Best mattress for side sleepers

Look for a mattress that has enough give to support your shoulder and hips

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Casper Mattress and Nest Bedding
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Memory foam is typically the best type of mattress for side sleepers because the foam layer comfortably compresses around the shoulders, arms and hips. Memory foam mattresses are usually softer than spring mattresses, and the foam absorbs the energy from tossing and turning. Hybrid foam models work well for side sleepers who want the best of both worlds, however.

Our picks

Our favorite mattresses for side sleepers

To determine which mattresses were best for side sleepers, we compared firmness, construction, materials, features, prices and reviews by real customers. This list features medium-firm mattresses that allow enough give to support your shoulders and hips properly while you sleep. All prices are accurate as of publishing.

Great for keeping cool: Nest Sparrow Signature Hybrid Nest Bedding
  • Type: Foam hybrid
  • Price (queen): $2,132 (as of publication)
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Test period: 365-night trial

Nest’s Sparrow Signature Hybrid mattress features gel and copper-infused foam, which pulls heat away from the body to provide a cooler night’s sleep than traditional foam mattresses and helps regulate your mattress’ temperature year-round. Copper also contains antimicrobial properties, which means it prevents the growth of microorganisms.

What we like
You can order the Nest Sparrow with a medium, plush, or firm feel. For side sleepers, we recommend their plush or medium firmness. The Sparrow’s pocketed support coils also add extra edge support.
What reviewers say
Not only do reviewers on our site appreciate Nest’s product; they also speak highly of the customer service. Tom of Virginia said about their experience: “They provided a quality mattress with very good comfort (almost perfect for us) and we have been very happy with it. We contacted support early on but found once our bodies got used to the mattress we didn’t need to follow back up with them. They were very responsive to my inquiry.”

Our favorite for back pain: Casper Wave Hybrid Casper Mattress
  • Type: Foam hybrid
  • Price (queen): $2,895 (as of publication)
  • Warranty: 10-year limited
  • Test period: 100-night trial

The Casper Wave Hybrid mattress is one to consider if you’re seeking relief from chronic back pain. The Wave Hybrid mattress consists of five layers, including memory foam, supportive gel and latex foam. The top layer is composed of a “velvety soft” comfort foam, built as a longer-lasting and more resilient alternative to a pillow-top.

What we like
The Wave Hybrid provides advanced support and comfort with its 33-point ergonomic support system, temperature regulation layers and premium foam materials. Casper also offers free shipping and returns.
What reviewers say
Happy Casper customers on our site appreciate the simple buying and delivery process, as well as the quality of sleep the product offers — like Larry of Arkansas , who said: “Really easy to order. Shipped to my home. Easy to set up. Gives very comfortable sleep. Made my backache go away. Was a good buy. Have some trouble keeping the sheets tucked under the bottom end because the mattress is so light, but so easy to make up.”

Our favorite for price: Cocoon by Sealy Chill Cocoon by Sealy
  • Type: Memory foam
  • Price (queen): $1,079 (as of publication)
  • Warranty: 10-year limited
  • Test period: 100-night trial

Cocoon by Sealy’s Chill mattress is made with premium memory foam that adapts to your body, shape and sleeping position. The foams are engineered to be durable and resilient and are certified by the CertiPUR-US program. Some memory foam mattresses get hot, but Cocoon includes a stretch-knit cover that absorbs moisture and dissipates heat to help keep you cool at night.

What we like
The mattress can be paired with a Cocoon foundation, or you can use a box spring, an adjustable base or a platform or slatted frame. You can also add “Extra-Chill Technology” for sleeping cooler.
What reviewers say
Cocoon by Sealy customers on our site tend to mention the brand’s quality products and simple ordering process. Mark of Florida said: “This was a gift for my disabled sister. She is very satisfied with this mattress! It was very easy to order and was delivered on time as promised. It was also very easy to set up! She likes it so much that she is buying a second one for her guest room.”
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What mattress firmness is best for side sleepers?

The recommended mattress firmness for side sleepers is soft to medium-soft. If you sleep on your side, you may find many traditional mattresses are too firm and cause your arms to go numb. A softer mattress will let your arm and shoulder sink in more and relieve pressure in those areas.

If you find that soft mattresses don’t provide enough lower back support or proper spinal alignment, you can opt for medium firmness and consider a pillow-top for the added shoulder comfort.

What’s the best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain?

While softer mattresses are often recommended for side sleepers, those with back pain might require extra support. Some experts say medium firmness mattresses, especially those with memory foam, are the best bet for side sleepers with chronic back pain. Hybrid models can also provide additional support while eliminating pressure points on shoulders and hips.

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What type of mattress is best for stomach sleepers?

Memory foam mattresses are ideal for many stomach sleepers; these models conform to the body and can help equally distribute body weight to relieve pressure.

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Bottom line

According to Nicole Eichelberger, a Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine-certified sleep expert and author at, while many side sleepers may prefer memory foam, hybrid models can be ideal because they “provide a balance of contouring and support, making them a good choice for a wide range of sleepers. They often have good motion isolation and noise reduction and are generally cooler to sleep on than foam mattresses.”

[Hybrid mattresses] provide a balance of contouring and support, making them a good choice for a wide range of sleepers."
Nicole Eichelberger, sleep expert

Each of our picks brings something to the table. High quality can come at a price, with two out of three of these mattresses coming in at over $2,000 before tax for a queen size. Both the Nest and the Casper mattresses offer state-of-the-art technology to improve sleep and reduce back pain, and Cocoon by Sealy offers a more affordable memory foam option.

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Ultimately, only you can decide which mattress is best for your specific side-sleeping style. Be sure to check out our mattress guide for tips on getting the best deals and finding exactly what’s right for you.

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