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I have account with Godaddy for years. Their business policy is ripping off in name of auto renewal. Once auto renewal is set no changes can be made and they keep drawing money whether you are using service or not. No account detail is provided in invoice. Whole business policy is full of ill intentions. I also wanted to stop my renewal two times and each time they don't let you do it. There is no contact or complaints section on their website. Whole thing is sneaky.

After spending a total of around 10 hrs working with GoDaddy tech support to figure out why my domain email was not working properly I was told that they had no idea why it was still not working and said they would issue a partial refund. I had to fight for over 2 hrs on the phone with customer service to get them to refund the amount only to find out they refunded to a store credit! I would NOT recommend this company if you value quality service and a working and functional product.

I was on the phone with GoDaddy Support & the rep offered to renew 18 lapsed domain names. I said fine, as long as it was just for a year and I wasn't purchasing any other services. To my horror, in addition to the renewal fees, I was charged $1,440 in "Redemption Fees" that the Godaddy representative never mentioned to me. Then came a series of chats and phone calls with customer service. I say a series, because you tend to get put on hold a lot and disconnected. Customer Service said that the rep should have informed me of the fees and indicated that GoDaddy would refund the $1,440. But they never did.

I just called them back to ask about it and they told me that because I had agreed to the purchase initially, they wouldn't give me a refund. The supervisor said the same thing. But not informing me of these exorbitant fees was clearly unethical, perhaps illegal. I have been using GoDaddy for at least a decade, paid them thousands & thousand in domain registration fees, despite their poorly designed, unnavigable website, terrible customer service and vulture-like sales reps. But this is the last straw. I urge people not to get tangled up in the GoDaddy web of greed and deceit.

I bought a website upgrade from Godaddy for $1495. The package included an upgrade from an earlier Godaddy site. All went well until Oct 3 when the final touches were to be finished by end of business day. These refinements were recording page urls so they back linked to my 6 year old site. Without this correction my new site would never connect to years of marketing. The fix was confirmed in writing to me twice. Oct 3 at 8:13 pm Godaddy called my home to say they could not do the work promised. Now they locked my development site without explanation.

The use of a few 301 redirects would fix this but Godaddy, a technical company, does not know how to do this? Their supervisor called 'John from the CEO's office' was rough and badgering. First telling me I would get a refund if I agreed to stop asking for the fix almost immediately. I begged them for a few extra hours to consider the offer. They rejected it as I want the site fixed, not the refund. He refused to give a name which is so unprofessional. I feel like we are dealing with thugs not a public company. And if they cannot fix the site, why did they tell me in writing and in the phone that they could? Had we known that this company has only 1 star here and hundreds of complaints elsewhere, we would have moved on. If anyone knows how we can get our site unlocked please let us know herein.

If there ever is a class action suit against please count me in. I've never felt so taken advantage of in all of my life. As a medically retired individual in my mid-fifties, I fell for the advertising as an 'easy' way to set up a website to start your own small business. I felt it could be a good way to start up something at home to supplement my small disability income. I signed up, with no renewal. Set up a domain name, and tried out the web builder. Called up for support and lost patience before the month was up. Whenever I called up for support was spoken to like I was an idiot, and my last call asked them to cancel the web page. Figured it was done. Asked to keep my domain name, but was done with the website. This was about three and a half years ago.

I became very ill and over the past few years haven't had much support with my affairs and let so much go on the wayside as I was concentrating on my health. Last year I noticed a charge on my bank statement from them and called them up for almost a hundred dollars. They weren't able to answer my questions as they needed my web address, codes etc. They couldn't pull up any information with my name, address, and phone number, and as I was still undergoing medical care I just didn't have the energy to go through all the paperwork and try and 'remember' nor go on the computer to 'help' them figure it out, so another year went by.

Noticed another charge, so this year I had my daughter's support and we finally were able to take a few hours and get to the bottom of this. I phoned them with all of the information as I was hoping to ask them to research why this hadn't been cancelled, and at the very least reimburse me for this year's fees, and finally cancel the website.

After almost two hours on the phone, and being denied access to speak with a supervisor after asking politely several times feeling I was being more than patient with the situation, and aiming for a compromise, a solution without confrontation and having to put up with listening to the young people in the background dropping the 'f' bomb about every ten seconds and laughing and stating loudly 'got another one', was told by young Anthony that he had tried everything he could do to resolve the issue with his supervisors but there was nothing he could do. "Sorry Ma'am." Again when asked to speak to a supervisor, I was refused. Given another excuse.

I was even further insulted while he told me he had even talked to the supervisor's superiors while he put me on hold, which he was unaware he didn't put the 'hold' button on, while I heard even more 'f' bombs dropped, more laughter in the background by more young men and other rude comments while the rep paused while time passed while he waited to make even more excuses why I could not be given a refund and why he didn't understand why my account had not been closed after the first month when I stated that I requested it to be. It never even went live. I had started tinkering with it putting a few pictures in a few boxes, and when I got tech support, they weren't able to help so I gave up and asked them to cancel it. That's as far as I got.

So I asked for reaffirmation that my web account had now been officially closed and that there would no longer be any more payments charged to my account. The last charge was made this past June 2016. Only several months ago. So in total 4 payments of $95 were charged. A total of three (3) charges they were not entitled to take from me.

This whole scenario isn't just about money. It is about their business practice. How they make it so difficult to get into your account to cancel. How when you do cancel your account, and they tell you verbally your account is cancelled and they make an error they do not stand by their word. And although it took me awhile to realize the error due to my own health condition, when I did try to access the account with my personal information, they were unable to assist me. And once I did they were not able to fix the error.

Furthermore, just a heads up for any baby boomers who are considering starting a small business online, I would never recommend this site if you aren't already completely literate and technically inclined. This isn't a 'dummies' guide to starting your own website. The young people talk to you like you are a complete idiot. They talk down to you like you are a stupid granny, (I'm in my early 50's, used to be an executive assistant at a major airlines in Canada assisting at 23 airports, and university educated) and the kids have the patience of a donkey in heat, pardon my expression. They are trained for one thing, and one thing only, to get your credit card information, and sell you products.

The training and customer support is nonexistent. At least that has been my experience. And if you need help in cancelling your service, expect it to take several hours of your precious time. They are hoping you get frustrated and hang up, so the timeframe lapses and that you are charged, because if you are, the next time you call and if you are charged, they cannot refund you because of 'the policy'. It's a cat and mouse game.

I am now medically retired, living on a disability income. $95 may not seem like a lot to some. And I thought I was being more than fair only asking for one payment to be reimbursed. But to me that is almost a month's worth of groceries. So yes, I'm feeling very taken advantage of. I was concentrating on my health, and was amiss and didn't have any help during my illness to pay attention to my finances closely enough to see that someone at Godaddy didn't cancel my website when I requested it. That was my fault. But when I called and asked kindly for some compassion and a simple compromise for some resolution, one would think that it wasn't too much to ask. At least I didn't think so. I don't have the money to hire a lawyer, to fight this. I will concentrate my efforts on staying well and staying strong.

However, when I saw this website I thought that I would take a bit of my power back, and share my story so that perhaps even one person could be spared the frustration of being taken advantage of by this bunch of greedy business people that have no interest in Customer Service. They are more interested in branding, commercials and selling their product, and zero interest in actually following up with what they are selling. Once they have sold the product with all the hoopla, you have bought a pretty package with all the bows and ribbons. When you open the package, you may be sorrily disappointed. Buyer beware. This has been my own personal experience. And it has been truly disappointing. PS Damn it. If there's a lawsuit, there is no compromise. I want it all back. These guys are crooks in my opinion. LOL.

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Tech support Edgar was NOT professional, period. Worse customer service. This gentleman only he knew what he was talking about but unable to help me how to fix my problem. He just wanted me to get out of his phone and take the next call... horrible call center environment. They train people to talk like robots and move on to the next call. Bad experience... I don't want to do business with company like this. I'm getting my money back.

I know I "un-clicked" the auto-renew button. Supposedly by their records show it was turned off. But refuse to refund my money. I turned it off and so did my husband. They're trying to tell me we both actually turn it right back on again. Bullcrap!!! This company is getting away with fraud! I'm so mad, this is ridiculous! This has got to be happening to thousands of people. I used my family checking account to pay for two domain names, because I hadn't set up my business account yet. I rarely use it, if it had been with my business account I would have seen the changes right away, so after 1 hour forty-five min. phone call telling me because I waited over five days I don't get a refund. I feel that their computer system is programmed to "screw citizens over" by automatically reactivating the auto renew. This is bad billing practices, fraud, deceptive practices, computer fraud.

As a website designer, I have been using Godaddy as a hosting source for many years for my clients (100+ websites) although for the last few months or so their customer service has become horrible. My last two conversations with Godaddy has been a very bad experience and their customer service representative was actually RUDE!! GoDaddy is now charging a ridiculous fees for help services that were included as part of their service for many years. Bottom line - use another source for your hosting. Don't use Godaddy. I am now looking for a new hosting provider for a ton of website!! Buyer beware.

Godaddy email servers have crashed in Asia Pacific over last one week; mails are not flowing in or mail deletions are not happening in the server side - just accumulating server space. Godaddy has been asking customers to adjust or pay more for additional server space if they wish to get some temporary fix. Blake Irving - CEO of Godaddy is just sleeping through this issue despite many tweets sent to him directly. Markets - be ready to see a major showdown of GoDaddy stocks in next few days/weeks considering there is NO ONE really bothered to fix the issues.

After being a customer for years! I have noticed this year that their service has gone right down with poorly trained staff at every level! Even the supervisor has no idea about customer service or more importantly customer retention! Had two weeks of hosting and domain troubles with them, told I should close a hosting account because "they" were having trouble upgrading the software on it. Told to move to a new account (up sell) then told I would get a refund when it was all sorted out. Rang to claim the refund and got "oh we had a policy change. That rep should not have told you that!" Disgrace! Save yourself a lot of future heartache and don't use Bob Parsons buy it back for peanut sooner or later and sort it out!

GoDaddy is the worst. They're extremely aggressive in selling you their hosting service, and lie about their offerings. They nickel and dime you for every little thing, so in the end you'll end upping pay a lot more than you were led to expect. The service is dreadful -- expect to wait 30-45 minutes each time you have a problem. The Web Designer is totally counter-intuitive and comes with hideous templates. If you make any changes your website will NOT be modified to look good on a mobile device (don't listen to what the sales person tells you). They promised to offer me a refund if I was unhappy with the plan, but when I tried to, they said they no longer do so. It's a really a company gone bad. Stay away and don't make the same mistake I did. Counting the days until my plan runs out.

So I signed up for a website builder package last year, which included my domain and 1 free email address. Mind you all the other emails I have under this domain now, since we are a well functioning company cost $4.99 per month, or $3.99 per month as in one lump sum per email annually of which they charge $48. Not ok, cause other providers offer more free emails with a package but ok, my bad. Should have done my homework. So overall I am not unhappy with godaddy. Yet just bought a new website builder package and lots of extras, some domains etc. (you know they charge you very low and then you can only buy it for at least 2 years, once in your cart). Well, I didn't mind all that. So far it was acceptable. Live and learn. With several issue with them but not bad overall. Over $700 in the last 2 weeks.

But listen to this: This is what happened today. Two days ago, I had canceled my auto billing payment option with GoDaddy on all my renewals, since I like to keep an overview and also had some very poor experience lately with unauthorized/canceled autopayment deductions from other vendors on my account!! (Sick and tired of running after my money.) Just to see that this morning they had taken off $57 from my account. I checked the invoice and it was for 1 YEAR - yes you read that correctly - for my email account that initially came free with my original website builder program last year. Not only as I said above I pay monthly for all my other emails, when I called in to Godaddy this morning the guy on the phone was rude and snippish, when I asked why they had taken off 1. An odd amount of $57, since 1 year email prepayment should have cost me $48.

Secondly my original website builder package is due Monday next week, so this email which was originally included is now being charged separate and then if divided by 12 months with a monthly fee of $4.75? That makes no sense. Why can't I pay month by month, with just a few pennies extra anyways? And why is it not included in my package, due to renew next Monday and why did they charge a CC, that I just used for my Godaddy purchase of over $7000. 2 weeks ago, that is NOT showing in my profile? THEY DID NOT HAVE THAT CC on file. It's a very new card, that was just recently issued due to fraud on my checking account, but I am 100% sure they kept it after my purchase 2 weeks ago.

His answer to me was this: 1. "You did NOT cancel auto renewal for this email" - (which is a lie, because I took a screenshot 2 days ago!) 2. The email would not be included in my new package - payment due next Monday! 3. "If You ask for a refund your email will be deleted and all information in it!" Yep, I said, "Please do - and Thanks for the awesome service" and hung up. 10 seconds later that email was un-retrievable!!! Shame on them. Well my rating for this company would be less than a 1. Too bad. I acted in good faith and added on lots of services. But I am def. gonna be smarter next year when it's time to renew and will NEVER purchase from them again.

Free SEO to employees who work in the SEO dept. is, somehow, not fair to the general public who hire (and pay) those same SEO employees to work on their company's SEO. No disclosure is given by GoDaddy so your competition's daughter-in law may be underperforming your SEO to keep their own SEO rankings higher... fact from personal experience. Case Y: GoDaddy SEO employee keeps her mother-in-law in rank 1-4 at all times. I can't compete with that even if I could pay 1500 month for their best effort.

Godaddy billed my credit card for over $110 and refused a refund after I spent a week following erroneous customer service advice. Then the supervisor, Chris, claimed I had registered under the name dona which is complete crap! They will do anything to rip you off for the renewal money even though I had stated the company is closed. They caused delays with bogus customer service advice to navigate the incredible maze of doublespeak and undecipherable malarkey then say it's your fault for not applying for a refund in time! Criminals! Just shove a gun in my face and get it over with! Fire away, **!

I purchased on two different occasions, web domains from GoDaddy. I purchased to secure the domain name, not sure if I wanted to set up the business. I found that the following year, GoDaddy, without my authorization, billed my credit card $159. The $10 teaser for the first year bumped up to over $160. (1400% mark-up! Don't you wish your savings account or your pension account had this kind of return?) Since I knew I never checked the "auto-renew" tab, I was incensed.

Furthermore, my credit card had changed. They hunted it down to get funds. I called GoDaddy and the manager said I only had three days to dispute the charge (I saw it on my credit card statement several weeks later) so I could not get a refund. I immediately contacted my credit card company and they promptly reversed the charges. I went to GoDaddy's website and in my account, tried to delete my account. There is nowhere to delete. Also, they accused me of not clicking the "one-time payment" tab so I tried to reset it to "one-time payment" but the web site would not take the information. I think it is clearly programmed this way. I've built sites before and it is not hard.

Well, several months later, I open my Paypal statement and find that GoDaddy had charged my PayPal account through my bank account. I've contacted Paypal to again dispute this charge. This company should be sued. GODADDY PRACTICES OUTRIGHT FRAUD! Google it. There are hundreds of people voicing the same complaint of "auto-billing" when the customer clearly stated "one-time payment." Do NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GODADDY!!!

I am with Godaddy more than 10 yrs and is amazing how bad it becomes! The employees have NOT RESPECT a lot for customers and they have new charges for what? For create a mess in your data!! Since June 12, 2016 when the tragedy here in Orlando, Fl I am trying to recover my website, this unforgettable day, Godaddy destroyed and made me paid for RESTORE!!!

But the RESTORE was an EMPTY FILE, with a name and that's it!!! Clowns!!! You must listen the conversation with one of THE GENIUS employees of Godaddy! Scaring me but at the end: to get my credit card number and charge me over $200 to RESTORE my data! Still, Dear Godaddy CEO, Irwing Blakes! Where is my website!!! You must read the BIO of his owner! He help DREAMERS to make their DREAMS come true! But his company, GODADDY GENIUS, destroyed people's DREAMS!!! Is time everybody to be aware of this CLOWN GENIUS COMPANY!

I had 2 domain names, which I did not authorize payment for renewal and with no website or website builder ever ordered. I did not provide an additional credit card even for the names to renew. I was contacted by GoDaddy and I told them I did NOT want those domains. The rep merged the domain account with an active account and without my consent (verbal or written) yet they charged me for website builder that I never ever ordered and also charged me for a renewal for 2 domains that I had requested to cancel. I did not authorize and charged on the domain yet I was charge to my bank account. All of my 14 domains get NOT on auto renewal! You would think 14 domains they would want to keep me. As each expires I will move them unless I get my money back! Buyer beware! Shop before you use them! They owe me refund of $275.36.

I thought these guys were the best! I've been running a website since 7 months now and have the domain and hosting from GoDaddy. Day before I got an email from them saying that there's a software upgrade and suddenly the next day my website started behaving abnormal. I called their 'award-winning' customer care but none could resolve the problem besides of course hanging you my call for no reason. I've been trying to restore my data since 2 days and have already lost a hell lot of my traffic but until now there has been no expert assistance from their end! Helpless and handicapped is what I am feeling at the moment because this site runs my bread and butter.:-(

Konne ** called and gave me discount for renewal product. He is customer care executive. My product's total cost is around 13,000 INR including Ultimate web hosting + resource level-3 + one domain. He gave me commitment that "you will get this 3 product in 10,400 INR." But when I purchased this product, resource level-3 had not include. Then he said me "your resource level-3 was not auto-renew mode so you can't get this. If you want resource level-3 then you pay 3000 INR." Then I talk with his manager Mr. ** and I said "please listen call recording. Konne ** have gave me commitment that you will get resource level-3." But

manager said only "SORRY". So friends be aware. There has to be commission of customer care executive for renewal product. So he can give us wrong commitment. Godaddy has cheater team.

Award winning, which award? There is no email contact and the waiting time on the phone starts at 20 minutes. See you next Tuesdays! In the time I've been waiting I've been able to send a few emails, join and write this review. I'm still on hold. If you ever want to get in contact with GD, forget it. Don't use these jokers.

When a customer goes to the trouble of looking up the telephone number to the Corporate Headquarters of any company, you know there has to be an issue. GoDaddy recently decided to upgrade/change/migrate email service and of course then charge all customers more for doing this, though no customer asked for it. That aside, the change-over came with serious problems, like no more business email access! In trying to resolve the problem with customer service 3 different times over 2 days with no results, we called the Corporate HQ.

Typically it's annoying when there is no one answering the phone at that level but in the case of GoDaddy, though they had someone answering the phone, they'd be better off with an automated system, as the receptionist was not only not friendly or helpful, she flat out refused to be of any assistance and stated to call customer service yet again. Why bother pay someone to answer the phone who wants to play God and do nothing! People do not seem to understand what customer service really means. GoDaddy did have a great reputation at one time but they have unfortunately fallen prey to the lack of training of their staff or maybe they just simply don't care about their customers any more. I'm going with both. So very disappointing.

We have had 2 domains with GoDaddy since 2008. We pay for these domains as a non-profit on behalf of 2 churches that would not be able to afford a website otherwise. I called GoDaddy to see if there were any promos going on since they had raised the domain price again. I recognize $20 for a year is not a great amount, but I was hoping that perhaps they could knock a few dollars off. The customer service rep said the only promo he could see was if I bought 5 years. Then he said unfortunately that that was the only deal and it "Wasn't coming out of his pocket." I get it. No deal. But, my sob story is real and a little class goes a long way. What a terrible thing to say to me.

I have been with GoDaddy for years and I left them twice for this same type of stuff, but I have domains there still. Their supposedly extra security has ALWAYS been a pain for me to even access my own account. Recently, my tablet was stolen and I changed my phone number and all my passwords. So, I went to the GoDaddy site and requested 2-step authentication, but moving so fast to change passwords on all my account, I did not change my phone number on the GoDaddy site.

So, now I am locked out of my account, because it is requesting 2-step authentication on EVERY DEVICE that I have (PC and 2 laptops). These are not new devices that should require additional authentication. The SECURITY BREACH is that when you enter your password, GoDaddy IMMEDIATELY sends a text message to the number on file. There is no prompt to ask if you want to verify that way. So, essentially, anyone with that phone could get a text and have access to my account. Thank God, I CHANGED the number, so it is not in use.

So AFTER they have sent the text to a number that I do not have, it has a link for alternate verification, that STUPIDLY opens a window where the only option is to send a text to the same number. THERE IS NOT ALTERNATE METHOD. I had to call them, get transferred 3 times waiting each time, only to have them send a link on how to turn off the 2-step authentication method. Uhhh, would have been nice to just have that link on the alternate method screen! So, this method requires me scanning and completing a form and include my driver's license or other identification and take 3 days for me to access my account.

What's really bummed out is that I don't even have any more ink in my printer. You would think there is more advanced technology to allow this to take place only. RIDICULOUS! Google doesn't even require all of this. I have every single order #, my PIN, my password, previous passwords and all credit cards ever used, but that is not enough. I am so upset. As soon as I get into my account, I am leaving GoDaddy for good. I don't trust them anymore if they're breaching security. Not to mention getting to Customer Service is a huge hassle. Save yourself some stress and trouble and try another hosting company.

I had someone telling me that my web wasn't working. I contact my tech and he mentioned me that the domain was expired. I didn't realized that because Godaddy had an email on file that I don't opened. I went into the account and the renewal option wasn't there. I call Godaddy and explain the problem and they told me that they could not do anything and the fee was $80.

I ask them if they could do something to wave at least partial cost and they refused. I had to end up paying since there is no other option. If they want to have happy customers they should have better customer service. In terms of reaching customers to renew their domain is super easy on these days to contact by mail, phone, text, or email as an alternative option. Otherwise, it seems that they want to monopolize the market because I can't have another option other than paying what they ask. I do not recommend this site at all.

The issue is regarding domain support... You can check all my 10-15 + call going to Godaddy. Every time your customer executive saying that problem will solve in 2-3 hrs but no solution... But also saying problem is yours. From mine side your domain is running from my ISP - it's your fault and disconnect call or haven't call back again. And after I call another executive but she is saying, "Your domain haven't work correctly in our ISP still". What a lie on duty.

Main thing why Godaddy saying problem is from your side without investing the issue properly... Just sitting on chair and time passing their 8-9 hours. And main thing # also done a great job... she flash out my files. What a technical authority from your side... But I have a backup so I again live my website. What a biggest mistake & taking wrong use of authority. You can check washout screen shot on her mail after she disconnecting the call and takes no responsibility of call back again. Kindly you can check my last 2 call record... Why Godaddy executive are so irresponsible... If they want to end their calls they saying will ok in 2-3 hours. Biggest mistake takes a connect with Godaddy and never suggest anyone to connect Godaddy. Kindly justify from your side... ASAP.

Dear Support Team. I am facing so many problems with the Hosting [GOTOMYCITY.IN] Server from last 45-55 days. Due to that all my clients are cancelling the order with company. I am getting huge loss with that. I need solutions permanently. Below domains are hosted on the server. And Please call me back. Kindly resolve the issues. It's urgent basis.

I received an automated debit from my paypal account in favor of Godaddy. I contacted Godaddy and was told as this was not for a service but perhaps in error, they would refund me straight away. I was asked to call again with all the paypal transaction details, which I provided. However a month after I am still forwarded to numerous department and never refunded. It was for nearly £150 GBP for a service I have not requested, nor received. I have no acknowledgment from Godaddy after contacting their fraud department, they received all the paypal details but as I said no refund as today. Utter scam.

GoDaddy has hosted my website for a few years and overall I have been pleased with their service. Several months ago they told me that I would have to upgrade to their new version at a cost of $300. I published the new site and though the design was fine the process for updating pages and content had changed dramatically. They claimed that it was easier and more advanced but it is extremely cumbersome difficult.

When I first started using GoDaddy I set up the site in about an hour. I have spent hours trying to update one page on the new version. For example, on the old version I could copy and paste titles that linked to a URL. I learned from GoDaddy that for the 50 titles that I copied and pasted would require hours of work researching and manually updating the URLs. I asked them to change me back to the old version since working with the new version is not practical.

I requested a refund from the manager Mark who said that since the work has been completed they could not make a refund. I told him that the product was unacceptable and I gave him examples of the problems that the changes were created. I asked to speak to his supervisor, Alfredo. He told me that Alfredo does not take telephone calls and that they do no pass the phone around just because someone has a complaint. I am obviously not happy with GoDaddy and their refusing to refund the $300 for a product that does not live up to the promises. Worse than the $300 is the hassle I have had to go through with them only to be stonewalled.

I'd give them a 0 star or negative 100 star if I could! When I signed up for a year of cloud hosting ($600+), I was told "you can always cancel if you're not satisfied..." Now I am very unsatisfied and called to cancel, they said there's no refund at all because it's over 30 days... As a customer for a long time, you think you've known the refund policy and didn't need to check again? Wrong! Because they don't notify you about their policy change!!!!

I purchased a domain from godaddy by advertisement $0.99 domain name. After I successfully made payment and received confirmation email I was so happy. However, nightmare just started. Without any notice, godaddy locked my domain with ridiculous reason, says my payment need to be verified. I contacted them. They ask me to send them my credit card info and ID. I refuse to do so. I did research online. Godaddy have bad reputation with steal credit card information and charge without authorization. I already paid this domain and according to ICANN, this domain belongs to me. I already successfully logged in my domain and pointed DNS to my hosting company. I did not put my website online yet, without any faulty or fraud activities. The only reason they lock my domain is because of they need to verify my payment for $0.99 dollars. They put my domain on auction for $25 dollars now.

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GoDaddy is one of the most popular web hosts in the world, and currently serves over 45 million domains. It is known for its low cost, domain name auctions, and its back-ordering policy for unavailable domains.

  • Easy to use: GoDaddy comes with an integrated control panel that makes it easy to access email, upload web page files, and install add-ons.
  • Straightforward setup: Once you purchase hosting services, it is easy to set up your account and begin using it.
  • 24-hour customer support: GoDaddy offers a variety of customer support options 24 hours a day. There is an online FAQ to help customers get answers to common problems they may encounter. Phone and email support is also available. Despite GoDaddy’s size, customer service emails are answered within 24 hours.
  • Website builder costs extra: Customers who don’t want to design their website from scratch must pay extra fees to access GoDaddy’s website builder tools, although the tools are very useful for both beginning and seasoned web designers.
  • Storage space: The economy plan comes with only 10GB of storage space – enough for most small business owners, but anyone who plans to expand his/her business and consequently his/her website may end up paying more for extra space. Even GoDaddy’s advanced plans offer comparatively little space – you can get unlimited storage space and bandwidth, but your database is limited to 1GB.
  • Shopping cart: Ecommerce tools cost extra, and the shopping cart has an inventory cap. If you want to offer more inventory, you have to pay an extra fee.
  • Best for Personal website owners, web hosting companies and bloggers.

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What problem is GoDaddy trying to solve?

There are approximately 210 million small businesses worldwide; GoDaddy helps them get online. We are dedicated to helping small businesses turn their powerful ideas into meaningful action. GoDaddy gives small business owners the tools to name their idea, build a beautiful online presence, attract customers and manage their business.

What sets GoDaddy apart from the competition?

Often technology companies force their customers to choose between technology and support, delivering one but not the other. At GoDaddy, we break that compromise and deliver both great products and great support to our customers. We believe engaging with our customers in a proactive, consultative way helps them knock down the technology hurdles they face. And, through the thousands of conversations we have with our customers every day, we receive valuable feedback that enables us to continually evolve our products and solutions.

What needs do your products services fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?

GoDaddy operates the world’s largest domain marketplace, where our customers can find the perfect name to match their idea. We provide website building, hosting and security tools to help customers easily construct and expand their online presence.

In addition, GoDaddy’s product suite includes Get Found to help small businesses attract new customers on popular destinations including Google and Yelp and Online Store which provides everything a small business owner needs to open and run a full ecommerce store. We also offer productivity tools including Microsoft Office 365, Online Bookkeeping, Email Marketing and Get Paid.

What sets us apart from competitors is our intense focus on customer service. About 60 percent of our workforce is dedicated to customer care. These are the friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate people who are there any time of day or night to help a customer resolve a problem or answer questions. Many of our customers tell us having our personalized technology resources available around the clock is like having their very own IT department at their disposal, at no cost.

How does GoDaddy measure success?

GoDaddy measures success against our mission and values. GoDaddy's mission is to radically shift the global economy toward small businesses by empowering people to easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures.

What’s the most common misconception consumers have about your industry? Your company?

A common misconception about our industry is that you have to be “tech savvy” to create a website. At GoDaddy, we leverage what we know about our customers to give them simple products and services that work fit their needs. If they have questions, we have localized customer support agents available for personalized support around-the-clock.

Some consumers don’t know what GoDaddy does because of our past advertising. When Blake Irving joined as CEO in January 2013, he shifted GoDaddy’s advertising to focus on small businesses and how GoDaddy enables them to successfully get online and grow their digital presence.

How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?

GoDaddy essentially ‘democratized’ domain names back when the company was born in 1997. Before the company launched, the domain name registration process was complicated and expensive. GoDaddy brought mainstream marketing, competitive prices, reliable technology and personalized customer service to the early days of domain name registration, which revolutionized the registrar landscape and propelled GoDaddy to its No. 1 ranking in the world.

Today, GoDaddy has evolved and provides small businesses owners with the products and services they need to manage and grow their business. GoDaddy offers Website Builder, Online Store and professional design services for websites.

GoDaddy also offers Get Found, to help small businesses attract new customers and productivity tools including: Microsoft Office 365, Online Bookkeeping, Email Marketing and a tool to help small businesses Get Paid.

What is something you wish every consumer knew about GoDaddy?

GoDaddy's mission is to radically shift the global economy toward small businesses by empowering people to easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures.

Has your business received any awards that your customers would like to know about?

In 2014, GoDaddy won the following awards: 2014 Stevie Awards Sales & Customer Service, Bay Area’s 2014 Top Work Places (Bay Area News Group), Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For (Seattle Business Magazine), Iowa’s 2014 Top Workplaces (Des Moines Register), 2014 Best Places to Work in the Valley (Phoenix Business Journal), 2014 AZ Most Admired Companies (AZ Big Media), 2014 Valley’s Healthiest Employers (Phoenix Business Journal), 2014 Arizona Corporate Counsel Awards.

How has GoDaddy grown or evolved?

GoDaddy has refined its user-experience and reinvigorated product offerings sharply focused on helping small businesses effortlessly leverage the power of the Internet. GoDaddy has also shifted our brand strategy to revolve around small businesses.

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