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We purchased this knife about 2 years ago and it has never worked the way it should. Blades won't cut when you put pressure on them. Called because read several reviews about a gear that is plastic and won't make the knife work properly. Customer service said, "Well we have a 3 year limited warranty but we can't do anything about it." End of story. She didn't even want to try and help, just wanted me off the phone and I told her Cuisinart just lost a customer, no reaction, could have cared less. If I could give it no stars I would, I guess customer service is a lost art.

I took over the dish washing because my wife's hands are not strong anymore. I wrote a letter paper and Ink to complain about how difficult it is to clean Cuisinart's Stainless cooking utensils. They wrote back. I need to put in more butter or oil whenever I fry. It is very hard to get the pan clean with or without more oil. They sent a letter back saying I must use more. To fry an egg I must float it in butter. Their plain type of pots and pan sets are garbage. I thought I would pack them and send them back to the president of the company but it would cost $60. I wish they had a 1/2 star rating--one star is too much.

Regretfully this is a letter of complaint. After having done a lot of research on you Cuisinart Fp11 and reading many reviews that claimed it was one of the best on the market. I regret to say that it is a piece of junk. It does not perform as advertised, when slicing or shredding it packs the food up around the cover and doesn't deposit it in the holding chamber. Also it leaves big junks of whatever you are trying to process sitting on top of the shredding and or slicing blade. I have had this product about 9 months and have used it about 4 times. I thought I was doing something wrong because of all the glowing reviews I read about it, but I have finally decided that it is just poor design of the cover. If I could I would send this back in a heartbeat. I regret that I can't recommend this product to anyone at this point.

So In other words you bought it you are stuck with it because we don't really care that it is a piece of junk. All I wanted was to let them know that it has a serious design flaw in the cover but they don't seem to care or seem to want to improve their product. So in closing I would like to say buyer beware because Cuisinart doesn't seem to want to better their product or stand behind one that doesn't perform as advertised.

I bought my third Cuisinart coffeemaker. And only had it a little over 2 years. Called the company and they wanted me to send 10 dollars and pay to box and send the complete coffeemaker to them. I am a snowbird and gone 5 months out of the year. So you can say I only used it for a year. I paid over 100.00 dollars for it and it's already leaking? Very disappointed and think they are going on their reputation. Which is no longer of value.

I recently contacted Cuisinart customer service to inquiry about the possibility of replacing a 10 inch skillet from a new pots and pans set that I purchased over an year ago (Cuisinart® DSI Induction Ready Hard Anodized). The skillet got scratched by using a wood spoon on it. The customer service was first contacted by email, and considering the length that took for them to provide a simple answer, I called. The customer service representative clearly had very little desire to help me and informed that I would have to wait for the email answer. When I asked for a recommendation of replacement for a product with the exactly same features, she said that it would be up to me to search the web and find the product.

I continued to wait for the email answer when yesterday, the customer service informed me that the product is discontinued and that now my options are: or I buy an induction ready stainless steel or, I buy a hard anodized. GREAT! Now I will not only have pots and pans that do not match but also that don't have the same features that I purchased originally just about one year ago. Take home message? NO MORE CUISINART pots and pans in my house! Since I will have to purchase a product that is different anyway, it will be from another brand.

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My blender had a 3-year warranty but quit working after approximately 1 year. Upon contacting Cuisinart, I had to return the blender paying shipping to get it to them, plus I had to include a $10 check paying for return shipping back to me. They sent me an old damaged blender back instead of a new one. It had deep scratches, and the base was cracked on the side. Needless to say, I was not happy. I called them back and was told they would have to contact the Corporate office and I would have to call back to retrieve reply.

I decided to try the blender in the meantime to see if I could use it until the issue was resolved. It smelled when I turned it on and stopped working within a couple of minutes. I had to call them back; they issued FedEx pickup for the item. I was told they would send a new one. I had to wait weeks for them to send it out. Again, it was under review by the Corporate office. Never mind that they sent me a piece of junk when they should have sent a new one on the front end. I called numerous times the second go round to check on the blender and each time was told it was still under review by the Corporate office. They told me that they could not call me with any information; that I had to call them to get any updates. I have finally received another blender; I am still not sure whether it is really a new one. I won't be buying another Cuisinart blender!

I received The Cuisinart Griddler Gourmet as a gift (purchased from Costco, Royal Palm Beach Fla.) the packaging totally intact and unopened. When opened April 2016 I found a back leg missing and the handle attached only on one side, rendering the unit totally unusable for waffles & grilled cheese as intended usage. I contacted Cuisinart 4-10-16 via their website asking for advice on how to rectify the problem and got NO response. Then May 12, 2016 I called the customer service number and spoke to a rep. They said the unit had been manufactured in 2012 for a membership store, their responsibility ended July 2105, and that now without a sales receipt I was "SOL", Costco sold this unit January 8, 2106. Not being A Costco member I felt going directly to the manufacturer was my way to go. Cuisinart I always thought to be a reputable company but they have cut off dates for backing their products and don't reply to their email inquiries!!

Someone could be severely injured by this product! If I could give it no stars I would. When using the blender in a soup, the blade shattered and left pieces of metal in the pot. I was unaware the blade was broken as the soup had blended enough before I served it. Then my husband almost swallowed a shard of metal! When I called Cuisinart to alert them and complain they told me they would give me a discount if I purchased a new one! The correct response would have been to refund my money and ask their engineering staff about the safety of this product. NEVER buying this kind of product from them again. Makes me think twice about buying any other Cuisinart product for that matter. Incredibly irresponsible.

Cuisinart's customer service is dreadful. They tell you there is no troubleshooting method for a problem and even though the item was purchased within 2 months, you have to pay to ship the defective item back to them. I am now replacing this item for the third time, and the previous two times the item has had the exact same issue. I am hoping the third time is the charm, but who knows.

Absolutely unhappy about CuisinART customer service. If after a few months their product is broken, they want you to send the product to them ON YOUR COST. This is ridiculous. They sold something not well done and make me pay for this. No, no, no! Never again Cuisinart.

DGB-700 Fully Automatic Burr Grind and Brew - Bought online from Sears 4/9/16. Like the unit but the heating plate caught on fire on the morning of 7/27/16. Lucky for me I was at home (I usually go for a walk and leave the coffeemaker running) heard the strange popping sound and was able to unplug the cord. Cuisinart needs to recall this coffeemakers before it sets a house on fire. I contacted Sears and they told me somebody will contact me in the next 12-48 hours.

Purchased this coffee maker in October of 2015. Water started leaking from the base of the unit today. I called Cuisinart and it will cost me $10 for them to ship me a new one and I would have to pay for return shipping on the old one. I want a refund, not another Cuisinart. I am going to contact consumer relations and see where that gets me. Very disappointed.

I love the look of the Cuisinart single serve brewer SS-5. It uses K cups or comes with a single cup basket, and it's much smaller than any Keurig machine. Unfortunately, IT'S A PIECE OF GARBAGE. We have purchased 3 in the last 2 months. At this point, we can't take them back to the store anymore, or I'm sure we will be flagged for something weird going on, and all Cuisinart will do is send us another one in 2 weeks or so. Which means if we want coffee, we have to go buy it every day or buy another coffee pot in the meantime. The company didn't have anyone in customer service that I could complain to. Really odd in this day and age where most companies actually care about their customer's satisfaction. BUY ANOTHER BRAND. THIS IS PRETTY, BUT WON'T WORK FOR MORE THAN A FEW DAYS.

I got married last Nov. of 2014 and my best friend gave me Cuisinart - an 11 pc stainless cookware as gift. The set includes the basic pots and pans that one can use in a kitchen. My husband and I being the foodie that we are, used the cookware right away to prepare our meals. The pot and pans are aesthetically pleasing plus they are really durable and heavy duty. They are also easy to clean. My favorite among the set is the small sauce pan and the steam basket/ pan that goes with it. I love to buy frozen dimsum like siomai, dumplings, rolls and they are usually cooked by steaming. I usually use our big steamer in order to cook dimsum, but since having this Cuisinart pots, I didn't bother with the big steamer anymore. I've been using the cookware for almost 2 years now and they are still doing and cooking great.

Was told that my coffee maker could be replaced by one representative and needed to pay a shipping fee of $10 to send back old coffee machine. I would call back tomorrow to make payment and she said that would be fine just to call this number. When I called that number the next day it was the wrong number so I had to relook it up to call the company back and spoke with a different representative who told me that they could not replace my coffee maker. Basically I am out of a coffee maker now due to their poor manufacturing. This coffeemaker sprung a hole which cause the water to leak from the pot.

I purchased this for my husband Dec 2015. By the end of Feb 2016 it did not work. When calls were made to customer service I was on hold so long I would have to hang up. I finally talked with someone late March. I was promised a new pot would be sent. It is now May 30th. No replacement, no contact.

Purchased this coffeemaker, was happy with it until the blinking clean light never came on and coffeemaker would not turn on. After cleaning it would work, but the product brochure states cleaning light would turn on when cleaning was needed. The coffeemaker went out as soon as warranty went out. All I got from the Cuisinart company was "I am sorry but you have to replace product." For the price you pay for this product it should last longer than warranty. I think I would rather buy a cheaper coffeemaker and replace when needed. With the Cuisinart you also have to replace carbon filters so it was an expense all the way around. Would not purchase this product again. Take my chances on a cheaper one.

I had my Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler for under 2 years and all of a sudden the temp start to go up extremely high so I contact them for a replacement. They told me I need to pay for shipping back and for the new one as well its a total of min $35. So I told him its not that the handle or parts are broken, the whole machine is getting hot and it almost burnt my house. He answered, "Did it burnt, if not you have to pay the shipping."

I have to update my review from May 7 2016. I went to Sears to exchange my coffee pot that caught on fire and went to the store in Raleigh NC at Triangle Town Center. The manager (Sam) I not sure of his name - Sam really wanted to make me happy. Told me to get the coffee pot and he would exchange it. They did not have one and it was on back order. The manager went the extra mile and did what I did not want to do. Sam called Cuisinart and stayed on hold for an hour while I shopped the mall. I check back a couple of times and finally he gave me a reference number and stated someone from Cuisinart would contact me within 2 days.

I give Sears and Sam great credit on customer service. Cuisinart contacted me within 24 hrs and they sent a new coffee pot and I am happy with their prompt service. I could not get the coffee pot that I originally bought (was on 3 month back order). Cuisinart sent me the next best mode. Overall this was a good experience for dealing with Sears and dealing with Cuisinart. I do believe that the coffee pot catching fire prompted a quick reply once they learned from my experience from Sears.

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DGB-700 Fully Automatic Burr Grind and Brew - Bought online from Sears 2/19/16. Love the unit but the heating plate caught on fire on the morning of 5/7/16. Lucky for me I heard the strange popping sound and was able to save my kitchen. After trying online with Cuisinart for a couple of hours, I contacted Sears and they told me to bring my online receipt to a Sears store and they will exchange it. I think it is best to buy from large store that wants to keep their customers happy.

I have had nothing but trouble with getting my second coffee pot warrantied. We had our very first (this one is our 3rd I think) Cuisinart coffee pot for about 8 years so when it failed we didn't think too much of it. We loved the coffee pot so we replaced it with the same model but unfortunately that coffee pot didn't last a year. Cuisinart was very good about that warranty transaction - they even sent me a call tag for the return of the coffee pot. They did however let me know that our model was no longer available and they would be sending us a comparable unit. The unit they sent us was definitely different but it still brewed a good cup coffee so we didn't make any fuss over it. However that coffee pot only lasted about 6 months before the hinges for the lid broke.

So I contacted customer service at Cuisinart again - I spoke with a gentleman named Ray. His first question was "What did you do to it?" I was a bit taken aback by the implication that somehow we broke the hinges but I proceeded with the conversation. Ray told me to ship it back to Cuisinart and they would reimburse me for the freight, it was never communicated to me that $10 is what they reimburse. (I have an email from Ray just telling me to ship it back, there was no cap to the charges. Noted.)

So I went to the local postal store and had it shipped. I didn't request any special shipping like 2nd day or anything, we have a back up coffee pot so we weren't in any hurry. I was charged $33.00 to ship a rather large coffee box (we saved it to store our back coffee pot up in) to Arizona from California. I didn't think the cost was out of line - but I don't really know because I never ship anything. I shipped it as requested going out March 28th and according to the tracking number it was received Monday April 4th. That is a total of 4-5 working days to go from California to Arizona which indicates to me that I didn't ship it with any type of priority status.

The bottom line for me is that it's not about the money because $22 is not a lot of money, it is about the customer service I received. I feel that because it was a "second" warranty that we must be doing something to break their coffee pots. When in reality we have been very accommodating by going out of the way to wrap and ship the package, settling for a "lesser" warranty replacement, and so on.

We purchased this coffee maker around Christmas 2015 and it replaced a model we had been using for at least 12 years. The Grind feature I set for 6:15 am so that will wake us up and we can get breakfast in time to get out to work. The old model worked fine but it was a little slow brewing, that's why the change. After 3 months, I was getting coffee ground on top of the brew basket as well as in and that didn't seem right. But I cleaned the parts every night with soap and water and then dry them and put them back. I notified CS and they were ok on the 3-year warranty. I told them the grind basket seem to go down a little harder when I first got it, so they sent me a free lid. Next morning there was even more grounds on top the brewing lid.

They tried to get me to pay $10 for shipping and handling of the lid but I told them, "No, this is a problem on a 4-month-old unit" and they should cover it. So they did but when I emailed them back and told them it was worse, they told me they would replace it at no charge but I had to pay for the return of the defective one. Thought it would be less than $20 but came to $35.28 to ship from Florida to Arizona. SO THEIR $10 SHIPPING WAS A LIE. Checking this morning, I am getting a little bit of oversplash of coffee on the brew basket lid and the top of the coffee pot lid.

We bought Cuisinart because we had excellent service with the other one. Now they are owned by CONAIR and maybe this company doesn't care about Cuisinart customers satisfaction. Happens when a company builds a good reputation in quality at a fair price and develops the NAME well-known then sells to a competitor only to find out the quality is not there anymore. I get so disgusted at modern thought to buy out a smaller company that has a big reputation and take them for a tax write off. When if they gave it some thought, they would realize they had a gold mine to use for more profit. I have been in business for 48 years and have always given excellent service to my customers and they have always referred new customers to me. That's SMART business. You don't tell your customer they have to pay for something that is a defect of theirs.

My experience has been like so many others. I know now that the problem with the toasters has been going on for a very long time. I have read posts over a year old of people who are having the exact same problem with the toasters that I have been having! You have to unplug the toaster when not using it because it squeals/hums the whole time it's plugged in. It burns sections of the toast or doesn't brown at all on one side. And the return label was removed (gone) from the packing receipt when I received the box. They expect me to pay for the return of THEIR defective toaster! Their (Cuisinart/Conair) so called customer service is a total joke. Worst company I've ever dealt with. I will never buy another Cuisinart product again! Actually, this toaster was the first Cuisinart product I'd ever bought. Something really needs to be done about this company!

After many days via email with customer service regarding a warranty on a 2 quart sauce pot (warranty is for the lifetime of the original owner, I am the original owner, the handle side of the pot has cracked on both sides of where the handle is spot welded to the pot, the pot is 28 years old and is my favorite pot. It has not been abuses ever, it is stainless steel), customer service tells me the pot is too old for the warranty. That is the lifetime warranty. I will have the pot repaired at a local weld shop if possible because I love the pot. I always thought a lifetime warranty meant lifetime.

This machine has a faulty lid design that does not build enough pressure to seal. Food gets burned on the bottom waiting for the pressure to lock. Numerous attempts to get help have them cite a warranty where the consumer has to pay shipping to return the unit and pay shipping to ship its replacement. This constructively makes their warranty invalid by asking the consumer to pay more money just to get what they already paid for. It's bad, dishonest business practice and they should be called out on this and required to change their warranty language. Basically, they are ripping off consumers by selling defective units, taking people's money and then not replacing defective ones. This should be a class action lawsuit against Cuisinart and Conair.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Series - It is a Brew Central Coffee maker that comes with a heater plate control. The coffeemaker does not keep the coffee hot even though I have adjusted this control to its highest setting. Disappointed in coffee maker and poor customer service.

My 11 cup food processor had a worn out plastic part at the spindle, so I sent it in to the AZ address for repair. Cuisinart received it on November 5, 2015. I made at least seven calls to the company since then, listening to their long and repetitive pre-recorded message each time, and each time was told something completely different than the last. Finally they told me I had to pay for the repair, which I did in December 2015 and was told I would get it in approx. 10 working days. It is now late January 2016 and no machine. I called again Jan 27, was on hold for 15 minutes, and got no solution or reason. Today I was told I need to pay again, that they changed their system and couldn't find my payment. Fixing this machine seems like a part time job. My time would have been better spent throwing it in the garbage. What a crappy and irritating experience.

Cuisinart coffee maker stopped working. Initially worked fine, and then stopped working at all. No heat and no water drip. I cleaned it, opened the bottom (4 screws) to make sure wiring was connected. Nothing worked. Called Cuisinart, the rep said warranty is voided because I unscrewed the bottom. I said, "no one unscrews the bottom unless the machine is broken. That should be acceptable." But no. Another company doing a consumer "got ya", and not standing behind their product design and functionality. The Internet seems rife with similar complaints about this coffee maker company.

Purchased a 12 cup electric Cuisinart percolator and I love the way it makes Hot flavorful coffee quickly. The handle is ergonomically designed so one can pour the brew with little effort. The heating element is well made. Those who complain that the hearing element goes out prematurely need to learn that is not a good idea to soak the appliance in water! Yes, that will shorten its lifetime. It is also dangerous.

I received a Cuisinart automatic brew & grind as a gift less than a year ago. It worked great until this morning and seems the heating elements went out. I called customer care service, and was told I'm ** out of luck with no receipt. I asked if they even send coupons or a percentage off a new one? They don't do anything to keep a customer. So we are now customers of a new Keurig coffee maker. Apparently with all the bad reviews this company refuses to make changes. They lost another, could be a lifetime customer with the word of mouth, now letting everyone know their products do not last, and the company makes no effort to correct the problems nor do they care. SOL in Florida this morning with no coffee!

So like many times before I took out one of my frozen meals, got out one of my new pots put in the stove and put water on it. I set the heat on simmer and put my frozen meal in it as well like I have done so many times before. Well I got distracted with talking to my mother on the phone and forgot about it and guess what happened! It melted my bowl on to the pot, I was thinking to myself I have got to fix this or my husband is going to be super mad as the cookware was a Xmas gift. I quickly put the pot in cold water and waited for it to cool down and the best thing ever happen! The plastic came right off with the pot still intact, no damage whatsoever, all I did was use soap and warm water and it came off like magic. No chipping away at it, no scrubbing, just the soft side of the sponge and warm water. Best cookware ever. I even took pictures to prove it.

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