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  • Lists meat as first ingredient
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Grain-free options
  • Contains meat meals
  • Difficult for some dogs to digest

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about NUTRO Pet Foods?
    • 4,482,526 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Dec. 4, 2022

    I have been feeding my dog Nutro Healthy Weight Chicken and Brown Rice dry dog food for years. Started feeding from a new bag (purchased from and noticed exceptionally bad breath (a clue). A week later my dog started vomiting his food 4-5 hours after ingestion. Day 3 of the vomiting was accompanied by 20 minutes of quivering/shaking. Remembering the tainted dog treats years ago, I consulted this website and found a plethora of similar complaints. It appears this has been occurring for at least 3 years. Nutro has a long history of problems with the FDA. How do we stop this company from poisoning our pets?

    Reviewed July 31, 2022

    We decided to try out this brand of dog food last week while at our local Pet Supermarket, and at first everything seemed fine but yesterday evening about an hour after he ate he started convulsing and fell out of his bed, having what looked like little seizures. We eventually moved him to a dark room and kept things quiet but he got up and vomited, then started shaking again, then vomited the rest of it up until he was dry heaving and foaming at the mouth slightly. He then had a full seizure. We rushed him to the vet, and meanwhile I found the reviews here, and noticed many had similar events occur. My vet said they doubted it was the food but our dog has never exhibited these symptoms and some of the reviews even some on Amazon for this brand showed that it wasn't always immediate. He did end up sleeping through the night and today is shaking sometimes but seems much more in control of his body. We are discontinuing this food immediately.

    Reviewed May 25, 2022

    A couple weeks after switching my dog to Nutro I noticed diarrhea and vomiting which quickly turned into bloody diarrhea. I at first thought that my dog had just eaten something in the yard that made her sick but the symptoms continued after a week and she gradually stopped wanting to eat. Once I took her off Nutro and put her back on the brand she was eating prior to Nutro the symptoms disappeared.

    Reviewed April 4, 2022

    I don’t know what they did with this formula and why they changed it but ever since they changed it my dog has been having digestive issues. Diarrhea and feeling nauseous. I’m going to get her checked out at the Vet and I hope nothing serious is going on. I feel like there should be a class action lawsuit against Nutro since people have lost their pets to this food. Avoid at all costs!!


    Reviewed Dec. 11, 2020

    My 5 month old Chihuahua Lily has been on a lot of different foods in her little life. I try to find the most natural one. With these terrible reviews I tried to steer clear. I had her on this food at 8 weeks for a few weeks, took her off & started her on Wellness, then Whole Earth Farms & plenty of others. This is definitely the one I think she is the healthiest on & we always go back to this food. Heathy BMs, shiny coat, energy, and she loves the taste. This is by far not the worst food, but not the best ingredients wise. I especially steer clear of grain free. But instead of just reading the label & internet horror reviews, I used how my puppy is showing me how she feels! This food is our happy medium in my home. I recommend just trying different foods & seeing what seems best for your dog, bc every dog is different!

    Reviewed Sept. 25, 2020

    I tried Nutro food as it is highly recommended on some websites. There are so many foods out there to choose from nowadays that this seemed good. We have two sister Brittany Spaniels who are 7. It didn't affect the one at all. The other one it greatly affected. The first time she flipped off the couch having some sort of seizure so I quit the food for 6 months. We thought she had just fell off the couch then. Then like a dummy; I tried it again and she ran outside and began contorting. It was horrible. Do not buy this food it is a killer. So far my little fur baby is ok as I threw this horrible food away. Buyer beware.

    Reviewed Sept. 14, 2020

    My six year old Min Pin Coco has been loving Nutro Wild Frontier dog food since he was born and he has thrived on it like no other. Well this brand is no longer produced and I am left with a whole case of it that is no longer edible for him. Just one call the Company was all it took to assist this 80 year old Vet with a one time compassion price reduction coupon that made it possible to feed my dog for about a month. In addition to a great product, this type of assistance really made an impression on me and will I am sure have an effect on anyone who reads this. Not many companies will do this for their customers.


    Reviewed Aug. 31, 2020

    I can’t believe it. I’m lost for words. My 4month old fur baby is so sick it’s not even funny. It started off with my girlfriend changing her food to Nutro then I started noticing a sudden change in my dog’s behavior. She went from a healthy sweet loving puppy to a very ill baby. She started to vomit then the diarrhea started and now she is always thirsty and doesn’t really want to be active. I pray they discontinue this brand because there is people who really love their animals. I wouldn’t recommend this brand to anybody who really cares for their dog. This product is not safe and it needs to be removed from all stores. Please look into this.


    Reviewed Aug. 26, 2020

    I tried Nutro for the first time and I am almost through the 30lb bag I bought. Since I have bought this food, my dog has been throwing up about once a week completely random for the past 5 weeks. Mostly in the AM or early afternoon, she has been showing signs of nausea and depression. I finally was able to get her in to the vet. My vet is amazing. He told me about all of issues with Nutro dog food and the multiple recalls.

    From Consumer Affairs: "In the past year, we've received nearly 500 complaints from pet owners who say their dogs or cats suddenly became ill after eat NUTRO. The problems these pets have experienced are similar: vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive issues. Most of the complaints mirror one received last week." - from Linda P. Apr 20, 2009.

    Now this article is from 2009 but you can find dozens more. My dog has lost 5 lbs in the past month. I have been pregnant and sick myself and trying to move in addition to hardly any availability at my vet so I wonder how much worse she could have gotten if I didn't get her in to see him when I did!! Do NOT buy this food, it is dangerous!!!!

    Reviewed July 28, 2020

    I've been using Nature's Recipe dry puppy food, and I was looking for a wet puppy food to mix in with it to help him gain a little bit because he's underweight by a tiny bit. So I tried Nutro wet Puppy food since Nature's recipe didn't have a wet puppy food. I've been mixing it in for almost 2 weeks now. And twice I've only allowed him to have it by itself. Both times he has temporarily went blind in one eye. I'm furious. He is only 15 weeks old and should not be having these problems. I will never use this brand ever again.

    Reviewed July 18, 2020

    One treat given to my dog with no other changes to her diet and within hours she has full body tremors and vomiting. I’m very upset. I’m awaiting a vet to call me to see how to help my beloved dog. I hate that I didn’t review this brand first. There are tons of these same issues with this brand.

    Reviewed April 8, 2020

    I got a big bag of Nutro dog food for free for my dog. I tried this dog food for my dog and started having problems a few days later. I finally looked at the reviews and decided not to feed my dog this food anymore. I wish I would have looked at the reviews first. I did mix his old dog food with it. 50 50 mix. I noticed the other night he was shivering for no reason. It was not cold in our house at all. Going back to his old food.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Feb. 19, 2020

    I've been feeding this food to my 2 miniature pinschers since 2008. They have always been very healthy. I had this product on auto ship. I noticed the kibble was not smooth. The kibble is rigid and have grains poking out of the kibbles. Since receiving the latest batch (approx 1 month ago), my dogs have been vomiting often. Half of the time it's been undigested dog food. It was 3am this morning and one of my girls started licking profusely. She started trembling uncontrollably and threw up her undigested food in 4 parts. This had me very worried. I was searching online about what it could be. It was in the back of my mind it could be their food because why else would two perfectly healthy dogs start to get sick since receiving a new bag of dog food. SURE ENOUGH! NUTRO changed their formula.

    Since the food was on autoship, I didn't know until I called Chewy customer service and they advised me that I had received a batch of their new formula. I won't be using their improved formula, I'll be looking for a new dog food for my babies. Ps. My brother's dog has been having stomach issues too (different household) and it's the same scenario, but different. UPDATE: I've started feeding Solid Gold and my dogs have not vomited or had seizure like episodes since feeding the new food.

    Reviewed Jan. 17, 2020

    I started using Nutro Natural Lamb and Rice in 2011 when I got my second bulldog from a breeder that was using it. I did all the reviews and thought this was going to make a difference as previous bulldog did not have the best of health. AFter 9 years my dog started to get sick with seizures. She was perfectly healthy up until that time then she started having severe rhinitis. She was constantly throwing up her food. She lost 30 lbs in less than six months. She finally lost her battle to live. After 2 months I adopted another bulldog 3 years old in good health. I started to switch her dog food over to what we were feeding my previous bulldog. After her first day of all Nutro and nothing from the other food she started having seizures? I am now in transition of once again moving her off of Nutro. I have the dog food in a sealed container and would like to have it tested. I truly believe my dog died from this dog food.


    Reviewed Dec. 30, 2019

    We have fed our pets Nutro for years up until the 2008 recall. It tooks years to trust the brand again and we have used their dog food since 2012 (wet & dry). All was well until recently when our dogs' digestion started acting up with diarrhea and he oddly shivered. We did not suspect the food immediately, but started feeding rice and boiled chicken with carrots to recover him. He immediately perked up. Last night was the final straw as the shivering was very scary and it was clear that pup was nauseous. I gave him chicken broth and he had a rough night, had another bout of semi-soft poop and seems to be feeling better now. Apparently no product is being recalled, but I am disturbed to read so many poor reviews similar to our own experience. Never feeding Nutro again.

    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2019

    I started my Yorkie mix on the canned Nutro dog food the same night as his new meds for incontinence and he was very sick with almost constant diarrhea and vomiting. I thought it was the meds so I stopped them but fed him his Nutro (I mix about a quarter of a can with his dry dog food, which is another brand he has been eating for awhile with no issues) and he continued to vomit undigested food, bile and watery diarrhea. At times he was going out every ten to fifteen minutes, usually every half hour, for almost 24 hours.

    I started him on rice and slowly some turkey and it cleared up. I also stopped his meds. After he felt better the next night, I fed him his Nutro and dry food combo and within an hour he was vomiting and had frequent bouts of diarrhea. I will never feed him this food again. I will have another long, sleepless night of tending to my very ill dog because of this dog food. I googled it and was astonished to hear so many others with these symptoms.


    Reviewed Dec. 26, 2019

    I have a 12 yr old Boston and a 14 yr old Doxie. They had dental done and needed soft food afterwards. I tried Nutro, my Doxie refuses to eat it. My Boston ate the Nutro w/out issue. Two weeks post Nutro, on Christmas Day, my Boston started seizing. She is a very healthy dog, besides being blind she is very healthy and acts like a pup still. Nothing else in her routine or diet has changed, we were able to pin it down to the Nutro is the only difference.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 23, 2019

    My dog has been on Nutro Chicken dog food for approx 1-1/2 years. I opened a new bag and with in 24-36 hours my dog had severe diarrhea. I took him off of this and put him on boiled chicken and rice. I also took him to the Vet and was told after antibiotics to slowly put him back on this dog food. After 10 days I did this only to have it come back yet again 24-36 hours later! This was a brand new bag that I opened in the beginning. I took him back to the vet and they put him on a RX dog food and more antibiotics. Now we did blood work up. I contacted Nutro and they wanted a sample of the dog food only to tell me there was nothing wrong with it. It was never tested I am sure. My dog had pancreatitis which I am sure is related to this food. My dog also has high cholesterol. I will never use anything from Nutro again!

    Reviewed Nov. 25, 2019

    I have had my baby on this food her whole life. Thinking it was the best thing I could do for her. She was diagnosed with a heart problem and died 2 weeks ago. Then I read this article my vet told me and this food killed my baby. Beware!!!

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2019

    We've fed our dog Nutro since adopting him in January 2019. He's had worsening facial hair loss since we've had him and seen veterinary dermatologists, was on monthly shots since May to curb itching during allergy season, and the balding spots on his body improved completely but not on his face by his eyes. In September all of a sudden he started vomiting after every meal, almost immediately after eating. We thought it was because he was drinking too much water too fast right after eating, so over a week we reduced the amounts of water he had access to. But it kept happening and he was getting less moisture, so we added cooked white rice 50/50 with the Nutro dry food. This helped some, but in this last week it has not. He started vomiting completely undigested, full servings of his meals up to 4 hours after eating them. His eye also looks worse suddenly.

    Our vet said this could be due to sensitivity of his stomach and I looked up the food brand on here to find stories that were similar. Maybe it's the food, or maybe just a bad choice for our dog, but I wanted to add our experience with Nutro here for the record. We've decided to switch his food permanently to one for dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs.

    Reviewed Oct. 9, 2019

    I started feeding my dog Nutro canned food and for the first few days it was okay. After about 4 days of eating it, she developed horrible, uncontrollable diarrhea. I switched back to a different food and the diarrhea has gone away.

    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2019

    I slowly switched my dog and cat to Nutro after reading all of the good reviews. I did as directed and started mixing smaller to larger amounts into their existing food, until they were both completely on Nutro. The cat adult indoor chicken and brown rice recipe, and the dog lamb and rice small bites are the foods we switched to. My dog has been throwing up bile and has had soft yellow stools, and my cat has been vomiting her kibble up. My cat has never been one to vomit, and understandably, she started avoiding her food. My dog doesn’t get scraps and has never had stomach issues. Both animals started having the same issues after we switched foods.

    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2019

    My small dog was on her second bag of this dog food when she became to eat grass every time she went outside, vomiting in the middle of the night, had diarrhea, was losing weight, and was not her hyper self. After doing some research on this dog food, I found out that it has been proven by the FDA that this dog food causes heart failure in dogs and cats, plus has been recalled numerous times.


    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2019

    We bought Nutro Wholesome Essentials (Small Breed - Adult - Flavor Chicken, Brown Rice and Sweet Potato Recipe) for our pomeranian and the bag we bought made all of our dogs sick. Especially my pomeranian Biggie. He started out with black tarry loose stool that turned to a yellow diarrhea before turning to straight watery blood after 48 hours. My dog vomited twice and was in pain. We paid $400 to two vet hospitals to get my pom treated. We paid for blood tests and were given antibiotics that we are praying works for him along with a prescribed bland diet. We were ordered to stop feeding our dogs Nutro. When we came home from the vet we discovered our other dogs sick with yellow diarrhea because they were also eating Nutro. After we stopped feeding the food the dogs Nutro the vomiting and diarrhea stopped being sick.

    I contacted Smart and Final in Camarillo where the product was bought to let them know what happened and that store pulled the product off shelves. I filed a formal complaint with the store in an effort to have the SKU removed from all Smart and Final stores. Nutro is dangerous and should be taken off shelves. I'm reporting to Consumer Affairs, BBB, and anyone else that will help in filing a formal complaint against Nutro further poisoning dogs with their substandard food quality. NUTRO IS TOXIC! BEWARE. Many recent consumer comments reporting dog poisoning.

    Attached are photos of the Nutro Dog Food bag.
    Info For Poison Bag of NUTRO Food Purchased with SKU:
    Nutro -Feed Clean - Wholesome Essentials -Small Breed - Adult - Farm Raised Chicken, Brown Rice and Sweet Potato.
    Bar Code SKU: 079105122177
    Best By: May 20, 2020 (28_2)

    921C2VICO8 17:22 CAPF00024

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    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2019

    I started 2 of my 3 dogs on Nutro weight management (chicken formula) a few months ago as it was listed as a recommended product from my vet. They did not seem to have any issues and did lose a few pounds. HOWEVER..when I went to purchase a second bag, Petsmart only had the Lamb and rice formula. Because I was completely out, I purchased it. Within a few days, one of the 2 started getting up in the middle of the night to vomit. It had some full sized kibble in it. The food didn't occur to me as the source because I didn't change brands, only protein source. Two weeks later, my 2nd guy started to vomit. He has a tough tummy.

    At the same time, my little Pomeranian was having diarrhea and I couldn't figure out why because her food had not changed. What I have since realized is that the Pomeranian was eating the kibble that fell from the big guy's bowls. Now that I've had them on a bland diet AND switched off of Nutro all together, all 3 dogs are completely fine. I was saddened to see so many similar stories and NO recalls or warnings. What more can we do here? The Petsmart manager said "unless the FDA has a direct correlation, we won't pull it". Ugh.

    Reviewed July 8, 2019

    I've been feeding my 5 y/o Boston Terrier Nutro Max since December of 2017. I had no complaints until now. I started using a new bag about 4 days ago. The first feeding he vomited up undigested food. Same the next day. He's been eating very little of it. Last night he started vomiting up bile, and has been doing so steady throughout the night and this morning. I will be changing food and no longer using this brand.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 2, 2019

    I started to feed my 9 month old puppy Nutro Essentials puppy food (chicken/rice/sweet potato). I purchase a small bag at Wal-Mart and my dog seemed to enjoy the food clearing her bowl (which was not done with her previous brand). As I was near the end of that bag I purchased the next small bag at Pets Supply Plus. My dog ate one serving and threw up undigested food a few hours later. At the next feeding time she again ate but threw up undigested food a few hours later and proceeded to vomit bile throughout the night.

    The next morning she would not eat the food or even go near her dish nor would she would drink water. I gave her ice cubes to chew on plus the bland homemade diet of rice and boiled chicken for two days. She ate and digested the homemade food without problems. I started to re-introduce the Nutro but even with only a small amount (1/4 cup) mixed into the homemade food she began to vomit bile. I stopped feeding the food and notified Nutro but no response. I will no longer be purchasing or feeding Nutro.


    Reviewed June 29, 2019

    Our Cocker Spaniel has been in Nutro Chicken dry food since a puppy. She is now almost three. We decided to mix the Lamb and Rice in with the Chicken. Within a few days, had vomiting issues and started refusing to eat. I added some boiled chicken which regretfully made her eat the food. She became extremely lethargic. Would just sleep all day with no interest in anything and no energy. Took her to vet - took fecal sample and blood test but he couldn’t find anything wrong. Finally dawned on me about food and I went back to the chicken only. Within a day, she was back to her old self. The only thing we changed was her food.

    Reviewed June 18, 2019

    I have two Yorkies, one 16 year old with stomach issues & 12 year old with collapsed trachea issues. They absolutely love this food. I alternate and give them both (dry & wet). They have been on this food for about a year. My 16 yr old no longer has stomach issues!! Unfortunately, they discontinued only the wet chunky gravy. Luckily, the kibble was not. Onto a my journey to find something similar that they will love. Nutro Ultra please bring back the wet chunky gravy!!!


    Reviewed June 7, 2019

    Nutro Essentials Dry Dog Food Toy Breed has the smallest bites that I have found. The perfect chihuahua dry dog food. My chihuahua had stopped eating dry dog food, for several years. I tried just about every dry dog food there was, and she refused to eat even the best, including Blue Buffalo. She loves Nutro Toy Breed and has for several years now. She does not like the Nutro Small Breed as much as the Toy Breed. She just loves these tiny bites.

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