Uber Eats will now deliver food for your pets

Photo (c) West End 61 - Getty Images

Users will be able to schedule deliveries or order pet necessities on demand

Pet owners won’t have to worry about rushing out to the local pet store the next time they run out of their pet’s food or their favorite treats. 

PetSmart is joining forces with Uber Eats, making it easy for pet owners to get the everyday essentials – and everything extra – delivered straight to their doors. 

“Convenience means something a little different for every pet parent,” said Stacia Andersen, executive vice president and chief customer officer at PetSmart. “By joining the Uber Eats marketplace, we’re giving pet parents yet another way to shop for new and exciting products they can only get at PetSmart in the way that best fits their preference, schedule, and lifestyle.” 

First purchases come with discounts

PetSmart is the first pet store to use the Uber Eats platform, and over 1,600 locations between the U.S. and Canada will be available for on-demand and scheduled orders

The retailer will offer shoppers special discounts on their first PetSmart-Uber Eats order through the end of May. Any order over $50 will receive a $10 discount – all users have to do is enter the promo code “PETSMART20.” 

Additionally, Uber One members get even more savings on PetSmart. Shoppers can expect 10% off all orders over $15 plus free shipping on every order. 

With this new partnership, shoppers will have access to everything they need for their pets when shopping from PetSmart through Uber Eats: coats for dogs, dog and cat collars, air fresheners to eliminate pet-related odors, toys, and more. The options aren’t just limited to cats and dogs – there are options for owners of fish, reptiles, birds – even indoor and outdoor specific items. 

The collaboration between PetSmart and Uber Eats is now live, and consumers can access the full range of their pet’s favorites now. 

“Pet owners know that when you’re out of kibble or litter, your day just won’t go as planned – I’m thrilled to be partnering with PetSmart to make must-haves available for delivery with just a few taps of the Uber Eats app,” said Christian Freese, head of grocery and retail for Uber Eats in the U.S. and Canada. “By continuing to invest in strong retail partnerships like this one, we can help pet lovers get what they need delivered with the tap of a button – and without missing a moment.” 

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