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Bought it last summer at Walmart for $300.00. Light weight & pretty, but don't buy it if you want it to cut your grass. I mow my St. Augustine lawn once a week & have to go over it several times & I still have grass sticking up all over the place. Who likes to mow their lawn & then mow it again in the other direction a second time & then run all over the place trying to get all of the grass still sticking up everywhere & I never can get it all with this mower. How freaking ridiculous is that. I bought a new blade this summer to see if it would help & it changed nothing. I tried elevating it to the highest setting & it still cannot achieve what it was made to do. I even took a zip tie & pinned the rear height way past the last factory setting & it still leaves random grass sticking up everywhere, so I don't believe it has anything to do with the grass resistance, especially considering it does not cut all of the random grass sticking up when going back over it on the second & third pass where there is no resistance.

Low settings are even worse. I'm wondering if the engine does not produce enough power to make the blade spin fast enough to whack the grass down. It's as if the blade just pushes the grass over & then the pops right back up. I'm not a rocket scientist or even a lawn mower expert by any means, but I assume effective grass cutting has a lot to do with upward suction, blade speed, height, grass thickness, dry or wet grass, & how sharp or dull the blade is. I think this mower might have been made in Lego Land. In the year that I have had it, the top cover has repeatedly popped off, the fuel cap pops off all of the time & comes completely out of the strap allowing it to fall on the ground, & the air cleaner constantly falls off which this summer I was fortunate enough to run over & knocked a hole in it with the blade. So, now to top it off, I have a one year old lawn mower with duct tape covering the hole in the air cleaner.

Also, the engine will stall if you bump the mower against something or if it is elevated to an angle other than flat. Summary - This mower works best on flat ground on grass that has already been mowed & when pushing it, be sure not to run over the parts falling off of it. I will be giving this mower to a fiend for free because it is not even work as well as one of those cheap hundred dollar mowers & I will be getting something else. Sad because it is only a year old & I got 10 years out of the Toro I had before it which although the motor was knocking at the end, it still ran & mowed the lawn. In hind sight, I would rather have the 10 year old Toro with the knocking engine. That ought to speak volumes to the people at Snapper. It is sad that this product is American made.

I am the owner of a 33" Snapper RER with a bagger. I purchased the mower with the intent of bagging the grass just in the area around my house consisting of approximately 1/3 acre. I have never been so disappointed in a piece of equipment in my life. I will say it does an excellent job of picking up the grass but after that it is all down hill. The transmission is hard to shift and it will not pull itself up a slight slope if you start from on the hill. The blade clutch is a joke since you have to hold your foot on a bar to keep the blade on. The bar is slick and your foot will slip off causing the blade to stop. You cannot back up with the blade on so you have to turn it off to back up.

You have heard the old country song that says, "Give me 40 acres and I'll turn this rig around". Well I think this mower must have been on his mind when he wrote that song. It does not turn sharply and it takes a lot of effort to turn the front tires. The flat steering wheel gets in the way when you are trying to mount or dismount unless the front wheels re straight forward. If you have deltoid muscle problems you definitely don't want to be using this mower. If your lawn is anything but perfectly flat you will be highly disappointed with the final result of the cut. I like to keep my grass at 2" until late summer at which time I increase to 2.5". You have to be in the 4th highest position to get a 2" cut and don't even think about turn the mower on the grass while cutting it.

It will scalp your lawn on every turn. The mower has anti scalp wheels on the deck, but they are as worthless as tits on a boar hog. They are just for looks. The bag is a one piece bag and if you get it full you better be a weight lifter because you aren't going to be able to get it out to dump. It should be a 2 bag system but alas! it's not. I honestly believe the design engineer has never mowed a lawn in his/her life. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night hearing the person I bought it from laughing and saying, "you big dummy". I talked you into paying $2100 for a POS. If you buy this mower, you will wake up in the middle of the night hearing me say "I TOLD YOU SO!"

ANY battery powered equipment (at least their battery operated weed eater from my experience today) that has Snapper's name on it is not a product of Snapper. It is a product of Green Works/Global. Snapper's name is just on it. You contact Snapper concerning any question about any of their battery operated equipment (again, at least their battery operated weed eaters), they have NO answers and will tell you to contact Green Works/Global.

Now, on to the "warranty" of their (Snapper/Green Work/Global) battery operated equipment (weed eater)... I spoke with Snapper at first. They told me I had to contact Green Work/Global because it is their product not Snapper's. I did and asked them (Green Work/Global) if/when my brand new, box not even opened yet, $200.00 ST60V weed eater needed serviced, where do I take it.

Ready for this, part 1?? NOWHERE. You call Green Works/Global, explain what is happening to your product, they determine what may be the problem (so obviously be prepared, you better know how to explain it for them to make a determination from that phone call alone, no diagnostics needed from their view) and if covered under warranty, they will mail you the part.

Ready for this, part 2?? You are responsible for having the (possible) needed part replaced. You can do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. If you do it yourself and you are not a certified Snapper/Green Works/Global or any type of certified mechanic, you void all warranties. If you take it to someone certified in changing the (possible) defective part with the new part to keep the warranty valid, you pay for it out of your pocket. So, God bless America. Corporate America has now changed what a warranty is. No longer does it benefit the consumer, it benefits the company. You get a free part, but you are responsible for replacing that part either yourself and void the warranty, or pay someone to do it. WOW!!

So Green Work/Global/Snapper has now taught me to question warranties like I never thought I would have to. Warranty to Snapper/Green Work/Global equals, part ONLY, all labor cost are paid for via the consumer, or use free labor (yourself) and void all warranties. Needless to say, my brand new, $200.00, box unopened, battery operated, ST60V weed eater goes back to the store tomorrow. BEWARE consumers, corporate America is changing yet more ways to deceive you.

Snapper 60 Volt Lithium - Ion Battery operated Lawn Mower: I purchased this mower under the pretense presented in the advertisements. Snapper claimed that the 4 Ah battery would last to mow a 1/2 acre yard. This is not true. The battery only lasted for approximately 45 minutes. The second issue regarding this product is that when I attempted to purchase a “backup battery" for the Mower... Well this is a total impossibility. I have called an authorized Snapper Dealer and was told the battery was not available. I'm very much miffed about this product. The owner's manual states that batteries are available thru Wal-mart or I've attempted to find the specific battery to no avail. I would not recommend this product to anybody.

The only backup battery I have presently is a 2 Ah battery that came with a Snapper Weed Eater. This battery only last for 20 minutes when used to power the lawn mower. I have tried to email a sales department at Snapper, but those emails have come back to me as undeliverable. I would really appreciate assistance on finding the correct battery to use with this Snapper Lawn Mower. I have a yard that is approximately 3/4 acre and I need the backup battery to be able to complete the mowing job and not have to wait over 2 hours for the original 4 Ah battery to charge to full capacity.

My Snapper self propelled lawn mower, purchased new at $600 two years ago is a piece of junk. Today one of the wheels flew off, broke off and went flying. I took it to the dealer who sold it to me and he mumbled something about the gears, blah blah blah, an expensive repair. Expensive repair? I maintain my Snapper like a baby. How could this have happened unless these Snapper products are junk? I had consulted websites and consumer reviews before I bought a Snapper. After this dealer repairs it, I hope it runs. If not I will purchase Honda. $600 for a lawn mower every two years? What has happened to quality of product in this country? Snapper, I will never ever buy anything from you again and I will tell all my friends never to purchase anything from you. Your products are unreliable junk.

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Gearbox (part number: 10011) on my string trimmer Model SST-18CL failed two days ago. I thought "no problem, just look online for an replacement Gearbox", Thinking Snapper a so called premium company who stands behind their products and would with no doubt manufacture replacement parts for their quality lawn equipment would have what I need. Was I wrong, so very wrong. I called several snapper service centers in my area and was told that snapper discontinued this model and does not manufacture replacement parts for this model. :(

Its sad that I have to throw away a good motor and shaft because snapper cares not to make spare parts when their equipment fails, and make the consumer purchase another one. This string trimmer was not cheap nor is there any problems with the motor and shaft. I could have gotten a few more years of service from this trimmer if snapper only did the right thing. I will no longer support any snapper products and will inform all who are interested in purchasing a snapper product about my issue, and I will let anybody who cares know of your sub-standard equipment Failures.

I bought a new NXT walk-behind mower. 2 months after buying it needed a new motor that took 4 months to get. Then since that been in shop every year for months at a time. I would never buy another Snapper of any kind. They do not stand behind. They withdrew these mowers 1 1/2 years after coming out and we as purchasers are stuck with them. Paid 500.00 for Junk.

I bought this mower a year ago and it worked fine when I first bought it. After a few mowing cycles, it became harder to start. Finally, it would not start at all even after I replaced the spark plug and air filter. I always used fresh gas and even put fuel stabilizer in my fresh gas. Took mower into authorized repair dealer and was told that the carb needed rebuilding due to bad fuel. I found this strange since none of my other gas operated tools are having problems. Since I'm not going to pay $125.00 for a carb rebuild, I now have a useless piece of junk. Snapper used to mean quality but not anymore. Also, I tried to leave a negative review about the mower on Snapper's website and it was rejected due to "inappropriate content." I guess they consider anything negative about their products to be inappropriate! Unbelievable.

I purchased a snapper NXT two years ago. I can't even list all the trouble I have had with this machine. The one main problem is keeping mower deck belts from breaking. They are fifty dollars apiece at the dealer and I have bought at least five. The dealer made a modification but once again I had to buy another belt. I am at wit's end because this mower is useless.

I bought this 2015 model Snapper after years of an old school Snapper and thought I would get great service out of it. This is my second season with this mower and I have already had it in the shop 2 times for new belt, new blade, the drive wheel on the axle and the front steering unit and now the front end is getting hard to steer and the linkage on the front has come off. I wish I had know this was going to be a buy at 1600.00 and now 400.00 in repairs and going back now for a third time for more repairs and it is only been used about 15 times in a year and a half time. I will be looking to buy a different brand and if anyone ask I will say anything but a Snapper. Can't believe what a piece of junk.

Just bought this mower. Wish I had the older version. Too heavy. I know why it doesn't come with rear stand-up bars. Only Arnold could lift it. Drive would not engage first outing. Steering wheel too small. Difficult handling. Doesn't cut well. Wheels are really too small. I read another post that said something like "What a shame that a company with a great product is going down the tubes". I feel the same way. If I could get my money back I would return it now!

I've bought my Snapper brand new off the show room floor for $3,700.00. Got it home, was mowing and gas line inside tank came off. Back to shop. Mowing later same year just died. Back to shop. Mowing same first year belt brakes. Back to shop. Second year hydraulic hose breaks, back to shop. Oil leaking out of valve cover. Back to shop twice and still leaks. Third year front tires came unsealed, tubes put in. Fourth year. Bolt came out of muffler and muffler breaks off. Back to shop. Fifth year. Muffler falls off again and cushion on seat falls out.

Now writing this because I'm mad 'cause I'm out sitting in my yard on my mower that now dies when it gets hot. And I thought my cub cadet was bad. This is the worse rider mower that I have ever owned and it got so bad our dealer in town dropped this line because of repairs. Now have to drive one hour each way to get parts. Worthless pile of crap I've ever owned. Snapper you should be ashamed to put out this kind of product. Will never own anything snapper.

We just bought this riding mower from Walmart on May 31, 2015 for our personal use. My husband has used it maybe 8 times since then. Thursday afternoon while mowing the yard, the mower quit and would not start. He ended it up pushing it to the garage. Now it won't even turn over. We paid over $1400 for this mower. Anybody have any suggestions?

I bought a Snapper self propelled lawn mower from Walmart last March for $300. And this year started to use it and it wouldn't start. Briggs & Stratton told me who to take it to here in town. When I called they said "we will pick it up". They called to tell me the gas had debris and everything else in it. We bought a new can of gas to use in it when we got it. They said I owe them $99.00. I asked what for and why didn't they tell me this before they worked on it? He said the charge begins when they find the problem. Also that $30.00 of that is for pick-up which they didn't notify me of when they offered to pick it up.

I purchased the 725EX model based on the proud Snapper name and also owning a riding mower of the same name. I found that my local Wal-Mart was selling this mower which made it easier to purchase. The first year I used it approximately 6 times just for trimming that my rider can't get to and stored it for the winter. This year when I brought it out for first use it wouldn't start. I brought to my very knowledgeable repairman and he not only told me that the carburetor was dirty but that this mower is NOT a Snapper! Snapper sold out their push mower division out to the McDonald's of the mower world... MURRAY. Watch out for this one folks!! Don't try to email the company support technicians either. The website has been moved or done away with. I am very annoyed and now I'm stuck with a junky $300+ mower. You will have to trust me since I can't locate my receipt anymore.

Snapper riding mower - I had it 3 years. I've fixed it every month. Replaced the belt 11 times. Mower bolts broke, seat rotted, now the fuse keeps blowing. Can't fix it and it's not a short. I'm very pissed off!

Purchased an SP 90 Snapper Lawn Mower. Engine choked on attempt to cut my grass on the first time I ran this brand new lawn mower. I went to Snapper's web site and found that I should take the lawnmower to Area Rent-Alls ,7900 Blvd. Westminster, Colorado 80030. I was advised that the problem was "stale" gas and that they would be back in touch with me in 10 to 14 days with more information. About 3 days later I get a call that they had fixed my lawnmower and I now owed $54.95. They never advised me of what they felt was needed to be done -- they changed the oil, changed the gas, sharpened the blade [all of this on a lawnmower that didn't even get through the first lawn mowing].

I made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and to Snapper and I contacted Briggs and Stratton. Area Rent-Alls, Inc. like other businesses that have reviewed Snapper Products Repair facilities were rude. I purchased this lawnmower from Wal-Mart for over $400. I also purchased an extended warranty from Wal-Mart. Area Rent Alls, Inc. never bothered about any of the warranties. All in all a pretty sad commentary on Snapper and its agent: Area Rent-Alls, INC.

In 2011 I purchased a Snapper lawn mower from sears. It worked once that season, and would not start on the 2nd attempt. By then the short warranty had run out. A lawn mower is a seasonal tool, so you do not know if it will work until the season changes. I sent it for repairs and paid $99. The next summer, it started smoking and again it was returned for repairs. I was told that that make was discontinued, so the parts were hard to get. I paid another $99 to repair it. Two weeks ago, I took it out to prepare for the spring cutting and again, it did not start. It had to be taken back for repairs. A third $99 for repairs.

A representative told me on the phone that Sears should replace the mower, but because I did not take the rep's name, the folks at Livonia Mall said I would not get a replacement. So, in less than 4 years, the mower needed 3 repairs and I keep paying for repairs. The folks at Livonia Mall refuse to accept that the machine is defective, so I will keep paying to have it repaired.

Snapper has solved this problem the mower was replaced with a new one once I spoke with the right person at tech support problem was taken care of very quickly I also failed to mention the snapper mower I had before this one I used for 18 years and was still running fine when I sold it.

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Purchased new Snapper mower 2/14/13 model#7800545 online, the biggest mistake I have ever made purchasing a mower. Mower was missing parts when delivered & had a bad battery. It about 6 to7 weeks to get parts to get mower started. Transmission went out in the first 2 months of use and has went out 3 times since and is in the shop now. The mower has been in shop for a total of 5 months for combined repair. Snapper dealer has been terrible. Can't believe nothing they say & Snapper tech support has not solved the issue. I guess court is only option left.

I had an old 1987 Snapper rear engine riding mower that I was still using 18 months ago. I decided it was time for a new one and bought the new generation 12.5HP RE130 rear engine Snapper. Not a cheap mower. What a mistake. I have had nothing but problems (speed selector had to be replaced, seat safety switch inoperable, parking brake lever broke off, on and on). Briggs & Stratton manufactures Snapper mowers. My local Snapper dealer, who is an authorized Briggs & Stratton repair center, said they received so many complaints that they have stopped selling Snapper mowers and "we will never sell another." This is one to stay away from. What a shame to see an American company ruin 30 years of good reputation.

In the early 1980s I first used my father's 8 horse snapper snowblower. In those days gas wasn't an issue. And this machine was 319 cc and powerful. I could and regularly did power through anything the plow dumped on the sidewalk. In the late 1990s I bought my first snapper 8 horse snowblower. It is not nearly as powerful as my father's which angered me at first, but after 16 years of regular use in the northland. Now approaching 2015 it still starts on the first or second pull and I have only had to replace the pull cord once. I didn't even replace it, just shortened the cord. I also replaced the belts once or twice. And the oil and plug regularly less than recommended. I always clean the augers of snow after use to prevent icing and freezing. This has been an issue when friends borrow it..causing belts to burn out. It has been a very reliable machine and I recommend snapper to anyone who wants an easy to work on quality snowblower that lasts.

NXT 7800752 Model Snapper Push Mower - Purchased this mower on 4-9-2012. Since then, had to have the mower taken in to dealer for replacement on the push handle assembly. Took over 2 months for replacement to be replaced, and when we got the mower back the front cover on the mower was missing. The dealer Horst's Outdoor Power Equipment, East Earl, PA didn't even let us know that they had broken the front cover. The service from this company was the worst service we have ever had. After numerous call and no return calls from them, we went to dealer and the people were very rude. The replacement on the push handle assembly is no better than the assembly handle that was originally on the mower. We paid over $500.00 for a push mower that we had thought would be a good mower. Very dissatisfied with Snapper and Dealer.

I purchased a Snapper LT-100 52-inch cut garden tractor in 2008 online, free shipping. It gave me very satisfactory service with minimum maintenance for almost 7 seasons. With regular maintenance I rebuilt the carburetor on the 6th season, fuel pump went out twice. The hydrostatic transmission is getting tired now in 2014. I mow about 11 acres with it, towing a 525 pound Swisher Trail Mower, 60 inch cut, offset to the snapper for a total of 9 ft wide cut. My property is very rough terrain in many places. I attribute the tired hydrostatic transmission to towing the Swisher finishing mower for 7 years.

I did regular belt changes and blade sharpening and blade replacement on it. I went through 4 deck belts. The drive belt has never been replaced. The only real problems I had were the times I hit an unseen rock and broke a spindle. My fault. I broke several but they are very easy to replace. I have to mow about every 10 days through the summer depending on the rainfall. 2 weeks max is all I can go before it is ready to mow again. I am still using it to mow without towing the swisher mower. I tow the Swisher with my 4wd ATV now to finish this season.

I decided to keep the Snapper for the grass around the house, front yard, back yard just to see how long the hydrostatic will last.. I decided to go with a Hustler zero turn mower for next year. I will tow the Swisher with it. I hope I get as good of service with it as I did with the Snapper Pro LT-100. It will be delivered tomorrow and I will mow the final time with it and the Swisher tow along. The swisher has 8 seasons on it and I finally had to change the spark plug and 2 deck belts. No other problems with it. Regular oil and filter changes a lubing grease fittings and using non ethanol gas and stabilizer in the winter and tightening, anything you see loose on the mower will keep it going for a long time.

Preventive Maintenance is the key to long life. I also hook the battery minder to the mowers after I clean them off between mowing and winter storage. Crank them up once a week and run for a few minutes. I am very satisfied with the Snapper Pro Lt-100 2007 model.

I've always had very good experiences with Snapper mowers. My have all been very dependable, very few breakdowns and I have put them through some abuse. Over a 30-year time span, I have had only 3 mowers. All have been Snapper. Recommendation for this product is high.

I purchased a 21" cp218520 commercial mower. After a few uses the engine locked up. Had it check out by Neil's lawn mower service. They said it was a stuck valve, had it fixed. Then it had a lot of vibration from the drive disk. Took it apart. Had a spacer missing part d on page 27. The disk did not sit flat. Cut a hole in a large flat washer to make a part for disk to fit flat and tightened. The drive disc rubber ring was damaged and still vibrated a little. Used it a few times, it got worse.

I got the part number and ordered the part about two months ago from Neil's lawn mower service and can not get any parts. They told me they seen it take eight months or more to get a part from snapper. This mower has a two year warranty. What a joke. I will need to purchase a new lawn mower to cut my grass that will not stop growing. Date of purchase is April 10, 2013. Got eng. trouble fixed. Stayed in garage for winter, had problem in the spring and still broken in garage. Can not even get an 8 dollar part. Frustrated with tall grass in Louisiana.

I'm sorry to hear of so many bad experiences - of course, human nature is to voice complaints and remain silent when all is going well. I purchased my unit 5 years ago and have done all basic maintenance and nothing more. It runs like a champ and cuts well. As to unlevel cutting - did you check your tire pressure and level your deck according to directions. This occurred once for me and after I followed the instructions in the manual the cut was great.

I have had MTDs, Craftsman, Wheel Horse among others and have found this tractor to be as dependable as the Wheel Horse at a lower cost. MTD and Craftsman both were disappointing in performance with various mechanical failures (steering problems, transmission issues, and overall poor cutting performance that I could not correct myself). The only issue I have had with my Snapper is the cruise control function, which I rarely used and never had much expectation of performance.

I purchased a Snapper RE210 to replace an earlier model I had worn out. The older model gave a very even and beautiful cut to my Zoysia yard. However the RE210 hydro model I bought can't hold a candle to the older model for cutting. The new model creates a cut that is hard to describe. The left side is cut only a little bit and the right side is much shorter.

I took it back to the dealer who leveled the blade table/mowing deck and put a new blade on it. It made scarcely any difference. I now find I have to cut areas twice to have them the same length and to look smooth and groomed. I have never seen a mower that does this and if I had a smaller yard I would use a push mower. My older unit had some black wheels attached to the cutting deck which served to keep the deck level at all times. This newer unit does not have them. I would appreciate any information I can get on this.

I bought a Snapper 550EX 19 inch push mower just over 2 years ago and they say it's out of warranty. The left front wheel was wobbly so I removed it and the inner bearing assembly fell out on the ground with the ball bearings and mangled metal parts. They do not sell just the bearing assembly even though the parts diagram shows this part. The entire wheel assembly is over 50 dollars plus tax and shipping. I found one for less on eBay but come on, only 2 years of mowing with maybe 35 hours of use and a wheel bearing fails? It's cheaply made thin metal with little BB type bearings in a retainer that failed. I will buy the cheap mower at a big box store next time and not spend nearly twice the money for a Snapper again. They fail too but at least it's not as costly when it does fail. My old push mower Snapper lasted over 20 years and I could have repaired it but I thought I would just trade it for a new one at the Snapper dealer. Big mistake.

I purchased a Snapper Walk Behind Mower after I retired my Honda mower after 15 years. I bought it at Walmart and took it home, assembled it, put oil and gas in it and started it. It ran great for the first four times I used it. I was cutting my grass yesterday and the engine failed. It was 45 days from the date of purchase so I could not return it and took it to a Snapper service center. They looked it over and said that the engine was out of oil. They could tell that it had been full but was now empty. Snapper will not warranty engine failure due to this. The engine was full of oil and was empty by the 5th cut. There was no leak so the oil must have burned off. The service tech also told me that this was the third mower he had seen with the same problem. Be warned with this mower. It is made by MTD, not Snapper. I left the mower at the service store and bought a new Honda. Lesson learned.

Bought a LT125 Riding Snapper Mower in March 2011. Used it that year, mowing about one half of grass. The following spring of 2012, had to replace belt at 52 dollar a pop. It lasted about 3 to 4 mowing - same thing. To make story short, have replaced 3 belts. It tears them to strings. SHOULD HAVE GONE WITH ANOTHER MTD.

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Snapper was founded in 1894 as a lumber industry company. Its name comes from their first lawn mower design, which reminded the inventor of a snapping turtle.

  • Riding mower variety: Snapper creates zero-turn, rear engine and tractor-style riding mowers.
  • Flexible yard size: A broad model selection accommodates small to massive yards.
  • Debris management: A two-stage system handles the debris going through the engine.
  • Hydrostatic transmission: This transmission type is similar to a car, providing easy steering controls.
  • Speed shifting: Quick shifting gives the homeowner the responsive control they want.
  • Best for Residential homeowners who are buying a riding lawn mower and want variety from a single company.

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