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La-Z-Boy is one of the world’s leading residential furniture producers. We manufacture a full line of comfortable products for the living room and family room, including the our famous recliners, reclining sofas and love seats, sleep sofas, modular furniture and leather upholstery, as well as stationary sofas, love seats and chairs.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 28, 2023

I accompanied my ninety-one-year-old mother to the store to purchase a recliner on (Sunday) Mother's Day 2023. She was moving into assisted living and wanted something soon. She also has a limited income. She chose a sale recliner that was on the showroom floor that she found comfortable. The back movement did not move smoothly and the salesman assured us he could loosen something to improve that. We were also told the chair came with a full warranty. I didn't realize at the time that I should have asked him exactly what that meant. I thought it meant that the mechanics of the chair were guaranteed for a time period - probably one year. The salesman was not able to give us much information on the delivery date and kept encouraging us to take it home with us that day. I didn't feel comfortable doing that since I am a cancer survivor and limited to the weight I should lift.

Three days later (Wednesday), after a friend offered to help me pick it up, I picked it up at the store. The salesman loaded it into my friend's vehicle, it was in two pieces. We took it to my mom's room and put the two pieces back together. My mom moved into the room three days later (Saturday) and the chair did not work correctly. The foot lifting mechanism was loud and jerky and when lowered, it fell to the floor with a loud bang! On Monday, my mom and I returned to the store to process her delivery refund and complained about the problem to the salesman. The salesman told us to send pictures and he would let us know if service should be called.

While in the store we noticed that the chair my mom bought was marked down another $100. When we pointed the price difference to the salesman, we were told that the chair was now on clearance and no longer had a warranty since it was at a lower price. I made a video of how the chair lift works and sent pictures and the video to the salesman on Wednesday. The salesman sent me the service number and told me to contact them. When I called the service number, I got a message saying their response time was 3 to 4 months out! This concerned me since I feel the chair is dangerous for my frail ninety-one-year-old mother to use in the condition it is in.

I contacted the salesman about the unreasonable response time. Then I received a text message from the service rep on Thursday. I sent my video and pictures to the service rep and she accused us of damaging the chair, "do you know what happened? Looks like the chair was being lifted by the arms?" There is no way my ninety-one-year-old mother nor I would be able to lift this 50-70-pound chair! She said there would be a $99 inspection fee since we picked up the chair. Note. We were not told this when we picked up the chair from the salesman. She also said that it was a clearance item (which is not what the salesman told us) so it is sold as is. If we had been told this, we would not have bought it.

The service rep also said the only thing covered is the frame and mechanics, the inspection fee and labor will be charged and cannot be waived. I contacted the salesman again and asked him why I was being told that there was no warranty. The Salesman said it had to do with the way something was listed on the invoice and that he would get back with me by the end of the day. So two weeks from purchase date, May 28, 2023, I decided to visit a store closer to where I live to see if they have the same chair on the showroom floor so I can check out how it operates. I found the chair with the help of the salesman at that store and made a video of how the foot lift mechanics worked, which by the way was much quieter and smoother.

When I explained the issues I was having and shared my video of my mom's chair, the salesman suggested I speak with the store manager. The store manager for that store happened to be the manager for the store we purchased the chair from! The manager met with me and after viewing the videos which show very different chair operation, proceeded to try to replicate producing the same noises with the chair on the showroom floor. It was obvious she was trying to push the responsibility of the chair malfunction from their responsibility for the chair mechanics to our responsibility because of operator error. She was not concerned about providing customer service only proving that I was wrong. She was very pushy, and in my face. She told me that we would be responsible for the additional cost of shipping and handling if any replacement parts were needed. She implied I did not hear the salesman correctly regarding the warranty or that I misunderstood what he was saying.

Finally she gave me this snobby look and I lost it and told her I would like to return the chair in her face. Obviously, what I said made no sense. I wanted her to get out of my face and I was ready to return the chair since it is worthless to me and dangerous for my mom. She made a big deal about my verbal slip (in her face) and I walked away agreeing to pay for the inspection but that no repairs would be made without approval. I don't want to throw additional money away on a defective chair! The manager didn't give me her business card and I was so upset and intimidated by her I didn't think to ask her for one.

During our conversation she shared "she likes to be the manager because she can boss others around". She thought she was being cute and when I didn't laugh in response repeated it a second time. After sleeping on it overnight and talking to some friends I decided to look up warranty and service information online since I was getting different information from the salesman, service rep, and manager. I really don't feel I am being treated with respect nor am I being treated fairly, so I decided to reach out to customer service at the corporate level on Monday. My mom also ordered items from Furniture Row and the experience is completely different. I no longer trust anything I am told by the employees at La-Z-Boy and so I am thinking about investigating what it would cost for a third party to inspect and fix the chair.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 2, 2023

I have bought from the store three times. First time, there was a rip in the chair. They came back and fixed it with no problem. The second time there were no issues. The third times was after Covid. I ordered a loveseat and 2 chairs, one a floor model. The loveseat came. The floor model chair keep giving me a delivery date and the the next day a no show or a cancellation. After multiple attempts I called the store. They explained someone else delivers the floor sample, and probably ran out of room on the truck, I wound up canceling the item. The other chair keep getting delayed and took much longer than the store said it would. I wound up having to keep calling to check on the order. It took so long, I wound up changing the fabric.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 15, 2023

    We should have done our research prior to buying these chairs; however, we depended on the previous experience with their products only to find that the chairs that we purchased were unsatisfactory in many ways. We bought two chairs and expressed our satisfaction to the local store and to the corporation. Three certified letters were sent over a period of two months with no answers. Local representative, said that after three-day trial, we could take the to the Salvation Army and donate them.

    We offered the following reasons for return:
    1. Mechanism did not allow for separate back and leg adjustments.
    2. In the stretch position, the chair would tip over if you had to get out.
    3. Worst of all, the padding in the chair was insufficient.
    4. Price was ridiculous at over $1800 per chair.
    5. Remote control wires would get tangled with chair movement.

    Looks like we will have to donate these chairs to Salvation Army or other charity as their spokesman suggested.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 11, 2023

    In January 1998 I purchased a La-z Boy Rocker Recliner which turned out to be a great chair. In 2020 I decided to get a new chair and retire the chair I had been comfortable in for 22 years. I went back to La-z Boy and found a comparable chair that fit my 6'2" frame. I paid extra for upgrades amounting to about $300, padding being the largest of upgrades. Took about 6 weeks to get it. Got it home and sat in it for a couple of days and found the padding very stiff and uncomfortable.

    I went back to La-z Boy and tried to trade for the chair I had originally sat in on the showroom floor. The manager refused any deal. I even asked for an even trade disregarding my $300 upgrade. No deal. He said La-z Boy doesn't accept returns of upgraded furniture. He said I signed a paper that allowed only 3 days from "date of purchase" to change my mind and make a return. It took 6 weeks to get the chair, so the 3 days was gone. Swore I would never go back to La-z Boy.

    So I gave the chair to my son and went back to my original 22 year old recliner. This lasted until February 23 when I decided I really needed a new chair. After shopping around and finding nothing, I broke down and went back to La-z Boy. I found a chair that fit my large frame and decides try La-z boy again. The chair I tried was comfortable, but unfortunately, I did not recline the chair because there were other chairs behind it. It seemed to fit good sitting up, so what could go wrong. Well, the chair is fine to sit in, but when I recline the back stretches out and my head winds up between the top cushion and the next cushion down giving absolutely no support for my head. Most uncomfortable chair I have ever reclined in.

    Two big mistakes. I did not recline it at the store and again signed La-z Boy's 3 day trial and return. I purchased the chair on a Friday which wouldn't arrive at the store until Tuesday. That takes care of the 3 days. I specifically asked the sales person if the 3 days started when I get the chair on when I purchase it. She said when I purchase it. Now another chair to give away. Beware when buying anything from La-z Boy. I hope I have finally learned about La-z Boy. Absolutely no customer service.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 11, 2023

    In 2018 we purchased a reclining sofa. $1200 was more than we wanted to spend but paid for the name. We custom ordered fabric. After having the sofa a few months we noticed the fabric started having pulls in the design. We contacted customer service and they ended up replacing 2/3 of the sofa. A few months later the same thing happened. We were told to go pick out a new sofa. We once again ordered a new fabric in the same sofa. Fast fwd to 4 years later. The new sofa is garbage! The backs look great. The seats look horrible. There is so much pilling in the fabric. The padding is out of shape. I never will spend that much on a La-Z-Boy again. This is no better than a cheap throw away sofa. I gave it 2 stars because it is a comfy sofa to recline or lay on. Their fabrics are just terrible. Of course the warranty doesn't cover pilling. Imagine that. Save your money!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 9, 2023

    ATTENTION!!‼️ I paid $449.99 for 5 years of protection on my purchases. Prior to the expiration of my warranty I called the La- Z- Boy warranty company and filed a claim. As instructed I sent pictures via email. They informed me they would get back to me in two or three days. About 10 days later I never heard from them so I called them, gave them the claim number. They said my claim was not covered and they were going to get back to me in in the order they received my claim. Guess they have a lot of furniture complaints. I called the store, explained everything including what the sales person told me when I bought all the furniture which was and I quote. "Anything that goes wrong in five years is covered free." Their response was "We don't do upholstery anymore". I thank them for their time and took them off my list of furniture stores. I would advise everyone to do the same. My sales order # is **.

    Outcome: Since we posted online, Corporate Headquarters contacted us and said THE "La- Z -BOY Store" in New Port Richey was a franchise, and they would call the store and have them get back to us. Today, March, 9th, 2023 the store manager from New Port Richey location called and said we could buy a new cushion at our expense. Informed him the sales person who sold me the furniture said everything was covered for 5 years.

    I think they call that an implied contract. I told him I would be happy with one of three solutions

    1. Fix the chair
    2. Give me my $449.99 back since the warranty wasn't honored.

    3. Give me a new chair.

    He said, "Sorry that wasn't going to happen" and abruptly just hung up. So let me sum up my experience:

    The franchised store takes no responsibility.
    The independent warranty company didn't even get back to me.

    Corporate headquarters says it's not their problem because the store is a franchise even though they profited from selling the franchise.

    Remember when you buy from the "La- Z -BOY Store" you're buying from all corporate independent entities that don't honor their customers. The worst part for me is I had to post this review because another corporation just didn't care.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 27, 2023

    Our story: we purchased a recliner from La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, Indianapolis, IN in June 2022. We paid half down and was required to pay the remaining balance 2 weeks prior to delivery which was November 2022. Their 3-day return policy is inadequate when you wait 6 months for the product AND are expected to pay-in-full 2 weeks PRIOR to delivery as we were. Since we truly wanted and needed a new recliner; we had no intention of returning it.

    At the time of purchase, the salesman had me sit in several chairs, took my height & weight information so that a customized chair would be built to meet my specifications. We asked about purchasing an in-stock model but that was not possible since, pursuant to the salesman, none of them met my personal requirements. Background info: I was involved in an automobile accident leaving me with permanent neck, back and leg issues. Purchasing a recliner to fit properly was imperative.

    Upon receipt of the recliner, 6 months from date of purchase, it was immediately known that there was an issue with the footrest as the footrest doesn’t elevate high enough causing my legs to be slanted downwards causing extreme discomfort and blood flow issues. The leading edge of the footrest causes discomfort on my lower legs where the foot rail meets.

    We immediately contacted La-Z-Boy (LZB) and was referred to customer service. That took a couple of days to connect only to be told we would be placed on a waitlist with first availability of February 2023. We called back to our LZB salesman to request an immediate refund. We were told no refunds can or would be issued which we found totally unacceptable.

    Only after we filed a dispute with the Better Business Bureau, LZB sent a repairman in January 2023 instead of February. The repairman leaned the recliner forward to take a picture of the model & ID numbers. He sat in the chair and raised the footrest. He agreed that the footrest did not elevate high enough and hit him at an odd angle, too. I offered to sit in the chair so the repairman could see where the footrest hit my legs. He said there was no need because he is shorter than I am and it is obvious that the chair could not and does not fit me properly. LZB reported to the BBB that the repairman made sufficient adjustments to the recliner. NO adjustments were made, none! We also noted that in less than 2 months the leather was beginning to show wear. The repairman said: "that's a common complaint among LZB customers". If it's wearing poorly in less than 2 months, how will it look in a year's time?!

    Since LZB has stated that they will not guarantee that any specific chair would be the best fit for the customer, then I reiterate that this sale was made as a fraudulent business practice. I was grossly misled to believe I was making an investment, a costly one at that, for a custom-built recliner to aid in my well-being.

    As far as comfort being subjective (as suggested by a previous LZB response), I repeat, there is no way anyone could be comfortable when pressure is brought to bear on one's Achilles tendons. Due to the leading edge of the footrest striking them and blood flows down to the feet because the feet aren't sufficiently elevated making for a dangerous health concern.

    We are not alone in our quest for a refund or some satisfaction from LZB. There is a Facebook group titled: "La-z-boy Lazy Boy Dissatisfied Customers". This is a public group with currently 2.5K members as of 02-27-23. This, in my opinion, clearly indicates there are major issues with La-Z-Boy so my case is definitely not a one-off.

    I reiterate that I am 72 years old, I was involved in an automobile accident that has left me with permanent neck, back and leg issues. I should be protected from consumers like Lazy Boy who mislead the elderly, have obvious fraudulent business practices, sell defective products, and dangerous goods and services. Lastly, we'd like to note the following: stated on the first line of LZBoy's Terms and Conditions of Sale they make the following statement: "Special Order: We make special order furniture specifically for you and your home." It is printed in black & white on their business form!

    Buyer Beware!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 21, 2023

    Beware. Do not buy anything from this manufacturer/company. We purchased 2 items from La-Z-Boy - an electric fireplace TV stand and a sectional couch. Both had problems. Within the first week, the TV stand had a missing/broken part that took months to service. Worst is the sectional. It was defective. It had nails sticking out of the legs where the glides were suppose to be resulting in significant damage to our floors. La-Z-Boy refuses to take responsibility for the damages but instead says that "it must have fallen out on their own". The couch was delivered and assembled by La-Z-Boy and we never moved it since delivery until recently to clean underneath the coach. Absolutely ridiculous. Our experience has been horrible. We will never buy anything from them again. They do not stand by their product and quality.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 4, 2023

    We purchased furniture at La-z-boy in November 2021 and were told by our sales consultant as well as the finance rep. there that we would not be billed until the items were delivered. The finance plan we were encouraged to take was the payment deferred for 14 months plan, with the assurance that we don’t have to worry about paying any of it back until 2023. This was one of the main deciding factors to purchase. Because why should we be billed for items we have not received.

    The first delivery was Dec.1st, 2021, second Dec. 14, 2021, final delivery May 2022. That would make repayment due dates: Feb.1, 2023, Feb. 14, 2023 and July, 2023. In first delivery there was a curio cabinet that was missing a glass shelf. We informed the sales consultant of that immediately. The second point of contention is the interest we were charged by Flexiti, La-z-boy's financier. I received a statement which shocked me traumatically when I saw it!! I called Flexiti to discuss the extortionate interest charged of $5366.49 on a balance owing of $4436.38!! Despite several and constant follow ups: calls, texts, emails, visits to the store, messages left for and conversations with the sales consultant, and then the assistant manager, manager and customer service director, these issues have remained unresolved.

    Having to deal with this issue for the past month, with the multiple calls to Flexiti customer service, the waiting period, and communications with several people telling me that nothing could be done about the interest, not only has been very concerning, but also wasted my time, because I have had to deal with this issue and leave work to visit the La-Z-Boy store in person on 2 occasions and taken time to call and email. Flexiti confirmed we have the 14 month deferral plan, but it became due at the beginning of January, whereas we were told the agreement would not take effect until the furniture was delivered which is why I was under the impression that we had the whole of January to pay it.

    When we went into the La-Z-Boy store, the manager, Angela **, also confirmed that we have the 14 month deferral plan, and their policy is that it will not be billed until the furniture is delivered. The second time I spoke with the supervisor at Flexiti, I was told the floor manager offered me a 25% reduction in interest. That is only about $1000!!! $4000 of interest is still expected, when I should not have to pay any interest on the total transaction amount. The most Flexiti is willing to decrease the 5400 of interest is 40%, but that STILL amounts to $3220. La-z-boy is not willing to help me at all, which is REALLY astonishing and disappointing. I do not have that amount. I just paid $8500 to Flexiti. & we do not know if we will ever receive the glass shelf that has been missing from day 1.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 14, 2023

    So I went into La-Z-Boy in November to get a new recliner. Of course, they had to order it because they do not have them in stock - This - it is considered a custom order. I did not order anything ugly or outlandish. I order a standard chair, the James model, with a normal leather (I saw the same leather throughout the store), and with massage, and heat. Nothing special but a beautiful chair that could easily be sold to someone in the general public.

    Well, I went to pick it up today and when I see it, I realize that it is much too small of a chair for me. I decided not to take it and go back to talk to the sales associate, Nikki. She showed me a few more models which I fully intended on getting one but towards the end, she tells me, "well, there is a 30% restocking fee." I was shocked. After talking for a while, she said, "Let me see if I can get that reduced for you." She comes back and tells me that they will reduce it to 15% IF I buy something new. I was like WHAT??? So you want me to pay about $300 to NOT take the chair and still spend more money with you? Forget it.

    I told her I would take the original chair but never do business with La-Z-Boy again. And I won't. BUYER BEWARE. Any chair you buy is going to have to be made since they don't carry them in stock and even if you want to buy something else, they will stick it to you. Unfortunately, I am stuck with this chair and each time I sit in it, it will remind me of how evil La-Z-Boy is. Goodbye La-Z-Boy, You lost ANOTHER customer for life.

    16 people found this review helpful
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