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For nearly one-hundred years, The Kirby Company has manufactured superior, American-made home cleaning systems. Kirby does not sell directly to the public but continues a long tradition of distributing its home cleaning systems through independent distributors, who are responsible for running their own businesses. Over the years, this distribution system has afforded thousands of men and women the opportunity to live the American dream of owning and operating their own businesses.

Experience has taught us that customers prefer to try our premium cleaning systems in their own homes before purchasing. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If customers have any questions or concerns regarding the in-home demonstrations of Kirby cleaning systems or the cleaning systems themselves, please email us at, or call us at 800-494-8586, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., EST.

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Around 7 PM, I was sitting in the living room playing some video games when I heard my doorbell ring. I have a window in the living room looking out to the front door and didn't recognize the person, but I figured I needed to see who it was as they were able to see me. A lady in her 30's told me that she was going door to door advertising a new product and that she only needed to demonstrate to one more home to meet her quota. She offered a free product in return and claimed that she would get paid for just giving a demonstration, and that she was not selling anything. I really didn't want to let her in, but I figured I would be nice and let her do her thing, especially as she said it would only take a few minutes.

She walked out to her van where she came back with a younger guy, probably mid-20's. I noticed he was dressed in a white button up shirt with a tie and black pants, and I honestly thought that they were Jehovah's Witnesses for a moment. As they got closer to the door, I saw that the box he was carrying said "Kirby". My brother had went through the same thing about a year ago and I knew the troubles he had; he spent around $3000 for a vacuum that was way too heavy, had too many attachments, and he never used it. I already decided that I didn't want it before they walked in the house.

After they come inside, she walks out to the van, where I assume she goes to get more stuff. However, she ends up driving away, leaving this guy in my house. He starts off with the whole, "I'm selling these for a trip to the Dominican Republic and I only need 2 more sales to go." I figured it was just a scam to get people to give in to buying the vacuum. He started in my living room by showing the air blower, the car shampooer, and the various vacuum pieces. He then moves on to our bedroom, where he proceeds to vacuum the bed. He tries to say that the stuff he was sucking up was dead bugs and their excrement, but anybody who knows anything realizes that it's just dead skin that is in every bed.

He then goes back into the living room, where he tries to vacuum and show the amount of dirt. He doesn't have much luck though, as I already pay to have my house cleaned weekly. About that time, the woman, which I found out to be his supervisor, and another man, her boss, shows up and let themselves in my house. He finished the demonstration by showing the sweeper attachment for hardwood floors. The top boss asks if I would be willing to purchase the Kirby if we could find a good price. I reluctantly agree, as I found some of the attachments to be handy for cleaning the cars and some upcoming projects, like painting. He goes through the list of possible discounts and finally settles on a price of $2,142.48.

I decided to take the plunge and bought it outright on a credit card, as I thought it would be a very handy device. They made sure to say that I had 3 days to return the Kirby if I was unsatisfied, but that it would cost the salesman $300 if I did. I thought to myself, whatever, that's probably his commission. That's the way it goes. They also made sure to take my old vacuum and give me $200 credit for it. Oh, and the entire demonstration took about 2.5 hours, way longer than the "few minutes" the original lady claimed it would take. Once they all left, I tried the Kirby in my bedroom and I did like the way it handled, but it was way too heavy. As I laid in bed that night, I could barely sleep as I had a great deal of buyer's remorse. I couldn't believe the fact that I spent over $2000 on a vacuum cleaner. I read reviews of other people's experience with the company, and felt that I had been scammed.

All of the experiences everybody else had were identical to mine: the "big trip" prize, the haggling of prices, just all of the same stuff. I honestly felt that if I had declined buying the vacuum, I would have received a barrage of insults like many others. I decided that I didn't care who it affected, I was taking the vacuum back the next day. It took me a while to figure out which building they were in, but I finally showed up the following day with the Kirby and full intentions of returning it and getting my old vacuum back. I walked in the door and they asked how they could help. I stated that I bought a Kirby the night before and wanted to return it. The guy asked me why I wanted to return it, in which I said that I didn't think that I needed it anymore. After that, the guy proceeded to look at me and say, "Yes, you do." I looked directly at him and firmly said that I just want to return the Kirby.

He dropped the salesman pitch, brought me back my old vacuum, and we signed the paperwork to void the purchase. He told me that they would issue the refund today and it might be a few days until the money was credited to my card. I thought to myself, they were sure fast taking the money out, but they like to take their time putting it back in. And I was right. Three days later, I called to see if they had issued my refund yet. A hateful woman answered and just said that it will take 7-10 days for the refund to hit my account, and that was the end of the conversation. The Friday of the following week, the money still hadn't been refunded. I called again, where they said that it had been submitted and the money should be in my account any day. Monday morning, exactly 2 weeks after I purchased the Kirby, the manager of the store called me and said that he didn't realize that the return never went through.

He came to my house and gave me a check for the refund, but postdated it for that Thursday, 3 days later. All I have to say is DO NOT BUY A KIRBY! The salespeople are far too pushy, they tell the same lies to try and gain sympathy from the homeowner, they sell the vacuum for many various prices, and they beat around the bush when you try to get a refund. I'm going to take the money I spent on that Kirby and put toward some needed house renovations. The vacuum cleaners may be nice, but they are definitely not worth $2000, or whatever price they try to haggle you to.

I have just read the reviews for Kirby vacuum cleaners and had no idea that people have independent owned companies. I didn't like the fact that when the salespeople call they refer themselves to "carpet cleaning" companies. Why not just say, "I'm demonstrating the latest Kirby cleaning system in your area this week and would like to show you the benefits of this all in one cleaning system, starting with your carpet!"

This is my third Kirby. The first was a Sentria II, which I will not part with. I love it! I purchased two more, two years later for family members at a fund-raiser. Now have to convince them that this is a great product. The problem lies within the lies of the raunchy sales people. Do they not understand that they are ruining the reputation of a perfectly good, overpriced product? The salespeople should be well trained in the area of selling a great product to the right demographics. I have no complaints about the product and I had two very knowledgeable, non-pushy salesman, who convinced me with their demonstrations that I want them to live with me and spring clean my whole house!

I got a call from a Kirby rep saying a friend of mine referred me for a free carpet cleaning. I should of stuck to my gut feeling and said no but I said it's a free cleaning I could use. Yesterday the rep arrived on time asking for the "woman of the house." When I told him I was the woman of the house and he laughed and said, "Boy y'all gettin' younger and younger." (I'm 26 but look 15.) He came in and said, "Hey I'ma show you my product. If you wanna buy it fine. If not cool."

So long story short he began to show me how filthy my carpet was and began to talk about dust mites and their poop, so on and so forth. He showed me all the gizmos and gadgets, and attachments. He vacuumed my floor and my floor WAS nasty I must admit. But anyway he tried to sell it to me. I declined. I told him me and my husband are trying to get OUT of debt. But he came with his tactics. "Your husband will buy a TV but nothing for your children's health?" I told him if I bought it my husband would be upset. He then said, "Haven't you pissed off your husband before? Didn't he get over it?"

I guess because I asked for a cash price he thought he had me wheeled in. He went on about this trip to Jamaica and if I don't help him he won't win. And I can't get it later because I wouldn't get a discount. He also told me he could give me the "wife alone discount." He started from 3200 dollars to 1600 dollars then he said he could hook me up for 1100. I told him, "But you sold it to my friend for 900." He said, "No I didn't. He got it for this much and tried to act like he didn't buy it for that much."

After he realized I wasn't budging he started to insult me on the sly like "Most people who don't buy it have bad credit and their floors are normally the nastiest." I asked who was the competition. He said there is none. "Of course you going to say that but who else is out here selling these glorified vacuums Mister?" After I told him it's getting late he called his loudmouth manager and put him on speakerphone. He didn't know he was on speaker and cursed. He said **. Anyway after my mind was made up he stop talking to me and I was fine with that. He packed all his ** and said, "I usually leave my vacuums. I don't know how to put it back together. We'll figure it out." He ask me when my husband would be home. I said, "A while." And I guess he said, "She is young and gullible. I'ma get her. No problem." Ha nobody bullies me into spending my money.

I felt so good seeing him leave. He was tough but I was tougher. I KNEW he bullied his way into other people's pockets not mine. I learned my lesson. NO SOLICITING will be up outside TOMORROW! Don't let these trigger-happy sales rep scare you into buying something you will regret. His name was L.T. **, older guy. Slam the door if this creep comes by.

After working a 9 hour shift at work and no more than 10 minutes of stepping in my home and sitting down, I noticed a young lady peeking in my front door. After I noticed her (she did not ring the door bell) she said "hello are you the lady of the house". She explains that she is from a carpet cleaning company (handed me a flyer) and she was out promoting business. She said the company was offering 1 room of carpet cleaning for free with no obligation to pay for anything and in the end if I like the job I can call the number on the flyer and schedule for a carpet cleaning. I told her I had just arrived home and was very tired and was not interested. She pleaded that she was a college student and that with every home that she got to sign up she gets $40 dollars. I then agreed. She goes away for about 30 minutes and brings back this guy with very bad English.

She quickly introduced us (Patrick was his name) and ran out the door. I asked her "what if I like the job do I call you" she yells over her shoulder "just talk to him". I then knew I had gotten myself into something. I looked at the box and saw Kirby and could have kicked myself. I began to tell the guy before he unloaded all the crap he had that I had a demonstration in the past and could not afford it then and cannot afford it now and I did not want him to waste his time. Patrick said "oh it's ok just let me clean your carpet". Well 3 hours later he was trying to sell me a 3500 dollar vacuum cleaner. More like pressuring me into buying one. Before walking out the door he had gone all the way down to $600 dollars for a refurbished one. I still declined. He made me feel bad about not buying one. He began to be really rude.

He said to me if I want to be a real housewife I would buy one and continued to talk crap but I couldn't understand a whole lot because of his accent. I finally just said, "look I'm not interested and I'm sorry". He says "why are you sorry I did my job. If you want your kids to be on dirty carpet that fine." I was appalled. I then apologized again and explained to him that the young lady that came to my door never mentioned he would be selling a vacuum cleaner. Never mentioned Kirby. And said that my carpet would be cleaned. He says to me "well she just gets us the appointments and she gets paid to do that, she don't care". WOW. The machine itself was very impressive but I will never buy one because of this experience. And you can't even make any direct complaints to the Kirby company. And on top of it all the flyer the girl gave me he snatches it off my table and said "you won't be needing this".

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My mom is 82 years old with beginning stages of dementia and I was on the phone with her today and someone knocked on the door, she put the phone down and I heard a guy talking to her about what kind of vacuum she has currently. Then I could hear that she had invited him in and her two little dogs were terrorizing the guy as they usually do when someone comes over. I was trying to get my mom to pick the phone back up but she was off talking to this guy about vacuums. I had just purchased her a new one within the last two weeks, so luckily I live less than a mile away from her so I drove over quick to make sure she didn't buy a new one. When I got there this guy had all his stuff all over her family room. I nicely told him we can't afford to buy another vacuum and really didn't want to see a presentation on his Kirby.

He was preparing to do whatever it is they do to show comparisons. After going back and forth with this guy for over 10 minutes I asked him to please leave. We were not going to buy a vacuum from him. He mumbled something about me kicking him out because of the color of his skin, then proceeds to get on the phone and call his 'manager.' He's claiming to this person that I am being unreasonable and he has been asked to leave (yet not making any moves to do so) and then he tries to hand me the phone to discuss this with his manager. I said no and then I said you need to pack your stuff up and leave now. He states he cannot until his manager arrives. Two minutes later Manager is at the door. I explained again to this guy that we cannot afford to buy a vacuum and had no need to even see the demonstration.

I was then hit with race baiting like I have never seen before. Both the manager and the salesman started in stating that if they had been say Mormon or white they would not have been asked to leave. I was shocked. This had absolutely nothing to do with skin color. I was on the phone with my mom when he showed up I had no indication of his skin color as if that would have made a difference as I drove over to tell a salesman that we could not afford to buy a vacuum. While they packed their stuff up I had to listen to non-stop race baiting. I am so disgusted that a company would allow their salesmen/managers to conduct themselves in this way.

I wanted a Kirby vacuum because I think they are a great vacuum, but after reading all the reviews out there, I was pretty nervous about the sales process. I was very pleasantly surprised. I called Kirby to schedule a demo and I live about 1.5 hours away from their office. A very nice lady came that had worked for Kirby for almost 20 years. She was knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to. She did glance over the usual things like the vacation trip, dust mites, how bad our vacuum was (And it really was!) and dirt wearing your carpet. I believe all of those to be at least partially true. When she wanted to demo the Kirby on our bed we nicely said that we weren't prepared and she couldn't come into the bedroom. She graciously let us take the vacuum up by ourselves to vacuum the bed. It did pull a lot out of our couches, bed, and floor.

When it came to the actual purchase, my wife and I had already agreed on a price. There were no manager calls or insults, and I did not feel overly pressured. Obviously she did try to make the sale, but she was polite and I feel like she was honest. After about 20 minutes of haggling and mostly chatting, we did agree on a price and make the purchase of a "demo model with full warranty." When we were all finished I ended up with the new one for only about $25 more. I was also very polite and explained that we don't purchase on credit, and couldn't afford 2-3k for a vacuum. I also pointed out, that since the vacuum is made to last 30 years, I could purchase a used one for about $600 and maybe have it last 15 more years. Not all salesmen for Kirby are rude and try to take advantage of people. As I expected, the whole process did take about 3.5 hours including training us how to use it.

For the Vacuum, we have hardly used it much, but I think it is very good. I expected it to be much heavier than it was. We are about 30 years old and neither my wife nor I had and trouble holding it and cleaning the stairs. It was actually a little bit lighter than my 5-year-old hoover. As far as the attachments, I'm very mechanically inclined and had no issues learning how to switch between attachments. My wife is more average on the mechanical scale and just needed a few pointers to figure it out. It was NOT a heavy confusing nightmare like I'd read.

When two salespeople from Noble Industries in Grand Rapids MI talked my son into letting them into my home to do a demonstration they used carpet cleaning solution that may void my warranty without my permission even after my son told them he is not the homeowner. My attempts to resolve the issue with the manager of Noble Ind and Monica from Kirby's customer service area have gone nowhere as they refuse to provide me with the information I have requested to determine if my warranty is voided. I would not recommend either company based on my poor experience and do not feel they are trustworthy.

For the most part Kirby vacuums are a great product but considering how much they cost, they should be! As a matter of fact I wouldn't consider them a good value except for the affordable extended warranty program which allows you to return the vacuum for rebuilding as often as you want. This cost of this service is $99 each time plus shipping to and from Ohio. In addition to rebuilding the motor they replace almost all of the parts that wear and buff out all of the chrome. It truly comes back looking and running like new. My Heritage II is now 29 years old and after having it rebuilt for the fifth time is running like new.

So why am I dissatisfied? Two reasons: First, it takes a month and a half for them to rebuild it. They say 30 days but it's actually 30 business days after they acknowledge receipt of your vacuum. Throw in shipping and it's easily 6 weeks. So you need to have a back up vacuum cleaner to take up the slack every few years while they're putzing around rebuilding your Kirby.

Secondly, although the basic vacuum and beater brush is genius, the attachments are cheap plastic junk. Most times the only reason I rebuild my Kirby is to get replacements for the crappy attachments that have long since broken or worn out. To compound this problem they update the vacuum every 2-3 years often times modifying how the attachments fit. This leads to short production runs of their attachments and ultimately not being able to provide replacement parts for their older machines. Shame on you Kirby! For this reason I wouldn't recommend a Kirby to anyone that doesn't have all wall to wall carpeting. If Kirby really wanted to make a stellar vacuum they would engineer quality attachments that could support their machines year after year.

First of all the man who came selling this was lying so much saying NASA build this. Um yeah right... And all this talk about dust mites and poop all lies... This thing has like 50 pieces that takes hours just put together. You can't clean under things like you could easily with a normal vacuum without figuring out what piece goes to what... And it's so extremely heavy you can't even move it without feeling you're going to break your back. I think it's horrible. You can't take it back after you realise they were lying and this thing is a nightmare. Why the ** does this run for 3000? I've seen better easier vacuums for under 200... Kirby needs to understand people need easy. No one has all day just to freaking vacuum... These salespeople should be illegal and be charged for harassment.

First off I'd like to say that I have owned several Kirby vacuums and I love them. So, when a salesman came to my door, I told him that I already have a Kirby and am not looking to upgrade. He offered to show me the "half hour demo" anyway. He stated that he just had to "show" one more demo and there was no obligation to buy. I told him that about thirty minutes is all I had and I was for sure not going to purchase one.

Well, he came in, set up his equipment and went to work on the demo. About thirty minutes in, I told him his time was up and he had to leave. He ignored me and continued the demo. I told him that he had about two minutes to grab all of his vacuum parts and leave or I was going choke him out and he would wake up next to his vacuum face down on the curb. It was then, finally, that he called for the van that dropped him off, to pick him up.

I post this because I know that salesmen like this guy probably prey on older folks like my parents. Had this guy been in my parents living room, it would have been hell for them to get him to leave. So they would have called me, then he would be paying hell for not leaving. Why does this company promote these sales tactics?

I was a salesperson in 2004 and really did like being around the people I was working under. I did not make a whole lot of money nor did I got on the trips. I was just having fun learning how to get people to agree with me and be more confident in myself. I sold only 3 vacuums in 5 months. I meet a lot of nice people who want it but their credit was bad. I was not pushy. When you get 3 nos I would ask if I could use the phone to call my boss to come get me and go wait outside. Sometimes I would just sit in the people because they did want the demo done. They just felt sorry for me having to do that type of job as a female. They did teach us to lie and to be pushy because some people would say no first thing if they knew who we were. Some people don't like salesperson at their door and in their home.

Had a girl come to my door. Just said someone was coming advertising a cleaning service, and that it was a no cost demo, and that'd it take no more than an hour tops. Had a "manager" drop a kid off who then proceeded to express the importance of a contest to mexico. Spent about 3 friggin hours after a series of "one more thing" he had to show me. I kept saying no. I was exhausted. Kept waiting for the "manager" to come back and when he finally did he roped me in at a 1500 (closer to 2000 with interest) with their family and friends discount which after reading further in realize is b.s. PLEASE help with advice on getting my awesome Bissell returned to me and ending the contract!!!

I let a Kirby Dealer demonstrate this machine in my home and it seemed to work so I purchased it. Since then it has not been nothing but a glorified vacuum cleaner. I have had to rent a Bissell machine twice to clean my carpet, I have a Hoover Elite to vacuum with. I spoke with a rep from Kirby that stated there is a recall on this model, however when I called Kirby they said that was incorrect. They asked if I wanted to speak with a tech to walk me through using the machine. I am a college graduate so I think I know how to operate a vacuum cleaner. Kirby is a Piece of Junk, I advise anyone thinking of buying one not to.

When I was introduced to my Kirby when the salesman (Cody ** from Boise ID) had came to my door. He showed me how it worked and how it got everything out my carpet. I was pleased with it. I actually wanted it. When it came down to it and I purchased it I asked him about the cancellation policy. He responded back saying that if I cancel or want to return it, it was going to affect his trip to Las Vegas! Was that all he was worried about? So I already had signed my agreement form & I've been wanting to cancel and return my Kirby since the day I bought it.

I've been calling Kirby as well with my financing company that I went through & they just now called me back a month later telling me I am not able to return it after several calls. I am so upset & really disappointed at this point. Cody, did not show us how to connect anything or show us how we can assemble our Kirby. A night when I needed to use it, it took me about 3 hours to figure out how to make my Kirby work & how to put the parts together. Now I don't even want to take anything off to wash my carpets because it might take just as long!

First off honestly, to say I can't believe some of the reviews on the Kirby what's being said on this site. I don't consider them accurate at times. Yeah I agree to some, that the Kirby company is really messed up forcing people to buy their vacuum and taking advantage of the elderly and everything else with Kirby company being a billionaire company. Honestly there are more problems with the marketplace and business with Kirby than the vacuum itself, so please don't tear down about the vacuum. Yes I agree it's not for everyone, since it's really heavy.

Now I have owned a Kirby Heritage II for near three years and never had any problems with it and know very well it's the best performing vacuum you can ever have but I did not buy it from the Kirby company. I am extremely happy with it. Yeah it needs belts and bags time to time but that normal for owning a vacuum. The belts with me usually last 4-5 months until it needs replacing.

Also this is my personal belief that the vintage Kirbies are better than the new ones. To me, the Kirby company has changed a lot from the last 40 years, and how I see it's not good. Now when it comes to me and my strong opinion owning a Kirby, I advise is not get a Kirby from the Kirby company and don't believe it's a good idea to directly buy from them but just buy one from eBay or Amazon. Don't pay the overprices for one - that part is absurd. Max one should pay for a Kirby is 800.00 if near new but I won't buy any higher. This same goes for a Rainbow.

Yeah, I know if you don't buy from Kirby you don't get warranty or you can't bring a Kirby to them if anything goes wrong, so what! Take responsibilities to fix them yourself and save money if you can! Example, eBay has brand new Kirbies time to time and they are usually 400.00-700.00 with shipping, depending where you live. I am done talking about Kirby but that's my review.

I purchase a Kirby vacuum a few months ago. I fell one month behind on payments, they called everyday and pretty much every hour. As I was getting my kids ready for the day. A Kirby employer was knocking at the door. I didn't hear the knocking, so due to that the work just walked in my house and started searched for the vacuum. I told him he's breaking and entering and that I'm going to call the cops. He told me to go right ahead **. I asked for his name or business card. He said he didn't need to give that information and called me a ** again. Got the cops involve and made a report and got the license plate ** New Mexico plates. He said he would be back, I now do not feel safe in my house. Not satisfied at all with the Kirby employees. I do not know what kind of employees you are hiring to have someone do that to a single mother.

First of all I will state that I have sold Kirby products myself, when I was in a desperate situation and this was the only job I could find. It is very hard work, it is hard to be invited into a home, this is one reason salesmen work so hard once there. But, work earnestly, not deceitfully once you have the privilege of showing your product. This product is extremely overpriced. I understand there are many players that get a cut of that pie, so inevitably, some must pay the highest price. But they do have the ability to negotiate a much lower price to seal the deal. There is also free financing if you do not opt for the auto payments and low low payments. Ask for this option and you save a ton on finance fees. There was a statement from a person in AL that rang true with my sales experience.

My salesmen were from Tuscaloosa AL. The salesman told me if I changed my mind within ** amount of days, I want to say 50 days, I could return it. So while on the phone with finance Co. I mentioned this and they said no way. So I caught him in a lie... which was a deal breaker for me. He was pissed. But after they left I decided to buy it, they offered it to me at a price I can't even mention on here. Very low, having ceramic I needed it, to replace my older Kirby. But the other "boss" had to come back from Tuscaloosa the next day to bring it to me. Don't be afraid to haggle for the lowest possible price and zero interest. Don't listen to lies. That's my rant.

I bought this vacuum a while back. Idk why. I had laminate floors, but they showed me how dirty my mattress and rugs were. So I bought it, but never used it, couldn't figure out the attachments to mop and it never vacuumed well. Now I have a carpeted house and this vacuum sucks and I need a new bag which is irritating. It costs like $45. And I had hoped to clean my car and house with the carpet cleaner attachment, but it's useless, I'm lucky if I get dirt up. Ugh don't buy this stupid, bulky piece of crap.

I purchased my Kirby about 2 months ago. The demonstrator was an hr late! And didn't leave till after 10 pm! I had said no numerous times, till finally I said yes just to get him out of my house. The Kirby is very bulky, and I don't feel it does a great job at cleaning, as I thought it would... Sent an email the next day, and no response, tried a few times and nothing. Now they are saying there is nothing I can do because it's past the return deadline... Needless to say, I will never tell anyone to buy a Kirby!!

A couple weeks ago, on a Monday evening, a girl and boy came to the door asking to clean my floors and leave a free air freshener for my time. I unwillingly acquiesced. It was hot out and she was pregnant. They were both sweating profusely and I figured they could enjoy the AC and I would offer them a drink. She left and let the boy do the work. We exchanged conversation. I let him know I wouldn't buy it but I know how being a vacuum salesman can work. I've had friends that did it. Besides a commission they make a base pay as long as they do a minimum number of demonstrations. So me allowing him to do the demo wasn't completely wasting his time and I let him know upfront I was only allowing the demo to be nice. He said he appreciated it and went ahead telling me a few things but he thankfully wasn't pushy.

When it came time to close he told me he has to leave all the little dirt covered discs laid out until the end for his boss and that he was gonna call the office and they will haggle. He warned me it would take a few calls because they will keep lowering the price. I said "cool do whatever" so after several calls they tell him he can put up the shampooer part and his boss is on his way to try and close the deal. The kid told me he would probably work out some great deal if I really wanted it. I jokingly tell the guy when he comes it would have to be less than a grand and less than $30 a month. (the price started at $2495 and they wanted $100 a month) The guy says "sold!" and puts his hand out for a close-the-deal-business-shake. I looked at him incredulously. He said, "Hey, they may not like it but I like you. Blah blah blah. Wanna help people out." Maybe it was the several cold canned Dr. Peppers. I'm not sure.

So anyway we signed some paperwork. Gave them our checking account. I clarified that we would be approved and he said "automatic approval with a checking account" then he says the first payment isn't until October 6th and the rest of the details. The next day he comes back for a couple signatures he forgot. Fast forward two weeks and without a phone call. The pregnant girl shows up with a new guy to pick the vacuum up. When I asked why they said they didn't know. It was just on the pickup list. I made him call and he couldn't get a straight answer basically. I told him we haven't missed one payment. Payment isn't even there for another month.

He explained that sometimes they go ahead and leave the vacuum but it's possible they didn't approve it. Especially after he heard the discount we got. What **! Nobody ever said, "this sale is pending approval" or anything of the sort. No warning. Nothing. The worst part is this new kid had no identification for being a salesman and I only recognized the pregnant girl. They were very insistent on needing to pick it up and I'm calling first thing tomorrow to put a stop payment at my bank. If they try to take the payment now I will raise hell. IDK what kind of business they run but they all seem sketchy and full of **!

I am writing this review to commend the group of hard-working Kirby representatives who visited my home today. The first two were polite and respectful; I didn't hesitate to invite them into my home. After scheduling my free carpet cleaning, I met the upbeat team leader and the positively lovely young lady who would be demonstrating the many features of this cleaning legend. She was very knowledgeable about her product, quickly putting it to use in my home and answering my questions. When it came time to close the sale, the team leader was responsive to my needs and concerns. Next came the presentation of MY Kirby. Neither would rest until they were assured that I could use it! Overall, it was a great experience.

My mother recently purchased a Kirby... I've told her several times Henry HOOVERS are incredible but she bought a Kirby after a salesman came to her door!!! She has had it a week and I hate it. It doesn't pick up dirt. It is too big and heavy. I can not get under the TV stand without having to search for a million different attachments just to clean! Trying to hoover the stairs is awful! It is far too heavy! And today the carpet cleaner attachment overheated and stopped working! I would rather she bought a Dyson! As she is disabled she cannot hoover so it is me breaking my back every day just to hoover the stairs! I am disgusted in the product and it was not worth £1700!

Like the representative said, What is MUD spelled backwards? I can't believe I let these people into my house! My experience and the 2 hours of being verbally abused by a young woman who 'was trying to win a trip to Cabos' match every other bad experience documented on your complaint file. I, too, had to threaten to call the police to get them to pack up all their equipment and exit. I do have a dirty carpet--IF they had removed the stain (and they did not) I might have listened further. This was an unbelievably bad experience. I am going to buy a NO SOLICITING sign for my front steps tomorrow. Enough said.

I felt very violated. Their original conversation turned out to be very misleading. The salesman was very pushy about selling you the product, and spent the next three hours trying to sell me the vacuum. During those three hours he basically sounded like a high pressure car salesman, trying to convince you that you were getting a great deal, and that the vacuum was only running a 1/3 power because he wasn't using the bag which seemed suspicious. The deal was that by having him show the vacuum in your home for one hour that they would give me a food processor. After those three hours he left muttering curses under his breath, and guess what, no free food processor!

The whole time he kept trying to look in every room like he was casing the place. When he called his manager every time, he would try to wander out of earshot and sight. Some of the times I could hear his conversation with his "manager". They were laughing and making jokes about how if we sold our stuff we could afford it. The deal started at $2500 for a new unit, and the last offer three hours was $1400 for a used one, a $69 trade in for my current vacuum, and $55 a month payments. He kept acting very nervous and was constantly looking around like he was expecting something bad. The other reviews on this site that are bad about this company are sadly spot on. Nothing seemed very legitimate about what he was doing. I was so glad when he finally left.

As many of the same of you have talked about your experience, I had the same thing happen to me. I thought free cleaning of my floor, great... After at least an hour later, my kids wanting dinner and the sleazy "boss" came to my house and would not stop pushing me. There were all these special discounts and would even take my old vacuum for me. I told them over and over again that I had just been laid off work and I am a single mother so I didn't have any money to spend on this. Again, he wouldn't let it go. His final approach was that he would leave it with me for 60 days and if I didn't find a job to afford the 52.00 a month payment then he would come pick it back up and it would not affect my credit. THAT WAS A TOTAL LIE TO NOT ONLY ME BUT ALL THREE OF MY KIDS WHO HEARD HIM SAY IT. When I got a call from the collection about a past due bill and I told them what I was told, they quickly informed me that was never even an option.

Last Monday in the early afternoon I was tending to my sick toddler when I got a knock at my door. A very rough-looking young guy with piercings all over his face and mud on his shoes and pants immediately starts talking at me at a million miles an hour as he hands me a tacky fluorescent pink flier with the words "AVALIR HOME SYSTEM - win a FREE carpet cleaning!" on it.

I honestly wasn't paying much attention to him as my son was crying and I was trying to comfort him and I was jet lagged from having only just gotten home from an overseas trip that morning but nevertheless he talks and talks and I get the gist of what he's saying. Give me your details and go in the draw, we will call you if you've won a free carpet cleaning, blah, blah blah. I'm not really interested but I'm preoccupied and I feel kind of bad for this scruffy kid out in the cold and rain having to hand out these fliers for what I assume is dismal pay. I give him my name and cell phone number and off he goes. Except he doesn't. He stands on my driveway under his umbrella for 30 MINUTES talking on his phone. I thought this was really odd at the time but I now realize he was probably calling his "boss" to let them know I was easy harassment material.

As soon as he leaves and I've settled my son, I decide to google this Avalir Home System thing that I've never heard of and I came to find out it's a model of Kirby vacuum. NOWHERE on the flier was there any mention of anything to do with Kirby and as far as I recall from the scruffy kids super fast speech, he didn't mention it either. I did a little more searching and that's when I found this page. I then remembered reading online recently about a local woman who was basically held hostage in her own home by a Kirby salesman for 8 HOURS until 1 AM! Like most people she didn't realize until it was too late that he was a salesman and then he wouldn't leave. She was a single mother with young children in the house and didn't know what to do to get rid of him. I think she ended up calling the police.

Anyway I realized my mistake in giving the guy my details so I told my husband should anyone call or come to the house mentioning anything to do with carpet cleaning or Kirby, he was to immediately slam the door in their face. Then the next day I get a call on my cellphone from a number I don't recognize. I just knew it was them so I didn't answer. Looking back I should have answered that first call and told them where to get off. But I didn't so they kept calling back approximately every hour throughout the day. I never answered and the more they called the more intimidated I felt.

I told my husband when he got home from work and he said the next time they called he would answer it. Sure enough another call came through and he put the phone on speaker. A woman was on the end of the line and seemed genuinely surprised that someone seemingly not me answered the phone. She asks for me and my husband asks her what her name is and what she wants me for. She never gives her name but says "Oh, I'm from PUT Ltd. We made a call at (my name) house yesterday and she was interested..." My husband hung up the phone. Then literally 20 seconds later she calls again. I don't answer, she calls again, and again, and again. Then suddenly I start getting calls from an unknown number. I was honestly starting to feel scared and was now MAJORLY regretting ever even answering the door to that scruff ball.

After about the 10th call back my husband is getting really pissed off. He picks up the phone and unleashes an obscenity-filled tirade at this woman that I think even surprised him. He ends it with "IF YOU CALL THIS NUMBER ONE MORE TIME I PROMISE YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!" And he hangs up. Finally my phone fell silent for the first time all day and thankfully I haven't had any more calls since. Today I figured out how to block numbers on my phone too so I blocked the listed number she first called off for good measure. All I can say is thank God for my husband!

Backtracking a bit, it seems PUT Ltd doesn't even exist. There is nothing about them online so I figure they're another one of these "independent" Kirby suppliers. I'm legitimately flabbergasted at the amount of effort these people put into harassing me. Unlike most of the other reviews here they never even got into my house yet they still managed to intimidate and harass me! I don't know what they thought they would gain out of treating me like that. Perhaps they figured pretty early on that I wasn't taking the bait so they decided to have a little sick fun instead. Who knows. But even if my carpets start growing new life forms in them, I sure as hell will NEVER EVER be buying a Kirby.

I am open minded and friendly... When a young man asked if he could clean one of my carpets FOR FREE and demonstrate a superior American product in my home, I was open to it. I was like: Hey, I have a stain on my rug and this dude want to do his thing... a win, win! It's FRIDAY NIGHT at 5pm. I figure I have a little time before dinner and a romantic evening I have planned with love interest... Then the MEGA-PITCH starts... He is unpacking boxes with at least 20 parts all over the living room. He wants to take the show on the road, showing me HOW FILTHY every room in my house is... How my bed is full of dust mites and their **! Shows me on 6" white round disks, which he frantically keeps changing and putting the DIRTY DISKS out on my clean counter, dinner table, EVERYWHERE!

I am clearly upset and say: "I don't want all this loose dirt here, Please throw it away." He says: "I can't yet! I have to show them in pictures to my supervisor" (a HARD SELL LOUDMOUTH I could hear thru the phone). I was getting mad and my home was becoming a mess! He would not stop the hard sell! I said I was hungry and I had company coming. I said: "Please wrap this up." He says: "I can't. I have to call my supervisor before the carpet shampoo." I say: "I'm done, I would NEVER buy this. I'm hungry and tired. Please go now." He does not listen. He fills the shampooer and starts soaking my carpet! I am HORRIFIED! He tells me only the top is damp and it will dry in 1/2 hour... It is over 12 hours later and I have a fan blowing on my WET RUG! He washed all his dirty parts in my sink and used my clean DISH TOWELS for his FILTHY MACHINE PARTS! WTF?

Now for the Coup De Grace: Calls supervisor and I can HEAR them discussing overcoming my objections and making a payment plan... The price goes from $3000 to $1600 in mere seconds, because 'I'm getting the friends & family special'. Ummm... I was born at night, but it wasn't LAST NIGHT! He was INCREDULOUS, when I told him to get out! He took his sweet time and kept up the hard sell. I was furious and SAD. I wanted to help an independent young business person and get the stain out me carpet! HEY? WTF? Where was MY consideration? He was suddenly surly and cold. He left muttering about how my FILTHY HOUSE WAS MAKING ME AND MY FAMILY SICK!

I am sure Kirby is a pyramid scheme. It was EXCRUCIATING and I am still paying for my open minded friendliness. One of the WORST experiences I have had in a long time! I feel very sorry for the people taken in by this PYRAMID SCHEME! The Kirby sales force are PAWNS in a much bigger corrupt game. I am NEVER opening my doors to ANYONE again, thanks to KIRBY HELL!

A young woman came to my door with a gift card claiming to be a local business owner trying to get people to review her product. I agreed. She went to get said product and returned with two boxes and an older gentlemen. As he set up she took off. He proceeded to show my all these features and mentioned if I buy told I can help him win a vacation. I told him no one said anything about buying, just reviewing. He continued saying I'll fall in love with product if I see it. I again said, "It's nice but I won't buy." After an hour, I told him I had somewhere to be and I needed to get dinner ready so he needed to leave. He asked if I like the product and I said it was nice. He told me I could buy it in stores for $3000 but his boss would give it to me cheaper. I laughed and said it has to be less than 175 or I wasn't interested and again I had to leave. He said ok. He had to pack up but he would call his boss to get me a great deal.

I told him leave a catalogue or a number for his boss because I wasn't buying anything today. As he packed his "boss" showed up. She was a pushy individual when I told her I had to leave. She said, "I can give you a deep discount price of 1300" which I could pay $53 monthly. I laughed and told her I don't do monthly payments. If I can't afford it with cash I don't buy. At this point she got nasty and said, "I don't understand what you are telling me. That's stupid. What's wrong with you?" At this point, I told her I have to leave so they need to go. She tore up the yellow sheet of regular lined paper she wrote the price on and glared at me. It was ridiculous and unprofessional. I, like most people, don't buy products without researching them. They didn't have a catalogue, a store, or online shop... she claimed. Kirby needs to step into the 21st century and fire these high-pressure sales people... invest in advertising and a website.

I use to love my Kirby until I had to change the belt. Now every time I try to use my vacuum I have to put a new belt on. It is driving me nuts. It is so heavy and not easy. I would never buy another Kirby again. It is not worth the frustration. I can use any other vacuum and it would be better than this. I have so many bags and belts that I have to keep using this until I run out. I HATE it.

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The Kirby Company is a division of the Scott Fetzer Company, which was founded in 1914. It is named after Jim Kirby, who designed the company's early vacuum cleaners.

  • Scheduled demonstrations: Potential buyers can schedule demonstrations to help them decide whether they want to own Kirby vacuums.
  • Useful tools: Kirby home care systems have tools that let them convert into everything from air pumps to carpet shampoo systems.
  • Customer service: Kirby offers a wide range of customer services, including online how-to videos and phone support.
  • Limited warranty: All Kirby vacuums come with three-year limited warranties.
  • Maintenance services: Rebuild and maintenance services are available to lengthen the life of Kirby vacuums.
  • Best for Kirby's flexible vacuum system makes it useful for homeowners, renters, landlords and drivers.

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