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Karin of Levittown, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up for a life insurance policy with AIG and I was to have a medical examination done at my home. I started fasting at 7:30 p.m., went to bed hungry, drank tons of water, and was ready for my appointment the next morning, at 7:30 a.m. It's going on 8:00 a.m., and nobody shows. I call my health examiner's number and no answer. I leave a message stating I can wait only for 15 more minutes then I'm eating breakfast. I started to feel sick. Now it's going on 8:30 a.m... No calls, no nothing. I called again and still no answer. Just a voicemail recording.

I got to the point where I said "screw this, I'm eating breakfast", so I ate. I was so hungry I could not wait any longer. I get a phone call at around 9:30, and it was the health examiner! She stated "she overslept" and "slept through her alarm" and "did not hear the phone ring", and said, "I do not have a habit of oversleeping; I don't know what went wrong". I'm not sure about that. I went through that fasting for nothing. Whatever happened, it caused an inconvenience for me and I am not risking it happening again. So I am going with another company that does not require medical exams. No way can I put myself through that again.

Carletta of Kansas City, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

I contacted AIG because I had not received a statement for payment. I was told me address had been changed, and I know I have not made any changes. I've been a customer of AIG for a long time and don't deserve the treatment I received when I called this office. The guy I spoke with had an accent so bad I couldn't understand and he refused or said that no one else was there for me to talk to. I was told that my name had been removed from my own account and my son's name was on the account. I have several accounts with this insurance and my Mother does too. Something underhanded is going on with this insurance company and it's time for AIG to be investigated.

Tracy of Chester, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been corresponding and phoning AIG since my husband passed away in March 2017. He has had this life ins. policy with AIG since early 1970's. They have been playing games with me for close to 3 months. Promises to call back (several times) actually happened only once. The only people you can talk to are underlings who must be reading from a script, cannot give you any information or connect you to someone who can. What they can do is have someone call you back in 24 to 48 hours, which doesn't happen. Last 3 calls I was told check was mailed. Small problem, wrong address. They actually came up with 3 wrong addresses. Still no check. Still no conversation with someone in charge. Stay far away from this company and any of its subsidiaries!

Linda of Tulsa, OK on
Satisfaction Rating

I just submitted my story and have read on to see what others had to say. It strikes me that a lot of crap is going on with this company and a lot of it started in October 2016. So what do we do? How do we get these guys to straighten up and fly right or give us our money back?? One story about was from a person who had their payments automatically withdrawn from their bank account every month. AIG just drew something like 5 times the amount without notifying them. Now I know why I don't like automatic withdrawal! I'm serious! How do we get these "people"? Do we need to organize a class action suit?

Valinda of Warner Robins, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

Mother passed in Feb, filed paper with death certificate like customer service told me after waiting on paperwork for almost two weeks. Had to call and get them to email mail them to me. After receiving claim number and waited 14 days on processing of policy. They tell me after I call them to check it, that I have to redo paperwork because I had the wrong policy number on claim paper but it was being processed! Resent and got letter from AIG stating that they needed paper filled out that was attached but there was no paperwork attached! A month and half with calls and paperwork! I haven't got anywhere with this company and I am the beneficiary on mothers policy. I don't understand Why?

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Luz of Sacramento, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

So I just got off the phone with AIG, just getting a quote. I'm shopping around for a whole life policy for my disabled child. Money I can leave behind to take care of him. While answering the health questions the agent was asking me, I was explaining how I have another policy through the military and one through my employer. The agent was getting frustrated because I wasn't answering the health screening questions fast enough I guess, then all of a sudden I hear him say, "I don't care anyway." I couldn't believe it.

Here I am planning out my autistic sons future... and I have some ** from AIG on the phone getting upset because I'm not being screened fast enough for him... He was hella rude. I hope this recorded call gets reviewed. This company is a Joke! Please shop around before you do business with these guys. I already knew they had a bad rep to begin with, don't know why I even answered the phone.

pamela of Vallejo, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

When there was a death in the family I only had to contact them once. The phone was answered promptly and courteously. They sent me the form with the information they needed and once they received it everything was resolved within 2 weeks. I had no problems or issues with them. When I needed to take out a small loan against my policy again, there were no issues. They are a wonderful company to do business with.

James of King George, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been working with AIG to refund my money in a whole life insurance policy. I had the Virginia State Commission investigate about it. They had a hard time getting information from the company to do the investigation. The company did not notified me of any changes to my policy that I have for 20 years. I paid $55.00 a month in and it was a suppose be worth $55,000.00. They use the money to keep their company going for expenses. I did not receive any yearly updates to tell me how the policy was doing until I called about a bill wanting me to pay more money of $337.90 to make the policy current. I have not missed a payment. The customer service representative do not know anything. They give out wrong information. The supervisor are not any better. They tell you the check in the mail. Guess what. Nothing happens. So my advice do not invest in AIG if you don't want to lose you MONEY.

Sonya of Lonoke, AR on
Satisfaction Rating

I called for a simple quote on the amount I needed. Was then told "Do you want to try and raise a child on ** amount a year?" I guess because I am a woman I must have a houseful of small children who would be mired in poverty should I not purchase an incredibly high policy. First, shouldn't the agent have asked me first if I had or even plan to have children. Second, I don't like being talked down to because I am not trying to get rich off of the death of my spouse but simply wanted a small policy. I will never call them for a quote or purchase a policy thru AIG after what was only a three-minute phone call. Very disappointing...

Colleen of Roseville, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

This place... like so many complaints before mine. All true. Life insurance policy expired end of Dec. 2016. No problem. Not going to renew. They auto draft without my consent from my bank account in January and February $1804 each month. That's a 1,555% increase. My previous monthly payment for 10 years was $109. What the HECK people!!! I've called, faxed, emailed, you name it. First customer support agent was sympathetic and gave me FAX number stating, "AIG did not have authorization to draft that amount" and to state that in the FAX letter and I would have a refund in 5 business days. JOKE! They will tell you anything. I am now I go into the black hole with no response, Supervisor, "TOM" telling me today, pretty much, “Sorry, we didn't have to contact you about it because we show we mailed you a letter in November telling you to write us back if you didn't agree.” JOKE.

OK. Folks, I take escalated calls all day long and deal with disgruntled people trying to resolve issues. AIG does not care about their customers. They don't care if they have made mistakes. They don't want to communicate or have a respectable business that tells you if you want to renew your policy it's going up 1,555%. NO THEY WANT TO TRAP you into their system and pray you don't have the tenacity to fight them forever to get YOUR money back. Class Action lawsuit? Count me in. These guys need to be stopped. $3608 illegally drawn from my account in 30 days!!! Ya, that was part of my daughter's tuition payment. I have to work 2 months to net that. Someone contact me.

ANNETTA of Wheeling, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

Everything said by others is true. In fact they are being kind. This is a elder abuse. We pay all our lives my case 1984 only to find out that now I am 64 my premiums are going to quadruple and they say too bad so sad. No wonder Hank Greenberg is gone and he took all the money we paid them with him. We need a MURPHY'S act in ILLINOIS and attorneys who can fight it. I think this is a class action suit if I ever heard of one BAIT AND SWITCH.

Madelene of Fountain Valley, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

We need to change the bank where the monthly premium was withdrawn automatically due to identity theft. It took us over 3 months and still not resolved yet. We submitted the required form. However, when reviewing our bank account and seeing the premium not taken out, make a call and to learn that they need another form due to the account under a trust. The worst thing is they do not call us back to let us know if they need additional form or information. It is our job to monitor our bank account and call them to follow up. This is a poorly ran and highly bureaucratic company. We also have policies with Prudential and TransAmerica and they took care of the issue seamlessly on the first call. AIG Management Team needs to look into your operations and change to be more efficient.

Vineet of Dublin, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I too was paying like a good customer for 10 yrs and all of a sudden 15 times higher withdrawal in Jan. I called and was told the same thing - I had spoken to a representative in a November, but she directed me to another agent and despite me telling her I am not interested she did not cancel the policy. I have sent in my fax as well so please let me know what you find out Patty.

I am willing to join in the better business bureau complaint. I think these guys are running a scam. If they change the terms (15 times higher premium) how can they expect automatic renewal or no cancellation - should customers have a say on renewal and silence or denial on phone or misdirected letter should not mean they automatically withdraw! I am going to remove all companies from auto withdrawal - I was being a good citizen but looks like they have all the power in such cases. I am willing to file a lawsuit if this does not get resolved. Please let me know your progress Patty.

Gabriela of Grapevine, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Null, keep your money, invest it in a personal bank account. A pity I didn't search to see early on that this insurance firm has so many dissatisfied customers; I believe all the one stars and am in disbelief at the high stars here based on what I've been going through for the past 2 months. A 0-star fits best. I have been paying for AIG accident and critical illness insurances for a long time -- WASTED MONEY (3000+). My reason for choosing this insurance is that I opt for alternative medicine, not traditional medicine -- as such, I seek homeopathy, home remedy, chiropractic help, diets, etc -- a big expense nonetheless! -- instead of X-rays, doctor visits, medication, etc etc, if it is possible to heal via alternative medicine. AIG promised a lump sum per accident seriousness: as decided by their assessors based on my medical report and independent of any additional insurance I receive.

On Nov. 7, 2016 I actually had a small accident - a sprained ankle. I refused X-rays, medication and have healed with aqua therapy, home rest, sports therapy, unguents, diet (vitamins/minerals), etc. The doctor cost me $180, no more, it would have cost $1000+ if I had pursued the doctor's suggestion... AIG is saying now that they MIGHT compensate me the amount that is not being covered by my primary provider (like $70) because this is "supplemental insurance". THEIR POSITION AFTER THE FACT IS CONTRARY TO THEIR INITIAL PROMISE of taking into account the event's seriousness to compensate by a lump sum from $25000 and irrespective of my medical insurance or any other insurances. SUCH UNPROFESSIONAL LIES!

Their customer service is fully unsatisfactory, too: automatic system rejects me because my date of birth is not matching and nobody has yet fixed that issue; the foreign staff is not trained nor efficient (their servility is simply useless...); time wait and time waste... I have cancelled both AIG insurances, belatedly, am only bitterly-glad that I learned about it via a minor accident not a big one.

Patty of Elizabethton, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

I had American General Life insurance (AIG) for 10 years. Had automatic withdraws set up. Like clockwork every month the payment was taken from my checking account. Then all of a sudden a withdraw of 6 times my normal payment was withdrawn! ($85 to $517). That hurts any normal person on a fixed income. I called and was told that a letter went out stating there would be an increase in my premium. I explained I did not receive any such letter and ask where it was addressed to. It was sent to my previous address of over 7 years ago which is a vacant house with no mail service. I stated that AIG should have received their mail back undeliverable. The person on the phone said she did not have that information and took my current address to update their records. I ask how do I get my money back and instructed her to cancel this policy. She said I would need to do that in writing and gave me AIG's fax number.

I sent my requests by fax and I have called 2 more times, each time the person on the phone can't tell me what is going on just that they have received my fax (3 of them to be exact). The last phone call I was told that a management team would have to make a decision. When I ask, don't know the reply. I have since contacted Better Business Bureau and awaiting a reply.

Roxanne of Detroit, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I became disabled through my as of 4/6/2016. AIG was the short/long term insurance carrier thru my job. I was having Open Heart Surgery 4/14/2016 so my initial claim for 12 weeks short term was approved and the checks came regularly thru 7/5/2016. After that the experience became horrible!! My doctor still had me off because I had to do 12 weeks of cardiac rehab and I was still very weak due to my weak heart and also due to my incision I was having problems moving my right arm and my right side.

Even though I was already on std they said they had to do another review to determine my long term disability. They stopped my checks in July and I had 0.00 income coming in to pay my rent, lights, or my co-pays for the many prescriptions I was on. I am single with no kids. Both parents are deceased so I had very little help. I could not drive and was under TREMENDOUS STRESS while trying to get better. They took over 90 days to make a decision to DENY my ltd.

My Doctor personally called to explain why I was still disabled and they acted like his word meant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and he is a prominent heart surgeon with many years of experience. They based their decision on the results of my cardiac rehabilitation which showed them that I was tolerating the exercise which consisted of doing things at a very slow pace and also I could barely work the exercise machines so they kept me on the same ones. They did not push you to do more than you were physically able to do.

This stupid company took the notes from rehab techs and not my cardiologist who is a medical doctor. I was receiving eviction notices, had no money for food and suffered severe depression and anxiety and these heartless animals at AIG did not give a damn! Thank GOD I got help from social services and the manager of my apartment complex had compassion about my situation. I told my doctors that I just was not feeling any better, even after the surgery. I felt weaker! I am still not back to work...

I was readmitted to the hospital on Nov 5th for atrial fibrillation and they had to shock my heart back into normal sinus rhythm. On Nov 17th I was told by my cardiologist that my heart has gotten weaker since my surgery and I am now in danger of "Sudden Death Syndrome" and I need a defibrillator/pacemaker implanted and connected to my heart so if my heart slows down to a dangerous level it will shock my heart back to normal (hopefully).

I also have been approved and deem disabled by the US Government Social Security Disability agency. But AIG told me I was ok to go back to work!! This company is INCOMPETENT, UNPROFESSIONAL, NON-COMPASSIONATE AND GREEDY! They are more concerned about keeping your money than paying you when you need it the most. If you have any type of policy with this company... I would suggest you cut your losses now and find another company because when you are in need... The vultures at AIG will not give a damn!!! I am telling everyone I know and using every means necessary to tell the world. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AIG!!! Sincerely Ms. Totally Dissatisfied.

Jill of Hamikton, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

As the other reviewers mentioned, I was a loyal paying customer for years and when a payment lapsed I was put through a 4 month wait to hear back from their underwriters. They ask for items to be faxed. 20 years ago that might have been quick but this is 2016. I was even told that a form had to be emailed to me and that would take 24 hours. What email takes 24 hours to go through? Then I was told I would only hear from them by mail, regular snail paced mail! The customer service is from Manila. When you speak there is a delay on the call. I could go on and on. I can't imagine how bad it will be the day I might need to make a claim.

joseph of Holtsville, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

AIG is the best, I love this company. Customer service very nice, helpful. Well sometimes it might take you a few minutes get thru them, that 's normal. In life you got to be patient... My mother died. I call them to make a claim. They treat very nice with respect. In little 3 weeks I received my check... Thanks AIG to stand with me. GOD BLESS AIG, I love you guys.

Cindy of Corning, AR on
Satisfaction Rating

We have had AM Gen, now AIG, insurance since 1987 and have a policy we have paid since then. AIG has since said we have to cancel our policy and now they just sent us a cancellation. This is not right. We have not missed a payment or anything. We took this policy in good faith as a young couple and now nearly 30 years later they say "oh we can't afford to cover you at the rate this policy was written for!" That's illegal isn't it! I am sitting here for over 30 minutes waiting to get hold of a real person on the phone from AIG!

judith of Knoxville, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

My mother passed away in April. I have sent AIG all of the information they requested and they still want more. This is the worst customer service I have experienced.

Robert of Coral Springs, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I paid for 11 years always on time. One month, they did not bill me. I noticed a few weeks later and sent in my payment along with my next quarterly payment. They sent it back. They claimed they sent me a lapse notice, which I never got, and they said they had billed me, which they did not. I am going to double check with my bank to see if I was on auto payment or not, but I paid religiously for 11 years and they did not even have the courtesy to see if I was dead or alive. They gave me forms to fill out to get reinstated and after months, they denied me and told me to reapply. My rate was not low, so they just wanted to lose me for some reason. I am pissed and I hope I can sue them. This company should never have been bailed out with my tax money. They truly SUCK and my guess, most insurance companies cannot be trusted, just as the banks. They do wrong things and they get slapped on the wrist. Many belong in jail!

Lisa of Holtsville, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

My husband passed away this past March. Prior to his passing he had become disabled and had applied for the disability rider on his life insurance policy. He had submitted the required paperwork but they requested additional information. He continued to be unsuccessful in obtaining the benefit and became frustrated with the process and so had given up. Since his passing I have been trying to gain information on behalf of my children and reopen the case as had been stated in a letter to him. I also at the time of his death had been advised that the information needed could be resubmitted.

I have called several times asking for assistance in what information is still needed and been told that the matter is being escalated and referred to senior management and that I should expect a callback. This has not happened and the last rep I called gave me conflicting information and would not let me speak to a manager. He was unsympathetic and completely unhelpful. This is who they let represent their company? I will be filing a complaint with DFS and canceling my own policy with this company as I am not confident that at the time of my passing my children can depend on a benefit to be paid to them. I'll take my chance elsewhere.

markie of Anywhere, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up for a 30 year lock on my life insurance in 2003. I set up auto bill pay from same account for 13 years with no issue. This year they say they never received payment even though my bank said it was mailed and proved it. They sent an e-mail 2 months later and never called. They cancelled my insurance, forced me to fill out all sorts of forms, made it painful and lengthy but I did it. Then they just sent me back my money back saying they denied my application. This was a ply all along to get out of a long term contract. I called 5 times and the shortest I waited was 24 minutes and hung up. Typical big company screwing the little guy any chance they can.

Amanda of Grand Prairie, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

My step-mother passed away in May 2016. Paperwork was filed before end of May. We received something back stating we needed another document... filled it out and sent it back the next day. Here it is end of August, and STILL nothing. My dad called them for status. The person he spoke with said everything appears to have been processed and isn't sure what the hold up was, said he would push it on through. Now my dad got a call stating another document needs to be done and it's being sent through the mail. WHY in the world would they not have looked through everything and done it all at the same time, instead of doing it piece meal? WHY put people through this? Isn't the death of a loved one hard enough on them, then to have to go through this just to get their death benefits? It's WRONG! Something needs to be done to correct the process and make it easier on the loved ones.

Dodie of Jane Lew, WV on
Satisfaction Rating

My father passed away March 30, 2016. I got all of the paperwork together and mailed the claim form in mid-April. It was the middle of July before they paid and every time I called, it was a 20-25 minute wait to speak with someone, and they each gave me a different excuse. I think the only reason they paid when they did is because I threatened to contact the insurance commissioner's office. I am now waiting for them to mail my mother her cash surrender value of her policy because AIG's customer service is the absolute worst I have ever experienced, I never want to deal with them again. When I called to verify they had all of the documents needed to cash out the policy, I was told that they did not receive the documents to process the payout, just the termination notice. THEY LIE. It was all sent together and when I told him that, he said my mother would receive her check in 10 days. This company is pure SCUM, at its finest.

Rhonda of Smith Center, KS on
Satisfaction Rating

After reviewing a life insurance policy, we decided not to keep it. Returned the policy and cancelled in writing per AIG cancellation guidelines. When I called 13 days later to confirm receipt of cancellation notice, I was told refund would be processed within 5 days, and I would receive a check in the mail. 35 days later, a supervisor apologized for the excessive delay, said the problem would be resolved quickly, and I would receive the refund back on my credit card. 8 days later, I was told it would be 73 days (from the previous week) to refund the premium via check. I have decided that I must call every week to confirm the status of the refund until I receive it. I am done being polite and patient.

Jane of Summersville, WV on
Satisfaction Rating

My daughter is in Japan and has an ear problem while she happens to be out of the country. We made what we thought was the full payment over a month before the trip but somehow there was additional charge of about $7.00 that we didn't realize that we had to make bc we had to adjust the dates of the trip. Now her AIG plan, which was expensive, has now defaulted to a secondary insurance bc we were unaware of the additional $7.00 we had to pay. Now she has to suffer until Aug. 10th. I am pretty sure the Japanese won't take the basic insurance that she has in the states. So ** AIG. Zero stars for you. Now she has to suffer. Policy plan **.

Shannon of Greensboro, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I am aware that customer can be wrong and they are not always right, however as a customer today with over 20 years of experience in the field I was appalled at the type of customer service AIG allowed a customer to respond to an angry client (me). Today a customer service rep. (what I now know was from the Europe call center company) would take the time out to leave a message telling me that I was rude. I do not believe it was right for this person to return a call to a client for anything other than to speak about their account/policy. This person used personal information for their own needs.

If I could find an insurance company with the same benefits that you supply or better yet when I do find another company I will be leaving your company. I do not know if this customer service rep. used your telephone line or their personal phone due to the number came into my phone as restricted. Should you find this person I hope that he/she is reprimanded accordingly.

I am very disappointed and if a rude client gets the best of your CSR to prompt them to call back a customer to tell them they were rude, then they do not have the thick skin of a customer service rep and is in the wrong profession. For the record I was rude - it annoys me to speak to a person that do not understand me and blames it on a bad connection. If a person did not hear you they would not reply with an answer (wrong answer that is). I am disgusted at this customer service. I cant wait to leave your company.

Mary Ann of Pleasantville, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had a 10-year term life insurance policy that I paid $652.05 annually. The 10 years is up and they raised the premium to $2573.76. I waited for 25 minutes to speak to a person and then I asked to speak to a supervisor. She said she would put me on hold for a few minutes while she got a supervisor for me. I waited 45 minutes and no one picked up. That is disgraceful! I am now getting quotes from other companies, which have way lower premiums and I do not need a medical exam for any of those companies. I have never had a company treat a 10-year customer, who always paid on time, so disrespectfully. You will not be getting any recommendations from me.

Barb of Amarillo, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I like my policy. I do not like the 45 minute plus wait on the phone. When I have paid online, they told me that I owed the money because it did not go through. I am not liking the long waits whenever I call. It does not make a difference what time a day I call. I just want to pay my premium.

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