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DO NOT BUY ONE. IT'S NOT WORTH THE MONEY. I purchased a new Kubota RTV900 Diesel 4-wheel Drive. Paid about $4000.00 more than other models/brands because I thought I was getting a higher quality machine. Don't waste your money. I am retired... 37 years auto and heavy equipment repair. What Kubota has done is make the parts on the RTV to fail. They do not put grease fittings in their U-joints, do not put fitting in the rear axle shafts so it makes it impossible to remove without destroying the shaft. Check with a Kubota dealer. Then they charge about 4 time as much for the parts.

We bought a Kubota riding tractor 3 summers ago and we have had nothing but problems with it. The drive belt broke because the pulley is PLASTIC and the mower has been hard to start for the last 2 years. The John Deere dealer just called and said that there is another plastic piece that goes into the carburetor and it is broke. This part can't be replaced -- you have to buy a new carburetor??? At a cost of $500 parts and labor. The belt and pulley was over a $500 repair. When does it stop?

We will never buy another Kubota product. We also had to put a new battery in it the 2nd year and guess what, only a Kubota battery fits or you have to alter where it is screwed down. We tried several lawn batteries to find that we had to buy a Kubota battery at $90. I guess if you build mowers that have plastic parts and only uses your batteries and belts only -- your company will get rich at other people's expense. Never EVER buy a Kubota product!! They are junk. This lawn mower cost over $5000 and is only 3 summers old and spends more time at the John Deere dealer for repair - and OH that is because the dealer that sold us the Kubota has no time to repair our mower as he is too wrapped up in fixing large farm equipment. They did not stand behind what they sold at all. Thanks to John Deere for getting us up and running each and every time with a smile. I will buy a Deere soon as this mower will just keep on breaking down.

In June 2016, I purchased a brand new Kubota Tractor LA525, in Westminster, M.D. After 9 hours, the tractor began to display a code PO336. The tractor would just shut off. I went to the Kubota dealer from which I purchased the tractor from, and explained what was going on. The service manager said "How long can you go without your tractor?" I advised the service manager not long. They came and picked up the tractor. They have had the tractor now for over two weeks. I called the service department after five days of hearing nothing from the dealer, and they advised that they were still working on it.

After another 5 days I called and the service department said that they had someone from Kubota coming in to look at the tractor. I told the service manager, I had twenty six acres that needed to be cut. "He told me let me see what I can do." The easy part was buying the tractor. The hard part is getting the service department and Kubota to fix it. Westminster Kubota has the WORST customer service. Don't buy a Kubota from them. In fact I will never purchase another Kubota product again.

I took my Kubota B2620HDS in for warranty work. After only 26 hours on tractor had to take it to different dealer than where I purchased it from for repair work. They keep my tractor for a month then told me it was fixed. After I got it home I found it was not fixed. I called other dealer and told them about the problem. He told me no big deal, to bring it in. That was 6 weeks ago and I still don't have my tractor back. I filed a complaint with the BBB.

In two days someone from Kubota call me wanting to know how she could help me and what the problem was. I told her how her dealers were jerking me around just because I did not buy it at their dealership (because they did not have the model I wanted at the time). She told me that was not the way they are suppose to treat me and she was going to take care of it. That was two weeks ago and I have not heard from her or the dealer that has my tractor. I just want to warn other people who are planning on buying a new tractor. Once Kubota gets your money they do not stand by you. You are at the mercy of the dealer to make repairs when they feel like it.

I bought this mod, brand new in Mar of 2014! In Apr or May the main bearing went out of the eng. Took it to the dealer - they replaced whole engine. From there it was downhill - Blade assembly, clutch cable, clutch, carburetor, PTO switch (2). Had it serviced back in Nov., didn't use it until mid March. It has been in the shop 5-6 times this year. The dealer has been nice by coming out to take it back in for repairs each time to Knoxville, Tn from Sevierville, Tn, but it not what I expected after having 2 previous Kubota products. It still has 1 1/2 years left on the warranty, but what will happen when the warranty runs out after 4 years? I'm stuck paying the whole bill. When you spend $5,000 on a pc of equip. it should last more than 2 years!! It's a Lemon I think!!!

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Few months ago bought a new L4240 with BH92. The Arm of BH92 is off center when parked. It's to the right when you see it from the back of the backhoe. Called the Kubota dealer David Evans Group in Brendale, Queensland Australia, and the manager says it is all right and does not want to provide any document to support what he's saying. He has a short tempo and elegant way of communicate with the customer.

Asked for a 400 hrs services for my BX1800, but they have my machine a heavy full scale service, not a scheduled 400 hrs one. It more like a 600 hours service or 300 hours service, but the correct one. They admitted there are internal management errors and it's computer system fault, but they still charged me in full. Things are still pending now. Things must go to Fair Trade ACCC if Kubota Australia does not handle this right. Kubota has a very bad quality control and products services on its dealers and no auditing activity at all. Now is considering sell all to change other brand.

Kubota dealer assured me they could diagnose my hydraulic system to determine if a Kubota added front valve was damaging the expensive backhoe seals on my $30,000 L3940 TBL tractor. After in shop, they insisted on replacing the seals first, even though the backhoe can be bypassed in under 10 seconds with the quick connect hoses that allow easy removal of backhoe. After $700 charge, the dealer refused to even look at the problem, I described in great detail to the service department and talked to the mechanic in person about the problem which I requested in writing.

They seemed to NOT KNOW HOW TO DIAGNOSE the problem. After pushing them to diagnose the issue failed. I went up the management chain only to find rude and sarcastic employees at every level, including Kubota's Southeast Technical Support manager, Dennis ** (Atlanta). Mr. **'s boss, Richard ** said I should take it to a dealer that installs the suspect valve (WR Long) that Kubota installed on my tractor. The dealership is listed as a dealer for WR Long. I filed a BBB complaint which Kubota would not even address.

I was over charged the quoted pickup/delivery fees and they replaced an additional valve kit that was in working order. Kubota never apologized, admitted anything, or fixed my ongoing issue (over a year). Tractor is now out of warranty. The other 3 area dealers seem to be 2 months backlogged and are unable to schedule me for service after discovering an open Kubota ticket. The dealer who sold me the tractor will not rectify unless I spend $1200 in pickup/delivery charges, even though they delivered the tractor to me for $300. Dealer and Kubota Corp. seem to have a business model that puts the consumer at a great disadvantage.

I did not see the service ticket until after I paid the bill over the phone, to get my tractor delivered. They wrote the ticket up to justify what they did, which was not what I verbally and in writing requested. After Kubota gets your money, you may just be on your own. Just look at all these complaints on this website. If you do buy a Kubota, make sure you have a reputable dealer that will stand behind your expensive equipment. And don't expect to get warranty work done without a huge hassle. Kubota believes it is your fault, first.

Sent tractor for service, did not repair and hood down and inoperative. Cannot service and dealer wants me to bring it in. I have no trailer. They want to charge me to repair what they broke. Cannot service tractor, cannot use tractor. Still smells new. Just sitting there but still making payments. DO NOT BUY KUBOTA.

I purchased a Kubota L6040 tractor from Kubota, and financed it through their credit corporation. When making payments I noted they would not allow you to make a payment on the date you actually make it. They would only allow you to post a date approximately two days later. I paid on my tractor for 84 months. The initial cost was almost $31,000. I was late with one payment due to paying the payment online, and when I made the payment you have to also click authorize. I forgot to do that on one payment, and didn't catch it until it was 30 days past due. This is the ONLY payment which was late. They reported this to the credit bureau. I contacted the Kubota Credit Corp., and explained it to their personnel who agreed with me. They forwarded it to their management, but they would not change anything regarding their report. I will not purchase another orange tractor for that purpose.

Front Tires will not seal due to rotating on the rim. Purchased 12/2014 and first month had issues. Dealer/said BX25 had too much torque for the small front tires when operating in 4 wheel drive. At considerable expense, I have taken the tires to a professional tire shop multiple times and they have used every trick in the book to seal the tires, including installing tubes. The tire rotates pulling the valve stem off of the tube. Many BX25 owners seem to be having these same issues. Imo, there should be a recall issued and replacement with heavier duty front tires... Tractor was purchased at Nelson Tractor Jasper Georgia – Nelson Tractor Company, nelsontractorco.com/nelson-tractor-jasper-georgia/ Phone: 678-454-2900. Fax: 678-454-2918. 292 Interstate South Drive Jasper, GA 30143.

We bought a 2015 SVL90-2 in May of 2015. A 2 weeks later it starting cut off in the middle of working and flashing codes. Took to the dealer 3 times and was not fixed. Technician came out to the jobs 4 times still nothing. We have not been able to run the machine for 2 solid work days only 2 weeks after we picked up from the dealer. Very dissatisfied with Kubota and the dealer.

On an L series Kubota, tractor Two brake failures on hillsides mowing in light blackberry briars, in combination with the only suspension tractor seat that ever bottomed out with a hard back jarring thud, have left me with back pain. The dealer has done the most he could for us and has been excellent. The poor design and quality of the tractor is the problem. Total Junk, never had this problem with a red or yellow machine, only this piece of crap orange one. This tractor was specifically bought to do this mowing and failed.

Its all about customer service. Thanks Henard Utility in Searcy and Tim at Kubota.

Original Review

A brand new tractor BX2370 was purchased from McClung Equipment in Mountain View, Arkansas in June of 2015. The tractor was delivered with a flat tire. The delivery man just shrugged his shoulders and drove off after unload. These two front tires have subsequently never held air overnight and need to be refilled every morning. Within a week a bolt of the type used on the tractor was found lying under the unit in my storage area. Extensive inspection of the unit could not determine its origin.

At 100 hours the oil change was scheduled at my home shop. The oil filter was removed and it was immediately noted that this filter has never had oil flow through it. I repeat, this is a dry filter. No oil has ever flowed through this filter. This is a factory installed filter. This is the only time this filter has been removed by anybody, to my knowledge.

A trip to McClung Equipment to look into this serious anomaly resulted in the dealership and its mechanic flat out denying it was a dry filter. I must note that it is blatantly obvious that oil has never flowed through this filter. How a supposedly competent mechanic can deny anything but that conclusion is beyond comprehension. The owner and mechanic time and time again argued the filter issue to the point I knew I was being blown off.

This incident has been reported to the Arkansas Attorney's General Office of Consumer Affairs. I still await the conclusion. Meanwhile I have a literately brand new Kubota BX2370 sitting in my shop with a compromised engine. There is no way of telling what damage has been done to the unit now, or how it will fare up after several thousand hours of operation. Is my warranty void? Who is responsible? Why will the dealership not recognize the blatantly obvious? What kind of mechanic is this person? It is impossible to get a human being at Kubota. Every attempt to contact this company ended in voice. Both run around. These are the facts as I know them. You be a judge. What do you think?

I purchased a new 2015 Kubota SVL 90 track loader. After a few days of operating a forestry attachment, the wiring harness, air filter housing and other rubber components melted down and caught fire. Kubota Corp denied warranty coverage because they claim that fire damage is not covered by Kubota's warranty contract. A month after paying $60,000 cash for this Kubota product, it is worthless. Kubota has refused to repair the unit, even when I offered to pay for the parts and repair, so I can get back to work. Kubota Corp representative stated no warranty, no repair, no return, no replacement, and no refund.

After purchasing my Kubota tractor BX25 from Ricer Equipment in Jackson, Ohio my front left tire came off the rim. I contacted Ricer Equipment and they advised to just put air in it, which I did. After this the tire would go flat after setting for 2 days or every time I used it. After calling Ricer again I had to take the tire to them, which is 1 hour away. They resealed it and sent it home, which it never fixed the problem and now the right tire started doing the same thing. After calling Ricer back the own advised there was nothing else he would do. After letting him known that my tractor had less than 2 hours on it he advised to bring it back down, which I did and had to leave it there.

After a week I went back to get my tire and it was not there. They had taken it to a tire shop and advised me it was my responsible to pick it up. Now I have just paid them over $20,000 for this tractor and already their customer service is really bad. After going to the tire shop I am told they out a tube in my tire and was told that my rim was bad and that it would never hold air. I just was not going to settle for this, so I contacted Kubota main office in CA.

Here they gave my complaint to the Grove City, Ohio headquarters, which the guy called me one time and never would call me back. Well back to the CA office I went and after approximate a month the guy from Grove City call and continue to tell me they was going to do this and after that it was my problem. Good customer service Kubota. Not. Well finally in about a month my wife had to take both tires to Ricer Equipment and they gave her two more tires, which turned out to be used because the rims were all scratched up and had big dents in them. To this day Ricer Equipment or Kubota had gave me new tires for the tractor that only has 14 hours on it and today the air valve stem blow out. I will never buy from Ricer Equipment or Kubota Tractors.

I purchased my Kubota RTV 900 in 2006, used with 40 hours of usage. Ten years later, it has 700 hours on it now, and the only thing I have done is to change the oil, hydraulics, coolant, battery, filters, and put a new set of tires on it. Oh, and I of course have greased the grease fittings bi-yearly. It has been a wonderful machine and a joy to own. I never thought a piece of machinery to improve my life so much as this one. I use it everyday hauling logs, riding and maintaining trails, and putting in food plots. Now, after 10 years of service, the front CV axles need replacing. Considering what I have put her thru, I am blown away they made it this long. $240 for two new CV axles, and I bet you she'll be good to go for another ten years.

We have great dealer support in my area for Kubota products. I know several folks who use their farm tractors, and they love them. One farmer had issues with his, but it is 30 years old. Also, he doesn't take care of his stuff. Henry County Schools has outfitted their grounds crews with Kubota zero turns, and they have ran circles around the Grasshopper machines they were using. Kubota makes great products. I do hope others here find better dealer support. I personally have had great experiences with them. The only con I can think of is that their parts are pricey as well as their fluids and filters. I have to buy service products online. The local dealer will rob you with the markup on their wares.

As a long time owner of Kubota products, we thought our purchase of an SLV 90 was a no brainer. We should have done our homework because evidently there have been problems with the hydraulic pump for the lift cylinders. After about 500 hours we noticed a reduction in the lift capacity. So we replaced filters and fluid in the hope that this was the problem. Unfortunately it only got worse. After some online investigating we found many other customers with the same problem, so we brought the machine back to F&W Equipment in Orange, CT. They told us Kubota would replace the pump, so we thought they would stand behind their product because they obviously had a problem as evidenced by other complaints about the same problem. Well when we went to pick up our machine at F&W Equipment in Orange, CT, we were hit with a $4000.00 bill for labor.

I expressed my dissatisfaction at the time and was assured by the sales manager that the service manager would contact me as soon as he returned from Arizona. Well almost two months later and not even a phone call. I would encourage anyone thinking of buying one of these machines to think twice and do your homework, and certainly consider where you purchase your machine.

Bought a L3901HST at Marshall Machine. Salesmen said he would set the tires up wide for delivery. I received delivery and later that day realized the tires were not set up as stated they would be. I'm disabled so this is a big deal for me to set up. Approx 100 hours into operating the tractor it started knocking worse than a door to door salesman. Three error messages popped up which another dealer said were allegedly not seen when they worked on the tractor. They have to remove the engine (believe it threw a rod) and are not sure when I will get it back. I am in the middle of a 4 building construction project which has come to a halt. Does anyone know the # for John Deere?

Just remember when you give Kubota $19,000.00 cash for a tractor that they are doing you the favor. I was in sales for fifteen years and I have never seen such arrogant non-customer service; very indifferent and rude. The national customer service is no better. I am very sorry I ever bought a Kubota. The day after I bought the tractor a cotter pin fell off and I asked the salesman if he could mail me one and he said, "That is not our policy. You can buy one at Tractor Supply for a dollar." This is the day after I gave them $19,000. The icing on the cake was when they sent me some tacky Christian card telling me I should thank Jesus. For what? I gave them the $19,000, Jesus didn't. Please don't make the same mistake I did.

I bought a new bx2370 a month ago. The dealer Abingdon equipment delivered the tractor. I did not notice a dent in the right side. When I was bush hogging a few weeks later my tach quit working. I stopped and found out the fuel pump wiring was pulled out of the harness. It is a bad setup. I contacted the dealer and Kubota and it's all on me to fix. About 7-800 dollars for a new harness because they put the pump and harness under the tractor to be hit and damaged by brush or whatever you pass over.

My tractor had about 20 hours on when it overheated while cutting my lawn, the yard is about one acre. I immediately stop the engine when I noticed the heat is up. Some time thereafter I took it to the dealer, he told me I abused it and they have lots of similar cases. I was blown away by the service manager's aggression. At the time of purchase I paid a significant amount extra for a extended warranty, something I was immediately told that it's not covered. I have cut the same grass for more than 7 years with a small Sears model (and it still runs). The Kubota dealer mentioned it will cost me at least $400 to look at it and they will have to replace the radiator. I decided the Kubota's warranty is worthless anyway so I replaced the radiator and thermostat myself. It did not overheated since.

However now after several year I smell some antifreeze when the engine runs hot and I suspect it's from some gasket damage from the overheat a few years back. The engine runs fine though. I just make sure the coolant reservoir is always filled, there are no signs of overheat. I have a technical background and I am convinced the original radiator or thermostat was defective since manufacture. Something worth mention, I had to park the tractor outside for a few months and the panels and gauges are now badly sun faded. Even after replying to the new customer survey I received Kubota support is non-existent, the extra warranty is worth nothing. I have seventeen other vehicles of which I mostly service myself none have any problems. Spare yourself the frustration, find another brand with reliable products and something call service.

Purchased BX2370 from Murphy Family Inc. In the first year of use the LA2411 loader bucket has been broken three times with less than 250 hours on the machine. Have complained to Paul ** & Jeff **, Asst. Div. Service Mgr., Groveport, OH, Phone 614 835 3817, **. The bucket has broken again and no one will reply to my e-mails. I am requesting to have the bucket completely replaced. I feel this is a lemon.

We purchased this BX2400 tractor brand new from Dorr's Equipment in Bangor Maine. Ever since we purchased it the oil that dripped under the foot stand plus the floor stand broke the first 6 months we got it and Dorr's told us they would order a new one and replace it. Last fall I was in their parts room and the person who helped me told me that it is a power steering that is leaking and they have had a lot of problems with this on that particular tractor. That is the first time anyone has told me anything of that sort. We have a Kubota Dealer in Presque Isle but I would not take anything there to be fixed, that place is overcharging and takes forever to get anything done. I like the BX, it is a good tractor, but right know we can't even use it for you can't keep any oil in it.

I purchased this tractor, made all my payments and get letters all the time wanting to sell me a new one. We have a 2 HST 72 that was more hydraulic than this tractor this one has but no one ever wanted to fix the problems so why would we even consider buying another tractor. We have owned 3 new Kubota's in the last 20 years and if you ever want to sell me another one someone need to fix the oil leaks and the floor board that they told me they would come and get the tractor as soon as it came in.

Kubota has a good product but I tried out a new New Holland and I have to say I was impressed except for the hydraulic strength. Can someone please tell me why my tractor has never been fixed? It has not been because I have given someone a hard time. I was promised but no one ever carried through. I like a Kubota tractor and I know several who have them but they all tell me "you have not used me very good" and that could be a cause for them to change when a next new tractor is purchased.

I own a BX2370V purchased from Marshall Machinery in Honesdale Pa. (A great dealership) With about 200 hours on it, a problem with the loader control valve developed. I contacted a more local Kubota dealer to save money on the trucking fees. That dealer is Pocono Power Center in Swiftwater Pa. (Not a great dealership) The tractor was still under warranty or I would have fixed it myself. On June 29th the tractor was picked up at my house by Pocono Power Center. On June 30th I received a call saying that there was something wrong with the loader control valve and that it's about 5 hours work to take it apart and that they would let me know what they find. I heard nothing back from them. So on Friday July 3rd I called and left a message because no one answered the phone.

I called again on Monday July 6th and was told that a service technician hasn't been in since Tuesday June 30th but he is due in the next day which would be July 7th. I made several more calls and on one of those calls I was told that they just got approval from Kubota to order a new control valve because the parts to fix the valve are not sold separately. On Wednesday July 15th I was told that they just got the new control valve in the day before and they should be able to get it done the next day. It is now Friday July 17th and I was told I wouldn't be getting my tractor back today and that the service department doesn't work on Saturdays.

To date they have had my tractor 22 days. This is an unacceptable amount of time. I am extremely frustrated that they have had the new valve for 4 days now and have not yet put it in. When I spoke to the manager he said since I didn't buy it there it wasn't a priority. I recommend that something be done about this dealership. I love my tractor but will never buy another Kubota because of the crappy service provided by this dealership.

I had rear main seal replaced by Kubota a year ago and it started leaking again and blew out all the oil and overheated! Now I need to replace engine. Shouldn't a seal last longer than 1 year?

So I contacted Kubota direct and after two attempts [the first one was a bit of a rant]. I was contacted by the factory rep, Matt; he told me he agreed with the dealer, but he would be willing to look at photos or video. I sent him several photos and explained the damage was not a result of abuse but a defect in manufacturing. 6 welds across the back had broken and caused the fractures.

He responded and we met at the dealership about three weeks ago. He examined the mower deck discovering that the bearings in the mandrills had enough wear to cause the excessive vibration.

After submitting a pre-authorization, Burke Equipment decided to give a full refund plus new blades and belt. Also, the mandrills were rebuilt.

It pays to be patient and go through the channels. I should also point out that if you look up stress fracture on Wikipedia it is not recognized as a legally binding form of damage. Physicist disagree.

So if you have a warranty issue, take photos of your damage, do your research, be packet, post on Consumer Affairs. Over 13000 views. Your business is valuable.

Original Review

I purchased my Zero turn lawn mower from Burke equipment in Delmar De. on 04/28/2014 and it operated fine up until 07/09/2015. I have cut a lot of grass over the years and speak with plenty of experience with wear and tear. If you look at the picture of my "commercial" grade mower deck with a 48 month warranty, this is about as unlikely as it gets. I was about to make my last pass cutting my brother's yard when it sounded like I had picked up a piece of plastic with the blades. I disengaged the mower and raised the deck. To my disbelief the deck around the pulley/mandrel assembly was torn apart. Not only had the deck fractured, the K lift assembly had sheared off the connecting pin and ripped the deck lift attachment apart.

Afterwards I found several other fractures on the deck. I had changed the blades about 1 month ago and never noticed any fractures or broken welds. Kubota denied the warranty and this is costing me about $1000.00 on top of the $6000.00 I paid for the mower. I haven't gotten the parts in and I am having the dealer repair the K lift. I will make updates if necessary. In conclusion I would not recommend buying a Kubota product. I paid a premium compared to the competition's product. Kubota does not hold up. It isn't worth what you pay for it. They don't stand behind it.

Kubota 500 fuel pump - We bought new, had recommended service at 50 hrs then had trouble starting. Returned to service dept., charged $125 & was told it was bad gas! Problem still not fixed, returned to service dept. - now recommends replacing fuel pump ($415 without labor).

I bought a new SVL90-2 Kubota CTL loader with a industrial grapple. The hydraulics for the grapple run so hot that the heat goes through the entire hydraulic system. It got so hot that I burnt my leg on the console that you drive the machine from. The dealer is try but Kubota has done less than nothing.

I bought a Kubota tractor in 2013 October and called today to make a appointment for a small leak on the front axle, the tractor has 93 hours on it. First thing they say is it a wear part and that it is not under warranty for 2 years. So what is a wear part, pretty much anything on the tractor I guess so the warranty is crap. I even called corporate and they said they would see what they could do. I was smart enough to go and talk to a sales rep about a new tractor at the dealership, guess what, he says the new one is covered everything for 24 months. So when I revealed what I was there for, his knowledge changed and said "well it is up to the service dept."

Kubota needs to get it straight, does it have a warranty or not? I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau in Kansas to make a complaint even though after arguing with them they are now going to fix it. I love the tractors but this is just robbery to make a 2 year bumper to bumper warranty and then try and refuse to warranty anything. This is not a wear part either, it is a cap plug on the bottom of the right side of the from axle that takes a o-ring to fix. I will never buy another tractor with Kubota on it. This occurred at Coleman Bonner springs KS.

My Kubota bx 2660 is three years old. 250 hours of use. Began to run very rough. I changed the fuel filters and bled the injectors. It ran good for a few hours then the same issue. I called the Kubota dealer and was told it was a fuel issue and to drain the tank and replace the fuel filters. I did that and it ran for a few more hours and again the same issue. The dealer suggested replacing the fuel pump. I did that and the fuel filters again. It ran great for a much longer time than when it got to less than half a tank of fuel it started the same issue again. I filled it with fuel and it is running good so far. I'm stumped. I would not think this should happen in 250 hours of use. I will never buy another Kubota tractor.

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Kubota brought its products to the United States in 1969 and provides a wide range of lawn and construction equipment.

  • Residential and commercial: Kubota creates residential and commercial riding mower models designed for each market's unique needs.
  • Financing: The company has its own financing options to help improve affordability of its riding mowers.
  • Diesel engine options: These environmentally-friendly diesel engines offer significant power.
  • Up to 72-cutting deck: A massive cutting deck addresses any size yard.
  • Oversize fuel tanks: 16-gallon fuel tanks keep the riding mower going until the yard is completed.
  • Best for Residential homeowners and commercial businesses buy these riding mowers to handle massive lots.

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