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Zounds Hearing Aids

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Zounds Hearing was established by the father of a hearing impaired child who vowed to bring a more reliable hearing aid to those with mild, moderate, or severe hearing complications.

ZOUNDS uses technology that effectively enhances sound quality through various types of phones and automotive communication systems to provide a better-quality hearing experience to those in need. We pride ourselves in offering our customers an affordable selection of high-performance hearing aids and devices that they can trust. Choose Zounds as your hearing aid solution.

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Last updated: Oct. 23, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

Back around Feb. of 2016 my son in law & his brother got me these hearing aids... I could now hear great. But within a years ZOUNDS close down all stores here in Michigan. Now when they don't work I have to mail it to their main branch in Chandler, Az. But they never seem to work like before. They go out within 6 months. When this happen in Michigan I would take it to them & I notice they were using a machine to give it higher sound... but now it just doesn't have that high sound. When I charge it at night should I leave the hearing aids on off? Or does it matter. Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

Somebody told me about Zounds and I got middle priced hearing aids from them. I have it for three months now and it is better than the old ones I had. I like the product and it has helped me a lot. But if I move a certain way, it falls off my ear. Also, sometimes I don't get it right when I adjust with the remote control. I'd go visit Zounds again and discuss with them. A lot of the stuff that I'm having and dealing with is probably just me getting used to the hearing aid. But I've talked to somebody and we've gotten most of the issues straightened out. Other than that, Zounds is very nice and they are easy to talk to. I'm happy with them and I would recommend them to somebody.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

I got The Clareza hearing aid from Zounds a couple of years ago and they gave me the best price for it. I dealt with Dan, but their employees were very helpful. Anytime I had a problem with it, they gave an immediate attention and they all have the warranty. I had a few problems with my left ear and it took a little while to resolve it, but they were very good about it. When I need to hear something special, I can always turn it up and turn it down if I don’t. It filters out the background noise and does all around good stuff. Buying the hearing aid increased my hearing greatly and I have recommended them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

I was diagnosed with profound hearing loss due to strong antibiotics to control pneumonia and sepsis in August 2017. I went into the Zounds Hearing Center located at 13074 Reason Ferry Road, Saint Louis, No. 63128. I was met by a very nice lady. ** is the office manager. We tried three different hearing Aids to no avail. We couldn't get the tinny sound better. It's not the product that failed, it's how damaged my hearing is. The ENT doctor that I went to after three rounds of steroid shots in the ears my hearing improved slightly.

The doctor said that the only way I will be able to hear is having the cochlear implant surgery. He felt hearing aids wouldn't help much. I would like to commend ** for her professionalism in handling my situation. She did everything possible for the aids to help with no luck. She didn't try to push me to purchase an aid. VERY PROFESSIONAL! If anyone reading this has the cochlear implant I would love if you could share your thoughts about it.

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Zounds Hearing Aids response

Mr. Anterio,

Thank you for sharing your experience with Zounds. We would loved to have helped you. My nephew has a cochlear implant. He received it as a young child and is now around 12 years old. He is doing fantastically well. You will have some period of adjustment, but your positive attitude will help you immensely. I wish you the absolute best!

LaWana Thomasson

V.P. of Marketing

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

Purchased my hearing aids (order Number **) on 11/04/ 2015. On 01/10/2017 I received notice from my local Zounds Location that they were going out of business. In order to get service for reprogramming etc. I tried without success to contact by telephone the company HQ in Chandler Ariz. Wrote a letter on August 5, 2017 expressing my displeasure with customer support. Received NO Reply. Wrote an email to HQ on Sept. 3rd and did get a reply on Sept. 21st basically telling me to arrange for a local hearing test and then sending my devices to Arizona. No offer of shipping label with insurance coverage for $4000 worth of ENZA hearing Aids.

I have no confidence that I will get proper service when I am not at the service location to have them adjusted, as was the case when I purchased them. Have since learned of a number of bankruptcy proceedings throughout country. Zounds cannot/will not give me service I expected for buying high-end product. Believe I should get a refund as I received local support for barely 14 months. Complete run-around not even a name associated with Corporate response which basically placed all efforts to resolve on me. I have zero confidence that I would ever get a fully functional product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

My old hearing aids were ReSound and they didn’t have the remote that I could adjust for the different hearing environments and the volume. It was pre-programmed for my hearing and it was supposed to automatically switch to whatever mode was best depending on the environment and that didn’t work so well. So, anytime I was in any noisy environment, my hearing was useless.

Then, I went to a Zounds office and discussed my hearing issues and my hearing aid history with a staff. He gave me the hearing test and fitted me with the pair. We also walked around the mall and he helped me find out and see what I thought of it. I realized how far superior the sound was compared to my old hearing aids. We went back inside and talked for a little bit about which model I would like, what the cost for the various models was and I ended up picking the Clareza which has eight channels. I would have liked to come with the 16 channels but I didn't have that kind of money to spend at that time and this was affordable.

Danny is absolutely marvelous and fabulous. I walked into the local office to pick up more tips for my earpieces and he remembered me. Also, it's the most comfortable hearing aid I've worn. This is my third set of hearing aids. I had the plastic in the ear ones at first and I absolutely hated those. Then, I switched to the ReSound behind the ears and they were better but by no means compared to the Zounds hearing aid. The only issue that we're still having is with being able to carry on a conversation in the car with the road noise. For some reason, no matter what hearing aid, the road noise in the car just resonates inside my head so, anytime we're in the car, it's short cryptic conversations with my wife. But other than that, they're very tremendous.

Now, it's not an issue going out to a restaurant and talking. I can adjust the hearing aids to put the environment and mute out the background noise. I tell everybody that talks to me about having hearing aids to go to Dan. Everything about my experience with Zounds had been fantastic and it's the best experience I've ever had.

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Zounds Hearing Aids response

Mr. Mann,

We are so happy to hear about your experience at our KOP store (you are right, Danny is amazing) and with your new Zounds hearing aids. Noise reduction in situations like busy restaurants is a technology we pride ourselves on and is covered by multiple U.S. patents. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

I went into about the age of 89, saying I'll never put hearing aids on. Finally, somebody told me to go down to this guy who does a beautiful engineered hearing aid. I went to Costco and places like that, but wasn't pleased. On the other hand, Zounds is an outstanding company. I went with them for the good abilities and a six months check up free of charge, which if you have a problem, they will put it in. For example, from your hearing aid you put in your ear, on the outside it shows a little cable that runs to the curved one that goes in the back of your ear. The original hearing aids that I had was too light and they bend, so they made it heavier, and now it works perfectly.

The lovely lady at the front office was very knowledgeable about batteries, and the guys that are managing and the new manager of the facility are outstanding people. My hearing aid goes in easily. Many times I just use it on the left ear when I go out to see people, and it's quite an improvement. It's been an excellent experience overall.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

After two attempts with Zounds hearing aids some ten years apart I can state that while the hearing aid is fairly well made their upgrade to a rechargeable battery system is a costly blunder due to the design and materials used. The charging pocket's almost "V" shape design is a poor fit for the hearing aid and requires constant wiggling to make electrical charging contact. The contacts constantly corrode making charging difficult. The plastic charging pocket is made of fragile material and easily breaks while the three delicate ribbon style contacts just don't hold up over time. When they expect you to pay a couple of hundred bucks for an overpriced poorly made device it time to cry foul. This allegedly "fastest growing" company in its field (per their propaganda) while it closes offices in numerous states has lost its focus on quality while increasing its prices threefold. I can no longer recommend this company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

I had a hearing problem and had a hearing test. Then, I was at my doctor’s office when Zounds was there for hearing test. I took the test and it was easy. It was the same as the one I had previously and that’s when I decided to get hearing aids from Zounds. Also, I read the publicity about the owner and him discovering it with his daughter who had a hearing loss so I was impressed with them all the way around. I got mine around 2008 and I went to a boutique of Superstition Springs. It was way out when I got my hearing aid.

I like them and their service. The staff was always super from the lady who tested me in my doctor’s office to when I got my hearing aids but I'm really impressed with Mark who I have gone to just recently. He was surprised that mine is still working. He was very good and there were also other things he gave me tips on. Also, I don’t have a really bad hearing problem but as I get older, it's getting worst so he changed something to give me a better sound.

I also struggle with putting the right hearing aid in and he explained how I have to go up and then back to the back of my ear and pop it in because it's a little different than my left ear. I've been thinking about getting a new one and what I'd like to do is get one that has a smaller piece over the ear. But Mark has been the best that’s helped me with the specialist over the years. Although they’ve all been good and I get battery replacements. My husband was also impressed and said that that’s who he thinks he's going to when he lost his hearing. I'm lost when I don’t wear my hearing aids to church when the priest gives the homily so, it has improved my life. Also, I like the remote and the battery charger. I'm very pleased with Zounds and that I have their hearing aids. They're very helpful and they know what they're doing and their product.

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Zounds Hearing Aids response

Dear Ms. Haugen,

Thank you for sharing your long term experience with Zounds! We still have customers wearing their original aids they purchased in 2007 and it is a source of pride to our engineers.

Mark is a fantastic hearing consultant and I am glad he was able to assist you with your most recent purchase. Thank you for being a long term, loyal Zounds customer!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 24, 2017

I am a long time wearer of hearing aids (1986 to present). I first purchased your product about 1/1/2 years ago and have literally tried all of your aids finally settling on what I have. Once again I find the connecting wire broken. This will be the third set of wires since I purchased them. Today I called the dealer Brett in Asheville NC and was told they now cost $150 per side. The last set I purchased (by giving him cash) were $60 for the pair. When I talked to him about the cost he blamed you at Zounds HQ. I think maybe he was a little pissed at me because when I went in for a battery replacement he was unhappy that I didn't trade them in for one of his new brands (Siemens & ??).

When I purchased mine, I mistakenly felt I was dealing with a professional whom I could count on. I really thought I could count on four or five years with Zounds. At the additional and rising costs for UPKEEP that is very questionable. Needless to say, it would be quite difficult for me to recommend them to my friends. There are other problems but this is the main one.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 23, 2017

My buddy was going in to get a hearing aid and I was thinking I needed one. I told him, "I'll go with you and maybe I'll get one, too." Zounds Hearing Aids’ staff were accommodating and very helpful. I walked in their office and Nicole, the one who assisted me, gave me a hearing aid to try. I got the most expensive model and I like that you don't have to charge the batteries of that hearing aid at all. I also like that there is a place, which is close where I can go to have the device checked out. I have a proper maintenance on my hearing aids. However, Zounds had to change offices several times. I’m retired, I watch a lot of television, and I socialize where we live and the hearing aid is working out good.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2017

I chose Zounds Hearing Aids because of the combination of the service we received and the price which was a bit less expensive than the other hearing aids. One of the things is that after doing what we thought was a very thorough checking of our hearing, she let us wear this thing for about two weeks, to give them a try and that was very helpful. She also gave us very careful hearing tests. I went with the most expensive model that goes behind my ear. It improved my hearing and we've been very pleased with the service we've been given whenever we have a problem. I'd say I'm happy with my Zounds hearing aids. I'd like to make a suggestion, that there be more Zounds offices that are a little closer to home. When we first bought our Zounds Hearing Aids, the office was only about five minutes away and now we have to travel about 20 minutes to get service.

Zounds Hearing Aids response
Hello Mrs. Pike.

We are so happy to hear that you are benefiting from your Zounds hearing aids. Thank you for taking the time to comment about our outstanding staff members. All are dedicated to providing exemplary customer service and we really appreciate them!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2017

Zounds Hearing is a lot better compared to my previous hearing aids. I’m retired but it helps me a lot. I put them on and I can hear the different sounds and music, which my old one couldn’t do. Now, I can hear all my grandsons and know when there's people around me. Also, it's not uncomfortable at all. I can use the remote if I have to and I can plug it and let it charge overnight and don't have to replace the batteries. Their staff treat me great, answer questions, and do what they can to help. Also, the test they gave me was good.

Zounds Hearing Aids response

Mr. Klofpfer,

Thank you so much for your comments. Within our company we say that we are not selling hearing aids, we are providing the opportunity for those with hearing loss to connect with loved ones. It is especially heartwarming and gratifying to hear about experiences with grandchildren. It is great to hear that you are enjoying the convenience of your rechargeable aids as well. Thank you also for the kind words for our staff.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 16, 2017

I got the one with the foam, remote, charger and of course with the other accessories and it’s just a matter of getting those fit and everything. The experience was fine and I'm happy with those. They don't bother my ears. On the outside, I hear more and of course inside, the TV is a little lower. It has helped and it’s easy to use and comfortable.

The shop was fine but I think I could have been taken advantage of fairly easy if I had not paid attention. It's not illegal but maybe a little unethical as far as the ad was that you can try them for 30 days. When I went with them, the paper that I signed said they want a 30% charge to restock it if I didn't want it. The ad said that it was all completely free for 30 days and prior to that even it was kind of the same scenario. All of your forms to sign, those parts were all blank and they could write anything they wanted and I didn't particularly like that. The people during the test, everything was fine there.

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Zounds Hearing Aids response
Mr. Barton,
Thank you for taking the time to submit a review. We are really happy that you are happy with your hearing aids and that you are benefiting from them. We can assure you that no restocking fee would have been assessed if you had returned the hearing aids within the 30 days. This is against our corporate policy. The franchisee who owns the location you purchased your aids from is very ethical and does not charge a restocking fee.

Thank you again for your comments.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2017

My husband has been using Zounds Hearing Aids for about six months. He went to Zounds in Seal Beach to have them fit it and test the hearing aid as he claims that he can hear some people on the phone and others not. Sometimes he doesn't have it in right. So, he has got to change it. Hearing over the phone was the only problem he has.

Zounds Hearing Aids response

Hi Mrs. Bargman,

Voices vary a great deal in terms of pitch and tone. For instance, most people with hearing loss can hear a man's voice much easier than that of a woman or child. This is because of where these are found on the sound spectrum and where hearing loss is generally greatest. Please suggest that your husband visit the hearing center and have his programming adjusted to compensate for this. Fine tuning will make all the difference!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2017

Zounds was very helpful in helping me select the aid that would benefit me the most. They provide 3 month follow ups with yearly evaluations to reprogram my hearing aid as needed. Their office is near me and is convenient if I have any problem (which has been rare), which was taken care of the same day. I like the rechargeable feature; I just put it in the charging station each night and everything is set for the next day.

Zounds Hearing Aids response

Hello Barbara,

Thank you for being a loyal Zounds Hearing customer! We are pleased that you are benefiting from the rechargeable feature - it is one of our areas of excellence and our customers find it very convenient. The Seal Beach team is outstanding and we appreciate your compliments to them.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 24, 2017

Zounds is a great product at a great price. I've had my Clareza units for a little over a year now. I've had no problems, and it's made a WORLD of difference. Excellent quality and highly reliable. Also: the staff at the Seal Beach office are extremely friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!

Zounds Hearing Aids response

Hello Paul,

We are so pleased to hear that you are enjoying your Clareza aids. The Staff at the Seal Beach office are indeed outstanding!

Thank you!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 21, 2017

I had a great experience with Zounds and I’ve recommended it to several people. I was needing a new hearing aid so I tried Zounds and I called them, made an appointment, and had it done. I got the one they recommended for me and I like its price as well as that I don’t have to buy batteries anymore.

Factual basis uncertain
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 19, 2017

Some few weeks ago, I mailed my broken RIAZO hearing aid to Attn: Service at company address. I then ask for a repair to the case which would fix the part which holds the link in place. The aid and the link were in working order, the link wouldn’t stay connected to the aid. Shauna called and upsold me a complete new unit at an unbeatable discount. Order #**. What I didn’t receive was the promised rechargeable batteries or the return of THE RETURN OF MY ORIGINAL HEARING AID! Have left SEVERAL phone messages and emails for weeks with no reply. Please, this is my property and I want it back.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2017

I have had another hearing aids brand before that required replacing batteries. So, I was looking for one that had rechargeable batteries and Zounds Hearing Aids was the first one that I found that looked good. The testing and fitting of the hearing aids were done professionally. Over the years that I've had them, I've had a lot of problems with it and in some cases, being replaced, but it's always been taken cared of satisfactorily. Nicole, down at Sun Lakes and Tempe, takes care of it. They seem to have quite a few failures in the quality and hopefully, they'll get that resolved. She told me the other day there was going to be a new model coming out and that we could look at it. Other than that, I'm happy when the hearing aids work.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 16, 2017

Having begun to realize that my hearing was getting worse and worse and especially with some very loving and compassionate input from my wife, I started to do the research. The thing that drew me to Zounds Hearing was that, at that time, it was the only hearing aid business that was advertising rechargeable hearing aids. The devices themselves are the same across the board. Some have variations on the theme and types of devices, but in terms of the most utility out of the hearing aid, Zounds seemed to have the most interesting products.

I went to Zounds here in Austin when they had their office down here and essentially interviewed all of them. Nicole was running the office here in West Gate Boulevard. And she was a very experienced audiologist and certified technician. We talked a great deal about the mechanism, how it words, the service after sales, the warranties, all these stuff. And other family members were also in need of hearing aids or certainly willing to consider the possibility, so I decided to be the guinea pig for the family.

I started out with just one hearing aid because I'm left-handed. And all of my years of firing guns from the Vietnam war to 30 years in the FBI really did a job on my left ear. A year later, I transitioned into having two hearing aids. And that has been absolutely superb in terms of my hearing. I have been very, very satisfied. That’s not to say there haven’t been some speed bumps along the way. I had to have a battery replaced long before it should have been and some other adjustments made to the devices themselves. But no hearing aid is perfect, you're always going to have a bit of a problem with understanding keywords, sounds or different expressions. But nonetheless, I wear them from the moment that I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night.

So I try to recommend Zounds to my colleagues, former FBI agents and other people, who are either unhappy with their current hearing aids or looking for them. I also brought in my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law and they have Zounds hearing aids. Both of them have required some type of service after sales. And unfortunately, the Austin office was closed down. So we travel up to Georgetown for 45 minutes in order to go to the office there. Karen ** is an excellent audiologist, and she's very good with people. She does an excellent job with my 95-year old mother-in-law. She really works at doing the hearing exams to be as precise as possible and to dial that data into the device.

And my brother-in-law will drive up here from Livingston so he can get his hearing aids worked on. That’s a 4-hour car trip. Talk about brand loyalty. My brother-in-law is a real engineer type, very knowledgeable about electronics, mechanics and devices. He had been told that there was going to be a Zounds facility in Conroe and Kingsland, in the East Texas area. But they never came to be. Karen told us that they've got a technician on call there but that's not the same thing.

I like being able to go into the Georgetown office. Karen does the quick soup to nuts to make sure that the whole thing from top to bottom is working, identifies what the issue is, fixes it and then puts them back in and checks them on the computer to make sure that they're properly set to right decibel levels. You're not going to get that with some hired technician who's going to show up like a Fuller Brush salesman.

And Zounds still needs to continue to upgrade and work on the equipment itself. Some points of failure in the equipment can be improved to proactively prevent breakdowns. Example, there is a plastic clasp that takes the wire from the device into your ear and back to the battery. That is so fragile that very easy to break. My mother-in-law is in an assisted living center and someone who was making sure that her hearing aids were charged tried to force it in too hard and broke the connector, necessitating another trip up to Georgetown. When you take senior citizens who already have arthritis in their hands, you're cleaning and you put the hearing aid back on someone who may not have as much dexterity as I have is going to break it, and then it's got to be replaced. Then you've got the time span between when it breaks and when you can get it replaced. It's avoidable.

There’s really no excuse for a rechargeable battery to fail within a year. There’s enough knowledge about rechargeable batteries in this day and age that they need to put some time and effort into utilizing a type you can have trust and confidence in, to last two, three years. Eventually it will lose its capacity to hold the charge, but these rechargeable things is the biggest draw that Zounds has going for, and they really need to be showcasing that in their marketing. Other hearing aid manufacturers using those little teeny tiny replaceable batteries are ridiculous. My mother-in-law started out with those and literally drove the family crazy because they weren’t any good longer than seven days max.

Their direct marketing needs to be to potential consumers who will, without a doubt, need hearing aids if they don't already. That’s the law enforcement community and the military. They could also design a marketing campaign to focus on that. And determine that TRICARE, the military insurance will pay for some, if not all, of the hearing aid devices. That would certainly be a positive factor to get men and women to come in and get these devices to be able to continue their careers. That’s one of the things that I would recommend Zounds in terms of their marketing and advertising.

I’m really surprised quite frankly that they couldn’t keep the Austin store operational. This is a big city. Theres a lot of seniors down here. Although I can see why they’re not doing advertising down here in Austin because then they would have to say their place is up in Georgetown. Right now Zounds has an office in Georgetown and two in Dallas and that’s it. And I'm concerned that the Georgetown might be in jeopardy because of client case load. I'm fairly certain that that's what affected the West Gate Boulevard office. They couldn't seem to get qualified staff to join their team. Initially, Nicole seemed to be very happy there but then all of a sudden she bailed and she went with a competitor.

If Zounds is going to be competitive in this dynamic market with all of us baby boomers gradually going deaf, there’s certainly a place for them. Their model started out with superb engineering for all the right reasons. They just need to revisit their engineering, marketing and staffing to help them be more competitive and open them up in more markets.

Right now, Karen's all we have here in Central Texas and she’s doing a superb job. I just hope that Zounds is intelligent enough to know that they've got a highly effective and efficient employee and that they need to do whatever is necessary to keep her and listen to her. Karen has a lot of very good ideas about what will help in the future. It's the individuals who become the face of the company, and their attention to detail, their effort into having the client leave with the device that works immediately and the follow up that you can get from them is what makes it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 15, 2017

I found Zounds Hearing Aids as good as any other. It seems to be going fine for me. However, I feel there's a problem with my hearing. I've tried the techniques needed when I'm in a crowd but it doesn't seem to make much difference when I do it. Also, while watching on the television, when the commercial comes, it's always clear but when I'm listening to a program, it isn't necessarily so. The pitch is different and it's not as distinct so there are things I miss because of it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 14, 2017

I've had a hearing problem since I was seven but only had hearing aids since 2006. When I first started getting hearing aids, I did use Miracle Ear but the people that I dealt with moved and so I went online and I liked Zounds Hearing Aids. Their hearing aids were made by a dad that had concerns about his daughter's hearing. So, I figured, they might be more in tune with the needs of people with hearing problems. The hearing test and fitting were simple and fast but the problem with most hearing tests is that you have to hear the beep and for those of us that don't hear, it becomes very uncomfortable because you start straining yourself hoping to hear a beep. I just wish there was some other way, some other sound maybe. But I understand the whole procedure. The staff, John, Revy and Carla, have all been nice and patient. l call if I have a problem and it’s like, “Come on down right now if you want.” They've actually been really great.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 24, 2017

This is the best ever place to get a hearing aid. We checked pricing and they are cheaper than the other name brands and their customer service is excellent and their hearing aids are state of the art. It took me a while to get my husband to agree to get a hearing aid but from the moment we walked into the office we felt comfortable and special. Their follow up is exceptional and we love knowing that they are close by and we can make an appointment anytime for any reason. Don't go anywhere else - this is the place.

Zounds Hearing Aids response

Thank you for sharing your experience at our Seal Beach location. We are very happy to hear that you are pleased with not only our technology and the value you received, but your customer experience. Best wishes to you and your husband!

Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Resolution response: May 3, 2017

I want to thank Ms. Thomason of zounds Director of marketing and consumer affairs, for her prompt resolutions of my problem. She never hesitated to make it right, with a upgraded hearing aids, new warranty and retest and refit.

Thank you'

Original review: April 21, 2017
My husband got the Clareza-8 hearing aids. We were never told that the hearing aids were used. Until recently, my husband went back to the office for a checkup.

The person we dealt with the first time just said, "I am wearing the same exact hearing aid. That you are getting." If we were told that, that day I would have said USED!!! For the price we paid was close to 3,000 dollars. Plus we got a 3yr warranty. Your product was misrepresented as new!!! On all the brochures that we received not one word said used!

Zounds Hearing Aids response

Hello Mr. Butikis. Thank you for making us aware of what was clearly a mistake in the fitting of your original aids. We stand behind our products and I am pleased to have been of assistance to you.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 15, 2017

I had a very good with Zounds Hearing. The instructors, are very knowledgeable and helpful aqnd I like Zounds better than its competitors because I don't have to use batteries. I found it inconvenient to change the batteries in the hearing aid. It seemed that the batteries were going out too frequently. So Zounds' use of the batteries in the hearing aid was a very good concept. The hearing aid model I have is comfortable. I have choices in different volumes of hearing in different places so it's very convenient. They gave me a hearing test with words and with sound and I was able to distinguish what they wanted. Some I did well, some I didn't do as well but the hearing aid has helped me to hear more clearly. So my hearing has improved.

Zounds Hearing Aids response

We are glad to hear that you had such a positive experience and that you are finding our rechargeable hearing aids so convenient. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2017

2 years ago I bought Zounds hearing aids and have had trouble with them since. The Raleigh office closed a year after I bought them, so I had to send my aids to corporate for service. Corporate has a bad attitude, and are not pleasant on the phone. They won't answer the phone, you have to leave a message and maybe they will call you back. My hearing aids generate feedback, the sound quality is low, and the stems break after about 6 months of use. I would not purchase from this company again.

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Original review: April 3, 2017

My experience with Zounds Hearing Aids is extremely good. It fits my needs entirely. It’s the first time I’ve had an aid that works. It also has many channels and I can program these any way I like. I've also changed to another model of hearing aids which were fine. I've been at their place at King of Prussia and the rep there is very good as well.

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Original review: March 9, 2017

I have 2 Zounds hearing aids and they perform well when they work. One broke and they wanted $500 to repair it so I replaced instead. The wire links from the aid to the microphone in the ear is very flimsy and I found out it is not covered under the warranty. Two of these links have broken in different ways, the edge that holds it in place broke off so I replaced it at $50. The wire pulled out of the replacement in 3 months and I have to buy it online since the stores in New England have all closed. They want to charge $10 shipping for this little, overpriced piece of junk. They refused to drop it in a USPS envelope. Also, the battery holder on the other aid broke but I can still use it at least. I wouldn't recommend them.

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Original review: March 1, 2017

$3000.00 hearing aids. As in 9 out of 10 of the reviews by dissatisfied customers on this site, two major complaints emerged: poor quality product and closed offices. Office in Charlotte NC closed and Mr. ** was not replaced; Asheville (2 hours away) -- the closest place with a technician. The final insult: no responses to calls, letters, or visits to the office or website in Tempe, AZ when email, phone numbers, and address are provided. Explanation?

Zounds Hearing Aids expert review by Shelley Webb

Zounds Hearing was founded by Sam Thomasson, an engineer and medical device developer who has a hearing-impaired daughter and wanted to improve on existing hearing aid technology for her and others with hearing loss. Zounds strives to create hearing aids for today’s world, compatible with cell phones, car communication systems and televisions. Zounds hearing aids are available throughout nearly all of the contiguous United States.

  • Exclusive technology: Zounds offers hearing aids it has developed internally as well as exclusively licensed technology from Sam Thomasson’s former tech company, Acoustic Technologies, Inc. That means you can get products at Zounds that are not available elsewhere.

  • Free hearing exams: You can visit a Zounds Hearing Center for a hearing assessment with a licensed audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. Even if you decide you don’t need or want to purchase anything, the assessment is always free, and you can come back for follow-up assessments if your situation changes.

  • Product selection: Zounds makes several hearing aid models, so buyers can choose the one best suited for them. The Imprezo is a fully-equipped model that comes with noise cancellation technology and is ideal for those with moderate to severe hearing loss. The Arenz is a small, powerful model that is equipped with Tinnitus Waveform to help those who experience tinnitus. The Prezia model offers many programmable channels for different listening environments.

  • GlobalEnergy charging system: Several of Zounds’ hearing aid models run on a rechargeable battery system. Unlike other types of hearing aids, you will never need to buy a battery again. Instead, you can recharge your hearing aids and remote control each night and they will hold a charge for 18 hours. The rechargeable batteries last the life of your hearing aids.

  • Convenience: Zounds is one of the United States’ fastest-growing hearing aid companies. There are currently over 200 franchise locations in more than 30 states. Use Zounds’ website to find a location near you.

  • Best for: people with acquired or progressive hearing loss and aging listeners.

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Shelley Webb is a registered nurse, geriatric care manager and freelance writer who concentrates on the subjects of eldercare and health.

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