was vomiting and diarrhea. I see why the reviews are so I poor. They need to be sued.

      Reviewed Oct. 26, 2023

      I bought a new bag of Nutro dog food, after 3 years of using this brand I noticed with this new bag my small dog got sick instantly. Throwing up blood and explosive diarrhea with blood, I removed the food and after a few days he seemed better, my boxer started to experience the same sickness. That's when I realized it was the food. Both my dogs had to go to the vet and thank god I caught on to the food being the issue. I now make them homemade food and both have been doing better. I contacted Nutro in hopes they would look into it further, before other dogs get sick and I was offered a coupon for another of their sister brands. At this point I have no trust in any of their brands. I'm sending samples of the food to get tested on my dollar to provide they need to do something about this issue before someone's loved one dies.


      Reviewed Aug. 29, 2023

      Our German Shepard became sick from the canned dog food. He was so sick we almost had him put down as was so bad of shape from the food that the vet stated must have salmonella. Our new kitten got into the same food and suffered for it. Nutro keeps blowing us off even with supplied papers from the vet. Don't buy!!! Thankfully the animals survived but we are out $1300.

      Reviewed Dec. 23, 2022

      My dog eats another brand’s food for her regular meals and her poop is always the picture of perfection. I bought Nutro beef bites for training and within 24 hours of eating them she started having mucus diarrhea. It did smell off when I opened it and thought to myself that it might just be a human’s different sensibility and it must be appealing to dogs. Trust your smell sense! I immediately searched to see if this is an issue with this brand and no surprise, I found articles dating back more than a decade! This company needs to be shut down until there is an investigation.

      Reviewed Dec. 4, 2022

      I have been feeding my dog Nutro Healthy Weight Chicken and Brown Rice dry dog food for years. Started feeding from a new bag (purchased from and noticed exceptionally bad breath (a clue). A week later my dog started vomiting his food 4-5 hours after ingestion. Day 3 of the vomiting was accompanied by 20 minutes of quivering/shaking. Remembering the tainted dog treats years ago, I consulted this website and found a plethora of similar complaints. It appears this has been occurring for at least 3 years. Nutro has a long history of problems with the FDA. How do we stop this company from poisoning our pets?

      Reviewed July 31, 2022

      We decided to try out this brand of dog food last week while at our local Pet Supermarket, and at first everything seemed fine but yesterday evening about an hour after he ate he started convulsing and fell out of his bed, having what looked like little seizures. We eventually moved him to a dark room and kept things quiet but he got up and vomited, then started shaking again, then vomited the rest of it up until he was dry heaving and foaming at the mouth slightly. He then had a full seizure. We rushed him to the vet, and meanwhile I found the reviews here, and noticed many had similar events occur. My vet said they doubted it was the food but our dog has never exhibited these symptoms and some of the reviews even some on Amazon for this brand showed that it wasn't always immediate. He did end up sleeping through the night and today is shaking sometimes but seems much more in control of his body. We are discontinuing this food immediately.

      Reviewed May 25, 2022

      A couple weeks after switching my dog to Nutro I noticed diarrhea and vomiting which quickly turned into bloody diarrhea. I at first thought that my dog had just eaten something in the yard that made her sick but the symptoms continued after a week and she gradually stopped wanting to eat. Once I took her off Nutro and put her back on the brand she was eating prior to Nutro the symptoms disappeared.

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