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About Blue Buffalo Pet Foods

Blue Buffalo is a manufacturer of dog and cat foods. Ingredients include high-quality meats, fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, fish oil, barley, rye, fava beans, vitamins and mineral supplements. Products are available on the company’s website and through other retailers.

Pros & Cons

  • No filler ingredients
  • Wide selection of food and treats
  • Vitamins and mineral supplements
  • Brand has had recalls
  • Can be expensive

Blue Buffalo Pet Foods Reviews

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Blue Buffalo Pet Foods?
    • 4,482,017 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Dec. 28, 2020

    I have a 4 yrs old Labrador. I switched her to a grain food and within being on this food less than 30 days my dog hates it, didn’t want to eat, she had horrible diarrhea and loose stools. She then has had 4 tremors that I’m still trying to figure out with my vet. All of her blood work is good thank goodness. She has never had tremors before and was the worst thing to experience for me and my sons. My vet recommended for her to not be on any food from Blue Buffalo. Hope this helps.

    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2020

    I have a nine-month-old shepherd female. We have been feeding her this starting at four months. Sometimes she’s had diarrhea once in a while but now she’s older and in this last month she’s been vomiting and having orange diarrhea. Took it to the vet last week and he told me I need to stop giving her this dog food and gave me a prescription dog food with two different prescription medication.

    If the medicine and Dog Food do not help then it’s something wrong with her pancreas. Even though it has been five days her diarrhea is still orange on the meds and on the Prescription dog food. I’m pretty sure it’s from the dog food do not feed your dog stuff. The vet told me there has been a lot of recalls with the stock food a lot of complaints coming in with different patients with stomach issues related to this food. I am very worried about my dog. I love her very much. My kids love her very much. She is a support animal and if this kills her I’m going to sue.


    Reviewed Nov. 29, 2020

    After having tried different dog foods after my German Shepherd reached adulthood. Decided to try Blue Buffalo since all others failed she can be a picky eater. Spending $17 on a 10 lb bag of adult dogfood where other brands would cost under $25 for a 50 lb bag. Currently on day 3 still refusing to eat it. I asked other people at the store they said same thing and too expensive! So the search continues!

    Reviewed Oct. 17, 2020

    After reading these other reviews I am both shocked and relieved that my dog isn’t the only one experiencing these symptoms. After a normal day of playing and a long walk about a month ago, she was extremely lethargic, had bloody liquid shooting out of her rear end, and had bloody vomit. After spending $4700 and receiving NO definitive explanation from the vet, I continued feeding this food to her. Today she had bloody stool once again and decided to check reviews. I will be switching her to something else first thing in the morning!

    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2020

    We opened a new bag of Blue Buffalo Jolly Joints (Lot #20210503 & good through 5/3/21). It had stringy white material attached to the pebbles. Upon further inspection, it was live worms & their weaving.

    PricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Oct. 2, 2020

    I really wish I'd found the reviews listed here before feeding this absolute poison to my dog. I have a 60lb healthy and very active husky (1.5yo). We switched him to Blue Buffalo Life protection 6 weeks ago because he was not finishing his Science Diet dry anymore. He was weird about eating BB's dry food pretty quickly. We thought it was adolescent husky picky eating behavior (which is common).

    Last week he began throwing up profusely, every morning at 5am. Each time a stomach full of undigested Blue Buffalo. I don't know why it took so long for the symptoms to appear -- perhaps because he's young and a pretty big dog. But for the last week he threw up every morning, had a runny nose, explosive diarrhea, itchy skin, the works. After 4 days, we took him to the pet ER (he threw up twice that day). X-rays showed nothing. Threw up four more times in a span of 3 days so went back for more tests. Diarrhea and SERIOUS lethargy, which we'd never seen before.

    While I was cleaning up his vomit yesterday morning (day 7) I heard his stomach gurgling like howling wind in a blizzard from across the room. 15 seconds of this. I watched him lie on the floor in obvious pain. It dawned on me that nothing was stuck in his stomach and that maybe, just maybe, something is wrong with his food. I googled BB and came across these reviews. I went to Trader Joe's when it opened, got him a bag of their dry chicken meal food and HE'S FINE NOW. 24 hour laters no throw up, no illness, and he's high energy again.

    Two hospital visits, $1k spent for X-rays, blood work, fecal samples all over this terrible food brand that was likely destroying my his insides. When I spoke to the vet on the phone she said "Yeah, it might just be the food if it was Blue Buffalo. We have seen many dogs have problems with it, too. Their marketing department makes it seem like their product is much better than it is."

    This food is poison and I hope whoever ruined the mix to make a quick buck is held responsible. Avoid this food and keep your pets safe. FWIW, TJ's brand seems great, is cheap ($10/bag), and my dog devours it. Sorry to all those who read these reviews too late. For a minute I thought mine might be dying and it was a truly terrible feeling.

    Reviewed Sept. 23, 2020

    PLEASE PLEASE IF YOU LOVE YOUR FURBABIES DO NOT USE BLUE BUFFALO. 4 years ago my 3 Papillon dog had to be rushed to the Vet because I bought their food thinking it was a good high quality product. $1000's of dollars later with no reimbursement at all from Blue Buffalo. So I stupidly bought training treats yesterday 9/23/20. Now my Pom Chi has vomited and started with diarrhea after only 4 treats. Will Never Ever buy any products from them again Ever!

    Reviewed Sept. 21, 2020

    My husband & I purchased Blue Wilderness dog food for our 7 year old Wemerainer. Our poor dog broke out into hives all over her body, ears, mouth, and legs. She was constantly scratching, shaking her head, and biting her paws. Her ears were red and her eyes were red at times. She also had lots of smelly gas, loose stools, & wasn’t eating well. We discontinued the food and returned our dog to Purina One Lamb & Rice. Thankfully, she’s on the mend now and her hives and symptoms are improving. Stay away from this dog food!

    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2020

    Horrible. This brand is KILLING MY DOG!! My French bulldog/pug normal 21lbs has gone down to 16lbs in 2 months! This brand is killing her and losing weight and muscle mass at a rate I’ve never seen before. Do not buy!! She started a new food from the vet today, and had blood work done to see if this is reversible. Horrible horrible horrible product!! After speaking to friends who’ve had their dogs on this brand, it’s caused them to throw up and become sick as well!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2020

    Recently, after switching to Blue Buffalo, one of our cats died due to cardiac arrest while getting surgery to remove an obstruction (because of a UTI). I am obviously very upset and heartbroken that our cat has passed away, but can't say for sure if it was the food or not. The reason I am still giving 3 stars is because of Blue Buffalo's service when I called after having read all of these reviews. The person I spoke with said they have received no calls recently. However, all of these reviews are fairly recent. Nothing I do will bring my cat back. But leaving a review and not letting the company know, will NOT inform them of issues, which could save other animal's lives in the process.

    Everyone has the right to grieve in their way, but please consider informing them if you believe it was the food because the service I received was reassuring and I felt like they did really care about my situation and my cat, and now they are aware and can look into the issue reported to prevent any further issues if they are food related. I am deeply sorry to all who have lost an animal, I really do understand that pain.


    I'm going thru this right now with my cat, she's 4 yrs old, two weeks ago started feeding her blue buffalo and she's been sick since three days ago March 11th. She's never been sick at all in her 4 yrs until we started feeding her blue buffalo food. It cost us over 1000$ already in vet bills. This is unacceptable and no animal should have to suffer like this. Something needs to be done ASAP.

    Reviewed Sept. 6, 2020

    I switched from Iams dry cat food (which they were doing great on) for both of my cats to Blue Buffalo dry cat food. The ingredients looked really healthy, so I thought this would be a better diet for them. I was so wrong! Both of my cats’ coats started looking really dull, and it wasn’t that long afterwards that my healthy, active 15 year old boy had a major pancreatic attack. It took 3 months of consistent medical care for him to get back to ‘normal’. He died this year, 5 years later, after dealing with chronic health problems since his attack. I’m certain this food was the culprit. Please don’t feed this to your cats!


    Reviewed July 17, 2020

    The cats love the dry and wet food. There is a high concentration of quality protein, and no bad fillers. The price is a little high, but not as high as some. Can be purchased online for less than in the store.


    Reviewed July 16, 2020

    I have used Blue Buffalo for many years. My cats are healthier, have beautiful soft coats, their eyes are bright. They have less waste in the litter box, because they are digesting and their body's are utilizing all the nutrients. This has no byproducts or added fillers like many other brands. They would eat the other brands, but I won't feed them that. I want them healthy & with our family for as long as possible. Feeding them right, from the start, is the best step in this process, along with regular vet visits. Many loving years to come.

    Reviewed July 15, 2020

    After a family friend recommended this cat food, I decided to give my cat this healthy option. After feeding her store bought cat food for so long and checking the ingredients I decided to try to feed my cat the healthy real ingredients food. She loved it and didn't hesitate on eating all the food given to her. I felt happy as much as she was giving her a better healthier option.

    Reviewed July 14, 2020

    My cats love Blue Buffalo and it is very healthy for them. They vomit and get diarrhea when they eat other brands of food. They seem to love the taste and come running when they hear me messing with their food. They eat every scrap of it. I will keep them on this food forever.

    Reviewed July 13, 2020

    My three cats love love love this cat food! Their favorite is Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon. Their fur coats are so soft and shiny. No problems with dry, flaky or itching skin. No rashes. Good energy levels. No digestive issues. No nausea or vomiting.

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    Reviewed July 12, 2020

    I started feeding my cat this because I thought she might be allergic to grains. Just a couple of days of feeding her both wet and dry BB grain free cat food, she started vomiting, had extremely bad diarrhea and started meowing loudly after hiding under the bed. I pulled her out and she was gasping and panting. She passed on her own a few minutes after taking her to the vet. I’m heartbroken and enraged. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against this company.


    Oh no that's awful , my cat has been sick for several days now and we switched to blue buffalo two weeks ago. She's 4 yrs old and never had digestive issues at all until this food.

    Reviewed July 11, 2020

    I spent about 30 minutes in store comparing ingredients. Blue Buffalo looked like the best from what packaging stated. Bought them for training a puppy. Made puppy sick and diarrhea. Bad choice, threw out.


    Reviewed July 8, 2020

    We had heard a lot of great things about this brand, so the night before we went to the shelter to choose a cat, we bought it (and other supplies) so we'd be ready. While my cat ate it just fine (he eats pretty much everything), this food gave him the smelliest poops ever. We had the litter box in the mud room, but you could smell it all over the first floor. It was really embarrassing when we had guests. I talked to a friend who is a typical crazy cat lady, with 7 cats. I said I'd never had this issue with cats I'd owned in the past. She said switch foods--the problem was the food. We switched, and have since switched several times, and never had the smelly poop issue again.

    Reviewed July 6, 2020

    Like with any pet food, and the type of pet food, whether dry or canned, Blue Buffalo has good, better, and best foods - I am primarily writing about the canned "kitten" foods that they provide - the kitten salmon canned is of a better version of canned foods, for ingredients and better quality control over its ingredients than some of the other foods that the company produces. The chicken kitten formula in the cans my kitties did not like, but the salmon seemed to be overwhelmingly in its favor for quite a while. :)

    Reviewed July 5, 2020

    I usually buy the sensitive stomach for my very fluffy boy. Because he is a long haired cat he often coughs up hairballs and when he was eating a different brand of cat food he was also coughing up most of his kibble. Since we have changed to the Blue Buffalo sensitive stomach he does not cough up his kibble anymore and his hairballs are less frequent. I think he will always have some hairballs no matter what. I would recommend this brand for owners of long haired cats.


    Reviewed July 4, 2020

    I purchased this brand of cat food because when my kitten was little she would bloat and seemed a little irritable. At first she backed away from it so I put a little water on it and she ate it and had eaten it for the rest of her life. I was pleased that she lived a happy and long life and I thank Blue Buffalo for that.

    Reviewed July 3, 2020

    One of my four cats decided that Blue Buffalo cat food was her only choice and went on a food strike when her food was switched. Once I figured it out, we switched back and she was much better. She just passed away at 19 years old. The other cats still eat this food.

    Reviewed July 2, 2020

    My two cats have been eating Blue Buffalo grain free chicken wet food for as long as I can remember. They meow for it every day. I keep a plentiful number of cans in my pantry so that I never run out of their favorite food.


    Reviewed June 17, 2020

    I bought these health treats for my pet Gizmo. He started having vomiting and we took him to our vet and after having a blood transfusion and meds he passed away. These are similar problems others have reported and I wish we would have research these products before giving him these treats. This will be my biggest regret.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed June 16, 2020

    We just brought home our boxer pup. He’s 7 weeks old and the breeder had him on Purina Puppy Chow and I decided to go with Blue Buffalo large breed puppy, THINKING blue buffalo was a QUALITY food. I was wrong!! Our lil baby was acting fine the day we brought him home. He was spunky, playful and energetic. By Sunday, just a day and a half later, our baby was MISERABLE???? He had really bad, watery diarrhea. Explosive diarrhea and he started vomiting too. He refused to eat or drink, and became EXTREMELY LETHARGIC!! We honestly thought he got parvo from the several rest stops we had him potty at during our long travels home. He became sicker that day and vomited SEVERAL TIMES. I made him rice and chicken and he ate that, then I got him to finally start drinking water.

    That evening I passed on the blue buffalo food and gave him only wet food (Purina Natural) and a few hours later, he started picking up. Thank god our baby made it thru this but I threw the blue buffalo food in the garbage and went out and got Science Diet. Blue buffalo food could have killed our baby if we didn’t realize it was the food. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND AT ALL, after he started feeling better I saw a post on Facebook about blue buffalo food and treats and how they have caused many pets deaths and illnesses. I cannot believe it’s still being sold and hasn’t been shut down yet!! Now I’m aware of a class action lawsuit against them and recommend anyone currently using blue buffalo, stop now, before it causes irreversible damage to your fur baby!!

    Sales & MarketingPrice

    Reviewed June 14, 2020

    More often than not, the 11 LB bag contains virtually no LifeSource Bits. I can turn the bag upside down, shake it etc to see if that distributes the bits but there are still only 1 maybe 2 bits in each cup of food I remove. The Company emphasizes these LifeSource Bits in their advertising and the picture on the bags show multitudes of bits in a handful. I have had a couple of bags in the distant past with a sufficient amount, but now every bag has virtually none. The product is pricey so it should contain what they advertise.


    Reviewed June 6, 2020

    Don’t buy Blue Buffalo. They should NOT be in business. My puppy has had very stinky diarrhea on this food for 7 weeks, since I’ve had him. The puppy pooped large mounds of mush eight times a day and destroyed all my wool rugs. What daily aggravation and stress during corona. My first dog experience, thank you blue buffalo! The moment I switched foods (Royal Canin Gastrointestinal) everything appears perfectly normal, thank God. Can’t comment on long-term effects. This has cost me money on vet bills, probiotics prescribed by the Vet, cost of 1 wool rug and money buying him now gastrointestinal food, and a stiff neck for the past six weeks that I’ve been bending down trying to clean poop. What a shame because he didn’t like the food but loved their treats.

    Reviewed June 3, 2020

    Recently thought my dog could use a treat of something different mixed with her dry food. I got the Blue Buffalo canned dog food at Walmart. I opened the can and it looked like pink paste. It smelled funny but I figured it was just a wet food thing as I had never given her wet food before from a can. She ate it just fine and left some food behind which was expected but licked up the pink paste. That night she had diarrhea and this morning she had it again. I took a shower after cleaning my room twice, went to change the laundry, and came back to a massive pool of vomit. Cleaned again and brought her back into the room. She laid down and passed bloody liquid diarrhea like she couldn't hold it in after only 2 hours of laying down. I took her outside to let her get it all out of her system. She had bloody diarrhea, gas, and vomited 3 more times. Please if you love your animal and your sanity for having an indoor pet/clean house Do Not Feed Them This Food.


    Reviewed May 21, 2020

    Ok I have always fed Purina and felt guilty.. So I started buying grain free BB for my German Shepherds and new puppies! I thought I was being a responsible pet owner! After 2 bag I seen weight loss, awful diarrhea, lethargic and no appetite! It’s cost me vet bills and weight gain on our puppies!!! I’m furious! I want to know with all these complaints why nothing is being done!!! Why is this being ignored!! It’s making pets sick!!'

    Reviewed April 27, 2020

    TLDR; ** Blue Buffalo/Wilderness pet food. DON'T FEED THIS TO YOUR PETS. My cat (Pixel) had two seizures in the past week and a half. He is okay right now but he has a vet appointment tomorrow. So less than a couple of weeks ago I switched Pixel to Blue Wilderness - Grain Free - Chicken cat kibble. The day AFTER he started eating it... he had a seizure. Within a few minutes after his seizure, he became aware and normal again. I called his vet and they said since he is so young it may have consumed something toxic and to monitor him. If he had another one to bring him in for blood work. All was normal and things were looking up until Saturday morning when he had another seizure. I have an appointment for some testing tomorrow.

    Since the first incident, I've been wracking my brain on what it could have been. Then I remembered the NEW food. And I pulled up reviews for the cat food today and I am LIVID. Blue Buffalo/Wilderness is KILLING pets. Dogs and cats. I just read a bunch of reviews about heartbreaking stories of people's animals getting horribly ill. This includes the death of people's best fur friends. Blue Buffalo has also gone under some lawsuits but still, this stuff sells?! I dumped all of it in the garbage after reading all of these horrifying reviews this morning. I feel so AWFUL about feeding poison to my poor little guy for a week and a half. This needs to be brought to the light. You can find these horror story reviews all over the internet. Please don't feed this to your fur babies!

    Reviewed April 27, 2020

    Just wondering if anyone else noticed a change in canned cat Denali Dinner when General Foods purchased Blue Buffalo? My senior loved food, then last year threw up food. Of course I tried another can purchased at another store. Same reaction. Tried a third time. Cat sniffed and won't eat. Since it was the only Blue Buffalo that she would eat, just curious if anyone else noticed a change in recipe?

    Reviewed April 19, 2020

    I switched from ProPlan to this brand several years ago because the ingredient list looks really good. I noticed recently that the appearance of the kibble keeps changing and my dogs get sick every time I purchase a new bag. My rotti vomits every time he eats just a little of the food and one of my dogs, who has a cast iron stomach and never gets sick, was also vomiting often after this last purchase. I’m not able to buy this anymore for fear that it’s killing my dogs.

    Reviewed April 15, 2020

    I adopted my pup back in November. Everything was great, until I switched her to Blue Buffalo dog food. She has had non stop diarrhea, mucus and blood in her stool, and vomiting mucus. After talking to a friend who's a vet tech, she told me to do some more research and suggested I switch brands. I am absolutely APPALLED that this food is still being sold. Please heed the warnings of the reviews. And whatever you do, please stay far away from this food. Your dog will be sick and miserable! I ordered some Science Diet as suggested, but it won't be here for a few more days. So I am purchasing a bag in store tomorrow. My dog will not get another meal of this Blue Buffalo garbage.

    Reviewed March 31, 2020

    I have three bags delivered. One bought at store. The three bags delivered created extreme Gastric events for all three of my dogs. The same brand (different lot) I purchased from another store did not have undesirable effects on the three. In my opinion Blue Buffalo's certificate of analysis need to be reviewed and researched. This recipe so to speak is compromised somehow. Pets are family and their nutrition is just as important as humans. Please perform due diligence on certificates of analysis from blue buffalo manufacturing!

    Reviewed March 25, 2020

    I have a beautiful 4 year old Rottweiler. We started Blue Buffalo grain free beef. Many years with this brand. My Hershey ate it with no problem. Just last month we noticed the kibble was different. Smaller in size. Quite different looking. Hershey ate slower and even left some in her bowl which she never does. I contacted the company and they did not admit to any change in the formulation. Sent pictures of the kibble, UPC code and date of purchase as per their request. Meanwhile, my dog having explosive diarrhea. Like a fountain. Very gassy too. Highly unusual. I’m very displeased with the company. Raw diet for my girl now.

    Reviewed Feb. 27, 2020

    We make homemade food for our Maltese as we have found over the years that many dog foods cause urinary and kidney issues with him. A couple of months ago, we ran out of his homemade food, so gave him the soft canned food (a couple of different flavors) for 3 days and he was having literal EXPLOSIVE diarrhea where he could barely make it to the door. And afterwards he sat there for minutes pushing so hard to try to get more out that he was squealing painfully. About a week after I stopped giving it to him, he was finally back to more normal bowel movements. My sister has also been having issues with it recently affecting her dogs (with both hard and soft/canned foods). I wish I could give a 0 rating as I will never give this food to my pet again or any future pets for that matter. Our pets are family and something needs to be done about this before more families lose their loving pets (the reviews especially most recently are astounding).

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Feb. 26, 2020

    I have been feeding my dogs Blue Buffalo for about 6-8 months. One gets the dry dog food in the dark blue bag. The other cannot chew kibble so she is getting the canned version. Initially it seemed to agree with them but as of late both of my dogs are experiencing vomiting with mucous, diarrhea with mucous that is blood tinged and lethargy. I have spoken to my vet, as there doesn't appear to be anything else wrong with them and happens shortly after they eat. We are changing their food right away to see if this helps.

    Sales & MarketingPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Feb. 20, 2020

    I rarely go online to review products that I use or have used, but after the experience I had with Blue Buffalo Dog Food, I feel I must share this so other dog lovers can make an informed decision. In short, I say stay away from this dog food. My Cocker Spaniel, Jessie, had been eating this dog food (in a blue bag) for two weeks. He first had problems with defecating all over the house, but we thought it may have been due to a change in his diet. Then just this Sunday, after feeding Jessie Blue Buffalo for breakfast, he started shaking from side to side, then for most of the day, defecating and throwing up the food. He was also lethargic and slow moving all day long (this is an extremely active and fast moving dog, and slow movements is out of character for him). When you touched him, he would shake violently and yelp in pain. Late in the evening, after another round of defecation, Jessie yelped frighteningly, started breathing hard and died that night.

    Watching our Jessie suffering this way and then losing him was wrenching for our whole family. It was a horrific death and reading these reviews of other families whose dogs and cats suffered from this food makes us wonder why this food is still on the shelves (and still heavily advertised on TV.) My advice to you if you are reading this and are looking for food for your pet, stay away from anything made by Blue Buffalo. There are other quality dog foods out there. You don't want to put your pet through what our Jessie went through up until his last few minutes on this earth.


    Reviewed Feb. 18, 2020

    I switched my boy to Blue Life Protection dry food and their canned food. About a day after he ate it he started to get diarrhea. It's been about 3 days and he hasn't ate any of it. He has been vomiting and puking. There is a lot of blood in his stool now also. He just lays around and you can tell he is in pain. I don't have money for a vet so I'm praying he pulls thru this... Don't ever buy this brand. I've read many reviews of the exact same thing happening to other dogs from the Blue brand dog food.

    Reviewed Feb. 18, 2020

    I noticed our dog had been a little lethargic lately and had been a bit thirsty lately but I thought he was a little under the weather. I never imagined it was his dog food and that it was slowly poisoning him. Our dog became sicker and started vomiting, then bloody diarrhea, it got out of control. His liver and kidneys started shutting down. There was nothing the vet could do to help us. I had been feeding Blue Buffalo small bites to my dog since birth and had no idea I had been poisoning him. When I contacted Blue Buffalo, they said they had not had any other reports of problems and then I began researching and found all of these other similar reports. Our poor Smokey was such a very special dog and we were just devastated. He is gone forever.


    Reviewed Feb. 17, 2020

    My pomeranian had been vomiting on and off and had mucous in his stool while on Blue Buffalo healthy weight. September 2019 had to take him to the vet. He was getting lethargic and stopped eating. The blood work showed he has pancreatic issues and it was pretty severe. No funds to place him in the hospital, my vet set me up to care for him at home. It is February and he is still not back to normal on his blood tests for the pancreas. We are hoping the medication will help him recover completely, but I am not sure. My female pomeranian now has liver issues. All this at the same darn time.

    They said if they didn't improve on the medication they would need different treatments (more costly). She will be on liver medication the rest of her; life. My golden retriever had mucous in her stool. She now had thyroid issues and will be on medication the rest of her life. I kept a watch over them and we had to go to the rice and chicken diet a lot. I didn't know what was happening. Thanks Blue Buffalo. My poor babies are not OK because of your food products. Medication monthly cost $165.00 plus a special prescription diet of of $165.00 month.

    Reviewed Feb. 15, 2020

    Our 2 year old Chocolate lab has been eating Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight formula for about the last 6-8 months. I received a new bag from Amazon last week and the day after his first meal from that new bag the adventure began. He has never had any diarrhea, but since opening that bag he had nothing but, he is now on a bland diet and we will introduce him to a new food slowly. We will never buy another Blue Buffalo product.


    Reviewed Feb. 10, 2020

    I started my dog on the Blue Buffalo and he had a seizure for the first time in his life. He is a nine year old dog and has been healthy up until Blue Buffalo. Turns out my sister in law worked for Blue Buffalo and said they used to spray insect repellent directly on the dog food and ship it out. They had a roach infestation problem. This is sick and disheartening and hope no one else feeds this to their dogs!


    Reviewed Feb. 6, 2020

    Don't be fooled by the claims that it's only the Wilderness brand that had issues. I fed my dog this on Sunday and Monday. She was lethargic, vomiting, and diarrhea. Hospital, two nights stay and $3K later, the doctor informs me that this seems to be an issue with Blue Buffalo food. I wrote the company, who requested all the doctor/hospital papers who months later wrote me that it wasn't their fault, nothing to do with their food. NO!! The fact that the day AFTER I fed my baby their food she started with all the dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea, talk about not caring for animals. Please don't buy any of the foods this company sells, my kids and I were in tears for days, not sleeping, watching the baby, we felt she was close to dying. Horrible people, what they put my family and others like me through. Our furry babies deserve better.

    Sales & MarketingPrice

    Reviewed Feb. 5, 2020

    I would give this 0 if I could. The fact that this food is still legal to sell and feed your pets absolutely floors me. My cat started this because I wanted to switch to a more natural they advertise. This food made my cat have diarrhea about 3x a day, throwing up, lethargic, and she wasn’t eating. I took her off and she was sick for WEEKS. I paid $600 in vet testing because I thought something was wrong. Nope, it was Blue Buffalo food. This food could have killed my pet had I not recognized it was that. Not to mention, it cost me $600. I would never ever recommend this food to anyone who loves their pet.

    Don’t believe me? Check the ConsumerAffairs website where they don’t hide bad reviews. Petco has 4.5 stars for this food. Somehow ConsumerAffairs has 1.5 stars all similar reviews. People’s pets have died due to this food. And check BBB, because Blue Buffalo is not accredited and they also have an F rating. Absolutely disgusting brand. You should be ashamed blue buffalo.

    Reviewed Feb. 4, 2020

    Our breeder was feeding the puppies Blue Buffalo so we bought a bag too... the puppy was always lethargic. When his pee would dry it looked crystallized and he had diarrhea. A month later and hundreds of dollars in health tests that came back fine we decided to switch his food. We switched to Victor which is supposed to be good for rottweilers and within a week his energy level was through the roof, his pee was normal and his poop solidified. No doubt this crap was poisoning my dog. Thankfully I caught it before it killed him. DON'T BUY THIS IF YOU LOVE YOUR PET.

    Reviewed Feb. 4, 2020

    We have used Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice twice, several months apart. Both times it has made our dog sick and given her diarrhea. She is never sick and never gets diarrhea. There is no doubt it is the dog food. Definitely cause and effect. Do not buy this dog food. It can make your dog sick. Not sure how they can sell a product like this.


    Reviewed Jan. 23, 2020

    I seen a lot about this issue googling Blue Buffalo dog food, after my vet said my dog has a heart murmur and kidney levels where high, I had told her I was feeding them blue buffalo for one to 2 years, she said they are having lots of dogs coming in with same issues as my dogs, that the owners state having their dogs on blue buffalo. My aussie is 10. He was completely healthy as my other dog too, we had noticed there health had declined in that time they were eating blue b, we have spent thousands trying to keep my aussie alive, as I write this he is in a oxygen tank at the vet with fluid around his heart, our family is heartbroken, I plead with you to please stop feeding your dogs cats this pet food, do your research. Ask your vet. I hope this saves lives. That's why I'm warning others. I wish I had known.

    Reviewed Jan. 22, 2020

    I thought I was buying the best food available. Didn't know my dog would die of lead poisoning in 3 months. Bleeding out internally. Happy one day with noisy a stomach, the next day bleeding frank red stools with big blood clots. Dehydrated & in shock when I took her to the vet. The next day our other dog started having the same loud belly sounds, then reading the reviews & how many times this company has been in court since 2017. Why is this dog food still on the market? Lab tested dog food showed 0.25mg/kg of lead.

    Reviewed Jan. 22, 2020

    Just like so many other reviews, AVOID THIS FOOD!!! I got my furbaby when he was 3 months old (now 8 months) and I've had him on BB puppy food since, he was doing fine until a couple weeks ago. He started becoming very picky with wanting to eat breakfast. So at first we were just "oh he is doing the teenage rebellious thing" then he started avoiding the food and didnt want to drink either, he started having crazy diarrhea and was more frantic. It almost seemed like he was seeing things that were scaring him (he is not typically like that). I changed his food over just 2 days ago and he has since gone completely back to normal. I'm glad I read these reviews and changed him over asap before something life threatening took place. Please dont feed your babies this!

    Reviewed Jan. 21, 2020

    I bought Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball and weight Control for my 11 year old cat recently. The store was out of her usual food (Iams weight and hairball control formula). She's not a picky eater, but seemed to always be hungry during the 10 days that she was on Blue Buffalo....whining for more food, but she's a tad overweight, so I did not indulge her with more.

    Then she started having loose stools, and tracking litter on her paws out of the litter box and into the house (she accesses her litter box through a cat door into the garage). She was also lethargic, and hiding in places to sleep which she has never done before. Then she had diarrhea on the carpet three times during the night while I slept. Plus, the fur around her anus is caked with stool and she won't let me touch her to clean it up. What a mess! Switching back to her previous food. This is a terrible product. I'm not sure how much laxatives are in it, but it cannot be good for her GI tract nor her kidneys!


    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2020

    Three years ago I adopted a a rescue American Staffordshire Terrier. The person I got him from said he only ate table food and that was wrong in my book. Once in a while is fine but, every meal is just wrong. Well, I tried to start weaning him off and it was not easy. I bought every kind of dog food there was to be bought. Then I saw Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food advertised on TV and I bought it. I bought the dry and the canned. I brought it home and I put it in his bowl and I opened the canned and I couldn't get it in his bowl fast enough. He was eating it out of the can. I definitely made the right choice and we will definitely be staying with Blue Buffalo Wilderness! I love it and so does Charlie!


    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2020

    My corgi is nine, perfect health until I gave him these dog treats, now he is sick with blood in his stool, on my way to vet, to see if he is going to live, very sick, loose bloody stools, won't drink or eat today, only thing that changed was the dog treats, please don't use these for your dog. They can kill your pet. And run up your vet cost, if Bo dies I will sue Blue.

    Reviewed Jan. 16, 2020

    Just noticed empty can in trash can- wife gave to dog before she went out shopping. Since she buys crap without reviewing, and I have told her to buy only food made in the US., if she read the label, it says "Manufactured for Blue Buffalo". Something told me the crap was manufactured in China and doubtful of ingredients. As such I went online to check out company, but then decided to type in BB complaints. Came upon this reviews. Some 4-5 stars, tells me they may be from co, since all others are one stars and all dogs seriously ill. If my ** dog, get sick, there will be a lawsuit. I do not understand why any of the above reviewers took no legal action- one mentioned "All of us .....", eg something like class action, but that takes long- I do not see why one does not take action on their own.

    Reviewed Jan. 14, 2020

    My dog was hospitalized last weekend with pancreatitis. Here is what my vet said: "We see this all the time in dogs that have been on Blue Buffalo for an extended period. Great commercials--bad dog food. Blue Buffalo is too rich for most dogs to tolerate over time." I'm a label reader, and I had not only examined the ingredients but had searched for negative reviews of Blue Buffalo online before feeding it to my beloved German Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix.

    Every review I read was positive, so I put him on it, and he's been on it for five years. Turns out, instead of giving him good quality care, I was nearly killing him. (I suspect that Blue Buffalo hires a software company to 'scrub' their bad search engine results, but I can't prove that.) Please, please consult your vet before feeding this dog food. Since my dog was essentially feral when I adopted him, having to hospitalize was torture for everyone involved; he reverted to his wild state, pacing the entire time. They were unable to keep an I.V. in. I am so, so fortunate I didn't lose him.

    Reviewed Jan. 11, 2020

    My miniature Australian Shepherd would get bored with the same food all the time so we switched around a lot. I got Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula recently and it never seemed to satisfy her, but she seemed ok otherwise. Wednesday, January 8th, 2020, she was fine all day. We walked, she ate and seemed fine. As I was getting out of the shower, I heard her yipping as if in pain. When I got to her, she was gone. I have been reading other posts of adverse reactions, and it makes me wonder. I am already heartbroken over losing my best friend, but if I find out I could have prevented her death, I will be absolutely devastated.


    Reviewed Jan. 8, 2020

    When we switched to Blue Buffalo Life Protection Senior Chicken and Rice, my 13 yr old English Shepherd was showing signs of dementia, poor eyesight and hearing, arthritis, flea dermatitis and was underweight. It has been about 4 months, and he eats wet and kibble, along with oatmeal and yams/pumpkins, twice daily. All aspects have improved, and he is no longer showing any signs of dementia, day or night. He loves mealtime! We love this product.


    Reviewed Jan. 8, 2020

    My dog has had troubles adjusting to dog food before as she is very picky and thinks she needs to eat more treats than dog food. But I have never seen her do something like this, after a week of eating the food she started drooling, was very lethargic, and couldn’t stand. Took her to the vet the next morning to find out she had pancreatitis, best thing was it had just started and we got it under control before it could get worse. I do not recommend Blue Buffalo to anyone.

    Reviewed Jan. 8, 2020

    My dog was totally fine before Blue Buffalo! I gave him the biscuits to try out the new brand since I couldn't find his current ones he always ate. I took him to the vet when he started acting funny, it was about time for his rabies shot anyways so hit two birds with one stone right? Well I'm glad I ran a full test! Blood work and everything tells me all of a sudden my healthy boy has signals for acute renal disease?! Are you kidding me?! The lethargy, the no motivation to zombie around, the over drinking water like he had been starved of it for years! What the hell Blue Buffalo! You play a big game saying you're so amazing and yet you're killing my dog! My baby is all I have left and your shoddy work has nothing to show for "how much you care". Five hundred dollars in vet Bills! I haven't taken him back because I have no money! He could die and this is because of Blue Buffalo!

    Reviewed Jan. 7, 2020

    I have been using the Blue Buffalo Dental bones for years. My veterinarian agrees that they have helped my 10 yr old teeth from needing to go under for for a cleaning. I stand behind all Blue Buffalo products and will continue to use for all 4 of my pets.


    Reviewed Jan. 7, 2020

    My cats are 15 months old. I've been feeding them Blue Buffalo since they came home with us. I noticed that there was occasionally blood in the fecal material in the litter box but not knowing which cat it was and not seeing any other symptoms at the time I didn't pay much mind. I did notice for several months my male cat, Adam, would take a long time squatting to urinate but little to nothing would come out. I thought maybe he was just shy to go with me watching. I also noticed that sometimes the litter would be soaked through with a high stench of ammonia. We get the extra ammonia blocking litter and clean the boxes regularly and very well.

    On 12/28/19 I noticed Adam was very upset and seemed to be in severe pain. He was laying on the couch yowling and it appeared like he was either trying to vomit or pass (either urine or feces) but couldn't. I called the closest vet and they recommended I take him to the emergency vet. I took him in immediately. After 3 days in the animal hospital and a HUGE bill it turned out he had bladder crystals. It was so severe the vet couldn't get a catheter in to empty his bladder. It took several attempts and some ingenuity on their part to drain the urine which was full of blood. He also stopped eating and drinking for 3 days. He will be on prescription food for the rest of his life. After reading the reviews and speaking to multiple vets they all said how horrible Blue Buffalo is and that it is NOT holistic or organic. If you love your pets PLEASE do not feed them any sort of Blue Buffalo products.

    Reviewed Jan. 6, 2020

    If you love your fur baby, don’t buy these products. My completely healthy 5 year old fur baby was taken to the animal hospital a week ago after suddenly not having much of an appetite followed by having some mucus-y diarrhea, less than 48 hours she was no longer with us. The only thing we’ve given her were Blue Buffalo products thinking they were high quality. There’s too many similar situations with blue buffalo being the common denominator.

    CoveragePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Jan. 6, 2020

    A few months ago my husband came home to find my very healthy active basset hound very sick and I have no doubt the cause was the Blue Buffalo food we fed him the night before. We had gone through a few bags of Blue Buffalo and though my other dog wasn't a huge fan it seemed to be okay until we had purchased a new bag and fed them maybe 2 times out of it. My husband came home from work and my dog whole living room/kitchen was covered in vomit, diarrhea & blood. My dog has not had an accident in the house in the last 8 adult years of his life. I am pretty sure he would just explode before he went in the house, but he was so sick. My husband noticed immediately he was bleeding from his anus and took him straight to the vet.

    $300+ dollars later and 2 days of very upset stomach he started to get better. I have no doubt it was the food and if we wouldn't have rushed him to the vet and got meds in him asap it would have been much worse. Don't take the chance go with another food, I regret not looking into this brand more before buying it. There is too many complaints for there not to be something wrong.


    Reviewed Jan. 6, 2020

    Gastric bleeding from food. I previously left a review, and I just contacted Blue Buffalo because I am pissed. It appears that there are enough of us that have this exact same documented issue that if we contact an attorney then once the case is won they take a percentage.. I called the number for blue Buffalo. I was told to submit a claim and it could take eight to 12 weeks. I'm sorry but that's far too long and people and their dogs could still become harmed because of this. For over a week I was up and down in the middle of the night cleaning up vomit, poop, my dog shaking and whining, and then I finally free to mice all blood and took him to the vet. Thank God he didn't die. Feel free to email me with questions. ** Please put dog or something of that nature in the subject. Potential 3 or 4 months to hear something back is unacceptable.