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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Kubota?
    • 4,483,147 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed May 8, 2024

    Z125 zero turn. 97 hrs! Replaced two coils, seat fell off, bolts coming lose all over. Haven't been able to start it without taking off the air cleaner every time to hold my hand over it to choke it. That's been since I got it and yes I had it back to the dealer for that problem, yeah at my expense. I went from a Toro to this, yeah not a smart move. Basically I'm not saying don't get one just look at your options for the money, now I'm stuck with this thing too much in it too walk away and I will not push it off on someone else. In two years I have not been able to cut my yard from start to finish without having to stop and fix or replace something. Not a happy camper Kubota!

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaffReliability

    Reviewed Nov. 26, 2023

    I broke my PTO shaft/Transmission the week of Aug. 25, 2023. I filed a claim, Aug 25th, and dropped my Kubota off, Aug 26th, at Joplin Tractor in Missouri. They had changed ownership from the family Anderson Tractors to a company based in Springdale Arkansas. The employees still looked to be the same, but fewer. Ethan was the service manager and worked with me through the repairs. KTAC accepted the claim on 29 Aug. and it was approved 13 Sept. 2023. The delay in approval was due to Joplin tractor not submitting the claim. I was emailed by KTAC on Sep. 3rd requesting Joplin Tractor to send the estimate and photos.

    Initially I was told the repairs would take about a week. I was notified the first week of October that the tractor was completed. I went to pick up the tractor on Oct 6th. In Joplin. I was refused any billing other than my required deductible. While the person at the counter turned to process my debit card, I took a cell phone photo of a parts order for my tractor he left on the desk. It showed a purchase order number ** dated 09/01/23 at 09:56:22 hours.

    Handwritten on this was at the top of the page, Parts Ordered. At the bottom of the page were 6 parts handwritten: K2581-11014 a Transmission case, K2581-11212 a Rear Cover for PTO, K2592-11510 PTO Gear Shaft, 67121-56770 an Inner Bearing, 6C040-14730 an Outer Bearing, 37410-16550 a seal. This was not a complete nor final summary of parts ordered, just one page left out for me to see. As I loaded the tractor into my trailer, I saw wet spots under it and Ethan assured me it was because they pressure washed the tractor twice for pickup.

    Once home I immediately installed the front loader and the Backhoe Attachment on the tractor. Within an hour of use the tractor would not move, but all other hydraulic functions worked. I pulled the tractor back up to the driveway on level ground using my Ford truck and a winch. I carefully looked for a cause including oil levels and linkage disconnect. I found several frame bolts for the Backhoe support frame loose and two missing, linkage for the Speed adjust between High and Low not even hand tight, linkage for foot pedal forward/reverse loose at ball joint at transmission, several other bolts missing or loose for the middle foot decking and transmission mounts.

    The wire harness for the back of the tractor no longer was secured with the factory clips, rather it was loosely laying across the back of the tractor. The wire harness in one point was pinched between the frame and the PTO engagement switch. In total there were 7 factory wire harness clips not secured to the frame. I took several photos with my cellphone as well as a couple of videos.

    I contacted Ethan at Joplin Tractor and he requested the tractor return. I loaded it back onto my truck and drove it Joplin Tractor on Oct. 10th. While there, Ethan informed me, they drained the oil from the transmission and found brass filings in the oil which is a wear item they are not responsible for. Someone also tightened some of the loose bolts, but they denied touching anything but the oil. I explained it was not worn before the repairs, but he insisted it is damage I made in the hour I ran the tractor. He insisted they did not touch the Clutch Packs or their adjustments while the tractor was in the shop. I also explained the Transfer Case lock did not work properly. Again, Ethan insisted they did not touch that part of the tractor. I picked up the tractor without oil in it and unrepaired on Oct. 11th.

    I called the insurance company explaining my problem. At first there were many disagreements about sharing photos and information, but I was transferred to a different agent that worked with me. He requested I consider taking the tractor to the parent office in Springdale. I did file a comment at their website and a reply from Bradley ** also requested I consider allowing them to make good on the repairs. I agreed and drove the tractor to Springdale Ark. on Oct. 12th. I met with the service department, and they told me they had several transmission technicians, but wanted their senior technician to do the repair.

    Friday 13 Oct 2023, they started working on the tractor. They called me Friday afternoon, 20 Oct 2023, but I missed the call. Monday, I called back and was told the repairs were done. There was a silicon blob stuck in a relief causing the transmission to be stuck in a bypass mode. They had 3 employees drive and load the tractor for several hours to be sure there were no other problems. They were concerned that the 4X4 function was not working properly and ordered a linkage spring that would be in soon. When repairs were completed, they again had employees drive and test the tractor. I picked the tractor up on Oct. 25th.

    On Oct. 26th I again installed the Front Loader and this time the Box Blade to test the tractor. Within 2 hours I heard a metallic sound and stopped the tractor. While looking for the cause I found the U Joint for the front drive shaft fell off and the drive shaft was hanging under the tractor. I called Springdale Tractor and explained again the tractor was broken. I was very upset and told Bradley ** to take the weekend to look into the matter. When we spoke again Bradle ** stated that they did not touch the U Joint or its shaft and were not responsible for the loss.

    I am a mechanic of over 40 years. I have built show cars, race cars, custom off road cars, trailers, tractors and a multitude of equipment. From Nuclear Propulsion plants to Airplane Hangers and supporting equipment, personal cars to semi-trucks, I have seen many breaks and successfully repaired and resolved the problems. I explained the first time with Joplin Tractor I felt there was a mistake made but they denied that possibility and claimed it was brass friction plates I broke. At Springdale Tractor again I explained I thought it was a mistake and they agreed telling me there is no brass in the friction plates as they are all steel.

    The first problem was too much sealant used hardening and getting into the hydraulic oil system, a small mistake easily remedied. Instead, Joplin Tractor lied and placed the blame on me. With the second failure again, they denied fault and placed blame on me. The forward shaft is held on midshaft with a carrier bearing next to the U Joint. To remove the transmission without removing these 2 bolts is unlikely as it would make the job much more difficult. If it was not done at Springdale and instead, they only removed the relief valve without removing the transmission, still there should have been someone looking at the forward shaft when they were troubleshooting the 4X4 problem. Either way I do not care who did it, Joplin or Springdale were responsible for the U Joint falling off. It is normally held on with a splined shaft on one side and a pin shaft and cotter on the carrier bearing side. A U Joint does not just fall off.

    I am now left with a tractor that was disassembled and put together with such apathy and disregard there were several exterior safety issues. I cannot and will not disassemble everything to make sure their internal work was proper. I do know they did not use factory torque on anything. They did not recheck their work, rather they marked off a box saying they did. My tractor will never be the same reliable tractor I first purchased. My trust and or faith in local repairs for my tractor has long been lost. Even at the corporate level the only comment or response was a file number for my complaint. While the Kubota store in Joplin was Anderson Tractors the family cared more about their work and customers. When a mistake was made, they accepted responsibility and made immediate remediations. Yes, the first time was in 2021. Even then after the service the frame bolts were found loose and one missing.

    The reason I bought a Kubota, and their service insurance policy, was that Kubota’s were the number one rental tractor for homeowners. The insurance covered all repairs even neglect, to ensure the tractor retained value the entire length of the loan. This is no longer the truth. The service is well below what used to be a Kubota Standard. Customer satisfaction is no longer important to the American Kubota Stores. It is not just my local experience, it is also the Corporate response. Anyone can read from Kubota of Japan how hard they worked to achieve the name. They are proud of their legacy and should be. Times have change. I would think hard before buying a Kubota in the 4-state region of Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma. My warranty expires in 30 days and I will again be the only mechanic that works on my tractor. The only reason I used the warranty was parts needed in the repair exceeded $2500 dollars. Joseph **

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      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed July 13, 2023

      I would highly recommend consumers buying/purchasing any other tractor except Kubota. We send tractor into service because it was balling thick white smoke cloud out from underneath it. We have a company that a tractor is needed to perform the jobs, like water and sewer lines. We should not have to pay loan payments until tractor is correctly fixed under warranty/ extended warranty.

      We have called corporate, customer service, warranty, and local stores for updates because they won't return calls. They say no loaner or substitute for our inconvenience of loss of company equipment. We have been without tractor for over 2 months. So we now have to bid jobs added for rentals for each job performed. What is the purpose of have company equipment if you always have the extra time spent going to pick up others rental equipment. We have enough employees to do each job assigned. If Kubota doesn't have enough sense to have adequate staff on duty to assist customer's needs then consumers should really consider the businesses that appreciate the sales made.

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      Reviewed June 17, 2023

      As I bought this F3990 Kubota front mower with 72” mower deck brand new and only made it 400 feet before breaking down and having to send to dealer for repairs. After multiple times they still can’t fix.

      Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

      Reviewed March 31, 2023

      Do NOT purchase a Kubota if you want a company to not stand behind their products and warranty! I feel like people should know how Kubota treats their loyal customers & not have to go through what we are right now. We have purchased 5 pieces of Kubota equipment and several attachments from Oakway Tractor in Seneca, SC over the last roughly 10 years. We have had 2 skid steers in the past few years & the most recent one being only 18 months old with 1028 hours on the machine.

      The first SVL-75 skid steer we purchased had engine problems and Oakway could not get a new engine for over a year. In our line of work he can not be down a machine so he traded the SVL-75 with engine problems in for a new SVL-97-2. The NEW SVL-97-2 is only 18 months old with 1028 hours & they say it needs a new engine & Kubota along with Oakway Tractor does not want to stand behind their 2000 hr/24month warranty! They want us to pay $33k+ for a new engine. They also want to point the finger at our insurance company to be the ones to cover the engine instead of Kubota warranty coverage which is absurd! It makes me sick to know that they do honest & hardworking people this way & try to get away with it.

      Kubota warranty is not worth the piece of paper that it's written on if they don’t cover their equipment during the warranty period. Along with the dealership putting everything on us to try & get Kubota Corporation to cover the engine. It's a known fact Kubota has issues with their engines but it is easier to point the finger at others instead of standing behind their products & warranty! We will NEVER own another Kubota or anything with a Kubota engine in it ever again if Kubota does not stand behind their warranty! We have reached out to Kubota corporation via email and voicemails but we have yet to be contacted after 3 weeks of trying to get answers. Please feel free to share with your family and friends so it saves them the headache & financial burden of dealing with Kubota with their lemons.

      Reviewed Feb. 15, 2023

      My newly purchased mini skidsteer scl1000 started leaking coolant and overheating. I took it to a local Kubota dealer to get it fixed that told me it would covered under the warranty. When the dealer tried to file for the warranty repair Kubota wouldn’t allow him saying that this dealer isn’t authorized to work in this specific machine. Now I'm stuck with a $950 bill I have to pay to get my machine back. Why not honor the warranty and why not have a warranty department to talk to directly as a consumer. I paid 40K for this machine and I can't talk to warrant about it? I have 5 Kubota machines and now after this incident, I will never support Kubota and all it stands for.

      Reviewed Dec. 30, 2022

      Kubota dealer took my RTV for maintenance in August 2022. They said it needed a new oil gasket, charged me $1785.23 which I paid. They returned it to me shaking so violently when it was started that it can't be used. I took it to another dealer who couldn't figure out what is wrong with it and needed the factory representative to help. December 30, 2022 they "think" it's the pump because the first dealer didn't bleed it correctly. It could "possibly" be repaired in a couple more weeks. I have a 35 year old John Deere that is still running and now a 6 year old RTV that doesn't and no dealership seems to be able to fix it. If I could give a negative 10 review, I would. End result, if I get this thing back it's going directly to a John Deere dealership for a trade in. No more Kubota for me!

      Reviewed Dec. 14, 2022

      In March of 2020 I bought a B2601 Tractor and ordered the backhoe attachment. It is Now Dec 2022 still no backhoe attachment and Kubota says they don't know when I will get it and cannot offer any updates. If Kubota would have told me this when I purchased, I wouldn't have spent 18k on equipment I cannot use for my intentions. Kubota had no problem at all taking my money for something I cannot use the way I want. Problem is I called a dealer in California who had 10 of them in stock, yet I can't get one in Michigan. Kubota CS and Dealer is useless and could care less about my needs as a customer. My recommendation would be don't buy Kubota.


      Reviewed Sept. 8, 2022

      Bought a new Kubota Landpride RFC2072 rotary cutter from a Kubota dealership in Adams Run, South Carolina, “Steen Enterprises”, which equipment was delivered assembled by Steen on 09/02, and in setting it up for first use on 09/05, I found a zerk fitting within the yoke at the clutch assembly end of the driveline that was not greased when the machine was assembled by Steen. The machine looks well built other than this one thing. The fitting at issue presents as bare metal with some rust on it. I tried to grease it with my grease gun, but it does not accept the grease.

      I called Steen and was surprised to be told matter-of-factly that this is not unusual, that these machines are shipped a long way (ignoring the fact that Steen assembles the driveline and in this case failed to inspect and grease all the driveline fittings during assembly), and that I need to remove the driveline assembly, myself, and bring it to them for them to look at, or as an alternative solution to burdening me with the labor and delivery to correct their mistake on a new machine, that I can wait “some number of weeks” for a driver to come to my area and take the drive shaft off, drive back to Steen with it, “photograph it” for their Kubota warranty process, and then, some unspecified time later, deliver a new drive shaft (no promise that they would reinstall it).

      I thought I could swap out the zerk fitting myself, but access is tight, and am not able to do it with the tools I have. I suggested that the driver just bring a new zerk fitting or, barring that, a new drive shaft and swap them out on a single trip, and was then told about the inflexibility of their photographing-for-warranty procedure for Kubota— the implicit message being that they don’t trust a customer’s report about the zerk fitting not having been checked during assembly (all the other fittings were greased). I offered to text a photograph which they declined to receive. This does not augur well for Kubota’s quality control over its dealerships.

      Has anyone else had a problem with a Kubota dealership’s new machine assembly and/or follow up? I’ll post updates and change my rating based on how this turns out. My conclusion so far is that in geographic areas with the only marginal dealerships, Kubota would be better served making online, direct sales available so that Kubota’s reputation is not hog-tied to the reputation of a marginal dealer (and customers would be empowered to give good service-department business to good firms).

      Reviewed Aug. 25, 2022

      Purchased a BX1870 Compact Tractor from Dan's Tractor in 2017. Nearly immediately noticed condensation in the instrument panel. I reported to Dan's, including photos. Dan said they'd report to Kubota. Never heard back. Surprise, Surprise, here we are today, and the instrument panel has completely failed. Tractor garaged when not is use. Very disappointed.

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      Kubota brought its products to the United States in 1969 and provides a wide range of lawn and construction equipment.

      • Residential and commercial: Kubota creates residential and commercial riding mower models designed for each market's unique needs.

      • Financing: The company has its own financing options to help improve affordability of its riding mowers.

      • Diesel engine options: These environmentally-friendly diesel engines offer significant power.

      • Up to 72-cutting deck: A massive cutting deck addresses any size yard.

      • Oversize fuel tanks: 16-gallon fuel tanks keep the riding mower going until the yard is completed.

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