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Same as happened to reviewer John. Over Labor Day weekend I couldn't log on website to pay, some issue with new passwords as listed on the site. I finally got through online and the payment had was correct for the month. Tuesday, I called to pay the amount from Monday holiday and John at the office quoted me double plus lien fee or instead of $138.00 he said I owe $378.00 or so. A lien fee, and late fee in one day? For a future lien sale that work could not have possibly yet occurred and is not intended for people who are paying. Lien fees are for abandoned storage and people who can't pay.

I've been paying monthly for 7 years; and since this employee John has come aboard they have tried to do this last year as well. Extra Space's corporate motto "Our goal is to provide excellent service, a high-quality product and superior results to everyone that comes in contact with Extra Space Storage." needs to be upheld. The other time this happened Corporate office was very helpful in getting the District Manager to eventually contact me. The District Manager then negotiated a payment which removed additional fees tacked onto the unsubstantiated work (not) performed for lien fees. I still had to pay the one late fee and 85 dollar lien fee.

THE EMPLOYEES DEFINITELY get bonuses for the lien fees they place, which is why they take every opportunity to greed on their customers. The employee who was there had stated they'd published my storage in a newspaper for auction which was found to be false. I believe that misstatement may have helped remove the tacked on fees on top of lien fees.

So find out who your District Manager is and tell them what has happened and what you would like to see done about it. I will do the same, I just loathe dealing with unreasonable people who mess with me because they can load my belongings over my head as ransom. These are unethical business practices and not in alignment with stated corporate policies.

I've been renting the same storage space for 4 years, and every thing was fine until Cube Smart sold the property to Extra Space Storage. The monthly fee has been paid by my company credit card for all that time, but when Extra Space took over, there was obviously some issues with transfer of account information. Unbeknownst to me, Extra Space was not able to obtain payment from my credit card for two months, and they assessed a $24 late fee twice followed by a $85 "Pre-foreclosure" fee. Then, miraculously, on 24 August, they were able to extract a payment of $393 dollars for two months rent, insurance, late fees and the "Pre-foreclosure" fee.

So obviously, they were doing something wrong during July and August, and finally figured it out. I complained a week and a half ago, and got to speak with Brittany today who gave me the same corporate line despite my pleading that it was not my fault, and how could they do this to a 501 (c)(3) veterans' organization? She was totally heartless, and my suspicious mind thinks perhaps her bonus comes from screwing people with these bogus charges which, in my view, are the result of their incompetence. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PIRATES!!!

I had two side-by-side storage units while looking for an apartment. After finally moving into my new apartment, I wanted to consolidate what was left into just one storage unit, which they was impossible because the computer couldn't do it (!). Then they raised the rent by $50 for the two. I decided on a storage unit at a different, locally-owned place and it cost $300 in labor and truck rental but it was worth it. Their parting shot was to charge me ("computer mistake") for the following month, even though the onsite manager and I went through the entire close-out process. And 3 weeks later the computer still has not credited my account that $180.

I have been renting from Extra Space Storage in Corpus Christi for almost 2 years now and my rent has just been increased for a third time with no warning. Over my rental period I've had my gate code locked twice so that I was unable to gain access and I've had signs of rats in my unit. Today I went to my storage locker and found that it had been double locked by the manager. Since there is no longer a manager on site we had to wait for half an hour for the manager to show up to let me in to my locker that was paid up to date.

The manager states this was the second time today he had to come down to let a paying customer in. The manager offered no explanation and no real apology as to why he had locked me out and wasted my time today. We noticed that 8 other units in our building had been double locked as well so this does not appear to be a random incident. I will be vacating ASAP and will warn anyone currently there or considering renting from Extra Space to give it some careful consideration.

I fell one month behind on my account due to some unexpected bills. I had been a customer with Extra Space at one of their Amarillo locations for the last 3 years paying $120 a month for a small closet size unit. At 36 days they slap an 85 dollar fee. I explained I get paid on that 36th day and could pay Immediately. Not good enough. They say the 'computer assess the fine' they 'can't stop it'. Spoke to a Regional General Manager named Brittany at ** who towed the company line saying the fine would be assessed. They assess the fine at midnight the same time my money hits. That's an easy 85 dollars to make.

I can understand now why people leave such ugly comments about this company. The CEO Spencer F Kirk hides from social media. You can barely find him on LinkedIn. I think it's sad a company doesn't want to work with its customers and even worse the CEO can't be bothered enough to have contact information to receive feedback about his company. So, what is this 85 dollar snafu gonna cost them? A customer of course. I'll get my stuff out within a week and that 5x5 closet size can sit empty rather than earn an easy 120 a month. Do they care? No. But you, after reading this should be aware and stay away from this company. Spread the word.

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Be careful, Extra Space likes to give large rent increases a few months after you move in. Plus they do not tell about all of their charges over the phone. Instead you find out about it at the time of signing the contract. Be careful.

With no warning, with no justification, they raised the unit rate from $204 to $290. When confronted, they gave me gobbledegook. I cancelled them INSTANTLY! They INSTANTLY lost my business. I also have an account with them in Las Vegas which I will cancel as soon as possible. I suggest NO ONE do business with them.

The customer service here is awful from both employees and management. I signed up for a storage unit 10x10 for 188.00 a month which I didn't even need and they knew that I'll update a pic. It's huge. I get the first months free so I use my credit card to pay. The next month I receive a email saying "Thank you for payment of 188.00 to extra space." I'm like "What?" I never even authorized them to automatically take payment out of my account. I called and I was very upset. That credit card has a limit on it. I wouldn't use that for an automatic payment nor did I agree to do such. The employee was very abrupt saying there was nothing he could do until I said I would call my card company and dispute the payment for non-authorization and remove my things from their establishment - all of a sudden he can refund me back the money. Then he agreed to call me back when it was done so I can use my bank card instead.

We argued over the matter for 5 mins before that just him saying he didn't sign me up. I'm like "So that doesn't mean you can't fix it?" I didn't mind paying just not with that card. I was so upset instead of him helping he was just acting like nothing could fix it and I have to wait for the manager. 3-4 days later I get a call from the manager telling me I owe 223.00. I'm like "What? I spoke with the employee. He would call me back once my other transaction was sent through. I never agreed for automatic payments."

He gets upset saying, "Oh now it's 1 day late. Now it's 223.00." I'm like "And whose fault is that? Not mine. I didn't authorize you to use my credit card and needed to make sure my money was back to avoid paying double." He's like well he doesn't see that in the notes. I should've called and paid. I'm like, "Why would I pay twice?" First he says he can't reverse it. Then says he can but it will take a few days and he's gonna call me.

It's like shady business. What kind of games are being played? What type of scams? You know I'm frustrated now. I'm like "Well, I don't have to put up with your customer service. You're very rude and abrupt - you and your employee." He goes on to say the movers I hired broke his gate. LIKE ARE YOU THE MANAGER or what? I said, "Sir that has nothing to with me and doesn't mean you take your anger out on me. I am the customer and I am always right. You should be helping not fighting. I can move my stuff out if this is the service you offer." SMH. Then he says he can remove the late fee and I'm like, "And how long before I move my things?" He's like "The 31st." He wasn't even trying to let me talk. They don't have the right to speak to people any kinda way. I don't like that. Don't do business with them. The lack of professionalism is intolerable and I won't stand for it. You shouldn't either.

I went to my storage unit to move out as it was the 29th day of the month and didn't want to continue paying for another month. Arriving at my storage unit I found that my key to my Extra Space lock did not work. I went over to the office and told the site manager Stephanie that my key didn't work and asked if she had a duplicate key. She told me she did not have a duplicate and that she could cut the lock off. Stephanie cut the lock off and I moved all my items out of the unit. I returned to the office to terminate the lease and was told by Stephanie that the next month payment was already taken out of my bank account (I was on automatic payment) and there were no refunds.

I was reviewing the termination document on the customer monitor when Stephanie reached over the counter and shut off the monitor, and handed me the receipt and said "here," and walked away from the front desk to the back office. Bad customer service. I think they set up the automatic payment to come out a few days prior to the beginning of the next month and then tell the customer, no refunds, even if the customer moves out on the last day of the month.

I have been at this location for over 5 years. Been with 3 different owners. This one is the best. First off, the gentleman and gentlewoman that manage this place are so nice and professional. The gentleman, Rene, has been there during all 3 owners. I'm so glad that he's still there! Going in when paying the bill, is like visiting good friends or family. Brittany the other half of this dynamic duo is just fabulous also, lots of smiles all the time. Rene and Brittany are very professional, and well-informed. They BOTH keep me up-to-date. I was informed by letter that new roll-up doors were going to be installed with a private security firm videotaping the whole process. How cool is that?

Rene came up with an idea to install them on my units farthest away from the office. Again very cool. That's how this team thinks and performs, OUT OF THE BOX I call it! The locks look tamper proof, no room for a pry bar. And with an manager on site, Rene roams the site on a golf cart just before the automatic gate shuts down for the night. He has URGED ME to pick up the pace, and leave before closure. Brittany and Rene are doing a good job filling up the site with customers. As I see it the more customers there are around, the more eyes are open to mischief and such.

I know they will react promptly if I see something NOT NORMAL when I tell them. They even have an security company do drive throughs before the site is closed for the night. Again how cool is that! I'm old fashioned, in that when I get good service and expert help. I make a comment to folks in higher places. It's just as easy to complain, and I do my share of that also. And take Brittany's advice, buy the round cylinder lock they carry in stock. I've never seen one before. Same price as a good master lock but no room for a pry bar. Thanks guys...

This company is not customer oriented. This is a self service storage company so all you need is access to your unit. I have never been late or not paid my rent. Yet I am unable to access my unit without notification. The corporate office does not call customers back and the employees at the facility on Sherman St in San Diego watch customers on the security system and shout comments at them while they come and go to their units. There is no bathroom available after 6:00pm. I assume they expect you to pee in the nearest bush. Store your items here at a risk of never seeing them again. Money mongers, non-friendly people that enjoy stressing out the public. They will go out of their way to screw with you and set you up for failure so they can steal your items in storage. I am wondering why the laws of California do not protect us against these people. Since they do not, I am telling you go somewhere else to store. These people will only frustrate you.

I tried to pay the bill by phone, got a confirmation number and everything. Noticed it was not taken off my debit card so I called and spoke with the always arrogant person who works there and he said "Yes I see you did attempt to pay but it is not on my register." I said "OK sometimes it takes a few days." I asked for him to call me back if the payment didn't go through. I forgot about it and then I get a registered letter saying they were selling my things and I owe not only late fees but 85$ more for filing fee, which I could not afford that and they also wanted all or nothing.

It's their system's mistake and no one cared about the fact I did attempt to pay. Thought that I had because that is the very point of the confirmation number is proof of payment. Stay away from this place not only for the above reason but the arrogant puke that works there and not to mention constant rent increases where they claim they notified you by mail. Funny I get everything but rent increase notices...strange!! RUN AWAY FROM HERE AND IF YOU ALREADY HAVE STUFF THERE GET IT OUT NOW.

I have been storing at the "La Quinta" facility for a little over 3 months and yesterday I confirmed my suspicions that someone had broken into my unit and stole Thousands of dollars worth of clothing, handbags, boombox, world globe, shoes, sandals, etc. I was overwhelmed with pain and sorrow! These are my personal items I love and am attached to. Some of it belongs to my daughter, and I thought I could trust this corporation, being so large, but this is not the case. I only hope that they pay me for the items missing, it's the least they can do.

The worst place for storage. They pull toy in with an initial low payment $35.00 then $75.00 per month but no flexibility or common sense in discretion or applying good business to clients. Going through hardship, skipped the month of April's payment. May's payment, I came in to pay both months of April and May. On May 12, only 5 days from May's due date of 7th, I get it's second month but by only 5 days. So I come in to pay it and am informed the total is now $277.00 in full - no partial payments - $87.00 being for PRE-FORFEIT FEES? Billing automatic on computer?

When I called yesterday and the total was $199.00, come today it's $277.00, and WON'T ACCEPT MY $200.00 payment. And after asking why and getting angry, said "ok I'll take the $199.00, but you still won't be able to use gate code and still be set for pre-auction." I'm like WHAT? Real, real STRICT, RIGID, BOGUS PLACE. SHIFTY. LACK ANY QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE OR FAIR BUSINESS PRACTICE. THIS PLACE SUCKS. More like no management - just a rip off scam to keep your stuff. Stay away from this company, they stink. Rick was no good manager - could never do. Jack, always upper management, had them all in bondage. No one can do nothing for you, the customer.

This company unprofessionally and discriminatorily refuses to conduct business by email and does not inform you of this. There was a problem with my direct deposit and I was not informed through email. My lifetime of clothing, heirlooms, memories and belongings were sold without my knowledge. Professional business is done through email. By refusing to do this, Extra Space Self Storage purposefully is running a scam on the disadvantaged. For example, a soldier deployed abroad can lose everything they have because this company refuses to professionally and respectfully conduct business by email. It's a manipulative scam.

When we initially moved in, we obtained a partially obstructed unit, as far away from the doors as possible. For this we received two discounts -- one 10% discount because we only have 90 square feet of floor space and the other because I'm a disabled vet. Extra space bought out the previous company. Unit prices initially went from $74,20/month to $87/month in a year with 3 percent deflation. In the second year, the price increased again from $87/month to $111/month. We had 0.5% inflation that month.

Yesterday, received a notice in the mail that prices will rise again from $111 to $121 -- an increase of 10 percent in an era where inflation is flat, and the electrical prices the storage company is facing (their principal expense) has decreased 10 percent in the past year. If this disabled veteran could handle the back strain, I'd be moving out, but it is dangerous for me to do so...so I'll remain, subject to the immoral extortion of the company. Any company that treats those of us who kept the nation protected so they could build these businesses this badly deserves to be out of business. To all: If at all possible, store your stuff elsewhere, or sell it in a garage sale. Until these owners come to their senses, they don't deserve your business. Not now....not ever.

My experience with Extra Space Self Storage went from heavenly to hellish in the time it took for me to move my things into one of their units. I was facing a hardship, and had lost my home. Once I had moved out, I had to find a place for my belongings in a hurry. Enter Extra Space. The manager, Marten, was very welcoming and cordial upon accepting my business, and I thought that I would be able to see through the other end of homelessness without too much trauma. I found a new place two weeks later, and returned to move some of my things in my new home.

As I was moving things out, I was confronted by one of the Extra Space personnel, who was rude and kept coming up to me telling me that I had to leave. He actually started shouting at me to leave. I told him that I was just finishing up putting my things away and that it would take just a few minutes. This wasn't enough for him. He kept telling me to get out. So I asked him if he could help me put my things in my unit, and he replied that he doesn't work for me, and to get out. I finally told him: "Look, I can put my things away, or I can argue with you. I can't do both."

Additionally, Marten, the manager, doesn't keep his posted hours. I went to his office for a question only to find that he had closed his office several minutes before the posted 6:00 pm posted time. And finally, when I came to make a cash payment to settle my account and take my things out, Marten refused to accept payment. When I asked for his supervisor, he refused, saying that there is no one else to talk to. But when I asked: "and if I find out the name of your supervisor through other means, what then?" Marten took down my number and said that someone would call me to talk to me. No call came. It was just a simple storage space. And now I have to get an attorney involved just to get closure with this company. There are several self-storage facilities in your neighborhood. If one of them is Extra Space Self-Storage, I have only two words of advice: Just. Don't.

I am at Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ Extra Space standing outside since last 1 hours and main door is lock. It is not processing anyone codes to open or close main gate. Many customers are standing inside. Office use to remain open till 6:00pm but no one was available at 5:45pm. I call customer service and they said technician will reach in 15 minutes and I still waiting. Technician took 1 hour to reach us.

Within 6 months of renting the rate increased without notice, they also reversed a payment made on time and charged me a $35 late fee!! When talking with management, he could have cared less and when I said "Extra Space". Clearly wasn't interested in my business his response "Oh well". DO NOT RENT FROM THIS DESPICABLE COMPANY - I AM IN SALT LAKE BUT FROM THE REVIEWS THE OPERATION IS THE SAME.

Extra Space Storage Rosamond, CA. Local management was quite receptive during the initial review of the units, but once I was renting a number of their units, the attention and service soon disappeared! A layer of sand immediately started to accumulate in the units on a regular basis. Local management's reply was that they could not control the weather. Local management had issues with break-ins.

Then after six months, the rate increased without proper notification (a breach of contract). Local management kept diverting responsibility to corporate management. One comment from local management about the rate increase was it could have been more. After not receiving adequate response from local management about the rate increase, I notified them (per the contract) that I was releasing my rental units. Local management's response was extremely curt and dismissive, "Sweep the units out and leave the doors open". BEWARE, they really do not care about the customer nor their belongings.

Shady business dealings in the monthly rent department and lease. Since I am waiting for the lease I signed to be emailed now I can't say for sure how this clause that can raise rent anytime is stated. The store manager was very good at having me sign things quickly to get the space rented to me expeditiously, but he was not as quick at giving me a copy of the lease to read over. What he did give me was a brochure and the receipt for my first month rent and fees. No copy of the lease was sent nor was there ever an attempt to send me one. No postcard notice of the rent being raised was sent either even though the store manager said there was. Can you believe that? I don't.

The reason for the rent increase was the costs of doing business. They can say that every day if they chose to do so and raise your rent. What I understand "now" is they can again raise my rent in 9 months. The store manager said they can or will do that. Interesting. So they raised the rent after 4 months and now "maybe" they won't raise it for another 9 months? I think they will.

My advice to the readers is not to rent at their facilities until they provide more stable rent scales and consumer friendly leasing. The facility I rent at is very nice, but before long I will be out of there because of the way they charge me rent. Those come-on rates are no deal. They are a hoodwink to get you in there. From what I am reading here I see we have all been taken. My intention now is to report them to the State Dept. of Consumer Protection in CT and file a complaint with them and the Attorney General's Office.

In less than 3 years I have received so many price increases that I am paying more than 50% over my original price, and almost half again as much as they are currently advertising empty spots of the same size/type to new customers for. The price increases put them far over any other local storage... unfortunately it costs a significant amount of time to move to another storage unit. Even so, I will find time this summer. Even renting a truck several weekends and paying for a month of overlapping storage would save me money very quickly. I feel conned, and trapped by the moving time. I do not have a weekend or two to waste, but will have to.

What good is storage if I can't actually leave my stuff there very long? They aren't any better than the other places either; 'indoor' just means it mostly has a roof (though the storage area's walls do not go up to it, so birds still fly inside). I think it has cameras by the gate... which works most of the time... mostly. The gate does close relatively early, which will hamper moving my stuff.

Extra Space storage has been providing storage needs for our business and personal for more than 10 years. We moved to Santa Fe and got a great rate in January 2015 for both a personal storage unit and one for our business. In 6 months, the rate was increased by $13/mo and was just given notice that the rate for our personal unit was going up $60! What?! Calling the local office was fine and was told they would apply for a rate reduction and let me know within 2 days. When that didn't happen, I just called and was told the request was declined. They didn't care if I left as the going rate was $234/mo and my rate was only $228/mo so they would make more if I did move out. Really? That was all they could say? The increase for the office unit was minimal, but our personal rate went up 40% in 6 months. Wow, very disappointing and with very few storage options in Santa Fe, we are stuck. Guess we will be having a storage sale!

I have never written a review, but with the experience I had at Extra Space Storage in Connecticut I just had to take action. I drove 2 hours from Boston to CT to pick up a storage auction locker for my brother, something we've been doing for 15 years. I had a receipt, the money and my brother's consent. But because my name was not on the receipt Mr.** shoved the papers at me and then got loud. I tried to explain but he would not listen, he was being very disrespectful and nasty. After I called corporate and explain my situation, they were totally helpful and I was able to pick up the storage locker. I am very surprised that Extra Space Storage would have someone so unprofessional like that working for them. ** at 132 Silas Deane Hwy, Wethersfield, CT. DON'T GO!!

I gave the mgr. $820 for a storage unit I bid on online and won but he wouldn't give me a receipt, told me to get out by a certain time or I would be locked in. When confronted to see a regional/area mgr. his response "There are none." I want my money back and my online account restored immediately.

Put all of my personal belongings in storage at Extra Space Storage 720 South Washington St. North Attleboro, MA 02760 month of November which was free. Unable to pay for the month of December and January, due to financial constraints. I was informed that my unit would be auctioned off on 01/19/16. I called the manager ** and explained that I am going through financial difficulties and health problems. "Could you please try to understand my position and give me time to pay what I owe, please." ** said he would see what he could do after much pleading with him. Never got back to me.

On Tuesday day of auction 01/19 I went to office and spoke with a young girl who made an attempt to contact mngr. He never returned **'s call. I asked if unit had been sold. She made the attempt to look in computer but was unable to access info. So, she wasn't sure. I explained that I spoke to ** but he didn't get back to me. I said my belongings had better not leave the unit. That I would somehow find a way to pay. ** in turn said nothing could be done if unit had been sold. ** said that she would continue to try and reach **. I said "Please call me tonight as I am sick over this". No call from **! Received a call from ** on 01/20 stating that the unit had been sold. I asked once again to please have ** call me. No call!

Went online to get corporate number and then that's when I started reading all the negative reviews. Started calling corporate 9:00 on 01/21 after several attempts someone finally picked up. I spoke with **, explained, and was told nothing could be done. Asked to speak to someone above her. Spoke with ** senior mngr. and was told the same. I couldn't accept that. I asked what has happened to human compassion? I explained that I went through a divorce after 30 years of marriage. I have many health problems that put me in the hospital. The only reason I put what I have left in storage is because I was storing my things in a garage and a person that was using drugs stole a lot of my things for drug money. All I have left are sentimental items that would be of no use to anyone else but myself.

I lost both my parents at a young age to cancer. I only have many pictures, recipes passed through generations, and some items from my great grandmother which I treasure. All that I have left is in that unit. Doesn't matter! ** said he would call district mngr. for North Attleboro and he would be in touch within 24 to 48 hrs. I said I don't have that time to wait. ** the DM called within a 1/2 hr. Once again I explained. 0 compassion. He signed off on unit! And yes it had been sold! Only thing that could be done is for him to call ** and have him get in touch with person that purchased unit to see if I could buy it back from him and he doesn't have to comply. I called Boston hotline and spoke to a very nice woman that could only give her number, not her name. She said she would call North Attleboro and DM and call me back. She called and said that I can only hope that the new owner of my property would call me! She felt so bad.

DM didn't call her back! I called DM and asked if info was given and he said yes to mngr. person is under no obligation to call me. Totally up to he or she! I did inform all that I would have both Boston and Providence News come to storage to interview me on my behalf! They didn't like that! DM said I cannot go on property and harass employees! I said I know that! That's not my intention. I just want to be heard in hopes that people will get back to being real again and show kindness and compassion for others as they would want the same for themselves. My heart is broken. As I sit and patiently wait to see if I will indeed receive a call. Please... Can anyone help me? It's all I have left.

Several issues. Raised our rates 4 times in under 2 years. Never a notice. Then we got robbed. Living on site manager wasn't there and camera coverage was so bad. After days of getting nowhere we contacted local news for help.

I chose this facility, because it was the closest to my home. The manager was friendly, and the facility was very impressive, clean and well-maintained. Almost a year later, however, I noticed that they had been overcharging me. My first four months, the bill had been $99. After that point, though, they had been charging me $112 with no explanation. I called to discuss this with the manager who became immediately cold and hostile and stated that I had received a letter in July about the rate increase. Sorry, but NO I did not receive that letter. I would NEVER expect a rate increase in the first year, especially given that the rate they are advertising is still below the amount they are charging me. My payments are all automatically withdrawn and have never been late. I am extremely unhappy with this very poor customer service and bait-and-switch advertising.

I have been a loyal customer and pay on time every month for years now. This year Extra Space took over and since then, they price hiked my unit in the spring by $20 and now just got notice that it is going up again by another $30!!! 2 price raises in 1 year! Over 30%, and right before Christmas!!! I have nowhere to move AND MAY LOSE MY SPACE AND THINGS. No contact from them after requesting a supervisor get back with me. They just do not care. Corporate America at its best! How many other poor people will lose their possessions just before Christmas! Thanks for not caring about the people, just the money, Extra Space Storage!!!

When I rented a 10/30 unit on 10/19/15 I was told that the 1st-month free rental does not apply to big units. I was asked to pay for one whole month and told that if I check out before the end of the paid month, I will be refunded. On 11/2/15 I paid again for one whole month and told the manager that I was going to move out of the unit on 11/28/15. To my surprise when I asked for the refund I was told that "they" don't do that anymore. I asked for a printout and first they did not want to give me one, I insisted and I got the history of my payments with $136 adjusted refund!!! They refused to give me the refund back and both worker and manager were very arrogant and unfriendly. If you decide to rent with them make sure you get all their promises in writing.

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