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Public Storage

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Last updated: Oct. 13, 2017

540 Public Storage Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

They wheel you in $1 payment after that is expensive! Three days after paying my bill I removed all my items out of Public Storage. I expected a portion of my money back, no luck with that! I recommend that you use another storage place.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

I put my mother's things in storage in February of this year. For the most part the Manager and employees on site are very nice at the McLean, Va location. Where I have the issue is with Public Storages fee increases. They initially give you the intro rate which is fine and the supposed lowest guaranteed monthly rate. Fine as well, however within 4 months of getting ready to pay my monthly rent the fee had gone up $43.00. Huh? When I called the McLean location they referred me to corporate. Oh boy can we say RUDE operator or customer service.

I was told and I quote "it's in your contract. Read it!" Umm okay. I shook off her tone since my things were in storage. I went to pay my monthly bill and noticed today on the 7th I have a late fee of almost $50.00. Huh? I could see if I paid or was behind in payments to my unit but I never have been for one and two. I've paid per looking at past bills my bill between the 5th and 7th and incurred no late fee. Is it me or is it time that Public storage be called out for their hidden fees.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

    Please Public Storage, take a hint from all these one star ratings that you're greedy, money hungry **. You're worse than a greedy gold digger. Your CEO is worth about 2 billion dollars, while I'm barely making ends meet. I've been with them for ten (10) years, since October of 2007, and they have consistently gone up. I paid them all that I owed them on September 29, 2017 and they even gave me a payment confirmation, just to say days later that the payment didn't go through. Now there's a $123 dollar late fee, (literally, 123 dollars), plus an extra $350 because they're saying they didn't receive payment.

    Never mind the fact that I've been a loyal customer paying my high ** bill every single month for the past ten years. Oh, and if I don't come up with $470 dollars by the 25th, it'll go into auction. I'ma pay that, and switch to another storage company, something I should've done a long time ago. You just lost a loyal customer, and I'd advise anyone looking at public storage to STAY AWAY!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 30, 2017

    Public Storage in Dallas on Preston and Frankford sold my personal things out of ** without any contact that they were going to do this. Brett ** emailed me in July that my payment was late and I paid it. On Sept 27th he sold my stuff with no contact. Help! How do I get my things back? Especially my daughter's scrapbooks, birth certificate, etc?

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

    My wife and I rented a storage unit through Public Storage. We went there on July 4, 2017 to put some items in our unit. When we got there we realized that all of items were covered in black mold, and as we further investigated, we realized there was a puddle on the top of one of our totes approximately 6-7 feet high, stacked. Items had drip marks, and a tremendous puddle of water on the floor. We got the manager to come in and look at what we were seeing, and took enough pictures to prove everything. We filed an insurance claim with the company you're required to take insurance out from when you sign the contract. We ended up getting the maximum from our insurance policy, which was only $3,000. We estimated that we lost $10-$12,000 worth of belongings that we'll have to replace, and $3,000 is not enough to replace it all.

    The icing on the cake here, is that since we still needed a unit, Public Storage moved us into a smaller unit, and charged us the same price!! Public Storage and the representative they gave us to be the middleman between us and corporate, has been nothing but useless throughout the process. He won't return calls, and doesn't do anything he promises to do. For Public Storage to hold no accountability for their faulty unit, is completely unprofessional and unacceptable. For us to replace all our items lost, is going to cost us well more than the $3,000 we got from the insurance. We don't expect to get everything back, but we do believe that we should be reimbursed a portion of what was lost, as well as an apology for all the hardship this has caused.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

    They seem to hope and pray that you will be late on payment so your things can be set for auction. Cannot get a straight answer to questions and many times no employee can give a consistent answer to a simple question especially if you are late or might be late. Will NEVER rent a storage place AGAIN!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

    I used public storage for 8 years. As long as I paid monthly my stuff was secure. I never had a problem with the company and when I finally cleaned my storage bin all my belongings were there.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

    The storage experience has been great. The management is always pleasant. My things are secure and I can access them anytime I wish. I use my own lock so that no one else has the key.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

    Today packing and also getting ready for Hurricane Irma, when into location at 3 pm with my reservation "Labor Day special" Reservation # ** to find out Public Storage agent by the name of ** location 1859 N Jog Rod West Palm Beach Cancelled my reservation!!! Reason one she stated I did not confirm when I actually went into the location 2 days ago and I have a active storage unit rented at another location lie again!!! Asked her to confirm because that was not me I've lived in West Palm Beach for 5 years. Instead she rolled her eyes put her hand up and refused to let me talk to a manager. But yet she was very happy to make another reservation for $100 more than original reservation!!! Unbelievable price gouging slim bags!!! So Upset.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

    Public storage has raised my rent significantly twice within a year. Their customer service is poor, the reps are often rude, and the district manager only protects the employees with no regard for the customer. Their office closes indiscriminately at different hours during the day and customers just have to wait for their return, Also I was quoted a price over the phone initially which they did not honor. I will never use their service again and warn against any prospective customers.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

    I just went down to the public storage on Center Ave in Denver. I intended to pay my overdue balance and collect a few items for my business. The gentleman that was running the office was engaged with a new customer. I proceeded to retrieve a couple boxes of items and thought I would pay my bill when he was done. Half way through my efforts the employee became very agitated and told me that pulling my car around would be better than going through the office and asked what my unit # was. I could tell it was not worth explaining to him that all the spaces in the loading area were full. For some reason this really started to get him bent out shape.

    About an hour later there is a voicemail from this man informing me that if I removed anything, it was trespassing. I have retrieved single items on many occasions whether I was current or not. This has never been an issue with any other employee and I'm sure they would have told me if it was a problem. The other employees have always been friendly and professional. I was also informed I HAD to call him and that my items were going to be auctioned off. Now I have no problem with being informed of rules or even being questioned that I'm in arrears or whatever. What I do have a major problem with is some psychopathic sounding dude completely losing his mind without taking 2 seconds to think about the situation. I was being considerate of him and I was rewarded with a very unnerving amount of hostility and accusation.

    I don't care how much someone is delinquent or about what the best access to the building is, you don't leave a voicemail with a customer that is obviously meant to intimidate them where they are scared to be in the same room with you. Threatening and accusing people with the level of hostility this person directed at me is WRONG. PERIOD. I would strongly advise that no one go near that location as this guy was ready to completely lose his mind over a 1 month delinquency. And for anyone who thinks I deserved it - my delinquency was a result of having to make a choice between getting medications that I cannot perform any physical labor without that are not covered by insurance vs. being current at public storage. So if you have any situations like mine where you may have to make a temporary choice about your health vs. their fees - don't get involved with this company.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

    Public Storage in Hamilton Twp, NJ just raised my rent by 10% and I have only been there four months (it states in the contract they have the right to raise after 6 months). I complained via email to their Customer Service department and also to Jessica, the District Manager for the Hamilton Twp facility, and I received absolutely no satisfaction.They claimed it was due to "overall operational costs" that they had to raise my rent. They really have the consumer at their mercy and they know it and exploit it - it's not an ethical practice at all! I would recommend not using them.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

    Public Storage just raised my rent by almost 15% and I have only been there a few months. Moreover, when I complained on the phone they stated they can raise it again whenever they feel like it. So, now I have an underground storage unit where things are already mildewing and I either take this abuse or move a 20x20 storage unit. It seems like robbery. Maybe it's legal, but it certainly is unethical. I would look elsewhere before doing business with Public Storage.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

    I do not like this company at all because they get customers in with an introductory low rate and then they raise the rates every year making it harder and harder to pay until it's almost impossible. They get people caught in a Catch-22. Not many can afford to pay a mover every time they raise the rent. Never store anything in these places for more than a year or not at all. It's not meant for long term. They do not reward longevity or referrals. Is there is a class action against this company for gouging customers? Also the corporate office does not return phone calls very much of the time. Thanks. Never store anything in these places for more than a year or not at all. It's not meant for long term. They do not reward longevity or referrals.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

    I pay a lot of money at Public Storage in Scottsdale and have not been able to house my unit in 3 weeks because it's pitch black inside and out in the evening. Not only that but the security is a joke. One camera facing the gate. None facing the units. Someone crawled between the back side of the gate the other night and got right in and out with a car faster than I could find my phone to report it, driving a car this time and got out without even using a code!! Ridiculous! I called several times and I am here now and still no lights so I'm leaving a huge note on the door because no one has even bothered to call me back or fix the problem.

    What's worse is they are unwilling to credit anyone in this situation. I do not feel safe here at night and I am terrified my unit may get broken into! I canNOT afford to move all my stuff right now so something needs to be done real soon but it does not look like they care. Here is a picture from the outside of the gate looking in. PITCH BLACK! Who would feel safe here?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 6, 2017

    There's only one security camera facing the gate at my location in Scottsdale. There has been no electricity/lights on my whole side of the property for over a week and no one does anything to remedy it! It's pitch black out there and I'm usually by myself and only 98 pounds soaking wet. I saw someone come in the property by sliding in on the side of the gate last night and then leave without a code, with a car, After hours! I am so scared my stuff is going to get robbed out of there. Someone can drill out a lock at night and they have won't even know because there's no lights and no security camera facing into the property itself, only on half of the gate, not even the whole thing like where I saw that guy go in last night. I can't afford to move it to another location right now and they dont offer discounts to already existing customers.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

    13640 Bel Red Rd. Bellevue WA - I understand from readying my contract that I am supposed to receive 30-days notice when rent is going up. Mine is automatically withdrawn from my checking account and it went up by $46. When I called the office, the young man who answered told me they raised the rents every six months or once a year. Manager is very rigid and didn't offer the on-line discount she encouraged me to seek when I set up a smaller unit there.

    P. S. The bathroom has been out of order for four weeks. And the manager said it was really just for our convenience (implying it's not a part of their service) and that they were waiting to have it repaired. And they don't provide a dumpster for those papers we'd like to toss when we continue opening up our packed belongings. Manager said they don't provide it because people dump their sofas in it.

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    Original review: July 31, 2017

    I signed a lease agreement on May 20th and my bill was pro-rated. I informed the lady I will be moving out the beginning of the month (August). I called them to find out what my pro-rate for the 5 days will be and 5 different customer representative told me 5 different things. They can make changes in their policy that will affect your payment and they believe they are not obligated to inform you of these updates. Only a company involved in shady business will their employees won't have a guideline of procedures. Their employees are rude and never ready to help. If they do not prorate at all, they shouldn't have done that when I moved in. I did not get anything writing that they update their terms of service. That is fraudulent and unfair to customers. I will never use them or recommend them to anyone.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 30, 2017

    Public Storage @ 1501 Louis Henna Blvd, Round Rock, TX - When I reserved into this unit back in April I reserved a unit online for I think $65, 10x10. I think the special was move in for $1.00. Boy was that misleading! Then they say you HAVE to have insurance. That is false. My insurance policy only covers 10% for storage unit contents being $1k so I opted for their insurance at $11/month. I ended up being forced to buy some crazy small lock of theirs at $20 or so and by the time I was done I ended up paying nearly $65 to move in.

    Very misleading and false advertising on their part. So, I'm in for what 2 months and get an increase letter for an increase to $80/month starting August 1 bringing my new total to $91. I canceled the insurance today 7/30/17 and still the monthly amount is $80 which is still a $15 increase from the move in monthly amount in April. Total rip off company. Shady practices. When I inquired on the sudden increase just a few months in the excuse was I am on a month to month lease. That is nuts.

    I've rented storage units in the past years ago I admit and never did they do an increase like these people. Now I have to go to the huge hassle of searching for another unit in Round Rock, scheduling movers again which costs $$$ and find the time to do all of this while on and off the road. I'm certain based on prior reviews that they will increase again in a few months. I want out before that happens. Once moved into a storage area a customer is supposed to feel relieved of that task not bothered by having to move out a short time later due to price spikes. I highly do not recommend and will definitely do research before signing a contract with another company.

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    Original review: July 29, 2017

    I was in between homes for a few years. I rented a storage unit on Glades Road in Boca for a wonderful price. Place was clean and temp controlled with restrooms, music and plenty of carts. Public Storage bought it and rent almost doubled, a/c is hot, garbage cans, restrooms and carts were removed. Place smells and is so dirty now and also the elevator is not up to code. I moved out and will never again rent anything from Public Storage. 2 other of my associates have also closed their units for the same reasons. Look around... They are horrible.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 25, 2017

    I was relocating from CA to MA for work and was looking for affordable temporary storage. I wish I had seen all of the terrible reviews of Public Storage and taken my business elsewhere but that isn't the case. I booked a unit through their website because it offered a web discount. The deal was $1 for the 1st month and $189 monthly thereafter for a 10x15 unit in Peabody, MA. 2 weeks prior to my move, I received a phone call from an employee at the Peabody location confirming my unit. I specifically told her that I'd be there by 4:30pm May 14th for my unit. She put the notes in the computer and we hung up. I drove a moving truck for 4 days across the U.S.

    Approximately noon on May 14th my phone rang. It was an employee of Public Storage saying that he just came into work and noticed that I was coming in for a 10x15 unit, but unfortunately they did not have any units of that size available. Considering it was a Sunday, office hours at storage locations are scarce. Plus, I can't exactly do research while driving a moving truck that is also towing my car. So I ask what can be done. He tells me that I can go to another location in Salem because they have a 10x20 unit for a better price than Peabody. The monthly rent was $240 but the 1st month would only be 50% off instead of the $1 deal we were supposed to have. Since I was still 4 hours away from the storage location, I had no choice because all other storage companies close around 2pm on Sundays.

    Being that I had work at 8am the next morning and needed to get to my work clothes from deep within the moving truck, I was stuck with Public Storage. So I have a unit (not on the ground level like the 1st one was supposed to be) and it is much bigger than I need it to be. The employee at the store can't help me resolve this issue so he gives me his manager's number. I call, leave a detailed message, and never hear back. As I'm slowly moving into my unit I notice that people are actually living in their unit WITH THEIR DOG!!! Not trying to cause a scene, I just let it go. So we call the manager again, and still no call back. I was told by the employee that the girl who called me initially to confirm my unit, must've forgot to link the available unit to my account (which I had already entered my payment info for). So now I'm paying for your employee's mistake? And you can't return my calls to resolve this issue?

    Finally the manager calls my boyfriend back because I was just a ticking bomb ready to explode. How is this company still in business? Oh wait, I know. THEY LIE. They don't rent you an available unit, they just reserve the price but then supposedly it's "first come, first serve." Well, that kind of contradicts your employee's explanation that the girl forgot to link the available unit to my account. Back to the manager calling my boyfriend: So the manager says that the prices should drop in a month and that he'd call back to help adjust to the dropped price. Guess what? A month came and went and NO PHONECALL. So I called the store again. They suggested I call the customer service center. The lady who helped me was very sweet and informative. She sent an email to the manager and to his manager about my issue. Guess what? I received a call! And guess what else? He was mad at me!

    He wanted to know why I called customer service. Also, he said that he can't help me with the price of the unit because it's a national company and he doesn't have that kind of authority. But instead of connecting me to someone who can help, he just said nothing can be done about it. Look, I'm not the type to argue a point if I know I'm wrong. But if your company's employee made an error, you can't push that problem on me. For a company to treat their paying customers this way is just not the way to do business. I will make sure to never use Public Storage ever again, I will make sure that this terrible experience is shared with my network of employees (we are 60,000 strong), and of course with all of you reading this now. Save yourself the hassle if you're relocating from far away. Go with a company that will treat you right and fair.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 19, 2017

    Made a reservation on the phone for Lawrence ks (college town) but when I received the confirmation email it was for Merriam Ks. They said no problem to switch, but after I drove 2 hours to Lawrence to meet my son, they ran my credit card for 142$ instead of the 1$ first month that I had been quoted. They said they don't honor that special but I have since called the reso line as a new customer and was told that of course it was good in Lawrence. I cancelled, but they gave me no receipt, when I checked my CC statement, they had shorted my refund by 21$, the cost of the lock which I never left the building with.

    Their policy is that they don't do refunds on merchandise. Merch that I never took possession of! I cannot get anyone to return my calls. The office can do nothing and the district mgr according to the co-manager is just really busy. I drove 2.5 hours for nothing and am told he is too busy to call after I have left numerous messages and called customer service. They said they would list it as urgent and he would call me back. I guess when a customer tells you they need a call it means nothing. He may be busy but it is not answering/making calls re: complaints!!! DO NOT USE.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 18, 2017

    Tried paying my bill thru customer service and online. Was unable to pay my bill on time and charged a late fee because Public Storage entered my data incorrectly and could not locate my account. Was told that it was my fault that they were unable to locate my account by looking up my name and phone number--Said they had no account under my phone number. Was told that the account was under another person's name (even though I set up the account) and they were unable to assist me without the person on the phone. Eventually I located my account number and called them back-- where they were able to locate my account under my name. They had my phone number with 10 digits. They insisted that it was my fault and I am charged a late fee.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 18, 2017

    The local manager has been great. That doesn't mean he's given us more than we deserve/paid for; it means he's been considerate, positive, focused on providing solutions or at least explanations, and is generally polite. He is the exception. Making changes to a policy was horrendous. That is, turn in one unit and take another. Reserve online, get confirmations, find out in 5 different stages from a local staff person - and I don't mean nicely - that almost NONE of it applies. We did everything right and on their own website. It's not even that the terms may be different for an existing customer (which I don't abide, but OK, your business), it's the caustic, incomplete, derogatory, tired way it's addressed and communicated. Nope, you're the customer, you're enemy. Like it or lump it.

    In making said move to another unit, we had to call customer service (1-800-567-0759) because the new unit would not attach to our existing online account. The rep stated, "You need to create an account," to which I replied, "I already have an account, but when I--" her response to which was to interrupt me and say, "Can I talk?" Instructions continued, for me to again "Create an Account" and use a different username. Despite her (once more) caustic, curt instructions and admonitions to my attempts to explain what I already had, I figured out on my own that now, on signing in, I must use the username and username ONLY. Despite the fact their website says "Enter username/email address" I, in fact, cannot use my email address because--in their system--it will not attach to my current unit. So, in fact, I needed to know that I may only now sign in with my username.

    There it is, my unit and ability to give them more money. But I had to figure that glitch out on my own and in the face of an incredibly rude "customer service" representative. My expectations are pretty slim: have a conversation. Explain exactly what I'm seeing and what I want to do. Take polite instructions and make it work together. I was permitted no such courtesy and this is a repeating pattern with all but TWO staff people at Public Storage with whom I have directly interacted. The second left the organization about a week after I met him.

    My items are in storage. I have to have storage at the moment. I am loathe to move it AGAIN if I don't have to and, honestly, have no proof that any other storage provider would exceed my expectations of Public Storage. However, with the scales already tipping away from any positive lingering experience, this will be my only option soon. They are simply horrid. The exception to the rule are, well, the exceptions to the rule, who appear to prosper and provide a positive service experience based solely on their own value system and training, and not in ANY way due to a corporate culture of service or support at Public Storage.

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    Original review: July 16, 2017

    We have had a Public Storage unit for 3 years. A 10 x 20 unit that housed our entire home belongings. For the most part we have not had any issue except for them raising their rates annually and the "secured gate" being broken every few months! What started off as $120 has skyrocketed to $200 a month! We have just moved out of the public storage unit into our first home. I was in shock, disbelief and disgusted when we started pulling our things out of the unit. Almost everything that was in the unit was either peed on, pooped on or chewed on by rats. When I brought this to the manager's (Bruce) attention he said that they don't do any kind of extermination or pest control for rodents, cockroaches, mice, or any bug.

    If we would have known this they would not have had our business or the business of our friends! I believe that they have been making pure profit off of our unit and everybody else's units since they don't pay for anything except for the mortgage of the land! We have had to spend thousands of dollars to replace the items that were damaged and some things that were passed down cannot be replaced that had to be tossed out.

    If I could I would give them zero Stars. They need to understand that rats carry infection! I've also made multiple attempts to reach their district manager with no response! They don't care about their customers. All they care about is lining their pockets! Their manager Bruce had the nerve to ask me if we had the insurance? I said of course we do because it's required to have if we would like to have a unit with them!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 15, 2017

    Searched around for a good deal for 1 year storage, and found a rate I could afford. The location was good and manager there was great. But 5 months after I rented it, got notice that my monthly rate was going up 45%. I asked the manager, was told that is controlled at the corporate level. I called customer service. The rep told me they can charge whatever they want, increase as much as they want at any time, and I'm welcome to move out at any time. So I am. After using their company off and on for 30 years, now I'll be using every forum I can find to steer others away from them. Wish I had seen this website before I moved my stuff in.

    Original review: July 9, 2017

    When I went to rent from them I reserved online and went to the place. When I arrived I was given a ride to my unit which is suppose to be 10x10 so I had a tape measure with me and decided to measure the unit. It was 10 feet wide but only measure 9 feet deep. When I asked the sales lady about that she said "maybe it was measured from the outside" but that makes no sense since I would not have 100 square feet of space to store my stuff. Then we went back to the office and I asked for corporate number. I called them and they said it was approximate. How is being off by a foot when you are paying for 10 feet approximate. I mean think about it. It's 10% of what I'm paying for and not getting. Storage units think they can rip off the consumer by doing this.

    Original review: July 6, 2017

    I rented a 10' x 10' unit over 7 years ago. There was no promotion, it was the regular rate at the time. I paid $82.00 and that included the rent tax. They have consistently gone up, between eight and $10 a month every six months, like clockwork. My monthly rate has gone up a whopping 250%. I am now paying $198.00 a month. I went in to pay my bill and met with the District Manager, who was training a new employee. He couldn't help me and gave me the number to corporate. Each month, when I pay my bill, there is a new face. I have been told by an employee, that the pay is terrible. There isn't any customer loyalty, rather, loyal customer penalty.

    I recently went online and the specific location I rent from had posted a rate chart for each of the different size units. My 10 x 19 unit has listed $148.00. 15% discount online is $136.00. What? Why am I being overcharged? I called Corporate (15min. wait). They really couldn't give me an explanation other than these posted rates can change on a daily basis! The regular rate has never been this high. Only after I really ripped the representative, they came back with a discount for the month of August only, and it still did not come down to the regular rate. I had not paid my bill yet for July, as I was riding out the grace period to contact the corporate office to get some relief. I have half a mind to have an attorney look at this as a discrimination suit. I will be making every effort to be out of there by the end of this month. I have located several other storage facilities in the area that are much fairer in their price structure. Buyer beware!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 5, 2017

    This billion dollar family owned company is insanely overcharging customers. Yes, I needed storage, and I paid PS on time, and had always updated my mailing information with them. But when it came time to pay, PS would increase the rental DUE amount without informing me every 6 months. This unit is off of 610 & South Main in Houston - not air conditioned, horrible condition, I paid for the lock, and was not informed of increase because the office staff never updated my address. The first price was $1, next month amount for several months $85, increased 6 months later, $125, and 6 months later $139. The staff claims the increase is due to location - really, it's robbery!!! I am moving out END of this month! Would never recommend Pub.Storage.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 24, 2017

    Each and every month our price was raised by $18 to $30. On top of that when we ran into some serious medical bills we called the district manager to inform him that we needed just a little more time. He NEVER returned the call and we received the only call 19 hours before our unit was auctioned off for a paltry $900. Our $40,000 worth of merchandise went for $900. No concern about this on their part. This is bad enough but the district manager had THREE WEEKS to call me before doing this. He ignored that purposely. Public Storage is simply the WORST COMPANY IN THE UNITED STATES and I have been around a long time to see what's out there. AVOID Public Storage at all costs. There are much better and much more economical independent choices.

    Public Storage expert review by ConsumerAffairs

    Public Storage is a global self-storage provider offering facilities in the United States and Europe. Along with self-storage they can accommodate business storage needs and vehicle storage needs.

    • Unit sizes: Public Storage offers unit sizes ranging from 5 feet by 5 feet to 10 feet by 25 feet. The smallest unit can hold the contents of a small room or a large closet, while the largest unit can hold the contents of a 250-square foot business space or up to six rooms. Vehicle storage spaces range from uncovered to enclosed for cars and large spaces for RVs and boats.
    • Moving supplies: If you are in need of moving and packing supplies, Public Storage offers boxes, packing supplies, tape and specific moving kits for purchase. They provide free shipping on orders of $75 or more.
    • Business storage: Public Storage offers various businesses tips and ways to use storage to make operations more convenient. Real estate, office, construction and retail businesses have easy access to units for daily or seasonal needs.
    • Discounts: Consumers can go online for discounts and specials such as $1 first month rent on selected units for new customers and 15 percent off monthly rent.
    • Service areas: Thanks to the acquisition of Shurgard Self-Storage, Public Storage has self-storage facilities in the United States and Europe. Consumers should check the interactive map online to determine their nearest location.
    • Best for: Consumers with personal or business self-storage needs, both domestic and abroad.
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