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Shark Navigator Vacuum

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Last updated: Oct. 6, 2017

222 Shark Navigator Vacuum Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

I bought a Shark handheld vacuum a few months ago, and it just stop working. I call Shark customer service line, and they employ the worst customer service agents ever. They are very rude, they hang up in your face and refuse you the right to speak to a manager. The agent Lashawna ** employee I'd **, she told me... “We are out of those vacuums and you will need to visit a retailer and buy another one.” I said, “What are you talking about. I'm under warranty,” and she thought it was funny and laughed. This is the worst experience with a company ever! I want my money back or the unit replaced.

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Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

I tried placing two orders from Sharkclean.com, but Shark canceled both orders with no explanation. They won't allow me to purchase directly from them like I am some sort of criminal. They won't allow me to speak to anyone in management or any other department to try to get this rectified. I spoke to customer service two times trying to get to the bottom of the issue and all I get is they don't have information as to why, just that the orders are cancelled and I am able to purchase from a retailer but not them directly as they will just automatically cancel anything I try to order from them.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

    I contacted Shark and let them know that my steam mop was no longer heating. They told me as a 1 time "courtesy" they'd send me a new mop for $1 plus shipping once I returned the old one back. I was told that as soon as the tracking number was scanned, they'd send out a new one. I called last week to ask what my tracking number was for the new mop since they'd be getting it the next day, and they said I'd have it in 2-4 days. Fast forward to today, and I was told they are doing inventory and won't get my mop until 10/16. A MONTH after I sent the mop back.

    They refused to give me back my money for the replacement mop, refused to give me a coupon to purchase another one, and refused to reimburse me for a "temporary" mop that I wouldn't need to even purchase had they done their job correctly the first time. I have now had to file a dispute with my bank in order to get my money back. The "supervisor" Tina, has a disgusting attitude and did nothing to help remedy the situation. Whoever promoted her is an idiot.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 8, 2017

    After reading nothing but negative reviews on Consumer Affairs, I was rather surprised. I'm not surprised by the number of manufacturing flaws that lead to bad experiences being posted, but I am surprised to ONLY find negative reviews. My Shark experience has been the opposite, with all of the Shark products I've purchased, including Euro Pro and Ninja. In every case, I've had no issues with performance or warranty.

    I purchased a Shark Navigator Lift-Away Model NV352 31, with plug serial number 2313 (yes, their plugs have a 4-digit code on them?!) direct from Shark when it first debuted on their TV infomercials. I ended up with the upgraded Lifetime Warranty and their floor cleaner, as part of a combo offer. My Shark has seen a lot of serious use; I have cats. Recently, the swivel ring at the hose-to-canister J-tube junction cracked; so I used a metal hose clamp, like you'd use on your car or the back of your washer or dryer hoses.

    But the design is flawed, in my opinion, because it puts too much pressure on the coupling whenever you detach the hose to use to accessories; it gets pulled backwards and the strain is all at this one connection point at the top of the coupling where it's pinned to the canister. Mine cracked there, which led to suction loss, mainly when using the hose and accessories, but there was also some degree of loss when using it as an upright vacuum, even though the separation was not as great as when using the hose.

    So I called tonight, after going to the website. In less than 15 minutes (including the time for the customer survey that I elected to take), I had a replacement headed for shipping, due to arrive in 3-5 business days. I won't lie... I was in shock, as that had to be the easiest warranty call I've ever made. The hardest part was trying to describe the location of the cracks, as I did not take the time to review the parts section of the users manual online, prior to calling.

    The service rep immediately found me in their system and immediately knew what I was talking about and was able to determine that the entire motor section needed to be replaced in order to take care of the issue. My service rep spoke perfect English and knew the products, as well as the Shark Warranty program. There was nothing holding up my warranty claim except me going to get the vacuum and then trying to describe the location of the crack. I was not asked to supply pictures or proof. I was not asked to return the defective part. I was not charged a single penny. No one tried to sell me anything, perhaps because I own everything??? LoL.

    I will admit that the Navigator was not a high-end vacuum like the ones today with sealed anti-allergen systems, but it's done everything advertised and stood up to the test of time in service to me... And it's still going strong. I'll probably experiment with some methods of repair on that plastic coupling site and hold onto that motor section since it still rocks a challenge like Marciano.

    I'm sorry not everyone has had a great experience; I'm typically one of those people, but not in this case. If you're interested in any product out there, always understand exactly what it is and can do. Most people's reviews on products indicate an ignorance of the product's capabilities and specifications, which led them to purchase the wrong tool for the job, or to misuse the product, because they failed to read and comprehend what it was made to do and how to use the product to do what it's made to do.

    Always check on TV infomercials offers that will upgrade the Warranty to a Lifetime Warranty, and make sure you carefully read the Warranty. There are limitations, including the life of the warranty, if for example they provide a complete replacement. In that case, the Warranty might end in two years, because they've legally warrantied the original item and are now giving you a replacement that has a two-year warranty. Most folks fail to read or understand a lot of that.

    If you go into business for yourself, selling your own products, you'll suddenly understand and be offering the same kind of warranties. You can't give a lifetime warranty on the original AND every replacement, or you'll go broke, because people will find ways to break your products, and you'll often just have to Warranty them, because you have to assume normal wear and tear. Best of luck in your shopping and with your Shark products!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 3, 2017

    Purchased Shark Rotator NV680. The power button stuck after 2 months usage. I got around to mailing it back for a replacement a month later. It was a lot of trouble to package it up and mail it back but Shark told me it was my only option and they paid the postage. A new vacuum arrived and that one had a faulty motor which stopped working after 4.5 months. When I called Shark they will not give me a refund and want me to pay postage ($19.95) to send it back to be fixed. I don't want to send it back; I just want my money back because their products are junk and I can't keep sending them back every few months (at my expense). No one is able to be flexible in any way at Shark. This is a fraudulent company and I am a victim of it. I don't know where to take this but this is wrong. What can I do?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

    Shark Rotator Professional NV510 31 Model - I purchased this unit about 2 years ago and have not used it very much since I have a cleaning lady who brings her on supplies and vacuum. I got it out today to vacuum and the brush will not turn. Called Shark Clean and was told I would have to buy another brush attachment as this is not covered under warranty. I paid $249 for this piece of junk. Warranty does not state this part is now covered but customer service person said it was not covered. What a rip off.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

    Paid for express delivery of a new Shark Rocket vacuum, received the box on our front porch and brought it in about 10-15 minutes later. It felt very light, upon opening we found attachments and a roll of AMC Theater posters, no vacuum. I called the customer service but they were closed so I sent an email with pictures of the box. Called customer service the next morning and was treated like I lived in the slums. They will send out another vacuum but not refund my express delivery fee. Was told they didn't know what happened to the vacuum in the minutes it sat outside of my house.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 26, 2017

    In 2012 I upgraded my vacuum to the Shark Rotator Pro Lift Away and there were no shipping fees with this order. Since 2012 I have had the entire vacuum cleaner replaced more than once and the motorized floor nozzle replaced more than once and the dust cup replaced more than once. I have also had the flexible hose replaced as well. All these items were shipped without any shipping fees due to my extended 10 year transferable warranty that was on this product.

    However as of August 2017 I have been told that since I require yet another motor part due to the lack of suction again... I will have to pay $20.00 for the shipping cost of this warranted part. I asked why and customer service explained that this has always been a rule and that the other customer service agents were not doing their jobs by letting me have free shipping with my warranty parts. Therefore... for five years customer service agents were not doing their jobs? On principle alone I will not ever buy another Shark product again.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

    I am unhappy with the excuses this company gives for the lack of honoring the warranty. The vacuums are cheaply made and don't last. My vacuum has a manufacturer defect and they offered to sell me new power head for 119. 00. I will never be a Shark person again.

    Original review: July 27, 2017

    My belt continues to break. I have had to have repaired 6xs. every time is a problem. This time they tried to charge me 85.00 to fix. I told them I'd throw in the garbage so they said they will waive one more time. I said good because you are not standing behind your warranty of 5 years and next time it will hit the garbage. Worst vacuum cleaner I have ever had.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 26, 2017

    5 Year Warranty worthless - I just got off of the phone with Shark after being told by vacuum retailer that Shark doesn't allow warranty work done by others. The brush roll motor is dead and costs $100 for part, shipping and handling -- not really worth it on a $160 vacuum. The service person had a very "I don't really care, that's just the way it is" attitude. A most unpleasant experience so I will not replace either the brush roll nor the entire vacuum with a Shark. I wish I had read reviews on this site before purchasing.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 25, 2017

    I have tried multiple times to order from the Sharkclean.com website. They are currently offering deals on the website you cannot find in stores. My orders have gone cancelled without notification or as to a reason why. Not only did they cancel my order but they flagged my account to never allow me to purchase from the company website. I tried paying both through PayPal and with my credit card as well. The customer service would also not allow me to speak to anyone to clarify why the order was cancelled and to fix the issue. They said I am welcome to go purchase at a retailer but never from their site.

    I am a hard working person with a very stable job, no credit card debts, and an outstanding citizen yet they have treated me like a criminal for no reason and won't even communicate with me as to why or how to remedy the situation. I am very sad to have this experience as my family and I have used their products for years. I hope they do not continue to treat their customers so poorly and get these issues resolved as well as clean up their customer service to where they communicate properly and actually resolve issues.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 29, 2017

    I ordered the Shark Rotator power lift 3-in-one vacuum from QVC. This has to be one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I have no pets and only a few area rugs. The vacuum got so clogged after about 3 uses that it could no longer be used when the motor shut down. This was in spite of cleaning out the dust collector after each use. I called Shark and got a gal with an attitude that kept saying what a wonderful machine it is. After all her suggestions the machine still did not work. She suggested that I wash the filter but then said I would have to wait at least 45 minutes for it to dry before I tried to make the machine work again. This vacuum is going into the trash since I cannot plan on a refund because Shark does not stand behind their products. The next vacuum I can promise you will not be a Shark. Buyer beware, and stay away from Shark.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 27, 2017

    I had my husband, on my urging, purchase a SharkNinja Vacuum for Christmas 2016. By February 2017, I had been in countless phone conversations with unskilled customer service reps and their management just to get a replacement for the less than stellar product we got, it did not work at all. We then get a replacement, you have to do all the legwork by the way (they will not have their defective product picked up, you must take it to a FedEx).

    The replacement has now broken down 4 months later. I have reached out to this company again, going through all their "checks" on their list with their not too "with it" representatives and upon finding out I have to take the 2nd replacement back I will have to pay for the shipping of their 3rd replacement?! Really, for a product of yours that does not work, you again, penalize your customer and have the audacity to have them pay for a 3rd replacement of your faulty product. Shame on you. Save your money and get a Dyson, lifetime warranty and they stand behind their products and assist the customer,.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 29, 2017

    Purchased Shark Vacuum cleaner Professional approximately two years ago. The entire metal hose pipe connected to the container completely broke off. I've never been pleased with this vacuum cleaner since day one as it is difficult to maneuver around furniture and the cord is cumbersome to manipulate. This is definitely a manufacturer's defect and I should receive complete refund for the equipment. I purchase machine at a discount store and most likely can retrieve credit card receipt if necessary. Please let me know how to go about obtaining compensation for this worthless product! Pictures are available of the default!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 20, 2017

    I have called in the Shark three times for two weeks trying to get a replacement part and every time I called and they told me they don't find the order. So I reorder again and tell me it's going to be five days, and still no part has come in. I am going on my third week with still no part and every time I asked to be transferred to a manager they say one moment and hang up on me. Very poor customer service.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 12, 2017

    We bought the Shark Rotator NV500 on 02/2013. In October 2014, the power head quit working. We called and they sent us a new power head. It arrived in November 2014 and was installed on November 10, 2014. Now, a little over two years later the power head has once again quit working. At the time we got the new power head in November 2014, the person we talked with told us this would be the ONLY TIME they would replace it. I guess we are now stuck with a useless $300 ($200 for the Rotator, $60 for the dust eliminator pack & $46 shipping) unit that only has suction (which is now less than when new). I have put in a request for a replacement under the 5 year warranty, but based on the previous experience and comments from others, I am not holding my breath to get it. That is, unless I pay $84 plus S&H for it. I would not recommend this to company to anyone!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 2, 2017

    Spoke to customer service about my clogged Shark Ninja and they were able to diagnose that it was obstructed and offered to send me another of $50. I agreed and with shipping and tax it came to $79. BUT the caveat is that it is on backorder and will not arrive for 4 - 6 weeks. Not sure how a vacuum cleaner company can be out of a vacuum cleaner and it ships from Chino, CA. When I complained because one cannot live without a vacuum for 4 - 6 weeks, the rep said there is nothing she can do. Does not sound right to me, they could have offered another vacuum or a solution. Felt calling them was a waste of time.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 24, 2017

    I've had my Shark for 2 years. Last time I emptied it the dust cover fell off, the hinge broke. I am totally done with this company. If anyone from corporate reads this and can fix or replace. That would be great.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 18, 2017

    I purchased a Shark NV360 Lift-Away Navigator. It will not work on carpet with any amount of pile. On the carpet setting, as soon as I tilt the handle to start the roller it immediately gets stuck. There is no height adjustment and I have the suction release all the way open. I do not have any overly thick carpets. I have emailed with the company several times and they answered around my question... Telling me to check different parts that had nothing to do with the roller getting stuck. I finally called and was told by a CS Rep and a Supervisor. "I'm sorry it doesn't work but there's nothing we can do." The Supervisor told me I could buy a different Shark item but there would be no trade in value. Bottom line is I am out the money for the unit which does not work on carpet.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 10, 2017

    As a consumer I wasn't impressed by the Shark vacuum. The ad is misleading and would the promoter of this product even use it or the owner himself. Mark ** is the one who promotes it. When I started making my payments to Shark it went sour from the beginning and I've kept notes. I've filed a c/o with the BBB and Attorney General and I'm sending it back. All I can think of is that this company and the employees and the owner and the tv promotions really need the money to not care for its customers. Well SHAME ON YOU!?? What comes around goes around. Customers are the hold of any co. I will not buy or promote this or any Shark product. If enough people put the pressure on the co. It will belly up and maybe they will be investigated. I have my documentation and photos as well. I give this product an FF RATING.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 10, 2017

    This vacuum is a piece of **. I received this Shark Navigator Professional Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner as a birthday gift on July 5, 2016, and it is going in the trash today. The motor is going out and your website says it is the same price to just buy a new vacuum, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Your company markets itself on a bunch of lies. 'Never loses suction' my ass. 'Anti-allergen Complete Seal' **. I have had this vacuum for 10 months and it doesn't function the way it should. I will never recommend this vacuum to anyone. That is $200 in the drain...

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    Original review: April 8, 2017

    I have a Shark Rotator for less than its 5-year warranty. It stank from the get-go, but my husband went and bought it 'cause we had a tight budget. He's a disabled vet and we have limited income. (Otherwise I would have gone back to my life-long affair w/ Electrolux.) I was just vacuuming and it caught its own cord in the suction. I've had this happen many times growing up with my Mom's vacuum and others we owned before this big deal. I turn off the machine, pull out the cord... and it's frayed! The copper is showing! Of course I know I can't use it anymore! What the heck do we do? We can't afford another vacuum. I'd put a negative star up if I could. I hate this company.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 6, 2017

    To say this company was run by idiots would be an insult to idiots. Two weeks after ordering a Shark vacuum, I am still waiting for confirmation that it has been shipped from the warehouse. The Stepford people at customer service have no ability to do anything at all and half the time there isn't a supervisor to talk to and even if there is they are of no help. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! It is not worth the aggravation.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 31, 2017

    Bought a Navigator Lift-Away (NV350w) 08/2012. Light-weight, easy to use. Great on my hardwood floors and easy to switch between floors and carpet. I have three dogs, and it worked great sweeping-up the dog hair on the floors. Glad the steam mop was free with my purchase, as it is not something that I would pay for. The attached hose on the sweeper separated - using duct tape on it now, but still in service. Then purchased Rotator Powered Lift-Away (NV750w) in 10/2016. Extremely bulky and heavy, the on-off switch is temperamental at best. The bare floor setting (wood) does not pick-up anything, and I use a dust mop instead. Bigger is not always better. I'd prefer to have a new "old" model, than what I have now.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 30, 2017

    If you live in Canada, read this. I purchase the Shark Navigator from a retail store (Toronto). The vacuum cleaner worked fine however, the foam filter needed to be replaced due to the dog ripping it up while I was cleaning the unit. I placed an order March 6th with Shark, but got an email a few days later saying that the part was out of stock and would not be available till March 21st. I called again on March 30 and they said they had the items in stock and can ship...

    However, as they checked my account they realized that I was in Canada, and the Canadian warehouse is out of stock. They will not ship the product unless they can send it from the Canadian warehouse. They will not ship from the U.S. warehouse to a Canadian consumer. They told me that the Canadian Warehouse has to place the order and once the order is placed it will ship within 4-6 weeks to the warehouse. (Again, the Canadian warehouse will order when they wish, not based on my order alone so I could be waiting even longer - if they ever order it.)

    I asked them if they can ship from the US. warehouse to me, and they said no. I asked if I could speak to someone higher up the chain, but she said that the supervisor will tell me the same thing. If you buy a Shark product, it will probably work fine, but the company seems not to support Canadian consumers. Also this customer service experience has left me bitter about buying anything Shark related in the future. Don't be fooled.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 30, 2017

    I have owned a ninja NV22LC vacuum since 2009 and am generally pleased with it. The small hose on the base of the machine (which bends constantly when in use) eventually split. No problem (you'd think), but NO. They don't support their products with parts past the warranty period. Gosh, a good product is undermined by poor parts support. I won't buy the Shark again so I guess the bigger brands are, in the long term, more reliable.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 22, 2017

    I own a Shark Vacuum and have used it for a while. Everything was working OK until recently when I noticed the two little wheels under the head were bad. I tried to look up these wheels to replace them by the website, Amazon, and local vacuum dealers around my home town with no luck. I was wondering what the heck was going on. Two of the dealers told me that Shark was totally impossible to either deal with or get parts from. I called the main customer service number on their website and talked to someone named Richard and he told me that those little wheels were not available and never have been. That for me to have working wheels that I would have to buy a whole new control head, you know that thing that actually picks up the dirt and dust. I about flip out. So the moral of this story is "BE SMART, BUY SOMETHING ELSE".

    Original review: March 12, 2017

    I thought I had mad a good choice in buying a shark. However the roller bar is inaccessible unless you unscrew the entire bottom to remove all the hair. I am disappointed that I did not check this out closer at time of purchase and I can assure you I will never buy another one. Poor design with no way to completely clean the roller bar unless you take the entire bottom apart. Disappointed is an understatement.

    Original review: March 9, 2017

    Well I bought this vacuum and after 2 months it blew out. And supposedly it has a lifetime warranty so I had to send them my old unit. And the staff didn't send my new unit. Shark is full of crap. I will never buy a vacuum from them again. I'd rather use a broom than to use a Shark Vacuum???

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    Shark is a family business in its third generation of ownership. The company makes a diverse range of household products and appliances.

    • Lightweight design: Shark Navigator vacuums have lightweight designs that make cleaning easier.
    • Customer reviews: Customer reviews on the Shark website help potential buyers decide which models are right for them.
    • Available accessories: There are plenty of accessories that make Shark Navigator vacuums useful for cleaning vehicles, stairs, furniture and hard-to-reach surfaces.
    • Customer service: Shark has strong customer services that include a lengthy online FAQ, live chat and Web support.
    • VIP Warranties: Buyers can add five-year or lifetime warranties to their orders.
    • Best for: Shark's range of vacuum cleaners makes it an attractive option for homeowners, renters and drivers.
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