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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids

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A trusted resource for hearing solutions for over 65 years, Miracle-Ear uses state-of-the-art technology to remove the barriers of hearing loss. Miracle-Ear specializes in customizable hearing solutions that feature discreet, comfortable products designed to meet each individual's hearing loss needs. Contact us today to schedule your free hearing checkup at any all of the company's over 1,200 franchised locations across the U.S. At Miracle-Ear, we believe there’s no need to live without all the important sounds in your life.

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Miracle-Ear has seven hearing aid models, plus customizable choices. Options are available for all hearing levels. Although their pricing isn't clear, Miracle-Ear has many locations with trained representatives who can help.


  • 30-day trial
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Serves mild to profound hearing loss


  • Pricing could be more transparent

Top Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids Reviews

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer

The specialist I had was great. So much info. Learned so much. Had hearing aids for 5 years and never heard so well. So happy with results. Would recommend these to anyone with a hearing loss. Don't put it off.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

I have partial hearing loss and Miracle-Ear has improved my hearing. Their representative helped me and I bought a behind the ear set. I liked the set. They are comfortable. Plus, their overall functionality, performance, and quality are good.

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What is Miracle-Ear?

Miracle-Ear offers hearing aids at over 1,200 brick-and-mortar locations and are found in every state. Certified representatives can give you a free hearing test and help you find the right Miracle-Ear device. Each outlet offers hearing evaluations, hearing aid consultations, fittings, maintenance and more. You can work with a professional to choose the best Miracle-Ear products for your level of hearing loss, budget, preferences or whatever factor matters most to you. Miracle-Ear hearing aids cater to all types of hearing loss — from mild to profound. Some Miracle-Ear batteries are rechargeable.

Miracle-Ear models

There are seven standard Miracle-Ear hearing aid models and an option to create a customizable hearing aid. All Miracle-Ear models come with GENIUS 3.0 technology — Miracle-Ear’s proprietary technology for improved sound quality. Each hearing aid can have up to 48 channels and comes with one or more compatible apps. A 30-day trial is included with every Miracle-Ear hearing aid. Read more about Miracle-Ear’s hearing aids below:

  • Rechargeable BTE: This behind-the-ear model’s built-in lithium-ion battery is rechargeable. The hearing aid is compatible with the MEcontrol app. You can stream binaural audio from a smartphone to the hearing aid.
  • Rechargeable RIC: This receiver-in-canal model has built-in power, so you never have to mess with a battery. You simply drop the hearing aid into the charger and it takes care of the rest. Charges last for 24 hours. This model is compatible with the GENIUScontrol and GENIUSlink apps.
  • BTE: This model rests behind the ear. It is compatible with the MEcontrol app. It can connect to Bluetooth and stream audio.
  • RIC: This discreet model comes with Bluetooth connectivity. It has two case design choices and two battery size choices. It is compatible with the MEcontrol app.
  • miniRIC: Miracle-Ear’s smallest receiver-in-canal hearing aid model is also their most discreet. You can control the settings with a remote or via the GENIUScontrol app.
  • Ready Fit CIC: This hearing aid fits completely and discreetly in the canal and connects to the GENIUScontrol app. There are four sleeve size options. It comes with SingleMic directionality.
  • Mirage IIC: This is Miracle-Ear’s smallest hearing aid. It uses wireless ear-to-ear communication and is compatible with GENIUScontrol.
  • Custom Miracle-Ear hearing aid: Custom-designed hearing aids are available in CIC, ITC and ITE models. There are five colors to choose from.
ModelHearing aid typeHearing loss levelBattery type
Rechargeable BTEBehind-the-ear (BTE)Mild to profoundLI 100% rechargeable
Rechargeable RICReceiver-in-canal (RIC)Mild to profoundLI 100% rechargeable
RICReceiver-in-canal (RIC)Mild to profound13, 312
BTEBehind-the-ear (BTE)Mild to severe13
miniRICReceiver-in-canal (RIC)Mild to severe10
Custom hearing aidCompletely-in-the-canal(CIC), In-the-canal (ITC) or in-the-ear (ITE)Mild to severe10, 13, 312
ReadyFit CICCompletely-in-the-canal (CIC)Mild to moderate10
Mirage IICInvisible-in-the-canal (IIC)Mild to moderate10

Miracle-Ear prices

Miracle-Ear doesn’t publicly post the average cost of their hearing aids, so it’s best to talk to a representative for a Miracle-Ear price list. Typically, hearing aids can range from $150 for the most basic hearing aids to $5,000 for the most technologically advanced models. Miracle-Ear hearing aid prices generally fall somewhere in this range. Behind-the-ear models and in-the-canal models can be on the pricier end of this range; however, even the most expensive models tend to cost no more than a few dollars a day over the lifetime of the hearing aid.

Miracle-Ear financing is also available at many Miracle-Ear locations. The Miracle-Ear Foundation, for example, offers affordable payment options to low-income Americans. They have also donated more than 10,000 hearing aids to those in need.

Miracle-Ear hearing aid technology

Miracle-Ear hearing aids have the following types of technology:

Speech isolationSpeech isolation includes noise reduction, directionality to focus on the target speaker and amplification of voices.
Smartphone functionalityAn available smartphone app can control a Miracle-Ear hearing aid.
Tinnitus controlAlleviate tinnitus with static noise, ocean waves and Notch Therapy.
TV streamerHear the TV more clearly with audio streaming to a TV streamer, connected to your hearing aid.
Inductive chargerFor the rechargeable models, just drop the hearing aids into the inductive charger, the Miracle-Ear battery charger, for a convenient, quick charge.

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids Reviews

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 18, 2019

I have moderate hearing loss. I had high tones where a problem was forming. And therefore, when I had conversations with females or children, it was very difficult for me to hear. Miracle-Ear has an office here in town. And I did some research on some of the other ones, and I liked the technology that Miracle-Ear provided. It seemed to have what appeared to be a good application for me.

It's a pretty noisy world out there. I had not realized how much hearing I had lost until we were visiting the grandkids. They're very young and they have very high-pitched voices. I literally could not understand it. I could hear them, but I couldn't understand what they were saying most of the time. And after that visit, I told my wife, "I don't wanna be that grandpa that keeps saying, 'What? Say that again. What was that?'" So, that was what kinda spurred us on getting hearing aids. And now, I can't imagine being without them. It's part of my life. I'm really happy with them.

I got behind the ear hearing aids. I wanted something that was hidden for the most part, and I didn't want a big, clunky hearing aid. It was something that fits my lifestyle, and it also tucked away nicely behind my ear. I've been fairly happy with them. I had one that went bad, which was replaced promptly. They gave me a loaner until mine came in, and they replaced it within just a couple of days. But other than that, they've been dependable. I get a little bit of whistling when I get out in the wind. I get air moving past the speaker but it is certainly something that I can tolerate. It's not a big deal. It has a lot of application.

I also got a pair for my mother. She's really hard of hearing, and TV was a problem for her. And the unit that we got for her also has the streamer that you can plug into the TV so the sound of the TV goes right into your hearing aid. And that has helped her tremendously to be able to watch TV and enjoy it and hear whats's going on. So, those types of things are things I really appreciate out of Miracle-Ear. As far as the customer service, it has been very good every time I've called up there. When I had a problem, they were right on it. And in one case, I had a little bit of wax that got into the speaker, and they guided me through cleaning it out. They are very knowledgeable on what I may be experiencing and how to respond to it. So they did very well with that.

Cost was a major hurdle for me to get over. I did not wanna spend a lot of money on hearing aids. I had done a lot of research online, and certainly, there were a lot of options that seemed less expensive. I was concerned with buying them online with not having any local professional help to kind of get them fine-tuned and everything. So that was one of the reasons why I chose Miracle-Ear. After my interview with them and they gave me a pair to try for 30 days, they were very concerned about regulating and adjusting it. We seemed to work very well together in getting me and it lined up with my lifestyle, and the cost factor went away. They helped serviced it. It's really been a good relationship. So, I'm glad I went that way.

If anybody ever needs to talk to somebody and really wants to get personal one-on-one feedback, I'll be more than glad to provide that for them. The Miracle-Ear folks have been wonderful for me, and anything I could do to help their business out would be certainly something I would do. Once I took the journey, my Miracle-Ear really has changed my whole life. I used to be in sales, and part of my life was hearing the customer and understanding their reactions to what I was providing. And without the hearing aids, there were a lot of times that I missed a lot of stuff that I should've heard.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 13, 2019

I have a gradual hearing loss. I was still working as a nurse in a recovery room and I was afraid I was gonna miss something or that I was not gonna hear something that the doctors mumbled. I decided to go and get a hearing aid. At that time, I had a coupon for Miracle-Ear. It said free hearing check. I wanted to see how bad my hearing was and I would try the hearing aids out. I made up my mind. I came out of there with a $6,000 hearing aid because it sounded good, I needed it, and I had the money.

Mark was excellent and he worked with me to get it to fit. I have very itchy ears. I initially had the outside ones, but then we decided on the inside ones. Mark was wonderful. He measured me and we went with the ones that are in the ear. I couldn't keep them in for more than several hours. He kept working with me over the years to keep the hearing aids in. He really was very good. He also tuned them up when I felt that they needed to be tuned up. He gave me all the hearing checks that I needed.

I love putting my hearing aids in the morning and keeping them in. I drive to church and put them in in the parking lot. I try to keep them in for a couple of hours, but it just bothers me. If I don't take them out, they actually hurt. I feel the pressure. I try them for parties or something where you have to keep them in for several hours. On occasion, I could keep them in for five or six hours, but not much longer than that. Mark sent the hearing aids back a couple of times. He did everything and was wonderful.

But Mark left and Bryan came in. He was a little more difficult. He insisted I had to keep the hearing aids in for so many hours a day. Bryan actually wrote down on the sheet that I was not wearing my hearing aids. He pushed me to sign and I said that was wrong. I wear them as much as I can. After that little episode, I said I was not gonna deal with him. We kind of didn't agree on things so I switched over. The secretary there, Erin, was wonderful and a sweetheart. I told her I was gonna give Miracle-Ear one more try then I was going to some other hearing aid. She told me about the people in Gardner. I've been there once and they were wonderful.

I also asked Bryan to tune my hearing aids up a little bit but he said he couldn't do that without a test. I went to my ENT doctor and got a whole new hearing test. I went with that to the people in Gardner. They tuned it up and it has been much better since then. Lisa and Giselle were really great. I take my hearing aids out for the telephone. I take them out when they itch too much or they're uncomfortable. I have been with Miracle-Ear for almost five years. I hear much better with them and I'd recommend them to others. They just have to not have itchy ears. The product is good and it's not their fault that I can't keep them in that long.

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9 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 31, 2019

My hearing loss kept getting worse and the main thing was not understanding what people were saying. I had gone to three different hearing aid companies and had hearing tests. Then, I decided to do another one and I heard of Miracle-Ear, so I decided to go there. The first ones I had gone to recommended getting hearing aids but when I went to Miracle-Ear, the guy said that he couldn't recommend a hearing aid at that time. He said that my hearing was not bad enough and that it would eventually get there, but not at the time. So, he discouraged me from getting a hearing aid and it was a good year before my hearing finally got worse. That was when he thought it would be a good idea, so, I appreciated that honesty.

So far, I’ve had three different kinds of hearing aids. I had an in-the-canal that I really did not like. It shut off too much of the ambient background noise. Then I went to one model and it was just for my left ear where I was only having a problem with. After that, I went to one model and it was better. Then my right ear finally got so bad that I got another one for that ear, too, but it was a slightly different model. Finally, just before the warranty of the hearing aid for my right ear went out, I decided to get a new set that matched and did all the things that my hearing aids now do.

The overall functionality of the ones I got now is pretty good. The one thing that it was supposed to do was to help me hear on cellphones and we put magnets on the back of the cellphone case. But I found that I had a very difficult time positioning the phone to the point where the hearing aids would turn that feature on and I could hear out of both ears. It never worked right, so I would like to see that technology improved to the point where that would work. Other than that, the Miracle-Ear dealer that handled everything has been wonderful and he gives me great customer service. He listens to what I say and can understand what I’m trying to describe to him. He is also very capable of adjusting everything to the point where I hear and understand the words better.

Hearing aids are asininely expensive but I hear better because of them, so my life is improved. On the other hand, my wife has a different brand of hearing aids and she does not hear well with them. She misses when I’m talking and what I’m saying a lot. But it’s too expensive to go in and get Miracle-Ear hearing aids. She’s been tested because I took her in to my dealer and he did the hearing test. He told us what it would take to get her hearing up to where it should be and it’s too expensive, so we’re dealing with her old, not nearly as good, set of hearing aids because of that.

Miracle-Ear's hearing aids would be a whole lot easier to take and they would sell a lot more hearing aids if their prices were more reasonable. Still, I participate in conversations better with my Miracle-Ear because I’m understanding the words that people are saying and I don’t respond inappropriately because I misunderstood what was being said. I like being able to control the volume and the direction of the microphones which I have on the hearing aids. But I can also hear better in restaurants and in auditorium kind of settings.

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13 people found this review helpful
Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 6, 2019

I was in an airplane when my right eardrum blew. I had three holes in it and I had extreme trouble hearing in my right ear after that. Also, my left ear had been overused. At the time, I was going with a man who had the Miracle-Ear hearing aids and he loved them. So, I decided to get hearing aids from Miracle-Ear as well. When I went into the West Fargo store, their rep, Corey, told me that I'd better get hearing aids for both ears, so I did. I have them for about three years now and I love them.

For the first couple of years, the hearing aids worked great. But lately, when I put them on one adjustment, they don’t wait for me to change it to another adjustment. For instance, if I was in a crowd and I put my hearing aids in a noisy atmosphere mode, they'd jump into one of the other modes. So I have been constantly adjusting them, which is really a nuisance. I am also experiencing a few problems with my hearing and it seems that I have to go into Miracle-Ear to ask them what’s going on with my hearing aids. They might need some cleaning or my hearing has gotten worse. Since I live on social security and I can’t afford to get new ones, I’m stuck with what I have.

The rep at Miracle Ear told me that if something goes wrong, they’d cover it, so I’m gonna make him keep up his end of the bargain. But if I lost one of my hearing aids, that might be a different story altogether, though the rep didn’t go over that. But I keep up on my check-ups. Usually, when they give me the notice to come in, I do.

Other than that, the interactions I've had with the customer service reps at Miracle-Ear has been great. But there was this one girl I never liked. I would come in and she would have no time for anybody but her book and she wouldn’t look up or talk. I could tell she was only doing the job to make a few dollars. But they either fired her or she quit and the people at Miracle-Ear were glad because I talked to one of the guys there and he said that it wasn’t a loss when she left. And I could understand that because I’ve had businesses and customer service is hugely important. Now they got a new girl there, Anne, and she’s nice. I liked the rest of the team a lot.

I’ve also turned a lot of people over to Miracle-Ear. My daughter could have gone anywhere, but she went to Miracle-Ear because I recommended them. But she wasn’t happy about her experience at the West Fargo store because she was told something other than what they told her in Palm Springs when she was having trouble with her hearing aids. She bought the most expensive you could buy and the guy that worked with me didn’t quite tell her the truth on them. And when she was at Palm Springs, they said that she shouldn't have been charged the price she paid because what she got were not the top grade that she bought. So, she went back to the West Fargo store and straightened it out.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 14, 2019

I tried three different hearing aids and Miracle-Ear is the third one I tried. At first, I wasn’t happy with it but I didn’t have the top-of-the-line model. They advised that if I wanted to hear, I was gonna have to pay for it. That was why I asked them what was the best they had and I wound up with the one that cost $7,500. After that, it was a learning experience for me to get used to using them. At this point, I’ve had it for about three years and I have been wearing them almost every day. It fits in there very easily. There’s one that has a red marking on it and the other one has a blue. I would know which ear to put it in and it’s very easy to slip in and out. And when they're in there, I forget. As a matter of fact, I've gone to bed numerous nights where I realize all of a sudden that I still have the hearing aids in. I would have to get up and take them out.

Today, I still use them when I listen to a television program at night. But with the Hallmark channel, they talk so low and so far. Not only that, but in exciting points, they bring the music out and that blocks out what I’m hearing. I was getting more satisfaction from the Miracle-Ear but right now, I’m in the market to find a new one that will work better than that. I haven’t seen any yet though. But my hearing is very unique. It was destroyed pretty much by being around a lot of noisy jet engines, which 99% of American people aren’t gonna be around. So that’s what really threw me off. What I have is probably as good as I can get right now.

I was in the air force military for many years and I was subjected to a lot of jet engine noises. That’s what started my hearing problem and it slowly evolved into where I couldn’t differentiate and hear when I was in a group of people with more than one person talking. When I became a senior officer in the military, I would have my people in for meetings. I would make sure that only one of them talked at once. Otherwise, I couldn't follow what they were saying. But in the military, I didn't fail anything with the audiometer test they gave. So I didn’t have a hearing aid for about 20 years until I got out of the military.

The first ones I tried only cost around $3,000, which is still a lot of money. But I hear a lot of hearing aids have been advertised for a whole lot less. On the other hand, I like the fact that the people at Miracle-Ear have bent over backwards to try to solve my problem. I’m most impressed with the people at the office in San Antonio. Any time I have any problems, they'd get right on it and try to adjust it so that I could hear.

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8 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2019

I’m 80 years old on a fixed income. I can’t afford the hearing aids that I really needed and my insurance doesn’t cover it. They got a payment, but I can’t afford the monthly payment. I’m deaf in my left ear and Miracle-Ear has this new transmitter. I got it in both ears so I would be hearing out at both. But it’s really expensive. The one I got in my ear now is 4,000 and I've had it for six years. My hearing aids are okay. Just a lot of times, I can’t hear people talking to me. I have to have my speaker phone on to hear. But even if I put it up to my ear with my hearing aid in, I still can’t hear it. I can hear just about the same without it as with it. Nonetheless, I've had great experience with Miracle-Ear. Their reps work with me all the time. Every time I go in, it’s somebody different. But they had one guy I just liked and he was super nice.

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Rated with 1 starResolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2019

My mother purchased a hearing aid from the Florence KY store a while back and has received the run around as the device wasn't sized properly and as a result she lost the unit. Since then we have received the run around as Miracle provided her poor service in not sizing it properly and not standing behind their product. They had originally talked about working with her in providing a replacement at a reduced cost but basically told us to get lost as they were not going to do anything to stand behind their product. As a result, I recommend no one ever buy a product from Miracle-Ear.

Thanks. Kurt

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2 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2019

I couldn’t hear lower sounds and conversations and got a behind-the-ear hearing aid with a little wire running into the little thing in my ears. I got it about two years ago and there was not too much other stuff available. Now, they even have no battery ones, while mine’s still a battery one. I got the best package deal and paid 7000 for my Miracle-Ear hearing aid. Now, I see all these advertisements for $400 to $1000 hearing aids. But overall, I like my hearing aid.

2 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2019

I'm very happy with Miracle-Ear. The lady running the office in Warwick in Rhode Island is very nice. They are terrific people. They check my hearing aids every couple of months, and they clean those at no cost. I have the type that goes inside my canal, and so far, its quality has been good.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2019

Before I contacted Miracle-Ear, my hearing loss was very bad. The functionality and performance of the hearing aid suggested to me were very good. I could control it with Bluetooth. And when it comes to customer service, the office I deal with is excellent.

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Miracle-Ear FAQ

What is the Miracle-Ear warranty?
Most Miracle-Ear hearing aids have a 3-year limited warranty. You will also receive free service for the life of your hearing aids. This includes free quarterly check-ups, cleanings, hearing tests and adjustments.
Is there a Miracle-Ear mobile app?
Miracle-Ear developed the GENIUScontrol app for use with Apple or Android smartphones. This app allows you to use your phone to control the volume and programming on your hearing aids. You can also try the GENIUSlink app to wirelessly connect an audio streamer to Bluetooth-enabled MP3 players, phones, television or other devices in order to stream music and other sounds.
How much does Miracle-Ear cost?
Miracle-Ear doesn’t post their pricing on their website. For more information on pricing, visit a Miracle-Ear location.
What types of hearing aids does Miracle-Ear offer?

Miracle-Ear offers the following hearing aid types:

  • Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC)
  • Behind-the-ear (BTE)
  • Completely-in-canal (CIC)
  • In-the-canal (ITE)
  • Invisible-in-canal (IIC)
Are Miracle-Ear hearing aids rechargeable?
Two of Miracle-Ear hearing aids are rechargeable: the Rechargeable BTE and the Rechargeable RIC.

Is Miracle-Ear a good hearing aid?

Yes. Miracle-Ear hearing aids have good sound quality and are made to be small and discreet. Their seven models are sure to appeal to most people, and they cater to every form of hearing loss, from mild to profound. Their rechargeable models are convenient, and Miracle-Ear has hundreds of locations across the country.

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids Company Information

Social media:
Company Name:
5000 Cheshire Parkway North
Postal Code:
United States
(763) 268-4000
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