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Haier designs solutions to enhance consumers' enjoyment of home at every stage of lifeā€”from university to first apartment to all shapes of family living. Each solution champions intelligence, individuality and the human drive to create the perfect home, so that each interaction with the consumer is a new opportunity to bring ease and joy to everyday life.

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Consumer Complaints and Reviews


I purchased a Haier dehumidifier. It ran fine for the first couple of months, and then started to automatically shut itself off. I tried all the manual fixes without success as it appears to be an electrical issue. I called Haier and was basically told to shut it off and start it up again, fiddle with the settings, unplug it, make sure it is turned on, and other sorts of similar advice. Of course, these things did not help and by the time I got back to them, the warranty had expired. Seems that they did not want to get involved. I would not buy a Haier product again.


Haier makes various "white good" appliances. I purchased a dehumidifier that died after less than two summer's use. Because the purchase date was 15 months ago, they only warranty the compressor (though the service rep couldn't define what was and was not covered). Bottom line is that the dehumidifier pops the circuit breaker when it is turned on, but Haier won't stand behind their product. A $140 purchase went down the tubes in less than 6 months use.


The Haier Dehumidifier Model HDN305 that I purchased May 21, 2006, from my local Target store failed while barely into it's third summer season (only got about 7 months total use out of it). The odd size 12A Fuse (clipped into a fuse holder on the Printed Circuit Board located inside the unit's casing) blew. I stated odd size 12A because 10A and 15A are the closest common sizes I could find locally, and Haier parts, nor the National Appliance Distributors parts warehouses I found online have the replacement 12A fuse available in stock. I tried the 10A, but those blew immediately upon running the unit.

My local appliance repair store quit repairing the units 4 years ago, even though Haier still referred me to them. Still, there's no assurance that the unit will not immediately blow a 12A fuse even if I could get one in a reasonable amount of time. And, I cannot get anyone to answer the Haier Customer Satisfaction Center phone number listed on their Owner's Manual to file this complaint. I just get continuous recordings while placed on an indefinite hold.

Had to purchase a new dehumidifier, not a Haier! If this case has enough merit for small claims court, I have my own attorney who will review this.

The machine is not working after 4 months. Its under FULL one-year warranty.

Ive been calling them everyday and every time they told me that somebody will call me back before 5pm but nothing has happened.

They also give me all the service centers phone number even including New Jersey service centers. But they are either not Haier service center or they dont provide service for dehumidifier.

Since Haier can not provide service for their dehumidifier, they should not be selling it in NYC with full one year and limited five year warranty.

Now is the worst time for not having a dehumidifier in basement. My basement is super humid and mold started to grow, the humidity may attract insect like termite as well.

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