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Eargo is a health tech company that’s destigmatizing hearing loss through innovation. Eargo brings a refreshing brand to an archaic industry overrun by inflated prices, needless negotiations, and complex purchasing barriers. For the first time, there’s a brand that provides consumers with a modern buying experience, great technology, and a clear understanding of hearing health. Learn more today about the enhanced auditory experience Eargo has offered millions of people across America.

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Eargo sells three hearing aid models with an open-fit, breathable design. While not appropriate for those with profound hearing impairment, Eargo provides quality devices for mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss.


  • Nearly invisible
  • Licensed, professional support
  • 100% covered by federal benefits
  • Rechargeable hearing aids


  • Not for profound hearing loss

Top Eargo Reviews We Found

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

I have moderate hearing loss in the high frequencies. After checking at least a dozen companies, I decided to purchase from Eargo and I have been very pleased. [They called] me to make sure it was working and that I was getting used to [the device]. I also had direct contact with the audiologist.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

I couldn't hear [background noises] and female voices are soft and I had difficulty hearing them. I bought the Max and I like them really well. The interaction with the customer service team was excellent... You get a good look and it's so easy to adjust the volume.

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Eargo hearing aids

Eargo sells hearing aid devices for individuals with mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss. All models feature four sound profiles that are easy to save or switch between for the user. Unlike typical behind-the-ear hearing aids, Eargo’s devices are nearly invisible and amplify sound in front of you rather than behind you.

Eargo's open-fit hearing aids feature silicone Flexis that allow for increased airflow, letting frequencies pass more easily into your ear and giving you more natural sound amplification. The Flexis also prevent the plugging sensation commonly felt when using traditional plastic hearing aids.

There are three Eargo hearing aid models:

  • Eargo Max, provides a sound amplification boost with improved noise reduction. The Eargo Max model features excellent sound quality, state-of-the-art Flexi fibers (the “Flexi Dome”) and advanced sound profile memory that includes voice indicators.
  • Eargo Neo features better noise reduction, better feedback cancellation and more added stable gain (for signal below 65dBSPL). The Neo device is controllable through Eargo’s mobile or web app, making it easier to adjust to your settings. You can also request an Eargo Hearing Professional to help you find your perfect sound settings via the mobile app.
  • Eargo Neo HiFi boasts a beautiful, state-of-the-art design combined with the company’s best sound fidelity ever for mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss. Eargo Neo HiFi lets you experience full-bodied, rich sound just as nature intended and is completely concealed inside the ear canal. The company offers a two-year warranty with the Eargo Neo HiFi. The hearing aid is being offered at an introductory price of $2,650 with financing starting at $123 a month for a limited time. The Eargo Neo HiFi device is controllable through Eargo’s mobile or web app, which makes it easy to adjust the settings. You can also consult with an Eargo hearing professional to help find your perfect sound settings via the mobile app. 

The devices are all rechargeable, and purchase includes a charging case that allows you to charge your Flexis on the go, allowing you to go days without ever having to plug into a wall.

Each model has different specifications including dimensions and feel and performance. Compare each of Eargo’s models using the chart below.

ModelEargo MaxEargo NeoEargo Neo HiFi
DimensionsL-18.4mm / H-9.4mm / W-6.8mmL-19.3mm / H-6.8mm / W-12mmL-19.3mm / H-6.8mm / W-12mm
GainMaximum output 110dB SPLMaximum output 111dB SPLMaximum output 111dB SPL
Noise reductionUp to 12dB gain reductionUp to 17dB gain reductionUp to 17dB gain reduction
Wind noise reductionUp to 14dB gain reductionUp to 13dB gain reductionUp to 13dB gain reduction

Eargo prices

Eargo costs anywhere from $1,850 to $2,650, the total price of the hearing aids will depend on the model selected. Prices are for two hearing aids and include a charger, plus extra Flexis and wax guards. Financing is available and Eargo offers a 20% military discount.

The company handles claims directly with FEHB (federal employee health benefits) insurance plans, which makes it possible for qualified customers to receive the product at no out-of-pocket cost to them.

ModelPriceMonthly financing
Eargo Max$1,850/pairStarts at $86
Eargo Neo$2,350/pairStarts at $109
Eargo Neo HiFi$2,650/pairStarts at $123

How to buy Eargo hearing aids

Eargo designs products for individuals who experience mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss. The company uses safe, remote hearing checks, phone consultations and online ordering so you can purchase Eargo products from the comfort of your home. Eargo does not require outside hearing tests or prescriptions. Instead, the company relies on its own clinically validated hearing check to evaluate your hearing in loud settings. Visit the company’s website or call Eargo directly to purchase your preferred device. You can also try Eargo in person at b8ta stores in select locations.

In addition to three hearing aid models, Eargo sells replacement Flexis, replacement wax guards and chargers on their website.

Eargo staffs a team of personal hearing professionals (PHPs) that can help you evaluate their products and find the right selection for your hearing needs. Access to a PHP continues after purchase, for as long as you use the device. These professionals can help you with the fit and feel of your device, settings, and any questions that come up along the way. After purchase, your PHP will set up a welcome call to help you get started.

Eargo Q&A

Will my insurance cover my Eargo hearing aid?

Possibly. Eargo does not provide insurance reimbursements, so you’ll need to check with your insurance company in advance to see if you qualify for coverage.

What is Eargo’s return policy?

If you’re not satisfied, you can return your Eargo hearing device or any unopened accessories within 45 days for a refund. A $99 handling fee will be applied.

How long do Eargo batteries last?

Eargo batteries are rechargeable, and a charger is included in the price of purchasing the hearing aids. A fully charged battery should last for 16 hours.

Do Eargo hearing aids help with tinnitus?

While Eargo hearing aids were not created to treat tinnitus, hearing aids may help reduce symptoms. According to Eargo, some users have reported a decline in tinnitus perception after wearing the devices.

Do we recommend Eargo hearing aids?

If you or a loved one is suffering from mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss, Eargo devices may be a great option. Their simplified ordering process cuts out the middleman and makes for a straightforward experience. Eargo also provides Personal Hearing Professionals that are on call to help you with any questions that arise before, during and after your purchase.

Eargo Reviews

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 22, 2020

My experience with Eargo has been phenomenal. I've had experience with other in-the-ear hidden devices and their device makes them look like they are primitive and they need to go back to the drawing board. Eargo's customer service is very professional. Whoever is doing this is doing a great job. It is a good business model. Besides being a neuroclinical psychologist, I'm a commercial and private pilot too and I've had high frequency damage because of aircraft. So, I haven't heard birds for a long time, and it is nice to hear them chirp again. So, using it is very pleasant. Overall, it's different from the others out there, and I am even going to write a blog for them.

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    Rated with 3 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 19, 2020

    Eargo has very good customer service. Every time I’ve had a question, they’ve been awful nice. They advertised three different prices and I had to go with the more expensive hearing aids. I bought it with the intention of thinking I was getting a military discount, but they said the ones I ended up buying didn’t come with a military discount. They said that it was already discounted. I had partial and with Eargo, I can hear just a little better. But it has been a process and I’m still trying to work through it. After about three or four days, I ran into an itching problem with the ears. I’ve been able to scratch them, but in the second week, it felt like my ears were swelling and trying to reject the hearing aids. Other than that, they’ve been pretty good and I’ve been satisfied with them so far.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 17, 2020

    Getting my Eargo was fast and painless. I just talked to them and they said that they'd get the hearing aids to me. My insurance paid for it. I'm really happy with Eargo. I had partial hearing loss and they really helped me a lot. They are so easy to use. Eargo makes it so simple.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 16, 2020

    I found Eargo online and thought that it was nice. They didn't look like they were gonna be too expensive, so I called and got a person to help me out. I was with Miracle-Ear for a long time, but I don’t like the ones that go over the ears. I wanted a different type, like the in-the-ear. This time, it worked out that Eargo went over Miracle-Ear. Eargo is much better. I like the idea that it’s in my ear because, at this time of the year, we live up in the country where there are a lot of black flies. I’m always wiping, going from my ears, and when I do, I flip my hearing aids out. But with Eargo, I don’t have to worry.

    Their customer service has been fabulous. Ron spent some time with me talking about different things and what to do and how to do them. If I had any questions, I could call him back or email him. I’m having a little bit of trouble with the right one, but I will be speaking to Ron soon and I can ask him what's going on. I like the idea that I can put the hearing aids up to different levels, which I frequently do. As far as the hearing, it has helped me a lot, so I think I’m going to be okay with them. I like them very much.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 14, 2020

    I did an inquiry about hearing devices online and Eargo came up. I looked into it, which was how I got started with them. Their staff have been standoffish but in a good way. There has been no pressure. They said, "Try these out and see how you like them. And if you like them, keep them, if not send them back." I like their procedure on the way they handle the customer. I move at my own pace, which is what I've done.

    I've never had hearing aids before. I didn't know what to expect. From the moment I got the hearing aids and put them in, I've been in love with them. I couldn't believe what I've been missing for so long. It has been a blessing. It has been comfortable. It's good to the point where I have to keep it on a two because it's so loud. The only drawback is that once I get up to three, especially four, I seem like I get a lot of feedback on the right ear, which is the ear where I have the most hearing issues. I try to keep it around two, but the right ear needs a louder volume than the left ear does. I play with it and some simple taps on the ear and it lowers or raises the volume.

    The other hearing aids I looked at had an unbelievably high price. With Eargo, the price was just amazing and I could hear, which was all I want. I didn't want anything with batteries and they scratched that right away because all they offer are chargeable hearing aids. It's so easy to deal with. I just put it in the charger, leave it overnight, and then it's ready to go the next day. They made it simple for somebody like myself.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 12, 2020

    I like the Eargos but I was put off by the cost. It was not a great time for us to be entering into something like this but we'll probably be committed to seeing it through, as far as the payment schedule. That goes on for some time. As far as the devices themselves, I’m not totally sold that they're anything more than amplifiers. Actually, you can get amplifiers for far less money. From what I researched, Eargo is still basically an amplifier. It doesn't focus on your respective right and left ear's hearing loss at certain frequencies. It’s more targeted to people with high-frequency loss and I think that’s primarily what mine is, from the ones I had before. That’s what we were working on correcting with the audiologist.

    I had gotten some normal, over-the-ear hearing aids before and at the time, my insurance company would actually pay most of it. But the itching in the ear is something that seems to go with them. Initially, I was told that it’s pretty common.­ But I didn’t like the itching in the ear. I didn’t like the kind of batteries they had either. When you pull the seal off and air hits it, it starts a chemical reaction and the battery is gonna be dead within five days whether you use it or not. I’m also active outdoors and I didn't like that the hearing aids would fall off my ear and sometimes, they would even pull out the in-the-ear part. It was crazy. So I gradually didn't wear them very often.

    On the other hand, the Eargos are very discreet and pretty low-maintenance so far. Plus you don’t have to do batteries. Those are the things that make them feel like a better fit for my personality and lifestyle. So I recommended them to two other people with the caveat that they have a 45-day trial period to decide for themselves. I told them to be sure to send them back within 45 days if they don’t like them. I don’t think Eargo is perfect at all. Ideal hearing would be nice to have again but that’s not gonna happen. So at least they're something that I’m happy to put in and keep in. They are far more comfortable. I even find that, if I lay down and start watching TV, I’ll go to sleep with them on. That’s not the way I like to do it but at least that says that they're not bothering me a whole lot. So far, I haven’t had any problems with them.

    I hope that they’ll be durable because it seems to me like I’m kind of a jerk of a consumer. If you buy a car new and you finance it for 60 months – some are even 72 – they should keep that car running for you until you've paid for it. I feel the same way about the Eargos. If you're gonna finance them for a certain amount of time, I ought to have a full boat, blanket replacement warranty without any questions asked if one of them should have a fail. But the reviews that I’ve seen were not very reassuring about the kind of support you get after paying this amount of money. Other users who reviewed Eargo said that if there were problems, Eargo is not really too good about replacing. I think there is a $300 charge to replace one if it fails. I read about the red charger issues and about one that would change the settings by itself.

    In terms of the four different levels, two seemed to be a pretty good fit. But I felt like I continued to have problems. It's not so much being loud enough but it’s like it’s not altogether clear that I’m having problems still with understanding what someone said. Ladies’ voices on TV dialogue will seem really overly loud. Then with the men’s, I still can’t quite distinguish what they're saying as well as I'd like. As far as tech support, I had made some remarks conversing with one of the ladies who followed up. I said I’d like to have something that would maybe focus on the crowded loud environments. So allegedly, I got an update and initially, there was a problem with that but it was more server-related on the IT end. Supposedly, there’s been a fix. Nonetheless, my Valentine’s Day gift to my wife would be to not go back to having the TV turned up quite as loudly.

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    Eargo response

    Thank you for your comment about our Class I, FDA-cleared medical devices, Ken. We would suggest reviewing our tips and tricks to all things Eargo here: Or, contact our hearing professionals for guidance at 1-800-375-8058 or for assistance.

    22 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 10, 2019

    I had 60% hearing loss on the left and maybe 30% on the right. Eargo offered a free trial, and from the research I did from watching the videos and listening to other people’s testimonies, the hearing aids were easy to hide. With my job, it’s one of those things that we think we’re invisible anyway, so we sure as hell don’t wanna show any signs of not being. I got a hearing aid that is one of their best, and it’s 2,500 bucks. The only problem I had, and I noticed that it was a complaint with other customers too, is changing the programs. I only got to wear the Eargos in the time I had them three times. I called the young lady, Megan, and she helped me adjust them and clean them out only after the second time I used them. And for a couple of hours, I noticed a big difference.

    I had surgery on my left ear, and they put a tube in. Then for two weeks, and even to right now, I’ve had drainage. So, I wasn’t able to use the hearing aids cause I'm not allowed to use them if I got any moisture in the ear. So, I returned them. My ENT says that my hearing is gonna be greatly improved once I have that tube put in. Plus, my hearing loss is gonna be lower end, where the Eargos help with higher end frequencies. Since the surgery, voices are much clearer. They still sound a little muffled and distant. It’s not as distant as they were, but I hear everything in stereo now. I still got a little bit of drainage from that left ear, and so I take a Q-tip and let it suck that little bit of fluid that’s there. Once that clears up and I don’t have that drainage anymore, then my hearing will improve quite a bit. But I still have to get hearing aids for low-tone frequencies.

    For the technology that Eargo offers and the comfort of them, they’re right there at the price point. They’re very comfortable. They’re easy to put in and remove. I like the little charging thing that they have where I could keep them with me at work because I work 24 hours at a time. Most people don’t do that. The hearing aids drain out 18 hours, and then I had to recharge them, but they charged up pretty quickly. When I laid down and I took a nap, I just went ahead and took them out and put them in the charger. So, the couple of times I got to wear them, they lasted all shift. They still could improve a couple of little things. I’m not sure how they would improve changing the programs. Maybe instead of tapping your ear, since they do have the Eargo app, you could link to them through Bluetooth and change the program through Bluetooth. When you’re in some place and you’re trying to tap your ear to change the program, it looks kinda stupid.

    Overall, Eargo is amazing. I love their customer service, and the support that they offered was awesome. Even when you call in and you listen to their little advertisement, the company has a very laid back approach. They're very friendly, not like most companies you call. All that was a pleasure to have to deal with. I didn’t have any trouble returning them. They didn’t give me any grief, which I figured they would. I didn’t really understand having to pay the $2,500 upfront. But then again, once that lady explained, it turns out an expensive product, the people don’t return them. Then they’re at a loss for that product. I get that. They charged it to my card. I gotta call today to see if they refunded that as fast as they took it out. Now, if they didn’t, I will be upset about that.

    As far as the actual Eargos themselves, I’ll rate them really high the couple of times I got to use them. I wish I’d have got to use them like 30 days straight. I’d definitely recommend Eargo to a friend. If somebody else could use them, on a higher frequency side, they're great. I hope it benefits somebody. I wish it had benefitted me, but it’s a good product. It just didn’t work for me personally, and I hate that.

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    Eargo response

    Thank you for your comment, Anthony. We're happy our team was able to help adjust and clean your devices, and we'd suggest reviewing the videos on caring for your Eargos if you have any questions about maintaining your devices: Or, call your hearing professional at 1-800-375-8058.

    6 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 15, 2019

    Eargo is great. I spent a number of months before I ordered them and I did a lot of research. I actually went to one of their locations in a Macy’s store in New York City and tried the live devices. They sent me their sample devices which are non-working, but I wore them quite a while for fit and comfort. It probably was a four-month process before I actually made a purchase. I’m pretty analytic so I wanted to make sure it was gonna be the right thing to do.

    The problem with an over-the-ear device is the pick-up is in the back of the ear and there’s little speaker inside the ear. That means that when you’re in a crowded environment or any kind of loud environment which is 50% of where you go like restaurants and stores and conferences, you’re gonna hear what’s going on behind you. In those kind of environments, I can’t even understand the person right in front me talking because all the sound behind me is amplified as much so it just masks that sound out.

    The thing about in-the-ear devices is it uses your natural ear structure to funnel sound in so it doesn’t amplify the sound from a strange location. And that’s what really drew me to Eargo. I have never been able to wear that type of hearing aid because I cannot stand having my ear plugged up. Almost every in-the-ear device plugs your canal completely. The beauty of the Eargo is they have this little patented foam fabric thing that doesn’t completely close off the ear canal. When you insert it, pressure will equalize and ambient sounds still gets through. That was the primary thing. That, and the difficulty I was having with a behind-the-ear device hearing speech in front of me. And for those two things, Eargo has worked wonderfully. They met my expectations to solve those two problems.

    However, I’m having little problems with the charger in getting the hearing aids to sit in it properly. I had to kinda fuss with it quite a bit to get them to start charging. The other charger I had on the ones I sent back weren’t like that so I’m guessing they’ll replace the charger. The most negative experience I had was the fact that I got a brand new pair and one of them went bad in a couple of weeks. But Eargo replaced them promptly. I didn’t have any issue with that and the second pair has been pretty good. The hearing aids have been a vast difference over my previous ones which cost more than three times as much. The Eargo hearing aids are very tiny so they have very small batteries. It’s an improvement over the ones I wore because it’s a whole different style.

    I wasn’t big on online purchase which I was leery of, but I really wanted to try Eargo out. I was pleasantly surprised with how they handled the post sales contact. The most positive experience I had was unexpected. I didn’t make the purchase and they disappeared in the woodwork. They were very proactive about contacting me to make sure I was doing okay. They paired me with an audiologist from their staff who set up conference calls every week. Are they perfect? No. If I had to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give them a 9. I think they ought to have a little more amplification in them. But overall, I’m very happy with Eargo. I tend to be the person that doesn’t give anybody a perfect score unless it’s really a horrible product or really a fantastic product.

    I clean my Eargo hearing aids every night when I take them out of my ear. I think a lot of people are probably lax in their cleaning regimen. And if they’re having problems with their hearing aids, I suspect it’s body oils and earwax. My theory has always been that it’s a lot easier to clean on top of clean than cleaning on top of dirty. When I clean them every night, all I really have to do is wipe them down, brush them a little bit, and they’re perfectly clean and ready to go the next day. If you keep them clean, they perform very well. Once a week I cover the charger with alcohol to make sure all that is clean too. Somebody needs to understand that if they’re gonna invest in this type of device, they need to be willing to clean it frequently.

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    Eargo response

    Remember us to Herald Square... at least, our devices at the not-so-square b8ta store! We're happy to hear you were able to take our hearing aids for a thorough test drive and that you're hearing every moment with Eargo Neo.

    11 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 26, 2019

    Although my brain was adjusting to my hearing loss and I wasn't that aware of it, it was annoying to everyone around me. Now that I’ve gotten the Eargo devices, an amazing amount of sound is back and it has been exciting to hear it. My first episode was when I was putting the hearing aids in, adjusting them, studying my manual, and going over everything. Then I walked outside and there was this huge oak tree in my front yard. For a second, at the top of the tree, the wind was rustling the leaves and I could hear it clearly. It was amazing because I hadn’t noticed it before I used Eargo. It was one of those, “Aha,” moments and it was really cool.

    I have a variety of different music that I listen to. I have a five-CD player in my art studio and it has rhythm and blues, followed by Mozart, followed by some jazz and a Broadway musical in the same set. When I started playing it, it was like hearing a lot of the stuff for the first time because there were instruments and background sounds that I had become accustomed to or forgot that I was missing out on.

    When adjusting the settings from one to two or two to three, it takes just a light tap on my ear to make the adjustment. But this past week, it hasn’t been that easy. Sometimes it has taken five or more taps to get it to adjust. I'm not sure whether that had something to do with cleaning it or the battery charge. I looked through the manual, but I couldn’t find anything that referred to adjusting it. Now, I’m working with Eargo to find out if the issue is something that developed with the device itself or if I’m doing something wrong. And I’m experimenting to try and figure out what the nature of the issue is. But this past weekend, I had to go run an errand and got in the car. I had the window down and had the wind blowing back. The rushing wind made the adjustment for me. The setting went from level one to level two and it was kinda strange because I didn’t touch it. I just heard it saying, “Level two.”

    I’m still breaking them in and still getting used to having an alien object in my ear, so I have a tendency to wanna reach up and scratch. I was just in my studio and I have a clock on the wall in front of my drawing table. Now, I hear it ticking. I tilted my head one way to listen to it, then I tilted my head the other way to listen to it, and I couldn’t tell if one was louder than the other. That’s the little things that I keep experiencing the more I have the hearing aids.

    I’m really enjoying the hearing aids. It’s an excellent product. I have very large hands, so handling them takes a little getting used to though. I haven’t changed the monthly cleaning thing where I have to use the little device. However, I’m getting to the point where I take the hearing aids out at night and I put it in the charger and I let it go. Then in the morning when I get them out, I take my brush and clean them. If there’s any earwax on it, it’s recommended to wait until that dries a bit so that it could be brushed off easier. I’ve always maintained maintenance with my ears. I keep them clean using cotton swabs so there’s not a lot of wax build up. I assume that people who don’t do that are getting a lot of wax.

    When I was traveling in another country, I took the entire box with me because I wanted to make sure I had my techs to be able to troubleshoot any problems. I travel a lot back-and-forth and I can just throw it in my art bag and it works fine with the box it came in. But I’m looking for something light to travel with that can keep it protected.

    Overall, Eargo has been giving me excellent service. My wife has also commended the follow-up. Their attention to customer service has been very impressive. Good quality service is very hard to find these days. And I really appreciate the way that they operate and the quality of their product. I would recommend Eargo. I’m pleased with the product and it has been very good for me.

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    Eargo response

    You know that to live for every moment, you’ve got to hear every moment. Happy hearing, Ed!

    6 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 18, 2019

    I like that you can't see the Eargo hearing aids. A lot of my friends at my age say, "You got hearing aids?" If you don't pull it out and show them one, they'll never know, which is a definite plus for Eargo. I also like that it's rechargeable and easy to use. The price is important, too. I have the Eargo Max which is the middle type. The bottom one had too much noise. The newest one is the Neo and though I'm a tech guy, I don't want another app and I don't feel the need to adjust it that much. The Neo seems to be too much.

    The first person that I spoke to was Corina. She sent me the empty ones for sizing. The follow up by Eargo is tremendous. They had the follow-up call for the audiologist to answer any questions. I did end up sending the right one back though. We tried everything. She had me changing tips and changing the wax filter, but there was something with it.

    It's my first hearing aid and so far, it works. You'll notice the difference. The first time that you put them in and you hear running water or you pick up a potato chip bag and crackle it, you'll go, "What was that?" It's that learning experience of retraining your brain a little bit. But I'm loving my Eargo hearing aid. I can hear better with it and I'm having a good time with it. It's great for TV. You don't have to put your TV volume on nuclear anymore. It's also great when you're in a restaurant trying to see what the person across the table is saying without reading their lips. I went on a Disney cruise a couple of weeks ago, and a couple from Wisconsin learned about my hearing aids. Next thing I know, they contacted me. I turned them on to Corina and they bought them.

    Eargo has done a great job of having two-minute videos to make sure you're taking care of them. I got an email a couple of days ago saying they wanna make sure I'm cleaning the wax out of my ears but they're doing it in a way that people don't feel offended. Eargo is doing a real good job of not only the marketing but also trying to get through the people that probably have said no to hearing aids.

    I've already recommended 3 people to Eargo. I told my neighbor across the street to get the free one so she could see if it would fit, and it didn't. She has such small ear canals. It's a learning curve to know who can get it and who can't. There are a lot of people out there that really would like to have it. The fact that the law changed where you don't have to go through an audiologist to get beat up and hit over the head with the price is a major point. But Eargo could have something that is not $5,000 to $6,000 and put it where people can afford it and make it easy to use.

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    We work hard to keep your hearing loss under wraps! chEARs, John.

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