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We have used Nutro grain-free food for nearly 5 years since our English Bulldog Sprocket was a puppy. We opened a new bag of food about 2 weeks ago. This week Sprocket broke out with red whelps all over his belly and skin and was throwing up yellow bile. We narrowed it down to the Nutro brand food. We will never use this brand food again. Something needs to be done to make consumers aware of this problem!

I have been feeding my two dogs this food for 7 years since they were puppies. The last bag purchased was last weekend and I used this food as of Tuesday, Sept. 20th 2016. It was purchased at Petco in Marysville Washington. The dogs became lethargic and immediately started throwing up yellow bile. They had diarrhea and now one of them has constipation. I am taking them to the vet today and feeding them chicken and rice that I am making myself. I called a friend who advised me about this dog food and the information that has been posted currently. This product is not what it once was. Its quality has been compromised. Please do something about this before others lose their precious pets.

We have a 25 lb pug, Bo and a 6 lb pomeranian papillon mix, Red. I have been feeding them Nutro brand since we got them 6 years ago. About a week ago we opened a new bag and they started eating it. I noticed that they were not eating very much and would actually walk away from it. I thought they were being picky and wanted treats instead.

On Wednesday of last week Red started acting stranger than normal. He was lethargic and was eating very little, but drinking lots of water. Bo was not eating very much either but drinking lots of water. On Thursday I came home and discovered that Red was vomiting, and would not eat at all. On Friday we took him to the Vet. The vet ran blood test and said his kidneys were shutting down. He was hospitalized with a IV drip to give him fluids and is still in the hospital. He was very sick. The only thing he knew in his system was the new bag of Nutro. The Pug has refused to eat the Nutro. After reading these reports, I do believe that the Nutro Dog Food is the culprit. I called my vet and let them know what I think it is. I will never feed this food to my dogs again. I cannot trust it. Looking for a new food that I can trust.

Nutro Large Breed Chicken, Whole Brown Rice and Oatmeal Recipe. We have been feeding our dogs, Dottie (17 yrs) and Bear (1 1/2 yrs) Nutro dog food since we have had them both as pups. Our Lab, Bear gobbles down his food like a typical Lab. Just recently after opening up a new bag and we noticed that he would wake up in the middle of the night throwing up yellowish bile. After reading all the other reviews that were the same, he would stop eating and look up at my wife with sad eyes. He always eats his food and he was trying to tell us that we were killing him by giving him this food.

We have been using this product with our other Lab Moose without any problems till recently. There is something wrong with this dog food. We changed his dog food last night and his poop is pretty normal. It will take a few days for the gas to stop. We are NOT EVER going to use this food EVER. Very DISAPPOINTED that this company for not doing more after reading ALL these same problems caused by their food.

I purchased the Nutro Dog Food for my dog because they claim to be natural. I ended up with a dead dog. My dog stopped eating, became lethargic, started vomiting and diarrhea. And died a horrible death. This food is no good. I can't get my dog back and it's heartbreaking that I thought this would be a better choice in food. That happy dog would have been 1 on the 10th of September and I got his shots. Didn't change anything in his life only the dog food. My biggest mistake??? I emailed Nutro and haven't heard from them. They are the worst with all these complaints. They should recall the food.

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We'd been feeding our 11 yr. old chihuahua Nutro Ultra Small Breed dog food for about 18 months as recommended by the folks at PetSmart. We recently bought a new bag of the same food and within days, our dog developed diarrhea, lost her appetite, and became very lethargic. Not even thinking it could be her food (as it was what she'd been eating for 1 1/2 yrs), we took her to the vet. They said her stomach was very hard, and gave her antibiotics and something to help stop the diarrhea. After two more weeks, she still hadn't recovered and we were about to go back to the vet when we thought to check for info on her food. That's when we discovered this website, and that all reviews of this brand back to Dec. 31, 2015 seemed to be 1-star ratings!

We immediately researched to see if we could find some unbiased info on pet foods, and finally came up with 8-10 recommended brands. Armed with these, we visited a different pet store (Mr. Pet's, I believe), where we seemed to get very educated, sensible advice about a number of these brands that they carried; also some others, and what they recommended for our particular age and breed of dog. We ended up switching to a brand made in Canada, which is free from fillers, and one which does not use antibiotic-fed meat in its production. (I'd be more than happy to share the brand, but not sure if that's allowed on this site.) Because we didn't want to do the usual gradual food switch due to the detrimental impact the current food was having on our pet, the store recommended that mixing a spoonful of cooked pumpkin would aid digestion and help ease the transition.

Our dog LOVED the new food (including the pumpkin), and within a couple of days was back to her normal self, and then some! She's regained some of the vigor she'd lost over the past 3-4 years. We figured she was just getting old, but it's AMAZING what a difference her new food has made! I should mention that PetSmart did accept return of the big bag of Nutro Ultra that we had recently purchased, without raising an argument; something we really appreciated.

I just was reading about Nutro dog food. I have been giving this food to my dog for years. About 2 years ago my dog got very, very sick, vomiting, diarrhea and not eating. Almost died. Took him to the vet numerous times and they could not find nothing wrong with him. They gave him antibiotic and I made him homemade chicken and rice until he got better. He got better and went back to the Nutro dry dog food and again started with the throwing up bile, gagging and diarrhea again. Would have never guessed it was the food because he had been taking it since he was a baby. Since I switched brands of food my dog is doing great.

I, like the rest of recent posts have used Nutro Large Breed Puppy in the past and it has been okay. Then I used Bil-Jac for a couple of months and my Weimaraner puppy loved that. The Nutro was on sale at my local pet store so I bought it again and it has been a disaster like others have described. My dog's stool has been consistently loose and it turning into diarrhea this past week. I tried mixing in pumpkin and rice to help and nothing did. He has also been foaming at the mouth and throwing up bile. Being that he tries to eat everything I thought maybe he got a hold of a frog or toad without my knowledge. He has also been urinating in the house after being previously fully house trained. The final straw last night was when he soiled himself in his kennel. I am returning it today and letting them know about the problems so they can think about pulling it.

Nutro Senior canned food - I have used this product for several years. And, I was very happy with it. Lately, it has been giving dog explosive diarrhea. I have discontinued using this product and she is improving. I'm not sure what has changed, but the dehydration caused by this product almost killed my dog.

I WISH SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TOLD US ABOUT THIS BEFORE WE GAVE IT TO OUR PUPPY!!! My wife and myself recently added to our family and new member. He was a adorable little "Ozzie-Doddle", full of energy and just as lovable as could be. He was jet black with little white paws with just a touch of white just below his chin. He was the most adorable thing you have ever seen. He would run thru the house and play with our 9 year old "She Po". My wife and I are in our mid 60's and it was like watching two little children play. Everything was perfect up till approx a couple of weeks ago when my wife changed dog food for the our puppy Maxamus to Nutro Puppy Mix from the brand she had been feeding him since we purchased him.

We noticed immediately that Maxamus just started nibbling at his food instead of eating what he was given. He would just would pick at it throughout the day. Then all of a sudden this past Wednesday, July 13th, 2016, my wife looked down and Maxamus had eaten his entire food bowl of food. Within minutes of eating the food our puppy starting running thru the house vomiting severely and pooping (which he had never done) because he was housebroken. He also became very disoriented, had a problem standing up or walking straight. He started crying out loudly and having seizures as he suffered in severe pain. None of which these problems were presented until he finished eating the Nutro Puppy Chow.

The day prior to this incident, our other dog had also eaten small amount of the Puppy Chow from Maxamus' bowl before my wife caught her and she also became violently ill, causing her to also become violently ill and to vomit violently throughout the night and go to the bathroom. Luckily for us, our other dog (Lexus) was older and larger than Maxamus, which we believed saved her life otherwise we believe she also would be dead. I wish someone would have told us about this "dog food" before we gave to our puppy, maybe then my wife and myself would not be going thru this heartache. I wish somewhere, someplace in the store where we purchased the dog food, there would have been a warning telling people, "Before you give this food to your dog, please check out current customer complaints concerning our product".

We have turned over customer complaints to our local vets in our area in hopes that the next dog that comes into their offices with symptoms matching our puppy's symptoms if they have been feed Nutro Dog Food. Maybe they can save that dog's life. At least they will know where to start to look liver damage and neurological damage. Our puppy Maxamus did nothing to deserve to die a excruciating and painful death that he suffered due to what we believe was "BAD PUPPY CHOW". DON'T GIVE THIS TO YOUR DOGS.

I've been feeding my rottie Nutro for the past 6 months. 2 weeks ago he became violently ill after eating. He vomited 3 times that day. He didn't eat or drink for two days. The vet thought he had swallowed something because his belly felt like it had something in it. Once they opened him up they found his small intestines enlarged as well as his pancreas and spleen. He also developed shakiness. He stumbled when he walked. He's recovering now but he refuses to eat his food. He sniffs it and whines until you feed him something else. I don't know what happened but I've had to switch to another brand.

We have been feeding our Labradors Nutro for the past 18 years. They always got rave comments from people about how shiny their coats were. Lately, I noticed our current Lab's coat is dull, dry and coarse. Late last week, she began vomiting within an hour or so of eating. Starting yesterday, she hasn't even wanted to finish her bowl of food. Today, she again vomited after her morning feeding and much of remains uneaten in her bowl. She is otherwise healthy, active, alert; no signs of physical ailments to be concerned with. Tonight, we changed her food to Taste of the Wild. We have friends who feed their 3 dogs this brand. Their dogs have the coats our Lab used to have.

After reading many of the previous reviews, it appears we are not the only ones who are experiencing problems with Nutro. Maybe Mars should concentrate on making candy bars and not mess with what was once a superior product. I threw the remaining 20 lbs. of Nutro into the garbage tonight and will not be purchasing any more, nor any other product produced by Mars.

I switched my 7 month old Husky mix slowly to this food (Nutro Large breed lamb puppy food) over the last 2.5 weeks mixing it with the blue Buffalo he is currently on. I upped the mix of Nutro to approx. 75% from 50% on Monday evening and he threw up Tuesday evening then on Wednesday at 3am. I could not sleep because I was so worried about my baby dog. He threw up most of his dinner after eating it like 9 hours ago. Then I decided to look at the reviews and saw a lot of other people saying the same thing and that Nutro was making their dog sick. I wanted him off the food immediately.

I went and bought him Orijen Puppy food Thursday and pretty much switched him cold turkey (I mixed the little bit of the Blue Buffalo I had left in with it) and he has had no problems. He was mostly fine on the Blue Buffalo except he would have loose stools sometimes. I did some Research on Nutro looking at Reviews on Pet Smart and everything seemed fine, but apparently I did not research enough! Do yourself a favour and skip this food! Not worth the risk!

Our 6 yr old Lab/Retriever Cross just spent 3 very sick days in & out of the vet's office. (Not to mention over $1000.00 in vet bills.) It started when we purchased a new bag of Nutro Ultra Large Breed food. Within a few hours of eating from this bag he was vomiting, this went on for a couple of hours. Later that evening we tried to give him a very small amount of food, he ate it and again an hour later was vomiting.

For the next 12 hours, he was continuing to be sick, he refused to lick ice and we were concerned with dehydration. The vet took him in and immediately put him on an IV. Then the tests began. It took days for our dog to accept even a little food. (NOT Nutro!) For a time we were worried that he might not make it thru this. Thankfully, 4 days later he is now eating and drinking again, his energy is still low, but he'd on the mend. There was no other reason found for his condition other than it was likely diet induced. I send Nutro an email informing them of the situation, with the bar code from the bag of food, hoping that they will do the right thing and recall this food before more dogs get sick.

I changed my 3 year old Golden Doodle's food from Royal Canine to Nutro Dog Food because she was having really bad gas. The gas went away on new Nutro Dog Food but we started noticing that she was not as frisky as normal and she had a spell where she acted dizzy, started drooling and shaking. She did not fall down or pass out so we thought she had an inner ear problem. For the next 4 months she would have one of these spells. It ended up that these were minor seizures. After researching I found out that rosemary can cause seizures in dogs. I switched to a all natural food and she has not had a seizure since. I would not recommend this dog food.

Wow. Ditto, ditto, ditto. Exact same thing as the others here. 8 year old Golden Retriever starting being picky with food, did not want to eat, ate grass when outside, vomiting, no energy, was dizzy. Was not the same dog for a month. Went to the Vet (he specifically asked what brand of food). A bunch of money in vet bills. Did blood work and came back normal. Started cooking fresh chicken/rice temporarily until she felt better and she's a different dog. Doing research on what food now to use and came across these reviews. Will never use Nutro again!

I recently bought a new bag of Nutro small breed puppy food. The first day that we fed it to our dog she had an episode of vomiting. I didn't think too much of it. The next day, 30 minutes after her meal, she showed neurological signs. Stumbling, shaking and lethargic. A trip to the ER and activated charcoal and 6 hours later she was fine. The next day, 30 minutes after her meal, same thing. After visiting a neurologist and an internal medicine specialist as well as a battery of tests, all is normal with her. We switched her food immediately and she hasn't had an episode since. Buyer beware.

While this food may be good for your dog the packet I bought for my dog contains pellets that are ROCK hard and even after one hour in water remained in the same way. In the end hot water and oil softened them. How they can be digested otherwise is beyond me. If possible avoid giving this food to your dog as it will block up their colon and could lead to serious digestion problems.

Like other reviewers, I switched both my dogs over to Nutro Lamb & Rice (since it was on sale). Both dogs became ill nearly immediately. My Boston Terrier developed red eyes (with thick discharge), was very lethargic and began urinating uncontrollably throughout the house - which is completely out of character. In addition his fur became dull and began to fall out. My other dog, a Boston Terrier/Pug Mix began vomiting yellow foamy bile multiple times a day and was also extremely lethargic. Her eyes became bloodshot as well. This continued for almost a week before I realized that the food may be the culprit. I switched them back to their old food (Whole Earth Farms) and within a day they both regained energy. Their skin, fur and eyes looked significantly better and there were no more vomiting or urination issues. I'm confident, especially based on other similar accounts, that the food was to blame. Consumer beware.

This dog food was SEVERELY constipating for my little chihuahua. I tried everything to make it better. Gave her wet food in the morning and the dry food at night. Added digestive supplement with sweet potatoes and ginger. But nothing helped. When I walked her and picked up after her, her stools were the color and texture of concrete! I bought it this food because it advertised having fruits and vegetables in it. But they are in separate pieces. Unfortunately, my dog picked them out and would not eat them. Finally just returned the remainder of the bag to the store. I will NOT be buying Nutro again!!!

As other reviewers, our poodle mix didn't do too well with the switch in the dog food. She started vomiting and urinating uncontrollably about 5 days after the switch. We have switched back to Purina.

My wife and I just switched our toy poodles to Nutro because it was slightly less expensive than what we were feeding them (but it's certainly not cheap). Both dogs have been extremely healthy with no health problems. Within 5 days of our 9 year old starting on Nutro Senior dry dog food, he is vomiting repeatedly and has uncontrolled and bloody urination. The only thing that changed was this food and I looked and found MANY similar (and worse) complaints from dog owners. We thought this was a higher end brand but are now extremely concerned for our poor dog (the other dog is 5 and has been eating the Nutro Lite without any problems yet). We are returning this defective product immediately and ask that you at least research customer complaints on this brand who we thought we could trust... Never again.

My dog is flourishing on Nutro. I mix it with warm broth and anything else that I have left over. He also eats it mixed with tuna in water. He's a Tibetan Terrier and eats the small breed type which is not easily available.

I do not currently have dogs but when I did Nutro was the one food that was affordable and did not have a lot of junk in it. The dogs loved it and that was part of why I bought it.

Nutro has been the highest quality product for dog nutrition consistently in my experience. I pet sit and would recommend it to my clients for their dogs.

We use Nutro Natural Choice GRAIN FREE Venison and Chickpea for our pure bred German Shepherd. She has been on this dog food for over a year (previously we used Nutro Natural Choice GRAIN FREE Venison and Potato), which she was on for the previous 2 years. Her stools are good and she is happy to eat up everything.

This brand was recommended by the trainer of my Service Dog, Paris. She maintains a good weight, has plenty of energy and loves the taste. I also use it for training.

My dachshunds have very sensitive digestive systems. They like dry food, but eat very fast, and would end up vomiting whole pieces within minutes of eating. I switched to Nutro Max for sensitive systems. No more vomiting, shiny coats, and no dandruff. Nutro makes a quality product for a decent price.

I feed my doggies Nutro Lite kibble Rice and Lamb formula. They love it. I give them about 1/3 cup kibble in the morning with a couple of chunks of pineapple (prevents them from eating their own poop!) and with Nature's Valley chicken nuggets raw frozen food at night... one nugget each.

I have a five year old mixed breed (Shih-Tzu and Terrier). I adopted him when he was just 5 weeks old; a rescue dog from a humane shelter. When I went to Petsmart to buy food for him for the first time, a Nutro Rep was there. He talked to me about the food I had planned to buy and pointed out the differences between that brand and Nutro. I decided to try it and have bought nothing else since. My dog has never been ill and I attribute that to a good, balanced diet. I plan to stay with Nutro for his lifetime.