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I just want to say that I had a Great Experience at the Subway restaurant located at: 289 South Atlantic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90022. I went into their location back on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 and was greeted by ** who went out of her way to take care of me as her customer. I personally want to thank her for ALL of her efforts in listening to me and satisfying my needs. I more than highly recommend her to anyone seeking out a Fantastic Sandwich Maker and Subway customer service representative. I hope to come back to your store location very soon! Sincerely yours, Loyal Subway Fan And Customer.

I ordered a 6 foot sub on august 17th for my wife's birthday on august 27th. Ahead of time right? I called the Subway in Deming, New Mexico to confirm my order, and the manager confirmed it. Well, on august 27th when I went to pick it up, they said they didn't receive an order. While at the Subway I called the corporate office about the order. They confirmed the manager, at the Deming subway, confirmed the order with the corporate office!!! I got a refund, which took 5 days to refund to me. Never! Ever! Again!

Has anyone been to a Subway lately, and you purchase a sandwich to go. Only to find that the bread is stale and hard. Or that when you purchase a sub at times they don't have tomatoes or cheese, or maybe they are out of lettuce, pickles, olives, etc. and sometimes the meat and toppings are old and tasteless. But they still expect you to pay $9.50 anyway, it's ridiculous. These subs are not cheap and seemingly rising daily. If I go to work for 3 hours a day, should I still expect to get paid for 8 hours? Therefore, I am boycotting Subway, and their nasty stale subs. I can go elsewhere and spend $10 bucks and get better service. Subway sucks. I will not eat there again.

Subway restaurant inside Walmart Sept store. Cummings Highway Chattanooga TN 37419. 13 Sep 2016 @ 4:30 pm: I had experienced the most uneducated, non professional employee Ever!!! All stemming from a coupon. Coupon clearly stated: "$6.00 Roast beef footlong. Try it on multigrain flatbread!" So after I completed the build of the sandwich but decided not to try it on the flatbread and then proceeded to show the mobile coupon to the employee which expired on the same day he had one the worst attitudes all because I didn't order the sandwich on the flatbread and would not honor the coupon and said he was going to charge me full price... all because of the bread (Really).

And I passed numerous other subways just To go to that 1. Well he stood by his ** attitude and expected me to pay full price because of his own uneducated thinking of the coupon. With that experience I walked away in disgust!!! YOU Best believe that Subway will never see me Again!!! Or any other because customer service at the corporate level was no help either. SMDH!!!

My wife and I go to Subway at least two time every week. It is a great place to eat. The food is healthy and the price is right. We usually go on Mondays and Wednesday and get the daily specials. I am a retired State Police Captain and State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent. I retired with 32 years of honorable service. I was an internal affairs investigator and major case agent, so when I noticed the manager at store #6401-0 in Cedartown, GA was not giving receipts to every customer and was not ringing up every sale, it piqued my curiosity. I noticed he would give a receipt to every third or fourth customer, so I think I know what he is doing.

Our last SIX visits, we have NOT GOT A Receipt. I took special notice to see if he rang up our purchase. HE DID NOT. He just hit one button, opened the drawer and handed me the change. I have been very tempted to confront him, but I felt as though someone at corporate should look into what is going on. This manager owns "three" Subways in the local area: Store #6410-0, # 36646-0, and one in Buchanan, GA (don't know the number). Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions you would like. I think I know what this manager is doing, but I will let you do your own investigation into criminal activity. Thanks for your time.

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There was a heavy set girl at the trenton ga subway who was sweating on my sandwich as she made it and got upset when I started to walk out. When I told her why I was leaving she got offended and she swore at me and said, "thanks for wasting my time". I lust left. This was last week and I'll never eat at any Subway again.

Today I went to our Salinas Main Street Subway, it is a drive through. I ordered one sandwich and a drink it came out to $13. Every time I go to a different Subway the charge is different. Very expensive.

Aug 17 2016 07:05 AM Went into the Cedarville Subway (Store #58767-0) yesterday with my wife and son. When we approached the counter, there was nobody in the sandwich area (not so unusual), but then a woman came out of the backroom and was nearly immediately not too friendly (didn't say hello or anything). I was carrying in my hand my wallet, car key, and a big yellow coupon. She went from unfriendly to surly quickly. She asked what we wanted and I said three subs, two footlongs and a six-inch sub. She grabbed the bread, cut it roughly, and pushed the cut bread down hard as to make the bread flat. She then tossed (not placed) the ingredients on the sandwiches, taking little care as to the positioning of the ingredients on the bread. She was quite rough with our sandwiches the entire time that she was making them.

Also, my wife normally gets tomatoes on her veggie but she did not request them because they look spoiled. The pickles also did not look to be in such good shape (kind of shriveled up). Also, I asked for chipotle sauce to be put on my sandwich and I could not believe the amount of sauce that she put on, it was drowning in chipotle sauce and given her demeanor the whole time I was afraid to even say anything. The entire time that she was making the sandwiches she looked to be in just a foul mood and made us feel unwelcome. At the checkout I gave her the coupon and it was for a free six-inch sub with 2 foot-long subs, or for a dollar off. Instead of giving us the free sub, she gave us the one dollar off and I asked why and she made some excuse.

At any rate, I was feeling very bad about the experience and when we Sat down at a table to eat my wife again commented on my sandwich looking awful drowning in that chipotle sauce. Starting to feel frustrated with the whole experience, I told my family that we would take the subs and go eat at home. I went to the front counter asking for bags so that we could leave and she only gave me one bag even though we bought three sandwiches. I then asked her for a few more bags and she just ripped off a few more and gave them to me with a scowl on her face. We put the sandwiches in the bags and left. On the way home about a mile from the shop I decided that we really shouldn't have to pay for the experience so we would return to the store to return the sandwiches and explained that we will ask for a credit from MasterCard for the sandwiches.

At that point she exploded and screamed at me to get out of the store and came around the corner of the counter as if she was going to physically assault me screaming at me the entire time. I was a bit nervous to be fair. I had never raised my voice to her, I had only told her that we were unhappy but that seemed to make her more aggravated. At any rate by the time she came around the counter screaming for me to leave I walked out the front door with her on my tail yelling at me. When I got outside she followed me outside and as I got in the car with my family she screamed that she was going to call the police and wrote down our license plate number. I told her to go ahead and call the police and have them come explaining that being unhappy with poor service and bad sandwiches was not a crime.

She then ran back in the shop and grabbed the sandwiches and then as we were pulling away she hurled the sandwiches at our car thank God she missed. When we got home I called the bank to dispute the charge and also called the Subway corporate to explain to them what had happened. Later that evening I called our bank to dispute the charge for the sandwiches. I also called Subway corporate to complain. As we had eggs and hashbrowns at home later after the incident my wife recalled when we were there a week or two earlier and a worker explained that the owners really hated coupons. So my guess is that when the woman who may have been an owner saw the big yellow coupon in my hand it immediately put her in a bad mood toward us. At any rate, we will certainly not be going back there anymore and would encourage anyone who would consider going there not to do it.

I ordered a steak and cheese sandwich from the Subway on Louisiana & Indian School. The gentleman doing my sandwich grabbed the meat, which was wrapped and put it on my bread. It was crumbles of steak, I think, and the amount was so small he had to spread it to make it fit the 6" bread. I asked him "Is that all the meat you are putting on there." He just stared at me. My sandwich looked like a flat bread. I ordered an Italian sub and couldn't believe how little meat was on there, so I loaded up on the toppings. It was so disappointing that the next day I went to Dion's to get what I call a real Italian sub. Lots of meat and free chips and a pickle, all for about the same price. All the things you have to pay extra for at Subway.

Today I went into Subway in Madisonville, TN. I ordered 2 footlong subs. 1 italian bread, the 2nd herb & cheese bread. There were 2 employees working. I had the pleasure of Julie making (sneezing) my sandwich. When I got home, my bread was doughy & soggy. I called to speak to the manager. Julie told me the manager wasn't there, I wasn't getting a free sandwich. She told me not to call or come back again. Julie then said ** off & hung up. My adult children don't speak to me this way. I only wanted to speak to the manager. Julie needs a new job. Disappointed!

Reduce price... reduce material inside the sandwich. Feel like eating bread. I walked to Subway on Lockeford Rd, Lodi CA order a sandwich. She was counting the lettuce, olive, onion and bell pepper. I asked her why. She mention we should put 6 each on sandwich or $2 extra for 6 more on my sandwich. I don't think I ever eat subway bread for $6.50.

We ordered two sandwiches and my wife wanted water. I was going to get a soda. We were informed we would have to pay full soda price for the water. Waycross Ga store # 7795-0 store phone # 912-285-8670. I don't know why they don't just use the cheap no name cups for water like everyone else. Manager was rude when I suggested that. Oh well we won't be back.

I order subs on 8/4/16 using the Subway app. which stated the restaurant was open until 10 pm. I placed the order at 9:10 pm and was given a 9:24 pm pickup time and my credit card was charge accordingly. Upon arrival I find the restaurant closed 9:20 pm. I called and an employee cleaning stated they closed at 9 since the beginning of the year. There was nothing she could do to help me. She told me they were aware of the issue and asked the franchise owner to address that issue several time along with other unnamed issues. He didn't seem to care. I was asked to come in the following day before 2 pm and the manager might be able to help. I arrived at 11 am. The manager was out and wouldn't be back until sometime next week. The employees were extremely rude. I was not offered to have my ordered fulfilled or a refund.

I contacted Subway's corporate office and was told they couldn't help me. They would email the franchise owner but ultimately the choice was his to respond to me or offer any compensation or refund. Now this place has my money and refuses to assist me and I received no product as well. I consider this to be theft. No contact from the owner has been made and he's unreachable. Called back to corporate and they became rude and hung up on me. I had to contact the credit card issuer to handle the matter. This subway is located 226 Market street Sunbury PA. 17801. Phone number 570-988-7827. I was informed the franchise owner's name a **.

Went to Subway off of West Ave in San Antonio Texas and got food poisoning from their broccoli and cheese soup. I had to go to ER for medicine to stop from vomiting. When I recovered from my stomach virus I told the manager and all he did was refund my money. I should have known the soup was bad because before I bought it I asked the worker "Is it pretty good?" He said "I wouldn't know. I do eat the soup from here..." I will never eat soup from Subway again. I wish they could pay my doctor bill.

Most of the Subway stores I go to seem downright irritated when I use my points. On top of that many of the reps don't even know how to put them through. I've used the app five times in the last two months and three of those times they didn't have my order ready when I got there 15 minutes later. I order through the app because I only have a 30 minute lunch break. I don't have all day to wait on my food. Also and this is a big one for me. I eat Subway a lot, why can't I use my points on the app? That is garbage. I'm one more bad visit from never doing business with them again.

I went to Subway because I was running low on time. When I got there only five other people were in line so I thought it was perfect and I would have enough time to eat before work, boy was I wrong. There was only one worker working and she was sneezing while making sandwiches and there were flies that keep landing on the sandwiches and she didn't even try to get them off. I originally felt really bad because she was the only worker. I waited in line for thirty minutes before she even made it to my brother and I. When we ordered she was really rude and even got an attitude with my brother who is eleven and even raised her voice with him and all he was doing was ordering. Finally we made it to the register after thirty seven minutes in line we were free to go. Long story short I didn't even have time to eat my sandwich before work. This horror story probably wouldn't have happened if there was more than one worker.

You may have noticed that national chain restaurants are wildly variable regarding quality of food and cleanliness standards. Being a certified food safety expert, one of the first things I look for when I enter an establishment are attention to safe food handling practices. The standards of the Subway at 6801 St. Andrews Road in Irmo, SC, Store #1428-0, are the best I have seen for this chain. They keep their food bays covered between customers, their food preparation surfaces are immaculate, and even the area under the fountain drink machine was clean!

The associate, **, who was on duty at 5:40pm on 7/23/2016 was extremely professional and gave me many choices as to how I wanted the sub prepared, like whether I wanted my meats on the sub when toasting the sub, and whether or not I would like the cheese toasted as well! Overall, one of the best establishments I have ever patronized. Needless to say, the finest Subway sub I have ever eaten!

I recently bought a sub from Subway which by the way was very delicious and the service was excellent but I was very disappointed with the portion size of the bread itself. It looks as though it's very thin now as to where before it was a lot bigger bread. They charge the same but with less food which is what I'm finding also in a lot of supermarket products everywhere... Same price (if not more) but less portion!! Very dissatisfied and will not buy from Subway again.

I think Subway needs to check out their manager because of the treatment and I have seen her just steal whatever she want. Always talking ** about having to work and the owner knowing all about and this isn't the only store that has a managers like this one. There is another store and Tom runs that one. He is drunk all the time, he steals from his store to and it's false. Everything is not fresh there mean it's not all these people are giving Subway a bad name.

Why does your Woodstock, VA store always sell out of Roast Beef. I have tried to order a Roast Beef sub 4 times over the last 2 months. It seems the manager does not know how to keep Roast Beef in stock.

Every once in a while, I visit Subway Restaurants to get something "fresh" to eat. I've had so many experiences when I show them my subway point card through an app, where I store all of my cards, and they don't know what to do with it. Many times they've tried to scan my phone face to face with the Display of their card scanner. It's funny because it clearly doesn't work like that. Since subway never had a barcode/QRcode scanner, they could either only swipe the points card, use the card number (shown also in app), or use the phone number associated with the account. Unfortunately, most of them don't know the rest of the options. So if you don't have the card with you, don't expect points.

Well, there's really no big deal for that one. But I just don't understand why these restaurants get an A rating when, first, they don't even know how to use gloves. They use gloves to touch everything - not only to hold your food, but also to touch the sauces, carry the pan, open the oven, clean the chopping board, wipe their nose, and probably to hold the trash too. And second, many of them talk and laugh too much in front of the food. Not cool. I don't recommend.

Visited the nearby Subway this evening about 3 hours prior to closing and was informed that two of the five breads advertised would not be available to us. Why? No response. We were very hungry so decided to eat there anyway. Mistake. The bread was stale and the mustard was slopped on the outside and had to be wiped away as there was too much. Ultimately, the sandwich tasted terrible and I won't go back because I don't enjoy paying for leftovers. Two thumbs down.

Me and my friends went to Subway on 35th Ave and Glendale in Phoenix, Arizona. Between all 10 of us we spend 100 dollars. They messed up every order, they was very disrespectful. And the store was very dirty. The soda needed to be cleaned and refilled, the bread was hard and tasted a week old. My name is Sarah **, my address is **. If this matter is not taken care of my friends nor myself. Will never eat at Subway again and I go there every week.

We went to Subway store 53991-0 in Parker Co. We ordered a meatball 6-inch sub and a footlong tuna sandwich. When we got home my husband found a hair in the Tuna sandwich. My husband almost threw up due to it really gross. We all threw out our sandwiches and would like a refund of 11.34. I will never go back there. The people that were working was a Mexican lady who made the food. I think it was her hair. The person checking us out was Jeremiah. I don't want a sandwich, I want my money back.

Today I noticed that my reward card had only 483 remaining points on my account. I had over 1200 points a week earlier and the total was short of at least 747 points. After I called contacted them online the response was I forfeited the points because they were over 36 months old. The back of the card did state that yet it also stated "Unless otherwise stated by us." Their own website does state that the card doesn't expire. I took that to mean the points also. AT NO TIME was I informed of my losing points prior to them doing it. It was under the local Subway manager that I was saving points to give to my children when they go to college. Today (07/01/2016) I spoke to Lupe and her supervisor at 1-877-697-8222 about re-instating those lost points they refused. Nowhere on their website is there a place for us consumers to check our full balance history.

OK, for the last 18 months, all subway stores in Northern Virginia would NOT add points to the Subway card. Is this some kind of scam? Everyone unanimously says - no points here. Does this mean the workers are adding points to their own subway cards? I think something fishy is going on here...

Polish men, unpleasant gave me a soggy sandwich with hardly anything on it (so called lunch offer) and asked for £5.40.

Good service. Sandwich was horrible because there was little or no meat (cold cuts) on it. It is a greedy owner type thing- cutting back to make more money. This is all the money they will ever make from me because I will not be back. Please pay your tithing to the church and ask them for a loan because you will be out of business shortly unless all the church members show up- last longer that way but still the inevitable. Why don't you put the lord's meat back in? He waits on Kobol.

My daughter stopped at Subway last night and ordered a 6" ham & turkey with American cheese on white. She stepped up to pay for her sandwich and handed the cashier a $10 bill to pay for her order which came to $4 and change. The cashier closed the till and said, "Well, have a good night." She asked for her change. He told her that her sandwich had come up to $10.00 so there was no change. She again asked for her change (and since she's a teenager, it might have been snotty... can't say as I wasn't there). The cashier refused and told her that he didn't want to deal with her in that tone of voice. So she, had been having a bad day, said "whatever, I don't care" and left. She told me the story when she got home and I immediately called the store. The lady who made her sandwich answered and remembered her. She said she would leave a note for the manager who would be in at 8 am and he would call me.

At 2 pm, I had not received a call, so I stopped in the store and asked to speak with the manager and identified myself as the lady who called the evening before and what I was there about. He said he was meaning to call me because he looked at the tape and my daughter had handed the clerk a $5 bill. So, it's his word against hers. But according to my daughter, she had a $5 bill and a $10 bill in her pocket, and she still has the $5 bill, so that means she handed him the $10 bill. I guess I tend to believe my daughter. Perhaps the clerk made an honest mistake, but I can't imagine he would make a comment that her sandwich came up to $10 if he didn't know she had given him a $10 bill. I wish she had saved the receipt.

I stopped going to Subway for good after my last experience. The food quality has been declining over the last couple of years and taste stale many times. On top of this, the employees are NOT trained properly so I have to remind them to wear gloves or not touch their clothing to wipe something when they are making my sandwich. The last guy literally wiped his dripping nose and continued to make my sandwich as if this was normal!!! He seemed to have allergies or a cold yet was at work and allowed to make food! I was disgusted! On top of this, Food Babe reported the toxic chemicals in their breads that we've all been eating and the company won't change this until 2017! It is the worst food choice on the market!

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