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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I am 55 years old. I remember when this great company used to make a great product. In the past twenty or more years they create and produce **. Nothing works longer than a few times, they should be ashamed of their horrible products. I have three dead soldier rug cleaners and two vacuums. I refuse my adult kids even look at anything they produce. We should all get a major consumer law suit against these thieves, maybe if they have a couple of million people go to court and sue these bastards for selling products that only work a couple of times and fail. They should be accountable!! DON'T BUY HOOVER!!!

Windtunnel3 Pro Pet - In less than two uses after purchased the belt failed to turn the brush agitator shaft. Ordered new belts, still fails to work. This is the worst vacuum I have ever bought. Never again will I buy a Hoover.

Purchased a Hoover Power Scrub Carpet cleaner on 12/07/2015. Model FH50150, Machine has been used 1.4 times (carpet cleaning) worked okay. Months later started cleaning a chair and the machine stopped ten minutes after turning on. Would not turn back on. Called Hoover's customer service line and was told to take my machine to a service center in Woodbridge, VA. Took the machine there and was contacted within three days on the status of the machine. The motor and the water turbine (sp) both stopped working.

Called the service center was on hold for 20 minutes, no one answered. I decided to try the web chat. I reached them and was told this was a warranty issue and they could not replace the machine until the warranty review phase was completed. I asked how long this would take and was told, 3 to 6 weeks and they would be repairing the machine, not replacing it. I also noticed when in the service center there were at least three more of the same machines in for repair. A motor and a water turbine (sp) both failing with 6 months of purchase sounds like a "lemon".

I bought a Hoover® SteamScrub™ 2-in-1 from hoover.com almost a month ago. They sent me a damaged product and it was in really bad condition too. I called them and they asked me to send the photos of damaged product. I didn't get any reply for 2-3 days after sending those photos. I contacted again and they asked me to cut the wire of the product and remove the label and they told me that they will ship the replacement. I did the same and send the photos again. Again no reply and sent so many follow-up emails. It's almost a month and still I didn't get any replacement, no reply, no refund and can't use the product the one I received. It was a totally rip-off. I never had this kind of bad customer experience in my life.

Bought my mom a Hoover nano cyclonic vacuum and on second day use the belt burned. It overheats and I do not, DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!

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My vacuum stopped working and I needed to talk to customer service. They Literally never answer the phone. I called and recalled and left the phone on speaker for hours at a time for 2 days. Never did they answer. The number was correct they do not stand behind product or service. I also emailed them and still no reply.

This vacuum is awful. It is very heavy and hard to lift. It does not work well on hard floors. Vacuuming a staircase is almost impossible. The attachments do not stay on while in use. To empty it is not easy and to put back together is time-consuming. I have to empty it before I finish using it in my upstairs only. If something small gets ducked up, I have to get a wire hanger and dug it out because you can't take it apart. Not to mention it's not cheap. It's the worse I have ever used.

This is the worst product I have ever bought in my life. It doesn't work, doesn't suck and I have wasted my money for buying a piece of rubbish. The salesperson said this is the best product in the market and I don't think I will trust this company anymore. BAD DESIGN!!!

My son punched me an Hoover vacuum cleaner. I just took it out of the box to use it and plugged it up. I decided to use it on the rug to vacuum the carpet but noticed some smoke coming from the left hand or bottom where a gray piece is located from inside of the hole.

Hoover WindTunnel - The pulley that runs the belt burns up and smokes. Also it left burnt rubber on my carpet. Hoover replaced it once and it did it again. This is not safe. Don't buy this vacuum, it could start a fire.

This is the worst product of any kind that I have ever bought from anyone. The belt broke within the first two weeks, and I have replaced it three times total in less than a year. But that really doesn't matter because it does not get suction when using it in normal mode. Detaching the hose and using the hand cleaner does get suction, but that is no way to vacuum an entire room.

Bought a Hoover WindTunnel air bagless upright mid Dec 2015 and have to dump in the trash after 3 months. I would never recommend anybody to buy Hoover products again. When starting the vacuum, the fire would start from the lower end of the suction hose. I would not use it again as it is just a crap. The tech guy and the repair store guy was telling that they had lots of complaints about Hoover. Stay away from Hoover. Save your money.

Was advised to buy a new vacuum by store that we purchased flooring for a new home. Our carpeting is Mohawk and was advised to check their website to choose a machine that was user friendly to carpet. Unfortunately we picked Hoover due to their longevity and reputation. As the other reviews state it shuts off after 1 and 1/2 rooms. The setting was on its highest. This Hoover wind tunnel 3 machine was not even 5 months old. I'm putting in trash and going back to our 25 year old Royal Classic.

I purchased a Hoover WindTunnel Pet vacuum early November. It hasn't worked well from the very first time I used it. I've tried calling multiple times but seems I work the same hours customer service is open. They are not available on weekends. I had the day off yesterday so I called. Being on hold for 25 minutes before being able to speak to someone was ridiculous! My vacuum only runs 10 minutes at a time then shuts off automatically. 10 minutes!!! I'm not able to vacuum my entire living area.

They stated the vacuum has a automatic shutdown so it's not allowed to overheat. Okay, I get that but 10 minutes of use only. Obviously there's a problem making it too easy to overheat. Offered me nothing! No replacement vacuum. No new filters. NOTHING! Said to check the hoses & filters. DUH! This has been a problem since day 1. Said I could take it to a repairman (an hour away) but he would tell me the same thing!! NEVER will I buy a HOOVER vacuum again.

First machine - I used it 3 times. Initially, it was leaking water already and the lever to keep it upright was broke so the machine wouldn't stand up. I fixed that part but not the slow leak from the water tank. So back to my 3rd time cleaning, it made a bizarre sound like when the belt breaks in a vacuum cleaner so when I took the bottom off belt was fine but the metal post that it rolls around on, it's surrounding plastic and it had spun into itself and was completely melted and in the wrong spot. I only live in a small apartment, and I vacuumed before I cleaned. So it was gone for at least 5 weeks and when I go pick it up he tells me he told them to give me a new for a fresh start. Got one cleaning done. Cleaned it out with water like I normally do, you just pour a cup or 2 of water on the kitchen floor and let it suck it and it is suppose to keep it in good shape.

So got to use it about 3 weeks later, turn it on and the engine tries to start and just shut off, dead. Lovely, I just got it back. Now it's going to be about 6 months into my warranty and I've been able to use it 4 times and it's going to be gone again another 6 weeks. Take it in. Guy calls me the next day and said they "kicked it back" denied it. "Why?" I asked. He says "I don't know" so I got no callback yesterday. When you call them the recording asks you if you'd rather have a callback then wait on hold. I had already waited 30 minutes. So no callback yesterday. So called again. Took too long again so requested another callback and I'm waiting.

DO NOT BUY THIS CARPET CLEANER. TOO SMALL AND FRAGILE. Can't handle being rolled to the next room. It might break, so you better carry it! ACTUALLY DON'T BUY FROM HOOVER. Can't believe I spent over $100 on a machine that states has a year warranty, and I'm being denied my warranty with no reason.

Motor went out after 5 months. Called the company, they said to take it to a Hoover repair shop, we did. It's over a month now and it still is not fixed. The company that we took it to said Hoover still has not sent a new motor to them. And Hoover has nothing but excuses when they call them. Will never buy another Hoover product!!!

Was very excited when I bought his vacuum. For around $300 this vacuum is a complete joke as is their customer service. I have a small 950sq ft condo and this vacuum broke twice now. I bought it right before moving in here which is exactly a year now. The brush head has broken off twice now and again I don't have a lot to vacuum. Before that I've had issues with the batteries staying connected to the vacuum. Any little bump like you hit into a table, it will shut the vacuum. As for their customer service, they replaced the brush head for me once but they were very rude and acted like they were doing me a favor since that piece was not under warranty. Less than a year and they gave me a problem about replacing a horribly made major piece of this machine. Even before any issues, this vacuum is very weak!

I'm 40 and have had a bunch of vacuums. This was by far the most expensive and the absolute worst I've ever had. I don't even have a dog. I was going to call and try to get another part replacement but I think the same will happen. So after one year and $300, I'm just going to chuck it out or try to return it. Anyone in the market please read this. Horrible warranty, no suction, bad customer service and made out of plastic and glue. If I could share a picture I would. DO NOT BUY THIS VACUUM!

So a year after buying this vacuum I now have to buy another one tomorrow... Thank you Hoover! Never again! This is a defective vacuum. They can send me a third replacement brush head which they haven't offered yet but same thing will keep happened. Had to go out and buy another vacuum to replace a very expensive vacuum that lasted less than a year in a tiny condo! They should recall this vacuum. A lot of the complaints I've read are the same or worse!

Tried to order parts for my machine. After delivery of two different order for the same part, neither one will fit the machine. I provided the make and model and still got the wrong part. Received a phone call today and was informed that because the machine is RM they cannot provide parts for this type of machine. So stuck with a Hoover that is junk that I purchase at a Hoover dealer. Never again will I purchase from this manufacturer.

I purchased an ~$200 carpet shampooer & after 4 months the motor stopped working. I contacted Hoover & they told me where to take it for repairs, as it was still under warranty. It has been 30 days now & I still haven't gotten it repaired (parts not shipped). The store told me that they also have 6 other Hoover machines waiting on parts. I was told by repair shop that since they sold to Hong Kong China do not expect repairs to be done quickly, as they are very slow to ship parts. I will never buy another Hoover product!!!

I purchased a Hoover Air Cordless 1 year ago that had a 5-year warranty. The vacuum stopped working and I contacted Hoover. After following all the necessary steps to obtain a replacement vac, I am still waiting on my vacuum to arrive. It's been nearly a month since my complaint was filed. The last time I spoke with a "supervisor", I was told the replacement would be shipped via FedEx 2nd day delivery. They lied. They shipped it regular FedEx Ground which meant ANOTHER week. They want you to buy their vacs, but when it's time to honor a warranty, they really drag their feet! Never again! Not this girl!

Windtunnel Canister vacuum - Only 5 months old and beater bar not working. Very dissatisfied with this product. Very difficult to remove or adjust parts, cleaning of bagless is messy and clogs often, hepa filters and belts (which are identified by bloggers as early breakage) not covered under warranty and $25+ dollars each. Item tips over around corners which often unplugs unit. Storage -- item takes more storage room than traditional uprights! I didn't use this very often as my go to vacuum was an older dirt devil, or I would and should have returned to store for refund @ $179+.

Well to start cannot find belts anywhere for my steam cleaner, about to go get another cleaner because mine, the belt has been broken for 3 months. I clean my carpets weekly, so I'm dying here!!! Ordered 5 belts different and still have not gotten the right belt. With all these belts and shipping I could have already bought another so don't waste your money... Finding your parts suck.

I bought a Hoover SteamVac from the Hoover outlet store online. It's a refurbished model. When it arrived it was missing the spin scrub power attachment. The advertising pictures show a woman using the carpet cleaning. The attachment is clearly visible and the description clearly stated spin scrub brushes and attachments are included. They used false advertising to get you to buy it. They refuse to send me the attachment. But they'd be happy to SELL it to me! You've got to be kidding me! I can't believe the absolutely crud customer service I received! Please do not shop the outlet store! I'm so mad I will never buy another Hoover product as long as I live.

I bought a Hoover windtunnel bagless vacuum cleaner. Within a month the brush motor stop working. Within 3 months, the motor was systematically overheating after 30 minutes of use, shutting down the vacuum for a couple of hours at a time. When visiting our neighborhood electronics disposal facilities lately, I've seen a "brand new" Hoover vacuum just like mine in the garbage bin. This is probably the worst product that I bought in years.

This is an awful vacuum. It is UNreliable and incredibly inefficient. You have to empty the dusty canister every time you use it and clean the filter every couple of times you use it or it doesn't have enough suction to pull even light things out of the carpet or off of the floor. It shuts off after only a couple of minutes of use due to the motor overheating and it takes an hour before it will start again. It automatically does that and there's nothing you can do about it.

Hoover sent me to a vacuum repair store called Starks Vacuum Repair and they confirmed that the vacuum is a complete piece of garbage. They recommended getting a bag vacuum because they work better. They said they could take the motor apart under the warranty but I realized that this vacuum would always be more hassle than it was worth. A couple more things: The canister is a dusty, dirty affair to empty with a dust dispersion -- goes everywhere and you have to replace a $25 filter twice a year as well. Can you say RIP-OFF? Yeah, that's what this vacuum is. Get a vacuum with a bagged system instead. They are way better.

I purchased a new carpet cleaner around March 2015 and the brushes stopped spinning twice. The first time I took it for the repair the wait time was not that bad. But the second time I took it, it was there for a whole month and the repair store had not yet received the part they ordered. I contacted Hoover and was told from a representative that I would get a replacement product in 5-7 days to the repair store. 7 days later I called the store and nothing. I called Hoover and they can't find anything of what I mention or replacement product. This is so frustrating. Never had a Hoover product. Now I know never to get one again.

I bought a Hoover Curve (1400w TCU-1410-001) in Nov 13 for my caravan as it was small and easily stored. I have used it very occasionally and strictly in accordance with instructions. Recently it overheated and made a strange noise, even without filters. As outside guarantee there was no interest from the service number (which was outsource). I concluded it is poorly engineered and not really of merchantable quality.

I'm a cleaner for a private company & as I was using the Hoover Spirit to clean beneath the settee it toppled due to its lightness striking me on the head & ripping out my hair from the brushes which still rotate whilst on tool mode. Because my face was pulled so close to the machine I couldn't see the off switch and the friction caused a burning smell as my hair was trapped in the fast spinning brushes. It was a freak accident but it left me shaken & having to get 4 inches cut from my hair which is long. Perhaps the design could be altered to prevent the Hoover working in upright mode whilst using the hose & tool attachment.

Hoover Air Lite. Everything I want in a vacuum but the brushes quit after 6 or 7 minutes of use. Hoover service told me to take it to a service agent near my home for repair or return. He said it quits because it is clogged with dust. Pardon me --I clean my vacuum according to manufacturer directions, and that is not enough? He wanted to charge me to clean my machine -- not repair it! I have used Hoovers for decades -- but this one is unreliable, and there is no remedy. The real shame is that the vacuum is easy to use and very powerful for the 6-7 minutes that it actually works. I will replace this appliance this week, but I will not consider buying another Hoover.

After only about 9 months of using this vacuum (Windtunnel), the brush motor failed. I took the vacuum apart and confirmed power to the motor so the motor is dead. Vacuum cleaners should last longer in a normal household than 9 months.

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Hoover is a large manufacturing company that has been making vacuum cleaners since 1908. The American segment of the company was owned by the Whirlpool Corporation until 2006.

  • Free shipping: All vacuums sold through Hoover's website include free shipping.
  • Diverse designs: Hoover has a range of designs, including upright, canister and stick vacuum options.
  • Affordable prices: Most Hoover vacuum cleaners cost less than 500 dollars.
  • Numerous attachments: Consumers who purchase Hoover vacuums can expect numerous attachments that help them clean upholstery, vehicles and stairs.
  • Best for Hoover makes durable vacuums that homeowners, renters, landlords and drivers should find useful.

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