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104 Kubota Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 7, 2018

In the past I have owned three Kubota diesel products and have been deeply satisfied. Recently, I had some minor tech problems with my X1120D RTV, and it appears that Kubota Corp. now sells products to consumers and then abandons their customers if there are any problems. Kubota Corp. has no “Technical Services Division” at their Customer Service Office. Without going into a long description of my problems, I will simply say that any problem, under warranty or out of warranty, Kubota refers all problems to the dealer where the product was purchased. In other words, buy a Kubota, and if the problem cannot be fixed by the independent dealer, the product belongs to the purchaser.

My experience with the new Kubota’s should be a warning to consumers to look for a tractor company who cares enough about their customers to have a “technical services” to negotiate problems and stand behind their products. After 20 years of total Kubota satisfaction, I find it disappointing that I would ever say this: STAY AWAY FROM KUBOTA! I am unfamiliar with other tractor companies. Maybe they operate under the same conditions. If they all do, then I will buy used tractors from now on and simply cross my fingers and hope for the best.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 5, 2018

Bought the Z100 Series Kommander four years ago. It has never started correctly and the dealership has been great about helping us. However, last summer the engine blew. The dealership said they had several of those engines blow and they worked to get us a free replacement. Less than 40 hours added to the mower since the replacement and the new motor blew. I will never buy another Kubota. Of course, the mower is out of warranty and Kubota would not warranty the new motor. Very, very frustrated!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 4, 2018

There's been a lot of negative posts on here about Kubota and I feel sorry for those of you who have had bad experiences. I, on the other hand, am very happy with my 2 Kubota's. I bought both used, so I don't have as much money invested as a lot of you, but both of my tractors are beasts. My 30 acres is all hilly. I use my used Kubota L245DT to brush hog my fields and end loader work. I use my BX2660 to do mostly yard mowing, but some higher grass use as well. Both tractors have not given me any trouble. My only complaint about the BX2660 is that it run hot. It doesn't go over the red line, but gets pretty close. Both of these tractors climb my hills effortlessly. I'm not sure how much of difference it makes buying my tractors used (I have less than $15,000 in both), but I wouldn't trade either one for anything else.

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Resolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 2, 2018

This very expensive tractor (Kubota BX 1880) is grossly over-rated, to say the least. It is extremely hard to start in any kind of weather. It is grossly under-powered and the snowblower is about the equivalent of a 5HP walk-behind unit. The mower attachment is also under-powered and both attachments are VERY hard to attach and remove. The 50 hour service requirements are impossible for a person who does not own their own repair garage to perform. In sum, this Kubota tractor is one of the worst purchases (rip-offs) I have ever made. I will be fortunate to sell it for 50% of the purchase price and then turn around and buy a REAL John Deere tractor. AVOID Kubota products; if you do not, you will be as sorry (and defrauded of $$) as I am.

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Resolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 10, 2018

I have never taken time to rate a purchase until now. When purchasing a 20,000.00 tractor I never expected to have such continuous problems. After the 5th time I had to have dealer address right front tire going flat, and after they attempted repairs several times, they had me buy a tube - that failed within hours, Now they say I must buy new rim and tire. Combine this with all the loose hydraulic fitting leaks addressed by dealer several times, I am very unhappy. The dealer does not seem interested in resolving this from Kubota. No repeat business from me at this point.

Kubota response


It looks like your dealer has provided you a solution, and all your needs have been addressed. Let us know if there is anything else that needs to done.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 1, 2018

I read a whole page of negative Kubota reviews and wanted to give an honest positive review. I have had my tractor for about a year and put 68.3 HARD hours on it. How hard? I am clearing 3 acres of 30+ foot Melaleuca and Australian Pine trees here in FL by pushing them over (small) or digging them up (large) and loading them on a trailer for removal. I'm beating it up pretty good. Often I wonder, "Can the tractor take this?" So far, so good. I keep repeating some good words of advice, "It's a tractor stupid, not a bulldozer." But sometimes I use it like a bulldozer. I have had some issues. Minor issues. Probably because I am rough with it, but here is a list:

Seat mount retainer pin keeps getting lost and the seat wants to come off. This is so simple so I can only guess that the back and forth sway I put it through over uneven terrain works the pin out through friction. I replaced the pin with a bent pin clipped around itself and haven't had any more problems. Bottom line, bad pin design. <$1.

I bent the tie rod. My fault I got hung up on a stump. I was glad the tie rod bent (like a horseshoe) because it prevented front end damage since I didn't know it was hung up. I suppose it could have been made with stronger metal, but like I said, it probably would have broken something more important. The local Creel dealer kind of screwed up by sending me the wrong side (adjustable instead of fixed) and I ordered new dust caps, which were unnecessary, because the dealer didn't know they were included. But the dealer got me the part in three days and offered to take the dust caps back. <$100.

Hydraulic lines: I have popped two and started a leak in another. The leak in the loader line is probably my fault. I lift a lot of very heavy stuff. I am not out the weighting the trees, but they are very heavy. I'm pretty sure I put too much pressure on the lines. A line for the backhoe stabilizer sprung a leak. On the day it happened, I pulled so hard with the backhoe I tilted the tractor over a few times. And that has happened often. "It's a tractor stupid, not a bulldozer." So probably my fault too.

The line that I could complain about, and I think Kubota should look at, is the main line for the backhoe hydraulics. I seem to remember it got slightly damaged removing and reattaching the backhoe by getting pinched in the process. This is exactly where it sprung a leak. Design wise, there should be a modification that prevents this from happening since you can't see it while hooking the backhoe back up. Next time I have it off, I will be looking for a way to prevent this. Bottom line >$100 to replace all three lines and have them delivered to my house.

I did have one line come loose! Lost lots of hydraulic fluid before I knew it was loose. $50 in fluid and a lost 1/2 day dealing with it, but no long term damage I know of at this point. Dealer problem (not Creel)? Maybe. I am considering an old microscope trick of putting a line of nail polish on the connectors to keep them from vibrating loose.

Design issue: It is stupidly hard to relieve the hydraulic pressure on the lines that feed the grapple when you need to re-attach it. I have resorted to just bringing it home, futzing around with the controls, and then it will connect again. There should be some kind of hydraulic pressure relief button for the front end hydraulic attachments.

Design issue: the rollover protective structures (ROPS) set bolts. I keep my Kubota in a normal residential garage. That means I have to lower the ROPS every time I store it. It is a real pain because of the cable that keeps the bold with the ROPS. I understand the necessity, but it needs some kind of swivel. I'm tempted (though I never do) to NOT engage the ROPS because of what a pain it is to deal with the ROPS bolts. I haven't thought of a solution.

All in all, I can't really complain. It has been a workhorse. Maybe when I get 200+ hours on it I will feel differently or more things will break, but based on my HARD use, if >$200 in parts and >$200 on fluids and maintenance is all I have to pay and I get my land cleared, I have more than justified the cost of the tractor. I'm just one guy, a school teacher who uses the tractor hard on the weekends, but my Kubota has been good to me so far.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 17, 2018

I bought a $20,000 tractor last Monday. 2 days later had a service tech out here fixing it. Had several issues with it. Even the tech said he was going to report the issues with it. Wonder someone hasn't got killed on it yet. Then a few days later went to the dealer I bought it from and got nowhere. Then I called Kubota customer service and was suppose to get a callback. @ weeks now and still no call no email nothing. I will never deal or recommend no one. And found out today that I'm not the only one with the issues and poor dealership here local.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 15, 2018

Do not buy anything Kubota! They are junk! I am 61 years old and buying a Kubota BX2660 was THE worst purchase of my lifetime. We have had constant breakdowns and problems. In the first month the power steering pump went out. Then the fuel pump. The castor bolts break regularly. The belts break, one broke after one mowing and 200$ plus, dealer said warranty does not cover belts. Tractor has been in shop 4 times since the fall with hose leak, Real Seal 0-Ring, hydraulic leak, fuel line problem. It is always something. I would trade it but couldn’t sleep knowing I had put this piece of crap off on someone else. Real money pit! Only use it to mow 2 small hills and haul wood to the porch. Paid 12,000$ new and have spent 6,000$ in repairs. NEVER buy a Kubota!!!! I can’t say it enough!!!

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Resolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 8, 2018

Do not. I repeat. DO NOT BUY A KUBOTA. The worst purchase in my entire lifetime. Never have I encountered such mediocrity. The lies that they tell about their machinery is ridiculous. I bought one 2 years ago. 40 thousand dollars, wasted. Something is always breaking. Even when it's under warranty, they claim it's normal. I'm not going to go into great detail because I've wasted so much of my life on this piece of junk already. I'm cutting my losses and selling mine and going anything other than orange. You have been warned!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 2, 2018

NOTE: The One Star rating is mainly for the Dealership, but right now it's pretty close to what I would give Kubota. If this is resolved in a good way, I will be back to give an updated review. I have a very long litany as to what has been going on with my 2014 Kubota B2650 tractor, so I will keep it as short as possible. First, I purchased this tractor, a 4' Land Pride bush hog and 60" mid-mount finish mower April 18, 2014. It worked its heart out, and has been annually maintained by the dealer since then, until August 11, 2017, that is. Like I said, this is very lengthy, and I have full documentation on everything said, done, etc. but I will give highlights only.

August 11, 2017 I was mowing. Suddenly the engine just quit, like I had turned it off. There was nothing, no reading on the instrument panel. The only lights coming on were the battery check light and the glow plug light. Called dealer, spoke to the Service Manager. The tractor was left outside (I park it in my garage). August 14, 2017 Dealer came and picked up the tractor. August 31, 2017 Service Manager called, tractor coming back tomorrow. September 01, 2017 Service Manager called, tractor failed again while being loaded on the roll off. September 21, 2017 Dealer delivered tractor back to my home. September 22, 2017 Took tractor out to mow, failed, same problem, soon after starting to mow. I called the Service Manager. Tractor was again left outside. September 25, 2017 Dealer came and picked up the tractor.

October 09, 2017 I called Dealer, spoke to Service Manager. He did not have time to talk and said he would call back the next day. October 16, 2017 Service Manager returned my call... a week after he said he would call the "next day". Said the only thing they could figure out that "might" be the problem is the instrument panel was bad. That was a $345.40 part. He did not know how long it would take to get the part. I gave him the "OK". October 30, 2017 I called Service Manager to check on any progress. He said the instrument panel had not arrived yet. November 07, 2017 Dealer delivered tractor back to my home. December 04, 2017 Took tractor out for the first time since being delivered, mowed approximately one to one and a half hours. Tractor ran as it should.

December 05, 2017 Took tractor out to finish mowing, approximately one half hour later it once again failed. I called the Service Manager. I left the tractor outside. December 06, 2017 I went out that night and replaced the fuse that keeps blowing because we were supposed to have freezing rain. Drove it back to the house and parked it in the garage. December 13, 2017 Dealer came and picked up the tractor. I am glad I decided to install a good fuse! When the driver came, and then when I spoke to the Service Manager right after it failed, I informed them I was putting no more money into the tractor for the same failure!

December 14, 2017 Thinking "fresh eyes" might pick up on something, or perhaps they had encountered this problem, I drove to another dealer, with all the paperwork, and asked that dealer if he could think of why this tractor was blowing this particular fuse. He said it looked like the other dealer had pretty much done everything he could think of. He mentioned the Rep. was in the back of the shop. Rather than the Rep coming out to speak to me, he went back and talked to him. When he returned he said the Rep told him that he knew of my tractor's problem and he planned on going to the dealership the following week... the week of December 18, 2017.

February 14, 2018 I had heard nothing from the Dealer, or the Service Manager. I opted at that point to called Kubota's Customer Service, rather than calling the Dealership... again. After I spoke to her, she said she would "reach out to the Dealership and the Rep." I told her it was up to the dealer, or Kubota, to cover the expenses because I had already paid for having work done for the same problem, that I am retired, on a limited income and no one seemed to be able to figure out what is wrong with the tractor.

February 15, 2018 Service Manager called me and his first words were... "I am so glad you called Kubota because it really lit a fire under the Rep!" (Does that mean that the Rep went down the week of December 18th and then did nothing... or that the Rep never went down at all???). The Rep did tell the Service Manager to go ahead and replace a part (the Service Manager told me later he is not a mechanic and so really doesn't know how to work on a tractor, hence the reason he didn't know the name of the part...). He hesitated because he wanted to know who was going to pay for the labor... the Rep said Kubota would pick up the repair through their "Goodwill" program... so they got right on it! February 22, 2018 Dealer delivered my tractor back to my home.

March 22, 2018 I took the tractor out for the first time since being returned, mowed for one and one half hours... and the tractor once again failed! I called the Service Manager. He said he didn't know when they could pick it up "next week". I drove into town to Home Depot, bought some fuses, installed the blown fuse, drove it to the house and parked it in the garage. March 30, 2018 I called Kubota's Customer Service again. She said all she could do is "reach out" to the Dealership and the Rep... It is now one week and three days... and the tractor is still in my garage and no one has called.

So, since August 11, 2017 until March 22, 2018 (Nine months) this tractor has been in the shop five times for the very same issue! I have paid the Dealership a total of $815.74, and the Service Manager, when I called him on March 22, is now talking changing out the wiring harness. I had that done when the tractor was four months old when rats ate the insulation off the wiring (because I was parking it in the barn...) and my choices of repair were... have their mechanic wrap all the wires (he was really good at that I was told...), or replace the wire harness for $1700 and they would work with me on payment. It was still under warranty then so I opted for the correct thing to do, replace the wiring harness. I would have anyway since I prefer a job be done right.

Problem = Consistently blowing 5 Amp fuse for the OPC. A 10 Amp had been put in by the person picking up the tractor on the fourth trip because their roll off was down, he had to use a flatbed trailer and the tractor was down among the trees so I had to be able to drive the tractor. The 10 Amp was still in the slot when I drove it the next time. It also blew the 10 Amp! I reinstalled a 5 Amp this last time so I could drive it to the garage. I will not just use the tractor and replace fuses as they blow... There will come a time when the entire wiring system would probably be fried, then I can hear them now. "You should have known better. You knew there was a short somewhere." I am not going down that rabbit hole!

OVERVIEW: Number of breakdowns = Six (for exact same problem). Out-of-commission = 9 months. Hours of use when home = Approx. 4 hours. Total paid for same repair = $815.74. Status of tractor as of April 01, 2017 = Failed. Payments have been faithfully paid, number left till payoff = 12 months (out of a five year contract). I LOVE my tractor! I just want it FIXED and I PROMISE I will never bother the Dealership again. I am disappointed to the extreme with the Dealership. I am also disappointed with Kubota. But I learned one thing. All Kubota dealerships are independents... therefore how easy it is for Kubota to not get involved. And the Kubota Rep? According to the Customer Service... they only talk to Kubota and the dealership. That, truthfully, I can understand. Makes sense. Would I ever buy another Kubota product? Sure I would, just not from that dealership. But hey, at my age, this will be the only tractor I will ever own.

Well, wait... If this doesn't get fixed, I just might have a green and yellow... or a red... tractor parked in my garage. But I truly want MY tractor. Presently, I do not know when I will hear from the Dealership. I keep trying to be very positive but the picture is getting dimmer by the day and it is difficult to keep from thinking that I will be "stuck" with a tractor that has a serious problem, I have one more year to pay... which I have never missed a payment, nor have I made a late payment... and then I am truly on my own.

Tomorrow will see me composing a letter to Kubota Corporate. It IS a good brand! Their products are excellent! And I really do love my tractor, unfortunately right now all it is doing is taking up space in my garage and I really miss being out on it. I have jobs that were planned to be done over the winter... that didn't happen. Now I cannot even mow my own property, I have five acres, just under four of which I mow... I shall remain optimistic that the Dealership and Kubota will make this right, but I am finished with being jerked around. Let's get this taken care of and not just "run it out" until I have paid for the tractor and then it's... "Who? Do we know you?"

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Original review: Feb. 25, 2018

Our Kubota 3240 HST seat has no sealer/paint on the seat frame causing the seat back to rust prematurely and break off during operation. This is the last email I sent Kubota. "I had contacted you about a issue with a seat falling apart (seat back broke off the seat bottom from unseen rust). You had me contact a local dealers service department and have your area rep. look at it. His/Her finding was that it was rusty from sitting outside even though our unit is kept. Inside a 40 X 50 enclosed garage/barn. FYI your seat has a open cell cushion molded around non seal or painted steel frame. Open cell foam acts like a sponge. Your area rep. saying it's my fault because I leave it outside is so wrong and is only a denial on your company's part."

"If you go by the dealer I purchased the unit from Mid-Florida Tractor & Equipment all his tractors sit outside in the open I had bought a year end unit so I was told making its time outside lengthy. Also every dealer I go past has their units sit outside in the open. I believe your representative needs to rethink his response to my inquiry about assistance on the replacement of this seat as this unit was only left outside by your dealer and is currently sitting in our garage with no seat and the time for using it with our bush hog is coming up soon. By the way this has really tarnished my faith in the Kubota brand and customer service."

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 16, 2018

OK! I can relate to the negative reviews with this product (2014 Kubota BX25D). The guy who wanted one "Out of the crate", unfortunately Kubota doesn't let you do this. I too wanted to pick my own from the few they had on the lot, but the salesman told me that they don't do it like that. He said 1st in and 1st out. It doesn't work like a car dealer. With that said, it should not have had double digit hours on it. Mine had 0.3 hours so I knew it was new. Also, they do stand by the two year warranty, but it does stink that you must get the unit to them at your own expense and sometimes wait too long to get it back. And most of their mechanics are stupid and don't know how to diagnose and repair it right.

My dislikes about the unit are the front tires that needed constant air until I decided to remove them and add tire sealant around the rim bead and it seems to work great. Don't know how hard it will be to remove the tires once they need replacement. Also, my right rear tail light has a bad socket which needs replacement. I'm not bringing it in for that. I will order a new fixture and replace it (Some day). Didn't work since the day I bought it and the bulb is good. Tried fixing the contacts in the socket, but can only make it work intermittently. They won't give me a free fixture unless I bring the unit into them for repairs. Yea! OK! They can go screw!

My unit has been good and reliable to me. But my front end will need alignment. I'll get to it when I get a chance. Unit was not perfect and when I got it home, and the engine temperature didn't work as soon as I got it home, Found the sending unit wire disconnected. This tells me that the dealer didn't thoroughly check the unit out before calling me that it was ready for pick up. As you can see, I installed a cutting edge as I scrape my driveway asphalt for snow removal. Should last a lifetime without ever flipping. Although it adds over 90 pounds to bucket, I can still lift a heaping bucket load of 3/4 clean stone. I still love my machine with the little flaws it has.

I understand some of the mechanical complaints that some people have, and no doubt that these dealers don't keep their word with the sales pitch when selling you the unit. It's all dealers that do this! It is frustrating. As a heavy equipment mechanic, this didn't bother me because I know how to repair the units and made sure that I ordered a full service manual with the unit as part of the deal. I did get the service manual, but of course the salesman lied to me by stating that he would "Kick it in" for free as part of the deal. I wanted the manual in case I ever ran into a technical problem, so I sucked it up and purchased the manual for an additional $200 upon picking up the machine. What a scam!!!! Oh yea! He did give me a free Kubota T-shirt. That made me a little happy! Lol... Don't forget to keep your machine serviced and it should last forever if used for home use like I do!!! Good luck!!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2018

I contacted Kubota customer service to request the manufacture and delivery date of my BX25DLB-T-1 to seller Kahn Tractor and Equipment. I suspect that I have been sold a used/refurbished machine as new. Kubota has refused to furnish me with this information. In May 2015 I visited the dealer in CT in search of a tractor. A unit on the lot had obviously sat out in the snow through the winter as the instrumentation panel had been saturated with condensation, rendering it unusable. I was offered the opportunity to try out the unit. I noticed that the demo unit had double-digit hours on the timer. I specifically told the salesman that I did not want to take receipt of a demo unit nor any equipment stored outside, but that I would purchase one out of the crate. I also noted the serial # of the demo unit. Kahns did not adhere to my request.

In their haste to refurbish and ship this unit they replaced the outlet hose and power beyond pipe fitting. The fitting was only installed hand-tight. In the first week of using the tractor I noticed hydraulic fluid leaking from this fitting. Within 1 year of receiving the tractor there was a noticeable reduction in power. With the bucket full of topsoil the tractor was unable to move in the forward direction. I notified Kahn who sent a service person to my residence to inspect. The serviceman noticed that there was missing hardware in the tractors linkage. He made the repairs on site. Since taking receipt of the machine it has been garaged and has never been left outside overnight. Yet the machine was delivered with a rusted muffler, dry-rotted o-rings, rusted universal joints, and peeling paint.

My suspicions were further raised when I received a letter from Kubota informing me that the model number on my original sales paperwork does not match what was shipped. I notified the Customer Service Manager of this and he never followed up with the seller and never provided a reason for this negligence. I purchased the BX25 with a mower deck and requested a mulch kit. The machine was not delivered with the parts removed from the original mower deck (blades, chute). I had to request them.

I initially contacted Kubota customer service in November 2017. I was contacted by Kubota customer service and conversations continued into early December 2017. The Service Manager refused to return my calls. I finally made contact with the Service Manager on 01/29/18 who indicated that holidays kept him from returning my call. After a short conversation it was apparent that Kubota does not stand by their products. This was further confirmed when the Customer Service Manager hung up on me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 7, 2018

I have had a number of people tell me that Kubota makes a damn good tractor. And the sales department is quick to tell you, "Yes, if you have any problems with it, we will not only fix it, but if need be, we will even loan you a tractor, or so I was told. This is the 3rd time that my tractor has been in the shop since I bought it in 03-2017. It's been in the shop 5 weeks already, and I can't wait to see how long that they keep it this time? Last time I had to go out and buy a 2-man auger to keep moving. My guys hated it.

I own a fence company in Angleton Texas, and not only have they not done what they said that they would do, they have reneged on the loaner tractor, and they were fully aware that I was buying the tractor for my business. I talked to Corporate, and they said that Bobby Ford should loan me a tractor, but they have no control over what each dealer does. Ain't that just special??? I will never buy another Kubota, and as soon as this one is fixed it's going up for sale. We can't even keep the turn signal lenses on it. I thought that this was an off road vehicle, not a parking lot only model?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 7, 2017

Kubota BX 1880 - Bought the unit based on Kubota's reputation... Totally undeserved. This unit is very, very hard to start; has very little power; the instructions are worse than useless (I have to rely on Youtube videos) and; the casting and machining of the parts is extremely poor. I am just hoping that Kubota's totally undeserved reputation for "quality" will allow me to sell this piece of {expletive deleted} for a price not far under what I paid for it, so I can buy a John Deere.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

I have Kubota mu5501. 2 problem comes again and again. My tractor goes to company then also problem not solve. Main reason when we put second gear noise coming. Lift not working properly in field. Tractor run only 350 hours...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

All I asked for when I bought my lawn mower was to get one with the belts protected so they don't break off. I checked the deck belts and they were but the drive belt is not. The first month of use, the drive belt snapped off and I took it in to get a gear driven model that is double the price and they would not allow me to return and upgrade even within a 30 day window. Better off buying a mower from a major retailer that has a return policy. The manufacturer says they have no input on return policy as they do not own the mowers. No guarantee... no return policy... broke within first few hours of use. They don't make them like they used to. My old diesel Kubota was fifteen years old and belts never broke. Now they seemed to be designed tons of they can repeat them for a few hundred dollars.

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Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

I bought a new Kubota L5460. The very first time it required "regeneration" we followed the instructions in the manual, these are very poor instructions, and it would not regenerate after running over an hour. Next day tried the regeneration process going step by step by the manual. Again no regeneration. Contacted the dealer and they had to reprogram the computer to get the regeneration to work. Kubota "customer service" was contacted and their answer is because I tried twice to do what the manual said and it would not work. There was no warranty coverage to have the regeneration reprogrammed. This company's "customer service" and "warranty" isn't worth the paper it’s printed on. I'll NEVER buy another Kubota product, from these lying jerks!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

Since I don't think people would come to this site unless they had problems, I wanted to give a different perspective. We purchased our 2005 Kubota BX from Sharon Springs Garage in Troy NY for mowing, digging, hauling, etc. on our 14 acres, and never had a single issue. We do maintenance about every 2 years. We really love it. We are novices, and the Kubota takes a lot of abuse from our ignorance, but just keeps on trucking on. Customer service is excellent, even though we are an hour away. So shop around, the closest dealer might not be the best.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 31, 2017

Bought a new Kubota B series, cab over. Problems from the start. Air conditioner wouldn't work. Took two tries to fix. Next, the safety switch under seat was bad. They wouldn't believe me, it wouldn't do it when they were there. Took three tries for them to finally fix. Third, and this is where I am now, the PDF filter regenerates all the time!!! Sometimes it's as little as two hours and it wants to regenerate. I'm told there's nothing wrong. (Must be all in my head.) Keep in mind I have less than 50 hours on this thing. Haven't even done first oil change! There's got to be something wrong with this machine... any ideas? Dealer is no help. They are quite incompetent. I did have an L series before... should have kept old one.

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Original review: March 1, 2017

Bought this Z121S 48" Zero Turn Mower last spring. One month after purchase I was having issues where the mower would start to cut off when I pulled the parking brake. If it did shut off I could not get it restarted. If I released the brake before it cut off and rode it around and over a few little bumps and tired again and it would not cut off I could park the mower, shut it down and be able to restart it later or the next time I mowed. I report this to the dealer where I bought the mower and they said there was an issue with the safety switch. They said they knew about the issue and would order the part and get my mower fixed. I never heard from them and just dealt with the issue through the season.

In October I was still dealing with the issue and ended up with the mower totally not starting. I called them and they said they found the part on the manager's desk... Said they must have forgotten to call. So they came and got the machine. Over a week later I still had not heard from them so I stopped by the dealer. Only then was I told they lost the part in the 4 days it took for them to pick up the machine and had to order another so they could fix the problem. I finally got the mower back and was able to use it for one cut. A few weeks ago I got the mower started and ran it for not even 5 minutes and the issue was happening again. I managed to do most of my work with it but then it cut off and I had to get help pushing the mower back to the driveway because it just would not start. All this with only 110 hours on the mower.

Another week has passed and I called the dealer. They said they are waiting for a new wiring harness. They found a place in the wiring where they were smashed and look to be soldered back together. Kubota was saying the owner must have done this... The service tech said he had to remove the tank to even find this issue and he states he told Kubota there was no way the owner would have or could have done this to the wires. How scary is it that I was riding around on a machine where the gas tank is under the operator seat and there are smashed and soldered wires under it? Totally a safety issue to have wires under a tank and have them soldered. Now here I sit with a 4K dollar loan on a junk machine.

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Original review: Nov. 3, 2016

We have a 2014 9960 Kubota 4WD front end loader. This tractor has given us problems from day 1!!! It has only 485 hours right now. About 2 months ago, it busted a steel hydraulic line, the dealer's service manager told us the cab would have to be lifted. The total bill for replacing line was $1285. In 60 days, the same line ruptured again. We had our mechanic to remove line, which took approximately 20 minutes. We called dealer, Appling Motors in Baxley, GA. Told them. Their job lasted approx. 2 hours. We braised the line and replaced it. Approx 20 more minutes. They charged us 8 hours at $85/hour.

Never buy a Kubota Tractor or you will be ripped off!!! We also have a 3360 and we are selling this piece of junk at an auction for whatever it brings. We feel Kubota has ripped us off for about $40,000 on these 2 tractors. Want to share this... NEVER BUY A KUBOTA TRACTOR!!! We also had a R1100 ATV and dealer ripped us off for $1150. For air conditioning compressor. Although the machine had 300 hours!!!

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2016

DO NOT BUY ONE. IT'S NOT WORTH THE MONEY. I purchased a new Kubota RTV900 Diesel 4-wheel Drive. Paid about $4000.00 more than other models/brands because I thought I was getting a higher quality machine. Don't waste your money. I am retired... 37 years auto and heavy equipment repair. What Kubota has done is make the parts on the RTV to fail. They do not put grease fittings in their U-joints, do not put fitting in the rear axle shafts so it makes it impossible to remove without destroying the shaft. Check with a Kubota dealer. Then they charge about 4 time as much for the parts.

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Original review: Sept. 5, 2016

We bought a Kubota riding tractor 3 summers ago and we have had nothing but problems with it. The drive belt broke because the pulley is PLASTIC and the mower has been hard to start for the last 2 years. The John Deere dealer just called and said that there is another plastic piece that goes into the carburetor and it is broke. This part can't be replaced -- you have to buy a new carburetor??? At a cost of $500 parts and labor. The belt and pulley was over a $500 repair. When does it stop?

We will never buy another Kubota product. We also had to put a new battery in it the 2nd year and guess what, only a Kubota battery fits or you have to alter where it is screwed down. We tried several lawn batteries to find that we had to buy a Kubota battery at $90. I guess if you build mowers that have plastic parts and only uses your batteries and belts only -- your company will get rich at other people's expense. Never EVER buy a Kubota product!! They are junk. This lawn mower cost over $5000 and is only 3 summers old and spends more time at the John Deere dealer for repair - and OH that is because the dealer that sold us the Kubota has no time to repair our mower as he is too wrapped up in fixing large farm equipment. They did not stand behind what they sold at all. Thanks to John Deere for getting us up and running each and every time with a smile. I will buy a Deere soon as this mower will just keep on breaking down.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2016

In June 2016, I purchased a brand new Kubota Tractor LA525, in Westminster, M.D. After 9 hours, the tractor began to display a code PO336. The tractor would just shut off. I went to the Kubota dealer from which I purchased the tractor from, and explained what was going on. The service manager said "How long can you go without your tractor?" I advised the service manager not long. They came and picked up the tractor. They have had the tractor now for over two weeks. I called the service department after five days of hearing nothing from the dealer, and they advised that they were still working on it.

After another 5 days I called and the service department said that they had someone from Kubota coming in to look at the tractor. I told the service manager, I had twenty six acres that needed to be cut. "He told me let me see what I can do." The easy part was buying the tractor. The hard part is getting the service department and Kubota to fix it. Westminster Kubota has the WORST customer service. Don't buy a Kubota from them. In fact I will never purchase another Kubota product again.

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Original review: Aug. 13, 2016

I took my Kubota B2620HDS in for warranty work. After only 26 hours on tractor had to take it to different dealer than where I purchased it from for repair work. They keep my tractor for a month then told me it was fixed. After I got it home I found it was not fixed. I called other dealer and told them about the problem. He told me no big deal, to bring it in. That was 6 weeks ago and I still don't have my tractor back. I filed a complaint with the BBB.

In two days someone from Kubota call me wanting to know how she could help me and what the problem was. I told her how her dealers were jerking me around just because I did not buy it at their dealership (because they did not have the model I wanted at the time). She told me that was not the way they are suppose to treat me and she was going to take care of it. That was two weeks ago and I have not heard from her or the dealer that has my tractor. I just want to warn other people who are planning on buying a new tractor. Once Kubota gets your money they do not stand by you. You are at the mercy of the dealer to make repairs when they feel like it.

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Original review: Aug. 5, 2016

I bought this mod, brand new in Mar of 2014! In Apr or May the main bearing went out of the eng. Took it to the dealer - they replaced whole engine. From there it was downhill - Blade assembly, clutch cable, clutch, carburetor, PTO switch (2). Had it serviced back in Nov., didn't use it until mid March. It has been in the shop 5-6 times this year. The dealer has been nice by coming out to take it back in for repairs each time to Knoxville, Tn from Sevierville, Tn, but it not what I expected after having 2 previous Kubota products. It still has 1 1/2 years left on the warranty, but what will happen when the warranty runs out after 4 years? I'm stuck paying the whole bill. When you spend $5,000 on a pc of equip. it should last more than 2 years!! It's a Lemon I think!!!

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2016

Few months ago bought a new L4240 with BH92. The Arm of BH92 is off center when parked. It's to the right when you see it from the back of the backhoe. Called the Kubota dealer David Evans Group in Brendale, Queensland Australia, and the manager says it is all right and does not want to provide any document to support what he's saying. He has a short tempo and elegant way of communicate with the customer.

Asked for a 400 hrs services for my BX1800, but they have my machine a heavy full scale service, not a scheduled 400 hrs one. It more like a 600 hours service or 300 hours service, but the correct one. They admitted there are internal management errors and it's computer system fault, but they still charged me in full. Things are still pending now. Things must go to Fair Trade ACCC if Kubota Australia does not handle this right. Kubota has a very bad quality control and products services on its dealers and no auditing activity at all. Now is considering sell all to change other brand.

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Original review: July 12, 2016

Kubota dealer assured me they could diagnose my hydraulic system to determine if a Kubota added front valve was damaging the expensive backhoe seals on my $30,000 L3940 TBL tractor. After in shop, they insisted on replacing the seals first, even though the backhoe can be bypassed in under 10 seconds with the quick connect hoses that allow easy removal of backhoe. After $700 charge, the dealer refused to even look at the problem, I described in great detail to the service department and talked to the mechanic in person about the problem which I requested in writing.

They seemed to NOT KNOW HOW TO DIAGNOSE the problem. After pushing them to diagnose the issue failed. I went up the management chain only to find rude and sarcastic employees at every level, including Kubota's Southeast Technical Support manager, Dennis ** (Atlanta). Mr. **'s boss, Richard ** said I should take it to a dealer that installs the suspect valve (WR Long) that Kubota installed on my tractor. The dealership is listed as a dealer for WR Long. I filed a BBB complaint which Kubota would not even address.

I was over charged the quoted pickup/delivery fees and they replaced an additional valve kit that was in working order. Kubota never apologized, admitted anything, or fixed my ongoing issue (over a year). Tractor is now out of warranty. The other 3 area dealers seem to be 2 months backlogged and are unable to schedule me for service after discovering an open Kubota ticket. The dealer who sold me the tractor will not rectify unless I spend $1200 in pickup/delivery charges, even though they delivered the tractor to me for $300. Dealer and Kubota Corp. seem to have a business model that puts the consumer at a great disadvantage.

I did not see the service ticket until after I paid the bill over the phone, to get my tractor delivered. They wrote the ticket up to justify what they did, which was not what I verbally and in writing requested. After Kubota gets your money, you may just be on your own. Just look at all these complaints on this website. If you do buy a Kubota, make sure you have a reputable dealer that will stand behind your expensive equipment. And don't expect to get warranty work done without a huge hassle. Kubota believes it is your fault, first.

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Original review: June 7, 2016

Sent tractor for service, did not repair and hood down and inoperative. Cannot service and dealer wants me to bring it in. I have no trailer. They want to charge me to repair what they broke. Cannot service tractor, cannot use tractor. Still smells new. Just sitting there but still making payments. DO NOT BUY KUBOTA.

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