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About Blue Buffalo Pet Foods Reviews

Blue Buffalo is a manufacturer of dog and cat foods. Ingredients include high-quality meats, fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, fish oil, barley, rye, fava beans, vitamins and mineral supplements. Products are available on the company’s website and through other retailers.

Pros & Cons


  • No filler ingredients
  • Wide selection of food and treats
  • Vitamins and mineral supplements


  • Brand has had recalls
  • Can be expensive

Bottom Line

Blue Buffalo uses high-quality ingredients for its pet food. The company doesn’t use animal byproducts, and it adds vitamins and minerals to provide a balanced diet. There's a range of options for pets of all ages and needs.

Featured Reviews

Apopka, FL

We love Blue Buffalo. ... Our vet recommended this brand and we have never used any other. Buying them Blue Buffalo reduces my guilt of not letting them indulge in table scraps be...

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Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

This is a premium brand, but at a reasonable price point and widely available. Some other recommended brands are quite hard to find! This is grain free and doesn't cause tummy ups...

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Blue Buffalo dog food

Blue Buffalo dog food

Blue Buffalo is a pet food brand that creates healthy food for dogs and cats. It offers products with targeted formulas for each of your pet’s life stages, and the recipes use natural ingredients that include real meat, fruits and vegetables. Blue Buffalo enlists the help of veterinarians and animal nutritionists to develop its formulas.

Blue Buffalo also has an extensive product variety to keep dogs and cats healthy. For dogs, the company makes dry food, wet food and several types of treats. Its dog treats include crunchy biscuits, soft treats, dental bones, jerky and training treats. For cats, Blue Buffalo offers dry food, wet food, crunchy treats and soft treats.

The company sells multiple formula lines that cater to the specific needs of dogs and cats. These lines include high-protein, grain-free or limited-ingredient diets. There are also formulas based on a pet's age. The company says it makes all products without animal byproducts and uses real meat as the first ingredient.

The dry food also includes Lifesource Bits, a supplement that adds vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your pet's diet for balanced nutrition.

Blue Buffalo prices

The cost of Blue Buffalo products varies based on several factors, including the type of pet you're shopping for, whether you're buying wet or dry food and the line of food you're buying.

Dry dog food ranges from $12 for a 3-pound bag of small breed dog food to $104 for a 22-pound bag of special-formula food. On average, dry dog food costs between $35 and $55. Wet dog food comes in both large and small sizes and is available in packs of 12 that run between $12 and $35.

Cat food costs vary based on the same factors. Dry food ranges from $9 to $75. On average, expect to pay around $35. For wet food, packs of 24 cost from $15 for regular food to $76 for special-formula food. The average cost of Blue Buffalo wet cat food is between $25 to $35.

Blue Buffalo FAQ

What are the small, dark, round pieces mixed with the kibble in BLUE food?

The small, dark, round pieces mixed with the kibble in Blue Buffalo food are LifeSource Bits. These bits contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Veterinarians and animal nutritionists craft the formula, and the bits help boost your pet's immune system to keep them healthy.

Does BLUE pet foods contain chicken or poultry byproduct meals?

BLUE pet foods don’t contain any chicken or poultry byproduct meals.

Does Blue Buffalo offer any products for pets with food sensitivities?

Blue Buffalo has a limited-ingredient line for pets with food sensitivities. BLUE Basics has real turkey or salmon as its top ingredient, and it has no soy, corn, wheat, dairy or eggs.

If I change from one BLUE recipe to another BLUE recipe, do I have to transition for two to three weeks?

Yes. For the best experience, feed your pet a 50/50 mix for two to three weeks. This helps your pet’s digestive system adjust to a new recipe.

Does Blue Buffalo test its food on animals?

Blue Buffalo doesn't use invasive animal testing. Some trials involve pets eating the products, but these tests are performed under optimal conditions to keep pets safe and healthy.

Is Blue Buffalo good?

The attention to detail that Blue Buffalo puts into its formulas is appealing for people concerned about their pet's health. The distinct recipes for different age groups and specific diet restrictions let you find food to fit your pet's particular needs. The company’s commitment to natural and healthy ingredients is another important feature for many pet owners. As always, you should monitor your dog when introducing any new food to make sure they react well to the switch.

Blue Buffalo Pet Foods Reviews

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Reviewed Oct. 1, 2023

Since switching to Blue Buffalo a few years ago, My Shipoo (Shitzu Mini Poodle mix) dog Nugget developed new allergies- itching/paws inflamed and ear infections. Dexter (14 y/o Chow mix) was allergy tested about 10 years ago- has a history of allergies to environmental allergens. Nugget and Dexter has been eating Blue Buffalo Lamb & Rice version for a few years and ever since Dexter has been getting increased skin issues since then- infected skin patches, hair falling out, ear infections, R eye so swollen, I could not see the eyeball- went to the Vet ER. I thought it was related to my daughter's pet hermit crabs.

Recently last month- on 8/11/23 I bought a different version of Blue Buffalo- Blue Senior Dog Chicken & Brown Rice for Dexter but Nugget does get into Dexter's food so he consumed it too. Dexter started new retching since introducing this new version of Blue, then Nugget & Dexter followed with some vomiting- yellow/white emesis with increasing frequency as the weeks passed. Took Dexter and Nugget to their local Vet for continued treatment for allergies and mentioned the new gagging/retching and vomiting in both dogs. Then I switched their usual Blue Buffalo food to Blue Basics limited ingredients Salmon Skin & Stomach- bought on 9/23/23 to see if this would help with the allergies they both suffer from.

On 9/28/23 around 8:15 pm, Nugget was acting hyper and had the zoomies, growling and then shortly after I heard commotion in the hallway and seen Nugget lying on his right side, having his first ever seizure, foaming at the mouth, unconscious, eyes dilated, teeth clenched, muscle twitching, uncontrollable shaking, paddling motions with legs, stiffing and vomiting yellow emesis noted on floor. The scariest thing I ever had to witness and I thought he was going to die! Lasted for about a minute then had post ictal- confused, biting, walking like he was drunk.

Took him to Vet ER and Nugget was diagnosed with idiopathic Epilepsy but I forgot to mention the new food and did not make the connection until after I watched Dexter eat this kibble after we got home from the ER. I then threw their food plates of this food away. Nugget luckily did not eat any of the Blue Basics the night after the ER. Nugget vomited/coughed up saliva the next morning and Dexter vomited violently in the afternoon. I switched their food to Purina Pro Plan (sensitive stomach) as recommended by their vet and they have been feeling better and no more Seizure. Dexter has some retching/gagging still but no more vomiting. No vomiting from Nugget.

There are numerous similar complaints from other pet parents that Blue Buffalo Pet Food has caused their pet to have seizures, kidney, heart, pancreas and skin issues. I reported it to Blue Buffalo customer service and the rep showed no sympathy or concern and just said to submit a medical claim form. Only after posting it to social media and tagging Blue Buffalo, they reached out. Please make sure to report these events to the FDA so they can investigate. I did! I will never buy Blue Buffalo again and will continue to spread the word. How are they still on shelves? Shame on you Blue! I trusted Blue for years thinking it was good quality holistic, natural dog food like it advertises- bags cost $60-70+ dollars and it's poison! Do not feed Blue Buffalo to your fur babies, especially small ones! Please message me if you have had similar experiences.

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Reviewed Sept. 16, 2023

I changed my dog from Iams to blue Buffalo about a month and a half ago to get her more protein for her pregnancy. Suddenly my dog has explosive diarrhea from the dog food. I’ve taken her off of the food for a few days. She got better but once I give her the food again she gets diarrhea all over again. Iams never did this to her so I’m switching back to Iams. Something in blue buffalo is making dogs get bad diarrhea. This isn’t good. The food needs to be further tested or recalled again for sure..

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 4, 2023

    My pitbull ate 2 cups of this food, when I got home from work he ran out and had terrible diarrhea his mouth was watering then he started puking the rest of the night. The next morning he ran out again and had diarrhea so I went to examine it, it looked like a red long worm. So I went n got some paper towels so I could examine it up close it was bloody mucus all through it. He is very sick and he vomited right after that too no food came up only bio. My other pitbull ate it too, she hasn't had any problems at all. I will never purchase anything from Blue again.

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    Reviewed Feb. 21, 2023

    To the Makers of Blue Buffalo Dog Food: I want to tell you a story. This is a story about a loving caring dog who never harmed anyone. This dog did not have a mean bone in her body. She was a loyal, trustworthy member of our family. Because of your deception to make money, our Daisy is no longer with us. Because of prolonged use and ingesting of your product, our Daisy suffered uncontrollable blood sugar, pancreatitis, and an enlarged heart. To every pet lover out there, I urge you to boycot Blue Buffalo if you value your pet's life. To General Mills: I know you bought out Blue Buffalo. You have not changed processing methods. Now I wonder what you put in your cereals and I now urge everyone to avoid use of General Mills Cereal as well.

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    Reviewed Jan. 3, 2023

    My husband purchased dog food at a local Petsmart all over the labels. It said it doesn’t contain any poultry or chicken. My dog got really sick and then when I finally read the ingredients, it contained chicken by product and chicken fat so all the labels on the bag were lying.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Dec. 28, 2022

    All the cat foods Chewy sell don't appeal to my cat, but this one does. Due to her refusal to eat, she became weak and disoriented. In order to make sure she had something in her system, we used supplements. Then I decided to give Blue Buffalo a try, thinking it was designer pet food. It was the only one I hadn't tried. My first thought was that it was just highly priced cat food. Oh boy, was I ever wrong? Then I opened the can and she started eating immediately, so I guess you get what you pay for. It didn't take long for her health, playfulness, and purring to return.

    Blue Buffalo saved my best friend when I didn't know what to do. In spite of a full blood work up, the vet found nothing but old age, and the only thing he wanted to do was medicate her. This has never been recommended. It was my last hope. My cat is now a regular pet again, and I'm so glad. Although she is an older cat, she is playing, she is happy, and she is purring. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Blue Buffalo.

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    Reviewed Nov. 26, 2022

    I wish I read through these reviews before feeding this poison to my dog! A 12 year old German Shorthair Pointer with zero health issues. After introducing this poisonous “food” my dog about a month ago, she has had 4 seizures that I know of, 2 of which I witnessed with my own eyes in the span of 4 hours just tonight. 2 days ago I saw the aftermath of a seizure and a few weeks ago I heard one in the middle of the night, that I had just chalked up to her having a vivid dream (it was dark but and I couldn’t see the state she was in). I didn’t know she was actually having seizures until the two I witnessed today! God only knows how many she’s had while we’re out of the house! I am just into the 2nd bag from Costco. I was tricked by the marketing, thinking that this stuff is “premium” dog food.

    My dog's old food now only comes in smaller bags at a higher price than before (thanks to Joe Biden) so I thought that I’m getting a bag 3 times the size, and supposedly better quality and I’ll have to take less trips to the store for dog food. She was very slow to eat her food almost as if she knows it’s affecting her. I took her to the vet when I suspected a seizure the other day, where she looked dazed and drooling profusely. He did X-rays on her stomach and did blood work. Perfect bill of health. 2 days later, 2 seizures in 1 day. She’s NEVER had seizures before and the only thing that has changed is her food. I’m very irate right now. If I ever run into anyone that works for this disgusting company…

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    Reviewed May 10, 2022

    This dog food caused our Maltipoo to have diarrhea, hair loss and weight loss. No one paid me to make this review. As soon as we stopped using this dog food, our dog stopped having diarrhea and eventually the hair grew back. Do not purchase, if your dog is getting sick and consuming this food stop using immediately. I looked this food up and researched side effects. I saw that this is common and this food can be dangerous. Our dog was never sick until eating this food and got better after we discontinued using this product.

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    Reviewed April 30, 2022

    If I would have continued to feed my dog this food, she would have died. Thank God the vet asked me if I had recently changed her food. My vet told me that they would never recommend Blue Buffalo because it causes illness. She said they have wonderful marketers but don't give a damn about your pet.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 23, 2022

    I have 5 rescue kittens and 1 adult cat. I decided to try a premium brand and since kibble is 50% of their diet I started. I bought a bag of Blue Buffalo and put it out. I free feed dry food. I put out the Blue Buffalo as well as another bowl of not their favorite dry. Everyone ran to the Blue Buffalo, gave it a sniff and moved on to the other food even though it was not their favorite. I left the BB out and NO ONE touched it. The other bowl was empty. I ended up giving the Blue Buffalo to a local rescue. SIX OUT OF SIX stuck their noses up at the BB..

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