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We purchased a John Deere JS45A Mowmentum 5 years ago for $550.00. Within first 3 years, we have replaced bag, drive cable, handle attacher, and side chute. Today, the Baggage Chute Assembly shattered. It is a $175.00 part. It is plastic and screws!! The machine is nothing but plastic garbage. After talking with to John Deere Customer Relation Representatives today, they confirmed that they are unable to assist or stand behind their product. They are a big company name with zero customer care. John Deere product is junk and their customer support department is so so sad. Solution: We just bought a brand new Toro for 350.00. We kept our last Toro for 9 years, only changing oil and sharpening mower blades seasonally. It was a great machine. Wish I would have just kept it.

Delivered my new XUV 590i Gator 2 days ago. Swapped my new Gator 625I back in to the dealer that I only had for 3 weeks. The 625i lacked the light kits, power steering, and it was way too noisy. Dealer allowed me exactly what I had paid for the 625i. Tested the 590i and liked everything about it. Little smaller than the 625, power steering is great, helluva lot less noisy, goes 48 MPH, fancy wheels and tires, and has all of the deluxe turn/stop/tail lights.

I did read in another XUV 590i post that their 590i had a sort of growling noise upon deceleration when near a stop. This one does the same thing. Probably just a function of the drive train. Also noticed that the engine RPM's on this machine are quite high. Appears to run upwards of 5000 RPM on the road and in the upper 3000 RPM range around the property. Just seems a bit high... We love the flip-out windshield too. My only issue is the access to the engine and components. Really tight. Oil changes might be somewhat tough as you have to crawl under the machine to access the filter and drain plug. Fortunately I am not heavy so I do fit under it okay. Probably use ramps to raise it though. So far we are pleased with the unit. Will post another follow-up after we have used the 590i for a few weeks.

I bought a John Deere x 304 lawnmower from a John Deere dealer under the impression that it was built in the US. To my belief most of the parts are made in China. The pulleys on the drive are made of plastic. You can on replacing them after 50 hours at the cost around 70 dollars. What a surprise - just for the parts I should have a different brand for half the cost. I thought paying more money for a commercial mower would be built better. I guess the joke was on me. I would not recommend this mower for the price. Go to your local home improvement center and save your money.

John Deere paid for the fix after going to the better business bureau.

Original Review

I bought a D105 mower in May 2014 for my disabled mother and father. In May the warranty ran out. One month later and only 30 hours on the mower and the transmission broke. They said because dirt was inside of it. The Five Points John Deere service dealership in Hillsboro said they had four others with the same issue. Sounds like a manufacturing issue if dirt can get in there and break the transmission. I called John Deere and was told sorry we can't help you. It's out of warranty. I am completely dissatisfied with John Deere and will never buy one again. Will also spread the word on social media. John Deere needs to make this right. My case # is **. I bought a John Deere because I heard they were the best. This is not the case and the way the customer service supervisor spoke to me in unacceptable.

Bought a John Deere D105 mower from Home Depot. After just 31.4 hours the transmission stuck in reverse. Upon investigation I found that this was a well-known problem and took it to a John Deere dealer for service. I was advised that John Deere would not cover the repair because it was one month out of the warranty period. So, after spending over $1500.00 to purchase it I now have spent another $400.00 plus to fix a defective transmission that John Deere knew was a problem and continue to sell it. Poor product and poor customer service. I am done with John Deere.

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D105 Riding mower - Bought a new yellow and green made in America riding mower and paid 1500+ dollars and just over a year and 25+ hrs the transmission failed. Now at 3 years and 72.5 hrs the transmission has failed again! Wished I had invested the $ in the snapper ride on that I gave to a friend for nothing. Guarantee I am looking to join a class action lawsuit. My next mower won't be made in green and yellow sorry to say.

Had a Murray riding lawn mower for over 12 years and she worked like a champ. Decided to buy, what I thought was a better brand, John Deere Riding Lawn Mower D105 and at the two year mark with only 41 hours of usage the engine begins to smoke. Called John Deere and the first thing they tell you is that it's out of warranty, they then ask me to take it to an authorized dealer and gave me a case number. Well the service tech just called me and advised that they did a leak down test and that my mower was at 60% which is bad. I could have opted for a less expensive brand, but the yellow and green attracted me as this brand was suppose to be superior. It's beyond me how a brand like John Deere can last only 41 hours of use. I'm extremely upset, and I hope they take responsibility for this lemon of a mower.

Gator with less than 80 hrs., bought new, warranty expired, will not shift. The clutch will not release the belt to allow shifting from forward to reverse or back. John Deere knows about this and will do nothing to correct the problem, it is widespread. Will start a class action lawsuit with all Gator owners vs John Deere.

Just bought a brand new John Deere Gator 590I with power steering on 18 June 2016. Trailered it home and right off the bat there is NO power steering, which by the way is a $1000 option. Then the dash display comes and goes. Also as you let off on the gas and slow down there is a growl coming from the belt and clutch assembly. Being a electrician, I checked all pertinent connections and fuses. Called dealer and they are figuring out a day and time to pick up. I will follow up if and when all is resolved.

Purchased X300 in Oct. 2011. It was sold to us as a mulching riding lawn mower, so we were told. It left a strip of grass between the blades uncut. They took it back and said they put a mulching kit on it. The uncut strip of grass did get smaller, but it is not a mulching mower. We go over everything with LT166. It does not do the job even when we mow more often. The LT166 is a superior mulching mower - why would you want to change a superior product? We replaced the front end on the LT166 as it is a 2001 purchase. Still using it and absolutely would buy another!

When I was in need of a much larger tractor for my residence, I went to the nearest John Deere dealer. Everybody was great in the store and very helpful. I walked the lot of about 15-20 of their JD 1025r series tractors (all of which were the 2016 yr models). I went ahead and made the $18,322.20 purchase but being I also purchased two of the attachments (to get the JD offered rebates), they said that they needed to get parts from another store because the attachment they had in stock didn't have everything. I REALLY didn't think it would be a problem, so I went ahead and signed the note with a delivery scheduled 4 days out.

Well, on the 3rd day, I received a call from the delivery guy saying the tractor was ready and he could deliver early if I was available. I said "awesome!" But when it arrived, parts were different than the model I looked at (I hadn't put it together yet that it was an older model). Parts were rusted, seat was very moldy/nasty, broken/severely cracked part on the mower deck, chips in the bucket arms, etc. I noted everything I saw in the first 5 minutes to the truck driver. I didn't have to sign anything, so he jumped in the truck and left. I took another 30 minutes to go over the tractor and took note of the serial number. I found out from it that it was a 2015! It had 3 hours on it (which is a lot for a "new" tractor!).

I called the sales guy and told him my issues. He said he didn't get a chance to go over the tractor (They delivered a day early!!!). He said he could get the broken and chipped parts repaired or fixed. He also said that the serial number was just indicating that it was "manufactured in 2015" but that it was the same tractor that we looked at, "it just had some different parts because John Deere changes it up". He said he needed to talk with his manager (who was out for another two days). I waited the two days and called back but he said he was still out. So I called the John Deere corporate support and filed a claim. They said a manager would call me within three days.

Well, it's been a week and a half (since I filed the complaint) and I haven't heard from anyone. I'm not sure what the next steps will be. I've never been put in a situation like this. To me, it's a breach of contract because it isn't what I selected. I'm just an average Joe and probably don't know any better, but $18,000 for a lawn tractor is no joke to me.

I have a 1999 LT 155 that I have taken exceptional care of. Always garage kept and tuned up annually. I have spent more on maintenance, repairs and parts than my initial purchase price to keep it going, but I'd expect this after 17 years. The mower itself still runs strong and performs perfectly. My complaint lies in the hood design and replacement parts. After about 10 years, the plastic hood split where you pull the latch open. I decided to replace it with a new 'top' portion of hood which ran about $300. I could tell the replacement skin was a thinner plastic and much more brittle compound but what choice did I have. After about 6 months, normal usage and opening the hood caused the hood to again split right down the middle. I'm told by my local service department and dealer that JD has eliminated the 'catch' for the hoods so it opens more easily and removes the pressure point. This to me is a work around for a poor quality part.

Flash forward to now, I bought a tune up kit to change the oil, plug, filter, etc. I opened the hood and as I leaned it forward, both plastic hinges crumbled and let the hood come crashing to the cement falling all apart. Any first year engineering student could tell you these plastic hinges are a horrible design and combined with the poor plastic compound used was a recipe for disaster. I called the local service dept and Corporate John Deere Quality to register my complaint. I knew the 'warranty' expired long ago, but I think this more of a design flaw with poor quality and poor materials. I just wanted to formally register my complaint.

The local service department also said this is a common issue and the reason why you see so many JD's riding around with no hoods. A. They had the same issue as I and B. The whole hood is about $1000 to replace! I would think JD would recognize this flaw, make corrective action and choose to remedy this rather than experience sincere complaints such as this one. I love my John Deere, but this experience puts a bad taste in my mouth.

I bought the D105 a couple years ago and I love it. No problems at all. I have an acre or more to cut. I wash and maintained after every use. This summer I changed the oil and air and oil filter. When I put back the oil cap I did not turn the cap correctly and my oil leaked out. About a week later I didn't think to check. The oil made it to the front of the house and engine died. I checked the oil and to my dismay the oil had leaked out. I have always had to screw the cap on the oil shaft. John Deer needs to change the cap to one that screws on, would have saved me a bundle.

I am a woman so how was I to know the difference. I realized there were two small openings on each side of the cap. I keep my mower clean and covered up and well maintained. One guy checked it and told me it would cost $800 to fix but I felt that was too high so he came down to $600 which I refused to pay that much. Ordered one on internet from Lowe's, got a great deal and $300 rebate. Still going to check around for cheaper repair and maybe sell it. It looks brand new. This was my fault and not John Deer's fault. Satisfied customer.

I have a 1986 John Deere 185 Hydro yard tractor with a 38" deck and a Kawasaki engine. I've had to replace some parts, but that doesn't bother me, things wear out, and it is a strong, on-frame tractor with a strong transmission and good design. Conversely, I had a neighbor that was moving and I bought his JD 110 yard tractor with a little over 100 hours. I had to repair the deck as the junky tension pulley mount had vibrated apart - not a big deal, I can weld, and I made it better and stronger. The deck is bigger, it had a more powerful Kohler engine in it, and it was faster. I could cut the 1/2 acre lawn in much less time. I thought I had a great deal. Then the engine wouldn't start. Replaced the ignition module, but it made no difference and just backfired when I cranked it.

I found out that the new Chinese made Kohler Commanders JD is using have serious problems, and are junk, not expected to make it to 300 hours. The case is cast aluminum, it's so thin that it cracks along the corners and then blows the oil all over. Mine hadn't cracked yet, because it wasn't old enough, but the camshafts are made of nylon and the teeth on mine stripped and jumped time - causing the backfiring. There are 238 hours on this tractor, I put 125 + or - on it after I bought it, and the engine is not worth fixing. The body is not painted, it is powder coated, except for the hood which is green colored plastic. Like the example in a previous post the green powder coat is peeling off mine in large sections. The rust gets under the powder coat along the edges and travels underneath until it will all come loose.

I parked my 185 hydro to use the new tractor when I bought it, and I'm glad I kept it. The 110 has had less than five years of use, including the first owner, at 50 hours a year, with proper maintenance, and it's junk. I am now using the 30 year-old tractor again, with the tires and other things I could salvage off the 110. John Deere has become the biggest junk dealer in our economy. Literally, no other manufacturer is making the junk they are and getting away with charging the prices they do and providing the horrid service they are. My neighbor paid 1400 dollars for this piece of junk. I paid him 400 and feel I paid too much. I will run my 185 until I can't fix it any more, and then I'll buy something that isn't yellow and green, unless I can find a low time 1980's tractor.

Every two years I replace the steering gear and bracket. This is my 4th mower and 3rd John Deere. Never replace a steering in the other 3 lawn mowers. All use on the same yard. During a span of 35 years. Now after 550 hrs on the l120 I have a oil leak just like all the other l120's. The front hood's plastic pins broke off. The seat started cracking after 2 yrs. Dealer says they just do make them like they use to. Count me in on any class action suit.

Like many, purchased a John Deere, based on reputation of quality. Purchased a L110, went for 8 to 10 months, started slowing down and it ended back at JD workshop who fixed it and said no charge. I then continued to use this mower for approximately another year, before selling it due to moving property. I didn't realise at this stage they were just fixing a problem they knew about and feel for the guy that purchased the 110 off me.

Purchased another lifestyle property and needed a ride on, spent $5000 on a D130 and here I am 3 years later with only 170 hours on the clock and told by the JD workshop that the transmission is completed buggered, it's a sealed unit and the repair is $2000. The upside, (joke) offered $500 as a trade in on a new model. Just for the record, the JD staff are fantastic and a great bunch and any finger pointing isn't at them. Anyway, after being a loyal JD man for 20 years, having purchased tractors and ride ons, I am moving to another brand.

If you buy John Deere anything, you lose. Once it goes out of warranty you are screwed. Anything that is their fault and breaks you still pay. I had all the seals in all the cylinders replaced on my tractor and equipment. Now the cylinders went bad in the front bucket, they pull out the one year warranty on those. Even though they replaced all the seals up until now, the minute after the warranty expires you pay for them again. They will never admit they have a problem with seals on the tractor, they just wait until the customer begins to pay for them. And calling customer service, like Nicole or Ramona, you may as well talk to a stone. The more money they deny to customers, the more they keep in bonuses.

We bought a gently used 2006 John Deere Gator 620i around 2013. It had very few hours. Around mid-2014, the idle just got worse and worse. Finally we took it to the dealer to have it looked at. $350 later, they claimed the throttle body was dirty. Ran good for a few weeks, then started idling rough again. After three more times of the same crap. Every time the oil would be overfull with oil mixed with gas. This thing is junk. Now it's doing the same thing again and we're tired of dumping money into this trash. Hopefully we can get half of what we paid for it back and buy a better one like a Yamaha. John Deere has really taken a nosedive for a while with their residential side. They should be ashamed of their company.

I had nothing but trouble from this inferior piece of equipment. I owned a John Deere lawn tractor (LX 188) for 10+ years with no trouble and gave it to a friend who needed one. I have taken good care of the new one with regular service and maintenance. I purchased this from the local JD dealership right off their showroom. The salesman told me it was comparable to my previous model, only to be told by the sales manager when I complained about all the issues that I "went from a Cadillac to a Toyota." He also told me the 5 hours on it was from driving it from the showroom to outside. I suspect this was a trade-in because of poor quality. Found out later this is only sold at home improvements stores to compete with the cheaper brands. The parts are made in China and other countries and assembled in USA. Stay away from the "D" series if you want quality and dependability.

Lawn Tractor X 320, made 2007 - The reason I put down 2007, this model has had a complete design change. All the remarks I make are about the older version of this model x 320. I purchased this mower new. It has a Kawasaki 22 hp Motor, is a 48-inch cut, with 3 blades... If you want a good heavy duty mower, buy one of these. The blades are very thick, the design of the newer mowers has a one handle drop down deck. It steers like power steering. It has great power and I can mow 2 acres in under 2 hours if I push it.

Just have to have your yard designed so you are mowing grass and not mowing around flower beds and bushes, pick up all the junk in the yard before mowing, and if you live in the South, knock down all the big fire ant mounds before you roll over them. Clean your mower after each mowing and keep it under the shed and watch for rats and mice. They will nest in the motor housing in the winter... giving you fits in the spring, caused me a lot of headaches. Use clean fuel and don't leave old fuel in the mower over the winter. Change the oil and filter as recommended or sooner, the air filter too. These are musts. Sharp blades are important. I have 4 sets, they are kept sharp.

THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH THIS MOWER IS BELTS THAT HAS BEEN REDESIGNED, THANK GOODNESS, they are expensive. If you take care of your mower it'll be ready to go... One headache, a new fuel pump was put on at 300 hours. It was hard to find this problem. If it starts surging while mowing, look to the fuel pump. If you buy a lighter mower in the L series expect problems if you have a big yard.

Purchased in 2009 to maintain my own half acre lawn, the tractor has performed reasonably well mechanically. The frame, though, is another story. Saucer-sized flakes of paint began coming off the frame within one year. Warranty was worthless. Rusting progressed rapidly and now the frame has failed structurally, making the mower worthless. I bought the mower based on the John Deere reputation. With this experience, it will be my last John Deere. Dixie Chopper is the way to go!

John Deere x125 - I have always previously bought Westwood's and I decided to buy a JD product and from day 1 I have regretted it. It is hard to summarize the problems but I think the best words to use are "utter crap". Build quality is cheap and tinny. JD do not care about customer service. They always blame you for the problems you experience, whether it be not getting it serviced correctly (even though it is carried out at a dealer???) Not looking after the machine, you name it, they have the excuse. KEEP AWAY FROM THEM, DO NOT BUY!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. After reading this and you purchase do not complain when something goes wrong and you are disappointed.

Broke down after 100 hours. Spoke to Bob ** (customer service manager at JD head office in the UK). Hopeless attitude, accused me of not looking after my lawn mower, even though it had been back 3 times in 4 years to the supplying dealer and I only use it on a domestic lawn. A sealed bearing had broken causing further damage to other bearings and belts. Tried to get a goodwill contribution and they didn't want to know. Now faced with a £850 bill. Case still ongoing. Am not giving up. JOHN DEEER deer by name dear by nature!!! Be warned.

We are inform to you regarding John Deere 5310 (MH-23 T-5934) namely Mr. ** residing at **. We have purchased tractor on 03 October 2014 from John Deere showroom Beed. We are complaining regarding engine leakage problem that has been started after 15 days of purchasing; we have informed that to the respective showroom again and again. Then they suggested servicing the tractor; we done the servicing but problem remains same. This problem happened repeatedly after servicing the tractor Thrice. We have complaining the same again and again to the respective showroom but the response from their side is very poor. That is what we have informing to you. Please go through it and do the needful as early as possible. Your Customer.

3 months after purchase had to charge the battery before every use. 1 year after purchase, the mower will not start. Have not resolved this problem and will most likely have to have it serviced. This site should allow zero stars.

Ok I have bought this is my second machine, la 175 garden tractor. Yea right, this machine has no ump. No power, no push, new belts. New this new that, too many to list, and I am at the same place. I also have a la 110, it is sitting because it has no transmission. Funny they look a lot alike. The tranny on the la 110 is the same as the garden tractor that I bought. I will not buy another machine from JD, all they make is junk.

85 hours on the machine, D140 mower, Lowe's bought. Won't crank. Probably the starter. Had the battery checked, it's ok. Asked around. Every neighbor for miles, same, "Don't buy a Deere. Used to be fantastic." I have a Gator 20 years, a 4-wheel drive tractor, both great for 20 years. I will get estimate then might just return it to Lowe's for refund.

On July 24th I purchased a John Deere Z425 52 inch cut mower from Lowe's of Clinton NC! The mower was serviced by Quality Equipment Company, the local John Deere Sales Company! After 22 hours of use and 4 months of ownership, the mower started running on one cylinder! Keep in mind this is a 4000.00$ mower! I took it to Quality Equipment for what I thought was a warranty repair!

1 week later I received a call stating that my mower was ready and the repair was 176.00$! I couldn't believe what I was hearing, no money, no mower! So I called the John Deere Company and a representative told me the same thing! Pay the dealership if you want your mower! I asked to speak to a supervisor who called me back and said the same thing that I had to pay for the repair, and accused me of putting bad gas in it causing it to need the carburetor to be rebuilt!

What kind of warranty is it when the company can come up with an excuse for not paying for the warranty work! Do not think that John Deere a once famous company is customer friendly! You buy it, you own it. There is no warranty, only a piece of paper saying there is one! Do not buy from John Deere unless you are willing to pay for any repairs! Everyone involved in the repair, from the Quality Equipment of Clinton NC to the representative from John Deere and the Supervisor from John Deere were totally unsupported and the supervisor from John Deere was totally rude! Worst customer service I have received in my 62 years of life! If you care to call I will tell why not to buy from John Deere! Best of luck to you if you are already stuck with an expensive green machine with no warranty! 11-25-15 Never again!

I have a John Deere D140 ride on mower that has done 80 hours & the transmission has failed. Taking it to a local dealer who has serviced it the last 3 times informed me it would cost up to $1500. They say the unit is out of warranty in time, but what my question is if it only lasts around 80 hours it is not designed for the purpose it was purchased it for. After talking to Melbourne office then to Queensland office, the comment was we have nothing to talk about. It is out of warranty. John Deere this is the last time I will purchase anything for your company.

Throughout the operating season of 2015, the John Deere D100 began experiencing issues that seem to be related to the transmission. During a normal course of lawn mowing, I found that the tractor, when placed in neutral, seemed to be locked, and would only move forward and back unless manually pushed. During the week of November 1st, the rear underbody of the tractor began to smoke while in normal operation using the cart feature. On November 4th, I removed the mower deck according to the D100 manual instructions, loaded it into our pickup truck, and dropped it off at the JD Power/John Deer dealer in London, Ohio for repair.

On November 9th, I learned that the tractor had been delivered to a JD Power location in New Albany, Ohio when Tom (a service technician) called me to update. I spoke with Jeremy Service Department Manager-London; to find out why the tractor had been moved to a new location without my knowledge. Jeremy agreed through my questions that he was the person who directed my tractor along with 9 others, be shipped to New Albany without having called the customer first. The following day, the tractor arrived back in London per my request and I met with the London location general manager along with Jeremy. Jeremy confirmed that the $400.00 transmission unit, which was no longer under the two year warranty as of June of 14, was leaking fluid and would need to be replaced.

I explained that I expected to and would be involved in meeting with the service employee, or at least a representative, to discuss the mechanical problems in person when dealing with an $80.00/hour rate and $400.00 transmission on a tractor purchased new in 2012. Jeremy never apologized during our conversation for not verifying with me before loading the tractor onto a trailer and driving by highway 38 miles to New Albany.

On November 9th at 10:16 p.m., I registered the problem with the John Deere Customer Contact Center website (**) which indicated I should receive a response within 24 hours. On November 11th at 3:02 p.m., I was contacted by George **, John Deere Ag & Turf Division, Customer Service, USA & Canada, 17 hours past the 24 hour deadline. Mr. ** advised he received the information and would look into the problem. Mr. ** phone number as provided on his e-mail is 888/522-1177, ext. **. On November 10th, I sent a detailed e-mail message to John Deere Field Representative Don **.

On November 12th, Mr. ** said he had communicated with Mr. ** and offered for John Deere to cover half of the repair expenses. During discussion, Mr. ** said my share of the expense would likely start at $200.00, but could be more. I expressed my feeling that this was not a reasonable offer and declined. I intend to retrieve the tractor from London on November 17th.

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The John Deere Company is the oldest lawn care company with a 175-year history. This company's distinctive green and yellow riding mowers offer homeowners feature-rich options for their lawn care needs.

  • Innovative designs: This company has pioneered many lawn equipment innovations.
  • 5-acre mowing: Powerful, high-speed mowers are equipped to handle extensive lawns.
  • 9 MPH speed: A fast mower cuts down on lawn maintenance time.
  • Residential focus: This riding mower line focuses on consumer-grade needs.
  • Implements: The attachments and implements expand the John Deere riding mowers' functionality, such as a tiller to prepare soil for planting and a box scraper for yard digging.
  • Best for Residential homeowners seeking a well-known brand with many product models.

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