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Eargo is a health tech company that’s destigmatizing hearing loss through innovation. Eargo brings a refreshing brand to an archaic industry overrun by inflated prices, needless negotiations, and complex purchasing barriers. For the first time, there’s a brand that provides consumers with a modern buying experience, great technology, and a clear understanding of hearing health. Learn more today about the enhanced auditory experience Eargo has offered millions of people across America.

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Eargo sells three hearing aid models with an open-fit, breathable design. While not appropriate for those with severe hearing impairment, Eargo provides quality devices for mild to moderate hearing loss.


  • Nearly invisible
  • Licensed, professional support
  • Front sound amplification
  • Rechargeable hearing aids


  • Not for severe hearing loss

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

I have moderate hearing loss in the high frequencies. After checking at least a dozen companies, I decided to purchase from Eargo and I have been very pleased. [They called] me to make sure it was working and that I was getting used to [the device]. I also had direct contact with the audiologist.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

I couldn't hear [background noises] and female voices are soft and I had difficulty hearing them. I bought the Max and I like them really well. The interaction with the customer service team was excellent. I like the style of the hearing aids because they're almost invisible. You get a good look and it's so easy to adjust the volume.

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Eargo hearing aids

Eargo sells hearing aid devices for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. All models feature four sound profiles that are easy to save or switch between for the user. Unlike typical behind-the-ear hearing aids, Eargo’s devices are nearly invisible and amplify sound in front of you rather than behind you.

Eargo's open-fit hearing aids feature silicone Flexi fibers that allow for increased airflow, letting frequencies pass more easily into your ear and giving you more natural sound amplification. The Flexi fibers also prevent the plugging sensation commonly felt when using traditional plastic hearing aids.

There are three Eargo hearing aid models:

  • EargoPlus is Eargo’s starter hearing aid and their most affordable option. Marketed as ideal for first-time hearing aid users, the Eargo Plus model is an open-fit device.
  • Eargo Max, Eargo’s mid-tier option, provides a sound amplification boost with improved noise reduction. Equipped with similar specs as the Eargo Plus, the Eargo Max model features better sound quality, state-of-the-art Flexi fibers (the “Flexi Dome”) and advanced sound profile memory that includes voice indicators.
  • Eargo Neo is Eargo’s top-tier device and features Flexi Fibers called “Flexi Palms.” Eargo Neo provides the highest level of noise amplification and reduction of all the Eargo products. The Neo device is controllable through Eargo’s mobile or web app, making it easier to adjust to your settings. You can also request an Eargo Hearing Professional to help you find your perfect sound settings via the mobile app.

The devices are all rechargeable, and purchase includes a charging case that allows you to charge your Flexis on the go, allowing you to go days without ever having to plug into a wall.

Each model has different specifications including dimensions and feel and performance. Compare each of Eargo’s models using the chart below.

ModelEargo PlusEargo MaxEargo Neo
DimensionsL-18.4mm / H-9.4mm / W-6.8mmL-18.4mm / H-9.4mm / W-6.8mmL-19.3mm / H-6.8mm / W-12mm
GainMaximum output 110dB SPLMaximum output 110dB SPLMaximum output 111dB SPL
Noise reductionUp to 12dB gain reductionUp to 12dB gain reductionUp to 17dB gain reduction
Wind noise reductionN/AUp to 14dB gain reductionUp to 13dB gain reduction

Eargo prices

Eargo costs anywhere from $1,650 to $2,750, the total price of the hearing aids will depend on the model selected. Prices are for two hearing aids and include a charger, plus extra flexis and wax guards. Financing is available and Eargo offers a 10% military discount.

ModelPriceMonthly financing
Eargo Plus$1,650/pairStarts at $77
Eargo Max$2,150/pairStarts at $100
Eargo Neo$2,750/pairStarts at $127

How to buy Eargo hearing aids

Eargo products are designed for individuals experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss. Because they’re not designed to address severe impairment, a hearing test or prescription is not required to purchase Eargo hearing aids. Simply log on to the website or call Eargo directly to purchase your preferred device. You can also try Eargo in person at b8ta stores available in select locations.

In addition to three hearing aid models, Eargo sells replacement Flexis, replacement wax guards and chargers on their website.

Eargo staffs a team of personal hearing professionals (PHPs) that can help you evaluate their products and guide to toward the right selection for your hearing needs. Access to a PHP continues after purchase, for as long as you use the device. These professionals can help you the fit and feel of your device, settings, and any questions that come up along the way.After purchase, your PHP will set up a welcome call to help you get started.

Eargo Q&A

Will my insurance cover my Eargo hearing aid?

Possibly. Eargo does not provide insurance reimbursements, so you’ll need to check with your insurance company in advance to see if you qualify for coverage.

What is Eargo’s return policy?

If you’re not satisfied, you can return your Eargo hearing device or any unopened accessories within 45 days for a refund. A $99 handling fee will be applied.

How long do Eargo batteries last?

Eargo batteries are rechargeable, and a charger is included in the price of purchasing the hearing aids. A fully charged battery should last for 16 hours.

Do Eargo hearing aids help with tinnitus?

While Eargo hearing aids were not created to treat tinnitus, hearing aids may help reduce symptoms. According to Eargo, some users have reported a decline in tinnitus perception after wearing the devices.

Do we recommend Eargo hearing aids?

If you or a loved one is suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss, Eargo devices may be a great option. Their simplified ordering process cuts out the middleman and makes for a straightforward experience. Eargo also provides Personal Hearing Professionals that are on call to help you with any questions that arise before, during and after your purchase.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2019

I had 60% hearing loss on the left and maybe 30% on the right. Eargo offered a free trial, and from the research I did from watching the videos and listening to other people’s testimonies, the hearing aids were easy to hide. With my job, it’s one of those things that we think we’re invisible anyway, so we sure as hell don’t wanna show any signs of not being. I got a hearing aid that is one of their best, and it’s 2,500 bucks. The only problem I had, and I noticed that it was a complaint with other customers too, is changing the programs. I only got to wear the Eargos in the time I had them three times. I called the young lady, Megan, and she helped me adjust them and clean them out only after the second time I used them. And for a couple of hours, I noticed a big difference.

I had surgery on my left ear, and they put a tube in. Then for two weeks, and even to right now, I’ve had drainage. So, I wasn’t able to use the hearing aids cause I'm not allowed to use them if I got any moisture in the ear. So, I returned them. My ENT says that my hearing is gonna be greatly improved once I have that tube put in. Plus, my hearing loss is gonna be lower end, where the Eargos help with higher end frequencies. Since the surgery, voices are much clearer. They still sound a little muffled and distant. It’s not as distant as they were, but I hear everything in stereo now. I still got a little bit of drainage from that left ear, and so I take a Q-tip and let it suck that little bit of fluid that’s there. Once that clears up and I don’t have that drainage anymore, then my hearing will improve quite a bit. But I still have to get hearing aids for low-tone frequencies.

For the technology that Eargo offers and the comfort of them, they’re right there at the price point. They’re very comfortable. They’re easy to put in and remove. I like the little charging thing that they have where I could keep them with me at work because I work 24 hours at a time. Most people don’t do that. The hearing aids drain out 18 hours, and then I had to recharge them, but they charged up pretty quickly. When I laid down and I took a nap, I just went ahead and took them out and put them in the charger. So, the couple of times I got to wear them, they lasted all shift. They still could improve a couple of little things. I’m not sure how they would improve changing the programs. Maybe instead of tapping your ear, since they do have the Eargo app, you could link to them through Bluetooth and change the program through Bluetooth. When you’re in some place and you’re trying to tap your ear to change the program, it looks kinda stupid.

Overall, Eargo is amazing. I love their customer service, and the support that they offered was awesome. Even when you call in and you listen to their little advertisement, the company has a very laid back approach. They're very friendly, not like most companies you call. All that was a pleasure to have to deal with. I didn’t have any trouble returning them. They didn’t give me any grief, which I figured they would. I didn’t really understand having to pay the $2,500 upfront. But then again, once that lady explained, it turns out an expensive product, the people don’t return them. Then they’re at a loss for that product. I get that. They charged it to my card. I gotta call today to see if they refunded that as fast as they took it out. Now, if they didn’t, I will be upset about that.

As far as the actual Eargos themselves, I’ll rate them really high the couple of times I got to use them. I wish I’d have got to use them like 30 days straight. I’d definitely recommend Eargo to a friend. If somebody else could use them, on a higher frequency side, they're great. I hope it benefits somebody. I wish it had benefitted me, but it’s a good product. It just didn’t work for me personally, and I hate that.

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Eargo response

Thank you for your comment, Anthony. We're happy our team was able to help adjust and clean your devices, and we'd suggest reviewing the videos on caring for your Eargos if you have any questions about maintaining your devices: Or, call your hearing professional at 1-800-375-8058.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2019

Eargo is great. I spent a number of months before I ordered them and I did a lot of research. I actually went to one of their locations in a Macy’s store in New York City and tried the live devices. They sent me their sample devices which are non-working, but I wore them quite a while for fit and comfort. It probably was a four-month process before I actually made a purchase. I’m pretty analytic so I wanted to make sure it was gonna be the right thing to do.

The problem with an over-the-ear device is the pick-up is in the back of the ear and there’s little speaker inside the ear. That means that when you’re in a crowded environment or any kind of loud environment which is 50% of where you go like restaurants and stores and conferences, you’re gonna hear what’s going on behind you. In those kind of environments, I can’t even understand the person right in front me talking because all the sound behind me is amplified as much so it just masks that sound out.

The thing about in-the-ear devices is it uses your natural ear structure to funnel sound in so it doesn’t amplify the sound from a strange location. And that’s what really drew me to Eargo. I have never been able to wear that type of hearing aid because I cannot stand having my ear plugged up. Almost every in-the-ear device plugs your canal completely. The beauty of the Eargo is they have this little patented foam fabric thing that doesn’t completely close off the ear canal. When you insert it, pressure will equalize and ambient sounds still gets through. That was the primary thing. That, and the difficulty I was having with a behind-the-ear device hearing speech in front of me. And for those two things, Eargo has worked wonderfully. They met my expectations to solve those two problems.

However, I’m having little problems with the charger in getting the hearing aids to sit in it properly. I had to kinda fuss with it quite a bit to get them to start charging. The other charger I had on the ones I sent back weren’t like that so I’m guessing they’ll replace the charger. The most negative experience I had was the fact that I got a brand new pair and one of them went bad in a couple of weeks. But Eargo replaced them promptly. I didn’t have any issue with that and the second pair has been pretty good. The hearing aids have been a vast difference over my previous ones which cost more than three times as much. The Eargo hearing aids are very tiny so they have very small batteries. It’s an improvement over the ones I wore because it’s a whole different style.

I wasn’t big on online purchase which I was leery of, but I really wanted to try Eargo out. I was pleasantly surprised with how they handled the post sales contact. The most positive experience I had was unexpected. I didn’t make the purchase and they disappeared in the woodwork. They were very proactive about contacting me to make sure I was doing okay. They paired me with an audiologist from their staff who set up conference calls every week. Are they perfect? No. If I had to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give them a 9. I think they ought to have a little more amplification in them. But overall, I’m very happy with Eargo. I tend to be the person that doesn’t give anybody a perfect score unless it’s really a horrible product or really a fantastic product.

I clean my Eargo hearing aids every night when I take them out of my ear. I think a lot of people are probably lax in their cleaning regimen. And if they’re having problems with their hearing aids, I suspect it’s body oils and earwax. My theory has always been that it’s a lot easier to clean on top of clean than cleaning on top of dirty. When I clean them every night, all I really have to do is wipe them down, brush them a little bit, and they’re perfectly clean and ready to go the next day. If you keep them clean, they perform very well. Once a week I cover the charger with alcohol to make sure all that is clean too. Somebody needs to understand that if they’re gonna invest in this type of device, they need to be willing to clean it frequently.

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Eargo response

Remember us to Herald Square... at least, our devices at the not-so-square b8ta store! We're happy to hear you were able to take our hearing aids for a thorough test drive and that you're hearing every moment with Eargo Neo.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 26, 2019

Although my brain was adjusting to my hearing loss and I wasn't that aware of it, it was annoying to everyone around me. Now that I’ve gotten the Eargo devices, an amazing amount of sound is back and it has been exciting to hear it. My first episode was when I was putting the hearing aids in, adjusting them, studying my manual, and going over everything. Then I walked outside and there was this huge oak tree in my front yard. For a second, at the top of the tree, the wind was rustling the leaves and I could hear it clearly. It was amazing because I hadn’t noticed it before I used Eargo. It was one of those, “Aha,” moments and it was really cool.

I have a variety of different music that I listen to. I have a five-CD player in my art studio and it has rhythm and blues, followed by Mozart, followed by some jazz and a Broadway musical in the same set. When I started playing it, it was like hearing a lot of the stuff for the first time because there were instruments and background sounds that I had become accustomed to or forgot that I was missing out on.

When adjusting the settings from one to two or two to three, it takes just a light tap on my ear to make the adjustment. But this past week, it hasn’t been that easy. Sometimes it has taken five or more taps to get it to adjust. I'm not sure whether that had something to do with cleaning it or the battery charge. I looked through the manual, but I couldn’t find anything that referred to adjusting it. Now, I’m working with Eargo to find out if the issue is something that developed with the device itself or if I’m doing something wrong. And I’m experimenting to try and figure out what the nature of the issue is. But this past weekend, I had to go run an errand and got in the car. I had the window down and had the wind blowing back. The rushing wind made the adjustment for me. The setting went from level one to level two and it was kinda strange because I didn’t touch it. I just heard it saying, “Level two.”

I’m still breaking them in and still getting used to having an alien object in my ear, so I have a tendency to wanna reach up and scratch. I was just in my studio and I have a clock on the wall in front of my drawing table. Now, I hear it ticking. I tilted my head one way to listen to it, then I tilted my head the other way to listen to it, and I couldn’t tell if one was louder than the other. That’s the little things that I keep experiencing the more I have the hearing aids.

I’m really enjoying the hearing aids. It’s an excellent product. I have very large hands, so handling them takes a little getting used to though. I haven’t changed the monthly cleaning thing where I have to use the little device. However, I’m getting to the point where I take the hearing aids out at night and I put it in the charger and I let it go. Then in the morning when I get them out, I take my brush and clean them. If there’s any earwax on it, it’s recommended to wait until that dries a bit so that it could be brushed off easier. I’ve always maintained maintenance with my ears. I keep them clean using cotton swabs so there’s not a lot of wax build up. I assume that people who don’t do that are getting a lot of wax.

When I was traveling in another country, I took the entire box with me because I wanted to make sure I had my techs to be able to troubleshoot any problems. I travel a lot back-and-forth and I can just throw it in my art bag and it works fine with the box it came in. But I’m looking for something light to travel with that can keep it protected.

Overall, Eargo has been giving me excellent service. My wife has also commended the follow-up. Their attention to customer service has been very impressive. Good quality service is very hard to find these days. And I really appreciate the way that they operate and the quality of their product. I would recommend Eargo. I’m pleased with the product and it has been very good for me.

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Eargo response

You know that to live for every moment, you’ve got to hear every moment. Happy hearing, Ed!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 1, 2019

I had a significant hearing loss in my right ear and a mild to moderate hearing loss in my left ear. I’ve tried a hearing aid company that I had tried different models with me, the behind-the-ear which I absolutely despised. I had seen advertisements online for Eargo and the award that they had won. So, I started up by getting the non-functional pair of the original. When the time became right for me to monetarily afford them, I bought them and I’m extremely happy. I’ve noticed the big difference in my hearing. I went with the Eargo Neo for a couple of reasons. I’m a retired military so they gave me a discount. That was very nice. And I thought it would probably be in my best interest to get whatever is the newest model if I’m gonna spend the money.

The Eargo Neo is excellent. They’re working perfectly fine. The only thing which I wouldn’t even call a complaint is they don’t seem to hold a charge. I thought that they would be more charged throughout the day and hold out longer than they currently do. I would put them back in the little cradle, let them charge while I’m sleeping at night so when I get up, they got the four little dots on the charging cradle so that they’re fully charged. But in spite of being Eastern Time and I put them back in the cradle, they are only halfway charged. I would suggest a little bit longer battery life but maybe it’s just me getting used to them.

The only drawback that I have is this talking on the phone in my office. If I get the phone too close to my left ear, my hearing aid whistles a little bit. There are some people where I worked who are leaving the company, and I was going around and was saying goodbye to these people and a couple of the women that I wanted to say goodbye to or need to give them hugs. When they put their arms around me to hug me, one of the hearing aids whistled really loud. They asked what that was and I told them that was my hearing aid whistling. I almost attributed it to the fact that there was air pressure changing because of the contact near my ear which is similar to me tapping on my ear to change the level.

But other than that, I do a program 1 in the left ear and a program 2 in the right ear, and I don’t experience that ringing in my ear like I used to. I don’t notice it as much because I’m hearing better. Also, customer service has been awesome. I got a phone call from my ear professional and we discussed the usage of them after I received them, the functionality, and all the little different things that I needed to know.

It’s a very good deal for what I pay compared to other models that I’ve seen. My younger brother just got hearing aids, too, and he’s got a different model. I tried to get him to go with Eargo, and he’s like, “Well, I’ve already got mine.” I’m like, “So, take them back. Try these and you’ll see that there’s a difference.” I used to listen to music in my car at a certain volume level, and now I don’t have to listen to it that loud anymore. In fact, I found the setting not exactly that I need to have them set on based on my hearing loss so that I can sort of hear the same thing in both ears.

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Eargo response

Thank you for your service, Sheldon. We're happy you're hearing every moment with Eargo Neo!

4 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 6, 2019

My Eargo hearing aids are wonderful. They have really made a difference. My hearing loss was mild to moderate. I didn't have so much trouble hearing people talk but I would frequently misunderstand the words. When someone would say "tree", I would think they said "three". Then when my husband would say something, I wouldn't hear all of that because one of his diseases causes him to be hoarse. I wouldn't hear it because it wouldn't be loud and clear enough.

After I started to wear the hearing aids, I realized how much more clearly I was hearing than I had been before. I didn't realize the degree that there was gonna be that difference. It was surprising to me. I can hear my feet when I walk across the floor on the carpet, and that's one of those noises you don't hear with your regular hearing even when it's good. There are also several other things that you just don't pay any attention to until you get really good hearing and then you notice and wonder, "What is that?" You have to run it down and you find out it's something that's been there forever. So I'm thoroughly delighted with my Eargo. It's an amazing device. I'm so pleased that I ran into the advertisement and decided to give them a try.

When I ran into Eargo's advertisement initially, I thought it sounded like it would be so convenient and easy to use. I wanted to at least to try them on a trial basis. So I contacted them and the more we talked, the more I decided. I was also pretty confident that if I could hear well enough, I would like one enough to keep them. They sent me a set and I wore them for about a month. But my ears got to where they were itching. I mentioned that to the audiologist who was assigned to me and she named some drops you can put on the little fibers. She said that I could try those and sent me a sample. I tried them and it worked. So I ordered some and started using that.

But when I went to the doctor for a regular check-up and she looked at my ears, she said both my ears were infected. So then I began to doubt. I thought it was the hearing aids and that I was not gonna be able to keep them. I had to stop using them for a couple of weeks. I took the medications from the doctor and cleared up the infection. On the follow-up visit, I asked if the hearing aids could have caused the infection and the doctor said no. She said that it was not the kind of infection that an exterior thing would have caused. It was a virus and when it gets in your ears, that gives you an ear infection. So that made my day.

I love my Eargo hearing aids. My audiologist also sent me the new tips, Palms, and I love them. I put them on and they don't bother my ears. I don't know they're in there. I can hear and adjust the sound. I also try to keep the hearing aids in as good condition as I can. I keep it cleaned regularly and charged, the filters changed and my ears as clean as possible. And they have not given me one minute of trouble of any kind. I'm just delighted with them.

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Eargo response

We're thoroughly delighted with your comment, Norma. ChEARs!

3 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2019

I was contacted a couple of different times by the reps from Eargo and they were great and very helpful. I figured a new version should be an improvement of others and I got the newest model. I spent $10,000 in two other sets of hearing aids but these are a lot cheaper and the quality is great.

Eargo response

We're happy you're hearing every moment with Eargo Neo, Mike!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2019

My hearing loss wasn't bad if people talked slower. I was having difficulties with a lot of the younger generation. They talk so rapidly. Also, when I'm in a group, the background noise bothered me. Then if somebody starts to talk to me, I'm trying to figure out who or what they're talking about and I'd say, "What?" My wife would finish my conversation and then she would help me. With her gone, I don't have that help anymore. I decided to get the hearing aids and I liked the idea. The one I had before was just a microphone or a speaker system, and it didn't do what I wanted. It sat on the back of the ear and had a battery. I'm 88 years old and putting the batteries in for the thing was difficult.

I saw this Eargo advertised and it sounded good to me so I contacted the number. The customer service was fantastic. The gal that I talked with was very nice. I told her what my concern was. I had loved these things because I put them in the case overnight and it charges them up. Now I lost my right ear. It fell down in the old stuffed chair and they're twin chairs. I looked all over and I just can't find it. I need to talk to Eargo in getting another one. I told the barber about my hearing aids. He got it too and loves it.

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Eargo response

We're sorry to hear about the loss of your wife, Richard. Please give our hearing professionals a call at 1-800-375-8058 if there's ever anything we can do to ensure you're hearing life to the fullest.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2019

Before contacting Eargo, I didn't hear half the tones that exist. People would talk to me and I couldn't understand them. I thought they were mumbling but it turned out I couldn't hear. I purchased Eargo's best hearing aids, the Neo model and they have been well worth the money. While they have some limitations, they work great. When I wear my Neo hearing aids, I can understand people perfectly.

Eargo response

We're happy you're hearing every moment with Eargo Neo, Greg. Happy hearing!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2019

My hearing loss was bad. I was seeing so much on Eargo and reading about it so much, and I thought, “Why not try something?” So, I did, and they were really good. I got hearing aids that go in the ear and I don’t have trouble with it at all with it moving around. It's nice to be able to hear again. I haven't been hearing all the words lately in a song or anything and now, I can hear all of that again. It's wonderful. Everybody at Eargo has been really nice. They've helped in everything I needed. I couldn’t be any happier with Eargo. It's an easy thing, and I don’t have to bother with all that battery stuff.

Eargo response

We nixed batteries in favor of a more modern way to power up - with a USB cord and charger, like a smartphone. We're happy you're hearing life to the fullest with Eargo, Mary!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2019

I found some information about Eargo on the internet and then I researched it, and it sounded like it was a better opportunity. Their customer service has been very good. I had another set of hearing aids before and I like the ones I got from Eargo much better. Also, it has greater value compared to Miracle Ear. Everything’s working fine right now.

Eargo response

Thank you for sharing your excellent Eargo experience, Ralph. Happy hearing!

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