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Last updated: Feb. 13, 2018

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2018

I read every single negative thing written about Oreck Vacuums, I was homeless not long ago and with help got my own apt and a puppy. I started to notice at least 3 times a week a vacuum by the dumpster for trash. I decided to bring one home and fix it. I gave it to my neighbor. 3 years later and over 100 vacuums rescued fixed and given away, never once did I find an Oreck. I saw one at a thrift store for 20 dollars I bought it. It was the best vacuum I had ever used. I fell in love. It’s simple. It’s efficient. It’s lightweight and cleans my carpets well. That said I am now on my third Oreck because the other two had the motor burn out or the belts melt.

Now I could never afford a new Oreck and everything will fail if not taken care of. My latest one I’ve had three years. I built it from all the pieces of the old ones. I clean it every week and tighten the screws weekly and change the belt every 6 months. Oreck is a wonderful expensive delicate vacuum. But treat it right and you’ll own it forever. I only hope one day I can buy a brand new one.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 24, 2018

Bought an Oreck 15 years ago because I had 3 dogs and rugs and a lot of hair to clean up. And the advertisement was catchy. Their little handheld vacuum could pick up a bowling ball! Which, PS it DID NOT!!!! Always had a problem with it. I bought an Oreck because they were "highly recommended". Now, 20 years later, I work in an office which has an Oreck. Same story. The dust that comes out of the bag (which by the way, never stays connected to the hose). Same problem I had with mine. For the money, a very BAD DEAL!!! I cannot recommend another vacuum, as I do not have rugs anymore. I sweep and mop now! But recommend you do research because I know there are other vacuums out there that are a LOT CHEAPER and do a BETTER JOB!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2018

Called Oreck corporate office, they said since I serviced a Dyson vacuum they cannot do anything in the matter. How come they gave me repair bill under my Oreck stores? Strange & fishy. I already written to channel 11 let see their response. Folks beware of this ripoff store. I was ripped off by the Oreck store on FM 1960 & champions in Houston Texas. Based upon a free coupon I took my Dyson vacuum for servicing, the tech there said I needed a filter to be replaced which he quoted $ 49.99, I agreed, when I went to pick up the vacuum they charged me $ 79.99 saying the earlier price quoted was an error. I checked online & got a price of $ 20.39 for both the filters of the vacuum, please beware of this shop & the bunch of unprofessional people. They will rip you off.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2017

Ironman handheld vacuum that Oreck is no longer making. Bags are supposed to fit in their new vacuum that replaces Ironman - so we were told by Oreck store salesman. Vacuuming small area and bag completely blew apart inside the machine while vacuum was on, spewing debris through the rear fins of the vacuum and throughout the room. Bigger mess cleaning up Oreck mess than the actual mess I was vacuuming up. So NOT impressed with their bags.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2017

I purchased a $400 upright Oreck vacuum cleaner. It was a bagless upright model, the BU 10000, having a filter that supposedly only had to be rinsed and then reused. After using the vacuum cleaner for only a few months, it overheated and would turn itself off. It would not work again unless I replaced the supposedly rinseable filter with a new filter. No amt. of "rinsing" would make the filter function. Clearly, the filters were not rinseable, but had to be replaced, a difficult process to say the least. To make matters impossible, Oreck, realizing there was a problem, discontinued both the vacuum AND the filters, leaving me with an almost new vacuum that could not be used. It would not turn on without a new filter, now unavailable.

When I contacted Oreck, they offered to replace the cleaner with a comparable vacuum. What they sent was a cheap piece of garbage, that was not even worth the postage to send it. The piece of junk they sent DID NOT EVEN HAVE A HOSE - no way to clean in corners or under cushions, etc. It had no attachments, was hard and clunky to use, and the unadjustable brush scratched my hardwood floors, clearly not adjustable for different surfaces, and had very poor suction. The $400 vacuum I purchased had tools, was adjustable for different surfaces, had a hose, and was easily maneuverable, with good suction. The Oreck co. is a fraudulent sham of a co., that sells defective vacuums, steals consumers money, and thinks customers are stupid. Do not do business with this co., ever.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2017

Mine is great, where I had it served after 6-8 years. Told me that the UPDATED version was breaking down & clogging easily. I want another one for my Ohio house. Won't buy the UPDATED one. Now what do I do??

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 11, 2017

Oreck really is a joke! I received a vacuum for Christmas and started having problems with the brush motor the next year. I called in to customer care and explained that I didn't have a receipt. I was told after reading off the serial number that my vacuum was still under warranty and to take it to a local Oreck vendor. Weeks later I was told that they no longer carried the motor for my model??? I went back to the local vendor to find that now the main motor was making a funny noise and the associate had the nerve to say, "That shows you how much I know." I was told by customer care that I could get a replacement vacuum for an additional cost??? Then told by the local vendor that since I didn't have a receipt he would Not do anything for me. I called customer care back and asked for a manager to call me several times and Nobody ever returned my call. Oreck Is A Joke and I can't believe they treat their customers with such disrespect.

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Original review: Jan. 6, 2017

Oreck is a JOKE and will not honor their warranties! I bought an Oreck bagless upright vacuum two years ago. Since then this vacuum has been discontinued due to multiple problems. They claim it has a five year warranty. The motor on mine sparks when you run it. I took it to an authorized dealer and they sent it Oreck. My claim has been denied due to no longer making the vacuum and having any motors to fix it with. They will not replace the vacuum since I did not buy it from an "authorized retailer." My problem is a genuine Oreck vacuum that has been maintained very well.

Who cares who I bought it from. It was brand new still in the box and I assembled it. If you buy a Ruger gun and something goes wrong they pay for shipping and handling both ways, fix your gun free of charge. If you buy a Shark vacuum and have a problem with it they replace it free of charge no questions asked. This vacuum was a flop to begin with. If this was a reputable company they should replace it for the consumer. I did not pay almost 300.00 for a company to refuse to honor the warranty. Yes I do have the receipt with original date of purchase.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2016

Do not waste your time dealing with this company. I purchased a Miele upright vacuum for over $500 from a local dealer. After several trips taking it back for various reasons, it still doesn't work and since it's out of warranty, they want to charge me $150 to fix it. There are several other machines out there for much less that will do a much better job!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 24, 2015

Oreck Magnesium - Black rubber bumper left black scuff marks on my white baseboards. New corporate ownership could not have cared less. Cannot recommend this product. Note newer models now have a white bumper! Replaced Oreck with a Dyson, and am happy with it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 10, 2015

Oreck XL auto vacuum. The filter is torn. I emailed Oreck and was told they do not carry a replacement filter. They still sell this product and it's also sold on Amazon. All I requested was a part number to purchase a new filter. It's no more than a paper type dust bag. Later customer service told me to go to a Oreck dealer as this model is discontinued, but the Oreck site still sells this model. It's only a year old. My email to Oreck was why sell a product when you can't buy a Filter Dust Bag?

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Original review: Feb. 24, 2013

Oreck XL Silver Vacuum - I purchased this item online direct from Oreck. I used the item for one year, at which time I observed that the original bag was not even half full. I took the item to an Oreck service center for an annual servicing and was told the vacuum was working as designed. After reviewing a recommendation from Consumer Reports re: the Bissell Helix vacuum, I bought one and was amazed how much dust it sucked from the carpets. After one cleaning it almost filled up dust collector. I would never recommend the Oreck vacuum. It is a useless piece of equipment. Also the Bissell vacuum was less expensive than the Oreck.

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2010

I purchased the Oreck Platinum XL with a special 20% discount offer. My order form stated $508.75, but my credit card was charged $635.95. Oreck customer service stated the 20% was not credited and they would credit my account . After waiting the 10 days, this credit is still not being handled by Oreck.

This complaint is not so much about the credit due as it is how this company handles their business. The customer service agent stated that she was about as far as I was going to get with my complaint and would not supply the name of any manager. Beware of this company. They are quick to take your money and slow to refund. If you return the vacuum, a refund will take 30 days.

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Original review: April 19, 2010

Own an Oreck vacuum cleaner, will never buy another one. The docking station for the bag does not stay on the vacuum. Bag comes off inside and then dirt is all inside the docking station. Don't waste your time telling the customer service they just want you to purchase another one. Please save your money and buy some other vacuum cleaner.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2010

My wife purchased an Oreck XL Vacuum. At first it seemed to perform well, but after about one year it began to fall apart. It is mainly built from cheap plastic, and has no wheels. So, the sled it slides on is made to wear out. You can only get bags and belts at the Oreck store or by ordering them. I would not tell anyone to buy this garbage.

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Original review: Dec. 22, 2009

I ordered a new commercial vacuum from Oreck. They didn't tell me that I couldn't find any vac. belts for it. This is not right. The people at the Oreck store told me that they didn't know when or where I could find any. The lady at the Oreck store has lost four families' business. I own a janitorial company and I was trying out the Oreck commercial vac. It works great except it burns the belts up so fast. So I thought that you should know that you have a very upset customer. I don't know if I will ever buy another Oreck vac. Thank you.

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Original review: March 24, 2009

I bought an Oreck Air Purifier and Oreck Vacuum in November 2008 while attending a trade show. I received the Air Purifier in a timely fashion, but did not receive the vacuum as promised. I was then told the model I ordered was discontinued and that it could be replaced at a higher cost, with a new version of the original. I didn't think the value was good, so I cancelled the vacuum order all together. Oreck STILL shipped the item anyway in January 2009 and debited my bank account for the total amount.

I called customer service to complain and to return the unwanted item, and they agreed to send a call tag for the return of the vacuum and agreed to credit my account for the amount charged. The call tag came within a week and the item was shipped back to Oreck. It is now March 24, 2009 and I still have NOT received my refund for the charge against my bank account, and Oreck seems to have conveniently LOST all of my ordering information so they are claiming they cannot give me my refund. I have been back and forth in emails with excuse after excuse, and no one cares to help me with this matter and nothing has been resolved. Anyone who orders and returns merchandise should be given a prompt refund as a company promises without having to go through this kind of aggravation to get a refund.

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Original review: March 6, 2009

I just want to say that I think it's funny that people that have a problem always make their voices heard but people that are pleased don't. I want to change that. I purchased my first Oreck vac in 1999 and still have the original machine. I don't use it as a shop vac but as a vacuum cleaner. I don't pick up toys or screws or leftover dinner and it has NEVER let me down. I also own the Orbiter and 4 Air Purifiers. If you follow the directions and take care of these machines the way that they are supposed to be taken care of, you will be very pleased. I think it's funny that there are people that think that you never have to do anything to maintain a machine and yet when it breaks, somehow it's the machine's fault. Must be like prison, everyone inside is innocent.

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Original review: Jan. 21, 2009

Over the past many years, I have been thoroughly pleased with the Oreck vacuum products and would like to give you a chance to answer my problems with my Oreck XL21 vacuum cleaner. I have used Oreck vacuum cleaners in my professional offices with complete satisfaction for as long as I can remember. The Oreck vacuum cleaners have been a staple also in my homes over the past many years. About 2 1/2 years ago, we purchased an Oreck XL 21 vacuum cleaner for our home at ORECK CLEAN HOME CENTER, 151 W. MINERAL SUITE #113 LITTLETON, CO 80120 to replace an older Oreck model and on the flat carpets we had, it worked perfectly; also on the wood flooring.

This past summer, we replaced our flat carpets throughout the house with shag carpeting and our satisfaction immediately and completely ceased. The effortless and easy self-propelling/gliding XL21 over the shag carpeting immediately turned into a terrible chore. With my wife and I, both having the beginnings of arthritis in our arms and wrists, it was almost impossible to push the Oreck XL21 across the shag carpet.

I took the vacuum back to my Oreck store and was told, "We are having many complaints of the same problem since shag carpets have become popular. Our solution is to take out several tufts from the roller so the vacuum cleaner doesn't drag across the carpet. (?)" We had that procedure done, without much improvement, if any at all. So, we brought our XL21 back to the store and were told, "Let's take out more tufts. Oreck is coming out with a solution to attach to the bottom of the vacuum sometime soon which will stop this problem."

Thus, we had more tufts removed, which decreased the efficiency of the vacuum and did not rectify the original problem. A month later, we picked up the new part (?) to attach to the bottom of the vacuum which was supposed to rectify the shag rug problem. This plastic shim raised the vacuum and roller slightly from the surface of the carpet and basically slid the vacuum across the shag carpet... literally eliminating any cleaning efficiency by either the vacuum suction or the beating of the carpet by the roller tufts... even when we bought a new roller for $39.95.

On this date, I went back to the Oreck store for replacement bags (CCPK80F); $39.99 plus tax for 8 bags... for a vacuum cleaner that does not work as advertised. This is kind of sick since I can go online and purchase the exact same bags for $28.95; and the roller for $29.95. While I was at the Oreck store, I brought up the original problem of the XL21 not working on shag carpet and was told, "The only way you can solve this problem is to purchase another Oreck (which was demonstrated to me) which was made specifically to address this problem. But, if you have wood floors (which we still have), this new Oreck will not work on bare floors or non-shag carpets so you will need 2 vacuums, one for the shag carpet and one for the regular carpet (which we still have in the basement) and your wood floors." Is this your new bait and switch scam?

As you can tell, I am completely dissatisfied with the function of the XL21 product, the so-called solutions to solve the problem which now include the salesperson's pitch to sell another vacuum cleaner, and the exorbitant pricing of replacement parts and vacuum bags, which I can find cheaper. If I cannot get a response that will satisfactorily clear up my existing problems as stated in this letter, I will no longer be an Oreck customer and will look forward to seeing my complaint aired over the Internet. A company as well respected as yours, specifically being in the business of vacuum cleaning all types of carpets and flooring should not be fleecing the public with products that do not work as advertised.

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11 people found this review helpful
Original review: Dec. 10, 2008 About 10 months ago, I purchased a vacuum cleaner from Oreck on their 12 month 0% payment plan. The vacuum cleaner's great. But after a few months, something strange began to happen. On the regular billing date, the 7th of the month, they made an authorization on my Visa account for the regular $33.80 monthly payment. Fine. But then, on the 9th, they made an identical authorization. The second was the one they processed. This left $33.80 on my Visa debit account pending and unavailable to me until it simply dropped off. They have been doing this ever since. In other words, in order to pay Oreck the $33.80 I owe them monthly, I have to provide them with access to $67.60 half of which they seem to feel entitled to tie up in a pointless pending authorization. I have four other recurring monthly payments - two of which are for larger amounts - and they all use my card information once a month. Now that makes sense to me. The Oreck system just makes no sense at all. Frankly, it seems to me that they are messing around with Visa information that I only want them to use once a month and with funds that aren't theirs at all. I have contacted their Customer Service people several times. Twice the representatives seemed unable to comprehend my complaint altogether. The third time, I did get something of a response in the form of, We discourage debit cards. Well, I discourage rhubarb pie. So what? I couldn't care less what the Oreck Corporation discourages or encourages in regard to anything at all. I know that hotels and rental car agencies routinely place large authorizations on customers' accounts. But a vaccuum cleaner company?
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Original review: Dec. 9, 2008 I purchased an XL vacuum cleaner in 2004 and it stopped working and the motor was smoking. I contacted Oreck and they replaced it in 2006 under the 2 year warranty. The replacement worked for a while, but a month ago it started smoking and caught fire. They will not replace it or repair it because the warranty is for 2 years only based on the FIRST purchase. So I'm stuck with this piece of junk that I paid almost $400.oo for. I also bought 2 so called air purifiers which have never worked and they won't replace or repair them.
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Original review: Nov. 30, 2008 I don't know about their air purifiers but I purchased an intellasheild xl upright vacuum cleaner from Oreck and paid a little over $500.00 for the vacuum and's the biggest piece of crap. I had a dirt devil I paid around $50.00 for that worked 10 times better than this Oreck.
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Original review: Dec. 29, 2007

I received a certification with my vacuum entitling me to 5 free tune-ups, one per year. After having 2 tunes-ups completed (the first was one year and one month after my purchase date, the second was 2 years and 2 months after my purchase date), they informed me that since I was bringing it in four months after my purchase date, that I forfeited a year. However, I was still within the calendar year of the third year, and it did not say that on the certificate. Three Customer Service employees would not admit that there was an error made, but all said that even though it did not say the tune-ups needed to be completely within a year of the purchase date, that is what it meant. All three were sarcastic and rude. My Oreck vacuum is average in its performance and certainly not what the company claims it to be. I will never buy another one and will never recommend one.

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Original review: Oct. 4, 2007

I purchased an Oreck XL 21 silver Titanium off of the TV on 6/2/07. It was 749.00 with a 21 year warranty. When I took it to the service center above and went to retrieve my vacuum I immediately noticed that it wasn't my vacuum. It was very obvious to me that it had been switched to one that looked like it ran into a lot of furniture-- mine was practically brand new. Paul Hill told me that that was impossible because the serial number was imbedded in the machine and he could'nt have switched it.

When I looked closer at the place where the serial number on the machine was, it was nothing more than a silver sticker that was easily removable and it could have easily been able to be switched to another machine. I found out that Oreck does not have imbedded serial numbers . Because all of his paper trail records were in order as of this point ORECK customer care is not believing me that this man switched my machine.

To make matters more complicated I found my exact model on a JC Penney site-- look under vacuum cleaners and ORECK will pop up and my exact model is there but it is a Silver Titanium model and according to one customer rep that was the 600 series not the 700 series which according to them I received.

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Original review: Sept. 20, 2007

Bought vacuum and tried using it, it did not pick up as it should. I e-mailed the company, I called the company. They just say, "Take it to one of our stores," which means I would pay to have it looked at, even with guarantee. They also told me to take certain parts off and check them. I hate this vacuum. I tell everyone not to buy one.

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Original review: Aug. 10, 2007

REF: refusal to stand behind manufactured product. My wife and I are on our 2nd Oreck Vacuum machine purchased here in Honolulu. The first one functioned pretty well and we had no real complaints. The second one, however, has been a problem from the start. When we first began using the machine it seemed very heavy and hard to push. We took it to the dealer and were told there was nothing wrong with it, it must be our carpet. So we took it home and tried again. I called and questioned the dealer again and was told the carpet must have a high humidity and that is making the machine hard to push. So for nearly 2 years we have struggled with the lightweight easy-to-use Oreck and felt more and more that we should have returned it right away.

A few weeks ago we had the occasion to take the machine in to get a bag replacement and the technicians did something to the machine and when we brought it home it worked unbelievably well! But, within 2 weeks it was back to the old push problems. Again we are told it is working properly. It appears that the unit is not functioning with the belt properly. The wooden roller has scorched and turned black on one end and the machine simply does not perform well at all.

I am aware that we did not purchase this machine from your factory. Instead we purchased it from your authorized dealer. Nowhere in your advertising do you advise clients to purchase from the factory in order to receive satisfactory customer service. But that is the latest reason given us for your representative refusing to make good on your product.

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Original review: Feb. 11, 2007

I bought my Oreck Vacuum Cleaner in May of 1999. It was a model XL-2100 Blue Base Commercial at a cost of $429.90. For over $400.00, I would expect the vacuum to at least do a minimally efficient job. The Oreck may be able to pick up a bowling ball, but what good is it if it can't even pick up a pill of fabric or a dust bunny from the carpet? When I've brought it in for service the last couple of times, a very snotty woman told me that I just had to have regular maintenance and replace the belts. I've done this each of the last two years and am still experiencing the same problems.

Oreck has a real racket going on. You pay over $400 for the vacuum, a package of bags costs $18, and then they want to charge you $50 a year for maintenance. It seems that the only people who benefited from this sale are the Oreck dealers themselves. For that kind of expenditure, I should at least be happy with the product. You can be certain that I will never buy another Oreck, and I will discourage my friends and associates from buying one also.

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Original review: Feb. 11, 2007

We moved out to end of the earth Montana. After years of hearing how wonderful their vacuums are, I decided to buy one. It finally arrived and I could not wait to use it. I worked great for about a month and then it was downhill all the way. I had to wait to the one year anniversary to take it to my LOCAL dealer 250 MILES AWAY, when I brought it home it worked even WORSE than when I took it to the shop. I have not received any assistance from Oreck even though it is still under warranty. Don't buy an Oreck. They need to be X'd out.

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Original review: Nov. 7, 2006

In 2002, I bought a XL 3600 vaccum cleaner from Oreck. Page 3 of their warranty says 10 years on housing, 3 years on all else. Page 4 has a diagram with each part pointed out with an arrow and numbered. #14 points to exactly the part on my vacuum cleaner that is cracked in several places, and states Fan housing. Moreover in their own diagram there is NO other part labeled housing. I called Oreck and they told me it was covered under warranty and to take it to the closest Oreck store. I did. It is 20 miles away. They refused to honor the warranty.

So I returned home and called Oreck again. This time they refused too. I spoke to a Supervisor of customer service at Oreck: Dean, ID#1668. He refused to replace it under warranty stating the fan housing is not part of the housing, it is part of the motor. It is not part of the motor. It is a plastic tube, and moreover it is the only part with the word housing in their own description! He still refused. Days before all this, my daughter just asked me which vacuum cleaner she should buy. I told her Oreck. I just called her and said don't ever buy an Oreck.

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Original review: July 5, 2005

I ordered my second Oreck in November of 2004 to be sent to a new address. When I called to see why I had not received my vacuum, I was informed they shipped one to my old address (had not lived there for several months at time of new order). I was sent a new unit and told that they would put a trace on the other unit and I would not be responsible. I have since received three past due notices and threats to sent it to collections! I have a spotless credit rating and this is harassment by the Oreck Corporation. I have sent them another letter today stating that if I do not get a written reply taking this off my account by August 1, I will lodge complaints with the BBB and go to my local TV consumer advocate group. But I found this site and decided not to wait.

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