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Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

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For nearly one-hundred years, The Kirby Company has manufactured superior, American-made home cleaning systems. Kirby does not sell directly to the public but continues a long tradition of distributing its home cleaning systems through independent distributors, who are responsible for running their own businesses. Over the years, this distribution system has afforded thousands of men and women the opportunity to live the American dream of owning and operating their own businesses.

Experience has taught us that customers prefer to try our premium cleaning systems in their own homes before purchasing. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If customers have any questions or concerns regarding the in-home demonstrations of Kirby cleaning systems or the cleaning systems themselves, please email us at consumer@kirbywhq.com, or call us at 800-494-8586, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., EST.

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Last updated: Oct. 15, 2017

1535 Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

Don't get me wrong. I like my Avalir, I was given almost every attachment available, except the grout brush and the shining/polishing brush. But this van pulls up while I have two attack dog out to use the restroom. I'm in Kansas, we can't own Pitts in certain cities, so I have Merle American Bulldogs. 2 females... very protective of me (on purpose). Anyway my dogs don't like people of race. Idk why, they don't like uniforms or strangers, so I'm outside and this young ** boy asks me if I want some tide pods...

Well heck yeah, I'm on a budget and could use those pods right now. Then I turn around and some lil bitty ** dude was coming into my home dog and all, I had to kennel my girls because they felt threatened. Well he starts blabbing and showing all this dirt, well yeah I have 3 very large dogs, he says, "Oh this attachment is for fleas and ticks lol it to clean your rugs in your car," then proceeds to tell me he needs this sell so he can go to Hawaii...

He wanted 3500$ I said, "Naw man. I'm in enough debt." He proceeds to show me all the 86 things this thing does, now I'm impressed by the vacuum, I did buy it but only for 1880$ with payments. The unit was brand new all in plastic, but the problem is every time I use it, it's like a Harley. I gotta work on it... the sales dude lied and said I had a daycare and made 2000$ a week, cash.

I am a stay at home mom and fighting for disability, him using my social for "credit" not a loan!, that can cost me my lawsuit by lying about my social security number and money I don't make, but yet they approved me... with a co signer lol like it's a car... your salesmen suck. Oh and to top it off my husband asks how do I know you're not some con, he hands my husband an inmate id and his social, I'm glad it's open carry here. I stayed protected!! Never again Kirby, never again, and p.s. Your salesman was smoking ** in my yard with children there... Ridiculous.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

Kirby is only as good as their distributors. I purchased a Kirby vacuum May 15, 2017 through Teho Inc. in West Chicago, IL. I called to cancel my order on May 18, 2017. Teho Inc., did not pick up the vacuum until June 7th. It is now October 10th and I have not received my money back. What's more is that Teho Inc. has changed all of its phone numbers. I contacted Kirby when I could not reach Teho Inc. I was assured by a Consumer Relations Senior Specialist that I will receive a full refund. I received a letter from Kirby on August 18, saying that they were advised that the matter that was brought to their attention has been resolved to my satisfaction. I called and told them that, "no I have not received a refund and I am not satisfied." I was told that the money was going through a third party. Even if I receive a refund for the vacuum I am still out the interest I am paying each month on my credit card.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

    We bought a Kirby not even a year ago hardly ever use it. We're told that it has a lifetime Warranty on it. Well apparently that doesn't cover the flimsy vacuum belt that broke after our fifth use. On top of that we went through financing and there was no mention of an extra $1,200.00 on top of the already expensive Vaccum. Won't make this mistake again. A waste of $3,000.00. We are embarrassed that we fell for this.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

    This guy came to my mom's door and said he was offering free carpet cleaning while handing me a flyer. I said, “Not right now”, he responded, “What maybe five minutes from now?” He continued with his sales talk, thinking that maybe he was being funny, but to me irritating. He then asked me if I had heard of Kirby I said, “I had bought a Kirby vacuum about 25 years ago for $1200.” After a couple of years the plastic fan that does the sucking broke, and it would have cost about $200 to fix, so I just threw it away. Then he moved onto cleaning upholstery, then the floor mat in front of the door, all the time me trying to get him to take the flyer back and saying I wasn't interested. Finally he took the flyer and at that point closed the door in his face. With their overpriced products and rude and annoying salespeople, how do they stay in business.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 24, 2017

    The experience with Kirby Vacuum Cleaners was horrendous... but it wasn't the product that caused the pitiful event, it was the Salesmen & Saleswomen. Let me explain: A cute woman came to my front door and asked if she could do a cleaning demonstration on my carpeted stairs. She explained that if I allowed her to do the demo, she would get to go on a company trip to Mexico. So I agreed to the demonstration. She said she would be right back in a few minutes with her supplies. Several minutes later, a man and some other woman came into my home and began setting up a large vacuum cleaner which I then discovered was a Kirby. The other girl told me the same thing: "If you let me do a demo, I get to go on a trip to Mexico."

    Ok, so first off, did you notice the bait & switch Job they did on me? A beautiful woman comes to my door, but then two trolls are the ones barging into my home later. The first woman said she would be the one doing the demo. Lie number one. The two trolls set up the Kirby equipment and the guy suddenly leaves. So the other girl is left in the home with me, wanting to clean my carpet that had just been cleaned earlier by the maid service. The girl was nice but I had agreed only so that somebody on the earth could go to freaking Mexico, for God's sakes!

    Upon completion of the 3 hour long demonstration, yes it took 3 hours... the girl went from nice demo person to hardliners sales demon. She laid into me hard about buying a Kirby vacuum cleaner for $1300.00. Who purchases a vacuum cleaner for that kind of money??? The second lie came when the girl told me that she could not go to Mexico unless I bought the unsightly machine. That's when I lost it and went looking for her manager who was somewhere in the neighborhood lying to another family. I was very angry that these people were being so deceptive in an attempt to sell me something I didn't want. Did I mention I use a maids service? I was only trying to be nice to the women who said they would get to go to Mexico on the company's dime. I finally kicked them out of my home when they would not accept no for an answer. They were totally disrespectful to me in my own home.

    To make a long story short, the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Salesmen in the Houston, TX area are liars, and manipulators. They possess no integrity, and are very rude and disrespectful. They took my kindness for weakness, and that turned out to be their mistake. Don't let these sales people into your homes. I researched and discovered that the Kirby sales people are trained to lie in an attempt to sale their super expensive vacuum cleaners. They are a very unethical group of people to say the least.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

    The sales tactics of this door-to-door sales company are as unethical and high-pressure as I have ever experienced and now I've gone through it twice in my life. They trick you to get inside your house, won't take no for an answer, and will try to overcome every single objection you may have to buying their vacuum, including lying. They guilt trip you into thinking you have a grossly unclean house. I have a host of medical issues that would prevent using this vacuum, and have a house-cleaner come every week.

    The 20-year-old young man tried convince me he had the very same issues but he still was able to handle the heavy machine, etc. I said, "Boy, you have a lot of health issues for a 20-year-old." It got pretty entertaining hearing him twist himself into a pretzel just to make a sale. They will also negotiate wildly just to make a sale. That means you can name your own price if you stall long enough. The problem is, most people are checking out these reviews after they have been taken for a ride. I bought a Kirby 40 years ago after the same kind of home intrusion. But I didn't buy it from that salesman, I got a deal on a brand new one from guy selling them out of his store.

    I only paid a couple hundred bucks for it, had it rebuilt when it wore down, and it lasted 40 years. I only got rid of it because it was too heavy and became like hauling around a tank. It is a top-of-the-line vacuum. But I would scout around for a used, refurbished, or nearly new one. I would not reward these kind of sales tactics with a sale. The only reason the guy got in my house is through false pretenses. Said he wanted my opinion on some products, said I looked truthful, said he needed my help to win a trip, and then he shoved a 'free gift' at me - air freshener. THEN, he hauled in his paraphernalia.

    I knew what I was in for having experienced the same tactics 40 years ago, so just let him clean my house free. Be prepared to have him there for 4 hours. You may have to call the cops to get them out of your house without a sale, though. Hyperbole, but not far from the truth. By the way, it is impossible to rate the vacuum without the sales overall experience for those of you that chastise that in these reviews, because they make a great product, but SUCK at how they treat you during the sale. No pun intended.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

    The Kirby company does not have a return policy. If you don't cancel the contract within three days you are stuck with it. I don't know of anyone who vacuums their house each day, but it took three times to start realizing the shortcoming of this product. Loosing suction, bulk and heavy, and hard to maneuver. Don't activate the gear drive when you don't have shoes on! When contacting Kirby I was told there is nothing they can do, no return policy, but could send someone out to "make sure you are operating the unit properly". Really!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

    Good looking babe says hi to ugly old guy like me while walking my dog. When I get home she comes to my door. So beautiful with loose top, gorgeous makeup, eyes, build and hair. Smell of angels. "Can I clean your carpet with this new cleaner?" "I'll be back...it will only take 25 minutes". "Okay," I say... 2 hours or more later after I have Chumlee try to sell me a vacuum... I say "I can't take it anymore." I felt so bad... Never in my life did I feel so bad... Bad sell and misleading sales!!! I hate what happened and will never ever let another salesman or good looking girl selling something in my house. Pissed off at Kirby... Go to hell!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

    I recently purchased a Kirby and I love it. I had 2 people come into my house and give me a free shampooing on my carpet in any room of my choice. They were friendly and very patient with me as I had a lot of questions to be answered. They weren't pushy or rude. I didn't think I would be able to afford it but they showed me a price that was very affordable to me. I was very happy I didn't feel at anytime forced to purchase it. I am glad I was home when they came to my door. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

    2 Sales Rep showed up in my house. They gave me this Clothes Stain Remover said it's a gift and they only want a review about the product and they've been handing out these to my neighbors. So I took it because it's free anyways and they told me they'll be back in 5mins. So I thought they wanted me to use it right away and just let them know how the product was. So 5 mins later they came back and carrying this huge boxes and just came inside my house no permission and went straight to living room!!! So I found out this was a ** Kirby Vacuum demo! I was freaking shocked!

    So this guy told us already that he wants to go to Vegas so before he even started the demo he called a lady and said that if she can register him to Vegas!!!

    So before he started the demo he asked me what product do I have for vacuum and if I can grab it really quick to show him so I said NO. He asked me the 3rd ** time. I said No and when he saw my husband he asked my husband to get it. I was mad! This person doesn't respect the people in my place and me! So I wasn't happy and told them already if how long is it gonna take because my husband have an appointment at 6:30pm! So this guy said "Why do I need to help my husband for his eye appointment? Am I going to assist him?" Like are you ** kidding me?!!! Always say inappropriate joke!

    I keep telling these guys our appointment but he seemed that he didn't care! So I was mad already then he assembled this smaller one and said that one is good for mattresses! So he suddenly got up and heading to our master's bedroom with no permission and not even asking me! He was already on the stairs and I shouted that they need to leave and we don't really want any strangers going in our house especially bedroom! And told them it was my mistake to let them in! So he said "Why are you hiding something? Is there a dead body in your bedroom?" Wtf! This is a crazy person!!! Told them at this moment that I'm not getting any of their products and he said I was the 1st person who said that and my neighbor bought 2 already... So I am???? And told them that our appt is at 6:30 and my husband was mad too because he's been waiting for me outside so we were arguing already because of these people!

    It was already 6:20 and he even put a lot of baking powder in my carpet then used my vacuum to remove it!!!! I was like crazy mad. And they intentionally packing their stuffs really slow so we will be late on our appointment so they can stay!!!! Then while he packs up he asks me about which vacuum am I going to buy in the market like nothing crazy is happening! He officially ruined my day off!!! I'm not going to say anything bad about the other guy (** guy) because he didn't do anything wrong / he even said nothing. He was just standing there and help him clean up! But this ** Guy is crazy! I don't have anything good to say about him! He is just crazy!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 12, 2017

    There was a lady who called me so many times to make a demo for this product, I gave them a chance to show us what kind of product they are offering. Me and my husband was so amazed to the item they offered installment basis, they offered free training. After we signed the contract and got the item, they promised to give us a training the following day. This lady came to us and show what are the use that product. I requested her to send someone for proper training since there is cd inside the package. She said there are someone who's in charge for proper training.

    It was November 2015 since we got the item. I've been calling them for that request, unfortunately no one came. I called their customer service number but they keep promising they will send someone. We try to used the machine without our full knowledge of the product coz it's 13thousand dirhams. Their product has a lot of usage that's why we are requesting a proper training but they never grant our request.

    Then I called the office again to request for purchasing of shampoo so and a training again. There was 1 guy name Jazon who came over to bring the shampoo for 100dhs. I told this guy to come to my requested date so he can train me as well for that machine. He said just pay the shampoo and he will come back in the requested date.

    I change my weekly off just for that training. Then 10 am I was trying to call him his phone was switch off so I decided to call the office. They said that maybe he's on his way, but unfortunately no one came. The next day I called the guy he said they are close at that time. He didn't know that I called their office to ask where is he. I was so shocked because those people are always fooling. Always playing around. What can I expect from saleslady to their manager???

    Then after 1 year November 2016 this guy Jazon came to my place because I requested again and again for proper training. After 1 year of waiting he came over to grant our request, I was about to open our DVD player for the cd so it's easy for us to know how it the machine use, but shockingly he said "excuse me I can give maximum 10 mins of my time for this training coz I have so many clients to attend." Imagine after 1 year of waiting he never grant our request for the training and he was very rude in front of our 2 boys which is 4yrs and 2yrs old, to think that we are the customer. We were so disappointed, sad to say they will call us for payment and it's always been payment in advance but the service they are offering was so disgusting, so annoying and so disappointed.

    One of my friend also from Abu Dhabi return the item after paying almost 9 thousand dirhams because of their very bad service. I want to sue them. I went to police to file a complaint for this company who's doing this kind of business. I hope this company in UAE will close because they are sucks. They don't have knowledge about customer service, they know only how to sell but they don't know how to keep their promise. Every time I see this Kirby Vacuum I felt cheated. If only I can turn back time I will not buy this disgusting product. Imagine for 13 thousand dirhams we cannot use the product. I will post the add in Dubizzle or Facebook not to buy this kind of item here in UAE. They have a very bad customer service. On June 2017 we completed our payment that's why they never called us because this is their work. To fool people for their business. I will definitely go to police and sue them.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

    My daughter came over today to share her experience with Kirby and their reps. They offer to clean a room or area for free. That's their "demo". So this guy comes in to clean the living room and couch. First, he has to clean the vacuum and asked for a knife. What? Then he tries to get my daughter to let him in her bedroom. Luckily, her roommate is home and they argue the guy back into the living room. Then the sales pitch. My daughter says no as she already knows how much this Kirby cost ($3,000). He pressures her. She says no, several times. Instead of leaving, he argues, curses, and threatens her! Says he knows where she lives! She calls the cops. He bolts. My daughter tells the officer what happened, what the guy looks like, etc. He says he'll be back. When the officer returns, he tells her that yes, the guy's a Kirby rep, he's with other guys and they were on their way to Elko, deciding to stop off and sell some vacuums.

    He warned the guy not to come back or the officer, personally, would arrest him and put him in jail. He DID threaten someone. My daughter also tried to contact Kirby, at two different numbers. NEVER talked to a human being ONCE! Even tried every button and only listened to the auto bot. I do have a Kirby and felt pressured into buying it but after 10 years, I love it!

    Other Kirby reps have come to my house to try and get me to upgrade but I always say no and have not had anyone be rude or threatening. I have stopped letting them in my house, now with good reason, I guess. I tell them no thanks, I have one, don't want a new one and will contact you if I have any problems, which so far hasn't happened. Kirby needs to up their game as far as their reps though. Sounds like they will hire just anyone and their customer service gets an F. I sent them an email, detailing all of the above and telling them they seriously need improvement, maybe not with their vacuum cleaners but with the people hired to sell them.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 25, 2017

    We just had a demo for 4 hours tonight. He said it won't take much of our time. My husband asked can these guys do a demo, they said it won't take long. Honestly I was impressed by the demo. We did pay full price but we're quoted they were originally 3,000.00 so we were getting a military price being active duty. Then realized it wasn't. I am not fond of the lying part. Mostly I'm upset about the fact the Kirby that was demonstrated was in an old used up Kirby box torn in corners and the equipment they gave us is used from previous shows he said. He literally said it was from the neighbors before us but he lied because the equipment we had paid for was filthy and dry in the receptacle. We had not noticed that part until he had already left.

    When I asked for shampoo for the carpets, which was initially told they were doing and never did, he said all he had one this, and it was an empty 8 oz pop bottle filled a 1/4 of the way with sudsy water. I asked him for a distributors bottle and he said he didn't have it. He was really trying to race out of the house and I asked him if we have everything he looked and shuffled all the pieces in the tattered box and said yup. This was not new equipment and did not make it clear we were purchasing old equipment for $2,200.

    As he ran out of the house his reasoning he had to catch up with his boss. I immediately checked to see if all the equipment was there from the instruction Manual that tells what comes with it and we were lacking pieces. We honestly felt like we had purchased old equipment with parts missing and then coming on here showed us not only that we paid almost 3,000.00 when we thought we got the military discount, and people on here bought one for less than 1,000.00! The most infuriating thing is we didn't get all the parts that go with it. Are all the Kirby sold USED? I guess that is my real question. He laughed when I said can I have a new one with a new box? He told me that is not how it works, with a chuckle.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 21, 2017

    Had a couple Kirby salespeople stop by the house today. The guy handed me a bottle of some cleaner, saying that was how they advertised, then asked me if I'd ever heard of the "Avalir". When I said no, all of a sudden, they'd gotten one (it's a vacuum, turns out), and he was inviting himself inside our house for a demonstration. The tech would do it. Usually I'll say no, but he said they'd get $50 if they did the demonstration. I figured, "What's the harm? 15-20 minutes and they get $50 for it, even if I don't buy? Cool." The tech was very nice and did her job great while the guy went on somewhere else. She was new, but we didn't have any real problems talking with her or anything.

    However, the demonstration took THREE HOURS. I had today off for the first time in two weeks, and was very excited to just relax, but that's three hours.

    But sure, the vacuum worked great. Our rug and couch are extremely clean. We'd just bought a decent vacuum, and the Avalir performed better than it. We figured if the Avalir was under $300 we might consider it, at least. Nope. The vacuum is $3000, not including tax.

    No consumer vacuum is worth that much money. It performed well, but I wouldn't have pegged it for over $500, max. Maybe good for commercial cleaners, but no way am I spending that much money on a vacuum ever. Again, this isn't a review against the demonstrator herself. She was very personable and earnest, and we liked her. But Kirby needs to rethink how it sets up its demos. I looked for a place to leave a review, and turns out, a lot of reviews are saying the same thing. That is a lot of time that I wish I could get back on my day off, and I know others feel similarly.

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    Original review: July 5, 2017

    Recently seller came to my house and offered me to clean one room for free. I refused, but seller was so persistence (It will take only 30 minutes or less) that I gave up and allow him to clean one room. Actually he show his vacuum cleaner Kirby. It worked very well but when he told me price $3000 I refused to buy it. Only one today offer - $2587.67 I refused. Another seller came. They both try to convince me about saving if I will buy their cleaner. I did not want to be rude and ask them just Get Out! It took almost 3 hours marathon conversation. They show me over and over advantage of Kirby cleaner. That it is lifetime warranty. If in a 10, 20, 50 years cleaner will be broken they will replace it for $75 with new one. That with just one call if I will have a question, their representative come to my house and solve any problem I have. If I use cleaner lady, they will come and explain her how to use cleaner.

    These sellers were so good and I was so stupid that finally I bought cleaner. When they left I realized that it was bad decision. By the way when they left they took my vacuum cleaner. I called them immediately and request to take their Kirby back and to return my vacuum. They came next day and returned my cleaner. It took another hour to convince me about advantage of Kirby. But that time I was strong. They promise to refund money within a week. Today is one month passed, no refund. I called many times to local Henderson representative. No reply. I called RJP Enterprises (Palm Spring, CA) - no reply. This is not all.

    One of my neighbor, (she is mentally incapable to make decision) also bought Kirby cleaner. When I asked her what did she buy? She actually have no idea about this purchase. Her daughter from CA request to take Kirby cleaner back. They took it but did not return her vacuum cleaner. And so far no refund. These Kirby sellers target mostly retirement community and prey on old and incapable persons. Be aware! I am not suggesting you to buy Kirby cleaner or not. It will be your decision, just told you my bad experience.

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    Original review: June 30, 2017

    I am a young housewife new to my area. When a woman approached my door offering a free carpet cleaning like several of my other neighbors I agreed. Moments later a man, let's call him Earl came in and introduced me to Kate. He told me this was Kate's first time on her own and he would be leaving her to clean my carpet. She did a great job. She explained the product very well. Demonstrated everything and impressed very well. She started by vacuuming using little white disk which are now all over my house. After about an hour she hands me the payment sheet and at that moment I knew this was not the tool for me. 3,000.00 for a vacuum. That's a car, NO vacuum is worth that. That's when I started reading reviews. I made up my mind that this is not the product for me. But hey I was offered a FREE CLEANING so I let her continue.

    Another hour passed and Earl returns trying his best to sell this thing to me. "Don't I want the best?" "What about a payment plan?" "Well, Why not?" My answer was still no. He then looks at Kate and says "So you can pack this stuff up. I have to get back to my other house." Where was my free shampooing? Scam. Scam. SCAM! Do NOT buy this vacuum!

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    Original review: June 25, 2017

    Seen the ** van headed up my drive on my security camera. Looked old and decrepit. Also leaking oil on my concrete. Knock on my door. Some 18-year-old girl who may as well pulled her clothes out of an NYC dumpster standing on my patio. Offers me a roll of cheap garbage bags? I don't know. Threw it in the trash after she left but anyways... "My company is new in this county and we're offering free carpet or hardwood floor cleaning in a room of your choice." Not interested. "If you accept I can win a vacation to Anchorage, Alaska for 3 whole days!" How long will this take? "30 minutes."

    So I invite her in and right away I noticed her dirty disgusting pair of Vans she had on and told her to leave them at the door. "You won't have to worry about dirty shoes in your house ever again sir after what I'm about to show you!" Seemed so scripted. Then a knock at the door. I opened the door and there stood some dude who looked as though he hated life with a Kirby vacuum. At this point I knew what was happening. Big mistake on my part but whatever.

    So they set it up, kept talking about how amazing this behemoth was. Don't really care. Asked me where the woman of the house was to which I replied that she's somewhere far from here, luckily. He thought that was funny. So he leaves in his van, "high-level clients". Yeah whatever. Don't care. She requests to vacuum my hardwood floors with my vacuum. Sure, knock yourself out. She then uses the Kirby vacuum in the same spot and right away points out how amazing this vacuum is compared to the pile of heaping trash my wife and I use all because it picked up some hair? I don't know. Still don't care. Told her to cut to the chase. How much? "$2,400 with available financing." Nope. "But sir this is an amazing vacuum that will work wonders on those pesky dust mites and hair. Did you know that dust mites crap in your mouth and eyes?" Nope. Don't care.

    So this presentation went on for an hour. She ended up getting the price down to 1,000. I told her if that vacuum isn't worth 2,400 l, it sure isn't worth a 1,000. Please get out. "Can I at least show you the shampooing side of things?" On what? My door mat? Nope. Not interested. Wouldn't pay 1 grand for a vacuum in my lifetime. She then starts in on how I don't care about my health or more importantly my wife's health because our vacuum doesn't rid dust that cause asthma and other illness. Still don't care. I grabbed her vacuum and all the silly attachments and set it in my sunroom while she was using my restroom. She comes back out upset that I moved her vacuum outside my house and into the sunroom. Told her she had 2 minutes to vacate or I will call the police. So she pleads with me to have her boss talk to me. She doesn't want to get fired and she really wants that trip to Anchorage. Don't give a damn.

    So she finally grabbed the vacuum out of my sun room and boxed it on my patio. Her boss picked her up and they left. I know how this looks. Yeah I'm a ** whatever. She would not take no for an answer during the 1.5 hours she was here. Insulting my Shark vacuum and mine and my wife's cleanliness. Saying I don't care for my health. Really? Not to mention she dressed very unprofessional and looked like a rat. Same with her boss. Sorry. If you want me to buy a vacuum even for 500, you've better look the role of a decent salesman and persuade me into buying it without insulting myself or my belongings. Yeah, and that oil stain in my driveway from that scum mobile pissed me off as well.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 21, 2017

    My experience was fine except the salesman Mark ** rushed the sale, did not finish the demo, his trainee used my bathtub to clean the shampooer attachment and left a bad mess in the tub, told me the total was $2495.00 but did not mention the $980.00 in interest, suggested that I embellish my income and took the spray attachment cleaner canister with him.

    After he left, I had to finish the rug he promised to finish. I called 208 490 3077 the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd business day got answering machine and left my number. No callback. I filmed my calling Magic Valley Home Care Investments, expressed my regrets and desire to back out of the agreement and told them to bring back my $200.00 down payment to get their product back and that I am changing my bank account so nothing can be deducted. Federal law allows me to change my mind within 3 business days. I consider this very statement to make the agreement I signed officially null and void.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 18, 2017

    Before today I had never heard of Kirby, and Kirby salespeople have officially ruined my weekend and caused me more stress during an already stressful time. A man came to my door and said he was promoting a new cleaning company in my town. He said that he did all my neighbors' carpets and that they would shampoo one room of my carpet for free. So I said yes. Then he left. Two other men came with a huge box. The guy made me vacuum the carpet with my own vacuum, then he vacuumed it with the Kirby vacuum, to prove how "good" the Kirby one was. Then he showed me other stuff for 2 hours!

    I was so bored and tired of listening to this man trying to sell me a $2,500 vacuum. I told him "No, I don't have the money. I just bought a new house." He kept lowering the prices, kept saying just sign here. When I asked him why I would sign anything because I was not interested, he told me to go ahead and do it. That he will just leave it here and it's easy to return. I have 3 days. Then he begged me, because he wanted to win a trip to Virginia. Then he made me feel awful about not buying a vacuum. Then he lowers his price to $638 for a different model of the Kirby. He wouldn't take no for an answer, so after 2 hrs. of him being manipulative trying to make me buy the vacuum, I finally did. Then he told me that I really took him for all he has and that I was a good negotiator. (Turning the tables on me, when I didn't was not interested in the vacuum.)

    He never finished shampooing all of my carpet, he only did a small section! Then I look at the vacuum cleaner he left me and it's dirty, has scratches, and looks refurbished. He never told me this was a refurbished vacuum. I was not prepared to deal with manipulative "don't take no for answer" playing with your emotions person. Now I just feel disgusted with people. Which I mean honestly the vacuum cleaner does a decent job cleaning, but it's got too many options in which I will never use. The shampooer on it sucks. I don't vacuum enough to spend this much on a vacuum cleaner. I am going to try to return it within return policy, but I have a feeling it will not be easy.

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    Original review: June 15, 2017

    Yesterday at 4:30 my doorbell rang. A young lady gave me a container of Clorox wipes and asked if she could vacuum my carpet, one room. She said she got points for college if she vacuumed. I said yes (Yes, I'm stupid!). She came in with a box and her supervisor followed with a box. They proceeded to praise me about my house (Of course! It's a gorgeous house!) and asked what kind of vacuum I had. I told them I had a Kirby. They stopped. "What model?" "Avatar? Avalir? Avalanche? I don't remember. Do you want to see it?" And I brought it out of the closet. It was the same model they were putting together. "OH! When did you get it?" "Within the year." "Oh, well, then..." and they packed up their boxes and picked up the Clorox wipes and left. They didn't vacuum my carpet, even just one room.

    I don't mind people trying to sell things. I would like honesty. I had bought the Kirby from two young men doing the same sort of thing, but they said they wanted to show me the Kirby. They were honest and upfront and I appreciate that. Don't tell me you want to vacuum my carpet and don't vacuum my carpet. I guess I won't be letting salespeople in my house unless they are girls selling cookies.

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    Original review: May 31, 2017

    Today I had the most unpleasant experience dealing with a salesperson from Kirby Vacuum Cleaners. The doorbell rang and I proceeded to look out the window to see if someone was outside and to tell if I should open the door. I am not the owner of the house, as I'm the daughter (keep in mind). I didn't see anyone, so I thought it was just a package being delivered. Unfortunately, when I opened the door, there was a lady, and I stepped out to get my dogs to stop barking. She proceeded to ask about whether or not I was the head of the household which I said no. The lady then proceeded to speak very quickly about Kirby Vacuums and how they would clean one room for free and how my neighbors (listed them by name) also let them clean their stairways. I'm a nice person, so I has I hesitantly said sure they can clean a carpet and then she asked me to bring back my vacuum too and I was like... Okay?

    I was thinking it would be at a different time than today since I'm sick. She then went away and brought back her friend, Mortez or something like that and they brought the stupid vacuum with them. She then proceeded to leave the house and left with me some random dude in my house who proceeded to NOT clean my stairs, but clean 5 of them and a corner of the living room by pouring baking soda as a comparison to my own vacuum. He was there for 3 FLIPPING HOURS (not exaggerating) because I told them I was not the head of household and I did not have the money to buy a new vacuum since I'm a broke college student. They said they could speak to my mom when she got home and I told them she wouldn't be back until between 5 and 7. They said they'd come back if I gave them a call and they left the vacuum here at my house so I was forced to call.

    I then immediately spoke to my mom and she told me to call back immediately. I did that and I called and told the lady to come back and take their vacuum because my mom did NOT want the vacuum. She quickly said she'd call back and then didn't and then came back at 4:30 and asked if whatever his name was could finish his demonstration so he could be paid his $30. I said fine thinking it would take 30 minutes and he proceeded to count the number of stupid dirty pads he lined up in my house to make sure he had enough. He then soaked the hardwoods because he didn't know which pad to use. And then the lady came back to tell him he was using the wrong one and then went over the same 7 ft area of the hardwoods of my house for 10 minutes. She then told the guy to clean up the extra water and then clean the vacuum and she left.

    He then proceeded to spend THIRTY FLIPPING MINUTES putting the vacuum into the stupid box by spending 10 minutes wiping down the stupid vacuum with a paper towel. The lady finally came back as he wiped down the vacuum and she said to stop trying to waste time to wait for my mom and pack it up and she's ready when he was. (In other words, she admitted to me she was wasting my time so she could until my mom got home). They were here for a total of 3 hours and to top it all off, she asked me how much I thought a vacuum costed and I said about $500 (which is cheaper than a Dyson for crying out loud) and she said, "Are you crazy?" Like I was an idiot.

    She spoke to me saying that it would insane for that type of equipment to be $500 because it was a 13 in 1 machine and it picked up so much more dirty and blah blah blah. She then said it was $1100 or $41 payments for like 36 months which is still like $1400 dollars. FOR A VACUUM. The lady was rude when I assumed that a vacuum should be a reasonable amount and she was rude by wasting my time. If I could give them a -100 stars, I would. What a waste of 3 flipping hours.

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    Original review: May 28, 2017

    I totally agree with most of the reviews about the salespeople and the demonstrations. As far as the quality of the product, I can state emphatically that they are the easiest and simplest to repair. I purchased the Classic III in 1976 and it still runs and performs like new. I have since purchased 10 other Kirbys on the internet (eBay, etc.). I have 2 Heritage II Legends, 1 Generation 3 my mother had, 3 Generation 5s, and my latest purchase, an Ultimate G Diamond with the attachments for $50.00. (No this is not a typo) Fifty dollars. It just needed a little TLC and it works beautifully. The other vacuums I purchased for friends at their request. They are a little heavy (I'm 72 years old) but the Generation and up series have the tech drive that makes it effortless to push around.

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    Original review: May 21, 2017

    I was pressured into a "free carpet cleaning" which turned into three hours of me declining the purchase. Finally I gave in and was surprisingly financed. Well due to unforeseen circumstances I can no longer use a vacuum and asked Arjon ** to pick up the vacuum. I received a condescending and unprofessional voice mail from him that evening. I highly recommend a Kirby vacuum. It is a high quality top of the line product. I do not recommend buying directly from Kirby, however. They are shady, and the unit is overpriced. I would recommend buying from Amazon or walmart.com.

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    Original review: May 17, 2017

    I unwittingly allowed 3 strangers into my home. I don't know why I did this. They asked if I would give an honest opinion of a product (after trying to lure me in with some free comet), I said, "sure" thinking they were going to tell me about something. They literally ran to their van (two men) and came back with the vacuum system. I should have stopped them then, but I did not and I have no idea why. Only one man stayed while the other ran back to the van and drove off. Weird. My heart sank, what have I done.

    The sales pitch went on for 2 hours. Seriously. At least my kids had a blast. He did the side by side test with my vacuum. I was almost fooled, as his little thing picked up a bunch after I used my vacuum... I later realized that the guy "cleaned" my area rug, but had to go over it about 600 times before it stopped picking up junk. Tonnes of junk. Now... I know that means I have a dirty house, but it also means the results from the side by side comparison weren't all that amazing now either. Just a thought on marketing. He really made me think it was great, but that's suspect.

    Into hour 2 he finally got to the price. $2,700!!! WHAT??? But since he could win some random trip by selling this vacuum, all expense paid (because I really want to finance this) he was going to give it to me for $2,400. Nope. Sorry. Called some random someone who gave him the go ahead to bring the price down to $1800. Nope. Sorry. Called again. What, she's not a sucker? Ok, another person is coming to try to convince you to buy this thing. This guy knew I wasn't buying anything but he didn't want to get in trouble or something. Marketing? So he set it up all nice for me to look at with all the dirt from my floor lined up on pads.

    Different guy comes and tries to convince me that I have to have this vacuum to have a clean house and it's not just a vacuum, it's a whole cleaning system. Nope, sorry. Calls random someone again and says things like, "I know she's crazy but can you give her a better deal? WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Ok, I'll talk to her and call you back." Comes down to $1,300. Then $1,000. No. I don't want it. Yes, I will say no to a deal I can't turn down. Finally ends at $800. Nope. Sorry. Earlier I had told them that $300 was my max that I'd spend on a vacuum. By the end he said, "So you'd buy it today if I told you $300." Nope, not now, sorry after that runaround. I just want to know the lowest price off the bat. "Ok, well..." They finally left.

    If they are willing to start it at $2,700 and shave off $2,000, you know they are ripping you off and we hadn't even looked at any contract stuff. This company is a joke. How can you trust how great it is when you can't truly compare and when they can drop the price like that and still be making money? The man who actually did the demonstration wasn't super pushy and was nice enough, but the 3rd guy who came in was very rude and unprofessional, and honestly a bad actor. He was willing to say I was an idiot because I wouldn't pay an outrageous price and tried to make me feel bad that this dude may not get an all expense paid trip because of me. Nope, sorry. Please, If it's a great product it will sell itself. If not don't push it on me by using such foolish tactics. That makes me want to go out of my way to promote others to not buy the product.

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    Original review: May 7, 2017

    Everything with them is terrible. The salesman gave me a fake number for himself and his boss. I've been trying to reach them for customer service for over 4 months with no reply. I'm out $1,300 for a useless piece of crap at this point. To be honest, it never really cleaned better than any other vacuum. They just have deceitful people that go house to house to sell a lie. If I could give anyone considering buying one a piece of advice... Never even let them in your door. You will regret it.

    Original review: April 25, 2017

    We've had this vacuum for over a year now costing us around $1500. Can you believe that? $1500 just for vacuum. Goodness, that can buy my daughter all her books for a year in college. Not just that, but the salespeople were aggressive. The guy who came to do the demo smelled like alcohol. So unprofessional! We rarely use the vacuum as it is heavy. How is this company still alive with all the negative reviews here? KIRBY VACUUM WILL ONLY IMPRESS YOU ONCE AND ONCE YOU PURCHASE YOU'LL REALIZE HOW INCONVENIENT THEY ACTUALLY ARE. This is a ripoff. This company needs to go bankrupt. What a waste.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 20, 2017

    We had a salesman show us the new Kirby. My daughter wanted to buy the new one but her credit was not good enough. I had an old model that was too heavy for me now so the sales person I thought I could trust said he knew a dealer who could sell it for me. So needless to say I have not seen or heard from them since and he won't answer my call. Can you help me or should I call the police? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Original review: April 19, 2017

    I just had a Kirby demonstration. The price started at $1899.99. Then 1399.99 then 1250.00, finally 1000.00. I was shown a blank contract. All I needed to do was sign and my interest rate and payments would be set after approval. At that, asked him to leave and he packed up and left. ALWAYS READ THE CONTRACT AND NEVER SIGN A BLANK CONTRACT.

    Original review: April 17, 2017

    My husband and I were at home preparing to leave in twenty minutes to take him to work when we received a knock on the door and there's Kirby reps. I told them I use to work for Kirby and that's when the first rep pushed past stating well good you know what I am going to do. Luckily the second guy was nicer and asked to come in. They just started vacuuming while my husband and I were running around packing his stuff to go to work. They didn't show us how to use it and would not take no for an answer. They waited outside for me to come back after taking him to work and then they had me call him at work while he was distracted and told him to just say yes to all the questions, but we were not aware this was the finance company.

    Needless to say, they said, "Well your husband just agreed to the finance company to purchase the vacuum. They said I need you to sign his name on everything. They also stated we had a 30 day trial period and unlimited warranty and they would be back 3 times that month. Needless to say when we called and said we did not want it since no one came out 4 times like they were supposed to, to show us how it works and we changed our mind 9 days after the nonsense. The guy said, "Oh you only can change your mind the first three days." Then he said he would personally come out but never has he. I want this off our credit. This is an unauthorized sale since my husband was distracted at work and unaware to what he was told to say. Plus the vacuum doesn't even work!

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    Original review: April 17, 2017

    No, I do not recommend Kirby to everyone. It is a tool and people should be properly educated regarding its purpose and use. Kirby vacuums are bulky, heavy and noisy. Dirt, dander, dust mites, matted hair, etc have a terrible odor and will cause the vacuum to smell. The door to door sales people are pushy, rude and annoying.

    With that said, I must also state that the majority of complaints have absolutely nothing to do with how this piece of equipment operates. It has superior airflow & suction when adjusted to a proper height for the carpeting. The beater bar is capable of retrieving far more debris from deep with carpet fibers than competitive brands. The unit's sheer weight is partially responsible for its performance. As an owner operated carpet cleaning company for more than 10 years, Kirby is by far the most powerful vacuum on the market. I personally pre-vacuum every job using a G10 Sentria model. Personally, Kirby is a tool allowing me to outperform a superior job.

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