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Noelle of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I wouldn't use 1&1 to host a website if it's your first time. I feel like each time I call for help through the support line, the guy is just very annoyed with me and doesn't seem to want to help at all. I explained how this was my first website and I was sorry I didn't understand what a nameserver was or anything and he just continued with his extremely hostile attitude... I will definitely be looking for a hosting service that is better with customer service!

Lynnette of Katy, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I called and asked for assistance setting up my online store with a third party and they refused to help. Flat refused- so much for 24/7 support! If you plan on using a third party for your store do not use 1&1. They will not help you get it set up.

Gail of Amarillo, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Host Service unlimited. With 12 Data Bases actually is... limited to 1 Domain. Any additional domains need to be TRANSFERRED with fee to 1&1 or not allowed. In addition the staff all have different information... left hand never knows what the right hand is doing. Extremely incompetent staff. Shady practices... runaround to confuse users. The Web Builder service is also out of order.

Gracie of Houston, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

In January I attempted to have my husband's company domain moved to 1&1 so as to consolidate with my own. My domain has been with 1&1 for the better part of a decade, and I was once impressed with their customer service. As soon as I convinced my husband to come on board, I couldn't have been more embarrassed by 1&1's incompetence. Transferring a domain will usually render a website useless for a good 2 weeks while it changes hands and new contracts are processed. Once two weeks went by and our site was still not live online, I called 1&1, explained the situation, which I end up doing ad nauseam, and what I was told was something I would end up hearing a total of THREE times... "Ah, yes, ma'am. We need to 'start' by changing your current contract to include the new domain and to support WordPress, per your request..."

I effectively had to do exactly that THREE or FOUR times (I lost count) before it finally "took"!! And, no one seemed able to explain to me WHY. What went wrong the previous times we went through the steps of changing my contract? After the third time I heard someone say, "Yes ma'am, I can help you with that! Let's start by changing your conract...", and mind you, that was after being bounced around from department to department for 20 minutes. I asked to speak to a manager. I simply needed someone who knew what was going on to help me. Well, that's not exactly what happened. The manager apologized profusely and proceeded to go through the motions of "changing my contract" for me, so as to get our business website back online. No one seemed to appreciate that having a website shut down costs us revenue daily, and when it happens for over a month - due to incompetence - is inexcusable.

I felt better after hanging up the phone and patiently waited the additional week or so. The time came and went and... NOTHING. I mean, I was incredulous. I called, yet again, and was informed, yet again, that we needed to "start by changing ur current contract..." I was dumbfounded. I was frustrated and very stressed about the situation, but maintained my composure as well as my manners and professionalism... which is more than I can say about the MANAGER at 1&1 (the same one I spoke to before, "Michael"). He was short, rude, and dismissive with me. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. What kills me is that, at that point, I wanted to speak to someone ELSE, and Michael tells me he is the "highest ranking" in his department. "You have no boss?" I asked. "Yes, but they don't take calls, ma'am." That is just wrong. And, I have no idea if that is accurate.

He never explained to me why 1&1 FAILED to upgrade my contract 3-4 times while our website sat dormant. What's more, he dismissed my concerns multiple times with a heavy sigh and, "Look, at this point we can either try it again or you can choose to cancel your service with us. That's up to you, but I would really like to move on." -Speechless- "And, if what you want is to complain about me, you're gonna have to email..."

I found my voice after that. "Michael, can you not conceive that this is NOT about YOU? I don't WANT to complain about anything. What I want is for 1&1 to take care of me and value me as a customer! YOU can't seem to DO that, therefore, I have to find someone else! At this point, I am trying to cut our financial losses, do you not get that? Do you not care?" I ended up speaking to another customer svc manager who ended up helping me enough to FINALLY get my contract changed and my website back online. Since then, which has been just a couple of weeks now, I have had to call once more for some simple guidance.

Stacie of Arvada, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I received a delinquent account bill for $49.57 from 1&1 Internet. I have never done business with this company nor had I ever even heard of them until I received this notice. I ignored it because it wasn't mine and meant to forward it to the PA Attorney General to file a complaint, but hadn't gotten to it. Now I've received notification from Central Credit Services which is a debt collector out of MO. This one is for $81.08. Needless to say I will be notifying the PA Attorney General immediately. There are literally 1000's of complaints on this company. I don't understand why someone has not shut them down.

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Julian of Farnham, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I made the mistake of buying separate 1and1 contracts for several domain names. 1and1 has a nasty habit of adding on 1&1 Website Builder Plus fees without authorisation. Buyer beware. Take a copy of the order page - as their favourite claim is - you must have inadvertently clicked on the hosting line. I am currently in dispute with 1and1 on this very matter and will update on my dealings with them.

Mario of Joue Sur Erdre, France on
Satisfaction Rating

After a year I realized that they were taking more than double the money I agree to pay. They created a new php service and charged me without my consent, apparently they sent an email saying that if I didnt want it I should cancel it myself. Instead of paying 8.99 I ended up paying 2. That is abusive and when I call to try to understand why I was being charged so much the support guy got upset. As many others have said, don't give your credit card number to this dishonest company!

Dianne of Cleveland, Ohio on
Satisfaction Rating

I have created website with 1 and 1. Everything you need to create your website is right at your fingertips and they have great customer service and they are very helpful with the product.

Morgan of Santa Monica, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Overall the service is okay, they did shut down hosting of php sites years ago, and I lost tons of content on a website I built. They should still support it and handle migrations. Also, it's too expensive for hosting 1-2 websites.

Gaurav of Mumbai, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

This is really terrible experience with this company, I haven't ordered anything after buying one domain from 1&1, I haven't requested for any business mail service but they charged me 1700 INR and even they have not mentioned in their contracts as well. When I tried to reach them the number was not valid for an Indian customer, I emailed them the same but it was also not good enough, still, I am waiting for their response. I have attached the bill and contract copy. Please help me out if anybody can.

Ruth of Kingston, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had a website provided by 1&1 for a couple of years now. In October 2015 I took over the payments for the website and asked that a couple of extra items on the account be cancelled as I only wished to pay for my website. It then appeared that I was still being charged quite a lot so I brought this up with them. I was paying £29.99 a month for my website but then an additional £35.97 a month on top. I asked if I was being overcharged and the way they worded it made it sound that my website cost £65.96 a month.

I am not brilliant with websites and computers in general but thought that this must be the going rate and didn't really understand, nor did anyone breakdown the charges for me. I asked a number of times if I was paying too much and I didn't seem to get to very good responses nor a conclusion for my inquiries. It's now January 2017 and I found out on a Saturday that the £35.97 is for two other contracts that haven't even been used for over 12 months. I was told to contact the complaints department and that I'd get a refund for it.

I feel I've been misled into paying for something that hadn't been used when I stressed that all I wanted was a simple website contract. Now 1&1 are saying that I'm not entitled to a refund because I didn't ask for a cancellation of those contracts? But they made it sound that my website cost £65.96 a month and didn't explain that there were two contracts on the account but were not being used.

I've contacted citizens advice and consumer rights and am hoping to get this matter resolved as well as my money back. Had I known that the contracts were unnecessary then of course I'd have cancelled them and not carried on paying £35.97 extra a month for over 12 months but I've been misled into thinking that the extra £35.97 was to do with my website. I'm so confused and feel that I've been tricked. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.

jel of San Juan, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

We will not deal with 1&1 and their stupid offers. We took an 11 dollar hosting and domain offer, after we cancel the contract it appeared like it renewed itself by the system, they are charging us 123 plus 19 fee and a lost 17 dollar for the bank declined transaction because I didn't have enough money to pay, my mistake was adding my credit card on the stupid account. Thanks I cancelled it on time...

They kidnapped my second domain. I can't move it, they damaged my project with that domain, they lock all your domain based on one subscription. After that they send you sent by mail tons of letting threatening to demand you whatever... We have a second domain. We canceled the renew on time and miracle it is renewed automatically so they are charging us again a domain we already cancel, they trick user so you can think you turned off auto-renew but it is auto-renew appear again, I don't want to deal with this suck dirty fraudulent company ever again... Another thing. When you want to cancel a contract with them they don't cancel it immediately. You have to wait like 4 months for it, very ridiculous.

Denys of Dover, DE on
Satisfaction Rating

We bought 10 domain names from 1and1.com and after a couple of days our account was suspended and when I called their support, they told me to contact the security team. I contacted the security team but received no reply. I contacted support again and the guy who answer the call was very very rude. I demanded for a refund and was told that they will not issue a refund. I am planning to take the matter to court. What 1and1.com is doing is not fair at all and I will not allow to be treated this way. I am already in contact with our lawyers.

Usman of Burton On Trent, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Our company uses a dedicated server from 1&1 paying a reasonable amount each month. We have had several problems with them over the period of time that we have been with them but each problem actually got resolved. When trying to login to the server via remote desktop an ambiguous error was shown preventing me from logging in, so I contacted 1&1 to inform them about it to which they said they will take a look and should take around 1 hour. 2 hours later I called back explaining that I desperately needed to get into the server and that I had my software developers urgently needing access. Their response was "we will email you." Bear in mind here that there was no change to the server from our side and should not have changed in any way. This issue has left us in complete limbo not knowing what we are supposed to do next. If you have a business that relies on a stable server and hosting, do not go with 1&1.

Below is an extract of the email they sent to me: "Following our previous conversation I am writing to let you know that we are no longer working on this issue as it has fallen out of our scope of support. The problem at hand here is with Windows Server 2012 and not with the dedicated server we supply. The problem as we have investigated is as follows: Error with RDP grace period HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\RCM\GracePeriod This registry key needs to be deleted."

Samuel of Berlin, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Terrible company. I have been client for 3 years and cancelled my contract in July 2016 for a contract ending in October 2016. But because it was "only" 2.5 months before the deadline they thought it would be fair to prolong my contract for ANOTHER YEAR! Outrageous. DON'T GET A CONTRACT WITH THESE GUYS!!! Also their internet is slow.

Aaron of Culver City, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

After acquiring an expired account from a former company, we went through the process of clearing the debt owed by that company in order to regain access to the assets. Only after then calling in and spending 2 hours working with various inept customer service reps were we informed that the domain assets we paid to restore had been completely deleted, and that we would need to create a new account to try and reestablish control of those domains that were still available. We were also asked to submit a customer change form, which we did.

After receiving only a cryptic email indicating there was nothing to transfer to the new account, I had to spend another hour and a half on the phone with 1&1, being transferred between various reps, none of which seemed to understand how to help me, only to land on a particularly rude and uncooperative rep that simply informed me 1&1 was not will to accept the customer name we applied to the account, a name we had used for a previous account, and had subsequently simply refused the account creation. Upon asking to speak to a manager about this, I was refused service due to the fact that the account number we were given had been arbitrarily deactivated by 1&1.

Essentially, 1&1 refused to provide ANY service or support for a paying customer. Furthermore we were never given ANY indication of the account termination, forcing me to waste valuable company time trying to figure out what they had done and why. We are now being forced to recreate another account with a name 1&1 considers appropriate simply to gain access to resources we have paid to gain access to. Avoid this company at ALL COSTS!!!

Andrew of Portsmouth, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Unable to use newer TLD, poor site layout and very hidden (and sometime mislabeled!) paths to do certain tasks such as pointing external domains to the host. Cancellation is poor, attempted to cancelled 3 times now (with the first time being "confirmed" in May) and still being billed for features that were automatically added. Charging for extended PHP support on a basic html web page is rubbish. Avoid if possible and find another host.

Cory of York, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

Re; 1and1.com Website Provider. Asked for refund for their "List Local Service", because, after over 3 months, I still have zero "listings without errors" on my website. Was told today (Sept. 7, 2016) "we don't give refunds after 30 days". This is exactly the opposite of me being told that I can have a refund at any time, if I am not satisfied with their service. Now, they refuse to speak with me, because I told them, that "I was told the exact opposite", and "recorded the conversation". AND, THEN they told me that they do not allow their employees to speak with anyone, if they are being recorded, even though THEIR message on the phone, is..."Calls are recorded for Customer Quality Assurance".

This is disturbing to me, as I ALWAYS record ALL of my Business Conversations. This "practice" of mine, was vetted through the F.B.I. (FIVE Special Agents), on NUMEROUS occasions, and I have been doing so for over 25 years. I do this for 3 reasons. 1. We live in a "he said, she said" world. 2. People lie to me every day. 3. I am an independent Special Investigator. From experience, I know...that there is ONE reason, that someone would be unwilling to be recorded. That reason, is that they lie, and don't want to get caught, so they use that "blanket excuse" to prevent you from doing so. Following this posting, I will file a complaint with the BBB, ic3.gov, and any other agency I can find.

Additionally, while being a 1 and 1 Customer, I have repeatedly been told the EXACT OPPOSITE by several of their employees, when asking questions about the poor functionality of my Website. One of those times, their employee made a statement (another excuse), that contradicted himself...in the SAME SENTENCE. It's like saying..."It's exactly the same, only different", which is "an impossibility". Unfortunately, I've found that most people would rather lie, than admit that they are wrong. It's rampant in our society today. To protect myself, I record everything. A policy that has saved me thousands of dollars. So... now I am at the point where they won't talk to me. And I don't blame them a bit. But, again, there is only ONE REASON, that they chose this "option" (blanket excuse). They don't want to get caught in a lie.

After reading the horrendous problems that so many people seem to be having with their "false billing", I have canceled both of my Business Account Cards they had on file. I have been given, what I call, "misinformation" many, many times, which I call a "circle of lies". Apparently, NO ONE at 1 and 1, is humanly capable of making a mistake. Their Web Page states that their Website mechanism is "Easy to Use". Nothing could be further from the truth. I've had problems from the start (OVER a year ago), which they consistently attribute to ME doing "something wrong", even though I recorded their conversations, and did EXACTLY what they told me to do. Doesn't add up. I've "re-set" ALL of the pages of my Website, OVER 100 TIMES.

FINALLY, I paid a highly qualified IT Technician $300 to look into it for me. He informed me that NOTHING was "as it should be". The metatags were all wrong (I don't even know what a metatag is), and NOTHING will work, as is. So I contacted 1 and 1, and explained to them what I'd done (hired someone to find the problem), and that I wanted it fixed. Their "counter statement" was..."Who built your Website?" I explained that "I did." They proceeded to tell me (again) that it was all my fault, and that "I" needed to fix my metatags. I cannot, by ANY stretch of my imagination, call this an "Easy to Use" Website Provider. If I had been told that I needed to be able to "write (computer) code" to set up this "Easy to Use Website", I would never have ventured into it in the first place.

Now, I am being blatantly lied to again, telling me that I cannot get a refund. The reason for my refund request, is that THEIR SERVICE DOESN'T WORK! BUT...I spoke with MORE than ONE representative of their company, confirming that a refund was available, even after 30 days. Now, according to the F.B.I., "Recorded conversations always win in Court...always." So, now I have to take Legal Action, if I want results. I will do so, in hopes that I can save others from this kind of Predatory and Fraudulent Business Practice, and advise others to do the same. If it was possible to give this company a "negative" rating, I would need a scale bigger than from 1 to 10. Simply put..."I can't be wrong all the time". Turns out, I was right. I learned long ago, that someone that doesn't keep records for accountability, has a reason. Something to hide, is that reason.

On a good note, after they were told that it was their malfunction, and not mine, my Website was "fixed". The "fix", lasted for 6 DAYS, then the "Optimization Text" kept being changed (again) to text that prevented my Website from being found. I fixed the mistakes again, 2 days ago. Then I was told another lie...That "Optimization, is only a suggestion" (though I was REPEATEDLY told that it had to MATCH). Exactly the opposite of what everyone else had explained. Without my recordings, I would have ZERO recourse. Good luck to you all. I don't recommend doing business with this company, unless, 1. you're insane, 2. like to waste your time, 3. have too much money and like to be frustrated. I think that I fit into category #1. Seeking Attorney.

victor of New Radnor, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I tried to cancel my subscription for a particular domain. (Plus a host of others which 1&1 tried to add to my subscription.) The process of cancellation by using control panel is tortuous and designed to fail. You have to talk to one of their representatives to cancel. I did this by email. Got a confirmation back from them that cancellation was complete. Followed 14 days later by a debit from my credit card. I have reported this company for fraud. This sort of activity brings the whole community into disrepute.

Kathryn of Madison, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

Completed all paperwork for a proper account transfer to 1&1's specifications. The only thing I couldn't do (the only thing they don't require) was delete my payment information without putting new information in. The new account owner was informed by me that payment information needed to be updated. At transfer, 1&1 no longer allows the old owner to remove their payment information as they are not the account owner. They initially told me that I needed to contact the new account holder and have them reimburse me. They still will not remove my payment information without the consent of the account holder. They stated that the only other option was for the new account holder to cancel the account and then I could be refunded through them, but as they are unable to contact her, they cannot issue me a refund. How can they have a documented ownership change, but refuse to remove the prior owner's payment information before or after?

k. of Southsea, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Worst company for domain registration with hidden fees. Few days ago I registered 4 .com domains from 1&1 which cost of £19.40 exc vat. Later the same day, I registered two more .me domains making a total of £40.06 (including vat). For both transactions I paid by card. Next day, I received an email with an invoice attached for £40.06 which will be be taken from my card in the next few days. I rang up 1&1 customer service which are based in the Philippines and I explained that I already paid at the checkout. I was told that they did not take the £40.06 at the checkout as they have to wait 24 hours and that they will be taking the money from my card in the next few days. I thought that's ok, fair enough and hang up. The day I registered the domains, I had £54.87 in that particular bank account.

The following day, I received another email from 1&1 that the payment has been declined and another from my bank that charges will be applied for failed transaction. I logged in my online bank account and on my statement showed '£19.40 - Pending transaction withheld 1&1 Gloucestershire GB' and an available balance of £35.47. I called my bank and they confirmed that 1&1 is holding £19.40 as well as tried to take a payment of £40.06. I called 1&1, and after spending nearly 2 hours explaining to 3 different agents (also 2 more agents picked up but just decided not to talk and simply laugh), a support agent named Nel told me that this is how you shop on 1&1.

He explained to me that you need to have x1.5 (times one and a half) of the amount if you want to buy something on 1&1. Nel also told me that this is normal and this is how shopping is done online. I said to him that I have never heard of anything like this in the UK, I even have a few websites selling goods to the public. I asked him if this is mentioned in the T&C. He promised to email me the links but it's been few days now and still hasn't.

So basically, if you want to buy something from 1&1 for £10, they will first hold £10 from your card, then invoice you for £10, then take another £10 from your card and when they feel it's time to return the first £10, they may do so. This is completely unfair, as I had enough funds for registering those domains. Today it's been 5 days since this happened and 1&1 is still holding £19.40 + I will have to pay charges to my bank. I sent 6 emails to billing & complaints department and still no reply. They are just ignorant, I suppose, as they already have my money. BEWARE before making any purchase or registration with such a low level company and with agents in the Philippines who lie, ignore and don't understand the meaning of customer service we request in the UK.

Sean of Acworth, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

Email support can take up to 2 weeks for a response. Phone support is non-existent. Had to contact that BBB just to get them to cancel my account.

MICHAEL of Sandy, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up with them a year ago, and they told me (in an invoice) that on July 1st that my domain had been auto renewed. That day I logged into their site and canceled my domain renewal and it said that it was canceled, however they still charged me. Calling them they claimed to have sent me emails warning me that it would have renewed, but I cannot find them. Perhaps they got filtered to spam, however I doubt that they ever sent any such emails, since their invoice came through alright. I am very dissatisfied with the company and will never buy from them again.

Sydney of Sydney, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I've been with 1and1 www.1and1.com for nearly 10 years. Stability of service is acceptable. Communication is absolutely woeful. Only email and phone. Phone will keep you forever (calling from Australia to USA is a serious dent on your finances). Email is slow and they don't really get it. Their admin interface is one of the very worst - it doesn't have a standard cPanel and their proprietary interface deliberately confiscates anything that would allow the user have control over your site. One of the worst thing about 1and1 is their deliberate practice of not letting you go. They won't release your domain names for transfer. I could go on and on but let me say this in conclusion: If you are a masochist who loves suffering, 1and1 is for you.

isabella of Chichester, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Paid 27 with my debit card for my domains and ecommerce shop. They said it would take 24 hours for my shop to be set up and I would receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. It has now been 72 hours and they have debited my card and I cannot access the website as it has been locked so I cannot access my account, I telephoned them two times yesterday. On both occasions they said I would receive a callback within 2 hours which never happened. I am off to citizens advice on Monday. Buyer beware...

P. of Eugene, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

I got one domain with them and then they called me and pestered me immediately. No other registrars do that. I did not authorize domain renewal and I'm not interested in domain renewal, and yet they e-mailed me a formal looking letter like there's some big debt problem with personalized information on it saying PayPal did a reversal of an approx $15 charge. Good. Go away. Cancel my domain/account whatsoever and quit stalking people. Your business should be shut down.

Joseph of Grahamstown, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Ordered a domain. Apparently the purchase was never confirmed although I was never contacted about it, and two months later the domain is no longer available. What a waste of time. Only phone support. What an absolute joke.

joshua of West Palm, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I asked several times to cancel the service, they refused to do so and told me that it would end at the completion of the contract. When the contract ended they recharged me for another year of service and immediately sent me an email saying they have applied a credit but it will take 7 business days to receive. My bank has nothing that says the transaction is being refunded and I am currently out of almost 100 dollars. They are not responding to my emails and the one they did respond to is labeled as spam on their end.

Ben of Linden, NJ on
Consumer Increased Rating!

Refunded me for all the charges in 2016 (only after submitting the BBB and Consumer Affairs reviews).

Ben of Linden, NJ on

Original Review

Horrible experience!!! I have been a domain investor for a while and manage a portfolio of 300+ domains. Some of my customers refused to accept domain transfers directly to 1&1 and complained about that registrar. I was a little surprised because I was under the impression that all registrars are alike. All it takes is to register the domain and point it somewhere. Oh boy was I wrong.

These guys manage billing unlike any other registrar that I worked with. Instead of paying for the domain when you purchase it they make you open a billing agreement and then charge you unreasonable renewal charges. Even if you cancel the 'auto renew' (which is a story by itself), and delete the domain! I was changed hundreds of dollars for domains that I already deleted from my account. Couldn't get those charges reversed for over 2 months. Still kept receiving renewal emails, then collection emails. They over-drafted my checking account in several occasions. Brought Paypal to a negative balance (which I didn't even think was possible).

After opening two Paypal disputes I might be able to get the money back (still an outgoing issue). In their responses to the disputes and email communications they still keep lying and making excuses so I might have to escalate this review to an open case. This is just the billing experience. Their 'new web interface,' the worse 90's website that you can imagine. You will not be able to locate or manage anything. Every time I had to redirect a couple domains it was always a story of 2+ hours. Managing auto-renewals or cancelling domains is impossible as I described earlier. Avoid these scam artist even if that particular domain extension price looks attractive. You will pay for it later if you won't.

Shayne of La Verne, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I've been with 1&1 since 2009 running 2 servers and I've never had a problem paying 150.00 per month. Earlier last year my business took a turn for the worst and I've been trying to recover ever since. I fell behind in my payments and was told on the 29th February that I had until 8th march to pay the bill or the server contracts would be deleted and the data would not be accessible. So I did everything I could to gather the money to pay the bill so I could get a backup off my server which was essential for my business to continue at all. I rang 1&1 on the 3rd. I rang them and told them I am ready to pay and get the server unlocked. They told me they needed to look into a few things and they would get in touch with me as soon as possible. They said they tried to ring me but I received no phone call. I then received an email from 1&1 which is this:

"I have attempted to give you a call regarding the payment on your account. The account has actually been moved to collections and therefore the attempted payment from our end was not successful. Please contact the collection agency, FMA at 1-866-289-7641 anytime between 8 AM - 9 PM today or 8 AM - 5 PM tomorrow. Once you have contacted them and have made the payment, please give us a call at 1-877-206-4255 and request to speak to our 2nd level billing department so that they can confirm the payment and remove the account from collections. Once this is complete, then they will be able to initiate the unlock of your contract to allow access to your server so you can backup your data and also they can attempt to stop the cancellation scheduled for 03/08/2016."

I quickly rang the collection agency and paid the amount of $251.87 which was the exact amount owed because of some domains that were set on auto renewal as default when 1&1 did a U.I update, also some dunning fees they charged because of the late payments. I accepted all these costs and I paid the bill. The man from Alliance (collections) gave me the confirmation number (I needed to give to the 2nd level billing department). I then rang 1&1 and got the level 1 billing department. The girl I spoke to for an hour told me she didn't need the confirmation number and that she would escalate a ticket as high priority to get the server unlocked.

The whole issue here is on March the 8th the server will be deleted, so I stressed to her that it's vital I get the server unlocked before the 8th so I can backup the data. She then told me it can take up to 3-5 days for the confirmation to come through from the collection agency that I paid the bill... but wait I already have the confirmation number, but according to her she didn't need that, which I can't understand because 1&1 themselves told me to give that confirmation to the 2nd level billing department. She also told me that she would personally monitor my account to make sure it gets resolved before the 8th. This was over the course of the 3/4th March. I was also told on the 4th by the collection agency that their process takes 24-48 hours and that at the latest 1&1 will unlock the server by Saturday the 5th.

Monday the 7th comes and I am starting to stress because the server is still showing locked in my 1&1 control panel and it's only 1 more day until it could be potentially deleted. I started at 2 pm on the phone and didn't finish until 8 pm and still nothing resolved... Here's what happened with the billing department guys when I called them... Starting with the first guy I talked with for more than 2 hours... I told him the situation and he looked up at all the notes on my case and said that they hadn't unlocked it yet because they haven't received the confirmation the bill has been paid. I told him and showed him a snapshot of the bill that was paid and completed and I also told him like everyone else the confirmation number. He then he will ring up the 2nd level billing department to get advice what to do.

He then came back 25 minutes later and told me the only way I can retrieve my data from the locked server is to start a new package (server) and then the server techs can swap the data from the locked server onto the new package... I debated this and he told me this is the only way I can get my data back, so without my consent he went ahead and did it anyway... he then came back and said he will transfer me to the server techs so they can put the data from my old server that's still locked to my new package he just created. So I get transferred and the server tech tells me that he can't see any data from any server because the server in question is still in review with the billing department. He tells me I will need to speak with them again and get the server unlocked before he can transfer the data. At this stage in the day I am becoming very upset and short tempered.

So he transfers me back to the billing department at which time I am actually cut of the phone call... so I ring them back and I get a new guy that I have to explain again the whole situation and how vital it is I get this data before the server is terminated on the 8th. I told him about how the other guy setup a new package etc. He then told me that the guy shouldn't have done this and it's the wrong process to take and it wouldn't help the situation. So while I am talking to this new guy I am looking in my 1&1 control panel and I see the server that I need the data off and it still has 'locked' beside it. I also see the new server this previous guy had setup... I told this guy "I said look in my control panel. The server is still there. All I need it to get the data off it. I have paid the bill. I have done everything 1&1 as told me to do in order to retrieve my data of the server..."

He tells me after 1 1/2 hours that the only thing he can do is forward this as high priority to the 2nd level billing department to get it resolved and get the server unlocked so I can retrieve the data... I stressed to him it's the 7th and tomorrow it's scheduled to be terminated. He says that's the only thing he can do... so we finished the phone call. As soon as I hung up the phone I just thought I would check my 1&1 control panel again, so I refreshed the page and lo and behold my server that was there 1 hr ago was now missing. It had vanished. When a server package is removed like that it's normally because it's been deleted... but wait it's only the 7th so how can that be? Well I thought ok maybe it's because he escalated and forwarded a ticket (which by the way he told me he was the first one to forward a ticket because now it had been 5 days since the bill was paid).

Grrrr... so I am at this stage freaking out because they did tell me right in the beginning that on the 8th the server may get terminated because it's an automatic process and even though they had submitted a revoke order it might not get through... but this whole time I was told and was sure I could get my data backed up before the 8th anyway so even if the server did get terminated I would still have what I need to continue business. So today is the 8th and the first thing I do when I wake up is check to see if the server is restored... but no it's not. It's still missing. So I ring the billing department and he tells me that now the bill is showing as paid and that he can see the server and he will transfer me to the server tech to transfer the data onto the new sever. So now I get the server tech. He tells me "ok. This is a strange situation. I see the server but I can't access it."

I tell him this is a matter of life and death for me. It's my business and without that data I will go bankrupt. He tells me he will do everything he can to get it sorted. He puts me on hold for 20 minutes. He comes back and tells me he's talked with the billing department and checked all the notes and they have actually just deleted the container and there is no way to get any of the data back... Thanks 1&1. You just ruined my life... Like I said was a loyal customer since 2009 and they treated me like I was nothing. They could have easily backed up the server before it was terminated but they just didn't care... From the girl that said she would monitor my case personally to the guy that setup a new package for a reason that not even they can answer, it was the single most stressed out 6 days of my life...

1&1 and all the customer support (except the last server tech who tried to really help me) had no idea what they were doing and ran me around in circles. It comes down to this: I was told by multiple agents and even emailed (shown above) that if I pay the bill I will get my data back. That's all I wanted and 1&1 gave me false information. They gave me false hope and that destroyed my business without a worry in the world.

My advice (and believe me I have thousands of followers on all media outlets. I will be letting everyone know what 1&1 has done) is to stay as far away from 1&1 as possible. Don't even give them a second thought. They will stamp you out as fast as they take your money. They are not only the worst setup company for support I have come across, but they are also the worst caring company I have come across and I have dealt with a lot over the years... Be warned. 1&1 is out for nothing but your money and that's that.

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